• This Afghanistan Veteran Now Hunts Poachers In Africa [8 Photos]

    Kinessa Johnson served in the US Army in Afghanistan as a diesel mechanic for four years. Now she has joined the ranks of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) as an anti-poaching advisor. She and her fellow post-9/11 veterans train and support African rangers and provide sustainable solutions to the poaching problem. You can learn more about what Kinessa does at her Reddit AMA and keep up with her travels at Facebook and Instagram.

  • You Never Knew How Much You Needed To see a Chameleon Eat in Slo-Mo Until Now

    The chameleon has the ability to shoot it’s tongue out of it’s mouth roughly the twice length of it’s body at a shocking speed to acquire it’s prey. In just .07 seconds the camouflaged chameleon can shoot it’s tongue out like a speeding bullet. YouTube channel and BBC affiliate, Earth Unplugged managed to capture footage of the lizard not only slurping up it’s prey, but in super slow motion. Captured at 1,500 frames per second, the video shows the chameleon attacking an insect from several angles with precision accuracy and poise.

  • If Your iPhone Notifications Gave You Wise-Ass Remarks

    Ever wish your UI could be a little more human and a little less…dull? Well Distractify would like to imagine your iPhone notifications as a bit of a wise-ass with ‘14 iPhone Notifications You Actually Need In Life’, reflecting these pop-ups with hilarious, more truthful response options. Check out all of them here.

  • Is This The Most Interesting Way To Get Caught Scamming The Carpool Lane?

    We’ve all been tempted by the carpool lanes while stuck in traffic on the highway. A lane full of tree-hugging do-gooders being rewarded for traveling together–it’s disgusting! If only those of us idling alone in our gas-guzzlers could take advantage of the HOV lane. A pile of gym clothes with a basketball wearing a baseball cap? Nah, we’d be found out when our passenger’s head rolled off. An inflatable doll? The awkward posture when buckled in is a sure giveaway. How about a cardboard cutout of Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World?” Surely nobody would suspect a thing! A driver in Washington tried such a stunt, even placing a polo over his cutout of the iconic character, but Washington State Patrol Trooper Tony Brock wasn’t fooled. He got a good laugh out of the situation, but still fined the driver. Afterwards he tweeted “I don’t always violate the HOV lane law…but when I do, I get a $124 ticket.” Back to the drawing board.

  • This Incredible Art Was Created By A Blind Man

    In 2001, John Bramblitt lost his eyesight after a series of seizures. He was understandably depressed but remembered how much joy and peace he found through sketching as a child. Despite his blindness, John decided to rekindle his love of art. He retaught himself how to draw and then decided to take up painting for the first time in his life. Using his sense of touch, John is able to differentiate and mix oil paints based on their varying viscosities. Through the use of different oil paint mediums, he can feel the different color lines and envision his paintings. John’s story illustrates just how powerful the human mind is. For an incredibly interesting, in-depth look at his methods, be sure to read the FAQ at Sightless Works: The Art of John Bramblitt.

  • Hilarious Video Of TV Show Stereotypes Made Entirely With Stock Footage

    Dissolve, stock video website created ‘Faux Shows’, a hilarious compilation of fake intros of TV shows we’ve all seen again and again. The footage shows intros with clever descriptions replacing the names of it’s stereotypical characters like “former ’90s heartthrob” and “Geeky Girl, Because Glasses”. We’re looking at you, Bones, Burn Notice, every single SVU, New Girl, that Mindy show, Cougar Town, HIMYM and dare I say Franklin & Bash. Oh also Survivor and every competitive reality show in existence. Watch the video below and count how many of the stock characters you’ve seen before.  

  • A Pilot’s Incredible View Of The Eclipse [5 Photos]

    If you were lucky enough to be in Europe a few hours ago, you may have caught the rare solar eclipse. Well, as long as you weren’t one of the many Europeans cursed with cloud coverage that is. But fear not, there were plenty of photographers who captured the event for those of us in cloudy Europe and the rest of the world. The most unique photos we’ve seen are these cockpit snapshots of the eclipse. Redditor philthadelphia’s brother-in-law received them in an email meant for somebody else. Damn. I just get emails about boating equipment for some other Joe Cucci.

