• The Concrete Clock

    22 Design Studio continues their work with minimalist concrete pieces with their latest creation, the “4th Dimension Clock.” The spiral staircase design allows you to easily figure out the time while adding another “dimension” to the piece’s depiction of time. The clock is available both as a tabletop piece with gold or silver hands or a wall clock with red or blue hands. The simple yet elegant timepiece is perfect for any design aesthetic and is available from designboom, $169 for the table clock or $273 for the wall clock. 

  • Tastosterone: The Cook Book for Men Who Don’t Know How to Cook

    New Jersey-based cook and blogger Debra Levy Picard has released the ultimate cookbook for men with Tastosterone. Not only does it feature over 100 recipes that even the most clueless man (or woman) can follow, Debra also includes photographs, tools, tips, and techniques to aid in the flawless execution of such recipes as “Man Quiche,” “Aunt Zuzu’s Fish Taco,” and “Chocolate Bomb.” Whether you’re a complete dunce in the kitchen or a seasoned veteran, you’re bound to get something out of this easy-to-follow collection of deliciousness. Order Tastosterone for $39.95 in print or $14.99 for the Kindle edition.

  • Nelson Mandela’s Last Photo Shoot [9 Photos]

    Nelson Mandela, the revered South African statesman who passed away last week at the age of 95, retreated from public life in 2011, but not before participating in photographer Adrian Steirn’s 21 Icons of South Africa. The project, a collection of photographs and short-films showcasing the people who shaped modern South Africa, offered Steirn incredible access to Mandela’s private life. The following photos are a peek behind the scenes of the photo shoot. 

  • Epic 80′s Entrepreneur Training Video

    Call forwarding provider Grasshopper.com has released a commercial made to emulate intense training videos from the 80s. The tough-talking entrepreneur is sure to make you think of Alec Baldwin’s brass-balled salesman in “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Forget ABC, AUATSCI is the true acronym of any successful businessman.

  • Wash Up With Soaps Shaped Like Videogames

    What better way to clean your greasy, sweaty gamer hands than with soaps shaped as your favorite Super Nintendo and Game Boy games? UK-based Firebox, purveyors of all sorts of stuff you never knew you had to have, is selling soaps that look just like their plastic cartridge counterparts. Made from vegan-friendly ingredients, these soaps are infused with an “energy citrus” scent that is sure to complement the eau de Mountain Dew that is always popular with the gaming crowd. Choose from 7 Game Boy games for $11.49 each and 4 Super Nintendo classics for $21.19, available only at Firebox. 

  • Korean Artist Transforms Studio Into Incredible Settings [18 Photos]

    Korean artist JeeYoung Lee spends weeks at a time transforming her 3×6 meter studio into different worlds for her amazing, Photoshop-free photos. The result is a series of self-portraits that reveal the artist not through her physical appearance (she is often not in full view or facing the camera) but rather through her dreamscapes come to life. JeeYoung Lee’s exhibition, “Stage of Mind,” will be presented by Opiom Gallery in Opio, France beginning February 14.

  • The Incredible Street Art Of Owen Dippie [15 Photos]

    New Zealand born street artist Owen Dippie is well known for his portraiture work. His large-scale paintings, many of deceased celebrities like Heath Ledger and Biggie Smalls, can be found all over the world, including many throughout New York City’s five boroughs.  If you can’t see his work in person, you can check out more of it on his Blogspot and Facebook pages.

  • National Geographic Around the world in 125 years (Book)

    For five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs, illustrations, and gripping stories from the four corners of the earth. Combining travel, wildlife, science, history, culture, and conservation, the National Geographic Society’s trailblazing magazine has inspired millions of readers to explore and take an interest in the planet we inhabit. The prints are limited to 125,000 copies worldwide, but these amazing photos don’t come cheap, the entire three book collection is going for $500. Go ahead, your dad deserves it. National Geographic Around the world in 125 years  

  • The Most ‘Murican Art You’ll Ever See [15 Photos]

    Digital artist Jason Heuer, aka SharpWriter, takes great Americans, like our hero Teddy Roosevelt, and makes them even greater by placing them in fantastic scenarios. Fighting bears, riding dinosaurs, slaying aliens; no big deal for these fine Americans or, dare I say, ‘Muricans. Check out more of SharpWriter’s work on deviantArt and order prints at his Etsy shop. 

  • 5 Suggestions For New Gathering Of The Juggalos Location

    Insane Clown Posse has announced that they’re moving the location of their annual Gathering of the Juggalos from Cave-In-Rock Illinois. The new spot hasn’t been officially revealed yet, so we thought we’d throw out some ideas that we think all parties could agree on. Someone get us Violent J on the phone and let’s make this happen!

  • Surreal Photographs Of Exploding Cars

    Swiss photographer, Fabian Oefner has created a series of photos that feature “exploding” cars in motion from his Disintegration series. The shots look as though the cars have been blown up, but are actually very intricate individual shots of miniature car parts placed at the exact perspective wanted then digitally added in the final photo. Fabian suspends each piece with string so they appear exactly how he has sketched them then takes a photo of each individual piece.  Currently on display at the M.A.D Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, with another exhibit called Hatch, which features a Ferrari breaking out of an eggshell-like carapace.

