• Watch Nic Cage as Superman in a Movie Tim Burton Nearly Made

    Deep in the heart of the ’90s Tim Burton set out to make a new era of Superman movie. Similar to his resurgence of the Batman franchise, Burton would put his own spin on Superman and make a movie very similar to the Man of Steel franchise out now. With the help of Kevin Smith a new era of Superman was almost born. And yes, Nicolas Cage would’ve almost played the most beloved superhero of all time. Awesomely awful or awfully awesome.

  • 40 GIFs That Perfect Describe Festival People

    ‘Tis the season to go sweat for hours in open fields, ducking in and out of pavilions to see your favorite bands from an alarming distance. Music festivals and outdoor concerts mean more than just music; they mean sleeping on the ground and overpaying for food. Not to mention the sunburn, dehydration, port-a-potties, mud, and poorly timed rain storm. And yet, we all still go. From Bonnaroo to Warped Tour to Give It A Name to Tomorrowland, music fests across the globe are packed with fans and casual listeners. We tolerate the elements and each other for those precious minutes of set time when our favorite songs are being played at full volume. Problem is that once the music ends, we’re back amongst thousands of others, few of whom have showered or remembered their manners. For anyone who hasn’t been/needs to be reminded before they embark, here are some of the charming folk you may see: 1. The security guard standing thanklessly through it all Looking equal parts intimidating and bored 2. Someone trying to flirt their way into the show Admission: your dignity 3. Someone straight up cooking out of their truck/tent I’m looking at you blueberry pancake trucker man at Bonnaroo 4. The entrepreneurial genius selling cigarettes more »

  • Finally! Someone Has Combined Skydiving And Slip ‘N Slide [Video]

    There’s nothing that can’t be improved with a Slip ‘N Slide during the hot summer months.Everyone knows this, even skydivers. With that in mind, skydivers Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson decided to end their 5,000ft jump over Arizona with a 200 foot Slip ‘N Slide. And lucky for us, it was all captured on Niklas’s GoPro camera. In hindsight, they should have made the slide a bit longer since they dove into it at an incredible 50 mph, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

  • Kacy Catanzaro Won American Ninja Warrior and Our Hearts

    Kacy Catanzaro was a former college gymnast looking for a new focus to keep her motivated. Obstacle course running and ANW were two particular events that got her blood rushing. So this 5-foot, 100 lb 24 year old decided to complete the course the top echelon of men couldn’t and move on to the next level, Mount Midoriyama.

  • LeBron Heads Are Taking Over the Internet

    LeBron James is just as much of an internet sensation as he is phenomenon on the court. The internet has now began a trend of superimposing LeBron’s face on videos. Here are two separate videos, the first LeBron in a WWE setting turning on Chris Bosh and Dwane Wade, hitting them repeatedly with chairs then hitting them some more. The second is near perfect. LeBron James as Lloyd Christmas picking up Harry Dunn to to Cleveland. The internet bows to you ’18 Lives’, YouTube creator of this video.

  • This Street Art Interacts With Its Surroundings [30 Photos]

    Street artist OakOak doesn’t look for an empty wall when seeking a canvas for his creations. In fact, it’s the structures that jut out of the wall and the imperfect cracks and peels that OakOak uses to form his creative scenes. A chain becomes a funambulist’s tightrope; a manhole cover becomes a fencer’s mask; a doorknocker becomes a method of execution. OakOak does most of his work in his home city of St. Etiene, France. The project started out as a way to enhance the beauty of the industrial city. For more of his fun street art, follow OakOak on Facebook.

  • 3D Images From 1920 Work Better Than You’d Expect [28 Photos and GIFs]

    Before we had 3D IMAX movies, people had to get their 3D fix from stereoscopic images. The stereoscopic process, developed in 1838, originally entailed the use of two drawings slightly different from each other. When viewed as a single image through a special device, the drawing appeared in 3D. When photography was invented, photographs were used and stereograms took off. You may be more familiar with this process through the View-Master toys we all had in the 80s to look at 3D images of Fraggle Rock.

