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If Breaking Bad aired in 1995 [Video]

One of our absolute favorite shows on television is Breaking Bad. We are patiently waiting for the highly-anticipated final half season. But while we wait, we can enjoy watching re-runs on Netflix and videos like this. Some genius created a video of what the opening credits of Breaking Bad would…

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oreo makes another separator machine [video]

They have done it again! Earlier this week, we posted Oreo’s high-tech separator machine video, which blew up and has over 2 million views. Well, the people from Oreo have released a brand-new video with a new high-tech machine that separates America’s favorite cookie. The video is dramatic yet hilarious. Absolutely…

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Rufio from Hook is back! [Video]

Rufio, Rufio, Ru-Fi-Ooooooooooooo!!!! If you grew up in the 90’s, you obviously saw Steven Spielberg’s film, Hook, an adaptation of the great children’s story, Peter Pan. In the film, Spielberg answers the question, “What would happen if Peter Pan grew up?” Robin Williams, who plays Peter Pan, meets up with…

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Greatest Ping Pong Shot…Ever

There might not be a better sport to play with your friends than ping pong. Getting together in somebody’s basement and having an epic ping pong battle? What could be better than that? Over the years, our eyes have seen a bunch of great ping pong plays – plays that…

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Weatherman Passes Out On Live TV

Grant Denyer, an Australian weatherman for the morning news program, Sunrise, was riding like Goose in Top Gun with an Australian stunt fighter pilot.  Denyer wanted Matt Hall, the pilot, to show him what eight G-Forces felt like in a plane.  In front of his co-workers, who were safe and…

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Jason Blacks Out While Skydiving

Meet Jason.  The kid is downright extreme.   When he isn’t riding around, picking up babes on his Ducati, he enjoys a good skydive.  Along with a few buddies, Jason jumped at Skydive the Beach in Sydney Australia and naturally, like every other extreme thing he does, nailed it.