Brew Dog Is Offering Free Beer To Voters In The UK And We’re Incredibly Jealous

Thanks to social media, citizens seem to be more involved in politics than ever — as long as being involved constitutes complaining a lot. One look at the poll numbers, and things are a lot different. Here in the US, only about 58% of eligible voters went to the polls in November while the United Kingdom’s 2015 turnout was not much better, with 61% of those eligible casting a vote. So if world-changing decisions don’t bring citizens to the polls, what will? Beer, of course!

Scotland’s BrewDog is hoping to encourage voters by offering a free beer to those who head to the polls for the UK’s general election this week. Thirsty voters need only snap a photo of themselves in front of their polling station then head to one of the country’s 29 BrewDog bars for a free Punk IPA.

In addition to the free beers, BrewDog will also be conducting their own exit poll to find out specifically how beer imbibers vote.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help those of us in the US, but with BrewDog opening a brewery and hotel in Ohio, we’re hoping this idea will make its way across the pond in time for the 2020 election.

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