• Keith Richards is 71 Today, Here are 6 Quotes From The Last True Rockstar

    Happy birthday to Keith Richards, in 1943 you were born into this world with a head full of blown out hair and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth (I’d like to think). In your 71 years on this earth you’ve seen more than 10 lifetimes of… of stuff. You’ve always been a shoot from the hip, honest shooter and so we want to thank you by highlighting a few of your best quotes. The last great rockstar’s wise words to live by.

  • The Ladies Of Twin Peaks As Pin-Up Tattoos

    Emma Munger is an illustrator who works at a comic book store and draws Sailor Jerry-inspired pin-ups of her favorite TV and movie characters. You can find character from Hocus Pocus, X-Files, Orange is the New Black, and plenty of others on Emma’s blog, but our favorites have to be the ladies of Twin Peaks. Even Denise Bryson, the DEA agent portrayed by David Duchovny, is included in the series! And with Twin Peaks making a comeback in 2016, it’s a sure bet that tattoos like these will soon be appearing on Whole Foods cashiers and Starbucks baristas (we kid). If you like what you see, you can purchase a poster or calendar featuring the Twin Peaks babes from Emma’s store.

  • Your Favorite Movie Posters Are Better in GIF Form

    Two of our favorite things. Gifs and movie posters, together at last, in one seamless loop that last forever. In this compilation, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Batman, Looper, E.T. and even Gravity are given the Gif treatment. I can watch Sandra Bullock drift off into a silent space forever.

  • The Colbert Report Studio Gets The Google Maps Treatment

    Stephen Colbert is saying goodbye to the stage that made him the star he is today, after writing for the Daily Show since the mid 90s, Colbert got his own desk on the Colbert Report, which has been a voice for young adults in America since it’s launch. Colbert will be taking over David Letterman’s slot as a late night host, but not before one last good bye. In collaboration with The Colbert Report, Google Maps Business View is giving a 360-degree virtual tour of The Colbert Report studio. Business view hopes to continue their Google Street success, by giving virtual tours of restaurants and stores around the globe.

  • 2014 Summed Up In A Single, Giant Image

    It doesn’t seem possible to fit all of 2014 into a single image. Ebola, Robin Williams, normcore, Ice Bucket Challenge, Derek Jeter, the Apparently Kid…we could go on and on. But how would you fit all of those pop culture references into one picture? We don’t know, and that’s why we don’t work for Beutler Ink. They make some great infographics so it should comes as no surprise that they would be able to pull this off. Can you spot all the references? Don’t feel bad, we had some trouble, too (there’s nearly 100). For the full list and a look at the “making of,” check out the blog entry from Beutler Ink. We’re just going to stare at this for a bit longer…

  • Santa Gets Designer Makeovers

    Come on, Santa. You’ve been wearing that red and white get-up since the 19th century. As the populace gets fatter, designers are catering more and more to rotund fellows such as yourself. You no longer have to wear that red suit with the white fur trim. Or that stupid hat. Or those clunky old rain boots. To give you some ideas, the designers at Joint London put together these images of you in the finest clothes around. Hell, you wouldn’t even need Rudolph’s nose with that obnoxiously bright Kenzo gear.

  • The Bikes And Babes Of New Jersey In The 80s [31 Photos]

    When I was growing up in Jersey in the 80s, my dad wished he was a biker. He had an early model Triumph Bonneville but didn’t ride it much. He’d drag us to Philadelphia for the motorcycle show and fantasize about life as a biker, but he never lived it. And now, looking at these photos, I’m pissed off! It looks like we missed out on a ton of fun! Pulsating Paula received her first camera in the early 80s. She photographed what she was familiar with—tattoo events and biker parties. Many of her photos were published in Biker Lifestyle and Tattoo Magazine and it’s easy to see why. Paula’s photos effortlessly capture the fun and love shared by the biker culture because she was a part of it. There’s no sense of irony or disdain for the subculture. It’s just pictures of people enjoying themselves. What could be better than that? This gallery is just a small sample of Pulsating Paula’s collection from the 80s and early 90s. For many more great photos, check her out on Facebook.

