• RedBull Uses 3D Modeling to Show Every Piece of a Formula 1 Car

    A new clip from Red Bull sees Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations — which are arguably the most complex the sport has ever seen. At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously assemble around Dan to form the RB10. As Dan races to catch up Seb in his RB9, the World Champion’s car becomes transparent while travelling at full speed. The film then presents a visual sequence that shows the 2014 regulation changes taking shape and coming to life, as Seb’s car transforms from an RB9 into an RB10. As well as providing information on the new technical changes for 2014, the clip also presents a unique view of the technology at work inside this year’s Formula One cars.

  • This is What Happens When Red Bull Goes Off-Road on a Ski Slope

    Red Bull recently skinned out a Pro-4 off-road racing truck then took it on the snowy incline of Mount Snow for a little taste of what to expect from Red Bull Frozen Rush. Champion off-road racer, Ricky Johnson took advantage of all the extra powder by riding a figure eight trail with jumps and berms, weaving through trees. A pretty amazing video that makes you almost forget, Ricky is performing precision turns and jumps on terrain people slip on when walking.

  • Insane GoPro Video Of Backflip At Red Bull Rampage

    Last week we shared the highlights from Red Bull Rampage 2013 and it was an amazing video in its own right, but now you can watch the action from New Zealander Kelly McGarry’s point of view when he did a backflip over a 72-foot canyon, all thanks to his helmet-mounted GoPro camera. YouTube user Ankit Mn sums up our thoughts perfectly when he states “I hope the bicycle seat was big enough for the size of his balls.” We all do, Ankit Mn, we all do.

  • Watch Insane People On Bikes Fall Down Mountains At Red Bull Rampage [Video]

    Red Bull Rampage is an insane downhill mountain bike competition held annually in Utah’s Zion National Park. The 2013 Rampage wrapped up on October 13 and featured the biggest backflip ever and the biggest no-hander ever. This video collects all the best moments from last weekend, both the successes and the horrible, painful fails. It looks like a lot of fun, but as someone who split their chin open after a poor attempt at a wheelie (at the age of 27!), I probably should remain a spectator.

  • Red Bull Releases Full POV Video of Felix Baumgartner’s Jump

    See through the eyes of Felix Baumgartner as he completes his world record breaking jump from the stratosphere. Along with the incredible POV video you’ll see all the amazing stats and mission data related the the jump. Things to note: He jumps from 127,850 feet The jump takes a little over nine minutes Breaks the sound barrier at 0:47 Max speed 847 MPH Goes 0 to 847 MPH in 50 seconds Travels roughly 14.5 miles in only 1 minute 30 seconds

  • Watch Taiwan’s Red Bull Soapbox Race And Feel Bad For Not Being There (Video)

    Throughout the year, Red Bull holds numerous soapbox races all over the world. On September 29, the first one in Taiwan took place in the island’s capital, Taipei. Like most Red Bull events, the failures are the fun part. What can be more enjoyable than watching an outrageous car speed down a hill then flip over and crush its driver? Although, as a Mets fan, it was tough watching the Mr. Met looking character fail so badly (much like the baseball team).

  • Red Bull’s Cliff Diving Stop-Motion Video

    Last month, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series took place at the Blue Lagoon in Wales. To capture the action, Red Bull had three of the UK’s biggest Instagramers take over 20,000 photos to combine into a stop-motion film of the day’s festivities. The result is one of the coolest and most unique videos of a sporting event we’ve seen.

  • Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013: Winners unveiled

    The Red Bull Illume Image Quest sought out to find the best captured images of active sports and lifestyle in the world. Their submissions we’re some of the best photographs sport has ever seen. The final ceremony was in Hong Kong where judges were blown back at the sheer talent that they were presented with. “There are talented photographers and then there are gifted photographers,” said Jym Wilson, senior photo editor at USA Today and one of 50 Red Bull Illume judges. “I saw a lot of talent, but also saw some truly gifted photographers. These are not just action photographers, but people with great technical and artistic skills.” For the entire archive of winners check out Red Bull Illume

  • Sequential Photography for Red Bull Illume

    Over the past couple of years photographers have been experimenting with ‘sequential photography’, a still framed photo of a steady landscape with a moving piece to create the beautiful examples you see here. Red Bull Illume 2013 is a photo contest out to find the most illustrious action photo taken. A number of them being ‘sequential’. Here are some of the best of the best courtesy of Core 77 and Red Bull.

