• “Parks and Rec” Was The Best Thing to Ever Happen for It’s Cast. Here’s Why

    Parks and Recreation is about to embark on it’s final season, set in a not so futuristic 2017, where drones patrol neighborhoods and Tom Haverford is the mogul he’d always dreamed he’d be. Now Andy (Chris Pratt), goes by Johnny Karate and is the star of a new hit show and Jerry goes by Terry, because no one would listen when he tried to correct them. Still not much is known about Ron Swanson or the rest of the cast besides Leslie and Ben, but we just got ourselves amped up for the final season. So we thought we’d create a meter of success each main character has acquired from the show’s prime time dominance. We used Lil’ Sebastian as an optimal arbitrary rating system.   Donna Meagle- Retta Retta already wins because she only has one word in her name. Other than that Retta’s been playing some one-off roles on The Kroll Show, Kay & Peele and Drunk History. Her defining moment on the show was “Treat yo’self” day, top 5 funniest moments on the show. I award Retta 1 Lil Sebastian Jerry- Jim O’Heir Jim’s been staying busy. Very busy. Since 2009 Jim has appeared in over 60 different pieces of more »

  • Relive Your Crappy Childhood With These Handheld Classics

    Remember when all your friends were playing Super Mario Bros. and Zelda on NES while you were stuck with horribly repetitive handheld versions? Oh you don’t? Well it must have been nice to have parents who loved you. The rest of us had to make do with our LCD games and despite the static background image and unresponsive controls, we became master gamers with our handheld devices. And best of all, we could take our videogames with us wherever we went, something NES kids couldn’t do. Unfortunately, our parents were also cheap when it came to the batteries to power our Tiger games and without fail our devices were killed by battery acid leaking from dubious “Durabell” AA’s. Those physical games are long gone and although emulators of classic systems are now commonplace, the handhelds from Tiger and Nintendo have been neglected. But thanks to Hippopotam, that’s no longer the case. Pica Pic features a digitized collection of classic handhelds including Bartman, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. The best part is that the actual handheld is picture on the screen while you play. The different shapes, colors, and artwork on the physical devices were as much a part of the game more »

  • Rudolph Meets John McClane In Fly Hard [Video]

    You know, I never really noticed just how similar the old Rankin/Bass Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is to Die Hard. After all, they both have…um…well…they’re both Christmas movies, I guess. But even with such a tenuous connection, this mash-up, using the sound from the Die Hard trailer and video from Rudolph, works perfectly. Or maybe we’ve just been hitting the egg nog too early this year.

  • The Ladies Of Twin Peaks As Pin-Up Tattoos

    Emma Munger is an illustrator who works at a comic book store and draws Sailor Jerry-inspired pin-ups of her favorite TV and movie characters. You can find character from Hocus Pocus, X-Files, Orange is the New Black, and plenty of others on Emma’s blog, but our favorites have to be the ladies of Twin Peaks. Even Denise Bryson, the DEA agent portrayed by David Duchovny, is included in the series! And with Twin Peaks making a comeback in 2016, it’s a sure bet that tattoos like these will soon be appearing on Whole Foods cashiers and Starbucks baristas (we kid). If you like what you see, you can purchase a poster or calendar featuring the Twin Peaks babes from Emma’s store.

  • The Colbert Report Studio Gets The Google Maps Treatment

    Stephen Colbert is saying goodbye to the stage that made him the star he is today, after writing for the Daily Show since the mid 90s, Colbert got his own desk on the Colbert Report, which has been a voice for young adults in America since it’s launch. Colbert will be taking over David Letterman’s slot as a late night host, but not before one last good bye. In collaboration with The Colbert Report, Google Maps Business View is giving a 360-degree virtual tour of The Colbert Report studio. Business view hopes to continue their Google Street success, by giving virtual tours of restaurants and stores around the globe.

