• What Do Famous Paintings Look Like With People Removed Look Like

    Spanish artist José Manuel Ballester has created a brilliant series of paintings called “Hidden spaces” (Espacios occultos). Facial recognition is the first thing people notice in paintings, photos or on a motion picture screen. What Ballester has done is removed all people from some of the most classic paintings in history, leaving behind a beautiful landscape, completely changing the significance of each painting. In Picasso’s “Guernica”, the intricate detail of one of the most renowned paintings in history has been completely removed, leaving behind a series of geometric shapes. Guernica – Pablo Picasso, 1937 The Allegory of Painting – Jan Vermeer, 1668 The Birth of Venus – Sandro Botticelli, c.1486 The Third of May 1808 – Francisco Goya, 1814 The Raft of Medusa – Théodore Géricault, 1819

  • Nasa Owns Black Friday with #BlackHoleFriday Campaign

    Today, around the U.S. is known as Black Friday, is a wonderful day where friends and foes alike fight and trample each other for retail sale items drastically discounted. NASA weighed in on the “black Friday” namesake and had some fun creating their own hashtag #BlackHoleFriday, urging followers to forget about the chaos of Black Friday and have some nerd-fun learning about Black holes. Playing off the shopping havoc holiday, NASA used tweets like “2 for 1 #BlackFriday deal! Actually, it’s 2 black holes merging into 1 #BlackHoleFriday” and “It’s #BlackFriday, but for us, it’s the 2nd annual #BlackHoleFriday. Today, we’ll post pics & info about black holes” Take a look at some of their clever tweets below. It's #BlackFriday, but for us, it's the 2nd annual #BlackHoleFriday. Today, we'll post pics & info about black holes pic.twitter.com/6npxklEw2N — NASA (@NASA) November 28, 2014 A black hole's pull of gravity is so strong, no light escapes: http://t.co/j7YejD8yaK #BlackHoleFriday #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/0HHvCovGZ2 — NASA (@NASA) November 28, 2014 A black hole's pull of gravity is so strong, no light escapes: http://t.co/j7YejD8yaK #BlackHoleFriday #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/0HHvCovGZ2 — NASA (@NASA) November 28, 2014 2 for 1 #BlackFriday deal! Actually, it's 2 black holes merging into more »

  • Here, The New Star Wars Trailer is

    It’s the sounds. The sounds of the Millennium Falcon darting through space. The sound of a droid computing. The sound of a hover cruiser speeding through desert lands and most importantly the sound of a lightsaber coming to life. The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is here and it looks Jeditastic. The trailer begins with what sounds like an elder Yoda narrating, then shows glimpses of the movies, new, young cast. We even get a glimpse of a new sith with a badass three sided lightsaber, an x-wing and of course the Millennium Falcon.

  • The Big Book of Bacon: Savory Flirtations, Dalliances, and Indulgences [Book]

    Because who doesn’t love a giant book on the world’s most beloved pork based breakfast food? No one, that’s who. Bacon has become a standard accent in every facet of American table fare. Bacon, eggs, coffee; Breakfast. BLT; Lunch. Bacon Cheeseburger; Dinner. Truly nothing else really matters in the entire world. The Big Book of Bacon delves into every type of food imaginable, being that it’s classified as umami, that fifth taste sensation that, roughly translated, simply means “good flavor”, author Jennifer L.S. Pearsall explores every spectrum of breakfast side dish, turned edible rockstar. The Big Book of Bacon $15

  • Why 10 of the World’s Tallest Buildings Came to a Crashing Halt

    The Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) created an interesting graph which shows the 10 tallest buildings (CTBUH originally highlighted 20) in which construction began but was never completed. Most instances when a building’s construction is halted, it’s due to the funding well going dry or discrepancies with zoning or building permits. According to CTBUH “a building is considered to be ‘Never Completed’ when site works had begun, but were completely halted, and no reports indicate that construction will continue.” As you can see in this chart there are plenty of gigantic skyscrapers who’ve completely halted the next phase of construction for the time being. The number 1 spot goes to the Nakheel Tower in Dubai, which would have stood at 3,300 feet.

