• Behind the Scenes of The Beatles Iconic Abbey Road Crossing [11 Photos]

    The cover photo for The Beatles’ Abbey Road album is looked at as one of the most celebrated photos of the music industry. It was in the midst of a time of rebellion, change and revolution and the Beatles voice was at the forefront of it all. On August 8th, 1969, around 11:30 that morning, photographer Iain Macmillan was given only ten minutes to take the infamous photo as he stood on a step-ladder while a policeman held up traffic, which was based on a sketch by Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney’s concept sketch “In the scene, the group walk across the street in single file from left to right, with Lennon leading, followed by Starr, McCartney, and Harrison. McCartney is barefoot and out of step with the other members. With the exception of Harrison, the group are wearing suits designed by Tommy Nutter. To the left of the picture, parked next to the zebra crossing, is a white Volkswagen Beetle motor-car which belonged to one of the people living in the block of flats across from the recording studio. After the album was released, the number plate (LMW 281F) was stolen repeatedly from the car. In 1986, the car was more »

  • The Best Part Of Eurovision That No One Is Talking About [Video + GIFs]

    Since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has unified European nations without the need for a fascist ideology. Apparently it’s broadcast in The United States but since we don’t compete, we don’t really care. However, this year the contest has been making headlines all over the world after drag queen Conchita Wurst was declared the winner over the weekend. It’s great that she won, she did a fine job and her beard is much better looking than anything we could grow. But with that being said, we here at RSVLTS HQ feel that other performers have been overshadowed by the media attention given to Conchita Wurst. For instance, the Polish duo Donatan & Cleo performed “We Are Slavic” and once the butter churning and vigorous laundering began, we could feel our Slavic pride swell. And we’re not even Slavic!

  • Throw Chains At Women In Bizarre New Game From Kanye And Future

    To promote their new single “I Won,” Future and Kanye West have released this creepy videogame. In it, you play as Future and Kanye, relaxing on the beach, waiting for fine ladies to walk by. So you can throw gold chains at them. And turn them into trophy wives. Actual trophies. And you get more points for the amount of style you utilize in your assault. There’s also a link to purchase the album, but after playing the game for a few minutes, you’ll probably be sick of it. Do you think this is how Kanye wooed Kim in real life?  

  • Musicians With Doctorates [Infographic]

    Think that popular musicians are lucky to be where they are, because without their hit records, they’d just be hard-partying dummies? That might make you feel better about yourself, but it’s just not true. This infographic presents the musicians who found the time to get their PhDs while selling millions of records and touring the world. Apparently, punks are especially smart. Although, to be fair, James Lilja left The Offspring in the 80s. Of course, honorable mention would have to go Dexter Holland of The Offspring who was a PhD candidate for molecular biology before deciding to focus on the band. Jeez, and I failed at college AND being a musician.

  • 20 Reasons Why Danzig Is Suing Jerry Only Over Misfits Merchandise

    Former Misfits lead singer Glenn Danzig is suing Jerry Only, the only original member remaining, claiming Only agreed to merchandising deals without Danzig’s consent. Danzig claims that the band entered into an agreement in 1994 to share ownership of the band’s trademarks, including the popular skull logo. In 2000, Only re-registered the trademarks in his own name and entered into merchandising contracts with apparently anyone who would pay him. Since then, the world has been overrun with such inane Misfits merchandise as skull gloves, bobbleheads, lunch boxes, shirts with Marilyn Monroe wearing Misfits shirts (so meta!), and even baby clothes. Sure, plenty of bands have baby clothes among their merch, but those bands probably don’t have songs that begin with “I’ve got something to say/ I killed your baby today.” Let’s just hope Danzig is looking to end this merchandising madness and is not just looking for his piece of the pie.

  • 51 Seconds of The Wu-Tang’s Secret Album Released

    In a secret room of The Royal Mansour hotel, Morocco lies a ground breaking box for the entire music industry. Their newest album, a top secret project only for the ears of the highest bidder. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is The Wu-Tang’s newest album and they’ll only be releasing 1 copy. Forbes’ Zack O’Mally Greenburg sat down with album producer, Cilvaringz in the Moroccan hotel room where the album was produced to listen to 51 seconds of the album. The result was a classic hook by one of the Clan’s most gifted lyricists, Ghost Face Killah. A classic Wu-Tang style sound from the days of 36 Chambers, angry and unfiltered, with a hook from the likes of… Cher…? Take a listen and wait for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

  • 20 Vinyl Art Portraits Of Artists Painted On Their Hit Records

    Artist Daniel Edlen combined his art education with his love of music to create Vinyl Art. These lifelike portraits are made using only white acrylic paint applied directly to old vinyl records. The white paint on the black vinyl background gives the images depth and shadow that seem impossible to achieve with just a single color of paint. This is just a small sampling of Edlen’s creations, with many more available to view on his Facebook page. Many are also available to buy. Check out which ones are currently on sale at Daniel Edlen’s Square Market.