  • We Want More Of This Pulp Fiction Underwater Remake [Video]

    Why would anyone make a shot for shot remake of the iconic “Say what again” scene from Pulp Fiction underwater? Because they can! And we’re glad someone did, because it’s pretty incredible. And the ethereal quality of Vincent’s hair floating around him is the most glorious image we’ve ever seen. Let’s just hope there’s more to come…

  • 4 Popular Video Games As Pulp Novel Covers

    Long before there were video games to transport us into fantastic and/or violent worlds where we could become heroes, we had to rely on pulp novels. The cheap works of fiction were filled with hard-boiled detectives and femme fatales but their graphics, a static painting on the cover, left much to be desired. The video games we all enjoy today are quite similar to those old books, as evidenced by this series from illustrator and painter Astor Alexander. For more info and other works, check out Behance.

  • Every Single Death Scene in Quentin Tarantino’s 7 Movies

    The Chairman of the blood, Quentin Tarantino never shies away from a good ol’ murder scene, whether it’s just or villainous, the acclaimed director gives new meaning to a glorious death. Guns, swords and bombs are all some of Quentin’s favorite toys on set when filming a gory scene from his directors chair from the likes of Bruce Willis, Sam Jackson and of course Uma Thurman. Barcelona-based filmmaker and editor Jaume R. Lloret put together a supercut of every death scene in Quentin Tarantino’s seven films and stitched them together to form an action-packed supercut ranging from Reservoir Dogs to Kill Bill to Django unchained. Spoilers and murders below. Quentin Tarantino // Every Death from Jaume R. Lloret on Vimeo.

  • Segway Crashes Are The Best Crashes [12 GIFs]

    Remember when we all anxiously awaited the super-secret and overly-hyped “IT” only to be completely unimpressed when what we got was the Segway? The lame conveyance was bought up by early-adopter tech dorks and city tourism boards with too much money to spend while the rest of us quickly forgot the stupid things even existed. But now we have a reason to celebrate the Segway! Apparently people crash on them. A lot. And it’s really funny.

  • Three New Teasers Have Arrived for ‘Better Call Saul’

    Everything we already know about Saul is simply reiterated in the teaser for February’s premier of “Better Call Saul”, the AMC Breaking Bad spin-off, staring Bob Odenkirk as the lovably sleezy attorney, Saul Goodman. Three teasers have been released revealing hints of lesser-than-legal work ethic, Saul’s eccentric choice in dress shirts and a mug. With a connection already in place from the Breaking Bad series, let’s hope the ‘Clean Shirts, Dirty Lawyer’ teaser is an innuendo to the return of Gus, the calculated drug lord with a dry cleaning front.

  • How To Dress Like James Bond For A Fraction Of The Price

    Imgur user chrispscott is a big fan of James Bond movies and watches his favorites every winter. While watching Skyfall, he diecided to challenge himself to recreate some of Daniel Craig’s Bond outfits at a fraction of the price. Although the recreations are still over $600, that’s about one-tenth the cost of what 007 was wearing on the big screen. He also included a classic get-up from the Connery Collection and even an outfit inspired by Q (the contemporary version of the character, not the old man).

  • DC Comics Covers Pay Homage To Classic Movies

    The last decade has not been great for DC Comics characters when it comes to Hollywood adaptations. Aside from the Batman trilogy, they’ve been pretty terrible. Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Man of Steel, Constantine…you get the idea. But DC has turned its back on Hollywood. In fact, in March DC will dedicate covers from 22 of their comics to classic movies. And some of them are giving us great ideas. Catwoman in a Bullitt-style thriller with double-crosses and awesome chases? Sounds a lot better than Halle Berry using her powers to beat Benjamin Bratt at basketball.

