• This Scarf Filters Out Germs And Pollution

    In a world where the media is constantly alerting us to the imminent threat of avian flu, ebola, bubonic plague, etc., we need to make sure we do whatever we can to survive. Although there’s much we can do for ourselves, as soon as we step outside, we are under constant assault from the germs of others. Especially in the city. And especially in a not so clean city like New York. It seems like sick people undergo some behavioral change wherein they feel the need to sit on the subway and cough, sneeze, and spit all over everyone else. Unfortunately, “the man” frowns upon germ vigilantes who would like nothing more than to spray these sicks with bleach. So what are we supposed to do? As long as we’re stuck having to live with germy creeps all around us, we can at least protect ourselves with the Scough, a scarf featuring a carbon filter impregnated with silver that not only traps bacteria, but kills them, too. And the scarves look like any other scarf, so people won’t even know you’re a germaphobe like those people wearing surgical masks and gloves everywhere. Scough also makes bandanas with the same filter more »

  • The Fjällräven Greenland Backpack

    It means Arctic Fox, an indigenous animal which is a highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under the harshest conditions. Fjällräven is a company founded on the grounds of a quality hiking pack, where all others underperform. Their main focus is to provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment to make the outdoors more enjoyable for all, which is exactly what the Swedish based company has done in their lifestyle packs. The Greenland Backpack is a minimalist take on a small rucksack with the durability of of a top-line hiking pack. The pack is a tough blend of poly/cotton, two exterior pockets and the Fjällräven signature brown leather accents. The Fjällräven Greenland Backpack $130

  • Pininfarina Has Gone From Designing Ferraris To Bicycles

    Pininfarina, the Italian design firm who has designed iconic cars for companies such as Ferrari, Maserati, and even General Motors, has now set their sights on bicycles. But just like the cars they design, the Pininfarina Fuoriserie is not for everyone. The bike, a collaboration with bespoke bicycle manufacturer 43 Milano, will set you back at least $7,500 and as much as $11,300 if you opt for the electric motor assist. Featuring a walnut coating and woven leather seats, it’s an incredible looking bike and with production limited to just 30, it’s sure to be a collector’s item that will only increase in value. But the most important question is how much will it cost to add some sweet pegs?

  • The New Audi R8 Competition is as Stunning as it is Rare

    This car will break hearts. Since the complete redesign of the R8, Audi racing models haven’t made much of a splash, but with the newly unveiled supercharged version of the R8 sure to raise some eyebrows, the German automaker is back in the drivers seat. It’s  V10 FSI engine, growls with 570 horsepower going from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. You literally can’t do anything in 3.2 seconds. You just can’t. We’re sure the R8’s robust use of matte carbon had something to do with that. Limited to just 60 models in the U.S. the R8 comes out of the gate as an endangered species, so if you see one, better take a mental snapshot.

  • Watch A History of Nike Visualized

    Nike is widely regarded across the globe as the premiere brand for active wear. In their short history, Nike founder Phil Knight has taken the company’s product to the pinnacle of science and sport, while also conveying groundbreaking messaging in their advertising campaigns. But it all started with an Oregon track shoe and a swoosh logo that sold for $35.

  • Bell & Ross BR-X1 [Watch Wednesdays]

    This year aviation watch maker, Bell & Ross will be releasing the BR-X1, a high tech chronograph with a sporty design. The sophisticated skeleton watch claims to be the first in a new style of design era for the B&R brand. An extreme version of the BR-01, whose iconic square shape is directly inspired by aeronautical flight instruments, the BR-X1 is much more than a top-of-the-range contemporary sports watch: it is the “Ultimate Utility Watch. Although it’s not your typical luxury watch, the BR-X1 will run you a pretty penny, the 45 mm diameter, titanium and ceramic with rubber band will cost you around $19,500.

  • A Visual Breakdown and Guide to the Dress Shoe

    Gents, there’s nothing worse than a grown man who doesn’t know the proper dress shoe to wear at the proper time. Women have said it time and time again, shoes are important. If they think so, so should you. We’re not saying you have to go out and buy some $300 loafer, but a well kempt shoe game can take you miles with a potential mate. Here’s a visual breakdown of shoes made by Nice Laundry, to show you exactly what type of dress shoe you should have in your arsenal.

