• Artist Creates Neon Signs For Famous Fictional Businesses [9 GIFs]

    Boston-based artist and designer Alejandro Smal has decided to help out famous fictional businesses with their advertising by creating these great neon signs. Each GIF showcases a business from a movie, such as Terminator’s Cyberdine, or TV show, such as Breaking Bad’s Better Call Saul and A1A Car Wash. To be honest, we can’t really see most of those gigantic, evil conglomerates advertising via neon signs, but Saul Goodman’s fits him quite well. Be sure to check out more work from Alejandro at Behance.

  • Michelle Jenneke Was Made For GIFs

    We first noticed Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke back in 2012. Her pre-race warm-up dance took the world by storm and for a while she was bouncing all over our screens. But in this fast paced world with our limited attention spans, we forgot all about Michelle. Until today. An Imgur user animated a drawing of Michelle and before we knew it, we were down the rabbit hole of Jenneke GIFs. To save you the trouble of searching around, we collected our favorites in the gallery above. You’re welcome.

  • Segway Crashes Are The Best Crashes [12 GIFs]

    Remember when we all anxiously awaited the super-secret and overly-hyped “IT” only to be completely unimpressed when what we got was the Segway? The lame conveyance was bought up by early-adopter tech dorks and city tourism boards with too much money to spend while the rest of us quickly forgot the stupid things even existed. But now we have a reason to celebrate the Segway! Apparently people crash on them. A lot. And it’s really funny.

  • 11 Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs Of Our Daily Routines

    We love the high-definition GIFs known as Cinemagraphs almost as much as we loathe the monotony of our daily routine, so when the two come together the result is both depressing and beautiful. Check out “Routine,” a series from cinemagraph master Julien Douvier below and witness how he is able to perfectly capture the repetition of our daily lives. Then make sure to head over to Behance to see even more of his amazing work. Jeez, I’m getting depressed looking at these days. Tomorrow I will seriously consider walking a different route to work for a few minutes while I mindlessly walk my daily path.

  • Look Out, Bill Clinton Is Watching [25 GIFs]

    Bill Clinton, our 42nd president, has always been a charismatic man. His folksy charm earned him the nickname Bubba and his extensive transgressions earned him a reputation that would make JFK blush. Now that his wife Hillary is running for president, Bill has been seen out and about more and more. And often when he poses for selfies with young ladies, it is apparent he is checking them out. With that in mind, a new meme of Bill Clinton appearing out of nowhere to sneak a peek has developed. Here are some of our favorites but there are plenty more to be found at Suddenly Clinton.

  • Souvenir Buttons Of Places You’ll Never Get To Visit [10 GIFs]

    The amount of amazing, fictional locales presented to us through literature, TV, and movies is astounding. And the fact we’ll never get to see those places is extremely disheartening. We’re not like those weirdos who watched Avatar repeatedly then got depressed when they had to leave the theater, but you have to admit, it would be pretty cool to go to Castle Grayskull and shout “I have the power!” At least now we have these Impossible Magnets to serve as souvenirs for these places we’ll never get to visit. You can buy the actual magnets here, and as an added treat, Snack Studios created these animated versions in the gallery.

  • These 12 Mathematical GIFs Will Hypnotize You

    David Whyte is a PhD candidate at Dublin’s Trinity College who has co-authored papers on such riveting topics as a Z-cone model for the energy of an ordered foam. We don’t know what that means, but we are all very impressed. When not engaging in exciting discoveries such as…that, Whyte creates incredible animated GIFs. Eschewing bouncy boobs and low-res movie clips for hypnotic loops of geometric patterns, Whyte’s work shows that there’s more to GIFs than just funny reactions (although those are great, too). And if this gallery doesn’t tickle your brain enough, check out more great GIFs on Whyte’s Tumblr, Bees & Bombs.

  • We Love These 10 Album Covers As Animated GIFs

    We’ve seen animated album covers before, and they were really great, but these are on another level. The artist, JB, originally created them just for himself for fun, but after amassing a huge collection, he put them up on Tumblr for all the world to enjoy. And judging by the many of the album covers he chose, he’s a fan of the great 90s punk from Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph. Check out the rest at JB’s Tumblr where you can even make a request.

  • Historical Photos Transformed Into Bizarre GIFs

    New York-based artist Kevin Weir has spent the last few years on a Tumblr project known as flux machine. Using historical photos from the Library of Congress Flickr account, Weird transforms portraits of world leaders of yesteryear into bizarre monsters that look like something out of HP Lovecraft’s nightmares. World War I battlefields become scenes of sci-fi destruction. And perhaps most shockingly, John Philip Sousa’s hat becomes different types of hats. 3 years into the absurd project, Weir still occasionally updates the Tumblr. Check it out along with the rest of his work at Kevin J Weir.

