This Scottish Hotel Is A Converted Sea King Helicopter

The Westland Sea King has served the Royal Air Force in wartime roles in the Falklands War, the Gulf War, the Balkans conflict, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War and has also served as the RAF Search and Rescue Force. But it’s most unique role may be as a hotel.

A decommissioned Sea King was purchased at auction for just £7,000 (about $9060) and after quite a bit of work, has been transformed into Scotland’s most interesting new hotel. Offering spectacular panoramic views over the Carse of Stirling, the Sea King has been completely renovated to accompany a family of five. The interior has been insulated and transformed into a comfortable space complete with kitchenette, sleeping quarters and bathroom while the exterior looks the same as any other Sea King.

For more info and to book your stay — prices start at just £150 ($194) per night — visit Helicopter Glamping.