• Quiz: match the insult to the rock star [Link]

    “I’m forever near a stereo saying, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Damn, that’s harsh. But do you know who said it? Find out in this hilarious quiz from The Guardian featuring some of the most vitriolic quote from rock stars about other rock stars. What fun! I only got 5 correct. Let’s see if you can do better.

  • You’ll Never Guess How These Tornadoes Of Light Are Created [10 Photos]

    British photographer Martin Kimbell creates incredible tornadoes of light using a most-unlikely object—a hula hoop. Experimenting with different objects to “draw” light designs in his long-exposure photographs, Kimbell eventually settled on the ubiquitous children’s toy and lined it with LEDs. When hurled in the air, the hula hoop is transformed into these dazzling light trails spiraling across the night sky. The trails can be modified by utilizing hoops of varying sizes and weights and altering the throw. Using this method, Kimbell is able to keep all the effects work inside the camera, never having to resort to Photoshop wizardry. See more of Kimbell’s “light paintings” and other series at Flickr.

  • Classic Characters Come To Life On This Artist’s Face [17 Photos]

    London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson uses her own face as a canvas for her creations. But instead of merely painting her face, she uses her mouth as the oversized mouths of classic cartoon characters she paints on her chin. The characters began appearing on her Instagram account a little over a year ago and have been quite a hit. Jenkinson now has almost 20,000 followers and recent media attention is sure to increase that number even more. Some of our favorites (Cartman!) are below, but you can see the rest at Instagram and Facebook.

  • Street Art From Around the World Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

    Over a week after the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams and the globe still mourns, but a touching movement of street art around the world is taking over the walls of major cities proving the influence Williams had on people from every walk of life. Graffiti artists have taken their craft to another level with touching stencil, srpay and paste on work to pay their respects to Williams. Beautiful Robin Williams graffiti #RIPRobinWilliams pic.twitter.com/u6zG8YfyPP — DCHomos (@DCHomos) August 13, 2014 “@Dari_Cuenca: Graffiti in memorian a Robín Williams en el Barri de Gracia de Barna. pic.twitter.com/BFlxPlNH9x” wow — Graffiti (@QueGraffiti) August 17, 2014 RT @KEYEPhotogs: Graffiti art tribute to Robin Williams at the #hopeoutdoorgallery #keyephotog pic.twitter.com/hgdzsa84gN — keepaustinwierd (@KeepAustinWierd) August 17, 2014 This is incredible. A lad spray painting a tribute to Robin Williams on Cling Film in the city centre. #RobinWilliams pic.twitter.com/32ulfkAWj6 — Taylor (@Taylor_DjSwitch) August 13, 2014 Graffiti tributes to Robin Williams are popping up around Dublin: http://t.co/7qYGHvMXX4 pic.twitter.com/Q6WRCaoNbi — DailyEdge.ie (@dailyedge) August 14, 2014 Robin Williams Graffiti Art Appears In Serbia #streetart #RIPRobinWilliams pic.twitter.com/PXk4VAmGHX — Street Art 360° (@StreetArtEyes1) August 15, 2014

  • Jersey City Is About To Become The Street Art Mecca Of The World

    Interest in street art is at an all-time high and with the Google Cultural Institute’s recent Street Art Project, the preservation of the temporary art form is a higher priority than ever. Digital exhibitions are one thing, but in order to experience street art in person, one must travel and look for it, with the risk of its destruction ever imminent. But that’s all about to change. The first museum dedicated to street art and graffiti is set to open in Jersey City. Construction began on the 100,000 square-foot facility, a former ice factory, in June and public programming is expected to begin as early as next month. Operated by the Mana Contemporary, a 1 million square-foot cultural center in Jersey City, the Mana Museum of Urban Arts will be located at 581 Monmouth Street, near the Holland Tunnel. The future location of Mana Museum of Urban Arts What will the unique museum offer visitors? Curated by artists Logan Hicks and Joe Iurato, there will be both rotating interior exhibitions and large-scale exterior murals along with a mission to document and preserve historically significant works with a permanent collection and media center. And much like the Mana Contemporary, education and community participation more »

  • The Evolution of the Video Game Controller

    Since the 1980s video game controllers have always been synomous with it’s console,  even the most novice of gamers linking the signature style of a game controller to it’s gaming system. These wonderful shapeshifting GIFs show the evolution of hardware in video games throughout the past 30 years.