  • Red Bull X Fighters: Land of the Rising Sun Highlights

    Red Bull X-Fighters Land of the Rising Sun event was just held and hometown hero Taka Higashino of Japan took home gold and won his first ever event in front of his family and friends. It was a huge upset with world leader Tom Pages of France being the heavy favorite. The games were held at Osaka Castle infront of 11,000 fans and a global online and TV audience as X Fighters made it’s debut in East Asia.  

  • Flying from Mt. Everest In The World’s Highest BASE Jump

    Nearly 60 years to the day after the first ascent up Mount Everest, Russian extreme sport star Valery Rozov flew off the north face of Mount Everest – the world’s highest BASE jump ever – 23,688ft above sea level. The ascent began on the Chinese side on the famous north route. It took him four days to climb from the base camp to the jumping location. At precisely 2:30 p.m. local time he leaped despite adverse weather conditions with temperatures -0.4 fahrenheit. Because the cliff at the top was not very high, the initial moments of the leap in the rarified high altitude air were the most critical phase. Rozov needed more time than usual in the thin air to transition from freefall to flying. After that he flew for nearly a full minute at speeds of about 200 km/h (125 mph) along the north face before he landed safely on the Rongbuk glacier – at an altitude of 5,950 meters.

  • The Red Bull Mazda RX-7 Drifts Across New Zealand’s Crown Range

    Picture a supercharged, 750-horsepower Mazda RX-7 screaming down a winding track. Picture “Mad” Mike Whiddett and Red Bull teaming up to take on New Zealand’s Crown Range – the highest paved road in the country. Picture 3,500 feet in elevation, 47 gut wrenching turns, the consistency of an engine reving to top speed and fire blasting out from its exhaust. Then watch this video.

  • Red Bull’s Frozen Hard Enduro looks Hard. Really Hard (Hell’s Gate Highlights)

    Red Bull’s Hard Enduro is a mix of Motocross meets hiking meets rock climbing. Racers must treach through a near impossible bike course of snow, rocks, hills, trees… pretty much just tough nature. This year at Hell’s Gate, a course set up through the mountains of Tuscany, Italy’s most extreme enduro event took place this weekend. Watch the highlights and see who triumphed in a race where only the toughest survive…

  • Gee Atherton Talks Us Through the Anatomy of a Red Bull Rampage Crash

    Gee Atherton, a Red Bull mountain biker in the Rampage series, encountered one of the toughest crashes we’ve seen in years. The Rampage Series has been acclaimed for attracting some of the most bad-ass mountain bike athletes in the world, combining mountainous jumps, treacherous terrain and all the means for having a really bad day. “The crux of the line this year was in the mid-section, a big step-down we built that was definitely one of the biggest gaps I’ve ever hit and was definitely something that was really playing on my mind,” he said.”

  • The Felix Baumgartner Space Dive Full Documentary

      The BBC has released the full documentary of the, now infamous, Space Dive. The hour and a half doc shows the anticipation and preparation that went into this record braking feat. Now that the full documentary is out, there’s only one thing left to see. The blockbuster feature film staring Ryan Gosling. We’re waiting.

  • The Athlete Machine Red Bull Kluge

    Red Bull is just showing off now. A mix of great camera angle shots, great athletes and “Mouse-trap” type engineering pave the way for their newest video for The Kluge. The Kluge, which means, a witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task, gives the action sports and energy drink brand a chance to show off for us. Why, you ask? Because they can. Check out behind the scenes footage at RedBull

  • 10 Traits From the Red Bull Stratos Jump You Can Apply to Your Job

    Chances are likely that your job doesn’t involve free-falling, setting a world record, wearing a space suit, risking your life or breaking the sound barrier. But in your line of work, Forbes tells us there are many similar traits you can share with Red Bull Stratos jumper Felix Baumgartner. You may just not have realized it yet.

