‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Can Learn High Valyrian With Duolingo

Poor Daenerys Targaryen. As one of the last Targaryens, she is one of the few Westerosi who can still speak High Valyrian. But soon a whole new generation of speakers will exist — but in the real world, not Westeros — thanks to Duolingo.

The language learning app has been working on a High Valyrian course for the last eight months and on Thursday, July 13, the beta will finally go public.

Developed by language specialist David J. Peterson — who also developed Dothraki for the HBO series — High Valyrian was once a dominant language in Westeros but is now mostly used only by scholars and the Red Priests.

High Valyrian isn’t the only fictional language making its way to Duolingo; Trekkies will be able to take Klingon lessons sometime in August.