• New Movies Get The Classic VHS Treatment

    Some of you younger folks may not remember this, but before Blu-ray and DVD, we had to watch movies on big bulky VHS tapes. We would rent them from Blockbuster and if we didn’t rewind them before returning, we’d have to pay extra. The resolution was terrible, skipping from scene to scene was impossible, and there was no such thing as bonus features. And because there was no such thing as YouTube to check out clips and trailers before we rented movies, we relied solely on the packaging to entice us. Nowadays we pay little attention to Blu-ray cases, especially since so many of us just stream movies on Netflix or other services. So in an effort to revive this lost art, a French artist has created VHS box art for contemporary movies and TV shows and even transferred the media to tape. We’re not sure if it’s just an April Fools’ Day prank from Golem13, but it sure would be great to be able to watch Breaking Bad with Grandma on her shitty VCR.

  • The Latest Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Looks Clinically Insane

    Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are heading up this summer’s adaptation of ’80s classic Mad Max and after seeing the first trailer months back, we got excited to say the least. Today Warner Bros released a new two and a half minute trailer for the movie that promises to be a wild ride. With mad scientist and original Mad Max writer George Miller writing and directing Fury Road, it will be interesting to see the direction he takes the franchise. From the looks of it, straight off a cliff into a river of crazy. I’ll give you an example, as an editor it’s my job to screen-grab an “engaging” frame from video clips for use as a feature photo on the homepage, well I could have taken that “engaging” photo at any given frame during the full length of this trailer. It’s nearly three minutes of pure, unadulterated insanity. Enjoy every second of it.

  • Supercut Of Every Dreamworks Logo Variant [Video]

    When Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen joined forces to create DreamWorks SKG, they knew they would need an iconic logo to compete with Disney, 20th Century Fox, MGM, and the like. Spielberg decided on a computer generated old fishermanman on the moon, but ILM VFX Supervisor Dennis Muren suggested a hand-painted logo. Artist Robert Hunt was hired to paint Spielberg’s vision, and along with the old man, he also sent in a painting of a boy, based on his son. The rest is history. The logo debuted before DreamWorks’ first movie The Peacemaker in 1997. Four years later, it was changed for the first time at the introduction to Shrek. That was just the first of many variations compiled by Ethan Jones in this fantastic supercut.

  • Now You Can Play Pac-Man Anywhere On Google Maps

    You thought Street View was cool? Well now Google Maps can transform any road map into a Pac-Man game screen, complete with power-ups and ghost enemies. In the screenshot above, we played on the streets of Hoboken around RSVLTS HQ, but it works anywhere. Just enter your desired locale, click on the Pac-Man icon in the bottom left corner, and start playing. We didn’t really feel like doing any work today, anyway.

  • Jackie Channing Tatum And Other Frightening Celebrity Mashups

    When you have celebrities with names that fit so well together, such as Amy Adams and Adam Sandler, it’s only natural to think that combining the two would result in hilarity. But then somebody works their Photoshop magic on a composite of the stars and the result is something more frightening than any of Dr. Moreau’s abominations. These brilliantly disturbing amalgams come from MugMashers and although most of them are more creepy than funny, we can’t wait to see what ghastly mashup comes next. Damn, could you imagine how big of a douche Jason Kidd Rock would be? And who knew combining Neil Patrick and Harrison Ford would result in Liam Neeson?

  • Game Of Smurfs Is The Parody We Never Knew We Needed [Video]

    Life was just too perfect in the land of the Smurfs. Growing up during the Reagan years, we knew not to trust the socialist utopia depicted in the cartoon. And the lack of sex and violence was simply unreasonable! But the Smurfs depicted in this Game of Thrones parody are much more our style. Watch as countless little blue creatures slay each other while obnoxiously using “smurf” as every part of speech. And yes, there’s some sweet Smurf love, too. But the best part is the “la-las” of the Smurf theme song set to the Game of Thrones music.

  • 8 More Videogames Reimagined As Pulp Novels

    Back in December we shared four pulp novel covers inspired by classic videogames. It’s a great idea, considering that videogames are the escapist pulp fiction of our generation, and we’re happy to see that more artists are following suit. Artist Joshua Ketchen’s series “Arcade Adventures” is similar to the covers we shared before, even including Metroid and Bioshock, but the style is less noir and more sci-fi. We’re just happy he included Earthbound, probably the greatest game on the Super Nintendo. Purchase posters of your favorites form the series at RIPT Apparel.