  • If Anyone Can Motivate You To Break The Deadlift Record, It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger [Video]

    27-year-old English strongman Eddie Hall recently broke the world record for the deadlift when he lifted an unbelievable 1018 lbs at the Arnold Classic Australia. As incredible as it is watching Eddie accomplish the feat, the best part of this video has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger excitedly cheering on the strongman. Honestly, if I had Arnold at my side, I could probably break the deadlift record, too. Probably.

  • Breakfast Will Never Be the Same Again With The Pancake Bot

    The age of 3D printing is in full swing and too be honest, there just isn’t enough 3D printed food out there, until now. The Pancake Bot takes the 3D printing model, using a griddle platform for the canvas, easy to use tracing software takes your drawing and brings it to real life right before your eyes. Simply trace, transfer and eat. Using a batter dispensing system to “print” the batter onto the included griddle. By using a combination of compressed air and a vacuum, the PancakeBot controls where the batter is dispensed. Onboard controls let you fine tune the dispensing of the batter as it glides over the griddle.
 Go support them on Kickstarter, so we can all have one of these in our homes soon.

  • Volcanic Lightning Is The Coolest Thing Ever [6 Photos]

    When bits of rock, ash, and ice particles in a volcanic plume collide, they produce a static charge. This charge is visible as a “dirty thunderstorm” or volcanic lightning. Although many have reported witnessing the phenomenon, photographic evidence is rare. But earlier this month, German filmmaker Marc Szeglat was able to capture these incredible photos of volcanic lightning at Sakurajima volcano on Japan’s island of Kyushu. Szeglat described witnessing this incredible site: “There was a delay of several seconds between seeing the eruption and the arrival of the shockwave and sound. This was very exciting as I didn’t know how strong the shockwave would be. But when it happened I felt the breath of wind from the interior of the earth like an extremely brief squall. After that, my friend and I laughed loudly and we were very happy.”

  • Rescue St. Bernards Will Find You and Charge Your Phone at SXSW

    These days any high occupancy event is a sure fire way to kill your battery’s life, so making sure your phone has enough juice to get you through the day is a challenge in itself. Mobil battery case Mophie has the solution for the pack of people who still haven’t invested in one of their life saving tools, they’ll be sending rescue dogs to provided attendees with Mophie chargers. Not just any rescue dogs, St. Bernards, like the kind that bring water through the treacherous blizzard conditions to men stuck in avalanches. The feel-good kicker is that mophie will be partnering with the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation in the hopes of getting attendees used to the dogs, and possible adopt them from their own local rescue organization after SXSW. All you need to do is tweet to the @Mophie account with a screenshot of your location and battery level.

  • Finally! Fertile Finns Fashion Flying Snowmobile [Video]

    Snowmobiles are fun and all, but if there is one complaint that we’ve all had at some time or another, it’s that the damn things don’t fly. But where the rest of us have resigned ourselves to a life of riding our snowmobiles on land, some resourceful Finns strapped a parachute to theirs and flew right off a mountainside. The Stunt Freaks Team, a group of daring Norsemen, and Tupla, a Finnish chocolate bar manufacturer, teamed up for the stunt. It looks like fun…but we’ll probably stick to the ground for now.

  • Check Out This New Island Before It Disappears Forever

    Until recently, Tonga was a Polynesian nation made up of 176 islands. But after an underwater volcano erupted earlier this year, a new island has formed just 40 miles southwest of the main island of Tongatapu and the nation’s capital Nukuʻalofa. Experts say that this island may only last a matter of months before it erodes back into the ocean, but for the time being, at least one Tonga resident believes the new island will become a tourist attraction, however short-lived. Hotel owner GP Orbassano relocated to Tonga 20 years ago. Over the weekend, he traveled to the new island with his friend and his son and captured these incredible photos. The group is believed to be the first to set foot on the island, which is half a mile wide and .8 miles long. The highest point of the island, about 820 feet up, offers an incredible view of the black beach and an emerald lake that Orbassano said smelled strongly of sulfur. We hope Tonga capitalizes on this short-lived new island but we must warn our readers to be wary of Tongan real estate developers offering great deals on island property.