  • A Prison Warden Covered Himself In Simpsons Tattoos

    52-year-old Australian prison warden and grandfather Michael Baxter is vying for the Guinness World Record for most cartoon characters tattooed. The record doesn’t currently exist, but there is one for most tattoos of one character, held by Lee Weir of New Zealand who has 41 Homer Simpson tattoos. Despite being covered in tattoos, Baxter didn’t get into body art until just a decade ago, starting with a blue bird on his arm. Then a few years ago he walked into Twisted By Design and walked out with his first Simpsons tattoo. He now has 203 characters from the long-running show covering his back. The art looks great and we wish Michael Baxter luck in achieving his world record. And we also hope former Simpsons producer David Mirkin was just kidding with this tweet: Truly a lovely tribute. We will, of course, have to sue him and confiscate his back. http://t.co/hUNvWAODhb pic.twitter.com/F2BLjtwEpC — David Mirkin (@DaveMirkin) December 4, 2014 via Herald Sun

  • Iconic Movie Glasses [Infographic]

    Quick: What do Tony Montana, Jeff Lebowski, Leon, and Morpheus all have in common? They all wore badass glasses. But be warned, those glasses only look good on them. If you’re not Laurence Fishburn, your Morpheus glasses will just make you look like that kid in high school who wore big silk shirts emblazoned with dragons. Plus, these are all pretty expensive glasses. How come the solar shades from Back to the Future II didn’t make the cut? They were only $2 at Pizza Hut!

  • 15 “What If” Movies We’d Like To See

    For the past few years, New York-based designer and illustrator Peter Stults has been creating alternate reality movie posters. He’ll take contemporary blockbusters and reimagine them as classic movies of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. We’ve shared some of his earlier work here, and we’re happy to see that Peter is still churning out more of these great “what if” posters. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see Marilyn Monroe as a sexy alien in Under the Skin?You can find some of his latest work in this gallery and you can keep up with Peter’s work on his Behance page and by following him on Twitter.

  • Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Takes a Dip Into the Future

    The gang is back, sans Cusack, and they’re all very successful, internet inventing, pop song stealing, beautiful mane of hair having men. Then they decide to take another dip, this time traveling in to the future, and it looks like it isn’t what they thought it would be. Everything has a timeline of success and it looks like their good luck eventually runs out. Check it out in the new Trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

  • The 6 Wildest Stories From Leonardo DiCaprio’s Long, Party-Filled History [Link]

    Leonard DiCaprio has been in the news after he was recently seen leaving a Miami nightclub with 20 women. Not bad for a 40-year-old who’s never won an Oscar. But that’s just one of many wild stories about Leo. Check out this look at his history with the ladies, including tales from when he was a member of the “pussy posse” with buddies Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas (remember that dude?).

  • I Spent One Day Experiencing the Future of Movies, and It Was Full of 4-D Katnisses and Virtual-Reality Narwhals [Link]

    3D movies have been around for more than half a century, but it wasn’t until they went high-def and IMAX supersized in recent years that the technology became more than just a silly novelty for campy horror movies. And we’ve really enjoyed the 3D experience for the last few years. However, we move at a fast pace these days, and 3D is already becoming stale. What’s next? 4D of course! Regal has now opened its first 4DX theater in Los Angeles, complete with rumbling seats, scents, and simulated elements to immerse you in the onscreen world. But is the $27 ticket price worth it?

  • 35 Bootleg DVD Fails

    To be fair, although these are all fails as far as translations go, some of them are happy accidents that would make for much better movies than what they’re supposed to be. Game of Thrones with Thor? Incredible Hulk with King Kong? Star Wars with Arnold Schwarzenegger? These bootleggers should be Hollywood producers!

  • President Obama Takes Over The Colbert Report

    Stephen Colbert is nearly done with The Colbert Report for good, taking a final leave for a desk job on CBS. Last night was the first of his last 10 shows and he began the final countdown by having President Obama on the show for an interview, but the Prez decided to come out early and read Colbert’s renowned segment, “The Word”, which Obama renamed “The Decree”. Obama joked “you’ve taken plenty of shots at my job, I’m going to take a shot at yours.” The segment circled around Obama-care, first knocking in Colbert-style, then lifting it back up while taking shots at Republicans on the matter, noting how if they wanted to destroy it they’d have to replace it, to where “The Decree” stated “Fracking the Elderly?”. The President then went on poking fun at the significant physical change he’s endured, no doubt because of stress, since he took office. The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive

  • Retirees Recreate Classic Films For Charity Calendar

    Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. They can recreate scenes from classic films for delightful holiday calendars! And that’s just what these fine old folks from a retirement home in England did. Residents of ExtraCare’s Shenley Wood Retirement Village, ranging in age from 64 to 93 years old, posed for the photos in order to raise money for programs at the retirement village. Check out all 12 photos and some behind the scenes shots below. You can order one online for £14.99 here.

