• The Definitive 10 Worst Characters In Home Alone

    So I just read Joyce‘s story “The Definitive List of The 10 Greatest Characters in Home Alone” and I will say it was pretty money.  Good job, brother.  How you leave Snakes and/or Johnny off that list is beyond me, but hey, I didn’t say nothin’. After reading his story, I texted him and said “but what about the WORST characters?”  After a few exchanges, we came up with what we think are the 10 biggest idiots in our favorite Christmas movie.

  • If Breaking Bad aired in 1995 [Video]

    One of our absolute favorite shows on television is Breaking Bad. We are patiently waiting for the highly-anticipated final half season. But while we wait, we can enjoy watching re-runs on Netflix and videos like this. Some genius created a video of what the opening credits of Breaking Bad would have been in 1995. The video looks like Dawson’s Creek or some WB teen show with the choice of music, slow dissolves and font used for each actor. Absolutely hilarious.

  • Jamal Crawford/Blake Griffin Alley-Oop might be the play of the year

    Last night, the Clippers beat the Milwaukee Bucks 117-101 in the Staples Center. But the talk today is the amazing Alley-Oop from Jamal Crawford to the highly-energetic dunker, Blake Griffin. With 6:20 left in the fourth quarter and the Clippers well in control, the Bucks turned the ball over and Crawford and Griffin were left all alone at the opposite end of the court. Instead of taking the easy 2-pointer, Crawford threw the ball between his legs and up in the air to a waiting Blake Griffin. Griffin followed with a dunk that was just phenomenal. No doubt it will be number 1 on SportsCenter top 10 and may just be the NBA play of the year.

  • New Rochelle High School wins Title off of the craziest buzzer beater ever

    Earlier today, New Rochelle (N.Y.) High School upset Mount Vernon (N.Y.) High School 61-60 to win the New York Sections 1 AA Basketball title off of a buzzer beater that is too insane to describe in words. Via College Basketball Talk on NBCSports.com: Down by two points with 2.9 seconds left, New Rochelle in-bounded but the pass was intercepted. A Mount Vernon defender attempted to throw the ball in the air to bleed the clock out, but that was intercepted by New Rochelle senior Khalil Edney, who heaved it up and nailed the shot as time expired. The shot has started making its way around the internet and will no doubt be the SportsCenter top play of the week – maybe even the year.  This shot is a must see to believe.

  • oreo makes another separator machine [video]

    They have done it again! Earlier this week, we posted Oreo’s high-tech separator machine video, which blew up and has over 2 million views. Well, the people from Oreo have released a brand-new video with a new high-tech machine that separates America’s favorite cookie. The video is dramatic yet hilarious. Absolutely love that these engineers spent this much time creating this.

  • 8-year-old girl is an amazing guitar player [video]

    Wow… We have seen a lot of young musical talent grace the pages of YouTube and this little girl is no different. She flawlessly pulls off an insanely difficult song and the crazy part is she is only 8 years old! Book her on Ellen or The Today Show so we can see a live performance, please.

  • Rufio from Hook is back! [Video]

    Rufio, Rufio, Ru-Fi-Ooooooooooooo!!!! If you grew up in the 90’s, you obviously saw Steven Spielberg’s film, Hook, an adaptation of the great children’s story, Peter Pan. In the film, Spielberg answers the question, “What would happen if Peter Pan grew up?” Robin Williams, who plays Peter Pan, meets up with the Lost Boys, and soon learns that they are being lead by a much suaver and hipper bro named Rufio. Rufio, played by Dante Basco, was the guy that every kid wanted to be like. He was extremely cool, stylish and fearless (plus, that skateboard he had was unreal). Hook made Dante Basco a superstar – yes, I said it – but recently, it’s been hard for Basco to land gigs because he will always be remembered for that role. Just take a look at his hilarious audition posted by Funny or Die Rufio Audition – watch more funny videos

  • Guy solves rubix cube while juggling

    Well that was just about the most ridiculous thing these eyes have ever seen. Rubix cubes are frustrating enough, but when you add juggling to the mix, it’s just downright ludicrous. Well that’s what this guy here just did. While juggling the famous puzzle and two other objects, Sir Ravi the Juggler solves the rubix cube while never dropping anything. Pretty darn impressive to say the least.

  • Guy invents high-tech machine to separate oreo cookies [Video]

    It’s one of the oldest traditions we have: Separating Oreo cookies for our enjoyment. Some like the cookie side, some like the creme side. Everyone has their own style on how they twist, dunk and consume each Oreo. David Neevel, who is a physicist, is no different. David prefers the cookie side of the Oreo and has invented a high-tech robot that separates his cookies, shaves off the creme, and provides him with a perfect Oreo to cure his appetite. David shows us how his machine works in this hilarious video.

