• These Cross-Sections Of Bullets Are More Interesting Than You’d Think [8 Photos]

    If you’re not sure how ammo actually works, these photos are a great place to start. From the appropriately titled series “AMMO” from photographer Sabine Pearlman, these pictures show cross sections of a variety of ammunition, allowing you to see just what makes them go boom. While touring a Swiss military bunker in 2012, Pearlman came across more than 900 bullets that had been cut by a munitions expert, revealing their inner workings. She carefully photographed the specimens, making sure not to spill the contents. These photos allow us to see the primer, where the hammer strikes the cartridge; the propellant, usually gunpowder; and the wide range of ammo, such as slugs or shot. It’s like those Stephen Biesty cross-section books come to life! For more great photo series, check out Sabine Pearlman Photography.

  • Winners of the National Geographic Traveler 2014 Photo Contest

    Of the more than 18,000 entries National Geographic Traveler had to choose from, one has come out victorious. Marko Korošec’s “Independence Day” shot of a cloud system he captured outside Julesburg, Colorado was finally chosen as the best photo from the lot. The image shows a ominous storm cell captured from the ground, named “Independence Day” after the ’90s blockbuster movie. Download full wallpapers at Nat Geo.

  • Put Away Your Pail And Shovel, Your Sand Creations Will Never Look This Good [15 Photos]

    When you think Moscow artist, you probably imagine someone who specializes in bleak paintings or some other medium that is certainly not beach sand. But Moscow does in fact have beaches and the Russian capital is also home to one of the world’s best sand sculptors, Ilya Filimontsev. Ilya took up sand sculpting in 2005 and clearly illustrated an aptitude for it. Before long, he was attending events in North America, Europe, and Asia, taking home plenty of awards along the way. Check out more of Ilya Filimontsev’s incredible work on Facebook and Flickr.

  • Confusing Collection Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Asian Commercials [Video]

    Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 67 yesterday, and to celebrate, let’s take a look back at his career…in Asian television commercials. It’s best to not try to figure out what’s going on in these ads, lest you suffer a schizoid embolism a la Quaid in “Total Recall.” Also, we guarantee you’ve never seen someone so excited over eating Cup Noodles as Arnold here.

  • 25 HQ Photos Of Hollywood Streets In The 80s

    In 1979, 17-year-old Matt Sweeney left home for Hollywood in hopes of making it big as a filmmaker. For 4 years he worked towards his dream while also photographing other inhabitants of the city on brilliant Kodachrome 64 film. Nothing ever came of Sweeney’s film career, but from 1979-1983 he captured around 80 rolls of film. Now he is working on digitizing the photos and sharing them all on his website mudstonephoto. Some of our favorites from the collection thus far are below, but there are many more at his site.

  • Tiny Tokyo, The Big City Made Tiny Using Tilt-Shift Photography (15 Photos)

    Ben Thomas, a photographer based out of Melbourne, Australia created a recent project and now book called “Tiny Tokyo: The Big City Made Mini”, where he uses tilt-shifting photography to make large scale landscapes seem tiny, by using selective focus. Thomas uses skyscrapers, crowded crosswalks and even a baseball stadium to make Tokyo look miniscule. You Can buy Tiny Tokyo here. TINY TOKYO – THE BIG CITY MADE MINI – BEN THOMAS//CHRONICLE BOOKS from Ben Thomas on Vimeo.

  • Mobile Bachelor Pad Allows For Camping In Style [7 Photos]

    We all like to get away from everything and head into the wilderness for some peace and quiet, but that doesn’t mean we have to go full Ted Kaczynski and while away the hours in a creepy shack, composing technology-fearing manifestos. Why go camping when you can go “glamping?” (Pardon the portmanteau of glamorous and camping, we promise never to use it again.) The Soul Box from Allergutendinge allows you to camp wherever you want without sacrificing the comforts of home. It’s a minimal two-story, mobile structure with a kitchen and bed on the first floor and viewing platform above. The bed doubles as a step to the upper level. The front folds down, becoming a patio, an the top can open up to let in sunlight. Maybe survivalists would have a more pleasant disposition if they opted for such a bright and breezy abode.

  • Pop-Culture Characters Added Into Thrift-Store Paintings Make Art So Much Better [54 Photos]

    Canadian artist David Irvine of The Gnarled Branch takes uninteresting landscape paintings, transforms them with mostly fictional pop-culture characters and sells them for hundreds of dollars. His unique style intertwines with the landscapes around them. Pac-Man rolling through the streets of a renaissance style farm or The Stay Puft Marshmallow man terrorizing a victorian village.

