KFC Launched A Clothing Collection And It’s Not Too Bad

When you think fashion, fast foo fried chicken joint KFC is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But hot on the heels of the bizarre yet popular Cheetos Store, KFC has launched their own collection, KFC Limited. And it’s not terrible.

Like the Cheetos collection, there are items that are funny but we’d never spend money on, such as the Colonel Suit T-Shirt and the Dream Colonel Pillowcase, and there are insanely priced items we can’t imagine anyone buying, like the $20,000 Zinger chicken sandwich made from a meteorite. But there’s also some stuff we would totally buy.

Many of the t-shirts feature simple designs and even the busy LogoTown tee looks like something from Uniqlo’s Moma collection. The Fried Chicken USA sweatshirt plain look on golden fleece is great, albeit a bit pricey at $76. And who wouldn’t want Fried Chicken Socks priced at just $8?

Check out the entire collection, which also includes accessories and prints, at KFC Limited and find yourself pleasantly surprised…and maybe a little bit hungry.