• 20 Reasons Why Hot Tubs Are Better In GIF Form

    The hot tub is a magical place, where magical things happen. It’s one of the only places where you can be outdoors, essentially naked, probably naked, but also scorchingly hot in the winter. It’s a place where fantasy becomes reality, Where boys become men and where heroes are made and fools are shunned. It’s also a place where some of the funniest GIFs on the internet happen. We’ve compiled some of the funniest, sexiest and steamiest hot tub GIFs on the internet to warm you up in the dead of winter. Oh and Olivia Munn once went into a hot tub, ad it was glorious. We’re partnering up with Hot Tub Time Machine 2 to give a lucky school a chance to win the prize of all prizes, their very own ginourmous hot tub party. Go to HotTubMovieParty.com to vote for the winner. Even if your school didn’t make it, you can still win big. Huge. Mega-huge. For first place, one winner + a friend will get a VIP trip to the party plus $2,500 cash to spend on, um, whatever you want. The 2nd place winner will win $1000 to throw their own hot tub party and the third will win $500 cash for ample partying. more »

  • How To Man-Hack a Drinking Glass Out of a Beer Bottle

    You’ve seen them before at beach-bars and probably being sold at Urban Outfitters for an obscene amount, but here’s a step by step guide to making a drinking glass out of a beer bottle in a few easy to execute steps. YouTube channel Household Hacker has uploaded a simple DIY video on how to turn an empty beer bottle into a drinking glass. An empty bottle, rubbing alcohol, a length of cotton string or yarn, a bucket of ice water, lighter and an empty six pack are all you need to get this done. In no way are we saying drink the six pack then attempt this (Let’s just get that straight).

  • Stunning Images Of The Falcon9 Rocket Smashing Into It’s Floating Landing Pad

    Elon Musk’s SpaceX attempted to land a rocket on a platform in the ocean last week during a trial run for its reusable rocket technology project. Musk tweeted a grim, but straight forward report directly after the attempt, stating the rocket had landed hard, not a exactly a success, but not a total failiure. Yesterday Musk held a tweet session with John Carmack, CTO of Oculus VR and released stunning images of the botched landing. From the looks of the images, the rocket had more than a harsh landing. @ID_AA_Carmack Before impact, fins lose power and go hardover. Engines fights to restore, but … pic.twitter.com/94VDi7IEHS — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 16, 2015 @ID_AA_Carmack Rocket hits hard at ~45 deg angle, smashing legs and engine section pic.twitter.com/PnzHHluJfG — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 16, 2015 @ID_AA_Carmack Residual fuel and oxygen combine pic.twitter.com/5k07SP8M9n — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 16, 2015 @ID_AA_Carmack Full RUD (rapid unscheduled disassembly) event. Ship is fine minor repairs. Exciting day! pic.twitter.com/tIEctHFKHG — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 16, 2015

  • The Insane True Story of a Lion Living With a Family in 1969

    All you can do is shrug your shoulders and say “Hey, man it was the ’70s”. So the story goes in 1969 couple Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall, both actors, were in Africa when they came across a full pride of lions in an abandon house. The couple took a liking to the majestic pride and were so moved, they decided to produce a film advocating conservancy of the big cat species. During the films early research period, the couple was instructed by animal experts to spend as much time as possible with the giant predators to learn how to deal with them on screen. So the couple decided to go all “Daniel Day Lewis” and adopt a lion to live with them. In their home. With their children. The following photo series depicts a rarely seen look at Neil the Lion and his adopted family Tippi, Noel and Melanie (Griffith, yes, that Melanie Griffith). From the looks of the series the 700lb beast seems to be pretty domesticated, putting it’s mouth around children’s frail body’s, raiding the fridge and being used as a pillow by the family. Some images show a young Melanie Griffith playfully spitting pool water at Neil, more »

  • Georgia Boy Get’s New Storm Trooper Arm in Best Way Possible

    Liam Porter, a young boy from Augusta, GA was born without part of his left arm was greeted by a phenomenal surprise recently, when he was given a prosthetic arm in the likeness of a Star Wars Storm Trooper. Online Community E-NABLE reached out to Augusta 3D-Printing enthusiast John Peterson, then worked together to create the perfect arm for the young Star Wars fan. E-NABLE’s community is dedicated to helping people (Mostly children) without hands or arms, by using 3-D printing technology to build them custom appendages. They see themselves as a network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to give the World a “Helping Hand.” Liam’s custom arm will help him achieve daily routines, otherwise made difficult, but now he can do it as one of his favorite Star Wars characters. The arm was given to him by two Imperial Stormtroopers at a movie theatre in Augusta, Georgia, after Peterson linked up with the 501st legion made up of a group of Star Wars cosplayers. Liam also received an Imperial helmet and a cool certificate from the Georgia garrison of the 501st Legion. To help E-Nable check out their website for more info.

