• First Video of Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC Game

    After announcing that Bruce Lee would be a playable character in the new UFC game by EA Sports, they recently released a video highlighting the profound career of the legendary martial artist. Shot in unison with clips of Lee’s demonstrations, gameplay from the game and interviews from the likes of Dana White and Jon “Bones” Jones the video highlights just how next-level Bruce Lee was. He should be unbeatable in the game.

  • 20 Amazing Albums That Turn 10 In 2014

    The 2004 music year started off with a bang. Britney Spears got married (and divorced 55 hours later) and there was an epic “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl all in the first four weeks of the year. Later in the year Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below became the first rap album to win Album of the Year at the Grammys, Usher sold an astonishing 1.1 million copies of Confessions in it’s first week, Creed broke up, Dave Matthews Band’s tour bus dumped 800 pounds of human feces from a Chicago bridge, intending to unload it in the river, but it lands on an architecture tour boat, Britney Spears got married (again) to K-Fed, Ashlee Simpson lip-synched on SNL then did a bizarre jig and a ton of great artists like Daft Punk, Kanye, The Killers, Beyonce, and Arcade Fire released debut albums. So now, 10 years later, lets take a look at the great albums of 2004 in order of their release date.

  • Placing Odds On The ‘SNL’ Cast Members Most Likely To Be Fired This Summer

    It’s been a rebuilding year, but going into the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels is going to want a more solid core. With 17 members, the cast is badly bloated, and with that many people angling for screentime, few cast members have really been able to break-out. Chances are, Michaels is going to spend the summer weeding out some of the weaker cast members, and hopefully come back in the fall with 10-12 of the strongest cast members. Who is likely to be cut over the summer? Let’s lay odds on those most likely to be fired.

  • Striking Photos of New York City in the ’90s [34 Photos]

    New York City based photographer Gregoire Alessandrini cataloged his entire life in the big city through the ’90s as a film student and a young writer/photographer. In his long running series of photos you’ll see long gone NYC landmarks and transformed locations all taken between 1991 and 1998. Although the photos show a life and times only 20 years in past, but looks like a completely different aesthetic from the city as it is now.

  • Governors Ball 2014 Food Truck Lineup Announced

    There will be over 50 different headliners and up-and-comers on site, with favorites Pok Pok, Hometown Bar-B-Que, L’Apicio, Mile End, Calexico, Luke’s Lobster, Crif Dogs, Momofuku Milk Bar, and Cafe Habana all making an appearance.

  • The Incredible Loads Of Vietnamese Motorbikes [10 Photos]

    With tons of people traveling on very narrow roads, motorbikes are the most common mode of transportation on Vietnamese streets. Whereas Americans find the need to drive gigantic SUVs and pickup trucks to transport absolutely nothing, the Vietnamese do the exact opposite, overloading their little bikes to an absurd degree. Photographer Hans Kemp moved to Ho Chi Minh City in 1995 and in 2000 was commissioned to capture photos of the city’s motorbike culture. He was enamored with the insane amount of all sorts of objects on the tiny bikes and spent the next two years photographing as many as he could. The collection became a book titled “Bikes of Burden.” Kemp recently returned to city for a revised edition to his book. He found that although the streets have widened, the bike culture is just as prevalent, with immense loads as abundant as ever. Order the new edition of “Bikes of Burden” for $24.

  • Awesome Illustrations of “Pop Culture Buddies” from TV & Film

    The term bromance is the common term used today, but throughout cinema and TV history alike, there has always been major success for two best friends who offer a dynamic charisma to the screen. Australian artist Dave Collinson thought up a great concept to illustrate the most famous “bromances” of the past 40 years captured in a series of paintings. Collinson went all in getting great moments like Jesse and Heisenberg getting after some ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ fried chicken, Marty McFly and Doc Brown cruising on some hoverboards and Carton and Will doing “the Carlton”.   

  • Famous Brand Logos Star Wars Style

    These are the logos you’ve been looking for. New Zealand-based designer Barn Bocock used logos from brands like Coca-Cola, Atari, and Nike to mixed them up with Star Wars characters to create these awesome designs. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the series, because a Lando Rover logo would be pretty sweet. Or maybe Leia potato chips? No, that’s actually a terrible idea. You can order your favorite on a T-shirt at the incredible named How to Carv Roast Unicorn store.