  • Will Gyllenhaal Win An Oscar for his Role in ‘Southpaw’? Probably.

    Everyone loves a good underdog fighter story. Rocky, Warrior, The Fighter even Bloodsport; classic ring stories of underdogs with a chipped shoulder. Well Jake Gyllenhaal’s next film fits that recipe perfect, but with a twist. Directed by Training Day and Equalizer’s Antoine Fuqua and written by Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, “Southpaw” promises to be a tragic underdog story of rock bottom struggles meets don’t stop climbing resilience. Gyllenhaal play’s an aging boxer and former heavyweight champion, struck with a series of tragedies, including, but not limited to the murder of his wife and lost custody of his daughter. Southpaw with hit the box office on July 31, 2015, battling with some serious heavyweights in the midst of blockbuster season, but promises to a contender. If you’re wondering why this trailer arrived via Eminem’s YouTube page, it’s because he’ll be heavily involved in the soundtrack, in fact Eminem was originally suppose to star in the movie, but musical priorities forced him to back out.

  • 100 Incredible Behind the Scenes Photos on the Sets of Famous Films

    What is it about behind the scenes photos that’s just so intriguing? The concept of dramatic actors out of the characters we’re used to seeing them in is simply fascinating, that’s all there is to it. Even at just a glimpse, to peak and revel at what happens behind the curtain is one of the most mesmerizing traits of Hollywood. Imgur user joinyouinthesun  has collected 100 beautiful photos of actors out of character on the sets of famous movies. From Natalie Wood and James Dean goofing off on the set of Rebel Without a Cause to Hunter S. Thompson shaving Johnny Depp’s head on the set of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas here are 100 incredible behind the scenes photos on the set of famous films

  • Incredible Behind The Scenes Look At TARS From “Interstellar”

    These days directors can get their VFX crew to create the world they envision down to every last detail thanks to computers. With that in mind, it’s only natural for us to explain everything we see onscreen as nothing more than digital effects. So when a movie comes along and uses practical effects, it comes as a huge surprise. Especially when that movie is a sci-fi blockbuster like Interstellar, where we expect the entire movie to be created on computers. Check out how Bill Irwin, star of Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” music video, not only voiced TARS but operated the heavy, 200-pound hydraulic machinery that brought the robot to life.

  • The Stallone Kill Count Supercut Is Morbidly Impressive [Video]

    Last year a viral video hit showcasing every kill from Arnold Schwarzenegger and we were impressed (and perhaps a little disgusted). But how do you follow up such a video? Who could possibly compare to Arnold? Sylvester Stallone, of course! The star of the increasingly violent Rambo series puts even Arnold to shame. We won’t give away any numbers, but to give you an idea, the Arnold video was 28 minutes long whereas Stallone’s is 34. That’s a lot of senseless violence.

  • Super Troopers 2 Crowd Funded $1.6 Million in a Single Day

    Broken Lizard finally wrapped up their crowd funding page on Indie-GoGo and raised over $100,000 in just over two hours. We’ll it’s been 24 hours now and they’ve nearly hit their mark of $2 Million. As of 10 AM this morning the comedy troop has $1.6 million in the bank from fundraising. With a brilliant campaign which offered upwards of 20 levels of fundraising perks like their $150 Seduction package, $12,500 Be A Director package or Buy a Movie Patrol Car for $35,000, the last two which have already sold out. This tiered prize package not only got some serious internet buzz, but was a money funnel for fans of the movie who’ve been patiently waiting for a sequel to one of the best cult classic comedies of the last 15 years. Go scoop up whats left of the packages right meow at IndieGogo.

  • Lucas Theatre in Savannah Creates Amazing Original Movie Posters

    Originally built in 1921, Savannah’s Lucas Theatre is a cultural mecca in the city’s bustling arts scene. The venue hosts operas, touring music acts, and orchestras, but is most popular for its original purpose as a movie house. In addition to hosting the Savannah Film Festival, the Lucas Theatre also regularly shows classic films. But instead of using old posters we’ve seen far too many times before, the theatre employs illustrator Sean Loose to create original works. Some of our favorites are below, but be sure to check out more of Sean’s work at Behance and Loose Illustration.

