A Chef Transformed MREs Into Michelin Plates And They Almost Look Tasty. Almost.

New York-based chef Chuck George grew up sampling MREs that his serviceman father brought back from base. Not only did those field rations undoubtedly stick around in his gut, they also stuck in his thoughts. So after years of working with the finest ingredients in, George decided to revisit MREs and see if they could be reworked into Michelin-worthy plates.

George teamed with videographer Jimmy Pham and photographer Henry Hargreaves and collected MREs from all around the world for the project. There’s no denying the trio did a fantastic job — the food looks a million times better — but deep down we know that all that food is still disgusting MRE garbage. Although we would like to see them do a taste test with unsuspecting hipsters at some hot NYC spot…