  • This Outrageous Underwater City Is Realistic According to this Japanese Developer

    An underwater city capable of sustaining human life in the middle of the ocean might seem like a concept only seen on the silver screen, but is actually quite attainable. This according to Japanese development group Shimizu Corp, who’ve recently released renderings of their geometric glass dome, which would sit floating in the abyss of the ocean tethered to the ocean floor by a spiral that would essentially mine energy from the earth via methane-generating micro-organisms and thermal energy conversion. The dome (in theory) would be self sustaining, gaining it’s energy from the earth and would have capabilities to ascend and descend via it’s spiral. The entire project would only take about 5 years to build, but the technology won’t be readily sustainable for another fifteen years. But time isn’t the only hurdle Shimizu has to face, the project is estimated to cost around $25 billion, which in 2029 money equals ¥2.94 Trillion (assuming China takes over the world by then) Shimizu Corp while thinking the idea is totally attainable by then is no stranger to outrageously progressive ideas such as moon bases, floating botanical cities, and an elevator to space, which they have created in the past.

  • The Full 3 Minute ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer is Here

    From what we can see in this incredibly in depth 3-minute trailer for Jurrassic World is that Chris Pratt can do no wrong, rides a motorcycle amongst raptors, there’s a hot scientist that looks like Leeloo from the 5th element and she creates a dino-hybrid that escapes from it’s ironically low-security confines and wreaks havoc on the husky tourists of the park. Unconfirmed sources say the new genetically modified dino is a T-Rex/Amanda Bynes hybrid, dubbed the Bynosaur. I should write scripts. Universal Pictures was not available for comment.

  • Watch The Bizarrious “Shia LaBeouf” Rob Cantor Video That Slipped Under Our Radar

    How did this video slip through my internet savvy fingers? Why is this my first time watching it? Have I been hiding under a rock for a month? A rock without wireless? When this vide fell into my lap, I watched it as emotions coursed through my veins; hatred, confusion, overjoy and sadness, all at the same time. As if Shia himself was punching me in the stomach and massaging my shoulders all at once. Rob Cantor, you sick genius. I don’t know what to think of it, I don’t know what to say about it, but you need to watch it, then never unsee it. *Bizarrious is a word just made up to describe the hilariously bizarre subject matter of this video and song.

  • Outside Magazine’s Best Adventure Photographs of the Year Are In

    Outside magazine has released their finalists for best adventure photos of the year in their photo series dubbed “Exposure 2014″. The series is focused around the best captured moments from adventure, exploration or just outside active lifestyle, basically anything that makes you contemplate pulling a Jerry McGuire in front of your entire office and head for the hills (literally).  From navigating the Arctic to gliding through the cliffs of Moab, Utah. Here are some of the best shots from Exposure. oregon ice abiqua falls, By Joshua Meador   Thrill-Seeking in British Columbia, by Blake Jorgenson Floating on Ice in Duluth, Minnesota, by Hansi Johnson  A River Ride in Missoula, Montana, by Paolo Marchesi   A Surreal View Above Namibia, Theo Allofs Parting Shot- Western Colorado, Krystle Wright   Buckle Up on Oregon’s North Umpqua River, by Charlie Munsey   Looking Down on Tofino, B.C., Jeremy Koreski   Exploring the Depths of Guangxi Province, China, Francois-Xavier De Ruydts   Parting Shot- West Maui, Hawaii, by David Fleetham   Getting Lost on Caddo Lake, Texas, Michael Hanson Above the Wave in Maui, Hawaii, Franck Berthuot   Getting Big Air in Virgin, Utah, Paris Gore   Michael Hodges  Parting Shot- Yosemite National Park, California Navigating the Arctic Circle, by Klaus Thymann   Parting Shot- more »

  • ‘The Millennial Rebuttal’ Shows The Selfless Side of Being a Millennial

    Online charity driving service, Welzoo recently released a video that tags all the negative stigmas surrounding millennials and turned them on it’s head. The millennial generation has been dubbed as apathetic and self indulgent, obsessed with only themselves and social media. So in collaboration with Column Five , Welzoo created a feel-good video in the format of a Facebook feed scrolling through heart warming stories surrounding millennials, putting self-absorbed accusations to rest. The video is meant to not only evoke emotion, but to motivate the young people of the world to help change it for the better. Titled ‘The Millennial Rebuttal’, the video is part of a campaign to make charitable giving accessible to all.

