• What Would Elvis, Hendrix and Other Fallen Rock Stars Look Like If They Were Alive Today?

    The tragic stories of promising musicians gone before their time is one we’ve seen too often. Sachs Media Group put together a series of detailed renderings of some of history’s best musicians who passed on at an early age. Elvis, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix are a few of the renderings below of great rock stars if they were alive today. Elvis Presley , 80 Source: Alcadehotel Source: SachsMedia Born: Jan. 8, 1935; Tupelo, Mississippi Died: Aug. 16, 1977; Memphis, Tennessee The undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, of whom John Lennon once said “without Elvis there is no Beatles” died in 1977 at age 42. Kurt Cobain, 47  Born: Feb. 20, 1967; Aberdeen, Washington Died: April 8, 1994; Seattle, Washington Lead singer and guitarist for Nirvana. Keith Moon, 68 Source: TheFaustoRocks Born: Aug. 23, 1946; London, England Died: Sept. 7, 1978; London, England Considered one of the best drummers of all time, as well as one of the wildest on and off stage, the former Who member died in 1978 at age 32. John Lennon, 74   Source: Fanpop Born: Oct. 9, 1940; Liverpool, England Died: Dec. 8, 1980; New York, New York The Beatles frontman died in 1980 at age more »

  • The Most Decade-Specific Words in Top Billboard Song Titles Will Shock You

    And the most common word in a Billboard song title this decade is… You’re not going to be happy about it. David Taylor looked for words in Billboard song titles that appeared during a given decade more than other decades. Then he charted usage for the top five of each decade, going back to 1890. The chart is made up of five different columns, the first being decade, second is word, third is keyness, an estimate for how much the word is unique to the decade followed by the word’s maximum frequency and the fifth shows a contour breakdown of a specific word through it’s significant decade. The words with relatively high keyness values will show peaks at and around the red bars, in some cases words like “you” and “U” are obvious and more common throughout the past three decades, while shocking words like “F*ck” “Hell” and “Die” take the bottom three of five spots of the past five years. A drastic change since 100 years ago when “Home” “Land” and “Old” took those same spots or dare we say the 1970s when “Woman” “Disco” “Rock” “Music” and “Dancin” we’re what people were talking about in their music. What the hell have we more »

  • New Orleans Jazz Fest 2015 Announced

    Don’t let the name fool you, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival isn’t strictly a jazz show (although there’s plenty of that, too). With such diverse headliners as The Who, Elton John, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, No Doubt, Jimmy Buffett, Pitbull, Keith Urban, John Legend, Ed Sheeran, T.I., and Chicago, there’s something for everyone at the festival, taking place over two weekends between April 24 and May 3. Of course, if you’re a fan of New Orleans natives, there’s plenty of them on the bill, too. Dr. John, The Meters, Allen Toussaint, Aaron Neville, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band are just a few of the local greats who will be there. And as far as big-name music festivals go, the New Orleans Jazz Fest is still one of the most economical options around. Advance tickets start at just $58 for single-day admission. For more info, including ticket options, check out New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

  • Hip Jazz Redesigns Of Classic Metal Album Covers

    If you’ve never experienced the classic jazz albums of the 50s and 60s from record companies such as Verve, Blue Note, and Columbia, head over to your grandparents’ house, pretend to care while they complain about their hammer toes, then search through their record collection for “Time Out” from the Dave Brubeck Quartet or “Getz/Gilberto” by Stan Getz and João Gilberto (everyone that age owns at least one, if not both, of those albums (like 90s kids and Green Day’s “Dookie”)). You’ll not only find great music, but incredibly hip artwork on the cover. Complementary colors, font you would expect to see on a poster for a Hitchcock film, and maybe an abstract painting–all the makings of a great jazz album cover. Brazilian artist Rafa Melandi took this classic jazz aesthetic and applied it to metal albums. Although the music contained in these iconic metal albums is just as good as those old jazz records, their artwork has not aged so well. The macabre and violent imagery that was so shocking to moms decades ago has now become a bit hokey. Melandi attempts to remedy that by transforming the metal covers to the jazz style in his collection “Metazz.” Check more »

  • Siberian Parody Of “Shake It Off” [Video]

    Zloi Mambet is from a Siberian rural community in Russia and he is proud of his roots. In an effort to show off the people and places he loves so much, he’s been creating parody videos of pop songs. In his latest video, the Siberian Weird Al tackles Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” It’s weird and fun and pretty awesome to see people and places most of us would never even think of seeing.

