The Aston Martin Valkyrie Looks Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

What do you get when Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies team up on an all-new hypercar? Meet the out-of-this-world Valkyrie.

Featuring a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12, the Valkyrie 1130 hp should have no problem propelling the futuristic, 2,270-lbs vehicle to incredible speeds. Of course, such power and speed come at a price, with each of the 150 cars planned priced at $3.2 million.

But that high price tag gets you some awesome features. The seats — the Valkyrie snugly fits two — are 3D-scanned to follow the contour of the owner’s body. A four-point harness comes standard but track drivers can opt for a six-point harness. The removable steering wheel with central display and controls is straight out of Formula One. Outside you might notice the lack of mirrors. The Valkyrie instead utilizes two rear-facing cameras connected to a display at the base of each A-Pillar.

Supposedly the Valkyrie will be street legal wherever it is sold — including the US — but with only 150 being made and at such a hefty price tag, this is probably the most we’ll ever see of it.