  • Live Long And Prosper In This Star Trek Bachelor Pad [22 Photos]

    Marc Bell, best known as former CEO of FriendFinder Networks, a company we’ve never heard of and whose services we have certainly never used when drunk and lonely, is selling his home in Boca Raton, Florida. And at $35 million, it’s the most expensive listing in the city’s history. From the outside, the 8-bedroom, 16-bath home looks like any run of the mill Mediterranean-style mansion you’ve seen. But inside the 27,000 square foot home is a replica of the control room from Star Trek’s Enterprise spaceship along with a “Call of Duty” themed room and a huge arcade. Outside you’ll find a basketball court, pool, and lounge complete with a giant chess set. For more info, beam yourself up to Douglas Elliman Real Estate. And may the force be with you or something.

  • The Ultimate Office Survival Kit

    Say goodbye to your pre-presentation panic, your deadline-late-night troubles and your power outage fears. Creative studio Pheonix has created Agency Survival Kits for all of your daily work worries. The Survival Kits which seem to be made by the Bear Grylls of the workplace offer 3 separate kits. The Overtime: inside you´ll find everything you need to overcome the task at hand, from a stress ball, “do not disturb” badges, peanut butter energy bars, a guide of tricks to keep you calm… The Presentation: with everything you need to look stylish and professional in front of your client, it contains bow ties, a laser pointer, deodorant, a book about “the art of convincing”… and The Power Outage: with everything you need to pass the time, to keep warm and out of the dark, contains stuff like a pair of wool socks to keep you warm, candles, a card deck, and an harmonica to add some life in the office whilst you wait for the power to come back.

  • Lonely Super-heroes Surrounded by Beautiful Landscapes

    Ever wonder where super-heroes go to get away from the perils of their every day environment? French photographer Benoit Lapray‘s photo-manipulation series called “The Quest for Absolution” which shows lonely super-heroes surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The series is suppose to portray comic book protagonists alone in their thoughts, Lapray says “Perhaps they are quite simply on a quest to find themselves?”. The series depicts a never before seen perspective of wonderfully shot landscapes with the hero immersed in their surroundings. The real brilliance of the series is how Lapray makes the photos more about nature than the hero.  

  • Did You Notice These 15 Companies Changed Their Logos This Year? [Link]

    Netflix was in the news last week when the company was found to be using a new logo on ads for upcoming original programming. The new design opts for a minimalist approach, like so many other brands have done, eliminating shadows and cutting down on spacing. But Netflix isn’t the first company to change its logo this year. Here are 14 others you may have missed (probably because so many logos are beginning to look the exact same).

  • Dracula’s Transylvania Bachelor Pad For Sale [25 HQ Photos]

    You’d have to be batty to pass this up: Transylvania’s Bran Castle, also known as “Dracula’s Castle,” is up for sale. Although the castle was never the residence of Vlad the Impaler, the basis for Bram Stoker’s Dracula character, it is believed to be the influence for the setting of the gothic novel. The 57-room, 22-acre castle features a dungeon, music room, lavish dining areas, tall towers…and no bathrooms or plumbing. But don’t let the state of this fixer-upper scare you: With half a million visitors per year paying about $7 admission, the castle basically pays for itself. The price isn’t listed, but it’s believed to sell for over $135 million. Remember that scene in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” where Keanu Reeves is seduced by the three brides (including Monica Bellucci!)? A chance at that is totally worth $135 mil.

  • China’s Bizarre Obsession With a Kenny G Song

    China has many cultural quirks that baffle the rest of us, such as those frightening “facekinis” that women wear to the beach to keep their faces pale or the “virgin boy eggs” boiled in urine and ingested as a springtime treat, but by far the most bizarre aspect to daily life in China is the obsession with Kenny G’s “Going Home.” The song, originally recorded in 1989, sounds like any other Kenny G song, or any other smooth jazz song for that matter, but something about that one particular song has struck a chord with the Chinese people. As the New York Times recently reported, the song has become the de facto anthem signifying that it’s time to go home. The song is played at schools, libraries, shopping malls, and even out on the street as a polite way to say “get the hell out of here.” One shopkeeper interviewed said she’s been using the song since 2000 but doesn’t know when it first became popular or why. In fact, nobody seems to know the origin of the song’s status as the unofficial closing time anthem. It just sort of appeared and billions of people accepted it. “Going Home” has even conditioned more »

  • Behind the Scenes of The Beatles Iconic Abbey Road Crossing [11 Photos]

    The cover photo for The Beatles’ Abbey Road album is looked at as one of the most celebrated photos of the music industry. It was in the midst of a time of rebellion, change and revolution and the Beatles voice was at the forefront of it all. On August 8th, 1969, around 11:30 that morning, photographer Iain Macmillan was given only ten minutes to take the infamous photo as he stood on a step-ladder while a policeman held up traffic, which was based on a sketch by Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney’s concept sketch “In the scene, the group walk across the street in single file from left to right, with Lennon leading, followed by Starr, McCartney, and Harrison. McCartney is barefoot and out of step with the other members. With the exception of Harrison, the group are wearing suits designed by Tommy Nutter. To the left of the picture, parked next to the zebra crossing, is a white Volkswagen Beetle motor-car which belonged to one of the people living in the block of flats across from the recording studio. After the album was released, the number plate (LMW 281F) was stolen repeatedly from the car. In 1986, the car was more »