  • These Drawings Are Brilliant Pop Culture Mashups

    As our culture evolves to be increasingly ecologically-minded, we opt to reuse and recycle what we already have rather than producing something new. This sense of duty towards the planet must be the reason why mashups have become so popular in music and why Justin Hager creates this incredibly hilarious drawings. Or maybe it’s just because they’re funny. Who cares? Whataver the reason, we’re just glad that Wu Krang now exists. And this is just a small sampling of Justin’s output. Check out hundreds of more drawings on Tumblr.

  • Best Music Biopics [Link]

    With “Get On Up,” the James Brown biopic, coming to theaters August 1 and Andre 3000′s “Jimi: All Is By My Side” following shortly after, now seems like the perfect time to look back at the best music biopics ever made. See if your favorites made the impressive list of 30 films, and if there’s any you haven’t seen, be sure to check them out.

  • This 8-Bit Grunge Medley Is Nostalgia Overload [Video]

    There are plenty of people who remake hit songs as 8-bit video game style beeps and boops, but this video goes the extra mile by also recreating the videos as the animated sequences at the beginning of an NES game. If you’re having trouble identifying any of the songs, here’s the list in order of appearance: Soundgarden – Rusty Cage Alice In Chains – Man In The Box Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing Melvins – Revolve Mad Season – River Of Deceit Nirvana – In Bloom Pearl Jam – Jeremy

  • 10 Best Music Videos Of 1994

    1994 was an incredible year for music and since MTV was at its height, it was an equally incredible year for music videos. Looking back on these videos, they may not seem so special or innovative, but you have to remember, these are 20 years old. Back then we were amazed with the graphics of Donkey Kong Country, the speed of 28.8 kbit/sec modems, and the low fat content of SnackWells cookies. The videos are not in any particular order, because it was hard enough just to pick these 10. Did we miss any of your favorites?

  • The Most Overused Buzzwords of 2014 as Told by ‘Stock Photo’ Scott

    Since the dawn of the Madison Ave ad age buzzwords have been as important as integrating after work drinks with epic expense accounts. With the help of a dozen anonymous influencer friends at game-changing disruptive marketing, advertising and PR agencies we pulled together this list of the most overused buzzwords that drive PR, advertising and marketing pros simply crazy. We’ve called upon “Stock Photo” Scott to act out the literal meaning of each overused office buzzword to present the most epically robust buzzword list of 2014. Let’s circle back in a few and try it again after the dust settles. If this list relates to you at all share it with your friends and tell us the words that we missed on twitter using the hashtag #buzzwords.

  • Parasites Look Dignified In These Old Fashioned Portraits [12 Photos]

    How do you take a parasite, such as the human botfly which lays eggs under your skin, and make it look classy? Do you make a microscopic monocle and top hat for the little fella? As awesome as that would be, it’s not incredibly practical. But even without accessorizing the creatures like Mr. Peanut, University of South Florida graduate student Marcus DeSieno is able to make even the most gruesome parasite into a dignified specimen. DeSieno uses old-timey photographic processing methods to make the electron microscope images of the bugs look like those old west sepia-tone portraits that everyone’s dad has the family pose for, but without your mom sitting on a piano, showing off her garter. For more info and other photos, check out Marcus DeSieno Photography.

  • Artist Constructs Noah’s Ark In Chinese River [6 Photos]

    In 1850, Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky painted “The Ninth Wave,” depicting sailors clinging to shipwreck debris as the water rises around them. Contemporary Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang used the painting as a template for his latest installation, also called “The Ninth Wave.” He constructed a fishing boat and filled it with 99 life-size replicas of animals such as leopard, pandas, and polar bears. The boat is currently sailing down Shanghai’s Huangpu River and will dock at the Power Station of Art where it will be on display from August 8 to October 26. Whereas Aivazovsky’s painting depicted the threat from nature, Guo-Qiang’s work calls more attention to the threat of mankind upon the planet. For more info on “The Ninth Wave” and other projects, check out Cai Guo-Qiang’s website.

  • Polish Movie Posters Are Incredible Works Of Art

    For many years now, most American movie posters have been little more than a digital composition in complementary colors, usually utilizing orange and blue. It’s boring but everyone does it. It’s that monotony that makes these Polish posters for American films that much better. Even when it comes to a total piece of garbage movie, like “Harry and the Hendersons” or “Weekend at Bernie’s,” Polish artists are able to produce a poster that would be at home on the walls of the Museum of Modern Art. Check out some of our favorites below then see the rest and maybe order one or two at Polish Posters.

  • Recreating Paintings And Photos With Lego

    New York-based artist and software developer Andy Bauch is a master when it comes to LEGO mosaics. He is able to recreate famous paintings and photographs using a combination of thousands of bricks. For example, to recreate Roy Lichtenstein’s “Girl with Hair Ribbon” as a 30″ x 30″ LEGO mosaic required 4000 pieces. Check out more of Bauch’s work below along with comparisons to the originals. You can even purchase your favorite at his website, HippoBricks.

