• Realistic Homer Simpson Is Disgusting [7 Photos]

    South Korea-based artist Seung Hoon Roh is obviously very talented, but why did he want to make these? Homer Simpson looks so real here, that it’s disgusting and disturbing. The man-boobs resting atop the enormous belly, the sausage fingers, it’s all just too much to look at. But I also can’t look away. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Seung has many more creepy 3D renditions of famous characters on his blog, including Marilyn Manson. The blog is in Korean, so if you can’t read it (I can’t), just click randomly on the pictures you see. It’s like a very scary game where nobody wins.

  • Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” Prank Makes It Triumphent Return To SXSW

    People who come to music festivals pride themselves on knowing who the new acts are even if they don’t actually know who the new acts are. So Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew into the streets of Austin to ask unsuspecting SXSW hipsters about bands that do not exist. He made all the band names up, but that didn’t stop people from telling the Kimmel camera crew how much they like them in a special South By Southwest edition of Lie Witness News.

  • Moo-torcycle Made From Cow Bones [6 Photos]

    Florida-based sculptor Reese Moore has been creating motorcycles out of animal bones since the 90s. It began as a joke when he made a comment to a Daytona bar owner that he could build such a motorcycle. The bar owner said there was no way it could be done, so Moore set out to prove him wrong. Each motorcycle takes a year to build, using 3 to 4 cow skulls, 2 to 3 alligator skulls, and goat, wolf, raccoon, turtle, and pig bones. He has build 9 so far and no two are the same. The latest motorcycle can be found at Dunn’s Attic and Auction House in Ormond Beach, Florida. 

  • Maps Of Countries Made Out Of Food [11 Photos]

    New Zealand-based photographer Henry Hargreaves teamed up with New York-based stylist Caitlin Levin to create these maps of different countries made entirely of food. All of the foods used are associated with the country they make up, such as noodles for China, tomatoes for Italy, and corn for the United States. After the maps were constructed and photographed, the duo enlisted the aid of graphic designer Sarit Melmed for the typography to give the maps an authentic, old-fashioned feel. Be sure to check out more amazing, food-centric artwork at Henry Hargreaves Photography.

  • MTV’s Top 20 Turns 30, Here’s The Original Hits [20 Videos]

    In March of 1984, MTV, a channel that at the time was free of teenage moms and Jersey Shore mooks, premiered its Top 20 Video Countdown. At the end of the year, this was the list of the Top 20 of the Top 20. I promise you, they are not all bad, but the bad ones are in fact terrible. Does MTV even have a Top 20 Countdown any more? Do they even have music videos?

  • 11 Extremely Rare International Star Wars Posters

    The trilogy that captured the hearts and imaginations of millions around the globe had a very different global perception initially. Lucas’s interstellar story of light and dark told through a three (six) part saga involving love, death and triumph was and is still looked at as one of the most revolutionary pieces of filmmaking to ever hit the silver screen. Before it’s premiere, local artists around the world were hired to create movie posters for their international territories in their native language. They were given a limited set of illustrations to use as a guide, but little creative direction leaving them with a wide range of inspiration to choose, which is why these posters are now very rare and iconic.

  • Coke Silences Movie Go-ers by Putting Them in the Coming Attractions

    Coca-Cola sought out to silence movie assassins by encouraging movie theater patrons not to slurp during the movie. A great play by the brand who induces the slurping in the first place. When you’re spending upwards of $20 for a 3-D IMAX blockbuster, the last thing you want is a slurper, going to town on a cherry coke slushie right behind your ear. What I would do for a cherry Coke Slushie right now. )

  • Amazing Guest House Made From Airplanes [10 Photos]

    Toshikazu Tsukii, a 76-year-old Raytheon engineer, has built a guest house on his property made from aircraft parts. The 2 story, 2 bed room house was constructed from the nosecone of a 737, the fuselage of two 707s and the tail end of a 727. A Boeing 747 fuselage covers the pool. Tsukii came up with the idea when he came across the 737 nosecone in a scrap yard. Tsukii lives at La Cholla Airpark in Arizona, a community of 91 homes built around a community airstrip. His 7 acre lot gave him plenty of room to work with. All this and he still works full time for Raytheon. Jeez, I have trouble finding the ambition to get dressed most mornings.

