• This Photographer Spent 14 Years Traveling to Find the 60 Oldest Trees in the World

    Beth Moon, a San Francisco photographer, has been working on a 14 year project searching for the world’s oldest trees. Moon has literally traveled the globe photographing magnificent trees that grow in some of the most desolate locations on earth. The photos were taken for Moon’s new book titled ““Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”, a collection of sixty black and white photos of trees thousands of years old. Moon notes, “Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment”

  • The Top trending Super Bowl ads on YouTube According to Google

    This Sunday’s Super Bowl is gearing up to be one of the most anticipated games in history. With Vegas putting the spread at just 1 point, the game itself is sure to not disappoint. The ads however, can be hit or miss. The past few years the millions of dollars spent on these commercials have fell a little short. And wierd. This year’s commercial teasers have already proved that we’re in for a treat. From puppys, to pranks to Kardashians, here are the most viewed Super Bowl ads on YouTube so far According to Google. 10. Newcastle __ 9. Mercedes __ 8. Buzzfeed + Friskies __ 7. Snickers __ 6. BMW __ 5. Carl’s Jr. __ 4. Budweiser __ 3. T-Mobile __ 2. Bud Light __ 1. Nissan + Roman Atwood

  • Everything You Need to Know to Achieve the Perfect Work Day

    Juggling work, life and sleep might seem like a more daunting task than your job in itself, but it doesn’t have to be, with a little initial extra scheduling and organization you can optimize your work day, be more productive, less stressed and happier. The infographic below is based on a study that claims working 52 minutes followed by a 17 minute break is the optimal way to structure your work day. Try it out, it just may save your life.

  • You Won’t Believe the Salary it Takes to be a 1-Percenter in Your State

    It takes more than a tuxedo, top hat and monocle to be included in the illustrious 1% of the country. Actually it takes around $385,000 of annual income to get into the US’s top 1 percenters club. A new report from the Economic Policy Institute illustrates what the fiscal differences are from state to state in the top echelon of income in the country. Arkansas ranks the lowest at $228,000 while Connecticut is nearly triple that at $678,000 with a majority of Wall St’s finest living in the less hectic suburbs of CT.

  • Imgur’s new GIF tool is the Future of the Internet

    Imgur’s latest installment in it’s attempt to recreate the GIF is finally upon us. Their new video to GIF tool is actually quite simple, quickly select a clip from a streaming video like YouTube, then turn it into a GIF. Imgur’s new format of GIF is called “.gifv,” which is essentially the same thing with some key differences, like it’s playback and save feature. This makes for a very high quality looping video, that’s a relatively small file, but if you’re looking to embed the video onto a site or email, makes it difficult. For page embedding, it’s no different than embedding a streaming video, but email is much more tedious and probably not worth the effort. Here’s an example of the quality preserved when using the format. The steps are as easy as uploading a link to the streaming video – chopping the video to your liking – waiting a few minutes for conversion – then copying an embed link. Unfortunately, you can’t remove soul patches. There are definitely some hiccups with the tool, that will no doubt be worked out in the near future. The text overlay feature has some bugs and it’s always unclear whether you’re going more »

  • The Leatherman Multi-tool Tread is Man’s New Best Friend [Watch Wednesday]

    The Tread bracelet is a new man-bracelet from the minds of Leatherman. A multi-tool bracelet that was thought up after the president of Leatherman was denied entry at Disneyland “I was stopped at the gate by security for carrying a knife, when what they had actually seen was my Skeletool. I was unwilling to give it up, so they made me take it all the way back to my hotel room. I knew there had to be another way to carry my tools with me that would be accepted by security.” After the concept of the Tread was thought up, The Leatherman team thought of adding a time piece element to the product. The Tread QM1 will feature a unique Leatherman-designed and Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement. A shock resistant sapphire crystal ensures scratch resistance for heavy duty wear, and the curved watch limits reflection and increases outdoor visibility. Available Fall 2015

  • This is What The Insanely Large Currency Bills of The U.S. Looked Like

    United States currency through the years, if anything, is just beautiful. The large bills of the past might seem quite comical by today’s standards, but without the benefits of electronic payments made complete sense. Supercompressor collected a series of large scale bills from the days of yonder, accompanied by the worth of those bills today. Pretty hilarious, but also just plain pretty.