  • The Simpsons Get A Minecraft Makeover [Video]

    In case you don’t have any gamers in your life, Minecraft is the hugely successful, multi-platform, open world game with no particular objective other than gathering materials and building cool stuff. Kids all over the world are obsessed with it and Microsoft recently purchased it for $2.5 billion, so it’s a pretty big deal. Because of the open nature of the game, creative folks are always coming up with interesting Minecraft recreations of real life places. But that gets boring after a while, because if we wanted to see a real place, we’d just really go there. But we can’t go to Springfield, because the damn creators won’t tell us what state the Simpsons live in! So we’ll have to enjoy this Minecrft recreation from Bearly Regal instead.

  • You Won’t Believe These Stars Are The Same Age [16 Photos]

    Let’s be honest, all celebrities have the means to make themselves look whatever age they want, but it’s still incredible to see side-by-side comparisons of stars who are the same age but look nothing like it. For some it may be because the roles they are known for are so much younger than their real age. For others it may that they’ve opted for plastic surgery to keep young. And then there’s 75-year-old Chuck Norris, who must live on his Total Gym machine to look like that while poor Michael Gambon is left to decay.

  • Robocoprah Winfrey And 40 More Brilliant Celebrity Mashups

    Kalle Mattsson is a Stockholm-based graphic designer who has created some incredible abstract posters and graffiti tees but, as he admits, he was apparently put on Earth to create this celebrity mashup series, the Buffalo Bill Gates Project. Not only has Kalle come up with more celebrity mashup names than we ever thought possible, he also creates graphics that go along with them. Some are hilariously awkward (Stevie Wonder Woman), some are actually quite seamless (George Michael Jackson), and others are strangely appealing (Marilyn Monrowan Atkinson (please don’t say I’m alone here)). And believe it or not, these aren’t even all of them. You can view the rest of the collection at Studio Kalle Mattsson where you can also order prints of your favorites.

  • 44 of the Most Subliminally Hilarious Signs Ever Seen on the Simpsons

    The Simpsons has etched it’s mark on history as one of the funniest and cleverest shows to ever hit the tube. With a 30 year history it’s no wonder why the show has had it’s share of success. One of the lesser known, but funniest on going gags of the show is it’s background sign copy. Though most go unnoticed when you manage to catch a glimpse of a sign, it’ll most likely be a hilarious pun or subtle witty statement. Here are some of the best subtle signs to ever be seen on the Simpsons.

  • 24 Celebrities Who Have Insured Their Body Parts For An Incredible Amount of Money

    Taylor Swift is about to set off on a world tour in May to promote her 1989 album, but her team wants to make sure they take all the necessary precautions–including insuring her legs. The iconic gams of the singer are now covered by a $40 million insurance policy. Although this may seem excessive to those of us who pay $70 a month to insure 25-year-old Toyota Tercels, Swift is not the first star to go to such measures. The practice is said to have originated with vaudeville and silent film star Ben Turpin, who was insured for $20,000 in case his crossed eyes went straight. Check out the gallery and see who else has insured their body parts for ungodly amounts.

  • Derek Zoolander And Hansel Return To The Runway For Paris Fashion Week [15 Photos]

    It has been 14 years since Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson showed us the hilarious world of male modeling as Derek Zoolander and Hansel in Zoolander and we were starting to believe we’d never see those characters again. After all, who waits that long between sequels? Well, except Dumb and Dumber. And Ghostbusters. And Aliens. Alright, we were fools to doubt the rumors of a sequel. Especially since Stiller and Wilson just appeared in character on the runway. During the Valentino Autumn/Winter 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week, Stiller and Wilson reprised their roles as the two biggest names in male modeling and hit the runway. Does this mean that the characters are heading back to modeling after leaving the catwalk behind to start the The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too? We’ll have to wait and see. Stiller says screenwriter Justin Theroux has completed a script and the stars have been meeting to iron it all out, with an expected release of February 2016.

  • 8 Of The Strangest Animated TV Shows From The 1980s [Link]

    Saturday morning cartoons were a way of life in the 80s. We didn’t have DVR and we couldn’t record all the shows on differant channels at the same time with a VCR. For four hours every Saturday, we would anxiously switch back and forth between ABC, NBC, CBS, and later Fox to catch all the terrible cartoons. Relive some of the most bizarre shows from that time and be amazed that Turbo Teen, featuring a boy that turns into a car, isn’t even the weirdest.

