• Awesomely Awesome Portraits of Your Favorite Cinematic Icons [36 Awesome Photos]

    You like movies? ‘Course ya do. Like art? Sure ya do. Mike Mitchell gets both of those things, so the Austin artist decided to create a series of your favorite cinematic characters in a caollection he calls The Portrait Show. From classic anti-heroes like Blondie from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly to hilarious villains like Mugatu from Zoolander, Mitchell illustrates each one in the same profile likeness. The beauty of these are that some portraits aren’t even of supporting characters, which makes it all the more brilliant. Greedo from Star Wars and The Stranger from The Big Lebowski are among the more random choices of the collection. But the best part about them, is that they’re all GIFs, if you look close you’ll see subtle trippy changes in the photo giving it that movie style texture.

  • 15 Speed Sketches Of Unsuspecting People In Public

    Instagram user Hama-House is a Tokyo-based illustrator whose hobby happens to be speed sketching. These quick sketches of unsuspecting people going about their daily lives are much more impressive than the large-breasted stick figures I tend to doodle. Most of the sketches are fairly straightforward representations of the real life models, but every so often, Hama-House’s imagination shines through, such as the book-reading dog-boy. These pics are just a small sample of the sketches. Check out the rest and follow Hama-House on Instagram.

  • Build Your Own Tiny House For $30K [16 Photos]

    Are you tired of paying for a bunch of space you really need? Or maybe you’ve been contemplating living off the grid whilst you compile your manifesto (mine is a call for compassionate fascism, or compascism™)? Either way, with hOMe plans from Tiny House Build, you can be on your way to living in your own 207 square foot paradise (plus 110 square feet of loft space, of course). The hOMe is a tiny house built on a trailer whose 8’6″wide x 13’5″ tall dimensions keep it within legal road restrictions meaning you can move form place to place without the need of a transport permit. With a full-sized kitchen, room for conventional-sized appliances, plenty of storage space, and even an office, the hOMe is a perfect place for you and your partner to hide out in while you do whatever is you don’t want anyone to know about. Best of all, the cost of construction, furniture, and appliances comes to about $30,000. Purchase your plans and leave society behind at Tiny House Build.  

  • 5 Dictators Photographed With Their Favorite Stuffed Animals

    Hey CIA of the 1960s, maybe we could have avoided that whole missile crisis headache if instead of sending exploding cigars to Castro, we just gave him a stuffed alligator. Or maybe instead of orchestrating a coup to oust Chavez, we could have given him a Teddy Ruxpin doll, albeit one that played cassettes extolling the virtues of capitalism rather than crazy adventures with Grubby. Beijing-based retouching artist Chunlong Sun created these images showing the softer side of infamous despots for his series “Celebrity.” Check out more of his work on Behance.

  • New York At Night In 1946 [17 Photos]

    Andreas Feininger was a one of the most popular photographers of the 20th century, known for his black and white scenes of Manhattan. He got his start in 1943 working for “Life” magazine. He would stay with the magazine almost 20 years. Early in his career, in 1946, Feininger published this photo essay, “New York at Night,” in the pages of “Life.” These photos were the only color photos in that issue of the magazine and also some of the only color photos Feininger ever published. He captured the neon lights and life of the city like no one else could. For more info on Feininger and a look at the full issue of “Life” where this came from, check out The Bowery Boys, who unearthed this gem. 

  • Oculus Rift Experiment Lags Reality by Slowing Down Vision

    In a brilliant attempt to stay ahead of a trend that hasn’t even come out yet, Swedish energy provider Umeå Energi’s gigabit internet service took Oculus Rift, the new virtual reality headset that Facebook recently acquired, to show how lag effects reality. The point is to mount a camera on the front of an Oculus Rift and then it feeds video onto the headset’s screen, with the video staying between 0.3 seconds and an entire three seconds behind. The user’s perception of reality is so skewed showing how much a tiny lag effects real time.

