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Iggy Azalea Says The Lakers Suck

For starters, talk about the pot calling the kettle black here. Iggy Azalea is like one of the most lambasted people in the music world and she’s in the same industry as the chick who sang the Friday song all those years ago. “Did you watch last season?” she asks with a…


Watch Bugs Bunny Whip/Nae Nae (VIDEO)

“Bugs Bunny Kills murders the whip” — the title says it all. While Silentó is responsible for familiarizing America with dance moves “The Whip” and “The Nae Nae” — and leaving a crazy catchy chorus forever lapping my mind — no one gets down better than this guy in a…


Metal Band Channels Inner Simpson’s Character

Metal is a very interesting subculture. Sometimes, their message is very personal and touching while the music is essentially just ear-shattering screaming and drum beats. Other times, the music is kind of on the softer side while the message is about eating people and bathing in human blood. There’s also…


Is Spotify Ending Free Service?

When Spotify launched in the US in 2011, it was a huge hit with music streamers. Not only was it free, but you cold pick what you wanted to listen to! Over the years the free plan has lost features leading many users to upgrade to premium service for $9.99 per…