  • Why You Are Still Alive? The Immune System Explained

    Every second of your life you are under attack. Bacteria, viruses, spores and more living stuff wants to enter your body and use its resources for itself. The immune system is a powerful army of cells that fights like a T-Rex on speed and sacrifices itself for your survival. Without it you would die in no time. This sounds simple but the reality is complex, beautiful and just awesome.

  • 20 GIFS That Perfectly Describe 6AM For a Non-Morning Person

    Some people just weren’t built for the morning. No matter how hard they try. Every morning is the same struggle. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…doesn’t matter… But some people aren’t like this. They want to get up and like… Go for a run or something. For everyone not on crazy pills, this is what 6am is like for a non-morning person. 1. Be asleep. Hear something that sounds suspiciously like your alarm Somewhere in the depths your half-conscious brain a voice feebly cries, “no…” 2. Sit up slowly, as if you’ve never been so rudely awoken before in your life Everything is awful. 3. Make it stop. Or as some people like to say “hit snooze” 4. Snuggle back into bed, search for the exact position you were just in Just like…five more minutes… 5. There’s that alarm again. Hit snooze. Miss snooze. Hit radio by mistake. Nonononononopleasestopno 6.  Nod off. Five…five more minutes… 7. Glance at the clock. Twenty minutes have passed. ?! 8. Frantically brush teeth and shower. Come dangerously close to using shaving cream as tooth paste. 9. Put your clothes on. Comb your hair. Luckily that slightly disheveled look is still “in” 10. COFFEE. Ugh. Sweet caffeine. 11. Food. No time to pick out and more »

  • Buy Your Very Own Harrier Jet

    The Harrier Jet, originally developed in the 1960s, is most known for its vertical takeoff and landing ability. It’s a subsonic jet that can hover like a helicopter. Of course, this also causes it to be a pain in the ass to pilot. The vertical takeoffs are only possible at less than maximum loaded weight. Conventional landings are only possible within a narrow range of speeds, favoring a near-vertical landing with some forward speed. Even with these limitations, who wouldn’t want one? On July 26, a 1976 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR3 Jump Jet will hit the auction block at England’s Silverstone Classic Sale. Unfortunately, the jet is no longer armed and the engine isn’t mounted. Also, a few internal components are missing. But still, get some friends, some beers, and a few tools, and we’re confident you’ll be flying this jet in no time. After all, it was built for parking lots…

  • NFL And NBA Team Logo Mashup

    Graphic designer Brandon Hubschman created this series of NFL and NBA team logo mashups by combining all 32 NFL teams with their repective NBA team in regards to geography or lineage. Most of them make total sense, but we’re still trying to figure out the Jacksonville Jaguars/Utah Jazz relation. Some of them turned out really awesome (Saints/Pelicans) while others are hilarious (Redskins/Wizards). Check out more of Brandon’s work at his Behance gallery and his Twitter, @NFL_Memes.

  • 17 Photos Of “Fancy Cycling” Tricks From 1901

    Although initially developed in the mid-1800s, the bicycle as we know it today really took off in the 1890s, thanks to the invention of the pneumatic tire and rear freewheel. The bicycle craze took hold across Europe and America and it was only a matter of time before old-timey daredevils were doing tricks that would curl your mustache. In 1901, “Fancy Cycling” by Isabel Marks was published. The book featured photos of unenthusiastic Edwardian socialites engaging in all manner of cycling shenanigans. The book was republished last year and is available on Amazon.

  • 5 Amazing Photos Of One World Trade Center Struck By Lightning

    Hurricane Arthur is traveling up the east coast, ruining the 4th of July for everyone and last night New York got a taste of the bad weather with a sever lightning storm. As much as we cursed the storm, it did make for some fantastic visuals. The spire atop One World Trade Center made more an excellent lightning rod and a few photographers were lucky enough to capture the scene. But as cool as it was, it would be great if we could get some nice weather this weekend…

  • POV Videos Of Verruckt, The World’s Tallest Waterslide

    Last fall, we shared photos of the construction of Verruckt, the world’s tallest waterslide at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn water park. Originally slated to open in May, here we are in July and sadly the slide is still not open to the public. However, the folks at Schlitterbahn have given us hope with these two recent videos. The first is a POV video of a test run with only sand bags in the raft while the second video is a manned test run with waterpark designer Jeff Henry and ride engineer John Schooley in the raft. Now let’s just hope they open it up to the public soon!

