• Best Boots for This Winter

    This winter promises to be dastardly, yes like the villainous Dick Dastardly and his snickering canine sidekick, Muttley. I picture them reigning cold winds and snow upon the city when I picture the powers that be, responsible for terrible weather.  So what do you need to prepare for the worst of the worst, the inevitable frigidness of January/February? Boots. You need Boots. Insulated, cold weather proof, slush-kickin’ boots. So we’ve compiled a list of the best all purpose winter boots for the winter season. Timberland Eathkeeper The Earthkeeper is a great looking all-season boot that will last the test of time, in fact, will look better with age. Made with recycled/sustainably sourced materials, the Earthkeeper will do the job Timberland is renowned for without sacrificing looks A great commuting or shoveling water resistant boot. Timberland Eathkeeper $180 __ Native Shoes Jimmy This shoe is dry and light. If you want a minimalist boot with fleece lining and a bevy of great color combinations give this boot a try. With it’s sleek ivory signature sole, the Jimmy is both stylish and practical. And light, oh so light, don’t ever worry about slushing through the snow trying to pick up each leg with both arms. more »

  • The 60th Anniversary Vanquish is Made of Recycled Aston Martin Parts

    For the Vanquishes 60th Anniversary each limited edition Vanquish has been styled by the Design team at Aston Martin Lagonda working with the bespoke personalisation service: Q by Aston Martin. Each part of every car has been handpicked meticulously from each era of the last 60 years to create a final product that would make Dr. Frankenstein shed a single tear. The cars are limited to a quantity of just 6, so if you want one better call up uncle Rich (Branson).

  • The Limited Edition SPACELIFE “Astronaut” Jacket

    It’s every child’s dream to literally reach for the stars. Fly up in a space shuttle and float amongst the stars. We’ll there’s a very slight chance that dream is a reality today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like your favorite astronaut. SPACELIFE‘s limited edition jacket will serve as not only a replica novelty item, but also a practical jacket made of the highest quality materials used for “Astro-fashion”. In anticipation of a full line of astronaut influenced gear set to drop next September, SPACELIFE released specs from their limited edition jacket. The design of the jacket takes inspiration from the classic spacesuit and offers many technical features as well as excellent protection from the elements . The exterior of the jacket is made from a unique trilobal fiber which is both waterproof and light-reflecting. The hood includes built-in speakers, controllable via Bluetooth® or via the integrated remote on your sleeve which also allows you to effortlessly control your phone. The jacket comes in a special SPACELIFE ambassadors kit, containing various space-inspired accessories. The jacket is currently available for pre-order at €1499 (approximately $1876 USD) and limited to 100 pieces. September 2015.

  • Jaguar Showcases Augmented Reality Windshields [Video]

    Jaguar Land Rover, the UK-based auto manufacturer owned by India’s Tata Motors, has developed an incredible new kind of windscreen or, as we call it in the President’s English, windshield. First of all, the 360 degree windshield eliminates any blind spots. The roof pillars that usually obscure the driver’s view are fitted with screens that show just what it looks like outside, offering the driver an uninterrupted view of their surroundings. Another bit of awesomeness is the “Follow Me” Ghost Car Navigation that displays a simulated car ahead of you so you can safely navigate without having to look down at your GPS. Hopefully further down the line Jaguar will offer some DLC that transforms the other cars on the road into Mario Kart characters.

  • How To Dress Like James Bond For A Fraction Of The Price

    Imgur user chrispscott is a big fan of James Bond movies and watches his favorites every winter. While watching Skyfall, he diecided to challenge himself to recreate some of Daniel Craig’s Bond outfits at a fraction of the price. Although the recreations are still over $600, that’s about one-tenth the cost of what 007 was wearing on the big screen. He also included a classic get-up from the Connery Collection and even an outfit inspired by Q (the contemporary version of the character, not the old man).

  • Vintage Cars On The Streets Of NYC [38 Photos]

    You’ve either got to be crazy or possess a great insurance plan if you park your classic car on the streets of New York. Between the heavily salted roads in winter and the insane drivers who think nothing of a hit and run no matter the season, chances are your vintage vehicle isn’t going to last long. But sometimes a classic ride is just too nice to give up—even if most folks wouldn’t give your “beater” a second look. And as someone who drove a 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 for many years, I totally understand.