  • Photographer Inserts Herself Into Classic Photos

    How would someone from today act if they were to travel back in time. Probably the same way they behave right now, with their digital camera or smartphone at the ready to capture every second. At least that’s how Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi imagines it. Borsi inserted herself into these historic photos as a time traveler ready to capture the moment so she can immediately upload it to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. She’s honest about how she would act and most of us would probably be the same. For more of her work, check out Flora Borsi Photography on Facebook. 

  • These 30 Incredible Photos Take You Inside Hawaii’s Waves

    Hawaii-based photographer Clark Little is a master when it comes to capturing the magnificent waves in Oahu, the most populated of the state’s islands. Using a camera encased in a waterproof box, Little is able to photograph the waves from angles one would rarely have the chance to see for themselves. You can order a 160-page coffee table book of his photos titled “Shorbreak” at Clark Little Photography along with prints of many amazing shots. You can also follow him on Instagram, but be warned—his pictures will make you insanely jealous that your not living in an island paradise.

  • Iconic Concert: Rage Against the Machine Live at Woodstock 99

    Fifteen years ago this week the resurgence of Woodstock took place at a former air base in Rome, New York. The festival for better or worse made headlines not just for the music, but for the lack of better planning, overprices concessions, assault and arson. Yes, it was bad. Very bad, but the mistakes that were made at Woodstock ’99 helped pave the way for the bevy of great music festivals we have today. More organization and better security today make for a great experience for contemporary festival goers. None of that would’ve been possible without the trials of Woodstock ’99. Disastrous experiences aside, the music of Woodstock ’99 has always been overshadowed, but in it’s anniversary we’re here to celebrate one particular iconic concert that will live on as one of the best performances of 1999. Even with live music from the likes of James Brown, Sheryl Crow, Wyclef Jean, Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, Alanis Morissette, Ice Cube, Metallica, Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello, Jewel and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine still managed to stick out as the best performance of the event.

  • Bizarre Clone Cities Around The World [14 Photos]

    Apparently everything has been done as far as architecture is concerned because all over the world cities are ripping off iconic buildings and sometimes, in China’s case, entire cities. Want to see the Parthenon in Greece? Save yourself a few bucks and go see it in Tennessee instead. Their’s ain’t even broken! Want to see the Statue of Liberty but also shop for weird tentacle porn after? Go see the clone in Tokyo! Want to see Paris without all the smug Frenchies? Check out China’s Paris ghost town in Tianducheng! Jeez China, you really make knockoffs of everything, huh?

  • Give Your Brain a Break and Stare at These Surreal GIFS for a While

    Hayden Zezula, Texas-based visual artist has created a series of hypnotizing GIFs that just might get you through the gap of caffeine fixes during your day. Zezula’s visually surreal GIFS show everything from a foil elephant running through a grass path to 3D liquid metal pouring like Soft icercream. It also helps when you say Zezula repeatedly while staring at these hypnotizing visuals.

  • 20 Serene Photos From Director Wim Wenders

    Wim Wenders is best known as a filmmaker, but anyone who has seen his intensely visual work, such as “Paris, Texas” or “Wings of Desire” would not be surprised to learn the director is also an avid photographer. 30 years worth of photos make up his series “Places, strange and quiet” featuring desolate, large-scale photos from around the world. Although many photos are from places the one would already expect to be devoid of people, Wenders is also able to find serene locales in highly populated cities such as Tokyo and Berlin. This gallery features just a sample of the series which has been collected in a 140-page hardcover book titled “Wim Wenders: Places, Strange and Quiet,” available for $28 from Amazon.

  • Amazing 3D Street Art From DAIM [20 Photos]

    Born in Lueneburg, Germany, it was a love of hip hop that initially piqued an interest in graffiti for street artist DAIM. He started listening to the music at age 15 and two years later found himself using spraycans as a mean of expression in nearby Hamburg. That was in 1989 and by 1991 he was already experimenting with creating works that appeared three-dimensional through clever use of shadows to create depth. 25 years after beginning his career in street art, DAIM’s work can be found across Europe and the US. Take a look at some of our favorites below then check out more work at DAIM graffiti-art.