  • Visit Space In A Luxury Balloon

    Everyone is aware of Virgin Galactic’s space voyages that are set to begin commercial service soon and it would be awesome if we could all go, however not everyone who’s not a celebrity or billionaire adventurer can afford the $250,000 ticket. What many people don’t know is that another company, World View, will be offering tours into space via a luxury balloon for the low, low price of just $75,000. Relatively speaking, that’s not too bad! A joint venture from Arizona’s Paragon Space Development Corporation and British studio Priestmangoode, who designed cabins for Virgin Airlines, World View will take passengers 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. The capsule is carried up via large balloon, reaching the 100,000 feet mark in about 90 minutes. The capsule will then float around for a few hours before returning to terra firma. Inside the luxury capsule will be a bar, snack area, and a bathroom and plenty of viewing areas. Reserve your seat with a $5,000 deposit at World View.

  • Gorgeous Motion Visuals of North Atlantic Flight Routes in a Single Day

    Every day, between two and three thousand aircraft fly across the North Atlantic between Canada, the United States and Europe. Airspace across the North Atlantic is divided into six Oceanic Control Areas (or OCAs). These OCAs are controlled by Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) working at different locations in different Countries.  The Shanwick OCA is the busiest of all North Atlantic Airspace regions. It is often referred to as ‘the gateway to Europe’ and around 80% of all North Atlantic Air Traffic passes through it, demonstrating the strategic importance of our Prestwick Centre and UK airspace.   This visualization shows Transatlantic traffic over a 24 hour period taken from a day in August last year and shows 2,524 flights crossing the North Atlantic, of which 1,273 pass through the Shanwick OCA. At our busiest periods in the Summer, traffic can peak at 1,500 flights a day passing through the Shanwick OCA.   North Atlantic Skies from NATS on Vimeo.

  • Game of Thrones as an ’80s TV Show

    Theres something nostalgic about watching ’80s and ’90s TV show mashups using contemporary shows, but this one really takes the cake. Using VHS style flickers and a synthisized version of The Game of Thrones opening credits song, this alternative GoT ’80s style credits is the only thing you’ll see today. Cheers to a simpler time, the ’80s

  • Summer’s Here, Time To Get A Hoverboard

    We have one more year before Mattel MUST deliver the hoverboard so we can live out the “Back to the Future II” fantasy we’ve been harboring since 1989. Until that happens (and in the slim chance in won’t), you can get yourself the next best thing—a water hoverboard. Using the same idea and tech as the Zapata Racing Flyboard, the ZR Hoverboard allows you to fly up to 16 feet above the water at a top speed of 16 miles per hour. The hoverboard alone will cost you $2675, but if you don’t already have a flyboard, you’ll need the complete kit for $5850. But if you’re going to spend that much, you might as well get a flyboard, too, and just pay $8325 all together. And to keep you from killing yourself, you’ll have to take a 90 minute operator’s course for an additional $350. Order your hoverboard today from Rocky Mountain Flyboard.

  • #SuarezSpecialDiet Wins The Internet

    Soccer’s favorite cannibal has struck again! Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, who has been suspended twice in the past for biting, took a bite out of Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during yesterday’s match. Italy ended up winning 1-0, but Suarez has been charged for the incident and may face a two-year ban from FIFA. The good news is that the Internet has embraced the bite felt round the world and even if Suarez is booted from the tournament, he will live on as a meme. For about 15 minutes.

  • Start Your Summer Off Right by Watching this 50 Foot Slip-n-slide Off a Cliff

    The official Czar of Fun, Devin Supertramp has gone and done it again with his newest video featuring a slip-n-slide off the side of a 50-foot cliff. The Supertramp team has made a living off a formula that consists of good looking people, having the most fun imaginable doing the funnest thing your mind can think of, then filming it with HD cameras. Seems like something easy enough to replicate, but Supertramp has the golden touch. I.e. the video below.