  • Aerial Shots Of Iceland Or Middle Earth? [13 Photos]

    Iceland, Europe’s most sparsely populated country, is known for it’s incredible natural vistas. With volcanoes, geysers, and waterfalls and bursting with color thanks to an abundance of lichen varieties, it is like nowhere else on Earth. And as magical as it looks from the ground, it’s even more otherworldly when seen from above. France-based photographer Sarah Martinet recently traveled to Iceland and captured these incredible shots from the open windows of an airplane. The landscapes, free of civilization but bursting with natural wonder, look more like Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings than anything in our world. Check out some of the series below and take a fantasy vacation through the rest of the photos at Sarah Martinet Photography.

  • Nike Genealogy of Innovation

    Nike EHQ approached production house Golden Wolf to bring their Genealogy of Innovation campaign to life. This intricate CGI film takes Nike’s history of innovative shoe design and breaks it down into 7 different eras of history; Genesis (1971-1994), Reformation (1995-1998), Golden Years (1999-2002), Enlightenment (2003-2006), Renaissance (2007-2010), Transformation (2011-2013) and Revolution (2014). Nike’s 43 year history in the sneaker game has pushed the envelope countless times and keeps progression constantly moving forward. Nike Genealogy of Innovation from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.

  • Ice-T Joined An All-Star Cast In Narrating A Dungeons & Dragons Book

    The fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons, encompassing numerous games and books, celebrates it’s 40th birthday this year, but chances are that you, a Level 10 Cool Dude, had no idea. For so many years, it seemed like the people interested in Dungeons & Dragons, or D&D, were the sort of people who carried tarot cards in velvet satchels in middle school converted to Wicca in high school. But, as nerd culture becomes increasingly usurped by trendsetters, thanks to the success of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Tumblrs featuring bikini-clad babes wearing stormtrooper helmets, D&D-ers can now be found in many cliques. To celebrate the anniversary of D&D while also highlighting the mainstream-ing of nerd culture, Audible has released The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories, featuring an all-star cast of narrators. Nerd icons such as Weird Al, David Duchovny, and Wil Wheaton read the stories but are also joined by celebrities you may not expect, such as rapper Ice-T and Michael Chiklis of The Shield. Check out the making-of video below and if you’re ready to dive in to the world of D&D, get your free copy of The Legend of Drizzt at Audible. And if anyone asks more »

  • Who Is Bambi, The Female Banksy? [22 Photos]

    Street artist Bambi, dubbed “the female Banksy” by the British press, has been active around London for the past 5 years. Her portraits of pop culture figures such as Daniel Craig, Usain Bolt, Amy Winehouse, and David Beckham have made her a star in the art world but, much like Banksy, there is a mystery regarding her true identity. Supposedly she attended St. Martin’s Art College and when not painting is actually a pop star. True identities suggested for Bambi include M.I.A., Paloma Faith, Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), and even Adele. With a meteoric rise in the art world and patrons including Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt, having a celebrity alter ego makes sense for Bambi. Check out more from Bambi at Walton Fine Arts and let us know who you think she is or if her true identity even matters.

  • Say Goodbye to Productivity with This App That Adds Futuristic Elements to Your Photos

    ‘Matter’ is a new phenomenal app that lets you add futuristic 3D elements to your landscape photos. The app has a wide variety of elements and shapes you can add into the sky, then play with shadows and sunlight to give it an authentic feel. Then, like magic, as if there was a little wizard with photoshop in your phone Matter cuts around buildings and objects, fusing the surreal with reality. You can also create looping videos—similar to a GIF—of these geometrical objects spinning around in your photo. A truly amazing app Salvatore Dali would have killed for. Matter App. Matter from Pixite Apps on Vimeo.

