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Netflix Essentials: ‘Occupied’

If you were a fan of Netflix original series Lilyhammer, which for some reason was not renewed for a fourth season, you’ve probably been jonesing for another Norwegian series to take its place. While certainly not a dark comedy like Lilyhammer, political thriller Occupied is equally enjoyable and it even…

its always sunny

A Visual Breakdown of It’s Always Sunny’s ‘Chardee MacDennis 2’ Game from Last Night’s Premiere

Last night, It’s Always Sunny revisited the gang’s infamous board game, Chardee MacDennis for a fresh take which Frank dubbed, “Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Bugaloo.” The game is made for 4+ players, ages 21+, and is entertaining but extremely hazardous to each player’s health and long-term well-being. We’ve decided to break down the rules…