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This Pug Knows How To Summer [Video]

Ever wonder where the term “dog days of summer” comes from? Some poindexter will try to tell you it has to do with the days of intense heat which historically occurred around the same time of year as when Sirius, the “Dog Star,” rose at the same time as the…


10 Bizarre Animals On The Brink Of Extinction

Throughout time, we’ve done a phenomenal job of uncovering many of the world’s biggest mysteries and most fascinating specimens.  Science and technology have changed the dynamic of our relationship with our planet (for better and for worse) as well as our understanding of the surrounding environment. However, anyone who frequents Nat…

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Animator Transforms Athletes Into Super Saiyans

Everyone, in some capacity, remembers DragonBall Z. The long running cartoon (or anime, depending on who you ask) featured alien warriors protecting Earth from other alien warriors. And it was about as wild as it sounds. Well, user proxyrax over at imgur decided to turn a bunch of athletic warriors into the…