  • Harrison Ford Angrily Points At Stuff [13 GIFS]

    Harrison Ford is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. With a diverse array of action movies under his belt and two of his characters bearing names of cinematic brilliance from the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises, Harrison is the action star of a generation, but what is it due to? His grizzly grunt? His iconic stare? Or is it his finger point? Yes, Harrison Ford’s finger point may just be the very reason for his renowned acclimates on the silver screen. Don’t believe us, check out below to prove our… point.

  • The Hilarious Origin of Matthew McConaughey ‘Alright, Alright, Alright’ Explained

    Matthew McConaughey’s cry of “alright, alright, alright” was a big hit at the 86th Academy Awards when he uttered it after winning the best actor award for Dallas Buyers Club. “Alright, alright, alright” isn’t new, though. McConaughey’s been rocking that catchphrase since portraying the David Wooderson character in the coming of age film Dazed And Confused in 1993. In a 2011 interview (above), McConaughey explained its unlikely connection to Doors’ singer Jim Morrison which you can listen to below. Little did you know Matt Damon does a great Matthew McConaughey:

  • If Famous Artists Designed Buildings [28 Photos]

    Architect and graphic designer Federico Babina often presents the beauty of architecture in a way that anyone can appreciate, such as his series of drawings based on iconic film sets. With his most recent series, “Archist,” Babina reimagines famous art as works of architecture. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out every building in the city, each individual one is labeled with the artist below. For more of these clever architecture illustrations, visit Federico Babina. Now excuse me while I dream of living in that Salvador Dali house.

  • Terrible Track From Daft Punk And Jay-Z Leaked [Video]

    After one listen, it’s not hard to see why Daft Punk never released this track recorded around 5 years ago. The music is fine, but Jay-Z’s rap, centered around Blackberrys and relationship problems, is incredibly hokey. This YouTube uploader was kind enough to transcribe the silly lyrics, so read along while you listen to “Computerized” for the first-and probably last-time.

  • The Real Locations Of Famous Album Covers [26 Photos]

    Pop Spots is devoted to bringing you all the info on the actual locations where your favorite album covers, movies, and tv shows were shot. Bob Egan runs the site, and since he’s based in Manhattan, much of the site is devoted to the city, which is certainly not lacking in pop culture locales. Even so, there are posts about other cities, like London and Los Angeles, also. Some of the most recognizable album covers are featured here, but there are way more at Pop Spots along with detailed maps so you can visit the locations, too. I know this site is going to keep me busy looking for the Manhattan locations in person.

  • Inside Chaotic Moon Studios 300-Year-Old Austin Office (9 Photos)

      App and software development firm Chaotic Moon Studios has recently moved into a new office space in downtown Austin. The building CMS is housed in is over thee hundred-years-old located in downtown Austin. Before it’s 2013 renovations the building barely held any characteristics to the bright and open layout of today’s tech industry standard. “Look around and you’ll see several custom murals from art director Nathan Walker, including one that proclaims “We’re The Best.” The space needed to be opened up while keeping the structure of the building intact and what you get is a brilliant fuse of three hundred-year-old architecture and cutting edge technology. Befitting a company that’s focused on design and user experience, the aesthetic of the office is clean and unencumbered. And reflecting Chaotic Moon’s hacker sensibilities, employees did everything from helping design the space to assembling the furniture. Design: Sixth River Architects Photography: Atelier Wong Photography

  • Real Life Better Call Saul [Video]

    Daniel Muessig is a real criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh who has released a commercial that would make Saul Goodman envious. He insists he’s the best to defend you because he himself thinks like a criminal. You can tell just how legit he is by the lengthy disclaimer at the end of the video. Watching this almost makes me want to commit a crime in Pennsylvania just so I can call Muessig to defend me. Almost.

  • The Sleaze Of Old Times Square [30 HQ Photos]

    When artist Mitch O’Connell was trying to make it big in his late teens, he would travel to New York City with his illustrations and wander the city, taking photographs. In those days, the most exciting place was 42nd Street, home to peep shows, porno theaters, and adult book stores. And a Howard Johnson’s! Apparently, in the days of wine and roses that were late 80s/early 90s Times Square, you could get a peep show for just a quarter! You’re lucky if you can get a gumball for a quarter these days. Sure, Times Square is a lot safer now, but at what cost? This is just a small sample of Mitch’s photos. Check out the rest and his great illustrations at the Mitch O’Connell Blog.  