  • Coloring History: Stunning GIFs That Add Color To Vintage Photos

    Black and white photos reimaged in color is one of the most fascinating processes on the internet. It’s literally undeniable to see before and after images and not be completely awestruck. Dutch website NSMBL recently published a collection of very intriguing GIFs that show vintage photographs being colorized—as colors are gradually added to these images, showing a rough cut of the before and after process.

  • Drone Footage Of Frozen Chicago In Magnificent 4K [Video]

    Soaring Badger Productions created this incredible video showcasing a bird’s-eye-view of Chicago in the dead of winter. All footage was captured in temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter and GoPro Hero 4 camera. Filming took place over two weeks and was made difficult by the GoPro’s battery quickly draining in the extreme conditions. Be sure to pump up the playback quality to 4K and fullscreen view for the full effect.

  • You’ve Gotta See This Hulk Hogan Pushpin Mosaic, Brother [5 Photos]

    Listen up, brother. Redditor jiggabot accomplished what not even Andre the Giant could do at Wrestlemania III–pinning Hulk Hogan. Jiggabot used what looks to be about a bajillion of those multicolored, plastic pushpins to create this impressive mosaic of the professional wrestling great. Obviously jiggabot is a real American. Check out more photos of the greatest work of art that we’ve ever seen at Imgur.

  • Tiger Wood’s 6 Million Euro Island Next to Sweden is Up For Sale

    Tiger Wood’s nasty divorce from Elin Nordegren was undoubtedly ugly behind closed doors, and now a product of that is undoubtedly this quaint little island off the coast of Stockholm, Sweden. The humble cabin is 2,500-square-feet surrounded by trees, surrounded by water. I’m sure Tiger would even throw in an autograph for the very reasonable price of 6 million euro. Among a long patch of greener than green fairway for Tiger to practice, is: A 900-square-foot hunting lodge. A wine cellar big enough to hold 10 people for parties and drinking. The island comes with its own ferry, large enough to transport 12 people. A 3,200-square-foot stable and machine shop. There’s a one-mile jogging path. 2 million square meters of fishing waters.

  • This Map Shows You Where America’s Legendary Monsters Are Hiding Out

    Like monsters? Sure ya do, what are you a scared little kid who sleeps with the lights on? You LOVE monsters and you LOVE this poster.  Monsters in America: A Cryptozoological Map of the United States is possibly the first of its kind – a snapshot of American cryptozoology that brings together the Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Mothman, Chupacabra, Shunka Warakin, Caddy, the Honey Island Swamp Monster and many more cryptids on one hand-drawn, hand-screened map.

  • The Beer Sled: A New Era In Beer Delivery [Video]

    Drinking beer is great. It’s cold. It tastes good. It gets you drunk. Delivering beer is awful. It’s heavy. It’s not yours to drink. But these brilliant men in Colombia came up with the ultimate solution. Construct a cerveza sled and glide straight to your destination. Well, as long as your destination is at the bottom of a hill.

  • This Daredevil Tightrope Web Is Pure Nope [11 Photos]

    While most of us were eating turkey and watching football, stunt coordinator and slackline world champion Andy Lewis was spending Thanksgiving 400 feet over the Utah desert weaving his Pentagon Space Net. Lewis and his friends constructed the 2000 -square-foot handwoven net out of tightropes. The only way to reach the net? Just five highline “walkways,” 200 feet long and and inch thick. That’s cool and all, but this year I had lamb for Thanksgiving. Now that’s living on the edge.

  • Clever Tumblr Collects the Best 404-Error Messages From the Web

    FourZeroFour’ is a clever Tumblr blog that collects creative 404 webpages that appear when a non-existent link is entered or a page crashes. From quirky to cleaver to obnoxious, FourZeroFour wins the award for Most Clever Website of the Day, a coveted award we give out whenever we feel like it. Today is one of those days.

