• This Photographer Spent 14 Years Traveling to Find the 60 Oldest Trees in the World

    Beth Moon, a San Francisco photographer, has been working on a 14 year project searching for the world’s oldest trees. Moon has literally traveled the globe photographing magnificent trees that grow in some of the most desolate locations on earth. The photos were taken for Moon’s new book titled ““Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”, a collection of sixty black and white photos of trees thousands of years old. Moon notes, “Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment”

  • The Top trending Super Bowl ads on YouTube According to Google

    This Sunday’s Super Bowl is gearing up to be one of the most anticipated games in history. With Vegas putting the spread at just 1 point, the game itself is sure to not disappoint. The ads however, can be hit or miss. The past few years the millions of dollars spent on these commercials have fell a little short. And wierd. This year’s commercial teasers have already proved that we’re in for a treat. From puppys, to pranks to Kardashians, here are the most viewed Super Bowl ads on YouTube so far According to Google. 10. Newcastle __ 9. Mercedes __ 8. Buzzfeed + Friskies __ 7. Snickers __ 6. BMW __ 5. Carl’s Jr. __ 4. Budweiser __ 3. T-Mobile __ 2. Bud Light __ 1. Nissan + Roman Atwood

  • 11 Amazing Airbnbs You Can Rent In Phoenix For The Super Bowl

    The teams have been decided, and the Super Bowl is quickly approaching. But if you’re planning on making a trip to Phoenix for the game, don’t assume you’ll be able to get a hotel room. Officials expect a whopping 100,000 fans to visit the area for the game on Feb. 1, and average daily hotel rates have risen by 89%. Lots of Seahawks and Patriots fans are turning to Airbnb as an alternative — according to Airbnb data, nearly two and a half times as many people as usual are making reservations in the Phoenix area. The earliest Airbnb reservations for Super Bowl weekend were made a year ago, in January 2014. But even if you didn’t plan that far ahead, there are still some amazing rentals available in the area.

  • 23 Amazing Mind-Bending Illustrations To Start off Your Week

    Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves has a funny style of art, his intricate painting basically tell your brain to go-fuck-itself. His work is known to twist your perception of reality, while telling multiple stories. Because of the paintings asymmetrical style, the view jumps from one perception to the other then back again, like a constantly changing optical illusion. Gonsalves’ interest in art began at an early age, which is why he became comfortable with painting such complex misdirections. He had experience with technique and perspective and architectural art by the age of 12, which is why his pieces portray an fluid amount of organic and structural objects. And so without further adieu, let your brain go derp.

  • Has Bud Light Gone Completely Insane? Check Out Their Full Super Bowl Ad Spot

    Bud light has lost it’s damn mind. In their latest installment of #UpForWhatever, Bud Light convinces a lucky guy to take his chances to see if he’s up for whatever. The dude enters a giant outdoor space and is then put in an enormous life-size Pacman game. As the man runs through the walls collecting points he’s chased by 6-foot Pacman ghosts, is finally caught and dies. We can’t be sure just yet, but if Pacman dies in the game, we’re guessing this guy died in real life. Bud Light killed a man for the sake of the Super Bowl. Advertising at it’s finest.

  • Amazing Ice Formations In The Harsh Michigan Winter [17 Photos]

    Think your winter has been tough so far? Just be thankful you don’t live in Michigan. Unless you do, in which case we feel very bad for you, because if these photos are any indication, Michigan is a frozen, uninhabitable, wasteland. Well, maybe not that bad. After all, some of the ice formations, captured by brave (or insane) photographer Mike Kline, are pretty cool, but we’d much rather appreciate Michigan’s frozen beauty on our computer screens than in real life. Is it just us or did you get colder by simply looking at these photos?

  • Street Artist Creates GIF Viewable From Space [Video]

    Street artist INSA is know for his GIF-ITI works where he photographs his street art as he slightly modifies it each step of the way in order to create an animated GIF. Recently he teamed up with Scotch distiller Ballantine’s and traveled to Rio De Janeiro to create a work of GIF-ITI that’s viewable from satellites orbiting the Earth. After four days, 576 man hours, and 57,515 square meters of paint, INSA and his team of 20 created the world’s largest animated painting. What have you done lately?

