• Geico Just Tricked Us Into Watching An Entire Commercial

    Does anybody really watch commercials these days? Thanks to DVR we can escape them on TV and most Internet ads can be skipped after a few seconds. Geico realizes this, which is why they made this ten-second commercial that has already said everything it needs to before you can skip it while waiting for a YouTube video of a monkey pleasuring himself with a frog. But if you don’t immediately skip it, it keeps going. And it’s entertaining. And we just got tricked into watching an entire commercial. Hmm…I suddenly have the urge to change my car insurance. And eat spaghetti.

  • Western Corporate Logos As Chinese Neon Signs

    Through TV commercials, billboards, print ads, and so much branded merchandise, we are constantly inundated with corporate logos. Even before we can read, we recognize the Mickey Mouse ears of Walt Disney and the golden arches of McDonald’s. And once we can read, we don’t actually need to read the logo, recognizing the design and color scheme without any thought. Artist and designer Mehmet Gözetlik addresses this fact with his series “Chinatown” where he recreates 20 iconic western brands as neon signs in Chinese. We have no idea what these signs say, just as over a billion in people in china can’t read the English versions, but we still know exactly what brand is represented. Be sure to check out more studies in design and branding from Mehmet Gözetlik at his website.

  • The Top trending Super Bowl ads on YouTube According to Google

    This Sunday’s Super Bowl is gearing up to be one of the most anticipated games in history. With Vegas putting the spread at just 1 point, the game itself is sure to not disappoint. The ads however, can be hit or miss. The past few years the millions of dollars spent on these commercials have fell a little short. And wierd. This year’s commercial teasers have already proved that we’re in for a treat. From puppys, to pranks to Kardashians, here are the most viewed Super Bowl ads on YouTube so far According to Google. 10. Newcastle __ 9. Mercedes __ 8. Buzzfeed + Friskies __ 7. Snickers __ 6. BMW __ 5. Carl’s Jr. __ 4. Budweiser __ 3. T-Mobile __ 2. Bud Light __ 1. Nissan + Roman Atwood

  • Has Bud Light Gone Completely Insane? Check Out Their Full Super Bowl Ad Spot

    Bud light has lost it’s damn mind. In their latest installment of #UpForWhatever, Bud Light convinces a lucky guy to take his chances to see if he’s up for whatever. The dude enters a giant outdoor space and is then put in an enormous life-size Pacman game. As the man runs through the walls collecting points he’s chased by 6-foot Pacman ghosts, is finally caught and dies. We can’t be sure just yet, but if Pacman dies in the game, we’re guessing this guy died in real life. Bud Light killed a man for the sake of the Super Bowl. Advertising at it’s finest.

  • Watch The Finalists For Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Commercial This Year

    This year, Doritos has narrowed down their Super Bowl commercial search to a lucky ten YouTubers for not only immediate stardom, but a cool $1 Million plus a movie gig at Sony. The ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ contest always brings in a cooky, quirky, yet clever feel to the over-hyped, over-budgeted commercials of the rest of the big game’s lineup. calls on the public to create their Super Bowl commercial for such illustrious prizes as $1 million and a slick movie gig at Sony. The Crash the Super Bowl contest always produces some quality work, but this year’s finalists have outdone previous years. We’ve given you some of our favorites, but go to Crash The SUper Bowl to watch all 10

  • Samsung Evokes Iconic Artists to Promote New Camera’s Portrait Feature

    Samsung has released a series of brilliant ads for their new NX mini camera. The ads feature 3 of the worlds most iconic artists in history, using their self portraits to convey the camera’s selife feature. Ad Agency Leo Burnett of Switzerland created the series to highlight the The NX mini and it’s a 3-inch flip-up display and interchangeable wide-aperture lens, the perfect camera for a “self portrait”. Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Albrecht Dürer are the three iconic artists using the NX mini and it’s wide-aperture lens.

  • The Colbert Report Studio Gets The Google Maps Treatment

    Stephen Colbert is saying goodbye to the stage that made him the star he is today, after writing for the Daily Show since the mid 90s, Colbert got his own desk on the Colbert Report, which has been a voice for young adults in America since it’s launch. Colbert will be taking over David Letterman’s slot as a late night host, but not before one last good bye. In collaboration with The Colbert Report, Google Maps Business View is giving a 360-degree virtual tour of The Colbert Report studio. Business view hopes to continue their Google Street success, by giving virtual tours of restaurants and stores around the globe.