  • ‘Fashion Dads’ is the Ironic Fashion Blog the World Deserves

    Fashion blogs. They’re everywhere. Girls wearing clothes, sitting on a bench or the post office steps, draped in a pancho and some high heels, maybe a big hat. These people are running the world. Not ruining, running. They get free clothes and travel the world that revolves around them, looking for an big oak tree to lean against or an old dingy in a harbor to show off their anchor patterned sweater. But I digress, this post is about dads and the brilliant mind that created an Instagram account in the likeness of these hashtag obsessed fashion bloggers, featuring every day dads posing as fashion icons. Check out their full account here. Footwear is so important to complete any look.

  • Today is Going to Stink. Here are 18Random GIFs To Help You Survive

    Back to work. It’s here. The day you’ve been dreading for a month. The holidays are over, New Years is over. Nancy from accounting can’t stop telling people “New Year, New Me” and the nearest holiday is over a month away. You need soemthing to take your mind off things. Something to make you forget about the long wintery journey of Q1 2015. Here are a few random GIFs to make you forget about Nancy, the winter, work and your meaningless existence. Happy 2015.

  • Cards Against Humanity Stickers Vandalized the Holiday Season

    Cards Against Humanity’s Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa has thrown the world of vandalism into a complete stir. The stickers included in the game’s set are not intended for vandalism, but when you give someone who orders a game like Cards Against Humanity a sticker that says “DICK”, some manor of debauchery is certain to happen. Ensue hilarity… now.

  • Incredible 20th Anniversary Pulp Fiction Illustrated Posters

    Pulp Fiction is renowned as one of the highest and well regarded movies of all time. Studio MUTI created a series of posters paying homage to the 20th anniversary of the film. The South African creative studio explains, “2014 marked the 20th anniversary of Tarantino’s cult classic, Pulp Fiction,” they explain. “We paid homage to this landmark in contemporary cinema by creating two sets of illustrated posters as well as a series of character portraits inspired by vintage cigarette collectors cards.”

  • Man Solves 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube in 7 hours, Timelapse is boring yet Fascinating

    Give me 7.5 hours to complete a 3×3 Rubik’s cube and I’ll give you 26 tiny cubes (26. I counted) ripped apart in a fit of rage. Youtuber RedKB, however just used that window of time to complete a 17x17x17 cube designed by Oskar Van Deventer. Then he made a timelapse, which is incredible boring, but also fascinating enough to hold our goldfish attention span. Gizmodo notes “To put things in perspective, there are 66.9 quinquagintatrecentillion possible ways to scramble a 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube. That’s 6.69 * 10^1054, written out there would be over a thousand zeroes! And if you find you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands to kill today, RedKB has also posted his full seven-and-a-half hour solve to YouTube, which we can assure you is utterly thrilling.”

  • Dads Dancing To ‘Uptown Funk’ is The Best Thing You’ll See in Your Life

    Show me a man with child who can dance and I’ll show you a rebuttal. Something genetic happens when you take the title “father” that lives inside a man, dormant for years, until that man sees his first glimpse of his first child. The heart melts, a tear is shed and legs go wobbly and in that instance, all bodily rhythm is lost. Forever. Kind of like once you have the chicken pox, you’re immune forever. Once you’re a dad, you lose the ability to dance forever. This coming of age story is proven in this dads dancing supercut, set to the undeniably fire single by Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk.

  • 38 of the Most Brilliant Snapchats to Make it Out Alive

    Snapchat is quickly becoming the most used social media app for millennials and generation z (whatever that means), and us old timers can finally see why.  We’re sure there are many more brilliant Snapchats forever gone after it’s time is up, but for now here are some of the most brilliant snaps that made it out alive.

  • Your Favorite Movie Posters Are Better in GIF Form

    Two of our favorite things. Gifs and movie posters, together at last, in one seamless loop that last forever. In this compilation, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Batman, Looper, E.T. and even Gravity are given the Gif treatment. I can watch Sandra Bullock drift off into a silent space forever.

