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Mary Poppins Goes Death Metal

Everyone went gaga over Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music at the Oscars on Sunday night, but we find this death metal tribute to Julie Andrews’ best role, Mary Poppins, to be much more entertaining. The music for the track was arranged, performed, and recorded…


Disney Characters As Gritty New Yorkers

Photographer Harry McNally was looking through some photos he took of New York’s gritty urbanscape when he noticed that each photo was telling a story. All that was needed was a character. And what better characters than the iconic Disney cartoons we all grew up with? We’re so used to…


The Cast of Almost Famous: Then and Now

Surprisingly Almost Famous was a box office bomb. Crazy. But critical acclaim and dominance at the 73rd Academy Awards and Grammy’s led people to rewatch the movie, and like Shawshank Redemption before it, poof, Almost Famous became a modern classic. Writer and director Cameron Crowe essentially kick started the career’s of some…