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Weird Al’s “UHF” Gets The Film Feast Treatment

Each month, Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema hosts Film Feasts, wherein the movie theater teams with breweries, wineries, cocktail specialists, or guest chefs to serve multi-course dinners served at specific moments during the film with food that coincides with the action onscreen. On June 2, Nitehawk will show Weird Al’s 1989 cult…

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A Life-Size Hulk Figure Can Be Yours For $38K

When we were kids, we wanted every action figure of characters from our favorite movies, but our pitiful allowances weren’t enough to buy them all. Now that we’re adults, we have the money to by toys, but society says it’s not normal for 30-year-olds to play with Avengers action figures.…


The Crazy Cars Of Mad Max

The best part of the post-apocalyptic wasteland in the Mad Max universe is the amazingly insane vehicles. Sure, when you think about it, it makes little sense why bandits would speed around in giant trucks in a dystopian world where gasoline is scarce. But it certainly looks a hell of…