  • Nastalgic GIFS of Your Favorite ’90s Action Stars

    Illustrators Davide Mazzuchin and Matteo Goi have created a brilliant series of animated illustrations paying tribute to past action heroes of the ’80s and ’90s. Pretty much the staring cast of The Expendables. Their behance page asks the question “Do you remember the Jean-Claude Van Damme’s epic split? Can’t you forget the Chuck Norris’s round house kick? Do you like the Sylverster Stallone’s screams?” Yes.  

  • These Space Photos Aren’t What You Think [10 Photos]

    The Wormhole Accelerated Nomad Delivering Exploratory Reconnaissance space probe, or WANDER, captures photos of never-before-seen worlds in the far reaches of space. Why have these galaxies remained so elusive until now? Because they don’t actually exist. WANDER is a project from Navid Baraty presenting fictional space scenes created by scanning household objects. Navid simply places various objects from his kitchen on his flatbed Epson scanner, then scans the scene. In Navid’s world, the bottoms of glasses become planets, salt and assorted spices become stars, and our minds become blown. Keep up with WANDER’s progress at Facebook and Instagram.

  • Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Make Good on Super Bowl Bet, Visit Children’s Hospitals

    Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, both respectable Marvel superheroes and the face of two of the most successful franchises in the comic books movie history placed a friendly bet come Super Bowl time. With Pratt being from Seattle and Evans being from Boston, the two decided to place a good natured bet amongst each other. The loser would have to dress as his Marvel character to visit kids at a hospital of the winner’s choice in the winner’s city. As we all know the Pats won, which meant Starlord would be visiting Christopher’s Haven in Boston, but as an act of kindness Evans decided to suit up as Captain America for Seattle Children’s Hospital as well. Always good to see celebrities giving back. Thanks to @Disney for all your magic to make this visit possible and for sending Captain America his suit! pic.twitter.com/zBZyfcRE4p — Seattle Children's (@seattlechildren) March 8, 2015 Thank you to @Marvel for sending gifts for our patients. They were thrilled to receive them! pic.twitter.com/iCOXPGREjb — Seattle Children's (@seattlechildren) March 8, 2015 Meeting Captain America and Star-Lord is an experience our patients will always remember. #TwitterBowl pic.twitter.com/iDJWJ4UGbs — Seattle Children's (@seattlechildren) March 8, 2015 The kids were beyond more »

  • Watch 550 Million Years of Human Evolution in One Minute

    Dutch designer Jurian Möller has created a stunning visual taking evolution through 550 years of evolution, accompanied with dates and species identification. The animation transitions an astronaut to a neanderthal in mere seconds followed by mammals to amphibians. Definitely a mesmerizing watch. 550 million years of human evolution from jumo on Vimeo.

  • Adam Sandler And Bob Barker Reunited And It Was Hilarious [Video]

    I have to admit, when I first started watching this video, I wasn’t expecting much. It seemed like an awkward, forced exchange between two people who have little interest in being there, sort of like award presenters or my divorced parents at my fifth grade spelling bee. But once Bob Barker and Adam Sandler embraced their Happy Gilmore characters, things got awesome. Much better than award shows or my fifth grade spelling bee.

  • Wildlife Photographer Captures Amazing Shots of Tree Frog Hitching a Ride on a Beetle

    Indonesian wildlife photographer Hendy Mp has captured a once in a lifetime moment in time when a Reinwardt’s tree frog took a ride atop a giant rhinoceros beetle. In other news taxi app, Uber is now offering up ‘Uber Rhino Beetle’ as a new method of transportation. The tree frog will be back charged a 2.1x surge price due to morning rainforest dew. That beetle should get frog protection. Ok I’m done now.   photos by Hendy Mp

  • Pop Culture Characters Invade Boring Old Paintings

    Dave Pollot is one of those rare people who can excel at endeavors both critical and creative. In other words, we hate him. But because of what he creates, we can’t help but love him, too. While working full time as a software developer, Dave also regularly visits thrift shops in search of boring old landscapes that cover the walls of the homes inhabited by the type of person who lies dead in their kitchen for three weeks before anyone finds them, their faces half-eaten by their dozens of cats. Dave takes these awful paintings and with the addition of a can of Duff Beer, a Tie Fighter, or some other pop culture icon, transforms them into beautiful works of art that someone with a close family and zero cats would proudly hang on their living room wall. You can check out more paintings at Dave Pollot Art and purchase your favorites at Etsy.