  • The Microsoft Algorithm that Predicted the World Cup Just Chose it’s Super Bowl Winner

    Cortana is once again attempting to predict the record books, this time with the Super Bowl. Cortana is the Windows Phone virtual assistant that has gained much acclaim after predicting the World Cup outcome with a 15-1 prediction record then moved on to the NFL season and playoffs. The program uses a Bing algorithm to calculate a series of limitless variables, then land on a percentage of outcome. This season she had a 178-88 (66.9%) record, which was nearly identical to Vegas picks, but fell short to Nate Silver’s ELO model, which went 184-82 (69.1%). For the playoffs Cortana is 8-2 on her playoff game picks after correctly predicting both conference title games.

  • Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd & Amy Poehler to Star in a “Wet Hot American Summer” Netflix Prequel

    Wet Hot American summer was just one of those cult classics that stuck. It’s dry humor walked a fine line between cheesy comedy and complete spoof, so much so, it was hard to distinguish exactly what the movie was trying to be for some. But for people familiar with the work of it’s cast it’s gone down as one, if not the, most underrated comedy of it’s generation. The prequel, First Day of Camp, will be coming to Netflix just in time for summer in an 8 part series. Elizabeth Banks, Michael Ian Black, Bradley Cooper, Judah Friedlander, Janeane Garofalo, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Christopher Meloni, Marguerite Moreau, Zak Orth, Amy Poehler, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, and Michael Showalter are among some of the cast joining the series, which tells the story of the first day of Camp Firewood’s famous summer season, now fourteen years after the film’s debut.

  • The 15 Best U.S. Cities for Young Singles

    A renaissance is happening across the U.S., a cultural movement of arts, culture, food and drink is helping small cities to emerge as premiere destinations for young professionals and start ups. Years ago the big 5 cities across America would attract the majority of young post grads looking to begin their lives, but now smaller cities can offer up the same substance on a smaller scale. Singles across the country, look no further, here are the top places to reside with a perfect singles bar compliment across the country. The winning cities in the singles-scene category excel in the off-hours, ranking highly for nightclubs, dive bars, and even great diners.

  • Real Men Build Their Own Hot Tubs. Here’s How To Do It!

    The hot tub is a luxury experienced only by kings, queens, the 1% and business people after hours at synergy conferences. Well that’s about to change. No longer do jacuzzi’s have to be limited to the Scrooge McDuck’s of the world, swimming in their gold coin pools and then taking a nice hot dip on the roof of their ivory towers. No longer do your fingers have to go un-pruney (sp?). To combat winter’s icy grip we’re going to teach you how to build your very own hot tub while also partnering up with Hot Tub Time Machine 2 to give a lucky school a chance to win the prize of all prizes, their very own ginourmous hot tub party. Go to HotTubMovieParty.com to vote for the winner. Even if your school didn’t make it, you can still win big. Huge. Mega-huge. For first place, one winner + a friend will get a VIP trip to the party plus $2,500 cash to spend on, um, whatever you want. The 2nd place winner will win $1000 to throw their own hot tub party and the third will win $500 cash for ample partying. Keep up the voting for your chance to win win. Don’t know how to build your more »

  • Kim Kardashian has a Touching Message in T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

    Kim Kardashian has out Kardashian’ed herself in T-Mobile’s latest Super Bowl ad spot. In the spot, Kim pleas to the public to use T-Mobile’s featured Data Stash plan, a rollover data storage compliment to having a one of their cellular plans. In her defense the concept of the commercial is quite funny, but I just can’t get behind Kim Kardashian (see what I did there). As Kim rolls through different scenario’s for her to take a selfie, she makes a claim that more data= more selfies. Make-up selfies, tennis backhand selfies, outfit selfies, vacations selfies, and outfit selfies again. “The ad really incorporated a lot of my personality,” Kardashian told People. “We really went over scene by scene and what selfies I thought would really showcase me and what I would do.” God bless America.