  • Amazing Aerial Shots of Hidden NYC Rooftops [13 Photos]

    Alex Maclean is known for his beautiful aerial shots as taken from planes. His ventures have taken him across beautiful landscapes all across the world, but none more interesting then the hidden rooftops of New York City. His book “Up On The Roof: New York’s Secret Skyline Spaces” shows a view rarely seen, in fact hardly ever seen before Google maps satellite imagery, and even with that details are hard to come by. Maclean shows secret tranquil pools, gardens and antique planes above the chaos of the city. 

  • Own Prince’s Spanish Bachelor Pad [11 Photos]

    Superstar musician Prince, who currently spends his time suing his fans for millions of dollars for posting 30 year old concert videos, has put his Spanish mansion up for sale. Prince purchased the 6 bedroom, 6 bath house in 1998 as a wedding gift for a now ex-wife. There is a lot less purple velvet than one would expect, and no basketball court, but there is a huge kitchen perfect for making pancakes. Outside you’ll find a tennis court, jacuzzi, and heated pool along with a security system to keep all those pesky fans away. Buy it today on Luxury Estate for the low price of $7.8 million—little red corvette not included.

  • Incredible Entries From National Geographic’s Traveler Photo Contest [30 HQ Photos]

    The 26th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest has been announced and entries are being accepted until June 30, 2014. Think you have what it takes to win? Here’s a look at some of the competition. An 8-day Alaskan expedition for two will be given to the first prize winner, a 5-day photo workshop for second prize, and a 6-day cruise for two for third place. Personally, the third place prize sounds better than second. For more info and to enter you’re picture that probably won’t win, head over to Traveler Photo Contest 2014.

  • 25 Years Of The Reebok Pump In 25 Photos

    Can you believe it has been 25 years since Reebok Pumps were first released? If you had parents who loved you, you were probably fortunate enough to own a pair. My parents hated me so I had a pair of Spalding Typhoons. I blame my short basketball career, 1994-1994, on the fact that I didn’t have real Pumps. Anyway, here are 25 classic pics of Pumps to celebrate their 25th birthday. They enabled Dee Brown to win the dunk contest. They helped Ripley kill Aliens. They are even rad enough to almost take attention away from Gheorghe Mureșan’s eyebrows. Almost.

  • 29 Photos Of Extreme Weather In The Southwest

    Phoenix-based photographer Mike Olbinski began photographing storms 4 years ago. His storm-chasing often finds him traveling hundreds of miles to remote areas in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, California, and Oklahoma to capture a shot of a storm. His favorite subjects are the swirling formations of supercell thunderstorms, of which you can find many examples below. For more incredible photos, check out Mike Olbinski Photography. He’s also available for weddings, so if it rains on your wedding day, you’ll still be guaranteed awesome pictures!

  • 19 Pin-Ups With The Photos That Inspired Them

    Gil Elvgren was one of the most prolific artists of the pin-up era. Where did he get the inspiration for his work? Did his fantastic imagination conjure these images of gals with great gams fixing cars and raising their skirts for no reason out of thin air? Nah, he found models to pose for him and painted from the photographs. Here’s a fun game to play while going through these pictures: pick which one you think your Grandpa envisioned whilst making sweet love to your Grandma. I’m going with number 4.

  • Wyoming Bachelor Pad With Indoor Stream [9 Photos]

    This Wyoming bachelor pad has everything you could possibly want—a huge great room, a billiards room, and even an indoor stream! That’s right, the foyer features a glass covered indoor stream right under your feet. And the same groundwater pumped in for the stream is also found in conduits located under the home for the geothermal cooling system. The 4400 square foot home also features 3 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, along with studio and office space. The home was constructed using reclaimed wood, giving it a rustic, weathered appearance despite being built just 10 years ago. It’s a great house, just be sure to keep your more girthsome friends out of the foyer. I don’t know how strong that glass is.