  • This Outrageous Underwater City Is Realistic According to this Japanese Developer

    An underwater city capable of sustaining human life in the middle of the ocean might seem like a concept only seen on the silver screen, but is actually quite attainable. This according to Japanese development group Shimizu Corp, who’ve recently released renderings of their geometric glass dome, which would sit floating in the abyss of the ocean tethered to the ocean floor by a spiral that would essentially mine energy from the earth via methane-generating micro-organisms and thermal energy conversion. The dome (in theory) would be self sustaining, gaining it’s energy from the earth and would have capabilities to ascend and descend via it’s spiral. The entire project would only take about 5 years to build, but the technology won’t be readily sustainable for another fifteen years. But time isn’t the only hurdle Shimizu has to face, the project is estimated to cost around $25 billion, which in 2029 money equals ¥2.94 Trillion (assuming China takes over the world by then) Shimizu Corp while thinking the idea is totally attainable by then is no stranger to outrageously progressive ideas such as moon bases, floating botanical cities, and an elevator to space, which they have created in the past.

  • English SuperMarket Ad Already Wins Most ‘Feels’ For Holiday Season

    English grocery store chain, Sainsbury has already won all “the feels” for the holiday season. In a recent advertisement made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, Sainsbury captures a moment inspired by real events from over 100 years ago, commemorating an extraordinary event that took place on Christmas Day, 1914, an infamous day in the midst of World War I, when conflicting sides of combat came together, put down their weapons and shared gifts, even played soccer on the battlegrounds. The chocolate bar featured in the ad is on sale now at Sainsbury’s. All profits (50p per bar) will go to The Royal British Legion and will benefit our armed forces and their families, past and present.

  • Tim And Eric Made A Totino’s Commercial And Now We Need An Adult

    Totino’s Pizza Rolls, which no adult has actually ever eaten sober, thought it would be a good idea to hire Tim and Eric for their latest ad campaign. The comedic duo, known for oddball commercials for fake products like the Poop Tube, would not be most people’s first choice to direct an actual food commercial. But then again, Totino’s Pizza Rolls would not be most people’s first choice for food. We’ve got to hand it to them, they did manage to keep the gross out level to a minimum while also introducing such inane Totino’s accessories as the feminine mini backpack, pizza chess, pizza roll love package, and pizza roll launcher. Watch the commercial below then head over to Totino’s Living and see if you can figure out what the hell is going on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the urge to eat pizza rolls and listen to punk rock.

  • Cheeky New Movember Ads Reminiscent of Romance Novel Art

    It’s November again, you know what that means, Mustaches galore. Since our patron saint and founding father, Teddy Roosevelt wore the bushy lip hair better than anyone else in history, we condone the act of growing one in order to raise money for prostate cancer. Ad Agency, BBDO Toronto just took Movember to the next level by mimicking cheesy romance novel cover art, but replacing the shirtless studs with regular men with horrific looking mustaches accompanied by the headline “Be A Hero”, predicating wearing a mustache and raising money for a month makes you a hero.

  • Retro Posters Urge New Yorkers To Visit New York

    New Yorkers already have pretty much everything they could want in New York City, so it only makes sense that the perfect travel destination to advertise to them would be…New York City. The newest campaign from NYC & Company, “See Your City,” urges New Yorkers to visit places in the city they may be missing out on. It’s easy to become comfortable in your own borough and get into a routine that never allows you to see the rest of the city. So check out these great places that are just a train or ferry ride away. And because many of these spots are a bit out of the way, you won’t have to worry about mobs of tourists buying M&M’s by the bushel in Times Square because apparently they don’t have candy anywhere else in the world. For more info on these destinations and other hidden gems, check out See Your City.

  • This Commercial Is An Incredible Ski Film

    Filming athletes in LED suits is all the rage right now, and we’re just fine with that. It makes for awesome video and which what Philips was hoping for when they teamed with Swedish agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren and filmmakers Sweetgrass Productions to create “Afterglow,” a short film to promote Philips’ color-backlit Ambilight televisions. The 12-minute long video was filmed at Golden Alpine Holidays in Aleyska, Alaska. The slopes were lit up with brilliant colors while the team of professional skiers wore suits comprised of thousands of LEDs. This is the sort of advertising we can really get into.

