Reebok Enters The Male Romper Market With The ReeRomp

Earlier this week, the world was rocked by the Earth-shattering news that a Kickstarter campaign was launched for a male romper called the RompHim. And of course, the internet replied with the derision we’ve all come to expect:

Never one to miss out on a trend — remember the sweat-stained shirt? — Reebok is getting in on the male romper trend with the ReeRomp:

Featuring Reebok’s signature ACTIVChill material to keep you cool in the hot summer sun, the ReeRomp includes a reflective zipper and hood liner and pockets for your shades. Best of all, it’s “100% Bro”!

The ReeRomp is available now for preorder from Reebok for $89.