  • This $85 Million House Comes With Everything, but Your Own Iron Man Suit

    When a mix of artists, architects and real estate moguls got together to build the epitome of SoCal extremist architecture Tony Stark’s now infamous cliffside bachelor pad and the rat pack’s elegant 60’s style played a major influence. Sprinkle on a little James Bond inspired decor and you have yourself an $85 Million humble home to hang your hat in. 1181 Hillcrest is the stuff dreams are made of, set atop all of Los Angeles, it even has a 90210 zip code. Interior Architect Joseph Ferrugio, Real Estate mogul and handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky with designer Roman James have created what the LA real estate industry have dubbed “the most extreme home in LA.” “We asked ourselves: if the Rat Pack were alive and doing their thing in 2014, how would they live?” The home takes up 23,000-square feet, atop the Trousdale Estates, a location Sinatra and Elvis once lived. 23,000 square feet is a lot of space to fill, which is why there are two themed bars, a few luxury cars and James Dean’s motorcycle, a full scale transformer and a wine room with over 2,500 bottles all included inside the home.

  • Winners of The 2014 Society Of Biology Photo Contest Have Been Chosen

    The Society of Biology has revealed their chosen winners for it’s 3rd annual photography contest of over 800 entries. The winner of this year’s photographer of the year, the most acclaimed award of all it’s categories, is BIlly Clapham’s “The Suburban Mum”, which shows an image of a blackbird in Lincolnshire back garden amidst fresh linens hanging. According to the Society of Biology: “The judges felt the photo cleverly expressed how garden birds have come to share our homes with us, fitting this year’s theme.” Bisons on Grand Prismatic Spring by Lukas Gawenda  Highly commended, Photographer of the Year  Meal Time by Boris Barath Highly commended, Young Photographer of the Year  A Shelter Designed by Nature by Robert Cabagnot Shortlisted, Photographer of the Year Spider like from another world by Krasimir Matarov  Shortlisted, Photographer of the Year Spectral Tarsier by Wolfgang Weinhardt Shortlisted, Photographer of the Year Striving Succulent by Kelsey Green Shortlisted, Photographer of the Year Parental care in parasitoid wasps by Thomas Endlein Runner up, Photographer of the Year 2014 The Suburban Mum by Billy Clapham Winner, Photographer of the Year Judge Tim Harris, from Nature Picture Library, said: “Billy’s image of a female blackbird in a suburban garden captures a familiar more »

  • Win Thanksgiving with These Toasted Marshmellow Shots

    Move over cookies & milk shots, there’s a new shot-sheriff in town. Food blogger, Cheri Alberts from The Watering Mouth, is about to blow your tastebuds right out of your mouth. Alberts gives step by step directions on how to toast marshmellows to absolute perfection then fill them with a boozey accent of your choice. Go. Go to the grocery store right now and pick up regular-sized marshmallows, two forks, your preferred booze. Then make fire. Stove, electric grill, garbage can fire, whatever works for you. The brilliant trick in all of this is using the forks to burn the sides of the mellows causing a natural implosion. Take a look at how Alberts perfects her craft below or check out a step-by-step guide here.

  • Wu-Tang Reveal They’re Paid on a Hierarchy Tiered Scale

    The Wu-Tang Clan has always been split into two sets of members. The select few members who’ve gained success with their solo career and everyone else. Rattle off the members of the clan who you actually know and name’s like Raekwon The Chef, Method Man, GZA, The RZA, and Ghostface will come to mind. Masta Killa, and U-God… Not so much. Which is why their payment system on their collaborative work is tiered. That’s right, The Wu-Tang Clan is a hierarchy. In a recent series of interviews with Hip Hop DX on their new album, A Better Tomorrow, the group confirmed that there is in fact a tiered system to their payout. Although members in the upper echelon of the system can fluctuate, there is definitely a varying amount throughout the group. In a recent interview group leader RZA noted “I think it came from a third party, one of our solo managers maybe. But when it penetrated I was like, ‘Yo, that really don’t make no sense.’ In that case just give me the most money … But as far as me going along with it, I was like, ‘Yo, I’ll put myself on a lower-tier and y’all could more »

  • Watch Fred Armisen Imitate Every New York City Accent on the Spot

    At a recent charity benefit, SNL legend and Portlandia star/creator Fred Armisen took suggestions from the audience in a four-minute segment where he mimicked every New York City accent the audience could throw at him. He’d not only make up the accents, but give a back story as to why some accents are dragged out or shrilled. If you’re familiar with any natives from these areas, it’s quite mind blowing how accurate they are.