  • We Never Thought We’d Want A Word Processor…Then We Saw The Hemingwrite

    Once upon a time, when a new computer cost about as much as a decent used car, sensible folks would opt for a standalone word processor rather than a full-featured computer. These word processors were like typewriters on steroids, with tiny displays where you could see what you typed and edit it before printing it out. But by the mid-90s computers were dropping in prices and word processors disappeared. Until now. With the annoying popularity of typewriters, it only makes sense that someone would update the much more sensible word processor. The Hemingwrite does just that, with a mechanical keyboard, E-ink display with backlight, and Evernote cloud backup. The device has a retro design but contemporary features so that you won’t look like a total ass using one at a Starbucks. And the battery will last 6 weeks, so you can take it with you to Walden Pond while you find yourself. Unfortunately, the Hemingwrite is no yet for sale, but you can stay updated on their website. Until then, we’ll just have to keep typing on our laptops and try not to get distracted by—oh man, is that dog really waving at people on a motorcycle??

  • RSVLTS Cuts x Shortcut App

    Yesterday evening at RSVLTS HQ, we hosted our 5th edition of RSVLTS Cuts, this time sponsored by the new app/barber service Shortcut. In case you weren’t paying attention to the news this week, Shortcut just launched in NYC and is the first on-demand mobile service/app for dudes that brings a barber to your apartment, office or hotel room and in just a few simple taps of the app (a.k.a., convenience, perfected). Group orders are recommended too, because the more guys gathered, the cheaper each haircut becomes. One of their main barbers, the awesome Gil, was at the HQ to provide some fresh cuts and trims, while the crew also sipped on some delicious Ole Smoky Moonshine whiskey throughout the night. Shortcut is looking to expand into other areas/cities soon (ah-hem, Jersey City/Hoboken, hurry, ah-hem), but definitely give it a try the next time you need a great trim on-the-go in NYC. Mention “First Shortcut” and the dudes will give you 20% off your first cut as well. Get the app here

  • Ferrari to Handpick 6 Invitation-Only Suitors for New Sergio

    Ferrari is handpicking 6 lucky people a chance to purchase their newest uber-exclusive Sergio. Design firm, Pininfarina is partnering up with automaker and creating only six Sergios, estimated to cost millions each. Ferrari told CNNMoney it pre-sold all six vehicles to deep-pocketed die-hard Ferrari fans in the U.S., Europe and Asia. If you haven’t received a call from Ferrari yet, you’ll have to wait until one hits the open market, which will likely be never. “It’s as far removed from mass production as you can get,” said Ferrari spokesperson Jason Harris. Each chosen owner will help design and create many details of their completely custom, handcrafted italian super-car. Each car has already found an owner, who’s committed to purchasing one without the final concept designs have been finalized. A large price to pay for a car without a windshield. Even so, a work of art rarer than an African white rhino.

  • Finally! A Onesie Suit For The Lazy Businessman

    If you’re a lazy slob, the toughest part about getting a grownup job is having to leave your comfy sweatpants and “I’m Just Here for the Beer” t-shirt at home, instead stuffing yourself into a fancy schmancy suit. I mean really, pants, a jacket, and a button up shirt…who’s got time for all that? Well if you’re a Nelson Muntz masquerading as a Nelson Rockefeller, the Suitsy is the suit for you. Combining the ease and utility of a onesie with the the look of a suit, the Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants that you just step into and zip up. There are vents to keep you cool, strategically placed zippers so you can relieve yourself, and—best of all—you can wash the Suitsy in your washing machine. No more going to the dry cleaner! The Suitsy is available from Betabrand, know for their wacky, one-off clothing ideas. It’ll set you back about $300, which could buy a pretty decent suit, but if comfort is important to you, get one while you still can.

