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Mary Poppins Goes Death Metal

Everyone went gaga over Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music at the Oscars on Sunday night, but we find this death metal tribute to Julie Andrews’ best role, Mary Poppins, to be much more entertaining. The music for the track was arranged, performed, and recorded…

1000 Forms of Fear-Sia

23 Album Covers Recreated With Paper Clips

In this messy, cluttered world, there is nothing we crave more than the awesome organizational properties of paper clips and the soothing simplicity of minimalist art. And thanks to Philippines-based digital artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo, we get both in a single gallery. Bernardo, whose mash-ups of magazine covers and classic…


Stream Fat Mike’s Pop Punk Musical

NOFX frontman and occasional depressing clown Fat Mike has composed a punk rock musical, Home Street Home. Fat Mike had help composing the project, about a runaway 16-year-old girl who finds acceptance in a “family” of homeless teen punks, from dominatrix girlfriend Soma Snakeoil and Avenue Q creator Jeff Marx.…