• Quiznos House Of Cards/Game Of Thrones Parody Makes For Strange Ad [Video]

    Quiznos was never known for their conventional advertising, as you may remember from those “we love the subs” commercials, and this current ad is no exception. Is it even an ad? Quiznos is mentioned briefly in one scene, but it’s mostly just a pretty good parody of House of Cards and Game of Thrones. With the troubled sub shop recently filing for bankruptcy, is this the sort of move that will turn them around? Who knows! But if the sandwich business doesn’t work out, they seem to have a good handle on producing funny videos.

  • Minimalism and Famous Quotes Make Quite the Couple [12 Photos]

    Toronto based designer Ryan McArthur has fused two things people love into a symbiotic series of posters. Minimalistic posters joined with quotes from some of history’s most brilliant minds done correctly is a true thing of beauty. McArthur illustrates each piece by hand before tracing in vector, adding some subtle grungy graphics and a red monotonous speech bubble citing the authors name. Although this isn’t the first and will definitely not be the last time an artist expresses famous quotes in their own likeness, McArthur’s style and minimalistic silhouetted approach is the key to his success in this series. Check out more of McArthur’s work on his blog DesignDifferent.ca Prints of these posters are available for purchase on Etsy.

  • Mesmerizing Macro-Photos of Bugs Covered in Tiny Water Droplets [9 HQ Photos]

    Ondrej Pakan, from Myjava, Slovakia has a unique specialty. She’s a photographer specializing in macro-photos of insects taken immediately after a rain storm. Pakan claims she gets drenched waiting for the downpour to subside, but when it does it’s all worth it. The photos feature a stunning take on an otherwise unseen fabric of nature. The surreal shots seem like something you’d see in a Pixar movie, but in that split second Pakan has to take his shot before the bug flies away shedding the droplets from itself, Pakan captures beauty in it’s rawest form.

  • “This Is a Generic Brand Video” Perfectly Sums up Consumerism Today

    A brilliant take on a poem identifying the ambiguity of the ad world was overlayed by footage of exactly that. Scientists in lab coats doing research, a perfect array of ethnic people in a professional workplace, pan away footage of the earth and people from a far away land working in their indigenous surroundings are a few of the generic shots you’ll see in adverts today, selling you who knows what. Dissolve, a stock footage company of all things, mocks its own business by dubbing in text from Kendra Eash’s advertising takedown “This is a Generic Brand Video.” with their own stock footage. Brilliant. “But we also do business in the U.S.A., Or want you to think we do. Check out this wind energy thing in Indiana, And this blue collar guy with dirt on his face. Phew.” Eash notes in her poem. While the video pokes fun at itself, it also gives a clear window to the advertisers who will continue to flood your brain with this stuff. And if they didn’t before, now they know exactly where to get that footage.

  • Photo Proof That Kanye West Is A Vampire

    The internet has no shortage of photoshop fails but the newest spread on Vogue featuring Kanye West using his iPad to capture a photograph of Mrs. Kardashian and their beloved child might take the cake. Let’s just start with that fact that Kanye West has no reflection which, we all know, is the number one sign that someone is a vampire. Gizmodo started a user generated thread where their readers point out all the photoshop flaws of the shoot and it’s taken on a life of it’s own. Let’s see if you can spot some of the best:

  • Kevin Connolly Plays Football With Russell Wilson On The Entourage Set, Breaks His Leg

    Money disputes couldn’t stop the Entourage movie from going forward and neither can Kevin Connolly breaking his leg reports deadline.com. The actor broke his left leg in two places Wednesday while playing football on set in L.A. with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, I’ve learned. The accident, which Connolly posted a pic of on Twitter on March 21, occurred while the cameras were rolling on the Warner Bros pic. (UPDATE 12:53 PM – According to a tweet from director Doug Ellin, the actor caught the ball.) Connolly immediately iced his leg, I’m told, and went back to work to do the next scene soon afterward. He showed up for work the next day, and production on the movie based on the long-running HBO Hollywood hustle series has not been interrupted at all. Super Bowl XLVIII-winning Wilson is set to make a cameo in the movie.

  • World Cup Posters 1930-2014 Reimagined

    New York-based designer James Campbell Taylor is a fan of the World Cup, but not always of the official posters for the event. Eschewing the overly corporate designs of contemporary posters, Taylor instead reimagined each of the 20 posters, opting to capture not only the feel of each event, but also the design aesthetic of the time period. The posters illustrate how much design has changed over 84 years while also showcasing Taylor’s knowledge and grasp of the art form. For more of his incredible work, check out Pennarello Graphic Design.

