• Massive Update To ‘RSVLTS Alternative Essentials’ Spotify Playlist

    Earlier this week I got an interesting email from a fan of our Spotify playlist “RSVLTS Alternative Essentials“. In a nutshell Daniel from Georgia called called me out for not updating the playlist since October, and you know what? He was right. I got lazy and this was the wakeup call I needed. People who follow the list religiously will tell you that it has the Midas Touch for discovering new artists well before they go on to commercial success. Alt- J, The 1975, Lorde, American Authors, Fitz and the Tantrums, (and others) may seem like household names now but we had them first, when they we’re doing door-to-door acoustic sets just trying to get this music played. (Looking at you Priory). Anyway, we did a huge update today for Daniel, over 50 songs. On it you’ll see a nice blend of established artists and music from up and coming bands you may not know yet. The best way to listen to this playlist is throw it on random and dive right in. Please submit all music you’d like to see on the list to: tips @ RSVLTS.com Full list of the February 27, 2015 update: Airborne Toxic Event – “Wrong” Alt-j – “Left Hand Free” Alt-j – “Every more »

  • Skateboard Decks Recycled Into Incredible Art [12 Photos]

    In a world where just about everything gets thrown away, we really appreciate those who live on the fringe of our disposable society and collect our trash scraps only to transform them into incredible works of art. Japanese artist Haroshi is one such artist and his medium is one we would never dream of–old skateboard decks. Being a skater himself, Haroshi possesses an insane amount of knowledge about different makes of skate decks. His familiarity with the structure of different brands allows him to hone in on what pieces he needs to create his intricate wood mosaics. And as an added secret bonus, Haroshi hides a metal skateboard part inside each of his works that came from a board he broke while skating. Check out more great work from Haroshi on Instagram and Facebook.

  • 17 Public Stairwells Adorned With Colorful Street Art

    We’ve yet to see a public space not improved with the addition of street art. And we’re not just talking about blanks walls. Even something as benign as stairwells can become beautiful works of art. These steps from all around the world may not look like much more than oddly-colored messes while you’re walking, but when viewed from afar, they become portraits or nature scenes or giant keyboards. The next step (pun totally intended)? Adding music that plays a different sound with each step depending on the weight of the individual, with everything from piccolos for skinny folks to tubas for the more girthsome.

  • The Vocal Track To The Seinfeld Theme Song Revealed

    At a time when just about every sitcom featured a theme song with goofy vocals (think Leon Redbone’s catchy Mr. Belvedere ditty), Seinfeld was an anomaly, with a theme that was nothing more than some funky bass and a brief horn line. But it turns out, the song had a long lost vocal track that was used by nu metal superstars Limp Bizkit in 1999, a year after the hit comedy ended its run. That’s right, when you were rocking out to “Break Stuff” in your Jnco Kangaroos, you were actually justifying ripping someone’s head off to the Seinfeld theme. Or not. But you have to admit, they fit together pretty well.

  • These Hermit Crabs Have Nicer Homes Than We Do

    Hermit crabs, those boring pets that kids with sever allergies have to make do with, usually take up residence in boring old sea snail shells, but the fact is, much like New York City apartment hunters, they’ll make do with whatever they can find. With that in mind Japanese artist Aki Inomata decided to give her pet hermit crabs some international flair with 3D printed acrylic “shells” made to resemble locales such as Santorini, Paris, and New York. Maybe when they outgrow the homes, they’ll pass them on to us. For more info on the project, “Why Not Hand Over A ‘Shelter’ To Hermit Crabs?”, check out Aki Inomata’s website.

  • Mary Poppins Goes Death Metal

    Everyone went gaga over Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music at the Oscars on Sunday night, but we find this death metal tribute to Julie Andrews’ best role, Mary Poppins, to be much more entertaining. The music for the track was arranged, performed, and recorded by Andy Rehfeldt, who has made a ton of similarly brilliant videos. The track also features vocals from Sera Hatchett and Thomas Hinds and was mixed by Grant Cornish. Let’s hope next time the Oscars give them all a call instead of Lady Gaga.

