• Using Technology To Overcome Golf “Mis-hits”

    Did you know that 76% of all iron shots are mis-hits struck outside the center of the face. Yes, you heard that right. Considering the face of the club is where the fastest ball speeds are produced this might explain why you shoot like you and Sergio Garcia shoots like Sergio Garcia. The fact that nearly 8 out of 10 golf shots are “mis-hits” led Taylor Made to develop a revolutionary new technology, designed to improve consistency and distance. No golfer is perfect, not even the best players in the world hit the center of the club every time. So their “Face Slot Technology,” available on the RSi line of clubs starting November 14, 2014, provides greater consistency across the face, giving players improved performance on mis-hits. This technology won’t turn you into a pro overnight but it’ll certainly make bachelor party outings a lot less frustrating. Photo source: sporttechie.com

  • 24 Teams With Longer Championship Droughts Than The Kansas City Royals [Original Infographic]

    People are going crazy over the fact that the Kansas City Royals haven’t played a World Series game in 29 years. But 20% of the teams in Major League Baseball, and nearly two dozen additional professional teams from the NBA, NFL and NHL, haven’t played in championship game on over 29 years. With some, looking at you Chicago Cubs, feeling the pain of a drought that is decades long.

  • How Does Rob Dyrdek Manage To Do It All? [Infographic]

    Rob Dyrdek has gone from skateboarding star to a serious money maker for brands and advertisers. For example, Rob’s show “Ridiculousness” has raked in $183.6 million in national advertising revenue, the largest amount on MTV & MTV2 in the last 52 weeks. In the following infographic stats like these accompany additional information on how Rob has impacted companies like MTV and Street League Skateboarding globally with a breakdown of how this celebrity entrepreneur spends his time and on what.

  • Superstorm Sandy: Hoboken Then and Now Photos

    Just about two years ago Hoboken was devastated by Superstorm Sandy. One of the most popular stories in RSVLTS.com history was A First Look At Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction of Hoboken, NJ [70 HQ Photos]. The story captured the chaos and confusion that followed in the days post Superstorm. We were contacted by teachers, museums and news sources looking to use pictures featured in the story to educate students and the public across the country looking for a first hand encounter. View the map we used to shoot the photos >> After the destruction struck so close to our homes and offices, we saw the devastation and the process of progress in what seemed  like a seamless transition, thanks to help of first responders, volunteers and the National Guard. Last year we attempted to shoot the same iconic photos on the streets of Hoboken to recreate several of those pictures to show how the Mile Square has rebuilt since the storm. We implemented a new “slider” function that will show Hoboken during or just after the storm on the left and pictures showing Hoboken in it’s current state. We did our best to get the exact angle seen in the original photo, they are more »

  • Alexis Ren Pool Party FTW [Photos]

    Any regular reader of RSVLTS knows that we are drinking the Alexis Ren cool-aid lately. This girl is a star on the rise and we’re all in. She recently teamed up with photographer Lucas Passmore for a pool party themed shoot which we know you’ll enjoy.

  • A Look Inside LeBron’s Opulant $17 Million Miami Estate [Photos]

    The King is selling his palace! Former Miami Heat dribbler Lebron James hightailed it back to his hometown of Cleveland this year, leaving his palatial  mansion empty. Now, it’s on the market with a very regal price tag: $17 million! Overlooking the open bay in Coconut Grove, FL, the King’s palace is being marketed as “the most opulent estate in the Miami area.” The contemporary compound features a swank chef’s kitchen, sommelier’s wine cellar, office, custom theater, guest home and private master rooftop sun deck. Perfect for taking in the waterfront locale and the Miami vibe, glass doors open to covered terraces throughout the sprawling home. In James’ palace, luxury isn’t just reserved for the indoors. Outside, the property is just as luxe, with a summer kitchen, 4,500 square feet of entertainment space, an infinity-edge pool, and a private concrete dock, with room for two 60 foot yachts. Walled and gated for the utmost privacy, James’ estate is a state-of-the-art fortress with every amenity under the Florida sun!