  • The Best Part Of Eurovision That No One Is Talking About [Video + GIFs]

    Since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has unified European nations without the need for a fascist ideology. Apparently it’s broadcast in The United States but since we don’t compete, we don’t really care. However, this year the contest has been making headlines all over the world after drag queen Conchita Wurst was declared the winner over the weekend. It’s great that she won, she did a fine job and her beard is much better looking than anything we could grow. But with that being said, we here at RSVLTS HQ feel that other performers have been overshadowed by the media attention given to Conchita Wurst. For instance, the Polish duo Donatan & Cleo performed “We Are Slavic” and once the butter churning and vigorous laundering began, we could feel our Slavic pride swell. And we’re not even Slavic!

  • Indian Cities At Night Are Eerily Peaceful [12 Photos]

    With a population of 1.2 billion people, India is the second most populated country in the world and is quickly on its way to take the number one slot from China. With so many people, one would think that the country is always bustling with activity. Photographer Gavin Evans spent three months in the country dispelling this notion with these Indian nightscapes that capture the quiet, maybe even too quiet, late-night hours. The photographs were taken with a Sony Alpha A7 camera, which works well in low-light situations. For more photos, be sure to check out Gavin Evans.

  • Eye Opening Behind the scenes Photos from “2001: A Space Odyssey” [24 Photos]

    Regarded as one of the most influential films of all time, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey took viewers on a journey like no other in 1968. 2001 paved the way for an outlook on the future for all mankind, a future we haven’t achieved yet, but aren’t far off. Retronaut put together a collection of rarely seen behind the scene photos from a movie that seemed too real for sci fi.

  • 15 Hyperrealistic Paintings That Will Fool Your Brain

    Italy-based artist Roberto Bernardi is one of the biggest names in hyperrealism paintings. His first solo exhibition, at the age of 20, was in 1994, at the forefront of the art movement that took photorealism to the next level. Since then, his work has been featured in galleries and publications all over the world. Utilizing just oils on canvas, Bernardi is able to create paintings that look like touched-up, high-definition photos in a glossy magazine ad. Check out more of his mind-blowing work at Roberto Bernardi.

  • The Hipster Alphabet

    Do you have trouble talking to and figuring out the kids these days when you’re at a coffee shop, bookstore, dive bar, and/or bike shop? Despite the fact that those “kids” are the same age as you? Take a look at the Hipster Alphabet and sure you’ll be talking the same language, dressing in layers of thrift store clothing, and riding to Ikea on your penny-farthing. Just don’t drink bottom shelf whiskey. The cache of rotgut is not worth the gut rot.

  • 26 Sexist Ads Of The ‘Mad Men’ Era

    “Mad Men” sure makes the 1960s look like a glorious era, with all the nice suits and martini lunches. Sounds great, as long as you were a man. Despite the burgeoning feminist movement, the mainstream America targeted by advertisers of the 1960s was still a man’s world. These sexist ads that companies wish we’d forget highlight the worst of the patriarchal society of yesteryear.

  • Throw Chains At Women In Bizarre New Game From Kanye And Future

    To promote their new single “I Won,” Future and Kanye West have released this creepy videogame. In it, you play as Future and Kanye, relaxing on the beach, waiting for fine ladies to walk by. So you can throw gold chains at them. And turn them into trophy wives. Actual trophies. And you get more points for the amount of style you utilize in your assault. There’s also a link to purchase the album, but after playing the game for a few minutes, you’ll probably be sick of it. Do you think this is how Kanye wooed Kim in real life?  

  • Musicians With Doctorates [Infographic]

    Think that popular musicians are lucky to be where they are, because without their hit records, they’d just be hard-partying dummies? That might make you feel better about yourself, but it’s just not true. This infographic presents the musicians who found the time to get their PhDs while selling millions of records and touring the world. Apparently, punks are especially smart. Although, to be fair, James Lilja left The Offspring in the 80s. Of course, honorable mention would have to go Dexter Holland of The Offspring who was a PhD candidate for molecular biology before deciding to focus on the band. Jeez, and I failed at college AND being a musician.

