• Google Has Made It Easier Than Ever To Find Your Phone

    Maybe you left your phone at the bar last night. Maybe it fell out of your pocket during your Uber ride. Or maybe it’s hidden under some dirty laundry in your room. No matter what, we’ve all lost our phones and we will all lose our phones again in the future. But now Good Guy Google is making it easier to track down your phone. Android Device Manager is already available for Android phones, allowing you to remotely lock and wipe your device, but now Google has made it even easier to find your phone by simply typing “find my phone” into the search bar. As long as your Location is turned on, Google will be able to show you an amazingly accurate map of where your phone is. You can even ring your phone for five minutes to really hone in on the location. Now I’ll just have to remember to keep GPS enabled…

  • The Samsung S6 and S6 Edge Go On Sale Today, Samsung Predicts Record Sales

    Today at 12:00pm ET, the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge go on sale with the company predicting record sales for it’s next flagship phones. Though the S5 had mediocre sales last year, reviews for the product were outstanding. With the S6 and S6 Edge getting all thumbs up out of the gate, accompanied with some major hardware changes,  head of mobile marketing, Lee Sang-chul said “We expect the sales volume to hit the highest record ever among the Galaxy series,” With demand for the product outstripping supply, the South Korean brand is confident sales will be the best ever for the brand.  

  • Germ-Fighting Glass Is Coming To Smartphones

    Glassmaker Corning is already a juggernaut when it comes to consumer devices, with its Gorilla Glass used on more than three billion devices from 40 different brands, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6, but that doesn’t mean they are resting on their laurels. Last year Corning announced Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass and now the technology is beginning to appear in the wild. As technology progresses, we are finding more and more touchscreens at the ATM and point-of-sale systems. Unfortunately, there is not usually a sink located next to these devices so we can wash our hands before use. When we wipe our grimy paws on the glass screens, we are spreading germs and making the world a more disgusting place. That’s where Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass saves the day. The germ-fighting glass is just as tough as the Gorilla Glass we’ve come to love in our smartphones, but with an added ionic silver compound. This silver is effective in repelling bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, and algae. And because the silver is actually inside of the glass, its efficacy won’t decrease over time. Diebold, the top ATM producer in North America, will be rolling out machines with the glass later this year more »

  • Here She Is, The Beautiful and Smart Samsung Galaxy S6

    At first glance it looks like an S5, at second glance a competitor, but one thing’s for sure. The Galaxy S6 is stunning. Samsung’s recent S6 and S6 Edge took a page out of their Galaxy Alpha phone when designing the 6th generation flagship phone, it’s design is clean and simple, feels great and looks even better. As speculated, the S6 Edge is the phone that really sticks out a curved glass screen makes gripping and thumb-navigation much easier on it’s 5.1’’ display similar to the Note Edge, the Quad HD(2560×1440) 577ppi resolution doesn’t hurt either. The S6 has always been known for a wonderful display and guts behind the glass, but for the first time Samsung’s hardware might feel just as valuable. Ditching plastic and faux leather for glass and metal give the phone the substance it’s been lagging. The new glass is called Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and will be available in an array of colors, including White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz and Green Emerald, which supposedly change with natural light. While these features are a step in the right direction to acquire a new consumer base, Samsung’s longtime loyal customers might not see eye to eye more »

  • Samsung Has Some Fun with Galaxy S6 Rumors With Cheeky Ads

    Samsung’s take on how eggregious the internet can get before a product release is spot on. Their new campaign pokes fun at leaked images, confidential plans and phone features that would be awesome, but just aren’t realistic… right now. A three-sided display, front facing stereo speakers and a fully glass phone are some “leaked” features Samsung is throwing out there on their Is This The Next, while mocking itself, but also leak-geeks.

  • Don’t Believe The Hype About Android Malware

    Currently trending on social media and shared by frightened old people is a story about Internet security specialists AVG discovering malware on Android phones that mimics the shutdown process then makes calls and takes photos while the phone appears to be off. AVG details how it works and it’s an interesting read, but many websites ran wild with the report and now naive Android users are worried about something that’s a non-story for anyone who’s not a mobile software developer. So why shouldn’t we burn our Android devices and all go out and buy iPhones or Windows Phones? The first clue is that the third paragraph of the AVG report states that 10,000 phones in China have been affected by the malware, spread through Chinese app stores. Later in the report, we learn the malware requires root access. So how could regular Android users outside of China end up with the malware? David B.’s sensible comment on Mashable’s article breaks it down: You REALLY have to go out of your way to get this malware on your phone. For anyone outside of China, this means you have to do the following: 1. Enable Unknown Sources. 2. Install third party Chinese more »

