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#TBT With The Most Bizarre Tobacco Ads Of All Time

Although tobacco advertising is tightly regulated these days, there was a time when tobacco companies ran commercials and sponsored shows on TV; ran print ads in just about every publication; gave out gear emblazoned with their logos; sponsored concerts and other huge events; and advertised their names wherever they could…

native ad

The Science of Success Behind Native Advertising

With the internet and means of viewing content is changing drastically everyday, advertisers need to think differently, more organically and cohesively with content creators. The internet age consumes roughly 100,000 words per day, according to a 2009 study, yet display ads have astonishingly low clickthrough results, leading scientists to believe…

pepsi vs coke

Pepsi Slams Coke In New Ads [Video]

Everyone knows that Pepsi and Coca-Cola are always competing for our affections. However, it’s not often that the two soft drink brands go after each other directly in their advertising. But this summer, Pepsi wants to make sure you know that you can win tickets to thousands of concerts by…