  • Pornhub Comments On Stock Photos [20 Photos]

    I never even noticed that Pornhub HAD comments on all the depraved, filthy videos that I never watch on my laptop, tablet, and smartphone. And now I’m not sure what’s sadder, that people take the time to comment on porn or that there are people sifting through those comments for the perfect one to match up with a stock photo. Either way, it makes for one of the funniest and more unique memes to come along. If you have the stomach for it, read the rest of them at tumblr but be warned, perverts can be pretty graphic when discussing the art of making love.

  • 10 True Patriots Who Made America Proud in 2014

    Overall, 2014 has been a pretty solid year to live in America.  I, for one, am extremely proud to be an American and thought it would be pretty sweet to put together a list to honor some of the greats that came to the forefront this year. Whether it was making a shit ton of saves in the World Cup, raising a shit ton of money for a good cause, or being the source for a shit ton of internet memes, all of the following deserve recognition in some way, shape, or form for the outstanding things they did this year. Please note that this is a semi-serious list and that we should all know the true American hero’s are the troops who serve and protect this country by risking their lives everyday and those who have lost their lives doing so. It is in no particular order as I found it would be plain unfair to try and rank these fantastic Americans.  So without further ado, I give you all THE Greatest Americans of 2014.  Enjoy.

  • Wes Anderson Presents Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Video]

    What would be even better than a JJ Abrams-directed Star Wars film? How about one directed by Wes Anderson? If that were to ever happen, this trailer perfectly captures what it would be like. Warm color palette? Check. International baroque pop soundtrack? Check. Yellow font? Check. All right, this looks like the real deal. So when is it coming out?

  • Celebrate Playstation’s 20th Birthday With This Limited Edition PS4

    It’s hard to believe that Sony’s Playstation came out 20 years ago, on December 3, 1994. Of course, the console didn’t come to the US until September 1995, so that makes us feel slightly less old, but it’s still been quite a while. To celebrate this milestone, Sony has unveiled a limited edition PS4 that brings back the gray of the original Playstation along with the colorful red, blue, yellow, and green classic logo. If you prefer the retro gray console, you’ll have to act fast. This special PS4 is limited to just 12,300 units and will be available to Japanese gamers today for about $418. US and Canadian consumers will have to wait until this Saturday to preorder, when Sony releases more info at their Playstation Experience in Las Vegas. Hopefully with all this nostalgia Sony will bring back some classic series. Maybe Twisted Metal on PS4?

  • 11 Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs Of Our Daily Routines

    We love the high-definition GIFs known as Cinemagraphs almost as much as we loathe the monotony of our daily routine, so when the two come together the result is both depressing and beautiful. Check out “Routine,” a series from cinemagraph master Julien Douvier below and witness how he is able to perfectly capture the repetition of our daily lives. Then make sure to head over to Behance to see even more of his amazing work. Jeez, I’m getting depressed looking at these days. Tomorrow I will seriously consider walking a different route to work for a few minutes while I mindlessly walk my daily path.

  • Famous Novels Reimagined For The 21st Century

    What is famous novels rewritten for the 21st century? BuzzFeed has created a list of the most iconic novels of our time completely reimagined for the 21st century. The book nerd in me lol’ed and almost rotfl’ed. Moby dick renamed Moby Click and the Catcher in the Rye renamed The Consultant in the Rye, these clever works should actually be written. Check out examples below and view the whole list here.