  • 12 Free HQ Photos From Public Domain Archive

    Web designer, photographer, and graphic designer Matt Hobbs was always searching for public domain images to include in his projects. Unfortunately, there was not a single resource that collected all the great, high quality photos available for free use. So Hobbs put his skills to use and created Public Domain Archive. Obviously this site will never compete with the incredible libraries of sites such as Shutterstock. Instead it’s meant to be more like Pinterest, offering inspiration and images you can use without worrying about copyright. Check out more great public domain images, including many from Matt Hobbs himself, at the Public Domain Archive.

  • Kimmel’s Asks People On Gluten-free Diets Try To Explain What Gluten Is

    Some people can’t eat gluten for medical reasons, but a lot of people in Los Angeles don’t eat gluten because someone in their yoga class told them not to. Jimmy wondered how many of these people even know what gluten is, so we sent a camera crew out to a popular exercise spot here in LA and asked people who are gluten-free a simple question: “What is gluten?”

  • House Of Mirrors Bachelor Pad [14 Photos]

    Hidden in the hills of the San Francisco suburb of Larkspur lies the Turner Residence. Designed by San Francisco’s Jensen Architects, the facade of the home includes floor-to-ceiling mirrored glass panels that reflect the surrounding oaks, camouflaging the structure. The main pavilion on the the third floor of the house contains the kitchen, dining, and living areas. Adjacent to the pavilion are the swimming pool and cedar spa. The two floors below contain the bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage.  Completed in August of 2013, the house is sure to turn heads. If anyone can spot it, that is. For a detailed description of the design and construction process, visit Jensen Architects.

  • The Magnificent Art Of Concept Cars [17 HQ Photos]

    Beginning May 21, Atlanta’s High Museum of Art will display a collection of concept cars in an exhibition titled “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas.” The concept cars, produced between 1932 and the present day, were never meant for sale to the public, but instead served as tests for design innovations that would take years to find their way into mass production, if they made it past the conceptual stage at all. The point of the exhibit is to showcase the limitless imaginations of the mechanical engineers behind these marvels, who dared to produce such radical designs. The exhibit runs from May 21-September 7. For more information, visit High Museum of Art.

  • 20 Reasons Why Danzig Is Suing Jerry Only Over Misfits Merchandise

    Former Misfits lead singer Glenn Danzig is suing Jerry Only, the only original member remaining, claiming Only agreed to merchandising deals without Danzig’s consent. Danzig claims that the band entered into an agreement in 1994 to share ownership of the band’s trademarks, including the popular skull logo. In 2000, Only re-registered the trademarks in his own name and entered into merchandising contracts with apparently anyone who would pay him. Since then, the world has been overrun with such inane Misfits merchandise as skull gloves, bobbleheads, lunch boxes, shirts with Marilyn Monroe wearing Misfits shirts (so meta!), and even baby clothes. Sure, plenty of bands have baby clothes among their merch, but those bands probably don’t have songs that begin with “I’ve got something to say/ I killed your baby today.” Let’s just hope Danzig is looking to end this merchandising madness and is not just looking for his piece of the pie.

  • 51 Seconds of The Wu-Tang’s Secret Album Released

    In a secret room of The Royal Mansour hotel, Morocco lies a ground breaking box for the entire music industry. Their newest album, a top secret project only for the ears of the highest bidder. Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is The Wu-Tang’s newest album and they’ll only be releasing 1 copy. Forbes’ Zack O’Mally Greenburg sat down with album producer, Cilvaringz in the Moroccan hotel room where the album was produced to listen to 51 seconds of the album. The result was a classic hook by one of the Clan’s most gifted lyricists, Ghost Face Killah. A classic Wu-Tang style sound from the days of 36 Chambers, angry and unfiltered, with a hook from the likes of… Cher…? Take a listen and wait for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

  • 20 Vinyl Art Portraits Of Artists Painted On Their Hit Records

    Artist Daniel Edlen combined his art education with his love of music to create Vinyl Art. These lifelike portraits are made using only white acrylic paint applied directly to old vinyl records. The white paint on the black vinyl background gives the images depth and shadow that seem impossible to achieve with just a single color of paint. This is just a small sampling of Edlen’s creations, with many more available to view on his Facebook page. Many are also available to buy. Check out which ones are currently on sale at Daniel Edlen’s Square Market.

  • 16 Shipping Container Homes Nicer Than Your City Apartment

    Moving to an apartment in a city and blowing all your money on a tiny apartment for urban experience is fine at first, but sometimes you wish you could open your windows without the noise of construction and gunshots. Sometimes you wish you had windows to open. Other times you wish you had space for furniture other than a twin bed. These homes made from recycled shipping containers offer you a lunchtime reverie wherein you have an abundance of space along with peace and quiet, wrapped up in a neat looking package. Just try not to let the stench of stale urine bring you back to reality.

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