  • Governors Ball 2015 Lineup Announced

    It’s that time of year when all the music festivals announce their lineups and you look at your post holiday shopping checking account balance and cry. Yesterday we heard about Coachella’s lineup and today we have news of New York’s summertime fest, Governors Ball. Featuring headliners like Drake, The Black Keys, and Deadmau5, the festival also offers up some rare acts like Bjork and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Even Weird Al Yankovic will be there! Tickets go on sale Friday at noon for Governors Ball, taking place June 5-7 in New York City. So, who are you looking forward to seeing?

  • The 20 Most Anticipated Rap Albums of 2015 Including The Kanye & Paul McCartney Collabo

    As 2014 went to shit, the year’s hip-hop went from boisterous to indignant—from club bangers like those off of YG’s DJ Mustard-influenced My Krazy Life to angry truth-spitting on Run the Jewels’s critically adored Run the Jewels 2. The link between the year’s top hip-hop albums was not in subject but in decibel: everything sounded like it was turned up to the max. Yet in a year where the genre’s music was so loud, hip-hop’s superstars were notably quiet. Of the 11 rappers named on Kendrick’s “Control” verse, for instance, only three, J. Cole, Mac Miller and Big K.R.I.T., released an album or mixtape in 2014. The year’s biggest event was Outkast’s reunion tour, in which the duo played the hits. What does hip-hop’s top dogs’ 2014 dormancy mean for 2015? Well, if the New Year’s Day release of Kanye and Paul McCartney collaboration, “Only One,” portends anything, it’s that hip-hop fans have a lot to look forward to this coming year—even if the music is a bit more toned down than last year’s hits. Here are 20 hip-hoppers who have given us reason to believe that the year of the goat could be hip-hop’s G.O.A.T.

  • Coachella 2015 Official Spotify Playlist

    Now that the line-up is out, so is the official playlist on Spotify. There are a ton of awesome bands you probably don’t know year performing so whether or not you’ll be attending Coachella, throw the playlist on shuffle and let it burn.

  • The Rockin’ Playlist That Forced Noriega To Surrender 25 Years Ago

    In December 1989, American forces invaded Panama in an effort to oust dictator Manuel Noriega. Noriega and his top advisors fled to the Vatican embassy, where any American invasion would violate International Law. Despite pleas from American leaders, the Vatican refused to turn over Noriega. So the United States turned to psychological warfare with a little help from rock and roll. A perimeter of speakers was constructed in an effort to blast music and drive the deposed leader insane. The speakers were set to broadcast the Southern Command Network, the American military radio network in Central America. The SCN wasn’t initially aware of the operation, and played Christmas music for the first two days. But on December 27, the PSYOPS team called in and alerted the station of the speakers. And the requests started rolling in. The Vatican complained to President Bush and the music was stopped three days later. But by then, the bizarre plan had already garnered worldwide attention and was cemented in pop culture. On January 3, 1990, Noriega finally surrendered, thanks in part to the hilarious playlist below. Huh, so The Georgia Satellites serve a purpose after all…

  • Classic Album Covers Come Alive In This Incredible Music Video

    With the death of music television, it seems like music videos have returned to being nothing more than promos for the artist rather than the unique visual art form they were in the 80s, launching the careers of filmmakers like Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry. But outside the mainstream, there are still creative folks creating groundbreaking videos. For the video for his track “Mayokero,” Roy Kafri teamed with Israeli artist and director Vania Heymann. The result is an amazing video where classic album covers come to life an sing along to Kafri’s track. Watch the video and the “making of” below and see how Heymann transformed his friends into Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Prince, and more.

