• This Is What 32 Game Of Thrones Characters Would Look Like If They Lived In The ’80’s and ’90’s

    What would happen if we took our favorite characters from “Game of Thrones” and put them in our own world twenty or thirty years ago? Artist Mike Wrobel has created some delightful images that show exactly how Arya, Jon, and the others would dress if they had to live in our world in the ’80’s and 90’s. Only a few weeks to go until the new season!

  • A Brief History Of Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber Impression

    With a pitch-perfect spoof of Justin Bieber’s grey-toned attempt to wear big-boy pants in the #MyCalvins ad campaign for Calvin Klein, Kate McKinnon once again proved why she is a Saturday Night Live rock star. But while the CK ads may be the best example of McKinnon’s Bieber impression, she’s actually been grabbing attention with it for a little more than a year, so I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the evolution of Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber transformation.

  • Stephen Colbert: By The Numbers

    After 9 years and 1,440 episodes comedic pundit Stephen Colbert will say goodbye to “The Colbert Report.” He had an incredible run with Comedy Central and CBS hopes to bring that energy and audience over to the “Late Show” when he picks up the hosting gig in 2015. New York Times pulled together interesting facts and figures related to the man who fearlessly put even the most powerful politicians and personalities in their place over the years:

  • Three New Teasers Have Arrived for ‘Better Call Saul’

    Everything we already know about Saul is simply reiterated in the teaser for February’s premier of “Better Call Saul”, the AMC Breaking Bad spin-off, staring Bob Odenkirk as the lovably sleezy attorney, Saul Goodman. Three teasers have been released revealing hints of lesser-than-legal work ethic, Saul’s eccentric choice in dress shirts and a mug. With a connection already in place from the Breaking Bad series, let’s hope the ‘Clean Shirts, Dirty Lawyer’ teaser is an innuendo to the return of Gus, the calculated drug lord with a dry cleaning front.

  • Woody Harrelson And Pete Davidson Celebrate New NYC Marijuana Laws In Epic SNL Skit

    Saturday Night Live delves into the highs and lows of the new policies to decriminalize pot possession in New York City. Woody Harrelson and 21-year-old upstart SNL comedian Pete Davidson rejoice over the laws enacted by Mayor de Blasio that allow people to have less than 25 grams in their possession in NYC without being arrested. The potheads slowly emerge from their smokey apartments to enjoy a bright new freedom. An enthusiastic dreadheaded stoner Harrelson climbs on top of a car and yells, “Free at last!” while clutching his bong. The jubilation is overflowing up until the marijuana enthusiasts learn that there’s one little catch to the new laws, but thankfully they still have Rugrats reruns to comfort them. Watch the skit on Brobible.com >>

  • Incredible Video Footage Of The Great Martian War Of 1913-1917

    In a continuing effort to guarantee that anyone who watches the channel will not actually learn anything about history, the History Channel has created a “documentary” of the Great Martian War of 1913-1917 that never was. As easy as it is for those of us who grew up watching non-stop Hitler documentaries to hate on the current, alien-loving iteration of the channel, this actually looks pretty cool. The filmmakers used actual archival footage from World War I and inserted CGI Martian robots to wreak havoc on the doughboys. Unfortunately, it looks as though the special is currently airing in the UK only. for more info check out History.

  • The A To Z Guide To The Celebrity Voices Selling Us Every Product On Earth

    As for those celebrity voices that creep inside our brains and try to jam our minds with subliminal desires to purchase everything from cars to yogurt, I’ve been compiling this list of celebrity spokespeople for some time now, and with a little help from Twitter friends, iSpot and AdWhoIs.com, I think we may have assembled a truly comprehensive record of the last few years of celebrity voiceovers. In conclusion, I need a real hobby.

  • Alfonso Ribeiro Brought Back The Carlton On Dancing With The Stars [Video]

    Alfonso Ribeiro, most famous for portraying Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” is one of the current “stars” on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” Last night he brought back the spastic St. Vitus dance that Carlton couldn’t help but perform every time he heard the sweet sounds of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual.” And it was glorious. Let’s see Randy Couture try and top that! Oh wait, he can’t because he already got eliminated. I mean…uh…it’s not like I watch this dumb show or anything. But seriously, is it fair to have Alfonso Ribeiro on the show? The man’s a professional dancer already. He’s been selling his “Breakin’ and Poppin’” VHS since 1985!

  • The Simpsons: First Episode vs Today [RSVLTS Original]

    Ever since the Simpsons marathon on FXX, they’ve been the hottest fictional, yellow cartooned family on TV. With their highly anticipated Family Guy collaboration a few weeks away, it doesn’t seem like they have any plans of stopping. It’s the longest running American sitcom of all-time and actually gaining steam and relevancy again. Since the show has broadcast 552 episodes but we decided to go back to the beginning, the first full length episode onDecember 17, 1989, to show you how things have evolved.

  • Watch The First Teaser for ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’

    Last night, AMC gave us a little taste of Saul. During AMC’s Breaking Bad marathon which showed over the weekend the 9-second teaser aired. The new Breaking Bad spinoff is set to air February 2015 and will star Saul Goodman under the name James M. McGill, an Irish identity he used before switching to the infamous lawyer we all fell in love with during the Breaking Bad franchise. The ethically ambiguous Goodman teases a client with this quote before AMC headlines take over, “Lawyers. We’re like health insurance,” says Saul in the incredibly brief teaser for the upcoming series. “You hope you never need it, but man-oh-man, not having it? No.”

