• “Bad Guy” Football Teams Everyone Can Hate

    Funny or Die created these hilarious fictional football teams everyone can root against. Every team, even the Yankees, has a steady fan base who believes even the most evil of teams can do no wrong. Well not these teams. From the Norfolk Internet Trolls to the Albany Loud Chewers, these teams are sure to inflict blood boiling levels of hate upon everyone.

  • How Every Apple Store Is Designed To Make You Spend More Money

    Apple products are by far the most sought after and desirable products on the planet. Sleek, simple and at the pinnacle of technologically, each tier of their product line has dominated retail over the past decade. But just how much of Apple’s retail revenue is due to it’s product’s capabilities and how much is due to a brilliant store alignment that enhances your desire to buy something before you take your second step into the store? Business Insider provides some knowledge into the science behind the Apple store.

  • Man Builds Jet-Powered Beetle Because He Can

    In American, we men like our cars big and powerful. That’s why we always giggle a bit when one of our buds buys himself a Volkswagen Beetle. C’mon, the damn car came with a flower vase! But in the hands of a mechanical engineer like Ron Patrick of California, the Beetle can become the most badass car on the road. Patrick has spent about $200,000 fitting a 1500hp jet engine to the back of his VW Beetle. Why did he choose the iconic bug? “Because it looks cool with the jet and it shows it off well.” Well there’s no arguing with that. Patrick has no idea how fast the car will go, since the speedometer only goes to 140 mph. Best of all, and much to the chagrin of California’s finest, the Beetle is totally street legal! And Patrick’s next project? Strapping two jets to his wife’s Honda Metropolitan Scooter. Yup. For more info and photos, check out Ron Patrick Stuff.

  • Every Movie Would Be Better With Mike Tyson [25 Photos]

    Now that Mike Tyson has given up on beating people to near death and biting off the ears of his enemies, it’s safe to really like the guy. Hell, he raises pigeons! How adorable is that? And his delightful lisp endears him to us even more. And as his roles in “The Hangover” and “Rocky Balboa” and…uh…”Scary Movie 5″ prove, he’s also an enjoyable actor, or thethpian if you will. Take a look at these posters and see what other films would benefit from Iron Mike. Then Check out even more at Mike Tython.

  • Summer’s Gone, so Here’s 20 GIFs of People Falling to Celebrate Fall

    I think it’s safe to say that Fall has officially begun to run rampant all over the country. Yes, autumn has kidnapped summer locking it away in a dark basement for the remainder of the year. We know you’re already depressed, binging on pumpkin spice novelty treats on your couch with your cat, because f*ck it, it’s fall, so we wanted to cheer you up, by showing you 20 GIFs of people falling for fall, because soon it will be winter and this will be you.

  • Thor Heyerdahl Was An Awesome Adventurer [30 Photos]

    Today marks the 100th birthday of Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl. While studying zoology and botany as a young man in Oslo, Heyerdahl spent his free time pouring over books about Polynesian history and culture. Although common beliefs hold that Polynesia was settled from west to east, Heyerdahl believed that South Americans, particularly Incas, were able to make the voyage west across the Pacific Ocean. To prove his hypothesis, Heyerdahl constructed an Incan raft based on writings and drawings from the Spanish conquistadors. The primitive boat, named the Kon-Tiki, successfully completed the 101-day journey from Peru to French Polynesia in 1947. The boat and film documenting the trip were immediate hits worldwide and Thor Heyerdahl became the world’s most notable adventurer. Over the following decades, Heyerdahl completed other voyages in primitive boats, but the Kon-Tiki remained his most famous expedition. Heyerdahl passed away in 2002 at the age of 87, but interest in his life and explorations continue. “Kon-Tiki,” a historical drama about the voyage, was released in 2012 to critical acclaim and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

  • Terrifying Halloween Costumes Parents Made For Their Children

    With Halloween just around the corner, you’ve probably alredy began brainstorming costume ideas. Whatever you do, don’t take notes from these parents who probably scared their children for life. I’m completely confident every single one of these was a storyboarded in a Guillermo del Toro movie. Enjoy trying to sleep tonight. Note to parents; please take some time making your children’s Halloween costumes worth while, or they’ll grow up to be Buffalo Bill.         