  • Shure Is Bringing Professional Recording To iPhones and iPads

    Smartphones and tablets are capable of so many things, but because so much is crammed into a small device, they don’t excel in any area. Recording is one such example. If you’re just making a quick voice memo, that’s one thing, but if you need to capture quality audio, the built-in mic just won’t cut it. Have no fear, the number one name in mics is here to help you out. Shure has announced MOTIV, its new line to enhance mobile recording. Featuring three different microphones, the devices are Shure’s first made for the Lightning connection on iOS devices. The $149 MV88 is a digital stereo condenser microphone that comes mounted on a 90-degree hinge. The $199 MV51 is a digital large-diaphragm condenser microphone with headphone output for monitoring and a kickstand. The $99 MV5 is a smaller digital condenser microphone also with headphone output. Also available for $99 will be the MVi digital audio interface which will allow you to connect XLR mics and 1/4-inch instrument cables from guitars or keyboards to your PC, MAC, or iOS device. The Shure MOTIV line will be available this summer along with ShurePlus Motiv Mobile Recording App, allowing for easy recording and more »

  • This Panasonic Smartphone Just Put Your Phone’s Camera On Notice

    As our smartphones grow larger and more powerful, many of us no longer feel the need to also carry around a digital camera. But the problem is that even the best smartphones have fairly mediocre cameras. They’re fine for Instagramming, but when you blow up your shots, the limitations of your phone’s camera are immediately apparent. Panasonic, however, is looking to change that. The Panasonic Lumix CM1 features a 1-inch sensor delivering 20-megapixel shots, a 28mm Leica lens, and full manual control of settings. Oh, and it’s also an Android smartphone with a 4.7 inch HD display, 2.3Ghz quadcore processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage with microSD slot with up to 128GB support . But Panasonic has put so much focus on the camera that they are calling the device a “communication camera” rather than a smartphone. How does it compare? Although many consumers simply pay attention to the amount of megapixels, and 20 is damn impressive for a phone, it’s the sensor that plays a major part in image quality. And the Lumix CM1’s 1-inch sensor dwarves the competition. The iPhone6, for example, only has a 1/3-inch sensor while even the camera on the highly-touted Nokia Lumia 1020 more »

  • The Galaxy Alpha Could Offer a Game Changing Aesthetic For Samsung

    Any product with the word “alpha” in it’s name has a lot to live up to. With the newest edition to the Samsung Galaxy family the new Galaxy Alpha looks to position itself in upper echelon of mobile phones. At first glance and touch, the Alpha is reminiscent of  the iPhone and HTC One with a beautifully designed metal case, the first of it’s kind from Samsung. It’s android IO, however keeps it’s identity as a true Samsung product. The phone looks great, feels great and sounds great. The phone stands for a new direction for the company, which we hope sticks. Because of it’s sleek aesthetic, Samsung had to hold back on some of the key features that makes the Galaxy S5, in my opinion the best phone on the market. With it’s featured a 4.7-inch frame and 6.7mm thickness, the Alpha is a phone for the non-traditional Samsung user who’ve come to expect a big and bold product. This is more refined. More classic, more detail in it’s hardware. But with that said the sacrifices the phone had to make in the name of style, could make all the difference. It’s not waterproof, an S5 feature that automatically put’s itself in more »

  • NYC As Seen Through 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 Phones [Video]

    Since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s smartphone business, the tech giant has been on a mission to to convince the public that Nokia phones are not just the indestructible bricks hanging off the belt of dad’s khaki shorts. Powered by Windows 8, the Nokia Lumia 1020 features an insane 41-megapixel camera and has been out for about 9 months but lack of apps and other problems have kept its market share down. A new campaign aims to change that. Microsoft teamed with filmmaker Paul Trillo to create a Lumia “Arc of Wonder” out of 50 Lumia 1020 devices. The result is a unique video that showcases the awesome camera on the smartphone. Now Microsoft needs to prove the rest of the hardware and software can keep up. Watch the video and making of below and see for yourself how far Windows phones and Nokia have come along.

  • The Sensory Overload Of Times Square Captured In GIF Form [17 GIFs]

    What do you do when you find yourself wandering around Times Square in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday? In the good old days, you could stumble into an adult movie theater, get a box of Jujubes (they last long!), and sit back and enjoy the show. Alas, those days of wine and roses are long gone. Now Times Square is nothing but 24 hours of nonstop advertising, with gigantic video screens promoting Guy Fieri and flashing signs pointing the way to Guy Fieri’s restaurant. With nary a peep show in sight, I had to make my own fun when I found myself in New York’s sense-shattering wonderland at 5 AM. Luckily I was armed with a Samsung Galaxy S5. I had tried taking animated photos before but the results were usually less than stellar, with parts of my subject stationary while other random bits flailed around like a whirling dervish. However, the usually annoying flashing lights of all the signs and video screens made a much better subject. These GIFs have been optimized for the web, but know that the quality of the original files is even more incredible. But due to the S5’s awesome camera, the file more »