  • The World Without Ice Caps Looks Much Wetter

    Are you having a good day? Well this is sure to bring you down! Recent studies suggest that there is enough ice in the polar ice caps to cause about 250-300 ft rise in sea level if they melt. With more than 75% of the planet’s population living less than 300 feet above sea level, this could be trouble. This map illustrates what a 260 foot rise in sea level would look like. What’s that? You live in a city on the east coast of the US? Not anymore. And say goodbye to Nana and Pop Pop, sunning themselves by their condo in Boca: all of Florida will go bye-bye. Although a depressing subject, the map is well-done and its classic style makes it a great piece that will fit in with pretty much any aesthetic. Just don’t look at it too closely if you want to remain blissfully ignorant. Order one today from Halcyon Maps for $42.

  • The Woolworth Building Became The World’s Tallest Building 101 Years Ago [11 Photos]

    On April 24, 1913, the Woolworth Building opened on Broadway in Lower Manhattan and became the world’s tallest building. At 792 feet, the 60-story building held the title from 1913 to 1930 and is still one of the country’s 50 tallest and one of New York City’s twenty tallest buildings. Its original appearance was akin to that of European Gothic cathedrals, leading to tis nickname “the Cathedral of Commerce.” Much of the original terra-cotta facade was replaced with cast stone and Gothic ornamentation was removed during a restoration in the late 70s, however the ornate lobby has been preserved and is still a major tourist draw. These photos of the construction come from the New York Public Library’s Flickr account. For more information on touring the Woolworth Building, visit Woolworth Tours.

  • What If Famous Designers Packaged Food? [10 Photos]

    Designer Peddy Mergui wants people to notice how much power a product’s package has over buyers. To illustrate the point, he wrapped over a dozen basic products, such as milk, flour, and oranges, in famous brands’ packaging for his series “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat.” Once these boring, everyday staples are wrapped in designer packaging, we suddenly want to purchase them and are willing to pay a premium for the lifestyle the brand symbolizes. For more info on the exhibit, visit the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design. Personally, I think the Dolce & Gabbana butter cookie looks delicious but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t afford it. But I would totally make fun of whoever would buy iMilk. Android Milk for life!

  • These Sculptures Of Shrouded Ghosts Will Give You Chills

    In his “Ghosts Underground” series, Italian sculptor Livio Scapella depicts the expressions of shrouded souls coming to terms with their fate. If the busts look familiar, it’s because they are a modern twist on the 18th century works of Italian masters Antonio Corradini and Giuseppe Sanmartino, whose sculptures of veiled figures have haunted the world for 400 years. The stones dark and light stones embedded in the chests, symbolizing a hardened heart, are strictly a Scapella flourish, though. As unnerving as the subject of death can be, there is no denying the beauty and skill involved in these sculptures. Scapella is a more than capable successor to the Italian masters who came before him.

  • Amazing Photos Recreate Pan Am flight Experience Down To Every Detail [14 Photos]

    Michael Kelley is a photographer who also happens to be an aviation geek. Anthony Toth is the pinnacle of aviation geeks, whose love of Pan Am led him to construct a replica of the interior of a 747 inside a 3000-square-foot warehouse. When these two men got together, this incredible photography project happened. With Kelley’s photography skills and Toth’s detailed set (even the silverware is authentic Pan Am), these photos really look like they were taken in the 70s. After looking through the pictures, be sure to read Kelley’s extremely interesting article at Fstoppers detailing how the project came about along with all the technical aspects. There’s also a great behind-the-scenes video to watch.