  • Two GIGANTIC Snakes Spotted On A New York City Subway Train [Photos]

    Snakes on a plane? Fuggedaboutit. In New York City, surprised subway riders discovered two snakes on a train. Eric Hertzog said he got on the C train at Canal Street this week and saw the man with the snakes. One snake was hanging from the railing, while another was between his legs. The man started playing with the snakes, Hertzog told NBC 4 New York. One passenger nearly sat beside the reptiles, but ran to the other side of the car when he realized the snakes were there, Hertzog said. The man put the snakes in bags and then into his backpack before exiting at 14th Street, Hertzog said. Hertzog posted the photos on his Instagram account (below). Other than service animals and working dogs for law enforcement, the MTA prohibits bringing animals on trains unless “enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.” Loading View on Instagram Loading View on Instagram This article originally appeared at nbcnews.com. Copyright 2014.

  • To Avoid Creating Public Panic New York City Firefighters Are Banned From Saying “Ebola” On The Radio

    Since emergency radio channels are monitored by civilians and media New York officials have forbidden firefighters from using the word ‘Ebola’ on the radio. Instead, they must use the code letters ‘F/T’, as in Fever/Travel, when reporting a 911 called has a fever and travel history to West Africa, as a means to prevent panic in case Ebola turns up in NYC. The secret code is intended to hide any potential cases of Ebola from members of the public or media who are monitoring emergency radio channels. ‘Just like you can’t say bomb on an airplane, we can’t say “Ebola”, a source told the New York Post. Despite the two nurses contracting the virus, officials in New York are confident that first responders can treat potential patients without falling ill. FDNY medics who respond to at-risk patients have been told to wear polyethylene-coated paper gowns, gloves and face masks with plastic eye visors, officials said. Officials were given a memo laying out a 19-step process for putting on and then safely removing and disposing of their protective gowns and gloves. The FDNY also has a dozen elite ‘Haztec’ workers in each borough designated to deal with potential Ebola patients who more »

  • 50 Times That New York City’s Bad Elmo Was The Biggest Creeper In America [Photos]

    Elmo is a American institution so how it’s possible that creepy bums in Times Square can use his iconic likeness to lure unsuspecting tourists to take photos for money? It is quite astounding. Especially when Times Square Elmo has a criminal rap sheet that includes assault on children, racial slurs and drug dealing, just to name a few. Here are some of Bad Elmo’s finest moments in Times Square.

  • Base Jumpers Splash Into Roof-top Pool Party From Kuala Lumpur Tower

    In this incredible video, base jumper John Van Horne arrives with a splash at a pool party by diving off the 1,099 feet famous Tower in Kuala Lumpur. One base jumper could teach us all a thing or two about arriving at a party in style. John Van Horne and his two friends, ‏‎Matt Frohlich‎‏ and ‏‎Andy Lewis‎‏, decided they had to make an impressive entrance everyone would remember by jumping off the observation platform of the Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the amazing video taken by a a GoPro camera, the viewer sees the jaw-dropping height – about 1,099 feet – Mr Lewis jumps from and he seamlessly glides in the air to great cheers from the crowd. His arrival makes a splash literally and metaphorically and he is soon joined by another daredevil arriving in the pool in the same heartstopping way. Source: DailyMail

  • Christopher Columbus Was A Jerk [Infographic]

    On Monday, the United States will celebrate Columbus Day, meaning that almost all of us will work but some places will be closed just to screw with us. We all learned how Columbus found the New World and how he was so brilliant for knowing the world was round and we are all wrong. Luckily, The Oatmeal sets us straight with this infographic and even suggests a different person to celebrate on the second Monday in October. For extra fun, send this to your Grandpa to share at the next Knights of Columbus spaghetti dinner.

  • We’re Giving Away A Bud Light Mini Field Goal Table

    Remember those memorable school lunches you spent winning your peers lunch money folding a piece of looseleaf into a triangle? Well now you can take them to school all over again with this Bud Light UpRights for Whatever – a table game that challenges you to kick as many field goals with your fingers as you can in 45 seconds using a mini-football. Just sign up, win, have Bud Light send you one of these flick football games and take your friends to the cleaners every Sunday. We have a March Madness mini hoops table at out office and it has been put to great use over the last few months. See more Ashley Michaelsen photos.