  • Hilarious NYC Taxi Driver Calendar Features Beefcake Drivers in Sultry Positions

    If New York’s Bravest releases their own calendar every year, why can’t New York’s toughest? The yellow cab drivers of NYC work endless, thankless days 365 days a year. they’re the battery that keeps going and going, and let’s be honest, if they stopped doing their job the city would shut down. So last year photographer Shannon McLaughlin thought of a hilarious idea to shoot cabbies of New York City in ironically sultry  positions.  McLaughlin says “This year’s calendar features three returning All-Stars and 10 new drivers, and debuts our first ever husband and wife driving duo. The drivers are shown in a playful mix of work and leisure, including a playdate with nine adorable puppies from Animal Haven shelter in Manhattan and some sensuous cookie consumption at New York’s favorite bakery, Levain.” A portion of each calendar’s sale will go to University Settlement, a nonprofit social service agency in the Lower East Side that helps over 30,000 immigrants and workers every year. The calendar is now available to purchase online, here.

  • If You Strap a GoPro to a Bird of Prey, We’ll Watch It

    Anything I’m doing immediately becomes secondary when someone in the office says “Hey did you see that new video of a hawk with a GoPro attached to it flying through the air?” Sold. In. How much? I want to see it right now. If I happen to be holding a baby when I hear that, I’m dropping said baby and running to the nearest desktop (preferably with a retna display) and ogling for what seems like an eternity at a first person perspective of an enormous bird soar through the air, most likely hunting for an animal to eat. In their latest bird x GoPro collab, the HD camera company features a video with David De Vleeschauwer and Debbie Pappyn as they travel to Mongolia to capture the point of view of a golden eagle as he soars over the Altai Mountains.

  • This 5-Year-Old Is Stronger Than All Of Us [Video]

    You may have heard of Giuliano Stroe, a 10-year-old Romanian gymnast and bodybuilder who has broken all sorts of records since beginning his training at the age of 2. Well after seeing how great he was, his parents decided to start training his younger brother, Claudio, even earlier. Claudio started hitting the gym at just 18 months, doing the same workout as his brother but with less reps and weight. Here’s Claudio, now a 5-year-old badass, doing the 90 degree pushups that made his big brother a star and showing off his impressive triceps in the process. That’s cool and all, but can he drive a car or buy booze? Yeah, didn’t think so.

  • Here Are Our Favorite 2014 People’s Design Award Finalists

    Each year, the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York City highlights innovative new product designs that revolutionize daily life with the People’s Design Award. This year’s 20 finalists have now been selected and you can vote for your favorite at Smithsonian.com. Our top 5 choices are below, but luckily we have until October 6 to vote since we have yet to decide on just one. The winner will be announced on October 9 live at the National Design Awards Gala in New York City. With previous winners including Toms Shoes and the Pack H2O Water Backpack, this will be an award to keep your eye on.

  • We Want These Vinyl Figures Of Bill Murray

    UK-based A Large Evil Corporation has produced numerous animated television advertisements, but their talent doesn’t end there. Recently they have also been creating incredible vinyl figures based on popular UK TV shows, like “The Office” and “The IT Crowd” and movies, such as “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” But best of all, they have made three figures of everyone’s favorite actor Bill Murray, featuring his characters from “The Life Aquatic,” “Zombieland,” and, best of all, Big Ern McCracken from “Kingpin.” No doubt it, A Large Evil Corporation is on a gravy train with biscuit wheels. For more info and to keep up with new figures, check out their blog and Facebook.

  • An Interesting take on What Your Drink Choice Says About You

    Everyone has their go-to drink. The drink that dry-heaves out of your mouth when you panic after waiting 15 minutes and being caught off guard by the mixologist who reigns judgement upon you after hesitating your order for 5 seconds. Yeah, that drink. Well the minute you blurt out said drink, you’re now being judged and stereotyped by everyone around you. No pressure next time you blurt out “vodka cran” at a dimly lit mixology bar.

  • Huge Lot Of Presidential Artifacts Up For Auction

    How would you like to own Dwight D. Eisenhower’s leather jacket from World War II? Or the top hat Franklin D. Roosevelt wore at his inauguration? Or a lock of John Adams’s hair? Okay, that last one is pretty weird, but the rest of the stuff is cool. And now you have a chance to own them all (yes, even the hair) and much much more with the presidential auction at RR Auction. Live bidding began yesterday and starts back up today at 11 AM Eastern Time. But be warned, many of the items are already in the tens of thousands range. Hey, do you think it’s possible to get a bank loan for a presidential lock of hair?

  • Combination GIFs are Our New Favorite Pastime

    The internet is an amazing creature. What’s better than watching a series of hilarious GIFs? Watching COMBINED hilarious GIFs, Reddit’s /r/combinedgifs section is our official new favorite pastime. Watching one GIF play off another particularly if it includes a man acting like a dinosaur and Jurassic Park footage.

