These Nintendo Jordans Are Made With Real NES Controllers

Usually sneakers are themed around sports and an active lifestyle because, after all, that’s what sneakers are for. But now that eSports are a thing, gamers need some kicks of their own. Enter the Jordan “NES” IV.

Freaker Sneaks takes advantage of millennials’ nostalgia addiction with these custom Jordans. The tongues feature the artwork from the Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt cartridges, while the grey, white, black and red upper are reminiscent of the iconic console. And best of all, the heels feature the buttons and d-pad from real NES controllers. Oh yeah, and the Jordan tag has been recreated as an NES cartridge.

Only 10 pairs of the Jordan “NES” IV have been made, so they’re a tad pricey at $1,250. Better start saving up those eSports winnings.