  • YaddaYadda Bond Villian YaddaYadda Superyacht

    Don’t you dare tell me this superyacht wasn’t modeled after 4 generations of the Bat-mobile. Don’t you dare. The Xhibitionist superyacht is the stuff of dreams, dubbed the “supercar of the sea” it’s contours and submersive design make it seem like it’s about to sink into the abyss and shoot torpedos at jetskis. The 75-meter behemoth comes with eight rooms, complete with monochrome furniture, a rooftop jacuzzi and helipad that fits thee helicopters, so your billionaire friends won’t have to pull up on a lesser sea vessel, how thughtful. Gray Design, the sweedish firm responisble for this yacht among boats, is hoping to charge $25 million.  

  • Amazing Time Lapse Of Northern Lights From Space [Video]

    In case you weren’t aware, NASA’s Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit keeps an incredible archive of time-lapse videos from space at The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. There’s a world map that you can click and find footage of it from the International Space Station. The only problem is that the videos aren’t streaming and can be fairly large downloads. Good thing Selmes Films produces excellent compilations of these NASA videos that we can watch on YouTube. Check out this video featuring the Northern Lights from space and then watch some other awesome videos of our planet form Selmes Films.

  • RSVLTS Best Casual Winter Jackets of 2014

    Welcome to winters in 2014. Cold, frigid, dystopian anywhere north of DC. I can almost hear the laughs bellowing from residents of Chicago, as if their hateful winter weather has expanded throughout every north state in the continental 48. Get used to it, because it doesn’t look like these harsh winters are going anywhere anytime soon. Why not embrace the cold and be prepared this winter instead of packing on base layers, middle layers and a less than adequate out shell. Here are our Top 5 casual jacket choices to get you through this frigid SOB of a winter.   FjällRäven Övik Jacket We’ve had a chance to put this jacket up against the elements, and it holds up as well as a Carhartt, but without the rugged canvas shell. The outer layer of this jacket is durable and tightly woven not letting in even a pinhole of brisk air (thanks to FjällRäven’s g-1000 technology) and if it does, the inner lining will do it’s job keeping you cozy. The  Ovik definitely fits big, so if you like your jackets snug like your skinny jeans go a size smaller. Fabrics: G-1000. HeavyDuty: 65% polyester, 35% cotton, G-1000. FjällRäven Övik Jacket $300 J. Crew Broadmoor more »

  • Jack White Transforms Your Android Into A View-Master

    Jack White is always looking for ways to innovate. Earlier this year, the “Ultra LP” of his Lazaretto vinyl featured tracks at three different speeds, dual-groove technology that played different versions of songs depending on where the needle drops, hidden tracks beneath the labels, and even a hand-etched hologram. So what could he do next? Yesterday White released his Third-D app for Android. Using the Google cardboard VR headset, viewers are immersed in 3D stereoscopic videos of “Freedom 21″ and “Ball and Biscuit” recorded at a recent performance at Fenway Park and “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” recorded at a recent Red Rocks show. The Google Cardboard works like an old View-Master toy, where two images come together to form one three-dimensional image. And to add to add to the immersive experience, the music has been recorded in Dolby Atmos. Learn how to build your own headset for your 5″ or 6″ Android device at Google Cardboard then download the app from Google Play.

  • This Device Lets You Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrist

    Man has waited eons to evolve to the point where we can shoot fireballs from our hands. And we’ll be waiting for a long time, because that’s not how evolution works. Thankfully, magician Adam Wilber has bypassed evolutionary biology and saved us a lot of time with the invention of the PYRO. The PYRO is a unique device you wear on your wrist that allows you to shoot fireballs. The watch-like device features four barrels, meaning you can shoot four fireballs before having to reload. The device can be hidden under a sleeve and is triggered by a remote that can be concealed in your other hand, so as to surprise your unsuspecting audience/victims. PYRO is available from Ellusionaist for $174, complete with remote, a bundle of flash cotton, eight large sheets of flash paper, and a pad of 40 small pre-cut sheets. But keep in mind, this is no toy. And you’ll have to read through some lengthy disclaimers and watch some instructional videos before using your PYRO, inevitably burning down your house and ruining Christmas in the process.