  • 21 GIFs To Remember Kari Byron

    When “MythBusters” premiered in 2003, it was like nothing on TV. The science shows we had watched as kids, like “Mr. Wizard’s World,” “Beakman’s World,” and “Billy Nye The Science Guy,” had finally grown up. Gone were the acid-base volcanoes, replaced with exploding toilets and guns that shot frozen chickens. It was the beginning of the movement that turned science into something we all fucking love. We didn’t think it could get any better. Then it did. Season 2 introduced the build team of builder Tory Bellecci, metal-worker Scottie Chapman, and, most importantly, artist Kari Byron. This team would also perform outrageous experiments, made all the better with the inclusion of a plucky redhead. Sex appeal knows no bounds, not even in the lab, and Kari attracted even more attention to the hit show. She was smart, funny, and looked good firing a gun. Nerds the world over were smitten. Alas, nothing lasts forever. Yesterday it was announced that Tory, Grant (who replaced Scottie in the third season), and even our beloved Kari would not be returning to the show. “MythBusters” were going in a “new direction.” We’re sure Kari and the rest of the build team will find success, more »

  • Fist Bump, For Your Health [16 GIFs]

    Researchers at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University in Wales have recently discovered that fist bumps are 20 times more hygienic than handshakes and 10 times cleaner than even high fives. Fist bumps are a quicker greeting than handshakes, which average 3 seconds, and they have a much smaller contact area than high fives. Not only do you avoid gripping someone’s sweaty hand, you also don’t have to worry about showcasing your total lack of coordination when you fail at a high five. Plus, fist bumps are awesome! President Obama is a huge fan of the fist bump.

  • 30 Oscar Worthy Soccer Dives [30 GIFs]

    The World Cup begins tomorrow and if you’re in the US, there’s a good chance you didn’t know and didn’t care. On the surface, the game might just appear to be a bunch of dudes kicking a ball around for 90 minutes and hopefully scoring a goal at some point. And it is. But there are also amazing dives that would make the NBA’s best floppers envious. To celebrate the art of the dive, a new subreddit was recently created called SoccerOscars. Give these gifs a look and maybe you’ll find a new appreciation for a sport with the best acting you’ll see outside of a Miami Heat game.

  • Animated Movie Posters Are The Future Of Advertising [20 GIFs]

    In the future, when we are finally rid of paper and using digital screens for all our magazines (such as RSVLTS Magazine) and newspapers, we will be able to have animated movie poster advertisements such as these. Movie theaters would probably opt for sharp LCD screens over paper posters that nasty kids draw “peepees” on, too. Unfortunately the future has yet to arrive in the present and we still have have boring old paper ads that nobody cares about. At least we know that when the future arrives and the present is past, there are already artists available to animate our movie posters.

  • New Meme Alert: Blanka Is A Troll [43 GIFs]

    Recently we showed you some GIFs that illustrated the rotten behavior of Street Fighter’s Chun Li, but now it turns out that Blanka, the electric monster hailing from Brazil, is even more of a jerk. It’s bad enough that he electrocutes you every time you jump near him then bites your face repeatedly, but knocking children off trampolines? That’s just low class, man. 

  • The Movie Thats Sweeping The Internet today ‘Sharknado’ is Better in Gif Form

    Sharknado swept through our TV’s last night and no one really knew what to expect. But what we got was a couple of hours of 90’s bro and Sharknado protagonist, Ian Zering chainsawing his way through a tornado made of sharks. What makes things better than that, if you could imagine it getting better, Tara Reid plays a character who might as well be Tara Reid. Taking a bite out of ‘Snakes on a Plane’s’ action meets cheesey, Sharknado is worth the watch, but if you’d rather waste your time doing something else like reading or running, here’s basically the entire movie in Gif Form.   Here’s ‘Fin’ shooting a shark out of the sky with a hand gun   Here is a tornado made of sharks Here is Fin jumping into a sharks mouth with a chainsaw Tara Reid kicking a table with a chainsaw on it to Fin who then uses said chainsaw to cut a shark in half   Here is that scene again in slow mo. Incase you missed it.  

  • 66 Reasons Why Irina Shayk Is Better In GIF Form

    Irina Shayk’s boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo is having a rough week. First he was accused of cheating with Miss Bum Bum Brasil 2012 runner-up Andressa Urach then his Real Madrid team lost in the UEFA Championship semi-final game on Tuesday. While both Ronaldo and Shayk both deny the cheating rumors it is safe to say that Irina is flying high. Just follow her Instagram account for a first hand look at what it’s like to be arguably the world’s most beautiful woman living the dream. To switch gears a bit, we’ve shown that everything is life from Megan Fox to Kevin Durant is better in GIF form. Could  Irina Shayk possibly get any better? It looks like our theory that everything is better in GIF form hold true. 

  • (Possibly) The Best Punt Of All-Time

    Will Monday, punter for Duke, kicked a bomb during the Blue Devils game against Cincinnati Thursday night. The punt took off at Duke’s 11 yard line and finally settled down 88 yards later on Cincinnati’s 1 yard line.

  • Lightning Scares The Sh*t Out Of Twins & Rangers Players On The Field

    During the 4th inning of today’s Twins vs Rangers game in Arlington, TX lightning struck the stadium (or near by) and the ensuing boom of thunder sent players and fans scrambling for cover. We were at the game yesterday for our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List stop at Ballpark in Arlington, saw Josh Hamilton hit two home runs and a walk-off, all humble brags aside if this happened I would have pee’d my pants a little.

  • 6 Awesome Trippy GIFs to Get Lost In

    Here’s something to destroy the next 10 minutes of your life.  Matthew DiVito is a 2008 college grad with a gift for GIFs.  Working under the name mr. div, DiVito spends his free time posting his own creations on his Tumblr page (here) while not working as a freelance graphic designer in Boston. You can check out more of his work on his page as well as this interview on Co.Design.

  • Men’s Slowpitch Softball GIFs are the Greatest

    There are few SPORTS events on Wednesday night, leading to an outstanding discovery on ESPN2: Men’s slowpitch softball. Think about that for a moment. This is being shown on national television. And it’s Team USA vs. The Futures, which sounds like a AAA baseball game but is really veteran softballers battling the future of the game. The future looks bright (and kinda old, too). See The GIFS On SB Nation Here


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