  • Tom Morello And Serj Tankian Cover “Crazy Train”

    In 1979, Black Sabbath fired Ozzy Osbourne and replaced him with Ronnie James Dio. But any doubts as to whether Osbourne could have a career without his bandmates were silenced when Osbourne teamed with guitarist Randy Rhoads and releases Blizzard of Ozz in 1980. The album was a huge success, eventually selling over 6 million copies. And much of the success was due to a song that would go down in heavy metal history, “Crazy Train.” A teenage Tom Morello studied Randy Rhoads’ riffs while learning guitar, calling Rhoads his favorite guitar player of all time. Morello would go on to superstardom with his bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Randy Rhoads was killed in a plane crash in 1982, but his legacy lives on. A group of some of the most talented musicians, including Tom Morello and System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian, have come together to record a cover album of songs cowritten by Randy Rhoads from his time with Osbourne and his earlier years with Quiet Riot. And of course, “Crazy Train” is one of the tracks on the album. Check out “Crazy Train,” featuring an incredible solo from Morello starting at 2:43, streaming on more »

  • Artist Creates Neon Signs For Famous Fictional Businesses [9 GIFs]

    Boston-based artist and designer Alejandro Smal has decided to help out famous fictional businesses with their advertising by creating these great neon signs. Each GIF showcases a business from a movie, such as Terminator’s Cyberdine, or TV show, such as Breaking Bad’s Better Call Saul and A1A Car Wash. To be honest, we can’t really see most of those gigantic, evil conglomerates advertising via neon signs, but Saul Goodman’s fits him quite well. Be sure to check out more work from Alejandro at Behance.

  • New York City Aerial Photography Never Disappoints [16 Photos]

    Photographer George Steinmetz has gained worldwide acclaim for his incredible aerial photography of the world’s deserts. He’s published three books featuring photos of the Sahara, Gobi, and Death Valley captured from his motorized paraglider. Lately, however, Steinmetz has done a complete 180, turning his lens on one of the world’s most urban landscapes–New York City. Steinmetz spent the last year traveling by helicopter around the city, capturing a bird’s-eye-view of all four seasons. The photos will be compiled into a book, New York Air, to be published later this year. Keep up with the project and other great aerial shots by following George Steinmetz on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Can You Spot The German Sniper Pointing a Gun Directly At You? (8 Photos)

    Photographer, Simon Menner was put in touch with the German army in 2010 to see if they’d be interested in a then new idea of his called “Camouflage,” where he would put soldiers in rural settings where they’d blend in with their surroundings. The images turned out so profound they ended up going viral. Menner arranged two separate shoots, one in a “boring” forest in northern Germany with soldiers who were young and inexperienced. The second shoot, in the German Alps, was done with a group of elite soldiers. “I found it quite interesting to work with soldiers who had been ordered to follow my instructions,” Menner told Slate “I tried to be as respectful to them as possible, but nothing of what I told them was questioned in any way.” Menner tells Slate in an email regarding people who question the authenticity of the photos, “First of all, it is real,” he wrote. “Whoever has doubts about that should contact the German Army. There were snipers present in every single shot and they were in fact, ordered to aim at the camera, so they could see me, even though I was almost never able to see them. The professional training they have more »

  • A Brief History Of Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber Impression

    With a pitch-perfect spoof of Justin Bieber’s grey-toned attempt to wear big-boy pants in the #MyCalvins ad campaign for Calvin Klein, Kate McKinnon once again proved why she is a Saturday Night Live rock star. But while the CK ads may be the best example of McKinnon’s Bieber impression, she’s actually been grabbing attention with it for a little more than a year, so I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the evolution of Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber transformation.