  • Apollo Astronauts Had Filthy Mouths [Video]

    We think of the Apollo astronauts as these clean-cut, all-American men who lived and breathed apple pies and bald eagles. And they were. But they were also humans who got frustrated and showed that frustration by uttering the occasional profanity. Popular Science’s always informative and entertaining Amy Shira Teitel explains how NASA cleaned up the salty language of the astronauts when it came to transcripts of the mission. And how the original audio has survived. Watch the video below and for more information, check out the article at Popular Science.

  • Street Art Comes To Life Via Augmented Reality [11 GIFs]

    British street artist INSA is known for his huge, bright murals all around the world. You can find his work London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and everywhere in between. But where do you go from there? Once you’ve painted walls the world over, what’s next? For INSA, the logical progression was into the technological realm. He photos each layer of his murals then digitally manipulates them to create animated GIFs. These can be viewed on his Tumblr or through the app he developed, Gif-iti. The iPhone app let’s you view the animated murals while you’re standing in front of the actual paintings. It’s an awesome idea and it will be interesting to see if other street artist’s take to the new medium.

  • Make A Beer Run In Bandit’s Trans Am When It Hits The Auction Block Next Month

    Looking to distract the law while your buddy runs a truck full of Coors through Texas? Probably not, since Colorado Kool-Aid has been available east of the Mississippi since the 80s, but if you did, you’d most definitely want to do it in the iconic black 1978 Pontiac Trans Am that Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit, which hits the auction block next month from Mecum Aucitons. Burt Reynolds actually owned the Trans Am from 2005 to 2009, complete with custom California plate reading “BANDT22.” The Starlight Black Pontiac features gold pinstriping, “snowflake” aluminum wheels, and Bandit embroidery in the headrests of the leather seats. The car has also been upgraded with an Eclipse CD stereo so you can blast Jerry Reed while driving through Texarkana. But that’s not the only Hollywood car up for auction. Also up for grabs is a 1978 Pontiac Firebird that you might recognize from The Rockford Files. James Garner drove many gold Pontiac’s throughout the cars run, beginning with an Esprit in 1974, but this was the final Firebird model used in the show, which ended in 1980. Apparently star James Garner didn’t like the new front end Pontiac introduced in 1979. more »

  • Ugly Christmas Suits Are The New Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    Ugly Christmas sweaters were fun when you had to search for them at thrift stores or in your grandparents’ closets, but once companies began producing new ugly sweaters and your dad’s office hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party, we all knew it was time to let the fad die. But many of us still want to wear something stupid to Christmas parties. What are we to do? Shinesty, who are no strangers to producing ugly sweaters and awesomely atrocious ski jackets, have upped the ugly Christmas ante with full suits. For about $100, you get a matching jacket, pants, and tie emblazoned with snowmen, reindeer, or Christmas trees. They are truly the ugliest suits we’ve ever seen and illustrate everything wrong with the holidays. In other words, they’re perfect. Check out the suits at Shinesty, and if Christmas isn’t your thing, there are plenty of ugly ‘Murican ski jackets and windbreakers to be had. Let’s just hope these suits don’t go too mainstream, because this ugly Christmas-wear fad can’t go much further.

  • Wish List: 19 Awesome Gifts Under $50, From Bacon Soap to Beer Glasses [Link]

    Looking for some great gifts that won’t break the bank? Wired has you covered. The tech magazine has found 19 fun and interesting gifts that all cost under $50. From the Burton Barracuda, an insulated, over-the-shoulder six-pack cooler, to the rad, retro Royal Typewriter, you’re bound to find something for that someone on your list who you don’t want to spend too much on. Protip: No matter awesome all of these products are, DO NOT buy for your girlfriend.

  • Moleskine Makes It Easier Than Ever To Digitize Your Drawings

    There are plenty of options for artists who wish to create digital drawings, such as Samsung Note devices and Wacom tablets. But for those who prefer to stick to old school methods with a pen or pencil and paper, there’s no easy way to digitize their art. However, Moleskine and Adobe are hoping to change that. The 5″ x 8.25″ Molsekine Smart Notebook is a typical high-quality notebook from the company, with 160 pages of 81 lb acid-free paper. What makes the Smart Notebook different is that each page contains numerous alignment indicators printed on the corners of the page that work with a free iPhone app to easily translate drawings into vector images. The resulting SVG or JPG file syncs with your Creative Cloud account and is immediately available to edit in Photoshop or Illustrator CC. And the best part? The notebook is just $33—much cheaper than a tablet and without the need for a computer or power source. Preorder now from Moleskine and get yours when they begin shipping at the end of the year.