  • 20 Times You Might Have Seen Bryan Cranston On Screen And Not Realized It

    Bryan Cranston may be a Hollywood darling now, but for every Argo or Drive, there are a dozen bit parts on shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and Baywatch not far behind. Saying that he’s paid his dues in Hollywood is an understatement — the man appeared on Murder, She Wrote in three different roles! Seinfeld and Malcom In The Middle excluded, here are 20 Bryan Cranston roles before Breaking Bad that you might have forgotten about.

  • The Empire Strikes Back, Lego Style [25 Photos]

    Using Star Wars Lego sets and baking soda, photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, or Avanaut, is able to recreat the ice planet Hoth from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Sure, some nerds might complain that the photos don’t follow the actual storyline, but there’s no denying how impressive and cool they are. And anyway, I think we can all agree that Boba Fett making an appearance on Hoth would have been awesome. Who can get enough of the Slave I? Be sure to check out the rest of the Hoth series and Avanaut’s other Lego photo sets on Flickr.

  • Secrets Of The Best Levitation Shots Shared [Link]

    Ever wonder how photographers are able to capture those really awesome levitation shots? Fstoppers reveals the secrets of the pros in creating the illusion of levitation and boy is it way less glamorous than the final product would lead you to believe. Now to do a floating RSVLTS artsy photo series…

  • Beautifully Bizarre Underwater Creatures [18 Photos]

    Russian photographer Alexander Semenov has traveled all over the world, spending hours and hours diving in order to capture these bizarre sea creatures on film. He’s photographed all manner of jellyfish, marine worms, sea butterflies (a type of swimming sea snail), and sea angels (swimming sea slugs). The 29-year-old wants his photography to reveal the beauty of underwater life. That’s fine and I can appreciate that, just keep them away from me. Especially those Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, they look nasty. Also, check out more of Alexander Semenov’s work at Flickr.

  • When Playing With Your Food Becomes Art [37 Photos]

    Obviously nobody ever told Victor Nunes not to play with his food, and that’s a damn good thing. Apparently Nunes has the ability to see faces in everything he comes across, including bananas, bread, sugar, and folded up towels. I once drew a smiley face on my hamburger using ketchup. If these aren’t enough to make you feel bad about your lack of talent, check out Victor Nunes on Facebook where he has over a thousand photos of his incredible art. But seriously, using sugar spread out on a table for your art? Does he want ants? Because that’s how we get ants. 

  • Badly Drawn Seinfeld

    Sean Ryan is great at drawing badly. Below are his Seinfeld characters, but his talent (or lack thereof) isn’t just limited to the greatest TV show of all time. He also has plenty of bad drawings of famous writers and every footballer from the Merlin 94 Premier League Sticker Book. As good as those others are, we like the Seinfeld drawings most. Really, they’re not even that bad. They look like characters on a hip 90s cable cartoon, like “Duckman” or “Dr. Katz.” See the rest of Sean Ryan’s bad drawings at his Tumblr. 

  • Adam Lambert Tapped To Be Queen’s Front Man For North American Tour

    Male diva Adam Lambert will bring his stage antics to a venue near you this summer as the new frontman of the legendary, multiple award-winning rock band Queen. Lambert has performed with Queen previously on episodes of American Idol and during a short-lived European tour, but the singer announced his first official North American tour with Queen at a press conference on Thursday. He’ll be performing as the band’s frontman to pay homage to the late Freddie Mercury, Queen’s original openly gay frontman who died of AIDS-related illness in 1991.

  • Ecuadorian Bachelor Pad Made From Steel [22 Photos]

    Architects José María Sáez and Daniel Moreno Flores constructed the Algarrobos House in 2011 in Ecuador using steel. 8 identical 18 meter long steel beams placed along the x y z axis frame the house. Identical wood pieces fill in the area and the repetition dilutes the structure so as not to take away from its surroundings. Giant glass panes, many of them movable, complete the structure and offer fantastic panoramas. Reflecting pools on the metal roof truly reflect by mirroring the surrounding landscape. The abstract form is at once a jarring sight in the setting while somehow managing to blend in.