  • Make A Beer Run In Bandit’s Trans Am When It Hits The Auction Block Next Month

    Looking to distract the law while your buddy runs a truck full of Coors through Texas? Probably not, since Colorado Kool-Aid has been available east of the Mississippi since the 80s, but if you did, you’d most definitely want to do it in the iconic black 1978 Pontiac Trans Am that Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit, which hits the auction block next month from Mecum Aucitons. Burt Reynolds actually owned the Trans Am from 2005 to 2009, complete with custom California plate reading “BANDT22.” The Starlight Black Pontiac features gold pinstriping, “snowflake” aluminum wheels, and Bandit embroidery in the headrests of the leather seats. The car has also been upgraded with an Eclipse CD stereo so you can blast Jerry Reed while driving through Texarkana. But that’s not the only Hollywood car up for auction. Also up for grabs is a 1978 Pontiac Firebird that you might recognize from The Rockford Files. James Garner drove many gold Pontiac’s throughout the cars run, beginning with an Esprit in 1974, but this was the final Firebird model used in the show, which ended in 1980. Apparently star James Garner didn’t like the new front end Pontiac introduced in 1979. more »

  • Jimmy Fallon Plays Pictionary With Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Short, And Miranda Sings [Video]

    Jimmy Fallon continues his domination of late night TV by gathering up the best guests and having them do absurd things. Sure, we still have to hear the boring stories about the new project we don’t care about, but now those stories are shorter because Fallon has his guests engage in shenanigans such as this game of Pictionary with Martin Short, Jerry Seinfeld, and YouTube star Miranda Sings. Not only are the comedians all bad at drawing, but they are also terrible at guessing! And wait til you see the boobs on Martin Short’s Mrs. Claus…

  • Exclusive Footage From New Dr. Strange Movie [Video]

    Oh wait, it’s just the Marvel Universe float from the 1987 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sorry. But it’s still pretty amazing in its own way, especially since we get to see Wolverine and Dr. Doom interact with the Avengers—something that won’t happen on film any time soon. And for some reason the whole sequence is backed with the score from Back to the Future. Oh yeah, Robocop makes an appearance to pull a lever. Hey, it might be corny, but it’s still way better than that pathetic KISS performance this year.

  • Here, The New Star Wars Trailer is

    It’s the sounds. The sounds of the Millennium Falcon darting through space. The sound of a droid computing. The sound of a hover cruiser speeding through desert lands and most importantly the sound of a lightsaber coming to life. The New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is here and it looks Jeditastic. The trailer begins with what sounds like an elder Yoda narrating, then shows glimpses of the movies, new, young cast. We even get a glimpse of a new sith with a badass three sided lightsaber, an x-wing and of course the Millennium Falcon.

  • Paris Then And Now Using Videogame Screenshots [14 Photos]

    Just how real are videogames these days? Well if these screenshots from the latest Assassin’s Creed are any indication, pretty damn real. Each installment in the popular series takes place in a meticulously reconstructed point in history. The latest game takes place in Paris in the late 18th century. To see just how accurate Ubisoft was in recreating the city, Damien Hypolite used screenshots from the game to create “then and now” photos. Amazingly enough, the screenshots fit perfectly with the locations they recreated. What’s even more impressive is that Ubisoft is able to release a new installment of the series in a whole new location each year. We’ve sure come a long way from the New York streets of Ghostbusters on the NES.

  • The Full 3 Minute ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer is Here

    From what we can see in this incredibly in depth 3-minute trailer for Jurrassic World is that Chris Pratt can do no wrong, rides a motorcycle amongst raptors, there’s a hot scientist that looks like Leeloo from the 5th element and she creates a dino-hybrid that escapes from it’s ironically low-security confines and wreaks havoc on the husky tourists of the park. Unconfirmed sources say the new genetically modified dino is a T-Rex/Amanda Bynes hybrid, dubbed the Bynosaur. I should write scripts. Universal Pictures was not available for comment.

  • Look Out, Bill Clinton Is Watching [25 GIFs]

    Bill Clinton, our 42nd president, has always been a charismatic man. His folksy charm earned him the nickname Bubba and his extensive transgressions earned him a reputation that would make JFK blush. Now that his wife Hillary is running for president, Bill has been seen out and about more and more. And often when he poses for selfies with young ladies, it is apparent he is checking them out. With that in mind, a new meme of Bill Clinton appearing out of nowhere to sneak a peek has developed. Here are some of our favorites but there are plenty more to be found at Suddenly Clinton.

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