  • The Piano House Is A Musician’s Dream Come True [8 Photos]

    Looking for a quiet place to practice piano or compose your masterpiece with no distraction? Japan-based NI&Co. Architects have developed the perfect solution with their Piano House. Located in a quiet residential area in the city of Nagoya, the Piano House is a small, unassuming 7 by 15 meter purple brick structure that looks like little more than a nice shed. A sleek, timber-lined interior and spiral design help soundproof the house and there is just enough room for both a grand piano and an upright piano. Around the spiral corridor is a small kitchen and a bathroom, so you never need to leave. Unless you’re one of those people who find in necessary to sleep in a bed, I suppose.

  • 18 Famous Literary First Lines Perfectly Paired With Rap Lyrics [Link]

    RapPad is a site where you can get help composing raps and get ideas by entering a line you wrote, then allowing RapPad to generate the next line by pulling from its library of rap lyrics. The eggheads at Mental Floss used that feature to see what raps would come up for some of the most famous opening lines in poetry. The best has to be the Walt Whitman/Big Sean collaboration with “O captain, my captain, our fearful trip is done/Rolling in more green than a hole in one.” That’s Pulitzer caliber material, nam sayin’?

  • What Hamburgers Can Teach Us About Design

    Christopher Simmons and Nathan Sharpe of San Francisco-based design firm MINE™ believe that inspiration can be found anywhere, as long as you look for it. To prove this point, they’ve started work on the year-long project “The Message Is Medium Rare,” wherein they will eat one hamburger per week, review it, and then expound on the lesson learned from the experience. The reviews are brilliantly poetic, adding an air of haute cuisine to even the $2 burgers from In-N-Out, but where the project truly succeeds is with the lessons. They serve as a perfect summary of the dining experience with a touch of Zen guidance for all aspects of your life, creative or otherwise. So far, the project is 11 weeks in and shows no signs of losing steam. The creators also promise that a McDonald’s burger will eventually be reviewed, which should be a fun read. Keep up with the burgers at The Message Is Medium Rare and on Facebook. 

  • Patent Blueprints For Famous Inventions

    These exclusive blueprints inspired by real vintage patent drawings & illustrations are handcrafted in the Oliver Gal Artist Co. Studios in Miami, Florida. With over 100 prints and inventions to choose from, you’ll be able to decorate your entire man cave with patent prints of video game consoles, guns, cars and even cinematic prop prints like the 1992 Batman mask or the original drawings for Yoda. Each print comes in 3 varying sizes and range from $160-200 Oliver Gal Artist Blueprints

  • Kurt Cobain Is Alive And He Drinks Fruit Flavored Beer [Video]

    What do Bruce Lee, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Tupac, Marilyn Monroe, and John Lennon all have in common? You may think it’s that they all died tragically too soon, but Bavaria Beer would have to disagree. The Netherlands’ second largest brewer proposes that those stars are living on a secluded island, aging gracefully while drinking Bavaria Radler fruit-flavored beer. I’m a tad suspect of their choice of beverage, but the commercial is pretty funny, especially when Kurt Cobain gets a disgusting eyeful of an aged Marilyn Monroe.

  • The Melodic NYC Subway Project of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy

    James Murphy of LCD Sound System has always professed his love for New York City. So fifteen years ago, James set out to undertake a project of extreme measures. He set out to change the abysmal chime at the turnstile in NYC subways. If you’re familiar with the New York subway system then your ears have most likely grown deaf to the beeps, but not for Murphy, “Each turnstile emits its own beep, all of which are slightly out of tune with one another, creating a dissonant rubbing-Styrofoam-on-glass squeak in stations all around New York City,” his “Subway Symphony” project is now well underway and gaining steam quick. Murphy’s seeking to change each turnstile beep to a less annoying melodic chime that would harmonize down the row of ‘stiles. Recently the Metropolitan Transit Authority announced they’ll be updating their systems, having most turnstiles undergo renovations. A perfect opportunity for Murphy’s plan to take flight. Currently each one emits one of three high pitched beeps, alerting the blind if it is safe to proceed through the turnstiles. An official MTA spokesman commented on the Wall Street Journal’s story on Murphy’s efforts, noting the project seemed “Very Cool”, but it would take more »

  • Pop Stars As Cartoon Characters

    Germany-based graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang has created these awesome amalgams of pop stars and famous cartoon characters. Imagine how great an album of Kanye West stuttering like Porky Pig through Bound 2 would be. “Have you ever asked your b-b-b-b-b-bitch for other b-b-b-b-b-bitches?” And Drake as Millhouse is too perfect. Be sure to check out more of Zhi-Yun Zhang’s work on Facebook and Behance.

