Italy Is Giving Away 100 Castles And Towers

Do you have a great business plan that’s only missing one thing: access to a free castle? Normally I’d call you a moron and tell you to give up on your stupid dream, but not today. That’s because the Italian government just happens to be giving away castles.

Italy’s State Property Agency and Ministry of Cultural Heritage are giving away 103 historic properties, including castles, farmhouses, monasteries and towers. The sites are located across the country, including along the Appian Way, the Via Francigena, and several of Italy’s cycling routes. So what’s the catch?

In order to claim one of the free properties, you need to have a stellar business plan and commit to restoring and transforming the site into some sort of tourist facility, such as a restaurant, hotel or spa. Italy is hoping to attract young entrepreneurs who will be rewarded with rights to the property for nine years, with the option to renew for another nine. Although in some cases, if the proposal is solid enough, 50-year leases will be offered.

And this is just the beginning. Another 200 sites are set to be included in the program next year. Time to learn Italian and come up with a plan to move RSVLTS HQ to Italy…

via Metro