  • Fox Sells Out the Super Bowl

    Fox has sold all of the in-game advertising spots during the Super Bowl on February 2. The average rate for a 30 second spot this year was $4 million, beating last year’s $3.8 million. Fox is also looking to the FoxSports.com live stream of the game to be an another big income opportunity, expecting more than CBS’ 10 million online viewers last year. The biggest sporting event of the year means big business.

  • Krampus: A Creepy Christmas Character [25 Photos]

    The first week of December is the time for Krampus to roam the streets of Europe. Who is Krampus? He’s a dark, hairy, cloven-hoofed, horned creature that scares children into being good. He carries chains and a whip or bundles of birch branches to swat at bad kids. He also has a tub to put children in and take them away to Hell. While St. Nicholas gives toys to good children, Krampus gives them coal and enslaves them. And there won’t be any milk and cookies for this beast; it is customary to give Krampus schnapps. I know plenty of rotten kids that could use a Krampus kidnapping to scare them straight. Let’s bring this tradition to the USA and make Krampus bigger and better than ever! For more info on this charming fellow, check out Krampus.com and Krampus: The Devil of Christmas by Monte Beauchamp.

  • What Batman Does On His Days Off [25 GIFs]

    Being a superhero takes a lot out of you and sometimes even Batman needs a day off. What does he when not keeping Gotham City safe from such ne’er-do-wells as Two-Face, Joker, or Penguin? Let animator Sarah J show you. She has a series of “Ordinary Batman Adventures” animated GIFs that show everyone’s favorite orphaned crime fighter in his off-time. See the rest of the Batman animations and more of her great work on her Tumblr.

  • The 100 Most Brilliant Ads of 2013

    2013 was a great year for clever advertising on billboards, in newspapers and pretty  much any available space you can get your creative mojo on. We’ve pulled together 100 of our favorites but if there are any you think we’re missing give us a shout in the comments.

  • New York City Subway Map Gets a Mario Bros Redesign

    Robert Bacon, a chicago actor and comedian and I guess 8 pixel designer, gave the NYC subway map a unique remodel, using elements from Super Mario Bros to completely re-work the underground rail map. “I really enjoy making pixel art and find it extremely calming,” Bacon told Daily Intelligencer of the effort, which took him about two months. “I really like sitting down, turning on some music, and making pixel art.” A fun take on the most miserable commuter method in NYC. Show this to someone riding the rails during rush hour and don’t be surprised if you get a fireball to the crotch. [h/t] NYMag

  • Russian Artist Uses Makeup To Create Optical Illusions [16 Photos]

    Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov uses makeup on his models to create incredible optical illusions that make them appear two-dimensional. It’s hard to believe that these are photos of real people and not flat paintings. Khokhlov should get a job doing face painting at Six Flags so I can get turned into a Lichtenstein rather than the Peter Criss-style Catman I often settle for.

  • Painting Morgan Freeman On An iPad Air [Video]

    Artist Kyle Lambert shows that you can use an iPad for much more than just playing Candy Crush on the subway and watching pornography in public with this video of his “finger painting” of Morgan Freeman. He spent over 200 hours on this photo-realistic work of art using only his iPad and Procreate, a $5.99 app that has nothing to do with making babies. This video will probably serve as the greatest advertisement for the app that the developers could wish for. Now excuse me while I go back to adding crude weiners on famous pictures using MS Paint. We’ve all got our niche.

  • Movie Posters As Neon Signs [23 GIFs]

    Animator and illustrator Mr Whaite used his artistic talents to create these amazing animated GIFs of neon signs for classic movies. Now someone needs to turn these into actual neon signs. I would totally buy the “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” one if it existed.

  • Paint War In Berlin [10 Photos]

    The art scene is booming in Berlin and photographer Kate Bellm was smart enough to capitalize on the timing with these fascinatingly vivid photos she shot with the skate group Topheadz. 

  • Once a Decade Clouds Engulf the Grand Canyon Creating a Surreal Scene (9 HQ Photos)

    Once every ten years or so the Grand Canyon is taken over by a sea of fog caused by a temperature inversion, in which warm air traps cool air, pollution, and fog near the ground. Although the inversions are quite common, happening once or twice a year at the site, but rarely seen like this due to cloudy skies. According to one of the park rangers, many tourists who visited the canyon that day had no idea of how amazing it was that they were seeing such a phenomenon and were just disappointed that they couldn’t see the Colorado River through all the fog. All Photo Credit: Grand Canyon National Park Facebook

  • See 1970s NYC Through The Eyes Of A Times Square Bartender [Video]

    From 1972-1982, Sheldon Nadelman tender bar at Terminal Bar in Times Square, across from Port Authority. Over those ten years, he took more than 2000 black and white photos that were made into a 22-minute documentary in 2002. Since then, 3 more vignettes have been produced using interviews with Nadelman and his photographs. All together, they document a Times Square that is almost unrecognizable from what you’ll find today (and way more interesting). Find out more about Nadleman and the productions at Tourist Pictures.

