• Earliest NBA Game-worn Michael Jordan Sneakers To Be Auctioned

    In 1984, Micheal Jordan was a great player, far from being dubbed the greatest of all time, but that didn’t stop then Lakers ball boy Khalid Ali from asking Jordan for his shoes after warmups one game. Ali has now consigned the earliest pair of game worn sneakers to SCP Auctions. During the 1984-85 season the 15 year-old Ali had inquired about the shoes during a game against the Chicago Bulls. The pair Ali inquired about were red, white and black, the infamous pair of what would become the first Air Jordans, but Jordan had switched the sneakers for a different color shoe, an all white sneaker with a red upper and swoosh. ESPN Notes “People obsess over game-worn Jordans and there’s definite value to the fact that these are the earliest ones that have surfaced,” said SCP Auctions vice president Dan Imler said. Imler said he could see the shoes drawing bids past the $50,000. In 2013, a pair of shoes Jordan wore during the infamous “Flu Game,” also acquired by a ballboy, sold for $104,765, a record price paid for a pair of game-used shoes in any sport. A pair of shoes that Jordan wore in his rookie season sold for $31,070, also in more »

  • Think You Know The Apple Logo? You’re Probably Wrong

    Apple, the tech giant that is often at the top of the world’s most valuable companies, is a brand we are constantly bombarded with. If PC and Android diehards find themselves surrounded by folks using iPhones and MacBooks. And with all the news this week about the Apple Watch, the company and its logo have been covered more than ever. So by now, there’s no way any of us could not recognize the logo, right? According to a recent UCLA study, people had difficulty in not only drawing the Apple logo from memory, but also in choosing the correct logo from a group of similar pictures. In fact, only one in 85 participants could correctly draw the logo in terms of shape, bite size, and leaf orientation. And when presented with 12 logos, less than half of the participants chose correctly. How hard can it be? Take the logo test for yourself and find out. I’m not proud to say that despite my hubris, I failed…while taking the test on a MacBook Air. But at least I’m pretty sure I could have drawn it from memory better than the person who thought it looked like the Pepsi logo. Pretty sure.

  • Snowboarder Captured an Insane Avalanche Engulf Him on his GoPro

    Nope. Just nope. The absolute vulnerability of watching a mountain crack and collapse underneath your very feet has to be the most helpless feeling in the world. Sorin Radu a snowboarder and volunteer rescuer was caught in an avalanche on February 3rd while snowboarding down Papusa Mountain in Gorj, Romania. Radu caught the entire experience on a GoPro Hero3 that was attached to his helmet. Radu, thankfully was unharmed. That “oh shit” moment…

  • GoPro + The NHL’s Best Players = A Jaw Dropping Skills Showcase

    The National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association announced a North American partnership with GoPro, which mean’s we’ll most likely be getting real-time NHL game action with GoPro footage soon enough. In the meantime, the NHL called upon some of it’s most talented players to knock around and show off their skills. The speed at which these players can handle the puck is nothing short of mind boggling. P.K. Subban, the Montreal Canadian’s premiere defenseman, weighs in at 220lbs, but looks as though he’s skating in fast forward in this footage. Other notable stars include shots from the perspectives of Patrice Bergeron, Sidney Crosby, Taylor Hall, Patrick Kane, Henrik Lundqvist, TJ Oshie, Alex Ovechkin, Zach Parise, Tuukka Rask, Tyler Seguin, and Jonathan Toews. We have a feeling the NHL All-Star game will be chalk full of these shots.

  • New Drone Footage Shows Just How Massive Apple’s New “Spaceship” HQ Is

    Apple’s new “Spaceship” campus in Cupertino looked big in the initial renderings that went public some months ago, but new drone footage that has recently surfaced, shows just how gigantic the campus will be. Donut, circle, spaceship, whatever you’ll call the under construction Apple HQ, we can all agree it’s much larger than any of us thought it would be. The new HQ labeled Apple Campus 2 should be some time in 2016, the vast campus will be home to 12,000 Apple employees, which will also included a curved glass facade, underground parking lot and a 300 ft statue of Steve Jobs (well the last one is just a rumor. started by me. Just now). The campus is being designed by Norman Foster’s firm, Foster + Partners.

  • How Every Apple Store Is Designed To Make You Spend More Money

    Apple products are by far the most sought after and desirable products on the planet. Sleek, simple and at the pinnacle of technologically, each tier of their product line has dominated retail over the past decade. But just how much of Apple’s retail revenue is due to it’s product’s capabilities and how much is due to a brilliant store alignment that enhances your desire to buy something before you take your second step into the store? Business Insider provides some knowledge into the science behind the Apple store.