  • IKEA Revives Classic Designs With Argang Collection

    For 70 years, IKEA has been selling reasonably priced, fun furniture (and cheap hot dogs!) but unfortunately, their pieces don’t often stand the test of time. And since the company is constantly changing their products, you may never be able to replace your favorite piece. Recognizing the demand for classic pieces, the Swedish furniture fanciers are offering up 26 favorites from the ’50s, ’60s, and 70s. ARGANG, the limited edition collection of classic pieces that will remind you of eating lingonberry jam and meatballs at your MorMor’s house on nyårsdagen, won’t be available at all stores, and once the pieces are gone, they’re gone. Well, until IKEA decides to bring them back…again.

  • This App Shows You What 200 Calories Looks Like. And It’s Depressing.

    If obesity statistics are to be believed, many of us are eating too much. And apparently, our gargantuan portions aren’t doing our bodies any favors. To visualize just how little we need to eat to get so many calories, take a look at a new iOS app called Calorific. Calorific is a collection of beautifully photographed plates of different foods with tranquil, pastel backgrounds. Each food is shown as a 200 calorie portion, and many of the photos are disheartening. To reach that 200 calorie mark, you wouldn’t even be able to eat an entire donut, bagel, muffin, or avocado. And it would be just a handful of Cadbury Mini Eggs. What kind of person has the willpower for that? The app also shows foods like lettuce or celery that you could eat a ton of, but what’s the fun in that? After all, in the words of Ron Swanson, “Salad isn’t food, it’s what food eats.”

  • Bed Bath & Beyond Is Now Selling ‘Sega Genesis’ with 80 Games

    Breaking News, Bed, Bath and Beyond is now selling Sega Genesis. In fact they have been for a while, how has this just blipped on our radar now? So for $40 you can get a condensed console, 2 controllers and 80 of your favorite 16 bit games that molded your childhood including the full Sonic-ography, both Streets of Rage (Even the breakdancing rollerblader) and even those Ecco the dolphin games (if you’re into playing a videogame as a dolphin). The console also takes original Genesis cartridges, so do those breathing exercises, because you’ll be huffing and puffing quite a bit this winter. So head to your nearest BB&B and pick them up, you know you have a stack of 20% off coupons sitting in your junk drawer.

  • Apollo 12 Survived Two Lightning Strikes To Capture These High Quality Lunar Photos

    On November 14, 1969, just four months after Apollo 11 made history and landed on the moon, Apollo 12 took off from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. Just 36.5 seconds into the flight, lightning struck the Saturn V rocket, causing a false overload that took all three fuel cells offline. A second strike at 52 seconds took out the gyroscopes. The command module was transferred to battery backup, but the Saturn’s guidance system was still functional. Despite the rocky start, the Apollo 12 team reached the lunar surface on November 19. Pete Conrad, Richard Gordon, and Alan Bean became the second team to fly to the moon. When Pete Conrad, a relatively short man at 5’6″, first stepped on the moon he remarked, “Whoopie! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that’s a long one for me.” The following photos are just a few captured by the Apollo 12 astronauts. You can see many others at Project Apollo, but be careful: Once you start looking, it’s impossible to stop.

  • We Shed Some Light on Oakley’s Revolutionary Prizm Goggle Lenses

    This winter Oakley will be premiering a new line of Prizm goggle lens that will forever change depth and contour perception when on the mountain. We had a chance to test out, just how ‘real’ the technology was and we we’re thoroughly impressed to say the least. If you’re familiar with goggles and snowsports, then you know any jump or cut you make in bright sun, overcast or sun & clouds is like playing roulette depending on the type of goggle you’re wearing. Especially in back country skiing or boarding, bobbing and weaving through trees in a constantly changing lit terrain, wearing the wrong goggle could lead to serious injury. What Oakley is attempting to do with Prizm is enhance contrast and visibility through awide range of light conditions, showing true shadows and contours in the snow. Your ACL will thank you later. With Prizm’s level of clarity your eye will be able to catch every detail in the snow instead of getting lost in the flat, low contrast whiteness of the snow, tailoring the amount of light that you see, in turn increasing contrast. The Oakley Prizm line will be available on most of Oakley’s line of Goggles including Airbrake, Crowboar, more »