  • Examining The Vocabulary Of Hip Hop Artists

    Shakespeare is often considered to have had the largest vocabulary ever, with 28,829 different words used throughout his entire body of work. But how does that number compare with various hip hop artists? New York City-based designer, coder, and data scientist Matt Daniels wanted to find out. He examined 35,000 lyrics from different hip hop artists (about 3-5 albums worth of material) and compared their vocabularies with 35,000 words of Shakespeare from 7 different plays and the first 35,000 words in Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick.” The results are pretty incredible, and people who have little knowledge of the genre may come away with a newfound appreciation. Check out the interactive infographic and see how your favorite artists compare at The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop.

  • Surreal Behind The Scenes Look At Swedish House Mafia As They Perform 253 Gigs in 15 Countries

    Over the course of 2 years director Christian Larson followed Swedish House Mafia to 253 gigs in 15 countries to produce this fascinating documentary that gives us a behind the scenes look at one of the most popular acts in EDM history. The documentary , released in 2010 but still relevant today, starts with Swedish House Mafia in the studio with Laidback Luke working on “Leave the World Behind”, shows the creative process behind their mega hit “One” and concludes at Ultra Music Festival in 2010 premiering “One” .

  • Clever Headphones Ads Illustrate Your Favorite Musicians

    Popclik, a new headphones brand in the US and South America, wanted to launch their product with a fresh visual campaign. Y&R, out of Miami, came up with the idea to illustrate how headphones help you get lost in the world of the music you’re listening to while blocking out the distractions of the world around you. The unique style for each musician shows how much thought went in to each ad and hopefully the campaign will be successful so we can see more artists represented. Take a look at The Beatles, Bob Marley, Iron Maiden, and Madonna below and let us know which one is your favorite.

  • The Black Keys Get Preachy in their New Single “Fever”

    Fresh off their new album Turn Blue, Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney just released “Fever”, a mellow toned, organ howling song. The video, directed by Theo Wenner, is played out to be an infomercial for a preacher who’s got a fever. Auerbach gets very more and more animated as the song goes on, praising, jolting his hands in the air and even getting the audience involved in true old-religion fashion. The dynamic duo with the help of Danger Mouse recorded the heavy blues rock and psychedelic record in LA, Michigan and Nashville at Auerbach’s studio. 

  • The Elton John/System Of A Down Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted To Hear [Video]

    Much like peanut butter and chocolate, Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” and System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” are two things you would never think to combine. But just like those two jackasses in that old Reese’s commercial, you’ll be happy with the results. Neil Cicierega did a great job combining the two, especially when Serj Tankian sings “angels deserve to die” over Elton John’s “na na nas.” And be sure to check out more twisted humor from Neil Cicierega.

  • 20 Can’t Miss Performances From Coachella 2014 You Can Watch On YouTube

    1. Calvin Harris – Summer 2. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork 3. The Naked And Famous – Young Blood 4. The 1975 – Chocolate 5. Disclosure – F For You 6. Daughter – Youth 7. Disclosure – Latch 8. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share 9. MGMT – Electric Feel 10. Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream 11. Empire of the Sun – Alive 12. Capital Cities – One Minute More 13. Foster The People – Helena Beat 14. Foster The People – Best Friend 15. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love 16. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up 17. MS MR – Hurricane 18. AFI – I Hope You Suffer 19. Bastille – Things We Lost In The Fire 20. Bastille – Pompeii

  • 10 Albums You Have To Get On Record Store Day

    The seventh annual Record Store Day, celebrating your local music haven, is upon us tomorrow, April 19. Each year, more and more special releases are slated for the successful shopping holiday for music retailers. We’ve chose 10 of our favorites out of this year’s releases, but for a comprehensive list of everything coming out tomorrow, check out Record Store Day. No matter what you choose to buy, make sure to swing by your local independent record shop tomorrow and show your support.