  • Brands Shred Apple on Twitter over iPhone 6 #Bendgate

    Incase you live somewhere where the iPhone 6 hasn’t all but announced global domination, there’s a few new issues with the phone you should know about. First off is the issue with iOS 8 and it’s software malfunctions causing some phones to completely lose service, the next a serious hardware malfunction causing phones to bend and break. As expected Samsung, HTC and LG have all taken to twitter to throw jabs at the brand for it’s questionable hardware. But it doesn’t stop there, other brands have begun to join in digging in to what we’re now calling #bendgate. Curved. Not bent. #GALAXYNoteEdge pic.twitter.com/OTPIYlI07f — Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) September 25, 2014 Our phone doesn't bend, it flexes…on purpose. #bendgate pic.twitter.com/d1DudxDQgf — LG USA Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) September 24, 2014 Designed to withstand the most demanding environments. Like your pockets. #HTCOneM8 — HTC USA (@HTCUSA) September 24, 2014 We don't bend, we #break. #bendgate #iPhone6plus pic.twitter.com/uippCg4kCi — KITKAT (@KITKAT) September 24, 2014 Dear Apple… #BendGate pic.twitter.com/XJ8zVEUog9 — Heineken NL (@Heineken_NL) September 25, 2014 Some things are better when they're bent. #BendGate #iPhone6Plus pic.twitter.com/7w4MN3PULu — Chex Mix (@ChexMix) September 24, 2014 WARNING: Whataburger WILL bend if left in your pocket. #bendgate pic.twitter.com/wXcUpfVFoS — Whataburger® more »

  • A Timeline of the Most Recognizable Boot on the Soccer Pitch

    Nike has always been renowned for innovation in footwear technology. They’ve always managed to push the envelope, keeping whatever market they choose to infiltrate on their toes. Literally. Most recently breaking into snowboarding, an industry already saturated with boot manufactures and brands, but Nike being Nike managed to breakthrough the barriers, by creating one of the most advanced boots on the market. Undeniably wiggling themselves into the upper echelon of the industry. In 1996 they did they same with soccer. They found the best player in the world, at the time being Ronaldo (Not that Ronaldo), a young Brazilian force to be reckoned with and they studied him for two years. Then in 1998, they released the Nike Mercurial, a skeptical boot with never before seen technology. The rest is history. Today roughly half the players on each team you see playing in the World Cup have on the Mercurials in either orange or neon yellow, the two colorways Nike chose for this year’s release.

  • GoPro Captured The Surreal Survival of a World Record Car Jump Crash

    Guerlain Chicherit, a French professional skier and rally car driver set out to break the record for the longest car jump. His modified BMW Mini geared up as Chicherit spoke about the dangers of being in his industry and the ultimate consequences the sport’s athletes endure. After going through the rhythms of determining the  physics of the jump, Guerlain was confident in himself, his car, his team and the conditions of the snowy roads. As he sped down the mountain at around 100 mph his car hit the steel ramp and attempted to cross the 332 ft gap. With a GoPro production team there to capture every angle of footage, what happens next is as exhilarating as it is frightening. Guerlain doesn’t make the jump without error and his car nose dives, then spirals into a seemingly infinite series of tumbles. GoPro’s footage not only gives a bone chilling look at the crash from a distance, but the surreal look at Chicherit in his drivers seat during the horrific cartwheel. Their slow motion footage captures about 3 seconds of time from the crash, stretched into a ethereal sequence of shots that looks like something out of a Hollywood crash scene. Guerlain managed to survive without serious injury, more »

  • Epic Nike Commercial Featuring Ronaldo, Rooney, and The Hulk [Video]

    This epic new commercial from Nike Football (the soccer kind) for their #RiskEverything campaign features kids transforming into soccer superstars, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, with every kick of the ball. The commercial is so spectacular, the Incredible Hulk even makes an appearance! If this commercial doesn’t get you amped up for the World Cup, nothing will. Hey, it’s only one time every four years that you have to watch soccer. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get drunk with foreigners!

  • Superman With A GoPro Is Better Than Man Of Steel [Video]

    Warner Bros. could have saved a lot of time and money if they had just gone with this simple, fun approach to Superman. Using a DJI Phantom quadcopter, GoPro camera, and little bit of vfx knowledge, this LA team was able to make a better Superman production than Hollywood. I can just imagine in the near future a sky filled with quadcopters trying to capture shots for amateur filmmakers. You want to make millions? Be the person who comes up with a system that will keep the drones from crashing into each other. But until that day of utter quadcopter calamity comes, enjoy the work these guys did and watch the “behind the scenes” to see how it all came together.