  • Lebron James’s Pre-game Dunk Was Better Than The Dunk Contest

    In a perfect world, NBA stars like Lebron James would compete in the dunk contest each year. You can say what you want about him, but the guy’s athleticism is unreal. And let’s face it, the dunk contest is a snooze fest. You may get one or two dunks each year that causes you to double-take. But for the most part, you really aren’t interested because there are no big-name players competing. Which dunk won last year’s contest? Bet you can’t answer that but you CAN remember where you were when you saw Vince Carter put his entire elbow inside the rim. If Lebron wanted to, he could destroy the dunk competition and have fans and media talk about those dunks for years to come – like we did/still do with guys like MJ and Vince Carter. During his pre-game warmup the other night, Lebron showed off his athleticism by casually throwing down a dunk that was better than anything we saw in the dunk contest this year. Just do us all a favor and compete, would ya!?

  • Don’t Look At My Girlfriend Prank [Video]

    I really think this guy is on to something. Last week, we blogged the Full-Proof Plan To Getting a Girl’s Number. Today, we stumbled upon another video, made by the same guy, which shows him getting a bit upset when strangers look at his girlfriend. The reactions he gets from the people he pranks are hilarious. Some get mad, some back off, and some are just downright confused. His YouTube channel already has over 500,000 subscribers so he clearly is doing something right. Let’s hope he comes out with more videos before he gets brutally beaten in the street.

  • Red Bull Ultra Natural Highlights Have FINALLY Arrived [Video]

    It’s about time! As we stated earlier this week, Gigi Ruf went head-to-head with the world’s best snowboarders and landed first place in this year’s Red Bull Ultra Natural. The future of Snowboarding competitions wrapped up last weekend at Baldface Lodge in British Columbia and Red Bull has released the highlights. We don’t understand how these riders, who are continuing to expand the sport every time they set foot on a mountain, can ride the lines they do with such reckless abandon. The highlight reel shows us some amazing footage from the weekend, including scenes from Gigi’s winning run. Red Bull Ultra Natural will air in its entirety on March 30th on NBC. But until then, enjoy the video below.

  • Full-Proof Plan To Getting A Girl’s Phone Number [Video]

    All us guys have been there before: We’re out at a bar, at a party, or just walking down the street and we see a beautiful girl. Instinctively, we want to throw her a pick-up line, get her number and then invite her to our house for tea and strumpets. But we don’t. Instead, we clam up, bow our heads and walk away because we just became a nervous wreck. Well don’t worry about that anymore because the guys who brought us the Do You Even Lift YouTube sensation has uploaded another hidden-camera video on how to get a girl’s phone number.  These guys are suave and direct and, because of that, land a bunch of girl’s digits.

  • Greatest Ping Pong Shot…Ever

    There might not be a better sport to play with your friends than ping pong. Getting together in somebody’s basement and having an epic ping pong battle? What could be better than that? Over the years, our eyes have seen a bunch of great ping pong plays – plays that have left us scratching our heads wondering, “how did they do that?”. Ping pong’s fast-paced style of play continues to wow any casual observer. But this shot might be the best we have ever seen. In typical Forrest Gump fashion, this guy executes a picture-perfect winner and leaves the crowd, his opponent and us in awe.

  • Watch: Mumford & Sons’ Live at NYC’s Iconic Ed Sullivan Theater

    We love Mumford & Sons. If you couldnt get enough of their live show at Red Rocks here is more. They filmed a full concert at Ed Sullivan Theater. Yes, the same theater where The Beatles made their U.S. debut and David Letterman now films the Late Show. Hope you’re ready to rock out with some sweet air banjo solos.

  • How To React When You See Your Ex-Girlfriend (Video Tutorial)

    There isn’t much in life worse than running into an ex. You’re out with your friends, having a great time, not worrying about anything except having fun and then boom, in walks the person that ripped your heart out. You get that feeling in your stomach like someone punched you and you even think to yourself, “I wish someone WOULD punch me. Just to ease this pain”. Your friends ask you, “You okay?” You answer like Joe Cool, “Psh, yeah I’m fine. You kiddin’ me?” Then after that terrible first greet with him/her, you proceed to “show them” by getting black-out drunk and making a total ass of yourself. And you know what follows: You go home alone, wake up the next morning completely hungover and stuff your face all day long with terrible food to cure your hungover blues. Well worry no more! CollegeHumor has uploaded this hilarious video showing us exactly how to act when you run into that terrible ex of yours. Just use these steps in the video and you will be cured of any future awkwardness.

  • Google’s “Glass” Video Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

    Wow! What a way to start a morning. I’m in nerd heaven right now. Google has just uploaded a new video promoting their Google Glass product, which essentially is Go Pro Cameras meet Smart Phones.  Google Glass is wearable high-tech specs that is hands free and interactive through natural voice commands.  Users wear them like regular glasses and voice a command like, “Okay Glass, take this video”.  Then, Google’s technology does the rest.  Google Glass can do everything your smart phone does: Get directions, share videos, connect to the internet, interact with other people around the world and so much more.  This is a ground-breaking product to say the least and their video below helps to prove that statement.  This is “How it Feels Through Glass”.

  • Creed Gets Dubbed Over While Shredding This Live Song

    Whether we want to admit it or not, we all listened to Creed back in the day. C’mon, Higher? With Arms Wide Opened? My Sacrifice? Those were classic tunes, written and sung by Scott Stapp, built to pump you up or make you cry about that girl that denied you at the 8th grade dance. Alright, maybe Creed sucked but they have resurfaced in a hilarious video of one of their concerts that has been dubbed over for our viewing pleasure. We give you…Creed Shreds.

  • How To Make A Sandwich In Space

    There are three things in life that every human needs to survive: Water, air, and sandwiches. A good sandwich can make any day that much better, but sometimes you just aren’t in a great position to make one. Sometimes you’re in the car, on a train, or stuck on a spaceship. What do you do!? Luckily, Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut who loves sandwiches as much as we do, has just uploaded a how-to video on making a perfect sangui in space. The guy has some serious sandwich-making skills, showing us all that gravity is totally over-rated. Also, in a scientific and nerdy type of way, he is hilarious. We thank you, Sandwich King of the Galaxy.

  • Brand-New Go Pro Commercial

    Hot off the press is Go Pro’s new commercial, featuring their BombSquad in the remote lands of Alaska for some Speedflying.  The always breathtaking footage is shot 100% on their HD HERO2 Camera.

  • Weatherman Passes Out On Live TV

    Grant Denyer, an Australian weatherman for the morning news program, Sunrise, was riding like Goose in Top Gun with an Australian stunt fighter pilot.  Denyer wanted Matt Hall, the pilot, to show him what eight G-Forces felt like in a plane.  In front of his co-workers, who were safe and sound back in the studio, Denyer found out exactly what eight G-Forces felt like, and immediately passed out live on camera. “My whole body just started to feel all warm and cosy to be honest,” Denyer later recalled. That doesn’t sound so bad…who’s signing up next?

  • Mom Crushes “Wipe Out” on the Drums

      There’s John Bonham, Keith Moon, Dave Grohl and then this Mom.  Not sure who she is, but she straight up shreds the drums on the 1960’s hit, “Wipe Out”.  If you know who she is, please let us know.  We would love for her to do more of these.

  • Jason Blacks Out While Skydiving

    Meet Jason.  The kid is downright extreme.   When he isn’t riding around, picking up babes on his Ducati, he enjoys a good skydive.  Along with a few buddies, Jason jumped at Skydive the Beach in Sydney Australia and naturally, like every other extreme thing he does, nailed it.

  • CNN Gets People Super Stoned and Lets Them Drive on Test Course – Hilarity Ensues

    Remember your first time driving stoned?  You probably drove 7mph in the left lane on the highway like Chris Farley did.  Well, CNN gathered three people, gave them a ton of weed, and let them drive on a course to test their road skills under the influence.  Of course, the test came equipped with some laughs, specifically the girl who is a regular smoker, but as you can see it isn’t safe.

  • Breathtaking snowboard crash of 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural winner Gigi Ruf

    Yesterday, the world’s best snowboarders descended upon Baldface Lodge in British Columbia and competed in Red Bull Ultra Natural.  In only its second year of existence, Red Bull Ultra Natural, created by snowboarding legend Travis Rice, has already become a highly-respected competition with both riders and fans of this ever-growing sport.  We at RSVLTS believe that this event will be the future of competitive snowboarding.  Gigi Ruf went head-to-head with riders like Travis Rice, Mark McMorris and Torstein Horgmo to take the top spot in this year’s competition.  We are anxiously waiting for the footage to come back but here is a vintage video of Gigi crashing in the backcountry to get us excited.

  • RIP Steve Sabol, The Man Who Changed The Way We Watch The NFL

    Today, Steve Sabol, the President of NFL Films, passed away at the age of 69. Sabol had been battling brain cancer for 18 months. For five decades, Sabol revolutionized the way America watched football. His creativity and insight earned him countless accolades, including 35 Emmys in categories such as writing, cinematography, directing, producing, and editing. “Steve Sabol was the creative genius behind the remarkable work of NFL Films,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “Steve’s passion for football was matched by his incredible talent and energy. Steve’s legacy will be part of the NFL forever. He was a major contributor to the success of the NFL, a man who changed the way we look at football and sports, and a great friend.”

  • Red Bull Rampage 2012

    We at the RSVLTS are huge fans of Red Bull and the video content they have produced in the recent years. From their full-length films like The Art of Flight to original television series like The Red Bull Signature Series on NBC and the NBC Sports Network, Red Bull has continued to wow us with athletes who push the envelope to what is possible in extreme sports. They have done so again with Red Bull Rampage, a free-ride mountain biking contest that is held annually in Utah. Check out the top five moments from previous Red Bull Rampage events and be sure to tune-in October 7th for the Live webcast of the Red Bull Rampage final. Red Bull Rampage  


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