  • 14 Pop Music Icons Made Out Of Corn Flakes

    Remember when you were a kid and your parents would yell at you for playing with your food? Well it’s time to call mom and dad and let them know that they stifled your creativity and you blame them for becoming 9 to 5 office drone when you could have been a famous artist. New York artist Sarah Rosado either had kinder parents than the rest of us or she refused to listen because her latest series, “Celebrity Cereal Portrait,” finds her recreating pop music stars out of breakfast cereal. The result is incredible and she’s just using corn flakes. Wait until she adds wheat puffs, those Fiber One sticks, and marshmallows to the mix! Check out the rest of the series and more of Sarah Rosado’s artwork at SR Artwork.

  • The Comprehensive Guide to Every Brewery in the United States

    With more and more breweries emerging in the U.S. per year it’s no surprise why it’s so intruiging to see where the majority of them are popping up. At the end of 2013 there were 2,822 breweries in the United States, including 2,768 craft breweries subdivided into 1,237 brewpubs, 1,412microbreweries and 119 regional craft breweries. Pop-Chart Labs has created their second installment of breweries across the U.S. updated and redesigned onto a monster print taht measures in at over seven square feet with over 1,400 breweries from craft to macro and everything in between.

  • 18 People Who Took Selfies Before Selfies Were Cool

    Kids today get a bad rap. Older folks love to moan about how the ubiquity of selfies symbolizes how self-centered and spoiled kids are. But everyone’s favorite subject has always been themselves. Since the invention of the camera, amateur photographers have turned the lens on themselves. Was it for some grand artistic statement? Nope. Just good old-fashioned narcissism. And if you really want to be mad at the kids for something, how about dubstep? Rabble, rabble, rabble.

  • 40 GIFs That Perfect Describe Festival People

    ‘Tis the season to go sweat for hours in open fields, ducking in and out of pavilions to see your favorite bands from an alarming distance. Music festivals and outdoor concerts mean more than just music; they mean sleeping on the ground and overpaying for food. Not to mention the sunburn, dehydration, port-a-potties, mud, and poorly timed rain storm. And yet, we all still go. From Bonnaroo to Warped Tour to Give It A Name to Tomorrowland, music fests across the globe are packed with fans and casual listeners. We tolerate the elements and each other for those precious minutes of set time when our favorite songs are being played at full volume. Problem is that once the music ends, we’re back amongst thousands of others, few of whom have showered or remembered their manners. For anyone who hasn’t been/needs to be reminded before they embark, here are some of the charming folk you may see: 1. The security guard standing thanklessly through it all Looking equal parts intimidating and bored 2. Someone trying to flirt their way into the show Admission: your dignity 3. Someone straight up cooking out of their truck/tent I’m looking at you blueberry pancake trucker man at Bonnaroo 4. The entrepreneurial genius selling cigarettes more »

  • How Does The New Ninja Turtles Theme Stack Up? [Video]

    The theme from the new Ninja Turtles movie has been released and it’s no MC Hammer’s “This is What We Do.” Nor is it as danceable as Vanilla Ice’s “Ninja Rap.” “Shell Shocked” is a dubsteppy rap song featuring from Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Ty Dolla $ign. Do we really want kids singing along to lyrics like “Check my Rolex/It say I’m the man of the hour/All this green in my pockets/You can call me turtle power” rather than “Go ninja, go ninja, go?” The worst part is, we’re all going to see the movie anyway.

  • Chuck Palahniuk Announces A Fight Club 2 Comic Book Series

    I am Jacks elated sense of excitement. Luminous author, Chuck Palahniuk has announced he’ll be giving his most acclaimed work, Fight Club a resurgence in the form of a 10-issue maxiseries comic. The series will be under Dark Horse Comics and will be illustrated by Cameron Stewart. Palahniuk will be talking in more detail at a Fight Club Comic-Con panel later this week, but has already announced a release date for May 2015. “Fight Club 2 takes place alternately in the future and the past. It picks up a decade after the ending of his original book, where the protagonist is married to equally problematic Marla Singer and has a 9 year-old son named Junior, though the narrator is failing his son in the same way his dad failed him.” In a USA Today interview, Palahniuk teased the return of everyone’s favourite hyper-violent id: “Tyler Durden is something that maybe has been around for centuries and is not just this aberration that’s popped into his mind.” Project Mayhem will also play a critical part in the comics, possibly using Junior as a catalyst for the protagonists return to the organization. Read the full interview here.

  • 25 Portraits Made Into Haircuts

    Once the avant-garde types began to create works using their bodily fluids, it seemed as if there was no new medium for artists to turn to. But then Rob the Original looked at a head of hair and saw his canvas. Based in San Antonio, Rob the Original is a barber who uses a mix of cutting, shaving, and coloring to recreate portraits of celebrities on the heads of his customers. As amazing as many of them look, what’s even more incredible is that there are people who wish to have portraits of Edward Scissorhands or Cheech and Chong on their heads. For more of Rob’s work, check out his website or follow him on Instagram.