  • You Can Finally Preview 6 Pages of the ‘Fight Club 2′ Graphic Novel

    Fight Club is Fight Club. It’s on every man’s top 5 movie lists, it defined Brad Pitt and Edward Norton as actors and put author, Chuck Palahniuk in a unique league of his own. Now the much anticipated ‘Fight Club 2′ graphic novel is almost upon us. The anonymous narrator and Tyler Durden return a decade into the future. Playboy received an exclusive look at 6 pages from the comic created by Palahniuk, in collaboration with artist Cameron Stewart and Dark Horse Comics. As Dark Horse puts it, “Some imaginary friends never go away… Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife, pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long; the wife has seen to that. The time has come…Rize or Die.” Check out the six page preview here.

  • Disney Characters As Gritty New Yorkers

    Photographer Harry McNally was looking through some photos he took of New York’s gritty urbanscape when he noticed that each photo was telling a story. All that was needed was a character. And what better characters than the iconic Disney cartoons we all grew up with? We’re so used to seeing these characters in idyllic fairy-tale settings, that it’s jarring (and wildly entertaining) to see them slumming it up in the subway in McNally’s series “Moments Like These.” Check out more great photos from Harry McNally at It Feels Like Magic.

  • The Vanity Fair Oscars Photo Booth Is Where The Magic Happens [Photos]

    The Vanity Fair Academy Awards after party has become one of the most sought-after tickets of the year for Hollywood stars. One of the annual staples of this A list bonanza has become the photo booth which always leads to some absurd boozy moments captured on camera. Everyone loves a photo booth, even your favorite stars. See all the 2015 photo booth pictures on VanityFair.com

  • Ouch. A Grammy Nominated Artist Shared His Royalty Statements And It’s Not Good.

    Armen Chakmakian is a Grammy-nominated recording artist who, from an outsiders perspective perspective, is probably living a lavish life that we see on Instagram. But Armen recently shared his royalty statements and it shows that the days of becoming rich in the music industry ended with the Millennium. His music was streamed over 14,227 times and he made only $4.20! Armen shared the story and the royalty statement which you can see below. 

  • The Cast of Almost Famous: Then and Now

    Surprisingly Almost Famous was a box office bomb. Crazy. But critical acclaim and dominance at the 73rd Academy Awards and Grammy’s led people to rewatch the movie, and like Shawshank Redemption before it, poof, Almost Famous became a modern classic. Writer and director Cameron Crowe essentially kick started the career’s of some of biggest names in Hollywood so let’s take a look back at the cast of Almost Famous to see what they’ve been up to.

  • Photographer Captures Superheroes’ Private Lives

    Ever wonder what your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes do when they’re not out superheroing? Why? It’s none of your business, Mr. Nosey. But if you did wonder, Edy Hardjo has all the answers. Using action figures and a touch of digital manipulation, Edy shares what Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, and other popular superheroes do in their off time. How does Hulk trim his armpit hair? How does Tony Stark wash his Iron Man suit? Does Ghost Rider pee? All those questions and more can be answered at Hrjoe Photography on Facebook and Instagram.

  • 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Finalists Revealed [35 Photos]

    The world’s biggest photography competition, the Sony World Photography Awards, has announced the finalists for 2015. This year was the biggest yet in the competition’s eight-year history, with an impressive 173,444 images submitted from 171 countries. The winners will vie for $30,000 in prizes and all finalists will benefit from the invaluable exposure offered by the world-famous competition. For more info, visit the World Photography Organisation.

  • Visualizing “The Art of War” for the Workplace in 11 Photos

    Tzu’s famous Chinese military book “The Art of War” is a must read for any man or woman approaching the real world. It’s methodology parallels just about every situation of strategy. Cartoonist Jessica Hagy created “The Art of War Visualized” a creative chart based book highlighting key components of “The Art of War” wisdom you can use in the business world. Business Insider asked Hagy to annotate a few of her favorite charts from her book.