  • Samsung Galaxy S5

    Samsung is determined to make a cannonball splash this time around with the release of their Galaxy S5. The Korean based company, who’s primary focus is on “The Next Big Thing” may have just found it. Their newest edition to the Galaxy S line is a 5.1-inch, 1080p AMOLED display which is vivid to say the least. However it’s also thin and light, weighing in at 5.1 ounces and 8.1 millimeters deep. The back is made of a easy grip perforated faux leather that makes handling the phone with one hand a little easier for someone without Andre the Giant size hands. The key distinguishing features, however, come in the form of an updated 16-megapixel rear-facing camera with a much faster auto focus thanks to a second sensor. The camera options are out of this world. A new great feature offered in the bevy of camera options is the “virtual tour” option that essentially puts a Google Street View type journey at the tip of your fingers. Another never before seen option is the HDR realtime photo option which let’s you see a preview of HDR quality photos before you actually take it, selective photo is another option that will have Instagrammers going more »

  • Google Unveils Project Tango Smartphone To 3D Map Your World [Video]

    Our eventual tech overlords at Google have unveiled the next step in their plan to bring about the singularity. Named Project Tango, Google revealed their new smartphone technology capable of 3D mapping your surroundings in real time. With Tango, directions from Google maps will no longer stop once you reach the building of your destination. You’ll be able to find your way through labyrinthian corridors in even the biggest, most confusing complexes. The tech will also aid the visually impaired when they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. There are also gaming opportunities, as Tango would add more realism to augmented reality games. Now put on your tinfoil hat and consider that this will also give Google a real time, 3D map of where you are at all times. When they become Skynet and send out Terminators, there will be nowhere safe to hide. Unless you don’t have your phone on you every second of the day. But then how will you see if your friends liked the filters on the picture of your eggplant parm sandwich that you Instagrammed earlier?

  • Celebrate The iPhone’s 7th Birthday With These Early Concept Designs

    The iPhone was unveiled January 7, 2007, but for years before that, the Internet was abuzz with rumors and early design concepts. Some even doubted if Apple would ever actually release a phone. The New York Times’ very own technology columnist David Pope wrote in 2006 that Apple would come out with a cellphone “Probably never.” Looks like he was wrong, as were the folks who came up with these designs. They serve as a harsh reminder of the slide phone obsession of the early 2000s. What were we thinking?

  • Pretend You’re Zack Morris With The Brick Phone

    Live out your childhood fantasies of calling up Kelly Kapowski for a date at the Max with the Brick. Using Bluetooth technology, the Brick can be used as a handset that grants you access to your phone’s contacts, music, and call log. You can also use it as a stand-alone phone with a 2G SIM card. There is also a Micro SD card slot for music and a build in LED flashlight. The Brick is preloaded with apps, such as an FM Radio tuner, calendar, and even snake. The battery offers 14 hours of talk time and 1 month standby time. Order the Brick for $70.

  • Style Watch: Power On Powder, Tech Gear on the Mountain

    Technology has done wonders for mountain sports in the past few years, the introduction to goggle tech in particular. Cameras, GPS and built-in heads up display are a few of the features making your downhill runs that much more compelling as well as interactive, sharing videos, stats and locating friends are all features offered within a piece of protective eyewear. Audio is another branch of tech that’s advancing every year, with the addition of audio synced with Bluetooth riders are able to listen to their favorite tunes on a run, without the danger of complete noise cancellation. Here are this season’s best tech additions to the cold weather mountain gear category. Whether a gift or a treat yo’ self holiday purchase, keep these in mind when doing your shopping. 

  • How Big is Too Big? The LG G2

    LG has made a serious chess move in the competition for the smart phone moon race with the LG G2, but the real question is ‘When do we land on the moon?’ The race for bigger, faster, more powerful, better display, more mega pixels doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to stop. It’s a good thing, I guess, but with LG pushing the boundaries of ‘size matters’ with it’s newly unveiled, 5.2 inch display G2, how big is too big? I guess not big enough and LG knows this, so they decided to put it’s tangible buttons on the back of the phone, not to deter anyone who doesn’t play in the NBA from easily navigating the phone with a single hand. The G2’s display size is right smack in the middle of the Samsung S4’s 5.0″ and 5.3″ Note Smart/tablet/phone thing, which looks comically big in the hands of most people that aren’t Shaq. A bold move from LG, who up until now was less than a threat to the mighty Samsung. The LG isn’t all about it’s pretty 5.2 IPS+ LCD 1080 x 1920 display with 424 pixels per inch face, it boasts a mind boggling powerful 2.26 more »

