The Chickle Is The Weirdest Stadium Food Yet

Hot dogs and nachos just don’t cut it anymore. In this age of Instagram and Snapchat, ballparks have to compete for screen space by offering more and more insane foods. And now, following in the footsteps of the burger and bacon-wrapped Triple Play Dog and the epic dessert Churro Dog comes…the Chickle:

As the name implies, the Chickle is the unholy union of chicken and pickle. To be more precise, it’s a whole pickle sliced down the middle and stuffed with spicy chicken.

The Chickle was concocted by the chefs at Chukchansi Park, home of the Fresno Grizzlies, the triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros. The interesting and extremely odd spin on Nashville chicken was specifically made in honor of the Nashville Sounds, who are facing Grizzlies May 17 and 18.

The first of the Chickles were sold Wednesday night and they actually don’t look that bad…