These Cooking Videos In The Style Of Famous Directors Are Absolutely Spot-On

From the over-the-top, stylized violence of Quentin Tarantino to the quirky, retro, pastel world of Wes Anderson to the ridiculous explosions of Michael Bay, Hollywood’s biggest directors all have a signature style when it comes to their films. But how would those unique styles translate to other videos, such as cooking how-tos?

Food artist and director David Ma attempted to find out with his Food Films series on YouTube. Each video features a cooking segment in the style of a different Hollywood director. Tarantino, Bay, Anderson and Alfonso Cuaron are the first four Ma attempted to ape — and he nailed each and every one. Let’s hope this series continues, because I need to see some Kubrick kreplach or Peckinpah pierogies. Or maybe I just want some dumplings for lunch today…

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