  • In Case You Missed it, Red Bull Stratos Jump from space

    Felix Baumgartner achieved the the longest freefall from 24 miles above the earth yesterday. The video was watched by over 8 million people on the Red Bull Youtube page making it the largest watched live stream to date. The Sonic Baum hit speeds over 833 MPH and broke the sound barrier “It is hard to describe, because I didn’t feel it,” Baumgartner told reporters after the jump. “When you’re in a dead pressure suit [with no reference points] you don’t feel anything.” Because of rapid spinning, he fell 17 seconds short of the free fall record still held by his mentor, Joe Kittinger, who jumped from 19.6 miles up during the Excelsior II mission in 1960 and fell for 4 minutes and 36 seconds. Baumgartner also had some criticism to over come before the jump and post he noted “I’d like to give a special one finger salute to all the folks who said he was going to come apart when he went supersonic,” the former pilot joked to reporters after the jump, according to ABC News.    

  • Red Bull Stratos Freefall postponed

    On Tuesday, 10/9/12, Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic free fall from the edge of space was postponed due to 17 mph winds. Although much to the dismay of our entire office, it puts the small window of opportunity the technicians have to work with into perspective. Those winds aren’t exactly the twister cow flying winds we think of when we think of canceling a multi-million dollar jump, but we understand the severity of the jump. To think of all the trivial things you can accomplish in 17 mph winds, walk your dog, go for a jog, read a book on a bench, read an ipad on a bench, even play a round of golf (make sure you throw a few grass blades in the air to judge the direction of the pesky winds), but you can’t jump from the edge of space. So we’ll wait another day, Red Bull, we hope you get your wings soon.

  • How To Jump From 23 Miles Above Earth And Survive [18 HQ Photos]

    Come Tuesday, weather permitting, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner will attempt to be the first person to break the sound barrier in free fall. The mission will take Felix 23 miles above Earth in a small space capsule. He will then step out of the capsule and plunge to Earth hoping to reach speeds that exceed 690 mph. The vessel is rigged with 15 cameras so that the entire Red-Bull sponsored event can be broadcast live online. It’s an unthinkably dangerous stunt that will test the limits of the human body in one of the most brutal environments: Air pressure is practically nonexistent and temperatures can sink to negative 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Our friends at BusinessInsider put together an interesting compilation to show you how the stunt will happen step by step.

  • 5 Ways Skydiving 120,000 Feet Can Kill You

    On Tuesday October 9th Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will ascend more than 120,000 feet into the atmosphere inside a capsule attached to a helium balloon. Then, with nothing but a pressurized suit and a parachute, Baumgartner will jump out of the capsule and plummet toward Earth, breaking the sound barrier on the way down. What could go wrong? Quite a few things, it turns out.

  • What Does One Wear on a 23-Mile Space Jump?

    As the sun rises over the New Mexico desert Monday morning, Felix Baumgartner will step into a space capsule suspended beneath an immense helium balloon and slowly ascend to the edge of the stratosphere, where he will step into the void and fall 23 miles to Earth. To do this safely, or, rather, as safely as possible, he will wear a pressurized suit designed to protect him from sub-zero temperatures, decompression sickness and the very real possibility that the liquid within his body could turn to gas, rendering him unconscious within seconds.

  • Trailer For Red Bull’s “Where the Trail Ends”

    Watch as professional mountain biking legend Darren Berrecloth, attempts an 360 in one of the world’s most remote places – the Upper Mustang Region in Nepal. For most, the pure commitment of this trick is frightening, add on to that the long trek up the uncertain terrain of the backcountry and you get th veteran himself doing what he does best in super slow motion.

  • Red Bull Rampage 2012

    We at the RSVLTS are huge fans of Red Bull and the video content they have produced in the recent years. From their full-length films like The Art of Flight to original television series like The Red Bull Signature Series on NBC and the NBC Sports Network, Red Bull has continued to wow us with athletes who push the envelope to what is possible in extreme sports. They have done so again with Red Bull Rampage, a free-ride mountain biking contest that is held annually in Utah. Check out the top five moments from previous Red Bull Rampage events and be sure to tune-in October 7th for the Live webcast of the Red Bull Rampage final. Red Bull Rampage  

  • Red Bull F1 Car Tears Through NYC’s Lincoln Tunnel

    Former Formula One driver David Coulthard drives the Red Bull Racing Running Show Car through the 1.5 mile Lincoln Tunnel, which connects New York and New Jersey. Coulthard had loads of horsepower (and no gridlock) on his side, so he no doubt set the record for the fastest-ever commute through the tunnel. The Formula One team is in New York City this week with the high-revving demo car around the tristate area. Somewhere Vin Diesels ears are ringing. Next season the Grand Prix of America is expected to race through the streets of Weehawken, NJ, right across the Hudson River with NYC as a backdrop. Red Bull Racing decided to take advantage of some free summer time by taking a joy ride right around the corner of its future venue. Everything you need to know about the 2013 Grand Prix in New Jersey Sebastian Vettel was in New York a couple of months ago for some hot laps of the New Jersey circuit and to make an appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman.” This time, Red Bull Racing ambassador David Coulthard is behind the wheel.