  • What would Happen If Girls Proposed to Guys?

    If you’re a guy in your mid to late twenties, and in a relationship, you’re under the gun. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in a relationship for a month or since high school, whispers of engagement are fluttering through the air. Everyone you know, and I mean everyone is either engaged or already happily married. But what if the tables were turned? What if the girl had to spend three months worth of her hard earned money  on a symbol engagement that really hold no value.  Youtube channel FatAwesome imagined just that in this hilarious skit that puts the woman in the driver seat.

  • Our New Favorite Tumblr Features Dudes in Awful Startup Shirts

    If you’re involved in “the industry” at all then you’ll definitely have some laughs at this, our favorite, Tumblr that highlights the awful world of Startup T-Shirts. Design companies over in northern California are drooling over branding start-ups. Take a verb or a noun, Add an extra suffix like “ify”, write that word in helvetica, choose a secondary color, take the extra suffix and make it that color, screen print 50. Now you’re a start up. Maybe throw an oversized suit jacket over it. Man, now you’re cooking with grease. And Yes, we’re a startup. Yes, we have t-shirts, too. You can buy them here.

  • A Twisted Short Story of Cartoon Characters After their Prime

    Hollywood is a fickled animal, even for cartoon characters that have reached their peak and fallen. Artist Steve Cutts created an experimental world that delves into the lives of cartoon characters past their prime in a short animated story. In this video titled ‘Where Are They Now?’, a dark look at the lives of struggling cartoon actors including Snoopy, Roger Rabbit, Charlie Brown, Pikachu, He-Man, Thunder Cats and Super Mario could be quite grim. Where Are They Now? from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

  • Ferris Bueller And Other Movies Recreated With LEGO [11 Photos]

    Each year, a group of Swedish LEGO enthusiasts called Swebrick hold a design contest. Each year has a different theme and this year’s was movie or television vehicles. The winner of this year’s competition was Etzel, who recreated the iconic 1961 Ferrari GT California Spyder from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off complete with bewildered Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron staring in disbelief as the car flies out the window. It’s pretty impressive and definitely deserved to win, but check out some of the other entries below, too.

  • Skydiving With A Spaceship [Video]

    Earlier this week, a photo popped up on Reddit of a skydiver taking an epic selfie while riding on a toy spaceship. It was a badass photo, but what we really wanted to see was the video. And now we can. And thanks to GoPro, we have crystal clear, POV video of the whole adventure.

  • These Color Photos Of Paris Are 100 Years Old

    Looking at these vivid color photos of Paris, it’s hard to imagine that they were taken over 100 years ago in 1914. They are part of a collection from the Alfred Kahn Museum in Paris. Kahn was a wealthy banker who began funding a project to document the world through photography in 1909. He sent photographers to more than 50 countries around the world. Unfortunately, he had to cancel the project in 1931 when he lost his fortune in the Wall Street Crisis. But by that time, he had amassed 72,000 photos that can now be seen at the museum on the grounds of his Parisian estate. Especially notable among these photos is the original Moulin Rouge which was destroyed by a fire less than a year after the photo was taken.

  • Sacrebleu! The French Have Built A Fire-Breathing Robotic Dragon

    The French have long been the butt of jokes about their cowardice in times of war. Historically speaking, the jokes are without any evidence, but they still continue. Until now. For France has created the ultimate weapon. Some sort of nuclear earthquake bomb? Not even close. A device that delivers hordes of those giant Japanese hornets? Think again, friend. The French have created something far more menacing—a robot dragon. And it breathes fire. Who’s laughing now? Long Ma Jing Shen, or “Spirit of the Dragon Horse,” is the name of the mechanized dragon from animatronic house La Machine.  The dragon is actually a sign of peace, built in recognition of the 50 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. In fact, the dragon will be in Beijing October 17-19. The Chinese will be wise to keep the French jokes to a minimum during the visit…just in case. For more info on the impressive dragon and other cool projects, check out La Machine on Facebook.

  • This Two-Handed Breaking Bad Drawing Is The Most Impressive Video You’ll Watch Today

    Want to feel bad about your lack of artistic ability? Then just watch this video! Artist Mark Gibson spent 3 hours and 30 minutes creating this drawing of Breaking Bad’s Jesse and Walter using both his left and right hands. At the same time. And if that doesn’t impress you enough, the music track backing the time-lapse video is from a piano concerto written and performed by…Mark Gibson. Apparently, he can do everything while the rest of us struggle with drawing stick figures and playing “Chopsticks” on the piano. If you want to feel even worse about yourself, check out more incredible artwork from Mark Gibson.