  • Stephen Colbert: By The Numbers

    After 9 years and 1,440 episodes comedic pundit Stephen Colbert will say goodbye to “The Colbert Report.” He had an incredible run with Comedy Central and CBS hopes to bring that energy and audience over to the “Late Show” when he picks up the hosting gig in 2015. New York Times pulled together interesting facts and figures related to the man who fearlessly put even the most powerful politicians and personalities in their place over the years:

  • 4 Popular Video Games As Pulp Novel Covers

    Long before there were video games to transport us into fantastic and/or violent worlds where we could become heroes, we had to rely on pulp novels. The cheap works of fiction were filled with hard-boiled detectives and femme fatales but their graphics, a static painting on the cover, left much to be desired. The video games we all enjoy today are quite similar to those old books, as evidenced by this series from illustrator and painter Astor Alexander. For more info and other works, check out Behance.

  • London From Above (12 HQ Photos)

    London is the most visited city in the world, a central hub for travelers on their way to or from the west, home to six professional Premier League teams and three of top ten museums and galleries in the world. London is only growing, massive skyscrapers and cranes overlook buildings with 2 times the historic prevalence of anything in the established U.S. Slava Stepanov (Gelio), a Russian based photographer has created a brilliant series of photos that captured London form a birds eye view perspective, a view not many people are accustomed to when the metropolis comes to mind. A beautiful city combining a thousand years of history and progressive modern architecture, London is a sight that should be seen from the ground floor and up in the heavens.

  • Rare and Iconic Photos of NYC Subways in the 1966

    Photographer Danny Lyon is bringing to light very rare photos taken 48 years ago surrounding the subways of New York City. Lyon has already established himself as one of New York City’s best native born photographers, especially through the 60s and 70s. Lyons account of New York City during an era of drastic change and gentrification are looked at as sacred scrolls from another era of history today. His rare and iconic photos of what we know now as “The Financial District” of Manhattan taken before it’s complete overhauling to the financial Mecca it is today are some of the last and few on record to date. In Lyon’s newest exhibition called Underground: 1966, which according to the MTA, was inspired by some advice from his mom after he returned to New York, “Lyon returned to New York City in late 1966, when he took his mother’s advice: “If you’re bored, just talk to someone on the subway.” He used a Rolleiflex camera and color transparency film to photograph the subway in Brooklyn. The images in “Underground: 1966” have never been publicly exhibited.” Lyon created the originals with a Rolleiflex camera using Kodak safety film slides. He did not use a more »

  • Poll: Is Seth Rogen Worried About Getting Assassinated by North Korea?

    According to UPROXX The Interview scandal has hit an even uglier low as Seth Rogen and James Franco are genuinely unsure about what’s going to happen when The Interview is released as they have canceled all their upcoming press appearances, including a Thursday night chat with Seth Meyers. It’s a very curious situation because Rogen was recently on Colbert and at one point he seemed extremely jumpy when Colbert made a sudden movement behind the desk. Although the FBI has said there is no credible threats against the actors or theaters showing the film, the look of genuine fear in Rogen’s eyes makes us wonder if North Korea’s death threats could be real. Are they really worried that North Korea would try to assassinate them disguised as an interview team? That would be incredibly meta, but let’s leave it up to a poll.

  • These Pin-Up Superheroes Are Wearing Nothing But Liquid [12 Photos]

    Last fall we shared the milky pin-ups created by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz with the help of high-speed photography, expertly tossed milk, and lots of editing. This year he’s back with his milky models in a new series, “Splash Heroes.” 12 naked beauties are splashed with colorful liquid that makes them look just like popular DC and Marvel heroes (but without any discerning logos to keep the lawyers away). Check out the models in the gallery then read all about the amazing techniques used to make the photos at Aurum Light, where you can also pick up a Splash Heroes calendar.

  • Paintbrushes Transformed Into Incredible Works Of Art [15 Photos]

    We often take our tools for granted. We marvel at the finish product which would be impossible without the aid of our tools, but we neglect to take the time to marvel at our tools for allowing us to accomplish our work. We can learn a lot from Rebecca Szeto. The San Francisco-based artist recognizes that her paintbrushes are a historical record of the art they’ve helped create. To pay them back for the help, she transforms the brushes into beautifully carved and painted figurines. It almost makes me feel bad for chewing on my brushes until they split then tossing them in the garbage.

  • Three New Teasers Have Arrived for ‘Better Call Saul’

    Everything we already know about Saul is simply reiterated in the teaser for February’s premier of “Better Call Saul”, the AMC Breaking Bad spin-off, staring Bob Odenkirk as the lovably sleezy attorney, Saul Goodman. Three teasers have been released revealing hints of lesser-than-legal work ethic, Saul’s eccentric choice in dress shirts and a mug. With a connection already in place from the Breaking Bad series, let’s hope the ‘Clean Shirts, Dirty Lawyer’ teaser is an innuendo to the return of Gus, the calculated drug lord with a dry cleaning front.