  • The Distinguished Drinkeries of New York City

    The lovable visual-nerd-genius’ over at Pop-Chart Labs have gone and done it again. This time creating a street by street guide to the finest drinking establishments in New York City. A multicolored plotting of metropolitan pour-houses, this carefully crafted and curated map features over 200 artisanal cocktail lounges, wine bars, biergartens, tequila bars, whiskey joints, and other first-rate drinking institutions across the greater New York City area. From The Tippler, a hidden basement hideaway in Meatpacking to a beer drinkers paradise in The Ginger Man the chart breaks down each type of drinkery by color code. Throw it on your wall, fridge, corkboard, chalkboard, whiteboard, ceiling or laminate it and throw it in your shower. That last one isn’t a bad idea. The Distinguished Drinkeries of New York City $29

  • You’ll Never Guess What These Star Wars Portraits Are Made From [6 Photos]

    New York City-based artist James Haggerty is an award winning painter and printmaker whose paintings of architecture have been exhibited throughout the country. However, his talent isn’t just limited to his brilliant cityscapes. He also creates these portraits of Star Wars characters using a most unlikely medium—staples! That’s right, these portraits of Darth Vader, Greedo, and C-3PO are actually mosaics made from colored staples. Darth Vader is comprised of 10,496 staples (7,696 Silver, 2,800 Red), Greedo is 21,458 staples, and detailed C-3PO is an incredible 33,580 staples. Check out more of his phenomenal work on the Official Website of James Haggerty and Facebook.

  • These Are Not Your Average Sand Castles [13 Photos]

    Award winning sand sculptors from across the globe descended on Weston-Super-Mare, England for this year’s “Once Upon a Time” themed annual Weston-super-Mare Sand Sculpture festival. THis year’s theme was influenced by fairy tales and fables but that also include some current television and cinema blockbuster hits such as The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and The Hobbit.

  • Them Eyes: 15 Photos Of Powerful Peepers

    Photojournalist Steve McCurry is best known for his photo “Afghan Girl,” which appeared on the cover of National Geographic in June, 1985. The photo is known for the girl’s powerful glare directly at the camera. Today McCurry has a blog where he groups his iconic photographs into categories. “Eloquence of the Eye” is one such collection, featuring “Afghan Girl” and many other portraits he’s taken all over the world. View the rest of the series and many other great photos at Steve McCurry’s Blog.

  • Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower Will Be The World’s Tallest Building in 5 Years

    Saudi Arabia is expected to break ground on the largest building the world has ever seen next week. The Kingdom Tower is the name for the 3,280 ft cloud-scraper that will trump the current tallest building in the world, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa by 568 ft. The sheer height of the Kingdom Tower will be double the size of the Empire State Building by it’s completion. The goal of this project was to create a building that’s one kilometer high, but with that comes great cost. The building will need an estimated 5.7 million sq-ft of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel for completion and should cost around $1.23 bullion to complete over the next half decade.

  • Beautiful Aerial Photography of Civilization

    Photographer Alex MacLean has quite the obsession with people and their environment. Alex has been leaning out of plane windows to capture his shots ever since being awarded his pilot’s license in the 1970s, and he hopes that his photographs will encourage viewers to consider the impact of pollution and resource extraction on the environment. His photos focus on aerial shots from around the globe taken from a plane. MacLeans photos show an organic pattern of sorts giving them a mesmerizing effect.

  • Far-Out Space Colony Concept Art From the 1970s

    Back in the 1970s, when our government actually encouraged innovation and gave money to scientific endeavors, NASA conducted three space colony summer studies at NASA Ames. These artistic renderings were the result, illustrating toroidal colonies and Bernal spheres containing populations of 10,000 and cylindrical colonies housing over 1 million. It’s easy to dismiss these works as fantastic notions of science fiction, but ideas need to start somewhere. And it’s a refreshing reminder that our government is capable of inspiring such innovation, or at least was capable not too long ago. Learn more about space settlements at NASA.

  • The Incredible World Of…Snails? [16 Photos]

    Snails don’t get a lot of love, and one look at them pretty much tells you why. They basically appear to be boogers with antennae and a shell on their back. In a world of kittens and puppies, the snail rating on the cuteness scale is about a negative 12. But that’s only because we never get a good look at their lives up close. Ukraine-based artist and photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko aims to change that with his photographs showing the world the way snails see it, with giant berries, treacherous raindrops, and hardcore make-out sessions perched atop flower petals. Check out more of Vyacheslav Mishchenko’s photos on Facebook and maybe think twice before the next time you eat a snail, not just because they’re sort of cute after all, but also, they just don’t taste that great.