  • 30 Seamlessly Looping GIFs

    Motion designer Fredric Furstenbach celebrated the fine month of November by creating a seamlessly looping GIF for every day of the month. These 30 graphics will satisfy even the most OCD of GIF enthusiasts. Who knew GIFs could be so good when used for “less bouncy” subject matter.

  • The Killers Release Christmas Video Starring Owen Wilson [Video]

    The Killers have released their annual Christmas video for the Product (Red) campaign to raise money for AIDS charities. This year’s “Christmas In L.A.” stars actors Owen Wilson and Harry Dean Stanton. The video is a mix of live-action and animation, with the Owen Wilson cartoon character being humorously accurate. The song is a an alt-country ballad in collaboration with Dawes and lyrically it seems to take some lines from Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita”. Are they trying to equate being a lost actor in L.A. with Zevon’s heroin-addict character? Beats me, I turned off the sound because the song was boring me, but the video was pretty cool to watch.

  • Nike’s “Play Russian” Commercial Will Give you Chills

    The Sports brand partnered up with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to create a winter wonderland of sport. Encouraging Russians to “Play Russian” play cold anf fight the elements. The video features famous Russian athletes like ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, long jumper Darya Klishina, as well as footballer Alexander Kokori. Seems like just about everyone is gearing up for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

  • The Style Evolution of Brandon Flowers

    With a decade of rock stardom under his belt, not to mention a new best-of album called Direct Hits, we decided to look at the style progression of The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, from eyeliner wearing Brit Popper to leather jacket clad statesman of rock.

  • A Radiant Instagram Shortfilm Compiles Iconic Locations and Shots From Users

    Thomas Julian took 852 instagram pictures from 852 users and compiled iconic shots and locations to show the magnitude of possibilities  Instagram can offer when crowd sourcing photos. Social media has turned into an incredible source when pooling information and as Julian noted  ”I wanted to create structure out of this chaos.” The result; a conglomerate of photos that create a stop motion video of brilliance. An Instagram short film from Thomas Jullien on Vimeo.

  • Caricatures Show an Interesting Side Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

    French illustrator and graphic designer Anthony Geoffroy created a series of caricatures along with quotes that represent the darker side of the men of Breaking bad. Walter White, Gus Fring, Saul Goodman and of course Jesse Pinkman are some of the characters featured in the series of surreal art. Although some of the illustrations may look playful and funny, the series is made to portray the more sinister side of the characters.

  • Honest Trailer of Home Alone

    There’s no better way to start the Christmas season than by revisiting the family holiday classic featuring cutie pie Macaulay Culkin violently standing his ground against two hapless burglars! It’s Home Alone!

  • New York City in the ’80s Makes Me Happy I wasn’t in New York City in the ’80s

    New York’s Lower East Side did not look like a good time in the 80′s. This documentary style film from Kinolibrary Archive Film collections shows a tracking POV from side car window past run down buildings, graffitied walls and cars. Shops with shutters down, rough area, ghetto. Streets are almost empty, apocalyptic compared to NYC’s standards today. The areas that aren’t covered with abandon buildings covered in graffiti are open fields covered in rubbish and trash. Thank you Rudy Giuliani.

  • Kanye West Leaves Nike For Adidas [Video]

    After his performance at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West stopped by Hot 97 and talked with host Angie Martinez about his troubles with Nike. Apparently, Yeezy, the Great and Almighty, wanted royalties on the level of athletes like Michael Jordan. Nike refused, pointing out that Kanye is not a professional athlete, to which he replied “I go to the Garden and play one-on-no-one. I’m a performance athlete.” Now the creative genius says he will partner with Adidas for the next Yeezy shoe. What will the professional crybaby have a problem with next? Only time will tell. I give it until the afternoon before we hear about the next thing that bothers him.

  • 3 Minute Minimalist Portraits From Face-O-Mat [24 Photos]

    Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann constructed his portrait “machine”, Face-O-Mat, and traveled the world drawing minimalist portraits of people in a matter of minutes. The Face-O-Mat is just an MDF facade that Gutmann sits behind and looks through a window at his subject. His project proves that despite all the benefits technological advances afford us, there is no substitute for one-on-one interaction with another human being. Gutmann posts his Face-O-Mat portraits to a Tumblr page with their happy subjects and we have just a small sample of them below. 

  • 852 Instagramers Unwittingly Contribute To Short Film [Video]

    Amsterdam art director Thomas Jullien used 852 photos on Instagram from 852 users to create this video that shows how similar we are when it comes to what sort of pictures we take. From France, to Australia, to New York, Jullien shows how artistic these photos are as part of a project when on their own many would dismiss them as just typical social media garbage. Will this usher in an era of movies crowdsourced from the seemingly infinite amount of material available on social media? Maybe, but it seems like a lot of work. We’ll leave it to Jullien for now.


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