  • The Definitive List of The 10 Greatest Characters in Home Alone

    When it comes to Christmas movies there are very few that can rival Home Alone.  To me, Home Alone is the best Christmas movie of all time.  Hands down.  The perfect mix of child and adult humor all balled into one.  I know all of you Christmas movie purists are out there drinking hot cocoa with your pinky up like Waahhh A Christmas Story is better.  And you’re right, good movie, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Kevin McCallister. Due to my thorough love for Home Alone I thought it would only be right to compile a list of it’s greatest characters to get you all in the Christmas Spirit. Please enjoy the Home Alone Soundtrack while you read.  10. Mitch Murphy “Bring me back something French!”  What kind of list would this be if we didn’t mention this annoying little fucker.  He was the sole reason the McCallister’s forgot Kevin in the first place.  Had he not been asking the van driver if his van had automatic transmission or 4 wheel drive, they would of noticed Kevin was missing.  So basically without him, there is no movie. 9. Old Man Marley Old Man Marley AKA the South Bend Shovel more »

  • Spanglish Action Movie Posters Are All That’s Right with the World

    Artist, Josh Ariza loves a terribly good 80s and 90s action movie as much as the next guy, so he decided to put a flavorful latin twist on his newest Spanglish poster series, a fun rendition of three undeniably classic action movies. These limited-edition prints serve as a homage to the golden age of action, when actors did their own stunts, yes Travolta actually took his face clean off for Face-off. Printed on French Paper by Mama’s Sauce, there are only 100 of each. All are personally signed and numbered by me. El Faceoff features Travolta and Cage as Luchadores who’ve exchanged wrestling masks. Road Casa portrays a high-kicking mariachi hell-bent on defending his turf. And ¡Rapido! shows Keanu as a vigilant bandit along side Sandra as his love-torn mujer. Get’em while they’re caliente on Josh’s Portfolio page here.

  • Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

    What goes better with creative writing than a little kickstart juice to get the party started. The literary visionaries who wrote brilliant works such as  Fahrenheit 451, Moby-Dick and anything Hemingway wrote. Now you can give the gift of wonderfully mixed cocktails with a literary twist to them with Tequila Mockingbird, the ultimate cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Featuring 65 delicious drink recipes—paired with wry commentary on history’s most beloved novels—the book also includes bar bites, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations throughout. Even if you don’t have a B.A. in English, tonight you’re gonna drink like you do. Drinks include: The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose The Last of the Mojitos Love in the Time of Kahlúa Romeo and Julep A Rum of One’s Own Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margarita Vermouth the Bell Tolls

  • The Sony World Photography Award Entries are Phenomenal (15 Photos)

    The Sony World Photography Awards are in full swing and some of the entries are simply amazing. The competition is open to  amateur and professional photographers with a keen eye for the world’s wonders. Since it’s inaugural 2007 competition, the awards have collected over 700,000 entries. This year’s entries span all walks of life, architecture and blink of an eye beauty. Here are 15 of the best images across categories like Split Second, Arts and Culture and Travel. Those competing in the professional contest will be judged by the 2015 honorary jury consisting of Oliver Schmitt, Matthew Leifheit, Xingxin Guo, Joanna Milter, Maria Pieri, Enrica Viganò, and Sasha Erwitt. The deadlines for this season ends on January 8, 2015. Check out the website for more information.   Cioplea Vlad, Romania, Split Second Category (c) Cioplea Vlad, Romania, Entry, Split Second Category, Open Competition, Sony World Photography Awards Image title: Dog Fight Image Description: This is exactly the moment when Romanian YAK Team is breaking the formation just in front of the public at Bucharest International Air Show. At that moment they look just like they are haunting each other.Image location: Bucharest International Air Show 2014   Ioulia Chvetsova, France, Arts and Culture Category (c) more »

  • Junk Food Transformed Into Art In These Renaissance-Style Portraits [10 Photos]

    Are we overly-obsessed with fast food? So much so that the latest quadruple-bacon-greaseburger becomes a coveted object? Or has our sense of irony grown so out of hand that our sarcastic love of something so gross has now become sincere? Or do we just think taking classy photos of Taco Bell is funny? Yeah, probably just the last one. But whatever your reasons, these are some pretty unique photographs. Photographer Rebecca Ruetten’s series of five still life photos and five portraits are an absurd take on the Renaissance work of Caravaggio. Titled “Contemporary Pieces,” the series was exhibited at Karussell Hamburg earlier this year. For more info, check out Rebecca Ruetten.