  • Seneca Eyewear Lets You Customize And Try Before You Buy

    Sunglasses are a necessity, especially if you live in a city and find yourself walking everywhere. And if this winter is anything like last year there is going to be plenty of snow to reflect the sun’s rays directly into your eyes. Although it’s tempting to buy a cheap pair of “fashion” sunglasses from a spinner display on 14th Street, you may be doing your eyes more harm than good. But buying online can be a pain because you don’t know how well they’ll fit, especially if you have a giant face like a certain RSVLTS editor. Don’t worry—Seneca Eyewear has this all figured out. Not only does Seneca Eyewear feature plenty of different frames in contemporary reimaginings of hip styles from the 50s and 60s that you can customize with different lenses, they also let you try before you buy. So if you can’t decide on a frame style or color, you can order different pairs to try out before you fork over your money. This way you’ll be sure to find a perfect pair, even if you’re a big-faced RSVLTS editor. The frames start at $100 but you’re not just limited to sunglasses. Seneca also offers optical glasses more »

  • ESA’s Rosetta Mission As Sci-Fi Short [Video]

    Launched over 10 years, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe recently reached comet 67P/C-G and on November 12, will launch the Philae lander to explore the comet’s surface. To commemorate this incredible feat, the ESA produced a short film, “Ambition,” that presents the incredible mission as a work of Hollywood science fiction. The fact that a real space mission can make for such a great sci-fi story is testament to just how amazing the science of space exploration is. Hopefully this polished, effects-laden short is just what is needed to get people the world over excited in space programs again.

  • See The Making Of The World’s Most Complex Watch [Video]

    To celebrate its 175th anniversary, Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe has created the world’s most complicated watch. No, it’s not some computer-powered smartwatch, the 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch is actually fully mechanical, made up of 1580 parts. The double-faced watch can be worn to showcase the time and sonnerie or the full instantaneous perpetual calendar. Most incredible of all is the grand and petite sonnerie, with settings for chimes at the hours and quarter hours. The watch, limited to just seven pieces, one of which will go directly to the Patek Philippe Museum, took 8 years to develop. Unfortunately, all six watches have already been reserved by collectors. But at a price of over $2.5 million, you probably couldn’t have afforded one anyway.

  • ‘Dating’ vs. ‘Married': How Text Messages Change Over Time [Link]

    For better or for worse, texting looks like its here to stay, keeping you and your significant other in constant contact with each other. Aside from a brief respite while on the subway or driving through a tunnel, you’ll always be able to tell each other how in love you are and how badly you miss each other. Until the novelty of new love wears off, anyway. And once you get married, the text messages are totally different.

  • What Today’s Most Popular Websites Looked Like When They Launched [Interactive Slide]

    Since the mid ’90s the internet has made huge leaps of progress toward a direction catered toward websites designed for a limitless array of resolution ratios and dimensions. Mobile, tablet and desktop are all equally a part of every day web browsing, which means the most popular sites on the internet have to be optimized just write. Simple and responsive is the way of the world today, but let’s not forget about ads. Oh so many ads. Take a look at this then and now interactive slideshow of the most popular websites then and now. Facebook Twitter Google Mashable AOL ESPN Yahoo! YouTube LinkedIn Yelp Huffington Post WhiteHouse.gov Tumblr BuzzFeed RSVLTS Weather.com

  • The World’s First REAL Hoverboard

    Well, here it is. The world’s first true hover board. We’ve been duped once this year with a fake hoverboard video featuring Tony Hawk and you know what they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, I’ll completely give up hope that this technology will ever actually exist. Hendo is introducing the world’s first real hoverboard and hover developer kit, they want to put the developer kit in your hands, because if you don’t have $10,000 to burn on a hover board that levitates an inch off the ground at least you can experience the actual technology. They basically give you the kit and challenge you to use their technology to build your own. Hendo has created an in-depth Kickstarter you can read for an hour. The magic behind the hoverboard lies in its four disc-shaped hover engines. These create a special magnetic field which literally pushes against itself, generating the lift which levitates our board off the ground.

  • The uKeg Pressurized Growler

    Rejoice you craft beer loving, home brew enthusiasts, you can now enjoy Trevor from 3C’s freshest batch of squash spice ale without the time taking the freshness away from it’s flavor. GrowlerWerks uKeg has created the world’s first growler that keeps your beer fresh as long as you need, fits in your refrigerator, and can be taken with you where ever you go.  The uKeg comes with an advanced regulator keeps oxygen out, carbonation in, and automatically regulates pressure, selector Dial so you can choose your desired carbonation level, from zero or “Off” up to 20 psi, a dispenser Tap that easily pours beer anytime, without needing to remove the cap, and has a taplock to prevent dispensing, sight Glass – shows the contents of the uKeg and how much is left. Keep track of more than one type of beer and a CO2 Cartridge with a 8g food-grade CO2 cartridges are low cost (less than $1 ea.) and readily available online, at stores, or your filling station. Lasts for 1 growler fill.