  • This Australian Floating Getaway Bachelor Pad Can Be Yours for a Night

    Set 130-feet above the sea and Australia’s Fairhaven Beach, The Pole House is a stunning free standing luxury beach house that’s obviously one of a kind. Already known as one of the most iconic homes in Australia, the house is the perfect spot for a unique occasion if you’re down under. The floating house was also recently renovated with a modern setting and ambiance adding to the luxurious experience. The house now features brand new interiors, with floor-to-ceiling retracting glass walls to take full advantage of the sweeping sea vistas from Aireys Inlet to Lorne. Picture yourself waking to the sound of the crashing waves before opening your eyes to find yourself suspended above the most amazing coastline in the country. Stay here for anywhere between $359-980 per night.

  • Haunting Portraits of 70s New York Punks [15 Photos]

    Located in TriBeCa from 1978-1983, the Mudd Club was the place to hang out for musicians and artists in the punk and no wave scenes. Debbie Harry, David Byrne, John Lurie, Betsey Jonhson, Nico, and Jean-Michel Basquiat all hung out at the popular nightclub. In 1979, photographer William Coupon gathered some local punks for his first formal portrait series. Check out the photos, featuring club performer Klaus Nomi, in the gallery and see some of the celebrities and world leaders Coupon would go on to photograph at Behance.

  • 10 Songs Inspired By Martin Luther King Jr.

    It’s great that we have a day off today, but instead of wasting it away by partying (or recovering from partying during yesterday’s games), why not learn something about why we have the day off? Check out these 22 Astounding Martin Luther King Jr. Facts That You (Probably) Didn’t Know then listen to these 10 songs inspired the man who we celebrate today. And maybe you’ll find the motivation to go out and do your part to make the world a better place.

  • WhiteAlbum, An App That Returns to the Simplicity of Disposable Cameras by Removing Editing from the Equation

    WhiteAlbum is a new iOS app that aims to return users to the relative simplicity of disposable film cameras by removing in-phone digital picture editing from the process. When 24 pictures are taken with the app, they’re sent off to the company, which processes, prints and ships them. Unlike other apps, the images isn’t saved to a digital picture roll or uploaded to the cloud.  

  • What Would Elvis, Hendrix and Other Fallen Rock Stars Look Like If They Were Alive Today?

    The tragic stories of promising musicians gone before their time is one we’ve seen too often. Sachs Media Group put together a series of detailed renderings of some of history’s best musicians who passed on at an early age. Elvis, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix are a few of the renderings below of great rock stars if they were alive today. Elvis Presley , 80 Source: Alcadehotel Source: SachsMedia Born: Jan. 8, 1935; Tupelo, Mississippi Died: Aug. 16, 1977; Memphis, Tennessee The undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, of whom John Lennon once said “without Elvis there is no Beatles” died in 1977 at age 42. Kurt Cobain, 47  Born: Feb. 20, 1967; Aberdeen, Washington Died: April 8, 1994; Seattle, Washington Lead singer and guitarist for Nirvana. Keith Moon, 68 Source: TheFaustoRocks Born: Aug. 23, 1946; London, England Died: Sept. 7, 1978; London, England Considered one of the best drummers of all time, as well as one of the wildest on and off stage, the former Who member died in 1978 at age 32. John Lennon, 74   Source: Fanpop Born: Oct. 9, 1940; Liverpool, England Died: Dec. 8, 1980; New York, New York The Beatles frontman died in 1980 at age more »

  • Yung Jake Is A Master Emoji Artist

    Usually if emoji are used together, it’s in a string to convey a message like hi-tech hieroglyphics. But now there’s a new tool, emoji.ink, that allows users to create larger works of art using only emoji characters. Think of it like the rubber stamps on Kid Pix that you’d use to create your masterpieces on the Macintosh in elementary school computer class. Artist and rapper Yung Jake is an early adopter of the new art form and has already become an emoji master with his inventive portraits. Check out his work in the gallery, including an incredible tribute to A$AP Yams that was posted today, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @yungjake for more great artwork.