  • Artist Creates Superheroes Sporting Epic Facial Hair For Movember

    Movember has skyrocketed to one of the biggest fundraising movements over the past 5 years, so with that artist James Bousema has created a series of incredible illustrations of superheroes sporting some truly epic facial hair. For Bousema’s ‘Super Movember’ series, he has imagined Dr. Manhattan, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Hulk all sporting their Movember fuzz.

  • Watch Emirates Disassemble a Giant Airbus in this Stunning Timelapse

    While this video only lasts two minutes, but typically these checks last up to two weeks. The 3-C Check maintenance process on an Airbus A380 is “the largest maintenance check on any aircraft,” and requires the plane to essentially be disassembled. The luxurious airliner is looked at as the closest thing you’ll get to flying private on a commercial jet.

  • The First-Timers Guide to Roasting a Turkey [Infographic]

    There will come a time in your life, where you’ll have to step up and endure the pain and anguish of preparing a Thanksgiving feast. It’s not all about kicking back in your recliner and watching football while the elders prepare dinner anymore, you’re older now and must carry on the tradition. But where do you start, Google? Paula Deen? Charlie Brown? How do you even begin to fathom cooking a full turkey? We got you covered. From portioning, defrosting, prepping and roasting, anyone can figure out how to produce the best possible product this Thanksgiving, even if they’re a first-timer. Column Five created this Thanksgiving-novice-proof infographic for roasting your first turkey, turkey. Yeah, I just called you a turkey.

  • Mario Williams Rescues Jim Kelly From Lake-Effect Storm with Bobcat

    The Buffalo area is in total disarray after the giant lake-effect took the city by snow storm. Western New York has been completely pummeled by the massive storm, in some areas the snow piled up to almost 6 ft. The Buffalo Bills stadium is covered in so much snow, officials are worried the won’t be able to play this Sunday being under 220,000 tons of snow. The crowned king of Buffalo Jim Kelly has been going through so much as of late, so Bills current defensive end, Mario Williams decided to help him out… by using a bobcat to dig out his driveway. Faith in humanity restored. I think the snow is getting to him! LOL

  • Artist Recreates NBA Athletes in Iconic Pop-Culture References

    Pro athletes are looked at as the superheroes of real life, aerobatic, muscular and in the spotlight. They drive fast cars, date beautiful models, what’s not super about them? Alberto Berroa Jr., who goes by Artoflaff,took the idea and ran with it creating a fun series highlighting NBA players as larger than life icons in his DunkSlaps series.

  • Our New Favorite Instagram Pokes Fun at Inspirational Quotes

    Our new favorite Instagram account highlights all those “friends” you have who throw up inspirational quotes, so that you can follow suit in their likeness and image. @uninspirational mocks those cliché accounts by adding a dose of satire and sarcasm to every post. “Pumpkin is a Gateway Spice” could be our favorite as of right now. #nice #tatt #bro A photo posted by Unspirational (@unspirational) on Nov 11, 2014 at 10:05am PST A photo posted by Unspirational (@unspirational) on Nov 11, 2014 at 2:43pm PST A photo posted by Unspirational (@unspirational) on Sep 9, 2014 at 5:28pm PDT A photo posted by Unspirational (@unspirational) on Sep 9, 2014 at 11:02am PDT A photo posted by Unspirational (@unspirational) on Nov 11, 2014 at 11:42am PST

  • Movie Posters for Fictitious Sequels we Wish Were Real

    Hollywood has somewhat of a sick obsession with sequels. Even if a movie is open and shut, if there’s a will there’s a way in Tinseltown. Los Angeles-based art gallery iam8bit put up an art show, ‘Sequel’, that showcases more than 40 illustrated posters of fictitious follow-up movies. From Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II to Fight Club 2 (which is actually in the works as a graphic novel) to a sequel to The Shining, these movies might seem sacrilegious, but heck, I’d probably pay to see them all. The Sequel exhibition, currently on display till 23 November 2014.