  • Travel Across the World by Drone

    With the inevitably increasing popularity in recreational drone use, Travel by Drone put those resources to good use by geotagging videos based on locations, using Google maps as a platform and pin-dropping locations of aerial drone footage. The interactive map is pretty straight forward and simple to use. Throw in a zip code, click a pin-drop and boom, drone footage of any location in the world. Sorry ‘boom’ and drone don’t mix. Wrong choice of wording. The footage is all user submitted, but vetted through editorial before anything is published.

  • Amar’e Stoudemire and Kimmel Prank Metta World Peace

    Kimmel and Amar’e thought it would be funny to play a little joke on one of the most charismatic NBA players to date, Metta World Peace. A few years back Kimmel played a very elaborate joke on him and had so much fun they decided to prank him again. This time bringing in his friend Amar’e Stoudemire to ask him to speak at a charity event. On the way to the event Kimmel staged Cousin Sal as the driver and all hilarity ensues.

  • Australia Has A Street-Legal Batmobile For Hire [8 Photos]

    29-year-old Batman super-fan Zac Mihajlovic has built the first totally street-legal Batmobile based on the vehicle from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film. While working on a Batbike motorcycle in 2009, Zac purchased some parts from the actual Batmobile used in the movies. When the bike was finished, he contacted Warner Bros. to check on any licensing conflicts that could arise from building his Batmobile replica. The movie studio gave him the green light and he started work. Although Zac has no formal training as a mechanic, he lives with his grandfather John Greene, a retired mechanical engineer who helped him with the project. The two were also joined by Scott Cox of world famous Scotty’s Choppers. The Batmobile was completed in December and has since been fully registered, the first for a Batmobile replica. That means Zac can take it for a spin when he needs Batman comic books or just some toilet paper. He also uses it for Make-A-Wish events and weddings. For more info, check out Batmobile Australia.

  • World’s Largest Underground Trampoline Unveiled [5 Photos]

    Zip World in Wales, already home to the longest zip line in the Northern Hemisphere is now claiming the world’s largest underground trampoline. Is it a default title, since it’s the only underground trampoline we know of? Probably, but that doesn’t negate how huge of a project it is. Opening to the public July 3, Bounce Below is part of the Zip World amusement park in northern Wales. An enormous slate cavern has been transformed for the project with the installation of 3 trampolines, each linked by a 60-foot slide. The first trampoline is 20 feet from the ground, the second is 60 feet, and the highest is 180 feet above the ground. Each trampoline is about 60 feet wide, accommodating plenty of people. For more info, check out Zip World.

  • 25 HQ Aerial Photos That Give You A New Perspective Of The World

    In 1987, author Frank White first described the Overview Effect as an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of Earth and mankind’s place upon it. When viewing the planet from above, some astronauts have described a feeling of awe and understanding of the interconnectedness between all species. Obviously, it’s not possible for all of us to travel to space and experience the Overview Effect, but a website aims to do the next best thing by offering daily high quality satellite images of locations all over the planet. Farms, parking lots, cemeteries, cities—all are on display at the site. Some of our favorites are below, but plenty more can be found at Daily Overview.

  • 25 Amazing HQ Photos Of London Subways In the 1980s

    While working as a projectionist at a porn theater in London in the 1980s, Bob Mazzer would take a camera with him and capture his fellow passengers on the Tube every day. Mazzer captured all the great emotions, love, hate, happiness, and drunkenness, in his photos. Seriously, there’s a couple of ladies drinking whiskey and beer on their ride in one of the pictures. All of the subcultures of the era are also on display with skins, punks, soulboys, teds, and whatever the hell else they had over there at the time (but nary a chav in sight!). For the next month, you can see the photos in person for the first time at London’s Howard Griffin Gallery. You can also purchase a limited edition book of Mazzer’s work titled Bob Mazzer Underground for £20.00, which is about a million dollars (or maybe $35).