  • HTC One Mini

    The HTC One is regarded as one of the best looking and performing mobile phones on the market. And now you can have your cake and be able to fit it in your pocket without having to wear cargo shorts. Over the past few years the bigger the phone, the better, but after the tablet sized Samsung Note arrived, it was enough. Mobile phones simply couldn’t get bigger without becoming Kindles. There has been a slight regression in the size division of mobile’s realizing that we live in a world of multi-tasking and people want (need) to be able to use their phone, while eating breakfast, hold a subway rail, even carry a baby (not recommended), but with the expansion in the size of phones, the ‘one hander’ becomes tryingly more difficult, unless you’re Shaq. HTC has shrunk the size of it’s pinnacle phone ‘The HTC One, from a 4.7-inch HTC One into the 4.3-inch HTC One Mini. The specs, as you may have guessed have shrunk along with it. The screen’s resolution from 1080p to 720p. The processor is a dual-core Snapdragon 400, instead of the quad-core inside the full size sedan, One, and the battery is smaller in more »

  • Instagram Releases Web Feed Feature

    As of today, you can now browse your Instagram feed on the web – just like you do on your mobile device. The mobile app has been dedicated to catering to a mobile world for the past few years, but has seen the light (dollar signs) and profitability of allowing a web based viewer to view all of your friends humble brag photos in real time. The news, while exciting, isn’t shocking with sites like staticgr.am ahead of the curve for viewing Instgram photos for web. The only thing left is to allow users to upload from the web, also. Whether or not that will ever be available is still up in the air, but would optimize their full user radius, being that some mobile carriers still don’t have an Instagram app. Go to instagram.com and log in to your account to give it a try.

  • Windows Phone HTC 8X

    Windows Phone 8 is hot off the presses and with that comes the release of a nice bevy of phones from HTC and Nokia. The HTC 8X is their top line phone that caters to the user that wants power, but doesn’t want to look like hes just happy to see you. The 8X packs a punch with out the battle of the bulge in your front pocket. The Qualcomm S4 dual core processor is quick, very quick, which makes the new live tiles seamless to navigate. Apps open without hesitation and putting up multiples against each other doesn’t have much slowdown at all. The screen is a crystal clear 1280×720 (341ppi) display, and has sharp colors that flow well with the new found dynamic of crisp color scheme of the “new” Windows. No black turtlenecks here.

  • Nokia Play 360 NFC Portable Speaker: Bump to Play

    The Nokia Play 360 is the quintessential speaker for all your summer travels. Whether you’re in a back yard or on a secluded beach, the Play 360 offers a unique feature virtually unheard of for an affordable portable speaker. It’s “bump” to play technology allows you to play your favorite throwback jams on your smartphone’s playlist while syncing it via bluetooth or NFC. The speaker itself can be charged via a microUSB port. A complete charge of 3 hours should last just over 20 hours of play time. In addition to wireless audio, they come with a 3.5mm audio jack as well. $200.00 Available at most Microsoft Stores.

  • Seton Hall University is Giving Students A Windows Phone and Tablet

    Seton Hall has a long history of integrating technology into the classroom. They were one of the first campuses in the country to be completely linked up to a wireless network and for almost 15 years they’ve been a ubiquitous competing campus, but this year they’re taking it up a notch. Students will be issued a Nokia Lumia 900 and Samsung Series 7 Slate. The progressive collaboration between Microsoft and SHU is training students to be as tech savvy as possible for the real world. Undergrads not fortunate enough to get a tablet will have to settle for a measly Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook. Word to the wise, keep those gadgets on campus. Newark is literally around the corner.

  • 6 Ways To Turn You iPhone Into A Professional Camera

    The iPhone 4S announcement had you crying tears of joy. The 8 megapixels and a new auto-focus camera! Apple was even saying that that it might be the best camera ever on a mobile phone and it just might be the only camera you’ll ever need.  Spielberg, Lucas, Wes Anderson… They all had to start somewhere, right??! And then you realized The World’s Thinnest Smartphone trembles in the slightest breeze and the lens is permanently zoomed in. If only you had a wide-angle lens, a dolly, a real panorama lens (not an app), some fisheye action. Not that the iPhone camera is bad by any means but there are a few people out there that want to really explore the full capabilities for the 8 mp camera. If you consider yourself a real iPhoneographer check out the products below that really will make the iPhone the only camera you’ll need. The iPhone Lens Dial – $249.00 A complete three-lens optical system for serious iPhoneographers Camera Table Dolly – $90.00 A compact, affordable dolly for pro-style video panning. iPhone Hand-held Video Rig – $159.00 Unibody frame, adjustable VeriCorder mic, and a threaded wide-angle lens The Dot iPhone Panorama Lens – $79.00 A panorama lens more »


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