  • These Gravity-Defying Sculptures Look Like They’re Drawn In The Sky [15 Photos]

    New Zealand sculptor Neil Dawson has worked as a full-time sculptor since the late 80s. His large-scale installations, often crafted from aluminum and stainless steel, can be found all over the world. From far away, many of his creations appear to be illustrations effortlessly floating in the air, but upon closer inspection they are huge works of metal intricately suspended by wires. The illusions are especially prominent on his illuminated works, which during a particularly inebriated expedition may immediately sober one up and make them swear off the hard stuff. Check out some of Dawson’s amazing creations below and see the rest at his website.

  • Artists Around the World Pay Humble Tribute to Robin Williams

    Since the abrupt and unfortunate passing of Robin Williams, I’m sure you’ve seen quite a bit of people expressing their love on just about every social channel. Artists from around the globe have been expressing their grief in their own way, creating touching pieces of Robin in the past few days. Joquz.com have collected a series of portraits of Williams to show how he affected so many different people in so many different ways with a wide range of versatility in his movies.

  • Art Director Creates a Series of Brilliant Soccer Kits For Advertising Agencies

    Brazilian art director Bruno Leo Ribeiro took his passion and love for soccer and created a series of kits inspired by some of the largest ad agencies on the planet dubbing it “Advertising FC“. Ribeiro then took one of the largest clients each agency represents and branded the jersies as the lead sponsor for each club, for example Ogilvy and + Coca-Cola, DDB + Volkswagon and Chiat Day + Gatorade. Interestingly and ironically enough he chose not to pair Weiden + Kennedy with Nike, their largest client and manufacture in a majority of soccer kits around the world. Bruno also paired every agency with an all-star creative who would sport the number 10, the number commonly used for a team’s franchise player. Chairman and Global Director of TBWA\Worldwide Lee Clow sports the number 10 for Chiat/Day. Clow is known for co-creating Apple Computer‘s 1984 commercial which launched the Apple Macintosh and the “Think Different” slogan for Chiat/Day. Check out the entire series at the Advertising FC Tumblr.

  • Revisiting Woodstock ’94: 10 Iconic Performances That Took Place 20 Years Ago Today

    Woodstock ’94 was a music festival organized to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock festival of 1969. It was promoted as “2 More Days of Peace and Music.” The poster used to promote the first concert was revised to feature two birds perched on a guitar fretboard, instead of the original one. The 1994 concert was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, August 13 and 14, with a third day (Friday, August 12) added later. The weather was rainy that weekend, and by Saturday much of the field had turned into mud. The event took place on Winston Farm in Saugerties, New York, about 100 miles north of New York City. The site is 10 miles from Woodstock, New York and it was originally proposed as the location for the 1969 concert. Permission to use the property was not granted the first time around, so the first concert was instead held in Sullivan County, much farther from the namesake town of Woodstock. The crowd at Woodstock ’94 was estimated at 350,000. The size of the crowd was larger than concert organizers had planned for and by the second night many of the event policies were logistically unenforceable. The major more »

  • The US Sent 8 Artists To World War I; This Is What They Returned With

    Although it may seem a strange notion to us now, the United States government sent eight artists to World War I in 1918 to document the war while drumming up support for the cause back home. But artists as far back as the ancient world have depicted militaries and scenes of war, so why should America do the same? And in a war where the old world met the 20th century, the antiquated idea seems most fitting. Six magazine and book illustrators, one architect, and one traditional artist were made captains in the Army Corps of Engineers and were given free range to go wherever they wanted. The artists depicted soldier life, combat, the devastating effects, and the new technology of the war. Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that over 37 million people died in the war, there are very few depicted in the artwork. But when you consider that the point of the art was to drum up support, the less dead soldiers depicted, the better. Over 700 works were produced and handed over to the War Department which handed them over to the Smithsonian in 1920. An exhibition of some of the work followed shortly after, but by more »