  • Vintage Portraits Surreally Colorized

    Romanian photographer Costică Acsinte began his career as volunteer war photographer during World War I a century ago. After the war, he continued to work as a photographer, first with other well-known photographers in Bucharest, then in his own studio, opened in 1930, until his retirement in 1960. His portraits of both Romania’s soldiers and civilians are now available for all to enjoy on Flickr. Contemporary photographer Jane Long stumbled upon the Acsinte collection and decided to retouch the vintage portraits. But rather than simply colorizing the photos (which she did brilliantly), Long opted to place the subjects in surreal situations. The result is a pastiche of vintage stolid portraiture and inventive whimsy. Check out more from the series and purchase prints at Jane Long Photography.

  • 11 Sizzling Hot Tubs Worthy of Dan Bilzerian [Photos]

    The dog days of winter have us slouched up against the ropes and we’re tired of fighting it. So to combat the icy grip of the polar vortex we’re partnering up with Hot Tub Time Machine 2 to give a lucky student a chance to win the prize of all prizes, you’re very own ginourmous hot tub party, not just ginourmous, but the world’s largest. All you have to do is submit your best party photo and once we’ve ensured it’s you, you’re one step closer to hot tub glory. And their ain’t no glory, like hot tub glory. Use the hashtag #hottubtimemachine2party or go to HotTubMovieParty.com to submit your best photos. To get this party started we’re going to provide you with the absolute best hot tubs around the northern United States, and maybe even Canada if they’re feeling lucky, that you can visit during the winter of 2015.

  • 11 Classic Paintings Recreated With Food

    Sure, classic paintings are great to look at, but if there’s one complaint I often overhear at galleries and museums, it’s that they just don’t taste good. I once licked Marc Chagall’s I and the Village during a particularly famishing tour of the Museum of Modern Art and I must say, it tasted awful. Also, there was a hair and I can’t be sure if it was from Marc Chagall or the brush, but it certainly turned me off of eating anymore surrealist works. But now it appears as though I may have to take another shot at eating great works of art. Russian food photographer Tatiana Shkondina has taken the paintings of Van Gogh and Magritte and recreated them using a variety of delicious foodstuffs, arguably a better choice of medium than the oil paints of Chagall’s vile-tasting paintings. Hopefully other artists will take note, and lead poisoning via art ingestion will be a thing of the past.

  • All of This Year’s Oscar Nominees Have One Thing in Common

    Column Five + Viasge teamed up to create a clever graphic surrounding the most recent Academy Award nominations for actors and actresses. The graphic was created in the wake of backlash after widely acclaimed Selma, centered around Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights struggle, received but two nominations, for best picture and best song. Director Ava DuVernay, who could have made history as the first female African-American director nominee, was shut out. So was her much-touted star David Oyelowo. This all coming after last year’s triumphant success of director, Steve McQueen and his interpretation of 12 Year’s A Slave. Column Five’s simple, but clever interpretation of this year’s nominees is a blatant message toward the lack of diversity chosen by this year’s panel of judges, which shows every nominated actor in Lead and Supporting categories — 20 actors in all — is white. Food for thought.

  • The True Colors Of Classic Greek Sculptures Are Shocking

    We grow up believing that classical Greek and Roman sculptures were boring works of unpainted stone or bronze. Even movies that are set thousands of years ago present those eras is the way we see them today in museums. But the fact is, artists of the period had access to pigments and technology can now give us a good idea of just what colors were used. Using ultraviolet light to view invisible remnants of pigments, archaeologists are able to create full-color reproductions of classical sculptures from the Greek and Roman masters. And the results show us that those artists didn’t have the best taste. Those artists must not have had much to work with back then because these colorized sculptures seem more like something your grandma would paint at the senior center rather than the classic works they are. Now that we know how garish these statues were, how about we go back to pretending they were unpainted masterpieces.

  • Hunter S. Thompson’s Illustrator, Ralph Steadman Draws Breaking Bad Characters

    Breaking Bad’s limited-edition Blu-ray set just announced a nice surprise to sweeten the pot, Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, teamed up with illustrator Ralph Steadman, the illustrator for of Hunter S. Thompson, for an original take on the show’s characters. Six characters were illustrated to create six different covers, representing each season of the show. Starting in February, these exclusive collectibles will be available for purchase. They will only be sold by Zavvi at $30 each. Although the Gus ‘The Chicken Man’ Fring edition have already sold out for season four, the rest are still up for grabs. Pre-order yours now.