  • Helpful “Work From Home” Life-Hacks to Keep You Focused

    If you’re in the better part of the northeast then you’re most likely working from home today. Whether you got hit with the worst of the winter storm Juno or not, it’s always better to take precaution, and by precaution we mean sitting in your sweats and eating the same Ben & Jerry’s you had for dinner last night, for breakfast. Now a true “snow day” should consist of zero work and all play, but if you consider yourself one of those workaholic types (or just someone who has a job) and absolutely need to get work done when your WFH time could be better spent binge watching Sherlock on Netflix, then we have some tips for you. We’ve contacted some friends and colleagues and asked them for their best daily productivity tips when working from home. Though showering and getting dressed might seem like nothing out of the ordinary, the dark side of your pillow has other plans for you. Plans that will stunt your focus and suck you in to the lazy-level-7: the binge. Here are some of the best tips for getting the most out of your work rate while staying home for the day.

  • Let’s Remember 1948, When Boston’s Mayor Begged MIT To Build a Snow-Flamerthrower

    Sixty-four years ago Boston got pummeled with so much snow that then Mayor James Curley sent a letter to the then president of MIT, Dr. Karl Compton, begging for help by way of an MIT engineered flamethrower. “I am very desirous that [MIT] have a competent group of engineers make an immediate study as to ways and means of removing the huge accumulation,” he wrote, “…be it by the use of flame throwers or chemicals or otherwise.” said Mayor Curley in his letter. Imagine the advances in flame throwing snow removal technology we would’ve had today if Dr. Compton would’ve been a more progressive leader, the best minds in the world working together on a flame-shooting gun with the sole purpose of removing snow. Imagine the backs of angry fathers that could’ve been saved? Imagine the money families could’ve saved on those shitty orange plastic and popsicle stick shovels every family still uses today?

  • 23 Amazing Mind-Bending Illustrations To Start off Your Week

    Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves has a funny style of art, his intricate painting basically tell your brain to go-fuck-itself. His work is known to twist your perception of reality, while telling multiple stories. Because of the paintings asymmetrical style, the view jumps from one perception to the other then back again, like a constantly changing optical illusion. Gonsalves’ interest in art began at an early age, which is why he became comfortable with painting such complex misdirections. He had experience with technique and perspective and architectural art by the age of 12, which is why his pieces portray an fluid amount of organic and structural objects. And so without further adieu, let your brain go derp.

  • You Won’t Believe How U.S. Currency Has Changed Over 150 Years

    Over the past 150-so-odd-years currency in the U.S. has changed drastically, both in fiscal worth and aesthetic. Though some bills have kept certain constant design traits, the bills have been through thorough revisions, to keep up with the times and lower the possibility of counterfeiting. Column Five in collaboration with Debt Consolidation have created a series of interactive graphics to show the differences and similarities of currency in the U.S. since the first time Congress authorized notes for use in 1861.

  • GoPro + The NHL’s Best Players = A Jaw Dropping Skills Showcase

    The National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association announced a North American partnership with GoPro, which mean’s we’ll most likely be getting real-time NHL game action with GoPro footage soon enough. In the meantime, the NHL called upon some of it’s most talented players to knock around and show off their skills. The speed at which these players can handle the puck is nothing short of mind boggling. P.K. Subban, the Montreal Canadian’s premiere defenseman, weighs in at 220lbs, but looks as though he’s skating in fast forward in this footage. Other notable stars include shots from the perspectives of Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, Patrick Kane, Henrik Lundqvist, TJ Oshie, Alex Ovechkin, Zach Parise, Tuukka Rask, Tyler Seguin, and Jonathan Toews. We have a feeling the NHL All-Star game will be chalk full of these shots.