  • Axe Bat

    The shape of a baseball bat hasn’t changes since it’s introduction to the game 150 years ago, why is that? The glove has been transformed time and time again, tailoring sizes and webbing to position players, making it an optimal size to catch a fly ball or field a ground ball for a quick release. So why has the baseball bat not been looked at for improvements? Well it has now. Bruce Leinert a former New York Woodworker had an idea to change the game over 20 years ago, after an idea stemming from a Ted Williams quote opened his eyes to change the game of baseball forever. In Williams’ 1971 book The Science of Hitting, Ted Williams said that a hitter’s wrists, at the point of contact, should be “square and unbroken … just as when you hit a tree with an ax.” Right then and there Leinert built himself the first bat with an axe handle in two hours. Now twenty-four years later, he a signed a 20-year licensing deal with Baden Sports, a family-owned sporting goods company based in Washington. We had a chance to try out the Axe Bat Avenge and were incredibly impressed with it’s more »

  • Oregon Ducks Will Wear Throwback Uniforms Wore Against Washington From “The Pick”

    in a mere 16-second turnaround on Oct. 22, 1994, Kenny Wheaton and the Oregon Ducks created pandemonium in the aisles of Autzen Stadium, When Wheaton took a 97-yard interception return against the University of Washington to the house and sealed a 31-20 win and propelled the 1994 Ducks toward their first conference crown in 37 years. In honor of the 20th anniversary of “The Pick,” Nike and the Oregon Ducks have partnered to re-create a modernized version of the iconic 1994 uniform design that the team wore during that glorious moment – a proper tribute to a turning point in the Ducks football history. This modern version of the classic 1994 Ducks uniform features the original number and name font from that year, as well as a modernized bold, iconic stripe to tie in the Classic Green jersey and University Gold pant and helmet. The “UO” logo is featured on the pant, and Duck logo highlights the sleeves. Following this iconic turning point, Oregon went on to play in 17 bowl games over the next 19 years and have the best winning percentage in the Pac-12 (.731), claim shares of five conference championships and finish two years ranked second in more »

  • This German Astronaut Is Capturing Incredible Photos Of The Earth [40 Photos]

    Dr. Alexander Gerst is a German geophysicist and was selected to be an astronaut by the European Space Agency in 2009. Ealirer this year, he launched from Kazakhstan to join the crew at the International Space Station. Currently a member of Expedition 41, Gerst has been capturing incredible photos of the Earth and, thanks to the miracle of social media, has been able to immediately share his work. Some of our favorites are in the gallery, but you can keep up with “Astro Alex” on Twitter and Flickr.

  • LeBron and the Boys Get a Fresh Look for the 2014 Season

    Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert has been teasing the world with the Cavs new uniforms for the 2014-15 season. The uniforms, which will supposedly be worn for their opening game are a subtle navy blue with yellow and red accents and a quote upside down that will read “All for one. One for All.” Ok @cavs fans, one last tweet on the uniforms.This will give you the feel of what KI will look like wearing it. pic.twitter.com/p40NtB8wKf — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 9, 2014 Here is full look.@cavs will be wearing em' opening night at The Q.They look even better in person versus the graphic pic.twitter.com/WthRWxxznN — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 9, 2014 . @cavs 22 days/526.5 hrs until opening tip.New floor&Humongotron.Here’s a slice of a potential new uniform.You like? pic.twitter.com/uSXQOw3tdE — Dan Gilbert (@cavsdan) October 8, 2014

  • Buy These Boots, Your Feet Will Thank you. The Cole Haan ZeroGrand

    Cole Haan’s newest edition to fusing boots and dress shoes with a more casual take on an everyday hybrid is now in full force. Their ZeroGrand concept definitely takes inspiration from that of a Nike Free sole, but with a boot twist. After much acclaim and success from their LunarGrand line, Cole Haan is testing the waters with a new boot and sole combo. The lofty cuffed ZeroGrand Tall Boot features an EVA midsole with a deep grooved outsole to aid flexing and a genuine natural storm welt, increasing durability and weather resistance. Reboot your cold weather wardrobe in lightweight urbanity. Available now at Cole Haan for $298 USD.