  • We Can’t Stop Watching This Japanese USB Lighter Commercial [Video]

    A couple years ago, Jii, a Japanese company that produces a lighter that is powered via USB charge, became Internet famous for their bizarre commercial. But like most things on the web, we quickly forgot about it. But apparently Jii is still a thing and they’re still producing wacky commercials. This soccer-themed cartoon is impossible to figure out (what does soccer have to do with smoking?) but we can’t stop watching it. We don’t even smoke, but for some reason we have been hypnotized into desiring this device.

  • Virgin America’s 6-Hour Flight Sim Video Is Oddly Entertaining

    Virgin America has just come up with the greatest way to advertise their low-fare, but high-quality coast-to-coast flights—with a 6-hour video simulating your flight on one of the other airlines. This Bunuel-tinged epic features long shots of the back of the seat in front of you, annoying neighbors, and pushy flight attendants. It’s frightening how real it is. There are even a few dream sequences to give the film an avant-garde touch. Seriously, if this isn’t deserving of a Criterion Collection release, I don’t know what is. How many years do you give it before it’s playing on loop at the Museum of Modern Art?

  • 14 Movies Recreated With Stock Footage [Video]

    Stock footage company Dissolve put together this clever video to illustrate just how varied their library of footage is. Using only stock footage, they were able to recreate 14 popular movies, including “Titanic,” “Top Gun,” “Babe,” and “The Shining” in just two minutes. It’s a novel approach to advertise a useful but not particularly exciting service.

  • Your Favorite Classic Music Videos Are Retroactively Getting Product Placement

    Since their inception, the main purpose of music videos was to promote the artist. They were advertisements for the record first and foremost, but they also offered artists the chance to express themselves in a visual manner not possible with a CD. They may have been ads in that sense, but they still had artistic value of their own as a visual medium. But now, the line between music video and advertising will be blurred much more, and change will apply to videos that have already existed for years. Universal Music Group has entered into a three-way partnership with in-video advertising technology company MirriAd and ad agency Havas. Music videos from UMG’s huge stable of superstars will now feature advertisements of Havas clients via MirriAd’s software that transforms bare walls and other surfaces in the background of the videos into billboards. The technology has already been used in Aviici’s video for “You Make Me.” Using MirriAd, Havas was able to insert advertisements for their client Grand Marnier. You can see the post-production product placement in the before and after shots below. As giant record companies find themselves more and more irrelevant in their traditional roles of production, promotion, and distribution more »

  • Brands Shred Apple on Twitter over iPhone 6 #Bendgate

    Incase you live somewhere where the iPhone 6 hasn’t all but announced global domination, there’s a few new issues with the phone you should know about. First off is the issue with iOS 8 and it’s software malfunctions causing some phones to completely lose service, the next a serious hardware malfunction causing phones to bend and break. As expected Samsung, HTC and LG have all taken to twitter to throw jabs at the brand for it’s questionable hardware. But it doesn’t stop there, other brands have begun to join in digging in to what we’re now calling #bendgate. Curved. Not bent. #GALAXYNoteEdge pic.twitter.com/OTPIYlI07f — Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) September 25, 2014 Our phone doesn't bend, it flexes…on purpose. #bendgate pic.twitter.com/d1DudxDQgf — LG USA Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) September 24, 2014 Designed to withstand the most demanding environments. Like your pockets. #HTCOneM8 — HTC USA (@HTCUSA) September 24, 2014 We don't bend, we #break. #bendgate #iPhone6plus pic.twitter.com/uippCg4kCi — KITKAT (@KITKAT) September 24, 2014 Dear Apple… #BendGate pic.twitter.com/XJ8zVEUog9 — Heineken NL (@Heineken_NL) September 25, 2014 Some things are better when they're bent. #BendGate #iPhone6Plus pic.twitter.com/7w4MN3PULu — Chex Mix (@ChexMix) September 24, 2014 WARNING: Whataburger WILL bend if left in your pocket. #bendgate pic.twitter.com/wXcUpfVFoS — Whataburger® more »

  • A Definitive Ranking of 25 Derek Jeter Commercials

    Sure, Derek Jeter is a fine player and it’s sad that he’s retiring form the Yankees, but baseball wasn’t the only place where Jeter left his mark. Since becoming a superstar athlete, he’s also had a long career starring in TV commercials. While others are focusing on Jeter’s defining moment on the field, New York Magazine has take on the tough job of ranking his commercials. And I guarantee there will be more than a few that you forgot about but you’ll be happy to see again.