  • Expedia Owns Everything. Now Including Travelocity

    Today was a big day for travel giant, Expedia, after it was announced they agreed on terms to acquire Travelocity for a reported $280 Million. Although it wasn’t Expedia’s biggest fiscal acquisition, Travelocity was a major competitor in the travel booking industry, next to Priceline/Booking.com and Orbitz, who is allegedly looking for buyers. Expedia Inc. confirms it will retain the Travelocity brand formerly owned by parent company, Sabre Corp., which will complement brands such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Venere etc. To put into perspective exactly how many companies Expedia, inc. owns we’ve piled every acquired company into on photo. Looks like they’re building a world wide army of travel sites.

  • Has Bud Light Gone Completely Insane? Check Out Their Full Super Bowl Ad Spot

    Bud light has lost it’s damn mind. In their latest installment of #UpForWhatever, Bud Light convinces a lucky guy to take his chances to see if he’s up for whatever. The dude enters a giant outdoor space and is then put in an enormous life-size Pacman game. As the man runs through the walls collecting points he’s chased by 6-foot Pacman ghosts, is finally caught and dies. We can’t be sure just yet, but if Pacman dies in the game, we’re guessing this guy died in real life. Bud Light killed a man for the sake of the Super Bowl. Advertising at it’s finest.

  • You’ll Never Guess How Many Simpsons Characters Are Voiced By These Few People

    Imagine if some of your favorite TV show characters were played by the same person. Then it would probably look something like an Eddie Murphy movie, but I digress, The Simpsons is one of TV’s longest running shows and with a voice over cast that can handle the brunt of characters, now we know why. All though most dedicated Simpsons fans already knew Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer account for 75% of character voice overs, it’s quite astonishing to see it visualized. How does Hank have any time for scuba voicing all of those characters? South Park is very similar, but the kicker about South Park is that Trey Parker ad Matt Stone not only have to voice 55 characters, but write the synopsis for each episode as well. This graphic by @jishai shown on Kotaku

  • Style Watch: The Lyin’ King

    This winter, dress exactly like your favorite stylish liar. With a few simple fashion tips you’ll be able to replicate the hottest trend for this year’s northeast casual wear. Whether you’re having drinks with a few friends in the heart of Boston or giving an impromptu press conference, a knitted crew neck sweater complimented with a light cotton tee, warm winter boots, a retro style knitted cap and some close to the hip jeggings are all you need to sweat through this winter’s hottest lie season. Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady followed these style tips perfectly at a local press meet up earlier today. J. Crew Solid Graphite Crewneck Sweatshirt($69.50) Hanes Classics Men’s Traditional Fit ComfortSoft($11.99) New England Patriots New Era Navy Blue Classic Sport Knit Hat ($24.99) Super Stretch Jeggings ($59.00) UGG Men’s Classic Short Boot ($170.00) Nike Ball Pump ($10.00)    

  • How Well Can You Recognize These 3D Renderings of Your Favorite Sitcom Homes

    If you were shown photos of these famous sitcom homes, you’d probably get them right 9/10 times, but seeing a full 3D rendering without the locked in camera angle you’re used to seeing from your couch it might not be as easy. so HomeByMe, a French technical design firm, created accurate renderings of Monica & Rachel’s enormous “Friends” Manhattan apartment, “Dexter’s” Miami condo, “Big Bang Theory’s” Pasadena loft and “How I Met Your Mother’s New York City” pad. The renderings are interactive so scroll through the incredible detail. Big Bang Theory Dexter Friends How I Met Your Mother

  • Take Off: 15 Reasons Why You Need To Head To Algarve, Portugal

    Algarve is the premier partying place in Portugal in the summer, but almost unheard of for American tourists. An entire coastline of beautiful beaches and cheap drinks. Algarve (Lagos specifically) has, however been discovered by heavy drinking Brits and Aussies, so if your Portuguese is a little shotty, this might be the English speaking getaway for you. English beaches are shite and Australia’s surrounding natural habitat is constantly trying to kill you. If you’re after a more tranquil atmosphere you can coast up and down Algarve for some of the best fresh seafood and wine you’ve ever had in your life. But you will love the wild atmosphere of Lagos. Rich in history and cheap on drinks, it’s more of a beach-bar scene than Euro nigt club. The cliffside beaches of Praia de Dona Ana will make you feel like you’re in a picturesque movie scene, while the cataplana seafood dishes will have you napping beachside before a big night out.