  • The Hype is Real, We Talked with A Man Who Can Win The $2 Million FanDuel Championship

    If money talks then these daily fantasy leagues are screaming from the rafters. If you’re even a casual football fan, then you’ve seen the commercials, “Jimmy from ‘wherever’ won X amount of thousands of dollars playing in this week long fantasy league”. Unconvincing to say the least. Well you should most definitely believe the hype. We know they’re real, and offer up real money, because we know one man chosen to participate in the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship that will be taking place on the weekend of December 14 at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Jacob Schuck of Edison, NJ, actually Dr. Schuck, a physical therapist by trade, like every football fan today is avid in the fantasy realm, delving into a few different leagues with friends and colleagues. After seeing countless commercials and ad spots for these week long fantasy leagues, Schuck and his brothers decided to give it a shot, playing in a private league with his brothers in October 2013, the winner received a free hibachi dinner. Now, a year later, Schuck has won himself a bid to win $2 million at the FanDuel championship after winning a week 2 pool consisting of over 5,500 people at a $25 more »

  • Inside Medium’s Ivory Tower San Fransisco Office

    Popular story telling website, Medium, is at the forefront of  premium writing on the internet and has recently raised $25 million in investment money. Their San Francisco offices set inside a beautiful ivory brick building, reminiscent of Manhattan’s Flatiron building. Located in San Francisco’s Financial District, the spacious, exposed ceilings and ping pong tables make it a mind freeing atmosphere to work in. Photographer Darren Hull captured these shots of the space.

  • Watch This New Video of Flight Patterns Across the UK

    London is the hub for the eastern and western hemispheres to reach one another. Each year over 2 million flights travel in and out of their airports spreading out in every direction from the island. Every single one of these flights is logged and mapped out through data, and now we can visualize these patterns thanks to NATS. Taking radar data from over 7,000 flights, the clip shows a standard day of aviation in the UK, beginning with an aeronautical invasion from the US between midnight and 5am before the islands light up with activity. Both Europe 24 and North Atlantic Skies were designed to give an overview of the daily complexity and volumes of air traffic across the UK and Europe and to do so in a way that was cinematic and exciting to watch.   UK 24 from NATS on Vimeo.

  • There’s a 2.7 Acre Floating Park Being Built on NYC’s Hudson River

    The old decrepit pier hugging the Hudson river on Manhattan is about to be knocked down and replaces with a beautiful 2.7 acre park on the water, including rolling hills and even an outdoor amphitheater. The new Hudson River Park Trust has revealed that the park will be largely financed by a foundation formed by the billionaire couple Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg. Von Furstenberg and Diller, the former head of Paramount Pictures and Fox, have committed $130 million to the park, with the city pledging another $17 million, and $18 million from New York State to build an esplanade to the pier park. The park will be between the pile fields of Pier 54 and Pier 56, which will remain in order to provide a fish habitat. If and when the project is approved, construction would begin next year with an expected completion date of 2018 or 2019.

  • Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)

    What happens when you fuse Walter White and Frozen? A brilliantly catchy tune about cooking meth throughout the Breaking Bad saga. Set to the tune of Frozen’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” the mashup from Animeme turns Breaking Bad into a catchy musical with all of the peaks and valleys that you’ve come to expect from Disney films.

  • Watch This RSVLTS Exclusive Clip of Seth Rogan & James Franco in “The Interview”

    This winter none other than Seth Rogan and James Franco will be taking on one of the most infamous dictators in the world,Kim Jong-un. The interview, which hits theaters, (Date), features tabloid journalist, Dave Skylark (Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Rogan) as they embark on a life changing interview with Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang, after discovering he’s a fan of Skylark’s show, “Skylark Tonight”. In an attempt to delve into true journalism Skylark and Rogan arrange the interview, but plans change when the CIA recruits them with hopes of assassinating the North Korean dictator. In this exclusive RSVLTS clip Rogan narrates the synopsis of The Interview, when his character comes to the realization that “Skylark Tonight” is a celebrity gossip driven show more dependent on covering Hollywood hacks than actual news. In an attempt to regain some integrity Rogan convinces Franco to do “The Interview” before being approached by the lovely Lizzy Caplan, a CIA agent, neither Rogan nor Franco can say no to.

  • Watch This Mesmerizing 4K Timelapse Video of the Sun with Solar Bursts

    Ready to have your mind blown right out of your head? This incredible footage of the Sun from October 14th to 30th, 2014, showing sunspot AR 2192, the largest sunspot of the last two solar cycles (22 years). During this time sunspot AR 2191 produced six X-class and four M-class solar flares. The animation shows the sun in the ultraviolet 304 ångström wavelength, and plays at a rate of 52.5 minutes per second. It is composed of more than 17,000 images, 72 GB of data produced by the solar dynamics observatory. The audio is the ‘heartbeat’ of the sun, processed from SOHO HMI data by Alexander G. Kosovichev.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond Is Now Selling ‘Sega Genesis’ with 80 Games