  • RedBull Uses 3D Modeling to Show Every Piece of a Formula 1 Car

    A new clip from Red Bull sees Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations — which are arguably the most complex the sport has ever seen. At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously assemble around Dan to form the RB10. As Dan races to catch up Seb in his RB9, the World Champion’s car becomes transparent while travelling at full speed. The film then presents a visual sequence that shows the 2014 regulation changes taking shape and coming to life, as Seb’s car transforms from an RB9 into an RB10. As well as providing information on the new technical changes for 2014, the clip also presents a unique view of the technology at work inside this year’s Formula One cars.

  • iOS On Your Dashboard With Apple CarPlay

    This morning at the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple announced its rebranded its iOS in the Car as CarPlay. Along with the new name, Apple revealed that the first cars to feature CarPlay will debut at the show from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. So what exactly will CarPlay allow you to do? With the help of Apple’s voice-activated Siri, drivers will be able to keep their eyes on the road while making calls, sending messages, selecting music, and getting navigation help. Don’t worry if you’re not an iTunes user. Apple will allow connectivity to third-party music apps like Spotify and iHeartRadio for your cruising soundtrack. The system will also be predictive, using information from your texts, emails, and searches to figure out where you plan on going without telling it anything. In addition to the aforementioned automakers, Nissan, Peugeot, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and General Motors will all feature CarPlay in future vehicles. Even Ford, who has been using Microsoft’s Sync voice-command system for years, is said to be a future partner. Soon the CarPlay steering wheel button may be as ubiquitous as seat warmers in autos. Wait, you don’t have seat warmers? Yikes.

  • Oakley Seeks to Disrupt Eyewear Industry with Groundbreaking Innovations (36 HQ Photos)

    Recently performance focused brand, Oakley, unveiled a new campaign focusing on breaking down the doors of innovation with their new “Disruptive by Design” campaign focusing on three major game changing product developments for 2014. “We will open our blast doors for the first time, celebrate our legacy and culture of disruption, and set out our blueprint for future innovation.” Said Oakley CEO and Chief Mad Scientist Colin Baden. “We now have our sights set on three key innovation pillars: Enhanced Vision, Digital Eyewear and Customization. This is the beginning of a new era of brave design and disruptive technologies from Oakley.” The details of which ended there. The “Disruptive by Design” event was more of a homage to past innovations than outlook into the future for the brand, but like all progressive visionaries, the Oakley brand is keeping it’s secrets close to the chest. The event was filled with Oakley Athletes past and present with the likes of Bubba Watson, Shaun White and Lindsay Vaughn walking the carpet. Road race cyclist legend, Greg LeMond and motocross hall of famer Johnny O’Mara were also on hand to pay their respects. Global advertising is scheduled for March 2014 and is said to more »

  • Mac 30- A Short Film Celebrating Thirty Years of Innovation

    The Apple Mac celebrates 30 years of innovation in technology today and so they decided to pound their chests a bit, with a homage… to themselves. The Mac prides itself on being the catalyst for innovation in creative fields, making design, music and art easier and more fun. This video celebrates some of the pioneers in creative fields and the impact the Mac has had on their lives.

  • This is What Happens When Red Bull Goes Off-Road on a Ski Slope

    Red Bull recently skinned out a Pro-4 off-road racing truck then took it on the snowy incline of Mount Snow for a little taste of what to expect from Red Bull Frozen Rush. Champion off-road racer, Ricky Johnson took advantage of all the extra powder by riding a figure eight trail with jumps and berms, weaving through trees. A pretty amazing video that makes you almost forget, Ricky is performing precision turns and jumps on terrain people slip on when walking.