  • Sell Your House and Buy This Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech [Watch Wednesdays]

    Impress your friends. Impress your boss. Impress the world with this Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech Watch. It’s the same classic Panerai design introduced in the 1940s, but oh-so-much better. The massive 47mm case is molded out of a beastly carbon fiber based composite that make’s the Carbotech the absolute first of it’s kind. Utility features include a rotating dial for immersion time, water resistance down to 300 meters, a P.9000 calibre automatic movement, a screw-on titanium back with a hard black coating and the envy of everyone around you. It’s a beautiful thing. How else could you be expected to spend a cool $19,500. Mortgages are for the birds and birds don’t dive 300 meters into the ocean, because that’s what you’ll use it for. Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech

  • The Very Best Tweets From Last Night’s State of the Union

    Last night’s State of the Union was quite a display of showmanship from President Obama, as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, it almost looked like he was about to light up a stogie at any moment. Making the now infamous remark on the topic of not having to run any more campaigns, Obama made an off the cuff remark followed by a jolty smilke and slight zinger, “I know because I won both of them,”. The true heroes of the #SOTU, however, were Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Joe Biden’s million dollar smile, John Boehner’s reactions and skin hue and of course Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz, who stole the show. Here are Twitter’s best reactions from the entire SOTU. Joe Biden and John Boehner look like before & after Instagram filters #SOTU pic.twitter.com/09k9Dgy8tt — Rob Fee (@robfee) January 21, 2015 Here are the @pantone colors for Speaker Boehner's face. #sotu pic.twitter.com/2R4Zuqzq8m — Melissa Jamrock (@jamrockstar) January 21, 2015 No one can smile with their eyes like Joe Biden — Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) January 21, 2015 I bet the chefs at the White House never tire of hearing Joe Biden order up a "steak of the more »

  • You Can Now Get a Better Fast Food Burger Than In-N-Out in New Jersey

    The long underwhelming history of chain burger joints have left a sour taste in many-a-mouth after years and years of plunging quality around the world, but with a demand for change and healthier product so came the supply. Fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King are struggling to keep their margins thin, while smaller chains who focus on quality over quantity are making great strides. In no way are we saying a Shake Shack burger, fries and shake are healthy, but compare them to a Big Mac meal and you’ll see and taste a stark difference. Plus this year Shake Shack’s IPO put them at a $1Billion valuation. The people have spoken. The statistics are proof of a shifting demand around the country. Consumer Reports surveyed 32,400 subscribers who ranked 65 restaurants during 96,000 dining experiences across the country. While Shake Shack was curiously left off the list of rated restaurants, McDonald’s, the largest chain in the world, came in dead last in the rankings, only slightly worse off than Burger King. So which Better-Burger joint took the crown this time? Has to be In-n-Out Burger, right? Nope. New Comer Smashburger? Nope. The Habit Burger Grill, operated by The more »

  • Nike Unveils Full Super Bowl XLIX Collection

    Nike celebrates the road to Super Bowl with the new NFL Nike Super Bowl XLIX Collection. As an official on-field uniform, sideline, baselayer and practice-wear supplier to the NFL, the collection mirrors the electric atmosphere of the championship game, drawing inspiration from the shifting expression of the Arizona sky.

  • The Original Apple Watch Resurfaces After 20 Years

    When you think of an Apple Watch today, your brain most likely jumps to the images you’ve seen for the coming smart watch, but that wasn’t exactly the companies first time piece. The Original watch was a promotion timekeeper given out in 1995 as an incentive for users to upgrade their Macintosh OS. The original design has been given a second production series and is now available for purchase online and you don’t even need to upgrade to grab one. 

