Around The World In 20 Beer And Burger Combos [Infographic]

Sure, summer doesn’t officially begin for a couple weeks, but as far as we’re concerned, summer is here. And that means it’s time to cook some burgers out on the grill and drink a cold beer or two (or three or four or…). But there’s no reason to limit our burgers to a slice of oddly orange “cheese” and maybe a slice or two of bacon or our beers to American light lagers. There’s a whole world of burgers and beer to explore and this summer, we’re going on that journey. Not literally of course, because we don;t have the time or money for such an excursion. But thanks to this infographic from John Slots, we can make our own international burgers and pair them with imports found at plenty of hip beer stores. Oh, and if you need the prices in real money — aka US dollars — just multiply by 1.3.

See infographic here

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