  • Weird Facts About 5 of the World’s Most Famous Logos [Link]

    We love when brands have a great logo, but many times the stories behind the logo are even more interesting than the logo itself. But with so many iconic brands existing long before us, the origins of their logos often remain unknown. But now the truth is out! “TM: The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos” tells us the stories behind those instantly recognizable logos. Get a sneak preview with these 5 tales from branding lore.

  • Jean Claude Van Damme is the New “Chuck Norris”

    Jean Claude Van Damme is taking his retro-action hero awesomeness into contemporary relevance and making a lot of money doing it. With Chuck Norris paving the way for ’80s/’90s action stars to break back into the limelight with ChuckNorrisFacts, a blog dedicated to making the karate star a larger than life mythical being, the ‘Norris’ brand become a pop-culture beast. Sprinkle in a cameo in “Dodgeball” and there it was; satirical retro awesomeness. Van Damme realizes this and his “satirical-retro-awesomeness” self worth, so why not capitalize? Last year, JCVD used his skill set to send him into viral infamy with his Volvo ‘split’ campaign and another GoDaddy campaign, this year he’s become Coors Light’s sleeveless denim tuxedo wearing, mountain top exploring, ice sculpting hero in a series of over-the-top commercials. With the internet just being the internet, Van Damme has also found himself as the subject of a series of “just because GIFs” most include him getting groovy, and one include him punching a snake.

  • Art Director Creates a Series of Brilliant Soccer Kits For Advertising Agencies

    Brazilian art director Bruno Leo Ribeiro took his passion and love for soccer and created a series of kits inspired by some of the largest ad agencies on the planet dubbing it “Advertising FC“. Ribeiro then took one of the largest clients each agency represents and branded the jersies as the lead sponsor for each club, for example Ogilvy and + Coca-Cola, DDB + Volkswagon and Chiat Day + Gatorade. Interestingly and ironically enough he chose not to pair Weiden + Kennedy with Nike, their largest client and manufacture in a majority of soccer kits around the world. Bruno also paired every agency with an all-star creative who would sport the number 10, the number commonly used for a team’s franchise player. Chairman and Global Director of TBWA\Worldwide Lee Clow sports the number 10 for Chiat/Day. Clow is known for co-creating Apple Computer‘s 1984 commercial which launched the Apple Macintosh and the “Think Different” slogan for Chiat/Day. Check out the entire series at the Advertising FC Tumblr.

  • The Fashion Sense Of Historical Figures As Imagined By A Suit Company In 1916

    Nowadays you think nothing of deceased celebrities modeling modern-day clothes. Not a day goes by where Marilyn Monroe or some other star of yesteryear pops up anachronistically in an advertisement. You may think this sort of crass commercialism is a new idea, illustrating our continuing devolution, but the fact is, dead folks have been used in ads for years! When it comes to making a buck, businesses have never shied away from using the likeness of a recognizable, and quite dead, face. In 1917, Chicago’s Royal Tailors thought they would add an air of class to their fine suit collection by dressing historical icons like George Washington and Robert E Lee in their wares. The result is an entertaining booklet humorously titled “If They Came Back For Easter Sunday.” The drawings from the booklet are below, but to get the full effect, you can view the accompanying descriptions at Archive.org.

  • Watch How Artists Create Giant Advertising Murals [Video]

    Some of the most impressive works of art along the streets of New York City are the advertising murals promoting new movies or video games. Whereas most ads are simply giant printouts of digital creations, these murals are still hand-painted the way sign-writers have been doing for ages. New York City’s Colossal Media is the largest hand-painted mural and outdoor advertising company in the world, creating impressive works throughout the country. Check out this video and see the team in action as they create murals advertising the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. You will never again look at these awesome creations the same way.

  • Confusing Collection Of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Asian Commercials [Video]

    Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 67 yesterday, and to celebrate, let’s take a look back at his career…in Asian television commercials. It’s best to not try to figure out what’s going on in these ads, lest you suffer a schizoid embolism a la Quaid in “Total Recall.” Also, we guarantee you’ve never seen someone so excited over eating Cup Noodles as Arnold here.

  • The Most Overused Buzzwords of 2014 as Told by ‘Stock Photo’ Scott

    Since the dawn of the Madison Ave ad age buzzwords have been as important as integrating after work drinks with epic expense accounts. With the help of a dozen anonymous influencer friends at game-changing disruptive marketing, advertising and PR agencies we pulled together this list of the most overused buzzwords that drive PR, advertising and marketing pros simply crazy. We’ve called upon “Stock Photo” Scott to act out the literal meaning of each overused office buzzword to present the most epically robust buzzword list of 2014. Let’s circle back in a few and try it again after the dust settles. If this list relates to you at all share it with your friends and tell us the words that we missed on twitter using the hashtag #buzzwords.