  • This Actor Has Played More Ethnicities Than Almost Any Other Ever

    This is Cliff Curtis, you might most noticeably recognize him as the Latino thug from “Training Day” or Pablo Escobar from “Blow”, but Curtis is actually a Maori from New Zealand. Slate sat down with Curtis to talk about his latest project and his past roles as a African-American, Arab, Latino, Indian and even a lord of the Fire Nation. His roles are so convincing, he doesn’t leave a glimmer of doubt in the viewers head. He tell’s Slate, “I take the responsibility of playing another ethnicity very, very seriously,” Curtis says, “and I promise myself and those people that I will represent them with as much dignity and integrity as I can muster. I’m not fooling around. I don’t want to make a fool of that cultural heritage. I represent them as I would represent my own.”

  • How To Make The Best Of Being Stuck In An Airport Overnight [Video]

    Richard Dunn recently found himself stuck in the Las Vegas airport all alone over night. Rather than playing Candy Crush on his phone for hours, he decided to shoot a music video. Luckily, he was smart enough to ask an employee for a roll of luggage tape before they left for the night. He then taped his iPhone to a wheelchair and placed the wheelchair on moving walkways for dolly shots. He also used an escalator for a crane shot. The result is an impressive video, shot by one man, on an iPhone. This proves that you never have an excuse for being bored.

  • Lego Mini Cooper Replica For Sale This Summer [12 Photos]

    Lego has announced the latest addition to their “Creator” series aimed at more mature builders, age 16 and up, and it’s another classic car replica in the spirit of the Volkswagen Camper Van released a few years ago. The Mini Cooper Mk VII set is a 9-inch long detailed replica of the 10-foot long iconic car made up of 1,077 pieces. The doors, hood, and trunk open and the roof pops off to showcase the detailed interior. Under the hood lies a replica of the car’s 1.3-liter engine while the trunk reveals a picnic basket, blanket, and bottle. The set will be available starting August 1 for $99 in the US.

  • A Super Predator Ate a 9-Foot Great White in Australian Waters

    Australian scientists are baffled at what happened to a tagged great white shark in Austrailian Waters. The great white, named “Shark Alpha” was a 9-foot healthy shark tagged in Australian waters. The surprising thing is 4 month after the shark was tagged and tracked the tag washed up onto shore 2.5 miles out from where it was attached. After retrieval, scientists found the tag revealed startling information. The device took a rapid plunge in depth descending 580 meters while making a drastic rise in temperature from 46 degrees F to 78 degrees f, where it stayed a constant for 8 days. The startling fact about that temperature is the only way the tag could’ve reached that temperature height would be if it was in the digestive system of another beast. Though the event might have been a territorial dispute with a much larger shark (16 feet), scientists believe the entire shark was eaten, although a less dramatic conclusion of a chunk bitten out of the shark is also a possibility. A documentary by the Smithsonian Channel reveals how confused scientists are by this strange discovery. Is there a megalodon swimming out there or is this just a PR stunt for more »

  • What Your Favorite Bill Murray Movie Says About You

    Stand-Up comedian and web-comic strip illustrator Steve Patrick Adams perfectly depicts what your favorite Bill Murray movie says about you. He’s the every-man’s man. The guy who sneaks up on tourists in the streets of Manhattan holding his hands over the eyes to then reveal his lovable puppy dog eyes and exclaiming “No one will ever believe you.” Bill Murray has chiseled himself into a legend amongst millennial men and women alike. In this Murray infographic Adams hits the nail on the head with every movie Murray’s ever made. With The Life Aquatic for example, Adams notes “Proof that you can be selfish and fool-hardy while also being pretty awesome.” My personal favorite and exactly how I characterize myself; Selfish and awesome. Well done SPA.  

  • UBER Now Valued at $17 Billion

    On June 6th taxi app and service Uber announced a new round of funding for $1.2 billion, the most money a startup has managed to raise since Facebook. Because of it’s large amount of fresh capital funding the company is now valued at $17 Billion and that’s without money in the bank. The four year-old San Francisco startup plans to expand it’s horizons past its current 128 city mark. Uber also operates in over 36 countries and growing. “The common gut reaction when you see a number like this is that it’s irrational,” says Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist with Benchmark who currently sits on Uber’s board. “But this is the fastest-growing company we’ve ever worked with, comparable to the early days of eBay.”

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