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Spotify Compiles Favorite Songs By City

While a number one song is a number one song across the nation — sometimes even across the world — there are certain tracks that are more popular in certain cities. Spotify recently created city playlists based on listener data. According to Spotify, these playlists do not track the top…

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Incredible Clocks Carved Out Of Records

If anything has ever shouted “Shut up and take my money,” it’s these clocks from Corey V’s High5Design that are made from old vinyl records. The records are expertly carved into the shapes of the iconic artists who recorded the albums. We’re not sure of the process involved, but if…


#TBT With The Top 10 Singles Of June 1995

Do you find yourself complaining about contemporary music only to dream of the halcyon days of the mid-90s, when you could drink a refreshing Josta and eat PB Crisps while listening to the undoubtedly great music on the radio? Well your memory may not be so accurate, because as this…