  • An Iraq War Vet Was In For A Big Surprise When Strangers Paid For The Restoration Of His 1965 Ford Mustang

    An Iraq war veteran got a big surprise when strangers paid to have his prized 1965 Ford Mustang restored. Retired SSgt. Kelly Foster had been paying little by little to have his classic car fixed up. He bought the Mustang in 2005 after his first tour of duty in Iraq. Margaret and Timor Martin were also getting their classic vehicle repaired when they heard about the soldier’s story and decided to help him out with the costs. “We got some friends of ours together and everyone pitched in,” said Margaret. “We wanted to kind of pay it forward for someone who has served this country.” Foster thought he was going to simply check on his car; instead, he learned the news it had been restored to mint condition. When he saw the car, he hugged the Martins. “I’m extremely surprised. I had no idea this would happen,” said Foster. “I’m speechless.” The Martins both come from strong military families and say they wanted to give back to those who served the country. “We feel like these guys are underpaid and under appreciated,” said Martin. “They are not taken care of the way someone who is willing to put their life more »

  • Katy Perry Will Be The Bounciest Super Bowl Half Time Performer Ever [88 GIFS + Photos]

    The NFL might have another controversy brewing on their hands. Just take a look at these GIFS and photos. Katy is a f&%kin’ bombshell and whether you agree or not CNN is licking their chops with the idea that Katy Perry is too “risqué” to perform the half time show at Super Bowl XLIX. We’re just fine with it but what do you think? Can I get a betting line on some Katy Perry/Super Bowl controversy popping up? — Tyler Riggs (@TySpace) October 10, 2014

  • This Landon Donovan Tribute Will Make You Proud To Be An American [VIDEO]

    Friday marks the end of an era for sports in the United States. As Landon Donovan, the greatest player in U.S. National team history, prepares to play for his country one last time on Friday, this touching video, produced by USsoccer.com, recaps the history of Landon Donovan, tracing his rise as a U-17 MNT forward through the heights at the 2002 and 2010 FIFA World Cups.

  • Pumpkin Spice Everything: 50 Brands Embracing The Epidemic

    Seasons eatings! This pumpkin spice everything craze has gotten out of control. #BasicBitches across America are flocking to Starbucks to get their #PSL fix and now dozens of brands are jumping on the trends. Not going to lie though, every now and then a good pumpkin beer hits the spot but when Extra gum is making “seasonal batches” the trend has gone too far.

  • This Is Why You Can’t Say #Ebola On An Airplane Anymore [Video]

    A joke by an American passenger traveling to the Dominican Republic caused panic among passengers and the airplane crew and caused authorities to isolate the plane for more than an hour on the tarmac. An unidentified passenger traveling from Philadelphia to Punta Cana yelled out, “I’ve been to Africa!,” just before US Airways flight 845 landed on the Caribbean island, an airport official told Fox News Latino. Initial reports by the Dominican press and on social media said the passenger had yelled, “I have Ebola!” The shout caused major concern and panic among passengers and crew because of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has claimed nearly 4,000 lives. Once the plane landed at Punta Cana International Airport, precautions were taken quickly to ensure the safety of the travelers. Emergency personnel wearing blue hazmat suits boarded the plane and the passenger was taken to the airport’s medical center for tests. The passenger, who officials have only identified as a man from North America, was reportedly coughing during the flight. Medics verified that the passenger did not have a fever – a key early symptom of Ebola. While airport officials would not identify the passenger, a video taken from more »

  • Super Typhoon Vongfang Seen From Space

    United States astronaut Reid Wiseman is currently living on the International Space Station in low earth orbit circling the Early once every hour and 26 minutes. During his time is space Reid has seen plenty of crazy weather so for him to describe the once in a decade Super Typhoon Vongfang the way he did really means something.

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