  • The Fashion Sense Of Historical Figures As Imagined By A Suit Company In 1916

    Nowadays you think nothing of deceased celebrities modeling modern-day clothes. Not a day goes by where Marilyn Monroe or some other star of yesteryear pops up anachronistically in an advertisement. You may think this sort of crass commercialism is a new idea, illustrating our continuing devolution, but the fact is, dead folks have been used in ads for years! When it comes to making a buck, businesses have never shied away from using the likeness of a recognizable, and quite dead, face. In 1917, Chicago’s Royal Tailors thought they would add an air of class to their fine suit collection by dressing historical icons like George Washington and Robert E Lee in their wares. The result is an entertaining booklet humorously titled “If They Came Back For Easter Sunday.” The drawings from the booklet are below, but to get the full effect, you can view the accompanying descriptions at Archive.org.

  • These Classical Composers Acted Like Rock Stars Before Rock Was Invented

    Classical musicians don’t get the credit they deserve. Sure, they’re well respected for their symphonies and cantatas and fugues and other fancy words for songs, but as far as their personalities are concerned, they’re thought to be as boring and uptight as their music. But sex and drugs have been around a lot longer than rock and roll and these classical music masters were just as badass as their rock contemporaries.

  • 25 Alternative Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Posters

    Like it or not it’s here. A new generation of six-foot turtles, who speak english, do karate and love pizza. They crack jokes and for some reason have noses now, completely deviating from the original design of six-foot turtles, who speak english, do karate and love pizza. Sorry traditionalists, there’s already a sequel in the making. Hide your kids from the blasphemy that is these six-foot turtles, who speak english, do karate and love pizza now with noses. Whether you’re a fan of the new movie or a purist who thinks the new movie is garbage, the least you can do is bask in this radical collection of new and old alternative Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie posters.

  • How a Bucket of Ice Water Changed Fundraising Forever. ALS Donations Up 9,100% From 2013.

    Yes, we know. Your newsfeed has been over saturated with vertical smartphone uploads of people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads. It’s for a good cause so you can’t say anything, but yes, it’s everywhere. Now we’re talking about it, but for a while it seemed as though people were up for the “challenge”, but no one was actually donating money. Not the case. Not at all. It looks as though the viral influence of the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” is working. This Google trends chart shows interest growth in the months of July and August for “ice bucket challenge” “ALS” and “ALS Challenge”, the time period when videos began popping up on social media. Compare that to the entire 2014 year and you can see the what the viral influence of a smart phone and a bucket of ice water can have. People are donating. Donating by the buckets full, actually. The movement could be traced back to Pete Frates, a 29-year old former Boston College baseball player, who suffers from ALS and is now paralyzed, eats through a feeding tube and cannot talk. In the months since the birth of the ‘challenge’ hundreds of thousands of more »

  • UK Street Artist Uses Pop Culture Puns in His Work

    UK street artist JPS has an innate ability to create beautiful works of art with a witty accompaniment. JPS creates small and lage-scale stencil works, paintings, and installations in urban areas. While his puns are pretty hysterical JPS produces magnificent stencil work as well. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet Breaking Street Art News:   More awesomeness from The Roosevelts 1. Russian Daredevils Climb Dubai’s Princess Tower And Take Stomach-Churning Selfies [13 Photos] 2. This Is America: 32 Powerful Insider Photos From The Streets Ferguson, MO 3. 34 Cleaver Photos That Will Make You Double Take 4. Can You Spot The Difference Between These 20 Sets of Identical Twins? 5. The 57 Most WTF Moments In The History Of Google Street View 6. The 45 Most Perfectly Timed Photos of 2014 (So Far) 7.25 MORE things you shouldn’t do naked (but people did anyway) 8. Jersey City Is Becoming The Street Art Mecca Of The World [Photos] 9. A Golden Retriever Was Left To Die In The Woods And Now He Is The Happiest Dog In The World. This Is His Story. 10. 48 Behind The Scenes Photos of Heath Ledger On The Set Of Dark Knight 11. Famous NYC Movie Locations 12. 11 Disney Princesses more »

