Watch The World’s Largest Super Soaker Make Summer Great Again

In 1982, Air Force and NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson came up with the idea for a powerful, pressurized water gun. In 1990, Larami began selling his Super Soaker and water gun warfare was forever changed.

Sure, those of us who grew up with those original Super Soakers are now boring, old adults, but our millennial addiction to nostalgia means we’ll forever have a soft spot for the toys of our youth. And in some cases, that soft spot becomes an obsession.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, Bob Clagett of I Like to Make Stuff, Ken Glazebrook of NASA JPL, and Danielle Yuan of Gateway Props combined forces recently to create the Guinness World Record largest Super Soaker. The insane water gun is seven feet long and shoots 243mph at 2,400 psi.

See how it was built and watch it destroy a bunch of stuff in awesome slow motion in the videos below then celebrate your childhood with the Super Soak Up The Sun Short Sleeve Shirt from the RSVLTS Store.