  • 7 Years of The Most Hilariously Inappropriate Christmas Cards

    Christmas cards are more than likely the cheesiest part of the holidays. Families gather in their cheerful sweaters and show you just how cookie cutter happy their perfect little lives are, even though Jason’s doing kegstands at State every Thursday and Samantha’s gone goth via their Instagrams. Comedian and photographer, John Cessna is going about his holiday tradition a little differently. Cessna’s been sending out hilarious Christmas cards, completely abandoning the holiday cheer stigma attached to Christmas cards. Since 2008, John has been removed from his families cards, after budding heads with his mother on holiday alcohol consumption, so John decided to start making his own. Christmas Fight Club, Holiday kidnapping and a sacrificial Christmas are some of the twisted Christmas Cards John has been sending his friends and family over the years. 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

  • New 3D models in Google Maps Are Hyper Realistic

    Google has began implementing hyper real 3D models of buildings in it’s Google Maps and Earth applications. New York City and San Francisco will be the first cities unveiled with extreme detail. The Freedom Tower,  Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and the Bay Bridge in San Francisco are some wildly impressive examples you can look at right now. In May 2013  Google began updating imagery from Google Earth and doesn’t have plans of stopping until the entire planet looks like a Sim City game.    

  • Pew! Pew! The Navy Has Tested Their New Laser [Video]

    Earlier this year, we told about the US Navy preparing their first laser-equipped ship, the USS Ponce. Well good news (or terrible news if you’re our enemy): the laser is ready! After spending $40 million over the last seven years on development, the Navy has tested their laser weapon system, LaWS, in the PErsian Gulf. Check out this video and see the 30 kilowatt laser in action/ It’s actually made up of six lasers focused together in one Death Star-like beam. Although lasers can be disabled by inclement weather and are limited to line-of-sight targets, the new weapons will complement common shells and missiles. And at a cost of just 59 cents per shot fired, lasers are a much cheaper option over the million dollar missiles.

  • The 10 Most Instagrammed Places in 2014

    Instagram is now the absolute standard in social media photography and with that comes a certain geotagging, especially when hashtags are involved. PetaPixel obtained the most Instagrammed locations in the world from their archived data and the results are more than surprising. It’s no shocker sports arenas/stadiums make the list 3 times, but it’s the actual stadiums that are surprising. Yankee Stadium and MSG top the entire list, but Dodger stadium comes in at a far higher ranking. Most likely because they sell out nearly every game at over 47,0000 people in attendance every home game (81 total) which adds up to 3,782,337 people. Now it makes sense. Take a look at the top 10 most Instagrammed locations in the world in 2014. 10. The Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #thedubaimall#dubai#dubaimallwaterfall#dubaifountain#дубай#дубаймолл#фонтан A photo posted by Елена Павлишина (@lemusik2013) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:58am PST 9. Yankee Stadium, New York, New York I hope we don't have to wait another 150 years for a day that fun. #latergram #yankeestadium #rivalry150 #newyorkcity A photo posted by Missy Capone (@misfitcap) on Nov 11, 2014 at 12:29pm PST 8. Madison Square Garden, New York, New York 7. Red Square, Moscow, Russia At more »

  • 27 Of the Best Christmas Tree Ornaments You Can Buy Online

      This season spruce up your spruce with some of the best ornaments the internet’s ever seen. Who knew Hallmark was so badass? They’re responsible for half of the ornaments on this list, from Christmas Vacation to A Christmas Story to Back to the Future’s DeLorean, Hallmark isn’t screwing around with holiday season ornaments. These ain’tcha grandma’s Christmas decorations, this is the definitive list of Christmas tree ornaments to hang on your tree this year. Santaur, nuffsaid.   Christmas Vacation Squirrel Cousin Eddie Margot and Todd Yoda Santaur Horse Head Ralphie Leg Lamp You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Krampus Mr. Hankey Cornelius “The Immaculate Reception” The DeLorean Peyton Jaws with Barrells Sloth Dr. Who Police Box Stewie Naked Peter Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Office Space Milton and His Stapler Darth Vader Peekbuster Dwight Shroot Bobblehead

  • This 3D Printed Crossguard Light Saber Can Be Yours Right Now

    Need a reason to buy a 3D printer? Here it is. A full directional tutorial to build your own crossguard lightsaber the ominous sith lord was wielding in a snowy forest in the latest Star Wars VII trailer  J.J. Abrams teased us with two weeks ago. Using the files provided by Le FabShop you can build your very own before they inevitably hit toy stores next year. You’ll be the most popular guy in the IT break room. Never again will you have to wait to get your computer fixed after visiting suspect websites at work. Never again will you have to be discouraged when the IT department snarls at you for not knowing how to defrag your company laptop. You’ll be the king of the nerds. Sith nerds. Customizable Crossguarded LightSaber from le FabShop on Vimeo.