  • Forget Whale Songs, The ESA Has Discovered Comet Songs

    Remember that weird Aunt you had who wore purple muumuus and turquoise jewelry and would go on about chakras for hours at a time while drinking herbal teas that smelled like butt? Well send a postcard to her commune in Sedona, because those whale song cassette tapes she’s been listening to in her Hyundai Excel since 1987 just don’t cut it anymore. The European Space Agency, who will soon be landing on a comet, discovered that their target, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, is singing a song. The song is actually oscillations in the magnetic field at 40-50 millihertz, way below what humans can hear. The frequencies were increased to make them audible and the ESA released the track, sure to top the New Age charts very soon. What’s it sound like? Imagine a sped-up version of the pulsing sound you heard when you did Whip-Its when you were really into Aphex Twin. Or something.

  • Our Universe: The 100 Greatest Hubble Space Telescope Images Ever Taken

    Orbiting 353 miles above the Earth’s surface is the Hubble Space Telescope which, for nearly two and a half decades, has allowing us to look deeper into space with more clarity than ever before. Here are some of the finest photos in Hubble’s history as we approach the 25th anniversary of it’s launch. Editors note: The photos you see below are limited to 1000 pixels wide so the page loads quickly. If you would like to see the larger images that will allow you to zoom up on detail check out this imgur gallery we uploaded.

  • This Smart Shaker Will Transform The Way You Make Cocktails

    Step into any hip bar these days and everyone will be sipping on cocktails such as a Rob Roy, a Tom Collins, or even a Joe Cucci (Sambuca and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur), but unless you’re that dude who mentored Tom Cruise in “Cocktail,” (you’re not, because—spoiler alert—he dies) when you try to recreate those drinks at home, you invariably fail. Don’t fret! Instead of drowning your sorrows in a poorly mixed concoction, get your hands on a B4RM4N and make perfect drinks every time. The B4RM4N is a smart shaker that communicates with an iOS or Android app and ensures you’re following over 100 cocktail recipes every step of the way. From the amount of each ingredient to the type of ice needed (crushed or cubed) to the time you spend shaking, everything is monitored via the shaker and app. And if you don’t know what cocktail to make, just put in what ingredients you have on hand and the B4RM4N app will offer you suggestions. How can you get your hands on one? The B4RM4N is currently raising money on Kickstarter, but with over $40,000 of the $100,000 goal raised, funding shouldn’t be an issue. And early backers more »

  • Adidas Pure Boost Camo

    In celebration of our nation’s heroes, adidas today launches the Pure Boost Camo. The iconic print comes in green and gray. The adidas Pure Boost is the first shoe with an entire Boost cushioning midsole, providing maximum energy return and comfort in a simple, pure design. Pure Boost features a breathable four-way stretch seamless upper and no sockliner to enhance the feeling of standing directly on Boost cushioning. The TIRRENINA suede heel, a sustainable luxury fiber that is made without any solvents during the manufacturing process, adds a fashion element and keeps your foot in place without restricting movement.

  • Wikiwand Gives Us The Wikipedia Redesign Jimmy Wales Won’t

    We’ve seen our share of concepts for imbuing Wikipedia with a more modern and responsive design. But it’s not likely that Jimmy Wales and Co. will adopt any of them—or any radical redesign, for that matter. The reason why is relatively straightforward. Wikipedia wants its site to work just as well on 10-year-old computers with low-resolution monitors and slow dial-up connections as it does on more modern devices. So Wikipedia plays things conservatively. But there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a better-looking Wikipedia. Wikiwand is a tool that showcases Wikipedia articles with better typography, navigation, and layout on both widescreen and mobile devices. Using Wikiwand is easy. Instead of going to Wikipedia’s website, just search for your articles through Wikiwand.com, which will then dynamically translate your articles into a more responsive layout with big, beautiful header images, easier-to-read typography, a universal navigation panel, and more. If you’re a Google Chrome user, you can even install an extension that will automatically translate Wikipedia links into the Wikiwand format. Because the extension intelligent pre-fetches assets, the Chrome extension actually allows you to load Wikipedia pages faster than on Wikipedia proper. Wikiwand’s not going to be for everyone—the abundance of italics in the more »

  • Hollywood Can’t Compete With This Supercut Of NASA Footage In HD

    Using 80GB worth of photos captured by astronauts aboard the International Space Station between 2011 and 2014, timelapse filmmaker Guillaume Juin created this awe-inspiring video of the Earth entitled “Astronaut.” And thanks to the incredible cameras aboard the ISS, this footage rivals the best visual effects that Hollywood has to offer. Do yourself a favor and turn down the lights and watch the video fullscreen to get the full effect. And be sure to check out Juin’s other great timelapse videos.