  • Classic Paintings Meet Google Street View [18 Photos]

    Last week we shared reddit user shystone’s photos of historic paintings superimposed over their contemporary London setting. Now they have returned with pictures from around the world, using famous paintings like Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks.” Google Street View was again utilized for the current photos of the locations that serve as the backdrop. Just like the last set, it is amazing to see how many of the paintings are able to fit so easily into the contemporary setting. For more background info on the paintings, check out The Guardian.

  • The 1950s Nanny Who Was A Secret Street Photographer [32 HQ Photos]

    In 2009, John Maloof purchased a collection of negatives at a furniture and antiques auction in Chicago for $380. He soon found that he had purchased thousands of photographs taken in cities all over the world. He was amazed at the talent and set out to learn about the photographer. He found her name, Vivian Maier, written on a photo-lab envelope. A search of the name came up with a recent obituary where he learned she had lived in Chicago and worked as a nanny. Maloof came to learn that Vivian Maier’s photography was a secret she kept from everyone who knew her, including her employers and even close friends. In the years since the initial discovery, Maloof has turned Vivian Maier into a celebrated photographer, with gallery shows, an online portfolio, and a documentary to be released this month. The photos below are all of New York in the 1950s and 60s, but photos from Chicago, Canada, Florida, India, and Europe can be found at Vivian Maier. Find out when the documentary, “Finding Vivian Meier,” is coming to your city here.

  • MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Award winners 2014 [21 Photos]

    The MIPIM Architectural Review Future Projects Awards, now in their 13th year, are the only awards exclusively for unbuilt or unfinished projects spanning 12 categories. The awards focus on creativity and showcase fine architecture while considering the impact on and contribution to the surrounding community. The winners and honorable mentions from the different categories are presented below. The overall winner will be announced at a convention in Cannes on March 12.

  • Walk Around Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment with Virtual Reality Goggles

    Artist Greg Miller was new to 3-D modeling, so he sought out to give himself a simple project. A project that would eventually gain him internet glory in the form of Seinfeld’s famous New York City apartment. After sourcing a few initial projects Greg decided to use a platform that was simple and familiar to not only himself, but the audience he’d be sharing it with. Why not start with argualbly the most famous fictional apartment in NYC history, Jerry Seinfeld’s one bedroom. “I started by scouring the Internet for screen shots of Jerry’s apartment but that didn’t yield much. Eventually I resorted to screen-capping streaming episodes so I could get detailed images of the various items around the set. I tried to be faithful to the shows original props and it’s era, but some things were near impossible to Google. I did a lot of research and tried to find images of the original products used in the show, and modeled around those dimensions, rather than relying solely on blurry screen shots. I found lots of good footage of the bathroom in the episode “The Barber,” during the part that Newman enters Jerry’s bathroom to find a hair sample.” more »

  • True Detective Limited Edition Prints

    Minimalist designer, Nigel Dennis created a series of fine limited edition prints inspired by the show everyone’s been filling their Breaking Bad Void with. These True Detective prints feature a series of thurteen very limited prints chronicling the story of “Rust” Cohle and Martin Hart’s investigative theories in the inaugural season of True Detective. Prints include the duo in ’95 and then again today, Rust’s infamous beer can cut-outs, symbolic references to the killer at hand and even a step by step chart from the riot scene. The prints come individual at 24” X 36” or with a set of postcard prints. True Detective Limited Edition Prints

  • Own Al Capone’s Florida Villa For $8.44 Million [23 Photos]

    Al Capone’s Miami Villa, where he died from complications from syphilis in 1947, is back on the market. The 1922 Villa was purchased last year for $7 million but apparently houses where STD-infested gangsters spent their final days in dementia are hot right now and the house is now listed at $8.44 million. Although much of the property has changed in the 67 years since Capone’s passing, some original elements, like the black and gold Art Deco powder room, remain. And if security is a concern, Capone’s got you covered. High walls and heavy iron doors are sure to stop the G-Men from showing up unannounced. There is also a large swimming pool with marble all around and a 2 bedroom cabana, perfect for hosting parties where maybe, if you’re lucky, you can contract your very own venereal disease. How can you pass this up? Contact Sotheby’s and put in your bid right now!


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