There’s A Giant Supercar ‘Vending Machine’ In Singapore

When poor people buy a car, it’s a long process involving hours of poring over Craigslist ads and traveling to shady neighborhoods only to find something with no resemblance to what was advertised. But eventually, you know you’ll find that one $4000 car that isn’t a complete wreck. However, if you have the scarole, the process is considerably easier. In fact, all you need to do is go to Singapore and hit up the world’s largest luxury car “vending machine.”

Autobahn Motors recently opened AIMS, the automotive inventory management system, in Singapore. It’s a 15-floor, 60-space showroom that doubles as a vehicular vending machine. Customers on the ground floor can choose which Lamborghini, Ferrari or other exotic supercar they want from a touchscreen tablet and within two minutes it will be transferred down to ground level. Hmmm…do you think if we shake it just right we could get a freebie to fall down like a Butterscotch Tastykake?


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