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Santa Classics (14)

Santa Added To 20 Classic Paintings

Artist and photographer Ed Wheeler noticed something missing in classic paintings throughout history: Santa Claus. The self-proclaimed “Santa devotee” believes these iconic images beckon to him for a “Santa intervention.” Whether the subject is the creation of man or dogs playing poker, Wheeler finds the perfect place to insert the…


Santa Gets Designer Makeovers

Come on, Santa. You’ve been wearing that red and white get-up since the 19th century. As the populace gets fatter, designers are catering more and more to rotund fellows such as yourself. You no longer have to wear that red suit with the white fur trim. Or that stupid hat.…


Stephen Colbert: By The Numbers

After 9 years and 1,440 episodes comedic pundit Stephen Colbert will say goodbye to “The Colbert Report.” He had an incredible run with Comedy Central and CBS hopes to bring that energy and audience over to the “Late Show” when he picks up the hosting gig in 2015. New York…