The Pizza Donut Is Proof That The Perfect Food Exists

Everyone loves pizza. Everyone loves donuts. Yet no one has ever thought to combine the two into the perfect food. Until now.

Chef Jeff Lamberti of West Haven, Connecticut’s West End Bistro actually came up with his pizza donut in a dream and thank God he didn’t dismiss the idea. Instead he got to work, making a ring of foccacia dough stuffed with mozzarrella, fontinella and Parmesan cheese that was then fried, covered with Sunday gravy, then topped with parmesan crisps, meat sprinkles (salami, pepperoni, capocollo and soppressata) and fresh parsley and baked for a few minutes. And it’s only $7.95.

Vegetarians can also get a version that eschews the Italian cured meats for olives, capers, hot and sweet peppers and red onions.

Lamberti originally shared his creation on Instagram in April but word got out and Circa created a video featuring the dish last week that has garnered nearly half a million views thus far. So…anyone up for a road trip from Hoboken?