Joe Cucci

Joe Cucci is the Managing Editor at RSVLTS. He loves tomatoes and black-capped chickadees.

Watch the F-35A Take Flight At The Paris Air Show

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II program has become infamous for ever-ballooning costs and lackluster performance. A couple years ago, a report was made public wherein a test pilot admitted the F-35 couldn’t beat the older F-16 in a dogfight. And with continuing problems with the oxygen system, there just…

These 3D Drawings Will Break Your Brain

Nikola Culjic is a self-taught artist from Serbia who was looking for his own niche in the art world when he settled on 3D drawings. Using only a single sheet of paper, colored pencils, and a mastery of perspective, he is able to create drawings that appear to be three-dimensional…