  • Dad Photoshops Sons Onto Classic Album Covers [17 Photos]

    Awesome dad Lance Underwood takes pictures of his two sons, Taj and Amar, and Photoshops them onto classic jazz, hip-hop, and rock album covers. Not only do the kids get an amazing wardrobe out of the project, like tiny versions of the hip musicians they stand in for, they also will have the coolest photo album to share when they’re all grown up. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos at QT Albums.

  • Super Mario Theme Played On Wine Glasses And A Frying Pan [Video]

    YouTube user Dan Newbie makes incredible music by striking wine glasses filled with varying amounts of water to obtain different tones. His latest video, featuring 48 wine glasses and a frying pan for percussion, finds him performing the theme from the original Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game. It’s not a simple song and it leads to some impressive moments with multitracking of up to 4 wine glass parts. Check out more of Dan Newbie’s videos on YouTube.

  • JavHead Stole The Show At Coachella [42 Photos]

    Arcade Fire may have been the headlining performer at Coachella on Sunday but it was an oversized cutout that clearly stole the show. Javhead.com is our second favorite site on the internet so we decided to hit the print shop to bring JavHead along with us to the festival. We didn’t think many people would recognize JavHead but our crew couldn’t walk more than 30 feet at a time without getting stopped by someone asking if they could take a picture. We spent hours around the festival with JavHead in the air so there are probably more than a few people interested in what the hell it was all about. Hundreds of photos were taken and here are some of the best. If you haven’t visited Javhead.com do it NOW!

  • Lorde And Joan Jett Perform With Nirvana At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction [Video]

    Last night Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and, as custom dictates, performed a couple hits at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. “But wait,” you say, “Kurt Cobain has been dead for 20 years. How could they ever play live?” In this age of creepy hologram zombies of our favorite musicians of yesteryear, this could be a frightening prospect. But fear not, agèd grunge fan, for surviving members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear, opted to forgo holograms, instead choosing to perform with other talented vocalists. Lorde sang “All Apologies” and Joan Jett performed “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with the band. Although nobody can replace Cobain, they’re vocals were sufficiently gritty and anguished and the rest of the band sounded great. Also singing with Nirvana last night was Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark.

  • Iconic Concert: Nirvana Live at Reading 1992

    The remaining members of Nirvana visited Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about their time with Nirvana, the 20th anniversary of Kurto passing and their recent induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so it seemed like the perfect time to post this incredible video from their performance at the 1992 Reading Fest.

  • The Other Side Of Iconic Album Covers [21 Photos]

    Flickr user Harvezt has created a series titled “The Dark Side of the Covers” where he imagines what the reverse side of classic album covers would look like. Some, such as Mettalica’s “Master of Puppets” are an obvious continuation of the original image. But others show a more in-depth knowledge of the content portrayed, such as the inclusion of the guitar Zal Cleminson played when he first joined Nazareth seen on the back of “No Mean City” or the addition of Brian Epstein on the back of “Yellow Submarine.” For more covers and info on the each, check out Harvezt on Flickr.

  • 24 Iconic Albums That Are Now 20 Years Old

    April 8, 1994 was a pivotal moment for music of the 1990′s. It was the day that The Offspring released their pop punk juggernaut “Smash” and it was also the day that Kurt Cobain’s body was found at his home in Seattle. The entire year for that matter would have a huge impact on music for decades to come. Debut albums from Weezer, Nas, Outkast, Biggie, Hootie, DMB, and several others dominated the charts and collections like Bon Jovi’s “Cross Road” and the Lion King soundtrack are still relevant today. There is a good chance that many of these albums were the first CDs you ever bought. Looking at you Weezer “Blue” album, or what ever you are called. Take a flashback to classic 1990′s music by streaming the following 24 albums for free right here.

  • 12 Rappers As 17th Century Paintings

    Ever wonder what your favorite rapper would look like as a 17th century painting? Probably not. That would be a weird thing to ponder. Luckily, London-based artist Amar Stewart happens to be weird enough to think of such things and then execute the idea. New York folks might recognize his name from the theft at his debut solo show in NYC last month. Check out more of Amar Stewart’s work on his website and keep up with him on Facebook. You can also purchase his work in all sorts of different forms at his shop.

  • If Today’s Pop Stars Were In Retro Ads [21 Photos]

    Celebrities have always been open to endorsing pretty much anything as long as the price is right. It’s a long-standing tradition that still stands today, such as Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres’ line of baby clothes, Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman’s metal detector, and Nelly’s Pimp Juice. But what would contemporary stars look like in classic ads from the 50s and 60s? That’s where Paris-based art director David Redon comes in. His “Ads Libitum,” some of which are featured below, can be found on Tumblr and Facebook. He also has plenty of other projects to check out on Behance.