  • YaddaYadda Bond Villian YaddaYadda Superyacht

    Don’t you dare tell me this superyacht wasn’t modeled after 4 generations of the Bat-mobile. Don’t you dare. The Xhibitionist superyacht is the stuff of dreams, dubbed the “supercar of the sea” it’s contours and submersive design make it seem like it’s about to sink into the abyss and shoot torpedos at jetskis. The 75-meter behemoth comes with eight rooms, complete with monochrome furniture, a rooftop jacuzzi and helipad that fits thee helicopters, so your billionaire friends won’t have to pull up on a lesser sea vessel, how thughtful. Gray Design, the sweedish firm responisble for this yacht among boats, is hoping to charge $25 million.  

  • 16 World Leaders Reimagined As Hipsters

    We tend to imagine world leaders as stuffy old men or dead folks in yellowing photographs because they tend to be stuffy old men or dead folks in yellowing photographs. We Gen Y-ers need someone we can relate to if we are expected to get down with political science. That’s (probably) why Israeli artist Amit Shimoni created this hipster-ized portraits of world leaders. Yitzhak Rabin looks really familiar. Is he the dude that gives out charcuterie samples at Chelsea Market on the weekends? Be sure to keep yup with Amit Shimoni on Facebook and get prints or gear with his work at Nuvango.

  • Jack Black And Punk Supergroup OFF! Fight A Bear In Hilariously Exciting Music Videos

    Poor Keith Morris. The former Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman just wanted to go skydiving on his 59th birthday with OFF! bandmates Dimitri Coats and Steven McDonald. But while the skydiving coach, played by Jack Black, is explaining the safety measures, Steven’s acid kicks in, setting off a cataclysmic series of events. The first video, with a cliffhanger ending, was released last week while the exciting conclusion dropped today. Check out both videos below and get the new OFF! album, “Wasted Years,” at iTunes for $10.

  • Magnified Scotch Reveals Alien Worlds [20 Photos]

    Photographer Ernie Button was washing dishes when he noticed a film at the bottom of a scotch glass. Through experimentation, he realized that different patters were created when just a little bit of scotch sat at the bottom of the glass and the alcohol was left to dry. Ernie then used different colored lights to illuminate the patterns and when photographed close up, alien worlds were revealed. The photos became a series entitled “Vanishing Spirits: The Dried Remains of Single Malt Scotch.” You can see some of our favorites in the gallery, but you can check out the rest along with plenty of other great work at Ernie Button.

  • World’s Highest-Paid Musicians 2014 [Link]

    The top 10 earning musicians made over $1.4 billion combined last year. Almost half of that came from number one on the list, Dr. Dre, whose payout from Apple’s purchase of Beats helped him earn $620 million, way more than anyone else on the list. But who are the other top earners in music? Check out the list of the 30 highest-paid musicians in 2014 to find out.

  • 15 “What If” Movies We’d Like To See

    For the past few years, New York-based designer and illustrator Peter Stults has been creating alternate reality movie posters. He’ll take contemporary blockbusters and reimagine them as classic movies of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. We’ve shared some of his earlier work here, and we’re happy to see that Peter is still churning out more of these great “what if” posters. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see Marilyn Monroe as a sexy alien in Under the Skin?You can find some of his latest work in this gallery and you can keep up with Peter’s work on his Behance page and by following him on Twitter.