  • The Gruesome Grimaces Of The Sour Face Challenge [22 Photos]

    Earlier this month at The Photography Show, a convention for amateur and professional photographers and retailers in Birmingham, England, G-Technology Europe sponsored a stand where photographer Tom Barnes captured participants as they sucked on a sour candy. The collection presents a wide assortment of reactions, from those who look like their faces are imploding to those doing their best not to make any out of the ordinary expression. Many more photos of sourpusses from the convention can be found at the G-Technology Europe Facebook page and more of Tom Barnes’ work can be found on his Facebook page.

  • Evolution Of Famous Logos [Infographic]

    Track the evolution of some of the most recognizable brand logos of the last century with this infographic. Sure the simple, dignified minimalism ever-present with today’s logos is better than some of the busy of the 40s, but the Microsoft should have stuck with their 1981 logo. The font looks like something off an old videogame, maybe “Micrsoft: Clippy’s Voyage” for the Atari 2600. The rundown of the worst logos at the bottom is pretty entertaining, too. What were you thinking, Kidsexchange??

  • The Most Expressive Dog Portraits You’ll Ever See [17 Photos]

    Germany-based photographer Elke Vogelsang mostly shoots straightforward, serious portraits of people and pets, but in her spare time she likes to capture her own dogs at their most absurd moments. These photos feature Vogelsang’s three rescue dogs Noodles, Loli, and Scout. Noodles and Scout are beautiful Galgo Español mixes and Loli is a true mutt, but all three make for incredible models. Check out more of Elke Vogelsang’s portrait work at her Facebook page.

  • Pepsi Ad Pranks London Commuters With Crazy VFX [Video]

    Pepsi Max UK has released the latest ad in their “Unbelievable” campaign and it is, well, unbelievable. A London bus stop gives waiting commuters a look into an alternate reality where monsters and UFO are commonplace. Cameras outside the bus shelter capture passers-by and places them into all sorts of sci-fi scenes with real-time visual effects. Seeing this before your morning commute may even do a better job at waking you up than drinking the highly caffeinated soft drink.

  • Creative Illustrations of James Harden’s Beard

      In an experiment to sharpen creativity, artist Filip Peraić created ‘James Harden Illustrated’ a series of creative renditions focusing on James Harden’s iconic beard and side profile. The series was made to enlighten and enhance the creative process invoking viewers to see a simple profile of an iconic athlete in a completely new light. Peraić also has some fun with the series illustration Harden as a Greek philosopher in one piece and replaces his beard with a whale in another.

  • What Would Perfectly Symmetrical Faces Look Like? [10 Photos]

    New York City-based photographer Alex John Beck examines the idea that symmetrical faces are most beautiful in his series “Both Sides Of.” Using 10 models, Beck shows what their faces would look like if symmetrical from both original halves. The results are fairly attractive on some and downright hilariously ridiculous on others. It’s also interesting to note how vastly different the face shapes change based on the symmetry. For more great work from Alex John Beck, be sure to check out his portfolio.   

  • Tom Hanks’ Best Role Yet: Rap Superstar [Video]

    Rap geniuses Buckwheat Groats have teamed up with everyone’s favorite actor, Tom Hanks, for their newest video. Sort of. Well, they rap about Tom Hanks and they superimposed his face, so it’s almost looks like he’s making it rain in the club and drinking Hennessy. What about the lyrics? Well, any song that shouts out “Sleepless in Seattle” director Nora Ephron gets props from us. It’s just too bad that Tom’s own rapper son Chet Haze didn’t come up with the idea first. Maybe Chet can start a feud with Buckwheat Groats.

  • 27 More Honest Company Slogans

    We are huge fans of Clif Dickens’ Honest Slogans and we know you are, too. Here’s the latest batch he’s created since we last featured them. Keep up with all the latest from Honest Slogans on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. What’s your favorite of the new batch?