  • Jack Black And Punk Supergroup OFF! Fight A Bear In Hilariously Exciting Music Videos

    Poor Keith Morris. The former Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman just wanted to go skydiving on his 59th birthday with OFF! bandmates Dimitri Coats and Steven McDonald. But while the skydiving coach, played by Jack Black, is explaining the safety measures, Steven’s acid kicks in, setting off a cataclysmic series of events. The first video, with a cliffhanger ending, was released last week while the exciting conclusion dropped today. Check out both videos below and get the new OFF! album, “Wasted Years,” at iTunes for $10.

  • World’s Highest-Paid Musicians 2014 [Link]

    The top 10 earning musicians made over $1.4 billion combined last year. Almost half of that came from number one on the list, Dr. Dre, whose payout from Apple’s purchase of Beats helped him earn $620 million, way more than anyone else on the list. But who are the other top earners in music? Check out the list of the 30 highest-paid musicians in 2014 to find out.

  • Jack White Transforms Your Android Into A View-Master

    Jack White is always looking for ways to innovate. Earlier this year, the “Ultra LP” of his Lazaretto vinyl featured tracks at three different speeds, dual-groove technology that played different versions of songs depending on where the needle drops, hidden tracks beneath the labels, and even a hand-etched hologram. So what could he do next? Yesterday White released his Third-D app for Android. Using the Google cardboard VR headset, viewers are immersed in 3D stereoscopic videos of “Freedom 21″ and “Ball and Biscuit” recorded at a recent performance at Fenway Park and “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” recorded at a recent Red Rocks show. The Google Cardboard works like an old View-Master toy, where two images come together to form one three-dimensional image. And to add to add to the immersive experience, the music has been recorded in Dolby Atmos. Learn how to build your own headset for your 5″ or 6″ Android device at Google Cardboard then download the app from Google Play.

  • This Megadeth Medley Is Insane [Video]

    In 1983, Metallica fired original lead guitarist Dave Mustaine due to his drug and alcohol abuse and replaced him with Kirk Hammett. Metallica went on to super-stardom with Hammett, but Mustaine has done pretty well with his band Megadeth, too. Over the past 30 years, Megadeth has sold over 50 million albums and solidified their place as thrash metal gods along with Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer. Over the years, Mustaine has continued alienating band members left and right, most recently losing a drummer and lead guitarist last month. But good news, Dave! This dude knows every Megadeth song. And he can play all 160 in chronological order as a bitching 20-minute medley.

  • How Often Do People Watch Gangnam Style For It To Break YouTube’s Counter? We Did The Math

    Big news today as Psy’s annoyingly catchy “Gangnam Style” broke YouTube’s view counter. Back when the streaming site was developed, nobody really thought a single video could break the highest number in 32-bit computer code, 2,147,483,647, so nobody worried about it. But then Psy came along in July 2012 and by the end of that year, his video had reached the 1 billion mark. Surely interest in the silly song would wane, right? Somewhat, but not enough to stop the video from reaching 2 billion views then quickly surpassing the counter’s maximum. Google has worked on the issue and now when you hover your cursor over the counter, you can watch a little bit of math magic in action. At the time of this writing, it’s at 2,152,639,484. That’s a pretty big number, so let’s break it down to get an idea of some averages. The video has existed for 871 days. 2,152,639,484 divided by 871 is about 2,471,457. So on average, that’s how many times the video has been viewed each day. Dividing that number by 24 gives us about 102,977. That’s how often, on average, it’s viewed per hour. Now if we divide by 60, we get about more »

  • Get Your Christmas Party Started With This Mixtape From Diplo And Friends

    When it comes to finding some Christmas music to dance to at your holiday party, your choices are pretty slim. Sure, we all love Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas (don’t deny it, it’s the best-selling Christmas album of all time), but you won’t get people twerkin to “All I Want For Christmas is You.” To solve this dilemma, electro-dance-pop genius Diplo, the man behind Major Lazer, has gathered his friends form his Mad Decent label to produce this mixtape, A Very Decent Christmas. The tracks mix familiar Christmas tunes with danceable beats that will get the booties shaking. Hell, I’m dancing right now in my chair just listening to it. So far, our favorite track is Splurt’s “#OMW2SYG (Xmas Version).” There’s something magical about hearing “swiggity swooty, I’m coming for that booty” over “Frosty the Snowman.” Stream the full mixtape below via Soundcloud.