  • Walter White Goes To Space

    Last month, tvtag set their sights on the stars. After thousands of votes from Earth-folk like you, Walter White was nominated to be tvtag’s first space ambassador. Over the course of his journey to space, Walt braved speeds of 95 mph (153km/h), temperatures as low as -65F (-54C), and a maximum altitude of 85,000 feet (25,908m). He soared to new heights, carrying along with him the hopes and dreams of TV watchers everywhere. Long live Heisenberg. Long live TV.

  • Uncle Joey Got Married So The Cast Of “Full House” Reunited [12 Photos]

    Dave Coulier got hitched at an outdoor ceremony in lovely Paradise Valley, Montana on July 2, and the guest list was full of familiar faces (because you know Joey Gladstone would never get married with out Danny Tanner and Jesse Katsopolis by his side). Yes, Coulier’s wedding was practically a “Full House” reunion with former co-stars Bob Saget, Candance Cameron Bure, John Stamos, and Andrea Barber all in attendance. Although Michelle and Stephanie weren’t able to make it out they all still remain great friends and seem to have impromptu reunions once every six months.

  • 11 Outrageous Quotes From Kimmel Interviewing Fake U.S. Soccer Fans About Landon Donovan’s Performance At The World Cup

    If you’re going to lie you might as well be super elaborate about it. Kimmel went out onto Hollywood Blvd and found people who claimed to be big fans of the US soccer team and asked them how they think Landon Donovan has been playing so far. If you follow soccer, you know that Landon Donovan was cut from the team in May before the World Cup even started. However that didn’t stop them from weighing in on his performance in this special World Cup edition of #LieWitnessNews.

  • Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” Is Back with Sofia Vergara and Matthew McConaughey

    There are a lot of celebrities on twitter and some people feel very comfortable using twitter to insult those celebrities. From time to time, Kimmel gathers those insults and package them together to illustrate the fact that words can hurt. This is his 7th edition of Mean Tweets featuring Julia Roberts, Don Cheadle, Ashton Kutcher, Courteney Cox, Andy Garcia, Mindy Kaling, David Blaine, Don Rickles, Ethan Hawke, Matthew McConaughey, June Squibb, Jeremy Piven, Kit Harrington, Emma Stone, Gary Oldman and Sofia Vergara.

  • Jimmy Kimmel Meets People Who Think Godzilla Is A Real Thing

    Godzilla made $93 million during its opening weekend here in the United States. So we went out onto Hollywood Blvd and asked people this question: considering Godzilla is based on the true story of the giant lizard attack on Tokyo that killed more than 100,000 people in 1954, do you think it is wrong that Hollywood glamorizes this event for entertainment?

  • Placing Odds On The ‘SNL’ Cast Members Most Likely To Be Fired This Summer

    It’s been a rebuilding year, but going into the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels is going to want a more solid core. With 17 members, the cast is badly bloated, and with that many people angling for screentime, few cast members have really been able to break-out. Chances are, Michaels is going to spend the summer weeding out some of the weaker cast members, and hopefully come back in the fall with 10-12 of the strongest cast members. Who is likely to be cut over the summer? Let’s lay odds on those most likely to be fired.

  • Kimmel’s Asks People On Gluten-free Diets Try To Explain What Gluten Is

    Some people can’t eat gluten for medical reasons, but a lot of people in Los Angeles don’t eat gluten because someone in their yoga class told them not to. Jimmy wondered how many of these people even know what gluten is, so we sent a camera crew out to a popular exercise spot here in LA and asked people who are gluten-free a simple question: “What is gluten?”

  • Disguised Drake Gets People’s Honest Opinions About Himself [Video]

    Jimmy Kimmel sent Drake out on the streets in disguise to ask people what they think of the rap star and their reactions to his hosting of the ESPYs (which has yet to actually occur). There were plenty of Drake haters out there but the superstar took it all in stride. A guitar player even freestyled a song chastising Drake for not playing any instruments. He did find one fan with his final reveal, but everyone else was pretty brutal. Fear not, though, he most surely consoled himself in the arms of good friend Lebron James later that evening.

  • Stephen Colbert’s 12 Greatest Moments On YouTube

    In what feels like a logical move it’s been announced that Stephen Colbert, the comedian and host of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report,” will succeed David Letterman as host of “Late Show,” CBS’s flagship late-night franchise, when Mr. Letterman retires next year, the network announced Thursday.

  • George Takei Responds To Anti-Gay Protesters In The Most Delightful Way Possible [18 Photos]

    With news of George Takei, known for his iconic role as Sulu on Star Trek and more recently for his commanding presence on social media, being tapped to host Saturday Night Life following support from several online petitions we take a look back at one of his finest moments on the web. Back in March 2013 protestors gathered outside the supreme court to march against the Prop 8/DOMA hearings. BuzzFeed asked the protestors to express their opinions on a pad of paper and George being George responded in the best way possible.


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