  • 12 Terrifying Unused Gravity Poster Ideas

    British visual effects house Framestore not only worked on the vfx for “Gravity,” they also designed the poster. However, the poster that we all recognize was not the only one made up. Recently on the Framestore blog, they offered a peak at a dozen other “Gravity” posters that were not used,  probably for the better. Even if you’ve never seen the movie, which was plenty terrifying on its own, some of these posters are enough to make your heart race.

  • Drummer Plays Every Green Day Song In 5 Minutes [Video]

    Drummer Kye Smith wanted to pay homage to Green Day for getting him into music and drumming when he was young, so he created a medley of all of their songs. Then he played along on the drums. That’s over 90 songs in 5 minutes. If nothing else, this video will remind you how great the first 4 Green Day albums were. Time to fire up Spotify…

  • How to Fund Your Band’s Tour On Spotify (Without Really Trying) [Link]

    Certain big-name musicians like Thom Yorke and David Byrne have openly criticized Spotify for being detrimental to small bands with its minuscule payouts. Plus, they said, there was no way for small bands to get promoted. Well it turns out those guys are just old and out of touch. Michigan-based funk band Vulfpeck has already made $5000 off the streaming service with their new album that’s 12 tracks of complete silence. And best of all, Spotify is applauding them for their ingenuity and rewarding them with more press than they could ever hope for. Find out what they did and maybe come up with an idea of your own. What’s wrong, David Byrne, you jelly?

  • Breakdancer at Famous Paris Landmarks [20 Photos]

    Breakdancer Kapstand travels to famous Paris landmarks, photographing himself performing one-arm handstands. His form is so incredible, that if he wasn’t wearing different clothes in the pictures, you’d think it was the same pic Photoshopped into each locale. You can keep up with Kapstand’s upside-down journeys at his Facebook page. It’s all pretty impressive, I guess. I have a picture where I’m doing a somersault in front of Storybook Land in Atlantic City. Kapstand, consider yourself served. 

  • These Soviet Bus Stops Almost Make You Wish You Took The Bus. Almost. [25 HQ Photos]

    New York-based photographer Chris Herwig first took notice of these Soviet-era bus stops on a cycling trip in 2002. He challenged himself to take one good photo every hour and the bus stops were often the only break in monotony for long stretches in countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. Over the next 12 years, Herwig found himself traveling amongst the former Soviet Republics in order to capture as many bus stops as he could find. He often found himself being questioned and accused of being a spy in many of the nations where freedom of expression is still a foreign notion. With his travels complete, Herwig compiled his photos into a 128-page book that he started a Kickstarter campaign for to cover print costs. The campaign isn’t even over yet and he has already sold all of the pre-orders. Maybe it’s time we catch up to the Soviets and make some awesome bus stops in America. In New York all you get is a bench with a half-eaten gyro leaking tzatziki sauce all over the place and a questionable puddle emitting stink from below. 

  • Andrew W.K. Was Once A Male Model [8 Photos]

    Andrew W.K. is probably the nicest and happiest rock musician the world has ever known. He even has an upbeat advice column in the Village Voice. But before his numerous hits expounding the virtues of partying hard, Andrew tried his hand at modeling. These brooding, serious pictures are a far cry from the fun-loving, greasy-haired, entertainer in filthy jeans and white t-shirt we’ve all come to love. Thank God his modeling career never took off, because I would not want to live in a world without “Party Til You Puke.” And I’m not being sarcastic, that song rocks.

  • Insider’s Look at Google’s Quirky Amsterdam Headquarters [8 Photos]

    D/DOCK recently refurbished Google Amsterdam’s 3,000 square meter office and the results are incredible. Since Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the company in a garage, the designers felt it would be fitting to give the entire space a garage aesthetic. Of course, there are also nods to the Dutch throughout the office, including a cargo bicycle reception desk and ceiling tiles resembling syrup waffles. To ensure everyone in the office is in their best shape, there is a gym and meditation. Or you can just use the desk bike at your workstation. For more info on the project, check out D/DOCK.

  • When Rock Stars Get Arrested [22 Photos]

    For the most part, it’s good to know that when famous rock stars get arrested, they look just as bad as the rest of us. But then you get a look at David Bowie’s mugshot. That is one suave dude. I like to think I’d have the poise of David Bowie if I ever got arrested, but chances are I’d be more a disheveled and bewildered James Brown.