  • The Insane True Story of a Lion Living With a Family in 1969

    All you can do is shrug your shoulders and say “Hey, man it was the ’70s”. So the story goes in 1969 couple Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall, both actors, were in Africa when they came across a full pride of lions in an abandon house. The couple took a liking to the majestic pride and were so moved, they decided to produce a film advocating conservancy of the big cat species. During the films early research period, the couple was instructed by animal experts to spend as much time as possible with the giant predators to learn how to deal with them on screen. So the couple decided to go all “Daniel Day Lewis” and adopt a lion to live with them. In their home. With their children. The following photo series depicts a rarely seen look at Neil the Lion and his adopted family Tippi, Noel and Melanie (Griffith, yes, that Melanie Griffith). From the looks of the series the 700lb beast seems to be pretty domesticated, putting it’s mouth around children’s frail body’s, raiding the fridge and being used as a pillow by the family. Some images show a young Melanie Griffith playfully spitting pool water at Neil, more »

  • The Most Decade-Specific Words in Top Billboard Song Titles Will Shock You

    And the most common word in a Billboard song title this decade is… You’re not going to be happy about it. David Taylor looked for words in Billboard song titles that appeared during a given decade more than other decades. Then he charted usage for the top five of each decade, going back to 1890. The chart is made up of five different columns, the first being decade, second is word, third is keyness, an estimate for how much the word is unique to the decade followed by the word’s maximum frequency and the fifth shows a contour breakdown of a specific word through it’s significant decade. The words with relatively high keyness values will show peaks at and around the red bars, in some cases words like “you” and “U” are obvious and more common throughout the past three decades, while shocking words like “F*ck” “Hell” and “Die” take the bottom three of five spots of the past five years. A drastic change since 100 years ago when “Home” “Land” and “Old” took those same spots or dare we say the 1970s when “Woman” “Disco” “Rock” “Music” and “Dancin” we’re what people were talking about in their music. What the hell have we more »

  • Updating 14 Classic NFL Logos

    The National Football League was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. Over the last 95 years, as the league grew and teams moved around, it only makes sense that team logos would change. Illustrator and graphic designer Rene Sanchez dug up these vintage logos, some of long-forgotten teams such as the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees, and gave them new life with this collection. But Rene didn’t just stick to NFL teams. Head over to Rene’s Behance portfolio for NCAA, NBA, and MLB logos of yesteryear, too. Our favorite has got to be Buffalo’s 1940s AAFC logo featuring Buffalo Bill Cody riding a buffalo. Can we get a MoveOn petition to bring it back?

  • Coloring History: Stunning GIFs That Add Color To Vintage Photos

    Black and white photos reimaged in color is one of the most fascinating processes on the internet. It’s literally undeniable to see before and after images and not be completely awestruck. Dutch website NSMBL recently published a collection of very intriguing GIFs that show vintage photographs being colorized—as colors are gradually added to these images, showing a rough cut of the before and after process.

  • Tilt-Shift Video Of Norway Looks Like Tiny Toy World

    We can’t get enough of the fantastic, toy-like worlds created with tilt-shift photography. And “The Little Nordics,” a time lapse, tilt-shift video of Iceland and Norway from Damp Design, is one of the best we’ve seen. The footage was shot using Panasonice GH3 and Canon 7D and 650D cameras then the tilt-shift effect was added in post. For some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, check out Damp Design on Facebook.

  • Long Lost Drawings From The Set Of 2001: A Space Odyssey

    When Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered in 1968, it was like nothing anyone had seen before. With its deep, philosophical story, 2001 proved that space films could be more than B-movie fare with green-faced martians and toy ray guns. Of course, ever the visionary, Kubrick knew that he was making a classic all through the film’s production, which is why he insisted on hiring two artists rather than photographers to document the production. Whereas photographers usually capture photos before or after filming, artists could draw the action as it occurred. One of the artists hired in 1966 was 29-year-old Brian Sanders. His incredibly detailed drawings remained unpublished for over 30 years before being uncovered by The Independent Magazine in January of 2001.