  • Just Hangin’ With American Authors in NYC

    The American Authors recently traveled down to New Orleans to shoot the new music video for their song “Luck.” Since our friends at AXE Hair are the be-all, end-all source for killer hair style right now the Authors asked them to team up with the production and pass along some of their style tips to lead singer Zac Barnett. Judging the cool look he’s got in the video it paid off. Furthermore, to celebrate the launch of the music video the American Authors and AXE Hair invited us out to Best Buy Theater in Times Square to see what sound check is all about, hang back stage before the show and top it all off by watching their sold out show away from the rabid crowd in the VIP section. A photo posted by Stephen Gebhardt (@stephengebhardt) on Nov 11, 2014 at 1:53pm PST Lead photo via charged.fm

  • Wu-Tang Reveal They’re Paid on a Hierarchy Tiered Scale

    The Wu-Tang Clan has always been split into two sets of members. The select few members who’ve gained success with their solo career and everyone else. Rattle off the members of the clan who you actually know and name’s like Raekwon The Chef, Method Man, GZA, The RZA, and Ghostface will come to mind. Masta Killa, and U-God… Not so much. Which is why their payment system on their collaborative work is tiered. That’s right, The Wu-Tang Clan is a hierarchy. In a recent series of interviews with Hip Hop DX on their new album, A Better Tomorrow, the group confirmed that there is in fact a tiered system to their payout. Although members in the upper echelon of the system can fluctuate, there is definitely a varying amount throughout the group. In a recent interview group leader RZA noted “I think it came from a third party, one of our solo managers maybe. But when it penetrated I was like, ‘Yo, that really don’t make no sense.’ In that case just give me the most money … But as far as me going along with it, I was like, ‘Yo, I’ll put myself on a lower-tier and y’all could more »

  • This Batman 12″ May Be The Coolest Vinyl Ever

    Batman: The Animated Series was one of the greatest adaptations of the DC Comics character and if you were a ’90s kid, chances are you watched the show every afternoon at 4:30 on FOX. It’s hard to imagine the show premiered over 20 years ago, but it did and we’re all old now. However, we can feel young again while we listen to this incredible 12″ vinyl from Mondo. The bat-shaped 45 features the Danny Elfman composed main theme on Side A and the end credits on Side B. Although the shape looks like it would kill the needle on your turntable, it’s totally safe to play since the one-minute song presumably doesn’t extend far from the middle. Unfortunately the vinyl won’t ship until next year, but you can preorder the single in black or black with gray splatter from Mondo for $25. And we’re sure nobody would complain about the late Christmas gift.

  • Visualize Sound Like Never Before In This Cymatics Video

    Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration, usually through a thin coating of particles or liquid over a vibrating membrane—and every time someone makes a video illustrating the phenomenon, it’s a hit. Recognizing the wow factor of these cymatics demonstrations, musician Nigel Stanford teamed with NYC-based filmmaker and VFX artist Shahir Daud to combine a ton of the sound visualizations for this incredible music video. And it also happens to be the first single from Stanford’s new album. Check out the video below then see how all the experiments were performed at Cymatics.

  • Michael Shannon Tortures Michael Shannon In New Deerhoof Video

    Michael Shannon, known for playing Nelson Van Alden on Boardwalk Empire and General Zod in Man of Steel brings his intense creepiness to Deerhoof’s new video for “Exit Only” off La Isla Bonita. In the video, Shannon portrays two men sitting opposite each other at a table. One Shannon tortures the other in twisted, violent ways until Deerhoof guitarist Ed Rodriguez breaks in through the wall and saves the day. It’s all very bizarre and entertaining plus it’s a damn good song. And it’s nice seeing Shannon after the end of Boardwalk Empire. Check out the video and get the album, available now from Polyvinyl.