    Breaking News, Bed, Bath and Beyond is now selling Sega Genesis. In fact they have been for a while, how has this just blipped on our radar now? So for $40 you can get a condensed console, 2 controllers and 80 of your favorite 16 bit games that molded your childhood including the full Sonic-ography, both Streets of Rage (Even the breakdancing rollerblader) and even those Ecco the dolphin games (if you’re into playing a videogame as a dolphin). The console also takes original Genesis cartridges, so do those breathing exercises, because you’ll be huffing and puffing quite a bit this winter. So head to your nearest BB&B and pick them up, you know you have a stack of 20% off coupons sitting in your junk drawer.

  • Why Peyton Manning’s Touchdown Record Will Be Near Impossible to Beat

    The argument can officially be made. Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback of all time. At 520 passing touchdowns already, Manning shows no signs of stopping any time soon. After breaking Brett Favre’s record which stood at 508 touchdowns, Peyton has catapulted himself into NFL greatness on a scale which very well be impossible to break. Gregor Aisch and Kevin Quealy of the Upshot, have charted Manning’s trajectory of quarterbacks past and present. When Alex Rodriguez joined the 600 homerun club we saw a similar graphic from the NY Times, which gives us a real perespective on retired and current players. It’s always intriguing to estimate how current NFL greats stack up against HoF greats. Since this graph was created in October almost exactly one month ago, Peyton has thrown 10 Touchdowns.

  • There’s a Eerie ‘Predator’ Noise Coming From The Rosetta Comet

    The Rosetta spacecraft and its Philae lander have detected an eerie sound coming from Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The lander is programmed to take visual and composition samples, but also detects audio. Creepy audio that sounds strangely like ‘Predator’. Because sound waves can’t travel through space, it’s not a direct recording, but instead the lander’s Plasma Consortium picked up variations in the magnetic field around the comet, which scientists think is solar wind interacting with the comet. These variations resulted in frequencies between 40 to 50 millihertz, about 10,000 times lower than can be detected by humans. ESA scientists altered the frequency of the comet’s song into human hearing range, and discovered it was a series of clicks that sound more animal than comet. “This is exciting because it is completely new to us. We did not expect this and we are still working to understand the physics of what is happening,” RPC principal investigator Karl-Heinz Glaßmeier said in a press release.

  • South Park Reveals The Gang in Real Life

    Last night’s South Park episode was more than laughable adding to what has been one of the funniest seasons in their 18 year span. But last night the episode ended with a twist no one expected, revealing how the show was all just an Oculus Rift simulation when Stan took off the virtual reality headset. This however was the second time the gang was shown in real life, the first was in episode six of Season 16, depicting the characters in their adult form.

  • New York City FC’s 2015 Club Kit is… Well Everything We Expected… Nothing More

    New York City has a brand new soccer club, brought to us in part by Manchester City FC and the New York Yankees. Today their uniform was unveiled by newly signed Spanish superstar, David Villa and well the kits are everything we’d come to expect from two corporate giants. The kits aren’t ugly, there’s just no wow factor. For a team with the hype and magnitude out of the gate, we expected something with a bit more pizzaz then something out of a youth soccer program. Though the kit simply stays true to Manchester City, the ownership group’s flagship colors, we expected more of a New York feel, that we saw in the club’s badge, a beautiful traditional FC club badge, with incorporated New York State colors accented around it. Hopefully their away kit will show glimpses of a little New York Pride. #NYCFCRevealed by David Villa https://t.co/QJkatq8Ul8 — New York City FC (@NYCFC) November 13, 2014

  • America’s Most Popular Burger, Pizza & Coffee Chains Visualized [infographic]

    Flowing Data has created a series of popular burger, Pizza and Coffee joints across the U.S. Using AggData, the map above shows the nearest burger chain out of the selected seven. I chugged along every twenty miles, checked within a 10-mile radius, and then colored each dot accordingly. In their original data they used 29 burger chains, but cut the number down to show the most popular 7. With Pizza FD used 9 chains at a 5 mile radius and with Coffee they used every 10 miles. Pizza Hut absolutely dominates the country in the Pizza category, while Coffee is a bit more complicated. Starbucks is spread throughout the country evenly, more so in the major cities, but Dunkin Donuts has a stronghold on the entire East Coast. Take a look at the three graphs below.

unnamed copy