• Bell & Ross Pays Tribute to The Falcon’s 50th (Watch Wednesday)

    This year at Baselworld, Bell & Ross announced it’s heritage line, paying homage to the innovation and style of 1960’s aviation. With that, they’ve created these limited edition pieces in honor of the revolutionary Falcon Jet that paved the way for both business and military planes. The look and feel of the face is an almost exact replica of the look and style of the retro times. One watch holds a simple face, while the other a chronograph. Bell & Ross 

  • Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 Régulateur Heritage

    This year, watch innovators, Bell & Ross pays homage to the aviators and navigators of World War II with the Vintage WW2 Régulateur Heritage. In the Second World War Bomber pilots and navigators needed a watch that emphasized clear legibility and ease of use even while wearing gloves. Bell & Ross’s new model incorporates several of the solutions employed on timepieces of that era, including an extra-large 49-mm-diameter case; an ergonomically engineered bezel with wide-spaced notches that rotates in both directions; an oversized, grooved crown; and a classical regulator dial, with a large, central minutes hand and subdials for the hours and seconds. The regulator dial was considered more easy to read at a glance because of the emphasis on the minutes, the most important indicator for a pilot on a mission, who needs to make quick, precise reads of short intervals of time. The legibility of the dial is further enhanced by the contrast between the black dial and the sand-colored hands, numerals and indices. $6,000


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