  • This Device Lets You Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrist

    Man has waited eons to evolve to the point where we can shoot fireballs from our hands. And we’ll be waiting for a long time, because that’s not how evolution works. Thankfully, magician Adam Wilber has bypassed evolutionary biology and saved us a lot of time with the invention of the PYRO. The PYRO is a unique device you wear on your wrist that allows you to shoot fireballs. The watch-like device features four barrels, meaning you can shoot four fireballs before having to reload. The device can be hidden under a sleeve and is triggered by a remote that can be concealed in your other hand, so as to surprise your unsuspecting audience/victims. PYRO is available from Ellusionaist for $174, complete with remote, a bundle of flash cotton, eight large sheets of flash paper, and a pad of 40 small pre-cut sheets. But keep in mind, this is no toy. And you’ll have to read through some lengthy disclaimers and watch some instructional videos before using your PYRO, inevitably burning down your house and ruining Christmas in the process.

  • 10 True Patriots Who Made America Proud in 2014

    Overall, 2014 has been a pretty solid year to live in America.  I, for one, am extremely proud to be an American and thought it would be pretty sweet to put together a list to honor some of the greats that came to the forefront this year. Whether it was making a shit ton of saves in the World Cup, raising a shit ton of money for a good cause, or being the source for a shit ton of internet memes, all of the following deserve recognition in some way, shape, or form for the outstanding things they did this year. Please note that this is a semi-serious list and that we should all know the true American hero’s are the troops who serve and protect this country by risking their lives everyday and those who have lost their lives doing so. It is in no particular order as I found it would be plain unfair to try and rank these fantastic Americans.  So without further ado, I give you all THE Greatest Americans of 2014.  Enjoy.

  • Nasa Owns Black Friday with #BlackHoleFriday Campaign

    Today, around the U.S. is known as Black Friday, is a wonderful day where friends and foes alike fight and trample each other for retail sale items drastically discounted. NASA weighed in on the “black Friday” namesake and had some fun creating their own hashtag #BlackHoleFriday, urging followers to forget about the chaos of Black Friday and have some nerd-fun learning about Black holes. Playing off the shopping havoc holiday, NASA used tweets like “2 for 1 #BlackFriday deal! Actually, it’s 2 black holes merging into 1 #BlackHoleFriday” and “It’s #BlackFriday, but for us, it’s the 2nd annual #BlackHoleFriday. Today, we’ll post pics & info about black holes” Take a look at some of their clever tweets below. It's #BlackFriday, but for us, it's the 2nd annual #BlackHoleFriday. Today, we'll post pics & info about black holes pic.twitter.com/6npxklEw2N — NASA (@NASA) November 28, 2014 A black hole's pull of gravity is so strong, no light escapes: http://t.co/j7YejD8yaK #BlackHoleFriday #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/0HHvCovGZ2 — NASA (@NASA) November 28, 2014 A black hole's pull of gravity is so strong, no light escapes: http://t.co/j7YejD8yaK #BlackHoleFriday #BlackFriday pic.twitter.com/0HHvCovGZ2 — NASA (@NASA) November 28, 2014 2 for 1 #BlackFriday deal! Actually, it's 2 black holes merging into more »

  • Watch The Bizarrious “Shia LaBeouf” Rob Cantor Video That Slipped Under Our Radar

    How did this video slip through my internet savvy fingers? Why is this my first time watching it? Have I been hiding under a rock for a month? A rock without wireless? When this vide fell into my lap, I watched it as emotions coursed through my veins; hatred, confusion, overjoy and sadness, all at the same time. As if Shia himself was punching me in the stomach and massaging my shoulders all at once. Rob Cantor, you sick genius. I don’t know what to think of it, I don’t know what to say about it, but you need to watch it, then never unsee it. *Bizarrious is a word just made up to describe the hilariously bizarre subject matter of this video and song.