  • Nike Reveals On-Field Super Bowl Gear

    Today Nike released their on-field gear for the big game. Included in the arsenal of accessories include the garb players will be wearing on game day. Cleats, cold weather gear and gloves are a few of the items, Nike will be branding with a superbowl logo. This revolutionary new cleat is built with athlete-insight drawn from The 40-Yd Dash Project and testing of 3D printed plates. The construction of the Nike Vapor Carbon 2014 Elite Cleat draws from almost two decades of athlete insight and represents Nike’s ability to accelerate performance innovation on the field. This revolutionary new cleat offers lightweight speed and groundbreaking traction, geared to deliver the ultimate in multi-directional explosiveness. The Nike Vapor Shield Glove is an innovative two-piece system designed for warmth and performance. A seamless outer-shell of Nike Hyperfuse construction provides for wind and water-resistance, while a fleece lining allows for extra warmth. Nike Magnigrip material on the palm enhances durability and grip in all weather conditions. The Nike Hyperwarm Max Shield Hood is engineered for superior moisture management and warmth without the bulk. This new Dri-FIT silhouette provides limited distractions while providing maximum protection against wind, rain or snow. The cut enhances ventilation and more »

  • Celebrate The iPhone’s 7th Birthday With These Early Concept Designs

    The iPhone was unveiled January 7, 2007, but for years before that, the Internet was abuzz with rumors and early design concepts. Some even doubted if Apple would ever actually release a phone. The New York Times’ very own technology columnist David Pope wrote in 2006 that Apple would come out with a cellphone “Probably never.” Looks like he was wrong, as were the folks who came up with these designs. They serve as a harsh reminder of the slide phone obsession of the early 2000s. What were we thinking?

  • An Inside Look at the Office of Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker

    In the latest issue of Obscura magazine, Nike CEO Mark Parker opens his door at their new headquarters located in Beaverton, Oregon. The office showcases an art collection of over 1,000 pieces, keeping Parker constant inspired while he sketches new ideas. From the big picture the office looks like the cluttered room of a child unable to let go of old toys, but take a closer look and each piece serves a purpose for generating fresh ideas  every day. Pick up issue 14 of Obscura for the full article.  

  • GoPro: Shaun Flippin’ White [Video]

    With much of the Midwest and Northeast United States facing the first winter storm of the new year, dubbed “Hercules,” now is the perfect time to get pumped about winter sports. What better way than watching this GoPro video featuring Shaun White? Also, with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi just around the corner, this clip is good preview of what we can expect from Shaun White and Team USA.

  • Ovechkin Plays Russian in New Nike TV Spot [Video]

    Nike has released the new ad for their Play Russian campaign which features athletes engaging in different winter sports against frozen Russian backdrops. The last commercial was a composite of many different athletes while this one focuses entirely on Alexander Ovechkin of the Russian National Ice Hockey team and captain of the NHL’s Washington Capitals. Watch the video and get pumped for winter sports then check out more from #PlayRussian at Nike and brush up on your Cyrillic skills.

  • Oh Nike, Your Epic Commercials Never Get Old

    Nike’s new short film, “Winning in a Winter Wonderland.” is set to a whimsical rendition of the classic holiday tune Walking in a Winter Wonderland, the film features professional baseball player Robinson Cano, professional football player Justin Tuck, skier Julia Mancuso, snowboarder Scotty Lago, soccer stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, along with a cameo appearance from Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, in a series of training and game-action play. Nike’s productions have gotten better and better over the past couple of years, at this point they should just make a movie already

  • GoPro Adventure Series: Moab Towers & Magic Backpacks

    In the sixth video of the HERO3+ Adventure Series Hayley Ashburn and Marshall Miller ascend and leap from Ancient Art in the Fishers Towers. The video highlights the ups and downs of base jumping, the discipline and rush of the jump after a bone chilling climb. Hayley and Marshall recall their first jump, the anxiousness they felt and the addiction after.

  • Stunning Video Using A Phantom Quadcopter And GoPro Camera

    YouTube user Claytonias F spent months travelling across the United States with a DJI Phantom quadcopter with a GoPro camera mounted to it. The collected footage was paired with Big Black Delta’s “Love You This Summer” to create this incredible video. The pairing of small, resilient, high quality cameras with versatile quadcopters has ushered in a revolution in videography by allowing aerial shots that would have been all but impossible for any production without a significant budget just a few years ago. And this revolution is one we can definitely get behind.

  • Get Up Close And Personal With Lions In New GoPro Video

    GoPro videos are pretty much the greatest thing ever and the latest release doesn’t disappoint. The GoPro team got together with Kevin Richardson, the lion whisperer, to get amazing closeup footage of lions and hyenas in Africa. At certain points, cameras are even strapped onto the animals to give you their perspective. You better enjoy this video because with ace trophy hunter Melissa Bachman on the loose, there’s no telling how long before there are no lions left. Also, check out Kevin Richardson’s website to see all the great work he does and watch some more videos, including one of him swimming with a lion.