  • Felix Baumgartner Skydives From The Edge Of Space [11 High Quality Photos]

    Red Bull is supposed to give you wings bit that would only slow Felix Baumgartner down. This week the daredevil made a test skydive from 18 miles up in preparation for his upcoming jump from 120,000 feet (22 miles) in which he hopes to reach speeds of 690 MPH and be the first person the break the sound barrier. In the latest test jump Felix went 0 to 509 MPH in just 30 seconds and all that is without the aid of a plane fo rocket, just pure gravity baby! Here are photos from his latest jump…

  • Red Bull Helicopter Diving

    Right in time for the start of the 2012 season, nine-time cliff diving world champion Orlando Duque is back on the diving platform. Orlando traveled to the West Coast of Ireland to inaugurate the forth coming of Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which is set to take place in the Aran Islands on August 4th. The Helicopter Jump was a mere 23 meters high. 11 outstanding athletes, from around the world, are getting ready for the kick-off competition of the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in June. Three years after its inception, the World Series is established as the pinnacle of high diving competition.  

  • Travis Pastrana Challenges Rally Champ to X-Games Gauntlet

    After a personal challenge from X Games legend Travis Pastrana, eight-time World Rally champion Sébastien Loeb has taken up the gauntlet to go to X Games 2012 in LA. And he’s not taking it lightly – the Citroën Racing team has developed a very special and heavily modified Rally Cross DS3 called the XL (for X Games-Loeb!). Here Sebastien and Citroen Racing boss Yves Matton introduce us to the new car, built by Hansen Motorsports, which will bring a healthy dose of creative technology and Gallic flair to the X Games arena. Let the Games begin!

  • A First Hand Look At Red Bull’s Kite Quest 2012 In France

    Red Bull Kite Quest was held in Sain Malo, on the Britanny French coast. The conditions were perfect with plenty of sun and wind and luck y for us the rider strapped GoPro’s to their helmets (and kites) to give is a unique perspective for this one of a kind kite sufing/treasure hunt competition. Learn more about Red Bull’s Kite Quest

  • The Crazy Life of Felix Baumgartner [12 High Quality Photos]

    Felix Baumgartner has made a living from being one of the most fearless dudes to every walk the face of Earth. He has jumped 2500 times from planes and helicopters, as well as some of the highest landmarks and skyscrapers. In addition to all this madness, this summer Baumgartner will pilot the Red Bill Stratos project and will hurtle toward Earth at supersonic speed from a record 23 miles up, breaking the sound barrier with only his body. So, what have YOU done lately? Today is Felix’s 43 birthday so let’s take a look at some of his finer moments and when you’re done check out this compilation of cool Action Sequence Photos.

  • Evan Longoria Earns His Red Bull Wings [Video]

    All Star third baseman Evan Longoria officially earned his wings as a Red Bull athlete with a flight over Tampa with five-time U.S. National Aerobatic Champion and two-time Red Bull Air Race World Champ Kirby Chambliss. During spring training, Longoria took to the skies to view landmarks — including his home field — before being treated to snap rolls, blind spins and end-over-end cartwheels in Kirby’s plane. Welcome aboard, Evan!

  • This 12-year-old Landed The First 1080 In The History of Skateboarding [Video]

    For years the holy grail of all skateboard tricks, the 1080, has eluded the biggest and most talented stars in skateboarding. While many have tried, it was never landed — that is until now. A Master of Physics would say that it make sense a young kid would be more likely to pull off a 1080 because the older you are the heavier you get so the more you have to try and defy gravity. Be that as it may 12-year-old Tom Schaar of Malibu, CA is well on his way to becoming a globetrotting skateboard legend like Tony Hawk.


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