  • We May Not Have Hoverboards, But Hoverbikes Are On The Way

    2015 is almost here and the hoverboards Mattel promised us in Back to the Future II are still nowhere to be found. But while we just sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, a group of innovative Englishmen are working on something even better—a hoverbike. Malloy Aeronautics is currently raising money for their work on the Hoverbike helicopter, the world’s first flying motorcycle. Using four rotors placed in a unique overlapping manner, the Hoverbike offers a smooth ride in a compact package. It will also be able to be controlled remotely, like a traditional drone. And as much as it looks like a fun toy for millionaires, it actually has real applications. MA is hoping that their Hoverbike will replace the Robinson R22 helicopter for everyday one-man operational areas like rounding up cattle and land survey. So far they have a 1/3 scale version completed and you can check out the flight test below. The test flights of the full scale model are coming, but until then you can keep up with the progress and donate a few bucks at Malloy Aeronautics.

  • The Incredible True Story Of A Man Who Carried His Disabled Twin Brother Through An Entire Ironman Race [8 Photos]

    Twin brothers Steen and Peder Madrup were three months early in 1980, weighing only 2.6 pounds. Peder also suffered a lack of oxygen at birth, resulting in cerebral palsy and life confined to a wheelchair. As they grew up Steen became interested in athletic activities while Peder devoted his time to organizations and clubs as a spokesman for the disabled. In 2013, Steen decided he would run a half marathon along with Peder. Peder thought his brother was crazy, but 2 hours and 16 minutes later, they were crossing the finish line. Since then they have completed in increasingly difficult athletic competitions, including Ironman Copenhagen on August 24. After 15 hours and 32 minutes, the brothers crossed the finish line, with Peder becoming the first person with cerebral palsy to complete an Ironman. Take a look at these photos of Steen swimming, cycling, and running with his brother then check out their other races at Team Tvilling.

  • 25 Reasons You Should Follow The Air Force On Instagram

    National Aviation Day was this week so what better way to celebrate than following our own flying servicemen, the US Air Force? All branches of the military have jumped on the social media bandwagon but there is something especially visual about the Air Force that makes their Instagram so great. Is it the expansive aerial vistas? The sleek curves of the SR-71 Blackbird? The otherworldliness of the Stealth Bomber? The badass pilot selfies? Yes. It’s all of those reasons. And more. Check out these highlights and be sure to follow @officialusairforce on Instagram.  

  • NYC Hair Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To The Less Fortunate

    Mark Bustos can usually be found working at upscale New York City salon Three Squares Studio, but on Sundays he turns his attention to a very different clientele, the city’s homeless. Bustos came up with the idea in May 2012 when visiting family in the Philippines. He rented a chair at a barbershop and provided haircuts to impoverished children. Since then, he has helped people in Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Los Angeles. Bustos is often accompanied by his girlfriend who provides the recipient with a meal of their choosing. Check out more photos form Mark Bustos at Instagram and get some inspiration to “be awesome to somebody.” 

  • Mt. Stromboli Has Been Flowing Lava Continuously And You Had No Idea [15 Photos]

    Here in the eastern United States we have very little experience with volcanoes, so we tend to believe that a volcano constantly flowing lava would be big news and cause for concern. But in Italy, home to 3 volcanoes that have erupted in the last century, it’s just seen as a boon to tourism. And such is the case with Mt. Stromboli, which we didn’t even know was place, let alone one of the world’s most active volcanoes. For the last 2,000 years, Mt. Stromboli has been pretty much continuously erupting. For the most part, the eruptions are low-level and are actually called Strombolian eruptions, a term used on volcanoes all over the world. However, this year has seen increased activity with some impressive lava flows earlier this year. It looked as if the volcano had calmed down until last week, when the lava once again started to flow. On August 7, the lava traveled 900 feet down the side of the mountain, reaching the sea for the first time since 2007. German volcanologist Dr. Tom Pfeiffer, founder of Volcano Discovery, traveled to Mt. Stromboli August 8-12 and captured these incredible photos of the lava flow. Some of our favorites are below, more »