  • Startling Ad Campaign Shows The Divide Between Rich And Poor

    Photographer Oscar Ruiz worked with Publicis Mexico on an ad campaign called “Erase the Differences” which casts a light on the inequality in Mexico City. The 4 aerial photographs illustrate the stark differences between the way of life for the rich and poor in Mexico, despite the fact the two groups are living right next to each other. The rich can try to hide the poor behind trees and walls, but ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. The campaign aims to spread awareness on the need for community redevelopment in the country where half the population lives in poverty. Now that the issue has been brought to light, what will be done?

  • Sing “O Canada,” Get Beer [Video]

    A while back, Canadian beer giant Molson made the news when they placed fridges full of beer across Europe that could only be opened with a Canadian passport. Now the fridges have found their way back home to the Great White North but those crafty Canadians have still found a way to ensure only fellow Canucks will be able to open them. This time the refrigerators can only be opened by thirsty folks who can sing “O Canada,” a song known only to Canadians and hockey spectators. Wait, will it work for the French version? Won’t someone think of the Quebecois?

  • NFL Teams As Corporate Logos

    People like to complain how professional sports are becoming an overly corporate affair, but these logo redesigns take that notion to a whole new level. Artist Brandon Hubschman has remixed all 32 NFL team logos using elements from some of the most recognizable corporate logos. Some are bit obvious and uninspired (Jaguar/Jaguars? boring) but others are pretty awesome (Raid/Raiders? YES!). Check out more of Hubschman’s artwork, including lots of NFL-themed projects, at Behance.

  • Newcastle Imagines A British Controlled USA With “If We Won” [Video]

    Newcastle, whose brilliant online Super Bowl campaign about how good their commercial would have been if they could afford it, is working on what will probably be another great series of ads. “If We Won” imagines a world where Britain won the Revolutionary War with Stephen Merchant, of HBO’s uncomfortably funny (and unfortunately cancelled) “Hello Ladies,” explaining the benefits of being a part of the British Empire. Watch the first video below, then keep up with the series at If We Won.

  • 15 Clever Paper Representations Of Classic Films

    Spanish design studio Atipo recently helped graphic production house Minke launch their new paper gallery with a project called “Papers for Characters.” Using only the different papers offered by Minke, Atipo cut or folded the paper in creative ways to represent classic films. Each piece is deceivingly simple yet extremely clever. The bullet holes of “Bonnie and Clyde,” the shower curtain of “Psycho,” the blinds of “Rear Window”—all are represented here using just pieces of paper. Which one is your favorite?

  • Watch this Beats by Dre “The Game Before the Game” Spine Tingling World Cup Commercial

    Beats by Dre commercials have come out of the corner swinging. Giving ad-spot-king Nike a run for their money, the audio company has collaborated with Neymar Jr., Bacary Sagna, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Blaise Matuidi, Cesc Fàbregas, Daniel Sturridge, Chicharito, Jozy Altidore, Luis Suárez, Mario Götze, and Robin van Persie to the tune of “Jungle” by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons. The theme is set around athletes as they prep for a big game. Neymar Jr. sets the tone with a motivational conversation with his father telling him to “Run like it’s the last day of your life”, then the shots are exchanged between players an fans across the world ritualistically preparing for a match.

  • McDonald’s New Mascot As Horror Movie Villain

    Last month, McDonald’s introduced their new happy meal mascot named Happy. The anthropomorphic happy meal box features big eyes and even bigger teeth and looks like he’s going to get revenge on all the children who have eaten the happy meals that came before him. Taking note of Happy’s horror movie potential, online custom design marketplace DesignCrowd asked for horror movie posters with Happy Photoshopped in. 58 designers submitted their work and the winning entry received $200. Our favorites are below (Tremors being the best, obviously), but you can check out the others at DesignCrowd. Who do you think should have won?

  • The Makings Of A Great Logo [Link]

    A well-designed logo is one of the most important aspects to having a successful business. The logo is often the first thing a potential customer sees and it’s often what they remember about your business. Logos set the tone for your company, so you’d be wise to be careful when it comes to designing one. Here are six questions to ask yourself when your designing your company’s logo to help steer you in the right direction.