  • A New(er) Ghostbusters Reboot is in The Works With A Male-Dominated Cast

    A few weeks back news of an all-female remake of the classic film Ghostbusters was announced staring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Well now, original writers Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd have formed a new production company under Sony called Ghost Corps and have announced a 2017 reboot of the ’80s movie only this continuation of our beloved film will feature a male-centric cast, with Channing Tatum already signed on. Don’t ruin this for me Hollywood. Stay tuned for more info.

  • First Action shots of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 Filming for Spectre

    Daniel Craig is coming back as 007 in the much anticipated ‘Spectre’ film and we’re about as excited for the movie as we are to see his Aston Martin DB10. Daily Mail recently acquired some action shots of the supercar in action taking on the villain’s Jaguar CX75.New scenes from the Rome set of the movie show yet another high-speed car chase, this time involving a Jaguar closely following Bond’s beloved Aston Martin along the banks of the River Tiber on Wednesday. Aston Martin worked closely with Bond director Sam Mendes to create ‘the ultimate car for the world’s most famous spy’. It is the 50th anniversary of Bond’s use of an Aston Martin, which started in the film Goldfinger when Sean Connery drove the iconic DB5.

  • Top 10 Iconic Movie Death Scenes [Link]

    A recent survey asked over 2000 British adults their opinions on what movie death scenes are the most iconic. Mufasa’s death in The Lion King topped the list, but some of the others in the top 10 may surprise you. We would warn about spoilers ahead, but all these films are incredibly popular and over 10 years old, so if you haven’t seen them, you’re just out of touch. To be honest, we’re a little disappointed that Blue’s death from Old School didn’t make the cut.

  • Wes Anderson’s X-Men Would Be Incredible [Video]

    Warm color palette. Retro soundtrack. Solid color wardrobe. Symmetrical shots. All the things you need for a perfect X-Men movie. No, wait, that’s not right. That would be a Wes Anderson movie. X-Men movies need to be dark and loud with lots of explosions and fight scenes, right? Well we’ve had plenty of those kinds of X-Men movies and for the most part, they just don’t cut it. If this fan-made parody trailer is any indication, Wes Anderson’s version of the X-Men wouldn’t be antirely terrible. Hell, it definitely can’t be worse than X-Men: The Last Stand.

  • Tommy Boy’s Hilarious Gag Reel On The 20th Anniversey of It’s Release

    Chris Farley in Tommy Boy is renowned as one of the most iconic comedic roles of all time. If you disagree you’re an idiot, plain and simple. His presence as an on screen big man has still yet to be over shadowed. Although Farley’s time came too soon, the few movies he managed to accomplish in his career will go down as some of the funniest roles in the history of cinema. The performance that made him a household was undoubtedly Tommy Boy, where he stars alongside co-star and friend David Spade. The gag-reel shown below really gives an insight to what kind of a guy and on set character he really was.

  • A Timeline Of Jared Leto’s Hair Over The Last 20 Years [31 Photos]

    The world first became aware of Jared Leto in 1994 when he became the object of desire for every 90s girl as Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life. His signature long hair was as short-lived as the series, with both disappearing in 1995. But over the years, he has grown out his hair, spiked it up, bleached it, and just about everything else you can think of. Most recently, he sported a beard and long ponytail but yesterday he again broke hearts worldwide when he shaved his face and chopped off his hair. You know, Brian Krakow would never do such a cold-hearted thing… Anywho, let’s take a look at Jared Leto’s coifs over the last two decades and in the process realize that he never actually ages. Also, as someone considerably younger who fears that their hair won’t grow back with each haircut, I can honestly say I hate him.

  • This Guy Pretended To Be An Oscar Winner And Reaped All The Benefits [Video]

    Looking to score a bunch of free stuff and receive VIP treatment everywhere you go in Los Angeles? No problem! All you have to do is spend years working your ass off in Hollywood and, with a ton of luck, you will one day win an award that lets others know you are their better. Or you can save yourself a lot of time and just pretend to win such an award. Mark David Christenson pretended to win an Oscar for The Imitation Game (get it?) and carried a fake statuette around on award night. He came away with access to all sorts of parties, free Gatorade and condoms from starstruck convenience store clerks, and, most important of all, empanadas.