  • AeroMobil 3.0 Hits The Streets And Takes To The Skies [6 Photos]

    Slovakian firm AeroMobil has been working on developing a flying car since 1990. While many of us have given up hope on being able to fly out of a traffic jam, AeroMobil has kept the dream alive. They have now completed the third generation of their craft and will show it off October 29 at Australia’s Pioneers Festival. The flying car can reach a top speed of 100 mph on the road and 124 mph in the sky. The 992-pound vehicle also has a seat for a passenger. If you don’t believe the AeroMobil is the real deal, check out the photos and video below. And for more info, including technical specs, visit AeroMobil.

  • Isolation and hallucinations: the mental health challenges faced by astronauts [Link]

    Thanks to social media allowing for constant communication between astronauts and those of us too dumb and scared to ever go to space, we get to see just what life is like floating above the Earth. And it looks like great fun, complete with sing-alongs from everyone’s favorite Canadian, Chris Hadfield. But is it really as fun and carefree as it looks? Apparently not, with psychological anguish and hallucinations reported by spacemen for decades. And with plans for lengthy Mars missions in the works, these issues could prove to be a giant hurdle.

  • These Back To The Future Shoes Are So Hot Right Now

    Although the hoverboard was the most wanted item from “Back to the Future Part II,” the self-lacing, light up Nike shoes worn by Marty McFly were a close second. In 2011, Nike released a limited run of MAGs that were replicas of the shoes from the movie (sans automatic laces) but only 1500 pairs were sold at tens of thousands of dollars each. It seemed as if regular folks would never get a chance to own the shoes. Until now. Universal Studios has officially licensed these Air MAG replicas available exclusively through HalloweenCostumes.com. But if you want them in time for Halloween, you’re out of luck. They’ve already sold out and the next shipment won’t be available until November. That’s still plenty of time for Christmas, though! Unfortunately, they still don’t lace automatically (rumor has it Nike will unveil that technology next year), but these replicas do light up and can be recharged via USB. A velcro strap around the ankle and elastic at the top will keep these shoes on your feet as you’re fleeing from Griff and his band of goons. They may not have the signature Nike swoosh, but at just $99 versus thousands, that is something more »

  • James Bond’s Favorite Car Company Just Made One Fit For a Villain; The Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan

    Aston Martin is known for making beautiful, boastful sports cars you can’t help but picture your self in, swerving around the contours of Monaco or Lake Como. Their newest model, however, is the antithesis of that,  a long, low grounded sedan with a sleek, yet unequivocally sexy hand-crafted, carbon fiber body. Did we mention the hand-stitched leather seats? No, we didn’t mention the wall-to-wall premium hand-stitched leather seats. If you must drive it, you’ll be able to clock up to 175 MPH with it’s V12, but this looks like a car to be driven in. Guessing it will be in the next Bond movie set to hit theaters next year. Here’s the unfortunate part, The ultra-exclusive Aston Martin Lagonda will be sold only in the Middle East, and only by invitation for a price that has not been disclosed. Deliveries begin in the first quarter of 2015.

  • RSVLTS Around the World

    We here at The Roosevelts absolutely love it when we get emails from people traveling the globe, hanging at a barbecue or just having a good time, while wearing our gear. What started out as a cool logo we wanted to brand on a t-shirt has evolved into a full movement for RSVLTS and we’re grateful for everyone who rocks our gear. As you know if you’ve ever purchased gear from us, we encourage you to push the limits of life while wearing our brand. Go climb trees, travel the world or just sit back relax on a porch with a delicious sweet tea and lemonade. Get some of our freshest freshness at our online store. Want your photo included in the next Around The World? Send it to us via email tips@rsvlts.com or Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or print it and mail it to us!