  • Bruce Springsteen Auctioned Off A Homemade Lasagna Dinner

    We New Jerseyans have trouble with agreeing with each other on many subjects. Phillies, Mets, or Yankees? Giants, Jets, or Eagles? Taylor ham or pork roll? But there’s one thing we all agree on—Bruce Springsteen is awesome. Proof of the Boss’s greatness was offered on Wednesday night at Stand Up For Heroes, a comedy and music concert in support of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which helps military service members and their families after they return home. Not only did Springsteen play a five-song set, he also auctioned off a package that included a guitar with a one hour lesson, a ride in the sidecar of his motorcycle, and a homecooked lasagna dinner at his home. Two such packages were auctioned off for $300,000 each. At the end of the night, $1 million was raised—over half of which came from Springsteen. Oh, and as someone from Ocean County, the answers to the above questions are Mets, Giants, and pork roll. Source: Yahoo

  • A Medieval Belarusian Band Covered Metallica And It’s Awesome

    Medieval folk band Stary Olsa recently covered Metallica’s classic “One” using authentic medieval Belarusian instruments. The result is something that would fit perfectly into Game of Thrones. The only downside is that they stop at the “machine gun” part of the song, which is when it really starts to kick ass. And is it just me, or does the singer look like one of Fred Armisen’s characters from Portlandia?

  • A Lisa Frank Sticker Adorned Love Letter From A Young Katy Perry And Other Bizarre Music Memorabilia Is Up For Auction

    On Friday, November 7, you can bid on a whole bunch of bizarre music memorabilia at Julien’s Live. Some of our favorites from the huge lot of 720 items are in the gallery, including a love letter from a 10-year-old Katy Perry that is covered in Lisa Frank stickers and Liberace’s “Stars and Stripes” get-up—perfect for Independence Day galas. And for those of you who are feeling especially creepy, Beyonce’s bra from the “Run” trailer is also up for auction. Personally, I’m hoping to win Elvis’s TCB sunglasses. I bet they smell like sweat and cheeseburgers!

  • 15 Photos To Remind You That Debbie Harry Is A Punk Rock Goddess

    From the mid-70s to the early 80s, Blondie and especially lead singer Debbie Harry were stars of New York City’s Lower East Side. Hanging with hip artists like Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat while playing shows at CBGB and Max’s Kansas City, Blondie was one of the coolest bands around. Their music combined elements of punk, disco, reggae, new wave, and even rap and the face of the group was the beautiful Debbie Harry. Bandmate and occasional boyfriend Chris Stein captured hundreds of photos of Harry over the years and recently published a collection in honor of the band’s 40th anniversary entitled Chris Stein / Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk. You can check out some of Stein’s photos below and get a copy of the 200-page book from Amazon for $39.

  • Die Antwoord’s Star-Studded New Video Is Insane

    South African rappers Die Antwoord are no strangers to controversy. Their over-the-top performances and perpetuation of the “zef” counterculture has flummoxed music journalists for years. Are Ninja and Yo-Landi really these fabulously trashy rappers or is it a performance art piece that just happened to explode? Who cares? They’re definitely entertaining and the music attracts many who don’t usually listen to the genre. To showcase their increasing popularity, Die Antwoord recruited some famous friends for their new video, “Ugly Boy.” Jack Black, Flea, Marilyn Manson, Dita von Teese, and Cara Delevingne all appear in the strange video, with lots of the sex and violence we’ve come to expect from the group. And it also looks like Aphex Twin himself, Richard D James, makes an appearance in an afro wig and blackface. First all the talk about 9/11 conspiracies in recent interviews and now blackface? What the hell is going on, Aphex Twin?

  • Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 in Austin, TX: A Beginners Guide To Everything You Need To Know

    Since moving to Austin, TX, I’ve come to realize a few things. Here, tacos are elevated to an artform, everyone has a dog and a tattoo sleeve, and festivals are a dime a dozen. Though you’ve most likely heard of Austin City Limits and SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest is a not so well- kept secret here in Austin. To further the cause, I’ve taken it upon myself to write a completely subjective preview to this year’s festival. What Is Fun Fun Fun Fest? Fun Fun Fun Fest, a Transmission Events Production, began in 2006 became a leading independent festival for music lovers and music makers in the United States. According to the website, “Now in its ninth year and recognized as one of the most relaxed, creative, and pioneering festivals in music today; Fun Fun Fun Fest is custom booked for the most passionate, underground, and progressive musicians, comedians and fans around the world.” This year it is November 7, 8, and 9. Doors are at 11am each day. The festival begins at 11:30am and ends at 10pm each day. How Do I Get Tickets? You can buy single day passes, 3-day passes, and VIP passes on the website. more »

  • Iconic Concert: U2 at Glastonbury 2011

    In 2011 U2 battled the elements and performed a headlining set at the the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom. Nearly 100,000 fans sang along at the festival and upwards of three million fans watched at home on TV breaking many BBC viewership records.

  • Music Video Extraordinaires, OK GO Top Themselves With New Robotic Scooter, Drone Video

    There are music videos and then there are OK Go music videos. Ever sicne stepping on the scene with their “treadmill” video, they changed the game forever. In a world where music videos aren’t looked at in the same echelon of coolness as they once were when MTV actually played music, OK Go refuses to give up the lost art. “The Writing on the Wall” came next as they used optical illusions in their one-shot video playing with the eyes and minds of viewers, now they call upon robotic scooters, drones and a sea of Japanese women to assist them in a video that trumps everything else they or any other artist has made specifically for a piece of music. Mission accomplished, the catchy hook of “I Wont Let You Down” is embedded in my brain for the remainder of existence.

  • Aphex Swift Is Our New Favorite Mashup

    When we initially heard about a Taylor Swift/Aphex Twin mashup, we figured it would just be some hip joke. It’s a funny idea, but there’s no way it could work. We were so very wrong. Cartoonist and professional pencil sharpener (no joke) David Rees created an album of 8 Taylor Swift/Aphex Twin mashups called Aphex Swift. Rees believes that many of Aphex Twin’s melodies are just as saccharine as any pop music, so what better way to showcase this than by mixing the music with Swift’s vocals? The result is incredible. Our favorite is the “Mean”/”Flim” mashup, “Why You Gotta Be So Flim.” Now to wait for the “Windowlicker”-esque video wherein Richard D James’s creepy face is superimposed on Taylor Swift’s body…

  • Thirty-Three-Hit Wonder [Link]

    Billy Joel’s first album came out over 40 years ago and he hasn’t released a new pop album in over 20 years, but the Piano Man is still going strong. Catch up with the 65-year-old performer in this New Yorker interview at his Long Island home before a Madison Square Garden performance last month.

  • The Truth Behind Iconic Album Covers. Sort of.

    Back in the days of CDs and vinyls album covers we’re just as important as the music inside of them, triggering a melody and feeling after growing cose to some of your favorites. Each piece of cover art was meticulously created to portray a message to the masses, but today, with digital downloads taking the majority of sales for bands, album cover art is all but lost. Aptitude takes a look at some of the most iconic album covers over the years and puts their own spin on them by revealing ‘the bigger picture’. From quirky reveals to future happenings, from Justin Bieber to The Beatles, click the album covers below and reveal all.

  • 10 Must-See Bands At CMJ 2014

    Next week, more than 1300 bands will play shows all around New York City during the 5-day 2014 CMJ Music Marathon. With shows going on all over the place, all day long, it can be tough to figure out who to see. But instead of becoming overwhelmed and hiding at home all week, let this list serve as a starting point for what you should check out. We tried to showcase some bands from all different genres, too, so you have an idea of all the different music that awaits you.


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