  • How GoPro Became The World’s Best Selling Camera [Video]

    Last night on CBS, “60 Minutes” aired a segment detailing GoPro’s rise from a surfer’s desire for a compact, waterproof camera 12 years ago to the biggest selling camera in the world today. Anderson Cooper interviewed Nick Woodman, the surfer turned camera creator, who is now a billionaire thanks to his invention. We know we love the GoPro and all the great videos made with the cameras over the years and hearing the story behind the company is inspiring. And for those of you who prefer reading over watching the video, check out the transcript on CBS News.

  • Ron Burgundy Has Sent Dodge Sales Soaring Through the Roof

    Sure, you’ve seen Ron Burgundy in his latest series of Dodge Durango commercials, seemingly doing what Ron Burgandy does best. Act awesome. But did you know there are a total of 70 of these quick ads being released in total? Some made for TV, some viral and some on vine It seems as though Chrysler knew what they were doing, because Ron has sent sales sky rocketing 59% in the month of october, says Dodge. The 2014 Dodge Durango has increased online shopping for the crossover, Sales of the re-engineered and designed Durango climbed nearly 60% since the launch of the campaign on October to 5,120 units and are up 50% for the year.

  • 10 Corporations Own Almost Everything You Buy (Infographic)

    According to this chart via Reddit, called “The Illusion of Choice,” these corporations create a chain that begins at one of 10 super companies. You’ve heard of the biggest names, but it’s amazing to see what these giants own or influence. Some of these large brands don’t neccesarily own the sub brands, but own a percentage, partner or simply distribute their product. Chris Miles of PolicyMic notes, “$200 billion-corporation Nestle — famous for chocolate, but which is the biggest food company in the world — owns nearly 8,000 different brands worldwide, and takes stake in or is partnered with a swath of others. Included in this network is shampoo company L’Oreal, baby food giant Gerber, clothing brand Diesel, and pet food makers Purina and Friskies.”

  • Apple Calls Upon Bryan Cranston to be the New Voice of the iPad Air

    It’s been about four weeks since the last episode of Breaking Bad aired and the dust is starting to settle. You’re watching one of your many mundane programs that’s attempting to compensate for the show that hooked you in so bad, you’re withdrawals are nearly as bad as if you’d actually induced the blue stuff. A commercial comes on. You’re not paying attention. Until a recognizable voice begins talking to you overlaid with a background piano. The voice is soothing and familiar. It’s authoritative yet compassionate. It beckons you to listen. You do, because you miss it. It tell’s you some mumbo jumbo about how the iPad is so revolutionary its comparable to the pencil. You go out and buy an iPad Air and don’t ask questions. We miss you Walter. We miss you so much.  

  • Insane GoPro Video Of Backflip At Red Bull Rampage

    Last week we shared the highlights from Red Bull Rampage 2013 and it was an amazing video in its own right, but now you can watch the action from New Zealander Kelly McGarry’s point of view when he did a backflip over a 72-foot canyon, all thanks to his helmet-mounted GoPro camera. YouTube user Ankit Mn sums up our thoughts perfectly when he states “I hope the bicycle seat was big enough for the size of his balls.” We all do, Ankit Mn, we all do.

  • Fire Breathing Captured In Slow Motion With 24 GoPro Cameras [Video]

    At this point, you know any GoPro video is going to be amazing and this one is no exception. They really take filming to the extreme this time, though, by rigging 24 cameras together to capture a fire breather from every angle. You can even catch a glimpse of the camera array at the 20 second mark. The result is an effect straight out of The Matrix for a fraction of the cost.

  • Watch Insane People On Bikes Fall Down Mountains At Red Bull Rampage [Video]

    Red Bull Rampage is an insane downhill mountain bike competition held annually in Utah’s Zion National Park. The 2013 Rampage wrapped up on October 13 and featured the biggest backflip ever and the biggest no-hander ever. This video collects all the best moments from last weekend, both the successes and the horrible, painful fails. It looks like a lot of fun, but as someone who split their chin open after a poor attempt at a wheelie (at the age of 27!), I probably should remain a spectator.

  • Red Bull Releases Full POV Video of Felix Baumgartner’s Jump

    See through the eyes of Felix Baumgartner as he completes his world record breaking jump from the stratosphere. Along with the incredible POV video you’ll see all the amazing stats and mission data related the the jump. Things to note: He jumps from 127,850 feet The jump takes a little over nine minutes Breaks the sound barrier at 0:47 Max speed 847 MPH Goes 0 to 847 MPH in 50 seconds Travels roughly 14.5 miles in only 1 minute 30 seconds


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