  • The 10 Most Instagrammed Places in 2014

    Instagram is now the absolute standard in social media photography and with that comes a certain geotagging, especially when hashtags are involved. PetaPixel obtained the most Instagrammed locations in the world from their archived data and the results are more than surprising. It’s no shocker sports arenas/stadiums make the list 3 times, but it’s the actual stadiums that are surprising. Yankee Stadium and MSG top the entire list, but Dodger stadium comes in at a far higher ranking. Most likely because they sell out nearly every game at over 47,0000 people in attendance every home game (81 total) which adds up to 3,782,337 people. Now it makes sense. Take a look at the top 10 most Instagrammed locations in the world in 2014. 10. The Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #thedubaimall#dubai#dubaimallwaterfall#dubaifountain#дубай#дубаймолл#фонтан A photo posted by Елена Павлишина (@lemusik2013) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:58am PST 9. Yankee Stadium, New York, New York I hope we don't have to wait another 150 years for a day that fun. #latergram #yankeestadium #rivalry150 #newyorkcity A photo posted by Missy Capone (@misfitcap) on Nov 11, 2014 at 12:29pm PST 8. Madison Square Garden, New York, New York 7. Red Square, Moscow, Russia At more »

  • A Punk Rock Record Producer Captures Southern California Life From The 60s Through The 80s In This Incredible Photo Book

    Glen Lockett, more widely known as Spot, became famous for the albums he produced while working for iconic punk label SST Records. From 1979 through the 80s he worked on albums for The Descendants, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Hüsker Dü and countless others. But what many music fans may not realize is that Spot was also a photojournalist for Hermosa Beach weekly newspaper Easy Reader. For the first time ever, Spot’s photos, capturing the skate and punk culture of Southern California, have been collected in hardcover. Sounds of Two Eyes Opening-Southern California Life: Skate/Beach/Punk 1969-1982 features 272 pages of photo printed on matte paper with 4-color black-and-white printing and lay flat binding. Check out some sample photos below and order the Slipcase Edition from Sinecure Books complete with a 7″ picture disk of Spot’s “Too Wise To Crack” with silk screened art by Ed Templeton, a 2-sided poster, and a high-quality print from the book, for just $49.95.

  • Jack White Transforms Your Android Into A View-Master

    Jack White is always looking for ways to innovate. Earlier this year, the “Ultra LP” of his Lazaretto vinyl featured tracks at three different speeds, dual-groove technology that played different versions of songs depending on where the needle drops, hidden tracks beneath the labels, and even a hand-etched hologram. So what could he do next? Yesterday White released his Third-D app for Android. Using the Google cardboard VR headset, viewers are immersed in 3D stereoscopic videos of “Freedom 21″ and “Ball and Biscuit” recorded at a recent performance at Fenway Park and “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” recorded at a recent Red Rocks show. The Google Cardboard works like an old View-Master toy, where two images come together to form one three-dimensional image. And to add to add to the immersive experience, the music has been recorded in Dolby Atmos. Learn how to build your own headset for your 5″ or 6″ Android device at Google Cardboard then download the app from Google Play.

  • This 3D Street Art Hurts Our Brains [20 Photos]

    We’re big fans of street art, but anamorphic street art is on a totally different level. For you uncultured dolts, anamorphic art is two-dimensional but appears three-dimensional when viewed from a certain angle. Street artists will often employ shading techniques and tactical placement, such as where two walls meet, in order to accomplish the illusion. One of the most famous proponents of anamorphic street art is Portugese artsist Odeith. Beginning his career in the 80s as a graffiti artist, Odeith’s adept use of shading and perspective eventually led to the development of his anamorphic style. If you look at the photos in the gallery, you can see where the walls meet and get an understanding of how Odeith accomplishes the 3D look. But then you look down and realize that the illusion extends onto the floor. Then your brain melts. For more great pieces, including anamorphic and standard murals, check out Odeith.

  • Reuters Best photos of 2014

    Every year photo press agency Reuters release the best photos from “The Photographers’ Story”. The photo series features emotional images, from news topics to the most unusual moments of the year. This year featured some heavy emotions in Ukraine’s unrest, tornado aftermath in Arkansas and harsh natural conditions around the world.

  • Art Kane Photographed The Biggest Stars Of The 60s and 70s [15 Photos]

    Photographer Art Kane first came to prominence in 1958 when he assembled 57 of the most famous jazz musicians for an Esquire photoshoot. The resulting photo became the basis of a documentary titled A Great day in Harlem. From that point on, he became one of the most in-demand portrait photographers for musicians, movie stars, and models. His son, Jonathan Kane, has collected the best photos from Art Kane’s career in an upcoming 320-page hardcover. You can preorder the book, due out January 30, from Amazon for $71. And you can find more great photos are Art Kane.

  • The 10 Best Video Games of 2014

    2014 was the first full year of the eighth generation consoles. It was a year filled with games that showed us the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s graphical capabilities. There are, however, a group of video games that stand above the others. What are the best video games of 2014? Let’s take a look.

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