  • 28 GIFS That Perfectly Describe a Morning in a Manhattan Starbucks

    If you’re like me, your first thought is something along the lines of:  And your second thought is: I need it now. Why is this? Well because the only way you’ve gotten through life/education/anything up to this point is with the help of caffeine. And it’s no longer socially acceptable to drink Mountain Dew mixed with Red Bull so… Here we are. Madly addicted to caffeine. And by caffeine I mean coffee. And by coffee I mean Starbucks. Sweet, sweet Starbucks. Oh yeah. I’d sell my soul for the stuff. Perhaps by agreeing to pay boatloads of money for a cup of Joe I already have… Oh well! I don’t question it. Rather I ask, myself: Of course I do. Coffee is delicious. It was love at first sip. Of course I could always be cost-effective and make a pot of the stuff myself. But what am I? A scientist? I can’t make that stuff. Ok so I can. I just can’t make it taste magical, like Starbucks can. Seriously. What do they put in there? Fairy dust? Unicorn tears? Maybe it’s just heaps of sugar. Or maybe it’s science. I vote for science. But really They could put anything in there. more »

  • Scientists Build Transformers; Humanity Doomed [Video]

    A team at Harvard University led by microbotics engineers Sam Felton and Robert Wood apparently spent too much time sciencing and not enough time watching Michael Bay films, dooming all of humanity by developing real-life Transformers. Built from shape memory plastics that change shape when heated, the robot folds itself up origami-style then walks off. Copper tracks throughout the plastic are heated engage the folding. The team hopes that the robots can be dropped into small cracks where they can then assemble themselves and explore, perhaps aiding in rescue missions throgh earthquake rubble. But we’ve seen the movies. We’re screwed.

  • The International Space Station Has a Better Instagram Than You [32 Photos]

    So you probably think you have decent Instagram skills. Given the amount of over-saturated latte art and cityscapes you’ve so generously bestowed upon the internet, you’re probably pretty okay. Wrong. The International Space Station (ISS) Instagram account puts your poor attempts at a lens flare to shame. While you were busy trying to photograph your lunch, the astronauts of the ISS were snapping a pic of their homegrown lettuce IN SPACE. While you and your buddies were huddling for a selfie during the Argentina-Germany game, they were placing bets on the winner IN SPACE. Your last Throwback Thursday was a picture of you crying in a kiddie pool. Theirs was of a moonrise. You just can’t measure up, but who could? Swanny’s selfie game is just out of this world. Check out their Instagram and follow them at @iss: 1. “USA NASA astronauts Steve “Swanny” Swanson and Reid Wiseman with German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst.” #worldcup2014 #bffl 2. “Sunrise of the cloud-covered Aleutian Islands.”  #sunrises #nature #space 3. “One can’t help but be awed by the auroras.” #aurora #nasa #sopretty 4. “Moonrise over the International Space Station.” #throwbackthursday #moon 5. “Looking aft.”  #earth 6. “The Canadian arm, SPDM, is about to grapple a new camera from the Japanese more »

  • These OG Life Hacks Were The Difference Between Life and Death… And Made By a Cigarette Company

    Life Hacks have been around for generations, but before they were called life hacks, I’m sure they were just called “Tips to Avoid Death”. Around 100 years ago Gallaher’s brand cigarettes would insert cards with helpful tips illustrated on them in every pack. So essentially Gallaher would put these life saving tips on every pack of cigarettes, while slowly killing you from the inside. Isn’t it ironic. Don’t you think? 1. How To Extract A Splinter “Fill a wide mouthed bottle with hot water nearly to the brim, and press affected part of hand tightly against mouth of bottle. The suction will pull down the flesh, and steam will soon draw out the splinter.” 2. How To Fell A Tree “Have decided which side you wish the tree to fall, cut alternatively a downward and inward cut as shown. When about half through, proceed to cut the other side a few inches higher, and finally pull tree down by means of ropes.”   3. Keeping Plants Watered While Away “Fill a large pail with water, and stand it a little above the level of the plants and group round or near as many plants as practical. Loosely plait two or more »

  • The World’s Largest Urban Zipline Will Get You All Tingly Inside

    Who other than Daredevil stunt phenom Devin Supertramp could pull this one off. With only 10,000-foot length of barracuda cord, a parachute, a RED Camera, Go-Pros galore, a few clinically insane friends and Speed Stick to pick up the tab, supertramp put’s together one of the most breathtakingly action packed video in a 3 minute clip. What looks to be Panama in Central America, Marshall Miller and his crew strapped on some parachutes hopped on the zip-line and then simply let themselves go. See for yourself then go out and buy some Speed Stick. You’ll need it.

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