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Happy #WinsDay [25 GIFs]

We love fail GIFs as much as anyone, but sometimes it’s nice to focus on the positive in the world. Plus, wins can be just as amazing as fails and there’s no guilt from finding joy in the misery of others! So without further ado, let’s start celebrating #WinsDay.


21 GIFs To Remember Kari Byron

When “MythBusters” premiered in 2003, it was like nothing on TV. The science shows we had watched as kids, like “Mr. Wizard’s World,” “Beakman’s World,” and “Billy Nye The Science Guy,” had finally grown up. Gone were the acid-base volcanoes, replaced with exploding toilets and guns that shot frozen chickens.…


Fist Bump, For Your Health [16 GIFs]

Researchers at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University in Wales have recently discovered that fist bumps are 20 times more hygienic than handshakes and 10 times cleaner than even high fives. Fist bumps are a quicker greeting than handshakes, which average 3 seconds, and they…