  • 14 Amazing Color Photos From The Late 1800s

    Between 1888 and 1924, the Detroit Photographic Company produced these color tinted images of black and white and sepia photographs to be sold as postcards. Graphic designer, photographer, and collector Marc Walter has amassed one of the largest private collections of these vintage travel photographs and he recently joined forces with documentarian and author Sabine Arque for a 612-page hardcover titled “An American Odyssey.” The book features photos from New York’s bustling immigrant neighborhoods in the East to Gold Rush towns of the West. Order “An American Odyssey” in May for $200.

  • 20 Can’t Miss Performances From Coachella 2014 You Can Watch On YouTube

    1. Calvin Harris – Summer 2. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork 3. The Naked And Famous – Young Blood 4. The 1975 – Chocolate 5. Disclosure – F For You 6. Daughter – Youth 7. Disclosure – Latch 8. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share 9. MGMT – Electric Feel 10. Empire of the Sun – Walking On A Dream 11. Empire of the Sun – Alive 12. Capital Cities – One Minute More 13. Foster The People – Helena Beat 14. Foster The People – Best Friend 15. Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love 16. Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up 17. MS MR – Hurricane 18. AFI – I Hope You Suffer 19. Bastille – Things We Lost In The Fire 20. Bastille – Pompeii

  • 10 Albums You Have To Get On Record Store Day

    The seventh annual Record Store Day, celebrating your local music haven, is upon us tomorrow, April 19. Each year, more and more special releases are slated for the successful shopping holiday for music retailers. We’ve chose 10 of our favorites out of this year’s releases, but for a comprehensive list of everything coming out tomorrow, check out Record Store Day. No matter what you choose to buy, make sure to swing by your local independent record shop tomorrow and show your support.

  • These 90s Video Game Ads Are So Bad…Yet So Fly [40 Photos]

    The 90s were a great time. The fall of the Soviet Union gave us a respite from the threat of  a nuclear holocaust and offered us a chance to sit back and enjoy some video games. Between the NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, Jaguar, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Saturn, Dreamcast, and about a million other systems, there was no shortage of terrible games to choose from. But how did you know which terrible game to rent from the video store for $4 each Friday afternoon? You’d rely on the equally terrible ads for the games in magazines and comic books. Here are some of the best and worst the 90s had to offer. And check out more Video Game Print Ads on Tumblr. 

  • A Look Inside BuzzFeed’s Swanky New Los Angeles Headquarters [10 Photos]

    One doesn’t just “come up” with amazing articles and memes about what it’s like to grow up in the 90s, which Lord of the Rings character you are, or the “22 Signs You Love Scandal.” One must first get waist-deep in the Zen-like zone of journalistic focus and concentration. That’s what they do at BuzzFeed, and if their swank new L.A. office is any indication, the quality of the writing will only improve. Designed by JIDK, this den of all things viral features beautiful wooden vaulted ceilings, a giant open space in the center, oodles of red chairs and white desks, and massive standing letters that spell out BuzzFeed upstairs, reminding everyone who rules the Internet. View all 10 photos now on HiConsumption.com >>

  • Mapping the 11 Most Expensive Houses Ever Sold in America

    Nine-figure listings have been (relatively speaking) flying off the proverbial shelves lately, what with Connecticut’s Copper Beech Farm selling for $120M last week and L.A.’s long-unsold Fleur de Lys going for $102M cash in late March. Both of these deals are among the priciest properties ever change hands in the United States and have therefore entered a very exclusive real estate club that includes Russian billionaires and banking magnates, retractable glass walls and limestone manors, Donald Trump and 4,500 heads of cattle. Below, the 11 most expensive houses ever sold in America, from 124,000-acre ranches to four-bedroom penthouses.

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