  • Can You Spot The German Sniper Pointing a Gun Directly At You? (8 Photos)

    Photographer, Simon Menner was put in touch with the German army in 2010 to see if they’d be interested in a then new idea of his called “Camouflage,” where he would put soldiers in rural settings where they’d blend in with their surroundings. The images turned out so profound they ended up going viral. Menner arranged two separate shoots, one in a “boring” forest in northern Germany with soldiers who were young and inexperienced. The second shoot, in the German Alps, was done with a group of elite soldiers. “I found it quite interesting to work with soldiers who had been ordered to follow my instructions,” Menner told Slate “I tried to be as respectful to them as possible, but nothing of what I told them was questioned in any way.” Menner tells Slate in an email regarding people who question the authenticity of the photos, “First of all, it is real,” he wrote. “Whoever has doubts about that should contact the German Army. There were snipers present in every single shot and they were in fact, ordered to aim at the camera, so they could see me, even though I was almost never able to see them. The professional training they have more »

  • How To Man-Hack a Drinking Glass Out of a Beer Bottle

    You’ve seen them before at beach-bars and probably being sold at Urban Outfitters for an obscene amount, but here’s a step by step guide to making a drinking glass out of a beer bottle in a few easy to execute steps. YouTube channel Household Hacker has uploaded a simple DIY video on how to turn an empty beer bottle into a drinking glass. An empty bottle, rubbing alcohol, a length of cotton string or yarn, a bucket of ice water, lighter and an empty six pack are all you need to get this done. In no way are we saying drink the six pack then attempt this (Let’s just get that straight).

  • This Australian Floating Getaway Bachelor Pad Can Be Yours for a Night

    Set 130-feet above the sea and Australia’s Fairhaven Beach, The Pole House is a stunning free standing luxury beach house that’s obviously one of a kind. Already known as one of the most iconic homes in Australia, the house is the perfect spot for a unique occasion if you’re down under. The floating house was also recently renovated with a modern setting and ambiance adding to the luxurious experience. The house now features brand new interiors, with floor-to-ceiling retracting glass walls to take full advantage of the sweeping sea vistas from Aireys Inlet to Lorne. Picture yourself waking to the sound of the crashing waves before opening your eyes to find yourself suspended above the most amazing coastline in the country. Stay here for anywhere between $359-980 per night.

  • Look at The Cost of Living in Every Global Region

    The cost of living in a specific region varies through the peaks and valleys of their economy, but it looks as though there are definitely some consistencies with some regions of the world. Movehub.com have compiled some awesome data that forces us to take a look at the entire world and realize just how staggering the data is. As we all know, Scandinavian countries have a very consistent and high CoL, but did you know Venezuela also claims one of the top 3 spots? Take a look at every global region below.

  • What Would Elvis, Hendrix and Other Fallen Rock Stars Look Like If They Were Alive Today?

    The tragic stories of promising musicians gone before their time is one we’ve seen too often. Sachs Media Group put together a series of detailed renderings of some of history’s best musicians who passed on at an early age. Elvis, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix are a few of the renderings below of great rock stars if they were alive today. Elvis Presley , 80 Source: Alcadehotel Source: SachsMedia Born: Jan. 8, 1935; Tupelo, Mississippi Died: Aug. 16, 1977; Memphis, Tennessee The undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, of whom John Lennon once said “without Elvis there is no Beatles” died in 1977 at age 42. Kurt Cobain, 47  Born: Feb. 20, 1967; Aberdeen, Washington Died: April 8, 1994; Seattle, Washington Lead singer and guitarist for Nirvana. Keith Moon, 68 Source: TheFaustoRocks Born: Aug. 23, 1946; London, England Died: Sept. 7, 1978; London, England Considered one of the best drummers of all time, as well as one of the wildest on and off stage, the former Who member died in 1978 at age 32. John Lennon, 74   Source: Fanpop Born: Oct. 9, 1940; Liverpool, England Died: Dec. 8, 1980; New York, New York The Beatles frontman died in 1980 at age more »