  • These Absurd Creations Brilliantly Spoof Artisanal Burgers [10 Photos]

    French graphic designers and fast food fanciers Quentin and Thomas were sick of eating the same boring burgers again and again. They decided to come up with their own over-the-top creations to cure their lunchtime doldrums. The duo didn’t set out to create a website, but eventually their deliciously absurd burgers became Fat & Furious Burger. Each photo takes about an hour and half from inception to buying ingredients, cooking, shooting, then eating. It’s a shame some of these don’t really exist. That loaded Trojan horse burger is looking pretty good right about now. 

  • The Best Photos of The August 2014 Supermoon

    Last night the Supemoon absolutely took over the night sky. In many parts of the world clear skies made the moon more visible and brighter than most people have ever seen. The moon which was 14% bigger and 30% brighter, captured surreal landscapes at some of the most iconic parts of the planet.

  • The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records [Link]

    Everyone has that relative with the huge vinyl collection that you excitedly went to check out when you bought your first thrift store turntable only to find album after album from the Doodletown Pipers and 101 Strings. Not even the most contrarian hipster would want that crap. But there is someone who has been buying up huge collections of even the worst vinyl. He’s a Brazilian millionaire who aims to own as many albums as he can while digitizing the entire collection to keep the music alive.

  • Watch The First Teaser for ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’

    Last night, AMC gave us a little taste of Saul. During AMC’s Breaking Bad marathon which showed over the weekend the 9-second teaser aired. The new Breaking Bad spinoff is set to air February 2015 and will star Saul Goodman under the name James M. McGill, an Irish identity he used before switching to the infamous lawyer we all fell in love with during the Breaking Bad franchise. The ethically ambiguous Goodman teases a client with this quote before AMC headlines take over, “Lawyers. We’re like health insurance,” says Saul in the incredibly brief teaser for the upcoming series. “You hope you never need it, but man-oh-man, not having it? No.”

  • These Portraits Show Just How Similar Relatives Are [10 Photos]

    Croatian artist Ino Zeljak wished to explore the physical similarities and differences between people who are related by blood or even just close friendships by combining their photos into a single portrait in his series “Metamorfoza.”. One would expect blood relatives to look similar, but the seamless amalgam of the best friend portrait is interesting, especially with a recent study suggesting that humans tend to form close relationships with those who have similar DNA. Check out more of Ino Zeljak’s projects on Behance.

  • RSVLTS Live from San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

    Situated in lovely Golden State Park in San Francisco Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is quickly becoming America’s premiere music festival. That’s because it is more than just a music festival. It is also a showcase of northern California’s top food vendors and wine producers. S So let’s recap, not only do you get to see artists like Kanye, The Killers, Macklemore and others but you get to stuff your face with fresh food and ripe wine while doing so? Where do we sign up? We’re going to be at the festival with an all access pass so make sure you follow along with our live feeds.

  • These Real-Life Tetris Sculptures Will Calm Your OCD [12 Photos]

    Swedish installation artist Michael Johansson is obsessed with collecting seemingly random objects, grouping them together based on color or shape, and then stacking them. But his stacks aren’t haphazard piles that would come crashing down when faced with a gentle breeze. His stacks are the works of a Tetris master. His works are extremely satisfying to look at, but probably even more so to construct. Fitting that last piece is must be like when you finally get that long, straight tetrimino. And if he ever tires of the art world, he would have a glorious career as a mover. Check out more OCD art from Michael Johansson at his website.