  • Tilt-Shift Photos Of Space Really Put Things In Perspective

    Tilt-shift photography purists will tell you the only real way to accomplish the illusion is through technical mastery of the camera, but sometimes it’s not always possible to capture a tilt-shift photo. Let’s say, oh, I don’t know, we want a tilt-shift photo of space. Well, NASA isn’t going to let you fiddle around with the lens on the Hubble Space Telescope, are they? Of course not! But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy mind-blowing tilt-shift photos of far-off nebulas and galaxies. That’s where digital manipulation via Photoshop comes in and saves the day. Is it true tilt-shift? Photography purists will tell you it isn’t. Then they’ll hand you your coffee.

  • The New Incredible Ghostbuster Board Game That’s 25 Years Too Late

    Board game specialists Cryptozoic Entertainment doubled their projected goal on their Kickstarter campaign for Ghostbusters: The Board Game. The game allows one to four players who are to work together rather than against each other, to restore the balance between the spirit world and theirs. According to the Kickstarter page, “during each turn, players move, shoot proton streams, deposit trapped ghosts, use unique character abilities and drive the Ecto-1 to complete objectives”. The Game comes with the four original Ghostbusters and villain bosses Gozer, Slimer and  the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man. Zuul and Vinze Clortho are avaible for special backers.

  • The First Ever Arena Drone Air Show is Happening

    The future is now. Drones are here to stay, that we know, but would you pay $XX.99 to see a collection of drones perform high octane stunts for your viewing pleasure? ‘Course you would and where would be the bestest place in the whole entire world to see said show? Amsterdam of course. Air 2015 is set to happen in the Amsterdam Arena this year with essentially all other details TBD. The trailer which hit the web last week is filled with high flying fun for the hypothetically high flying Dutch audience. “In this high energy and explosive show, drones will take centre stage to bring a collaboration and fusion of music, video, projections and special effects. AIR allows you to experience a variety of ballet and battles, races and lasers, circus, illusions and most of all magic from hundreds of drones,” says a statement on the event’s website.

  • NASA’s 5-Year Timelapse of the Sun is Better in GIF Form

    NASA’s been peeping on the Sun lately. In fact they’ve held the same camera on the sun for the past five years and so to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s (SDO) launch, NASA released a five-year timelapse of the sun. The SDO is a mission designed to study where the sun’s energy comes from, and also help us understand its influence on Earth. The footage, captured one frame every eight hours, from June 2010 to Feb. 8, 2015, according to NASA. Since it launched on February 11, 2010. This time-lapse video captures one frame every 8 hours starting when data became available in June 2010 and finishing February 8, 2015. The different colors represent the various wavelengths (sometimes blended, sometimes alone) in which SDO observes the sun. We’ve decided to abridge the entire timelapse into a GIF collection for your quick-viewing pleasure. Don’t stare at it for too long.

  • Dubai Police Ad Or New “The Fast And The Furious” Trailer?

    We’ve shared the over-the-top fleet of the Dubai Police numerous times over the years, but now the most obnoxiously extravagant emirate has kicked it up a notch with this ad showcasing their awesomely ostentatious cars. The ad features the Dubai Police’s newest addition, a 167 mph 2015 Lexus RC F. As amazing as it would be to chase down baba ghanoush smugglers in the sports cars, the fleet is mostly used for patrolling the tourist areas and as an opulent attraction itself. They’re nice and everything, but do they have any Ford Fusions like the NYPD?

  • Brooklyn Decker and Chrissy Teigen talk About The Infamous Tweet and SI Bikinis

    When Brooklyn Decker found out Chrissy Teigan got the cover of Sports Illustrated’s illustrious swimsuit issue she sent out a tweet that would shock the Twittesphere. In VH1’s new satirical web series called “Behind the Tweet”, we find out what was really on the Blonde Bombshell’s mind when she sent out the tweet heard ’round the world.