  • Photographer Transforms Her Photos Into Pop-Up Books

    Colette Fu was born in New Jersey, but when she was in her mid-twenties, she decided to visit China and learn about her ancestry. She learned that her mother is a member of the Yi tribe, one of 55 ethnic minority groups recognized by the People’s Republic of China. The Yi live primarily in Yunnan Province, home to 25 different minority tribes. Now inspired to document these tribes, Colette combined her photography and paper crafting skills to give her incredible photographs new dimension. The project began in 2008 with Colette originally intending to only document ethnic groups in Yunnan Province, but as the project grew in popularity, Colette extended her scope. You can keep up with her travels and ever-growing body of work on her blog. If you would like to see these impressive books in person, check out “Land of Deities: Pop-up Photos of Southwest China,” on view now through April 21 at Georgetown University.

  • The Fun-spiring SF Offices of Tech Company, Chartboost

    Blitz Architecture has developed a new fun office layout for Chartboost, a technology platform that helps mobile game developers find new users and monetize their games, in San Francisco. When moving into a new office space, Chartboost was most interested in taking the opportunity to celebrate what is at the core of their business: video games. As the world’s largest games-only technology platform, Chartboost wanted their San Francisco space to reflect the energy of the gaming world and create a fun, interactive environment that would excite anyone who entered. Blitz stepped up to the challenge and designed a modern ofce that brings the world of games to life. The full Chartboost experience begins after walking up the stairs from entrance to the reception, where an entire wall is dedicated to the “photo op.” Visitors can find their games on display and take pictures with the boxes (although we think the show-stealing, 11-foot-tall dinosaur probably gets some photo love too). The dinosaur, aka “Buster,” has become the Chartboost mascot – they even developed their first in-house mobile game starring the T-Rex. Hanging app boxes and an interactive iPad love wall further celebrate the developers and clients of Chartboost’s products. Blitz reflected more »

  • The Official Oscars 2015 Drinking Game Rules

    It’s that time of year again. The time when you fill your glass with the beverage of your choosing before sitting down for a long night of drinking—er, watching the Oscars. To make the always-lengthy ceremony more enjoyable, grab a beer (or several) and follow along with our drinking game—beginning when the pre-show kicks off at 7 p.m. on Sunday.

  • Watch Afroman Throw Another Fan Offstage [Video]

    Afroman​ is back at it! Just days after he punched a girl in the face the rapper tossed a fan off stage. The fan was trying to snatch Afroman’s blunt and probably deserved it but the real question is why the hell  doesn’t Afroman have any concert security? Post by The Roosevelts.

  • Front of Jeep Creates a Wild Freestanding Ice Sculpture in North Carolina

    “The ice sculpture was discovered in the visitor’s parking lot at Vidant Medical Center Tuesday afternoon. WITN received two different photos from viewers, one picture taken from the front and another looking the other direction. One of the photo-takers’ theory is that the Jeep owner left their vehicle running, warming up the engine. The imprint was then left after they backed out of the parking space. The ice was attached to the curb. We’re not sure how long it stayed around, but it’s pretty cool.”  

  • The 2015 Oscar Nominees Were Serious Dorks Before They Became Famous

    In case you hadn’t heard, the Oscars are this weekend. And just like us, the biggest names in Hollywood had to start somewhere, and also just like us, they also looked pretty stupid before they eventually got their shit together. Even if they are now the Oscar nominees for this year’s Academy Awards. If you watch nothing else today you simply have to see “second year actor” Bradley Cooper looking about as far from being The Sexiest Man Alive as can be when he is in the audience of Inside the Actors Studio and asks Sean Penn a dopey question. Priceless. Watch the incredible video on Brobible.com