  • Nike Roshe Run NM Sneakerboot

    In the latest release of the Nike Sneakerboot collection the Roshe Run NM is the ideal commuting shoe for those cold winter days. The shoe features stylish bamboo, grey and black color combination and features a perforated swoosh, reflective details, and a natural motion outsole for added comfort. Inspired by the practice of meditation and the concept of Zen, the Nike Roshe Run epitomizes simplicity. It has no embellishments, just basic shoe necessities brought to life with every detail. Almost every part of the shoe reflects an aspect of a tranquil Zen garden: a modified Waffle outsole made to look like stepping stones, an insole that mirrors a raked rock garden, and slightly different midsole side lengths—a juxtaposition of seriousness and playfulness. Nike Roshe Run NM Sneakerboot $130

  • Amazon Just Surprised Us All With Echo

    Visitors to Amazon today may have been surprised to see the announcement of the Amazon Echo. A voice-controlled speaker that can play music, answer questions, provide news and weather, and so much more, the Echo seems to have come out of nowhere. Right now Echo is available from Amazon on a invite-only basis with a regular price of $199 and Prime member price of $99. The device can be set-up via an app for Android and Fire phones with an iOS app currently in the works. You can check out all the features in the video above, which makes the Echo look like a Super Siri that actually works! After the failure of the Fire phone, this is just what Amazon needs this holiday season. And we need it, too. Hopefully that invitation will turn up soon…

  • Fascinating Look At Elevators Speeds At The World’d Greatest Skyscrapers

    They cost billions of dollars, symbolize economic power and are photographed by millions, but the world’s tallest buildings also compete on a lesser known measure that pushes the limits of modern engineering: elevator speed. These ultra-fast lifts can reach speeds of 20 metres per second (45 mph) and feature technologies that use heat resistant brakes, mitigate excess vibration and adjust for air pressure to prevent ear blockages. Our graphic shows the top speeds of elevators in eight of the world’s tallest and most famous buildings, and how far they have traveled since this web page loaded.

  • A Lisa Frank Sticker Adorned Love Letter From A Young Katy Perry And Other Bizarre Music Memorabilia Is Up For Auction

    On Friday, November 7, you can bid on a whole bunch of bizarre music memorabilia at Julien’s Live. Some of our favorites from the huge lot of 720 items are in the gallery, including a love letter from a 10-year-old Katy Perry that is covered in Lisa Frank stickers and Liberace’s “Stars and Stripes” get-up—perfect for Independence Day galas. And for those of you who are feeling especially creepy, Beyonce’s bra from the “Run” trailer is also up for auction. Personally, I’m hoping to win Elvis’s TCB sunglasses. I bet they smell like sweat and cheeseburgers!

  • RSVLTS GIVEAWAY: Xbox One Limited Edition “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Bundle

    If the most recent Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare commercial, staring none other than Tim Riggins, (Yes, the fullback/running back of the Dillon Panthers) hasn’t already gotten you fired up to play, than maybe this Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle will.  Discover new movements, capabilities and weaponry along the way in this heart-racing journey set in 2059 Lagos. “Rising from the chaos is Atlas, a Private Military Corporation led by the cunning Jonathan Irons. With the most powerful military force in the world, Atlas has effectively become a superpower for hire. Playing as Jack Mitchell, suit up in an advanced exoskeleton and join a highly-trained unit committed to restoring order.” The bundle, supplied by Microsoft/Xbox, comes fully equipped with a Custom Xbox One console with 1 terabyte hard drive (2x as big as typical Xbox One) and in-game sound effects (makes the sound of a helicopter crashing when it turns on, rather than the typical Xbox orb sound) Other Bundle accessories include: Custom Wireless Controller Digital full-game download of the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Day Zero Edition, featuring early access and double XP on November 3, plus two in-game custom weapons: the AK-12 G Assault Rifle and Crossbow-B2 Early access more »

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