  • The World’s Largest Indoor Bike Park Is About To Open In a Mega Cavern 100 Feet Underground In Kentucky [Photos]

    Kentucky’s Louisville Mega Cavern is already one of the world’s most unique attractions, offering zip lines, aerial ropes challenge courses, and a historic tram tour in a 100 acre, underground mine. But soon Mega Cavern will feature another exciting addition—the world’s first underground bike park. Located 100 feet underground, the Mega Underground Bike Park is a 320,000-square-foot bike park set to open on Monday, February 9. The park will feature over 45 trails, Jump Lines, Pump Tracks, Dual Slalom, BMX, Cross Country, and Single Track, so there will be options for the whole family and every skill level. February 9 is just a soft opening and the park is requesting that you call ahead to get a spot. 4-hour and 8-hour passes are available for $24 and $40 respectively. Bike rentals will be available beginning in April. For more info, check out Mega Underground Bike Park. Wow, we never thought we’d wish we were in Kentucky…

  • Using A Drone To Deliver Chocolate Is Awesomely Complicated [Video]

    So you finally got yourself a drone and naturally, your first instinct is to use it to deliver chocolate to your buddy on the other side of town. But if this video is any indication, there is a ton of planning and practicing that must be done to accomplish such a feat safely and successfully. In the video, a drone travels 7 miles across Hong Kong, over hills and skyscrapers, to deliver a piece of chocolate in less than 14 minutes. The video footage is impressive, offering natural views of a city often thought of as nothing more than a mass of people and giant buildings. But what’s really interesting is the description of how such a feat was accomplished, with extensive research into elevation and a team of seven pilots so the drone is never out of sight. It may not be practical, but damn is it awesome.

  • This is Why I Have Trust Issues [30 Photos]

    Sometimes the Sherlock Holmes in you has to do a little bit of investigatory research to realize what some brands tell you is a complete lie. Your world is about to be rocked with astonishment. What’s up is down, what’s right is forever wrong.

  • You Can Buy A One-Of-A-Kind Experimental US Navy Vessel For Just $180K

    Have you been looking for a good deal on a $15 million experimental United States Navy vessel? If so, that’s pretty strange. But even stranger is that you’re in luck because the Lockheed Martin Sea Slice can be yours for just $180,000. The 105′, aluminum Sea Slice is a Small Water Plane Area Twin Hull, or SWATH, featuring four submerged hulls, allowing for high-speed travel in rough ocean waters. In fact, the Sea Slice features stable and unrestricted operation at Sea State 5 (8 to 13 foot waves) and is even operational at Sea State 6 (13 to 20 foot waves). The ship is propelled by two MTU 16V396 TB94 Diesel Engines rated at 3480 hp each. Two Caterpillar 3606 diesel driven electrical generators rated at 180 Kilowatts each keep the ship powered. Two berthing spaces sleep up to 12 crew members total and the washroom contains commode, a urinal, dual wash basins, a shower stall, and a stackable washing machine. There is also a mess with refrigerator, microwave oven, and double sink with hot and cold running water along with table and chairs. If you’re interestd in purchasing the Sea Slice, check out the listing at Yacht World. We’re more »

  • 20 Reasons Why Hot Tubs Are Better In GIF Form

    The hot tub is a magical place, where magical things happen. It’s one of the only places where you can be outdoors, essentially naked, probably naked, but also scorchingly hot in the winter. It’s a place where fantasy becomes reality, Where boys become men and where heroes are made and fools are shunned. It’s also a place where some of the funniest GIFs on the internet happen. We’ve compiled some of the funniest, sexiest and steamiest hot tub GIFs on the internet to warm you up in the dead of winter. Oh and Olivia Munn once went into a hot tub, ad it was glorious. We’re partnering up with Hot Tub Time Machine 2 to give a lucky school a chance to win the prize of all prizes, their very own ginourmous hot tub party. Go to HotTubMovieParty.com to vote for the winner. Even if your school didn’t make it, you can still win big. Huge. Mega-huge. For first place, one winner + a friend will get a VIP trip to the party plus $2,500 cash to spend on, um, whatever you want. The 2nd place winner will win $1000 to throw their own hot tub party and the third will win $500 cash for ample partying. more »


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