  • Brilliant ‘House of Cards’ Presidential Posters Inspired by Old Campaigns

    Mashable’s Bob Al-Greene recently created these brilliant past presidential ads in anticipation for the upcoming third season of the Netflix series, House of Cards. Frank Underwood and First Lady Claire have finally made it to the white house, but at what cost? These classic presidential ads range from Obama’s infamous 2008 HOPE ad, to JFK’s “A Time for Fatefullness”. Barack Obama, 2008  IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE John F. Kennedy, 1960   IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE William Taft, 1908  IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964   IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE — Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952  IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE — Calvin Coolidge, 1924  IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE — Gerald Ford, 1974 IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE — Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1940   IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE — Hillary Clinton, 2016 IMAGE: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE

  • What Do Korean Girls Think Of Magic Mike? [Video]

    In South Korea’s patriarchal society, sex is not something that is openly discussed, especially with women. And any respectable woman would certainly have absolutely no knowledge of male strip clubs. And that’s what makes this video so great. Watch as these Korean girls see Channing Tatum strip down and hump everything in sight and are confused and disgusted by every minute of it. After this, I guess the producers aren’t bothering with a Korea release for the sequel this summer.

  • What If Celebrities Looked Like Bad Fan Art?

    Remember Napoleon Dynamite’s awful portrait of Trisha? Well it turns out there are actual people who share those middle school art class skills and are oblivious to their lackluster talent. In fact, they proudly share their creations on the Internet. In an effort to make these awkward artists feel better, some kind Redditors Photoshop pictures of celebrities so that they look like the terrible drawings. Now excuse me while I bleach my eyes after looking at that Photoshopped Mel Gibson for too long.

  • The Vocal Track To The Seinfeld Theme Song Revealed

    At a time when just about every sitcom featured a theme song with goofy vocals (think Leon Redbone’s catchy Mr. Belvedere ditty), Seinfeld was an anomaly, with a theme that was nothing more than some funky bass and a brief horn line. But it turns out, the song had a long lost vocal track that was used by nu metal superstars Limp Bizkit in 1999, a year after the hit comedy ended its run. That’s right, when you were rocking out to “Break Stuff” in your Jnco Kangaroos, you were actually justifying ripping someone’s head off to the Seinfeld theme. Or not. But you have to admit, they fit together pretty well.

  • Mega Man Sneakers Bring Back 8-Bit Memories

    Although it’s been years since the last Mega Man video game, the iconic Capcom character, first introduced on the NES back in 1987, is still a favorite among retro gamers. Which is probably why these Mega Man sneakers are bursting with old-school cool. Known as Rockman in Japan, the familiar blue character is emblazoned all over the black Chuck Taylor-esque sneaker in his original 8-bit glory. The tongue features the E-tanks that replenish Mega Man’s life in the series. The 9800 yen ($83) sneakers come out in June but are available for preorder now from SuperGroupies. They look pretty neat, but we’re holding out for a Cut Man hat, complete with titanium blades.

  • Mary Poppins Goes Death Metal

    Everyone went gaga over Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music at the Oscars on Sunday night, but we find this death metal tribute to Julie Andrews’ best role, Mary Poppins, to be much more entertaining. The music for the track was arranged, performed, and recorded by Andy Rehfeldt, who has made a ton of similarly brilliant videos. The track also features vocals from Sera Hatchett and Thomas Hinds and was mixed by Grant Cornish. Let’s hope next time the Oscars give them all a call instead of Lady Gaga.

  • Spy Shots of James Bond’s Aston Martin for ‘Spectre’ are Drool Worthy

    Over the span of James Bond’s 23 feature films a series of custom Aston Martin’s have graced the screen. Goldfinger, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall have all featured the beautiful curves and contours of the automobile. Now, thanks to the franchise’s Twitter, we can see some rough shots of Bond’s new toy for Spectre, the 24th official Bond picture. The Aston Martin DB10 is a bespoke two-door coupé made specifically for the film is a true thing of beauty. Only 10 of these cars were produced specifically for the movie Recently 007 took his shiny new toy to Rome from London to film a chase scene and a possible race as well. The DB10 will take on a Jaguar C-X75, another car unavailable to the public after Jaguar cancelled production. Maybe after demand goes up for these cars, their auto manufacturer’s will have a second thought.


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