  • Pop Culture Characters Invade Boring Old Paintings

    Dave Pollot is one of those rare people who can excel at endeavors both critical and creative. In other words, we hate him. But because of what he creates, we can’t help but love him, too. While working full time as a software developer, Dave also regularly visits thrift shops in search of boring old landscapes that cover the walls of the homes inhabited by the type of person who lies dead in their kitchen for three weeks before anyone finds them, their faces half-eaten by their dozens of cats. Dave takes these awful paintings and with the addition of a can of Duff Beer, a Tie Fighter, or some other pop culture icon, transforms them into beautiful works of art that someone with a close family and zero cats would proudly hang on their living room wall. You can check out more paintings at Dave Pollot Art and purchase your favorites at Etsy.

  • Metal Hits Get Ska Makeovers On This Hilarious YouTube Channel

    If you were a kid in the 90s, your taste in music went one of two ways: you either wore baggy jncos and sports jerseys and listened to overly aggro nu-metal or you were a ska fan, complete with checkered porkpie hat and some sort of cringey facial hair, most likely a soul patch. Fans of both were stupid and annoying in their own ways, but the two groups would never mix. Until now. Bob Kooparos is a man on a mission to transform angry metal and nu metal hits into irie reggae and ska jams. The resulting songs are ridiculous, terrible, and we can’t get enough of them. Check out a few of our favorites below, then listen to the rest on YouTube. Jah bless.

  • Historic 1918 Gas Station Transformed Into New Orleans Bachelor Pad

    This eclectic, 2000 square-foot 1918 gas station has been renovated into the ultimate New Orleans industrial bachelor pad. Featuring a gourmet kitchen, jacuzzi tub and roof deck, you can jump on the street car which will take you to the French Quarter or you can stay local and enjoy restaurants, coffee shops, bars, New Orleans Museum of Art or the city park nearby.

  • New York Is Getting A $150 Million Penthouse

    We recently shared the news that the penthouse at One57 sold for $100.5 million, a record for New York City. But don’t expect that record to stand for long. Chetrit Group and Clipper Equity are building the 21,000-square-feet apartment on floors 33 through 35 of the former Sony building on Madison Avenue between 55th and 56th streets. The rest of the building is also being transformed into 96 condos in a project valued at $1.8 billion. The penthouse will be accessible via private elevator and will feature eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, gym, spa, billiards room, wine room, media room, dining room, kitchen, living room, and library. And if you need to get away from all your guests, the master bedroom has its own private study. At $6,975 per square foot, the property is actually much cheaper than the $10,489 per square foot that the triplex at 520 Park Avenue is expected to fetch, but due to the size, 520 Park Avenue will only cost about $130 million. Only.

  • Insiders Look At The World’s Largest Hot Tub Party

    Last month we were telling you all about how we partnered with Hot Tub Time Machine 2 to give one lucky college the chance to win the The World’s Largest Hot Tub Party. We’ll it turns out that UNLV won the prize and had a massive hot tub party for the ages. Sadly, we came ever-so-close but didn’t break the record. The hot tubers got rowdy but even though we didn’t realize our dream it was an awesome time. It’s kind of hard to not have an awesome time with so many people in a hot tub! We’ve got the photos for you and we even got a shoutout in Adweek too!  

  • Check Out Jack White’s 3-In-1 Interactive Video

    Jack White’s Lazaretto, released last summer, offered up all sorts of cool innovations with its “Ultra LP” release, including secret tracks, hidden grooves with alternate takes, and even holograms. But Jack didn’t let his creativity take a break after the release. The new video for “That Black Bat Licorice” reveals that the innovations just keep coming. It’s actually three different videos that you can switch between while it plays by pressing “3” or “B” on your keyboard. The default animated video is from director James Blagden of “Dock Ellis and the LSD” fame; holding “B” reveals a live-action video from Brad Holland; and holding “3” plays a live-action video directed by Jack White. Vinyl…music videos…what antiquated medium will Jack White bring back next? We’re hoping for wax cylinders.