  • Cirque Du Soleil Choreographed A Dance For Drones [Video]

    Cirque du Soleil, which for years has been surprising men who are dragged to performances by their girlfriends only to admit “that was pretty cool,” has teamed up ETH Zurich and Verity Studios to produce this amazing short film. In the short, 10 lampshades, powered by quadcopters, come alive and perform an incredible dance routine. Now, anyone who has actually tried to pilot a quadcopter knows how difficult it can be and to coordinate something like this would be impossible. That’s where the technological know-how of ETH Zurich comes in, who developed precise computer controls for the quadcopters, opening the door to entirely new applications for the drones.

  • Hunt Ghosts With This Thermal Imaging Camera For Your Smartphone

    You may think the hardest part of becoming a ghost hunter is forcing yourself to ignore all logic and take up a profession that exists despite the fact that nobody has ever been successful at it. But you’d be wrong. The real obstacle is that all that fancy equipment costs a ton of money. If you wanted a thermal imaging camera to see those cold spots or hot spots or whatever ghosts put off, you’d need a few thousand dollars. Until now. Seek Thermal has developed a thermal imaging camera and app that work with both iOS and Android smartphones for just $199. Seek states that the camera is useful for finding blockages in pipes or leaks in doors and windows but we know what everyone really wants it for—ghost hunting! You can guarantee that the 2.75″ x .84″ camera will lead to thousands of amateur ghost hunting videos all over YouTube and with Halloween season just around the corner, we can’t wait. To see if your phone is compatible or to order your own camera for $199, check out Seek Thermal. Aw man, do you think we can catch people farting in public with this, too?

  • Nike x “The Box Trolls” Movie Collaborate for a Great Cause

    The Boxtrolls and Nike have collaborated on a limited-edition release of the Nike Roshe Run Trollstrikes. In one of the more unique partnerships Nike has done, the limited selection of sneakers will only be available on auction through eBay. The auction begun Sept. 24 through Oct. 3rd and can be accessed at Nike Trollstrikes. The proceeds will go to Adoption Exchange Association, a nonprofit child welfare organization committed to connecting children who wait in foster care with families looking to adopt. In addition, fans of the film have a chance to win a pair of the shoes by submitting original artwork images to the @theboxtrolls Twitter handle. The Boxtrolls x Nike Roshe Run Trollstrikes auction celebrates the adoptive-parenting theme that runs through the film. Designed by Nike VP of Innovation Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Roshe Run Trollstrikes feature a distressed leather upper, burlap overlays, cobblestone-printed midsole, iridescent sewer-green heel panels, cardboard tongue labels, cheese-print sockliners, dual twine laces, steampunk lace locks, distressed leather Swoosh, twine heel loop and a waffle-patterned outsole. Inspired by the film, every detail was considered in the design making this version of the Nike Roshe Run truly original and special. “We tried to capture a little bit more »

  • This Mechanical Keyboard Is Way Classier Than The Plastic Junk On Your Desk

    There is something special about the heavy, mechanical feel of an old typewriter keyboard. You can feel the it working as you type, offering a deeper and infinitely more tactile experience than contemporary flat, plastic keyboards. The only problem is that typewriter keyboards are attached to old typewriters. They are heavy, they need ink, and you can’t work on one in Starbucks lest you reach the upper echelon of hipster douchedom. But the Qwerkywriter from Qwerkytoys solves that problem by offering a mechanical typewriter keyboard that can be used with your desktop, laptop, or even tablet via usb or bluetooth. Now you can get that retro feel from a typewriter without eschewing modern conveniences like inserting and deleting. After almost $130,000 on Kickstarter, the Qwertywriter is headed for mass production, with units shipping summer 2015. For now, you can preorder a Qwerkywriter for $309, and make sure you do because the price will jump to $399 after release.

  • This Man Builds The Dumbest Cars We’ve Ever Seen. And We Wish We Had Them All [20 Photos]

    Sudhakar Yadav of Hyderabad, India has made hundreds of silly cars, including those shaped as a hamburger, toilet, and even a condom, just for the fun of it. Made of salvaged scrap metal, each vehicle costs between $1500 and $2500 to produce. He doesn’t sell the vehicles, but he does display them at his Sudha Cars Museum, attracting up to 1000 visitors each day. He built his first car at age 14 and has created hundreds of quirky vehicles in the 30 years since. They’re incredibly silly…but we really want to race them in a Mario Kart sort of competition.

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