  • Hudson Project Festival Lineup Announced

    Announced last month, the inaugural Hudson Project is a music and art festival that will be held in Saugerties, NY from July 11 through 13. The official lineup was just announced with big-name headliners such as the Flaming Lips, Kendrick Lamar, Modest Mouse, and Moby set to appear. More than 85 artists will perform across 4 stages, including popular acts like Capital Cities, !!!, and Dr Dog. The event is being held at the same Saugerties farm as the famous Woodstock ’94 festival. Tickets go on sale Friday at 11 AM. For more info on the festival and the full lineup, check out the Hudson Project.

  • Michael Jackson Invented Anti-Gravity Shoes

    Everyone knows of Michael Jackson as the “King of Pop” whose singing and dancing made him the greatest entertainer in the world. But did you know he was also an inventor? When Jackson released the epic video for “Smooth Criminal” as part of his “Moonwalker” anthology film, his gravity-defying lean on the dance floor took the world by storm. Being a video, the stunt was done using wires but what if Jackson wanted to perform the extreme lean live on stage? Ever the consummate entertainer, Jackson, along with two designers, developed special footwear that dancers could lock into the stage to perform the signature lean. The patent, seen below, is now on display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. as part of the “Making Their Mark: Stories Through Signatures” exhibit. So the next time your performing a gravity-defying lean on-stage, give a little thanks to the man who made it all possible, Michael Jackson.

  • Wu-Tang Will Release One Single Copy of Their New Secret Album

    With dwindling sales and bootlegs taking over the music industry, artists needed to figure out a new avenue for turning a profit. The Wut-Tang clan may have just gracefully found a solution. They’re releasing one single copy. A limited (to say the least) one of a kind release of their new album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin will be sold to the highest bidder. The 31 track two disc set will be case in a virtually priceless hand carved nickel-silver box designed by the British Moroccan artist Yahya, whose works have been commissioned by royal families and leaders across the globe. A brilliant take on music identified as art. The reason why tangible art is so valuable is because of it’s exclusivity and rareness. Limit the release of a product and up the value. Case the product in a one of a kind box forged in the mountains of Marrakech, Morocco and you have yourself a priceless work of art. The price tag is already buzzing around the million dollar mark and as the hype builds so will it’s value. The trick is keeping the secrets of the album contained. Once the buyer has it, it’s up to them to keep it for more »

  • Pharrell’s “Happy” Works Surprisingly Well On Trombone [Video]

    If there’s one thing Christopher Bill’s 130 YouTube videos prove, it’s that he knows his way around a trombone. From classical to jazz to pop, he can do it all. And he doesn’t even need a band. His latest video is a cover of Pharrell’s infectious hit “Happy” made up entirely of trombone loops. What may seem like a goofy novelty is actually an amazing cover that you’ll want to hear more and more. Just listen to that rich timbre! And good news for all you fellow tromboners: Christopher’s arrangements are available on his website.

  • De La Soul Releases New Album As Free Download

    Last month, De La Soul offered a free download of their entire discography available for a short time in honor of their 25th anniversary, reigniting interest in the hip hop pioneers. Now the trio has released their new mixtape as a free download on BitTorrent. “Smell the Da.I.S.Y.” is a joint effort between De La Soul and deceased producer J Dilla. Instead of writing new lyrics, the group took some of their most classic lines and mixed them over 11 J Dilla tracks. The collection is sure to please old fans and, as a free and legal download, is a great chance for new listeners to get into De La Soul. Now go download your copy of the mixtape at BitTorrent.

  • Lollapalooza 2014 Line-up Announced

    Eminem, Kings of Leon and Outkast will headline of this year’s Lollapalooza festival at Chicago’s Grant Park. Other highlights of the line up include Arctic Monkeys, Calvin Harris, The 1975, Fitz & The Tantrums. The festival takes place August 1-3 and tickets are on sale now so jump on them while you can.

  • Photo Proof That Kanye West Is A Vampire

    The internet has no shortage of photoshop fails but the newest spread on Vogue featuring Kanye West using his iPad to capture a photograph of Mrs. Kardashian and their beloved child might take the cake. Let’s just start with that fact that Kanye West has no reflection which, we all know, is the number one sign that someone is a vampire. Gizmodo started a user generated thread where their readers point out all the photoshop flaws of the shoot and it’s taken on a life of it’s own. Let’s see if you can spot some of the best: