• Skype Translator Will Translate Speech Instantly [Video]

    The translator used by Captain Kirk and Spock on Star Trek that enabled them to speak to aliens will no longer be a sci-fi fantasy. By the end of the year, Microsoft aims to enable real-time translation in its Skype software. This means that people with no common language will be able to converse with their words being translated accurately and grammatically correct into each other’s native tongues. This will undoubtedly be huge for global businesses, but will diplomacy be handle through Skype in the future? An international incident caused by a computer mistranslation sounds like the makings of a fantastic film!

  • Nike SB P-Rod 8

    Being the poster-child for a full division of Nike comes at no east feat (pun intended), but Paul Rodriguez has continuously risen to the challenge. A four-time X Games Gold medal champion in the street skateboarding category, P-Rod is becoming an identifiable with skateboarding as any other great athlete to ride. Yesterday marked the 8th time Paul and Nike have collaborated on a sneaker, releasing the P-Rod 8 shoe.  sneaker that was molded around the ideal image of a skateboard show with cutting edge Nike technology. Still paying homage to the standard in skateboarding shoe of the ’80s, the P-Rod 8 still strikes somewhat of an evolved aesthetic of the Air Jordan 1, but with 360 degrees of Nike Lunarlon impact protection to the design, delivering lightweight, responsive cushioning plus the board feel that skaters need. The Hyperscreen+ traction layer amplifies durability, and the dynamic Nike Flywire cables are the ultimate solution for an adaptive fit. Available June 21st.

  • Lamborghini Egoista Now On Display [12 Photos]

    Last year, luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini produced the Egoista to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. Just one fully-functional Egoista, based on the Gallardo, was produced. Modeled after a modern fighter jet, the Egoista features a canopy door and single-seat cockpit with a steering that must be removed in order to enter and exit. The exterior is made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and aeronautical-spec anti-radar material. A 5.2L V10 engine produces 600hp. It may not be the prettiest car, but it certainly is unique and interesting to see. After traveling around the world, the Egoista has returned to Italy, where it can be seen as part of the permanent collection at the Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

  • The 4 Factors That Have Allowed Tattoos To Go Mainstream In The Last 5 Years

    A 1999 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll asked if anyone in their family had a tattoo and 21% responded yes. Fast forward 15 years and that same poll has doubled to 40%. We see tattoos everywhere in sports, pop culture and even on the streets but ink wasn’t always so prevalent. In the recent past tattoo parlors have made the jump from the wrong side of town to go to the mainstream. Our good buddy Rocky Rakovic who just so happens to be the foremost expert on the subject joined Chuck Todd on his Sirius radio show to quickly explain the four factors that have allowed tattoo culture to go mainstream in the last five years.

  • Why Are Nato Straps The Hottest Trend In Watches?

    Cool kids across America are making their vintage watches new again with NATO Straps. They’re everywhere.  So what makes them so popular? We’ve consulted several fashion blogs to get to the bottom of this and it looks like the answer is pretty simple.

  • Take To The Skies…In A Honda? [11 Photos]

    Japanese auto manufacturer giant Honda first unveiled the Honda HA-420 HondaJet way back in December, 2003. After establishing the Honda Aircraft Company, they began taking orders for the jet in 2006. After years of setting up factories and delays in parts manufacturing, the jet finally appears to be in production. Honda is aiming for the 6-passenger jet to receive FAA certification in early 2015. Then it will be only a matter of time before teenage pilots will be outfitting their own HondaJets with spoilers and obnoxiously loud exhausts. Albeit very wealthy teenage pilots, for the price is estimated at $4.5 million. Better work hard on that paper route!

  • 27 Astounding Images Of Earth As Seen From Aboard The International Space Station

    Despite any political differences between the United States and Russia, the space agencies of the two countries continue their cooperative work in Earth’s orbit, aboard the International Space Station. Apart from the research being done in microgravity, ISS crew members continue to send back amazing images of our home world, photographed from low Earth orbit. Gathered here are recent images of Earth from aboard the ISS, and from a handful of other NASA satellites.

  • NASA Creates World’s Largest Selfie

    On April 22, Earth Day, NASA asked the question “Where are you on Earth right now?” on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. The space agency asked for answers in the form of selfies. The response was incredible. More than 50,000 photos from all 7 continents and 113 countries were posted. Ultimately, 36,422 of the selfies were used to create a zoomable 3.2-gigapixel image. See the image for yourself and learn more about the project at GigaPan.  

  • Nike “Gold Trophy” Pack Comes Just in Time for the World Cup

    Nike NSW released their latest pack dubbed “Gold Trophy” in preparation for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The pack includes Roshe Run Hyperfuse, Tiempo Trainer Mid, Tiempo Trainer, Lunar Tiempo 94, Air Max Premium and the Air Max 90 Jacquard. The themed colorway throughout the pack include a varsity gold accent with either a gold or black swoosh and white or grey uppers. Look for the pack at select Nike distributors priced between $120-220.

  • NYC As Seen Through 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 Phones [Video]

    Since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s smartphone business, the tech giant has been on a mission to to convince the public that Nokia phones are not just the indestructible bricks hanging off the belt of dad’s khaki shorts. Powered by Windows 8, the Nokia Lumia 1020 features an insane 41-megapixel camera and has been out for about 9 months but lack of apps and other problems have kept its market share down. A new campaign aims to change that. Microsoft teamed with filmmaker Paul Trillo to create a Lumia “Arc of Wonder” out of 50 Lumia 1020 devices. The result is a unique video that showcases the awesome camera on the smartphone. Now Microsoft needs to prove the rest of the hardware and software can keep up. Watch the video and making of below and see for yourself how far Windows phones and Nokia have come along.

  • The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 May Indeed Be the Laptop Slayer

    Microsoft has made an egregious claim. They want your laptop. They want your tablet. They want it all. Yesterday the tech company revealed the newest generation in their Surface line, The Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The 12-inch display, 9.1mm thick, and lighter and 1.8 Lbs sends chills down the spine of every tablet and laptop manufacturer. It’s lighter, thinner and just as big as everything in it’s division. So to make it fit these standards, obvious sacrifices had to be made with hardware right? Nope. The surface Pro 3 offers Intel Core processors, running from an i3 up to an i7 with a revolutionary cooling system that’s quiet as a mouse. One of the many exciting improvements made on the Surface is it’s “friction-hinge.” If you’re not familiar, every generation of Surface came equipped with a metal flap to angle on a flat surface, while convenient, simply wasn’t good enough. Like a picture frame, previous models only had a single angle to display, an enormous problem for everyone who uses a tablet on their lap (roughly 100% of tablet users. Roughly.) But the friction-hinge allows a great deal of bend at almost every angle. Ideal for “lapability”, the term coined more »

  • The Air Tech Challenge II “Backhand” Is Nike’s Retro Tribute To Andre Agassi

    As Nike gears up with Wold-Cup fever they present the Air Tech Challenge II “Backhand” which is inspired by famous backhands from the clay and grass courts. The “Backhand” features a blue and red geometric graphic on the sides of the shoes, along with bold blue Swooshes and logos, all set against a clean white leather base. No word on a general release yet but these are available now in limited quantities at select Nike locations in Brazil.

  • Elon Musk Is Making “Progress” Towards A Mars Colony With His SpaceX Project

    When speaking of the most ambitious goal of his life Elon Musk, real life Tony Stark who founded PayPal and Tesla, says the human race could be a multiplanet species in our lifetimes as Discovery reports: Billionaire Elon Musk said his private spaceflight company SpaceX has made some progress toward establishing a permanent colony on Mars — a longtime goal in the entrepreneur’s push to help make humanity a multiplanet species. “The reason SpaceX was created was to accelerate development of rocket technology, all for the goal of establishing a self-sustaining, permanent base on Mars,” Musk told an audience here after receiving the Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award during the 33rd annual International Space Development Conference on Friday (May 16). “And I think we’re making some progress in that direction — not as fast as I’d like.” Musk cited the success of SpaceX’s recent reusable rocket test on April 18 as a critical achievement on the road to Mars. During that test flight, SpaceX launched a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket from its Florida pad and then returned the rocket’s first stage back to Earth to make a vertical “soft landing” at a target in the Atlantic Ocean, before splashing down. The mission also delivered more »

  • Converse Vintage Flag Chuck Taylor ’70

    Today Converse released a vintage style Chuck just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. The worn flag style is great for the beach or BBQ style, not only paying homage to the stars and bars, but also it’s vintage feel makes the shoe look better the more it’s worn. This limited edition, vintage inspired sneaker borrows subtle details from the recrafted, celebrated Chuck Taylor All Star of the ‘70s, yet modernizes the classic look with a playful twist on the pattern. The all over Star print on the left sneaker and an all over Bars pattern on the right makes this pack a fun alternative to traditional sneaker. Converse Vintage Flag Chuck Taylor ’70

  • 6 Chrome Extensions to Help You Maximize Google Drive

    Google Drive has unlimited potential. The feature that lets users upload documents, images, spreadsheets and more has millions of neat little ways to boost your everyday activity. It’s also a useful online warehouse that holds all the things you don’t have space for on your computer. Want to know how to boost its capabilities even more? Download these six nifty Chrome extensions that offer unique and handy features.

  • This Hovercraft is set to Hit the Market by 2017

    California-based tech company Aerofex has been working on a street ready Aero-X hovercraft that is slated for flight tests in 2 years and will be market ready by 2017. The estimated price is a steep $85,000, but by then limes and honey should cost about the same so it’s a no brainer. The Aero-X hovercraft rides like a traditional motorcycle carrying up to two riders weighing up to 310 lbs combined.  After a vertical helicopter like takeoff, the hovercraft can cruise at speeds of 45 mph and get as high at 10 ft off the ground. The rotary engine only gets 1.25 hours per tank, so be weary of your travels. While safety is an obvious concern with propellers flailing about 10 feet above civilization, all the proper precautions have been taken making sure the rotors are isolates completely, also making for a better liftoff. While this may seem like the ultimate recreational experience, there are whispers of serious practicality uses for safety officials to patrol treacherous terrain like desserts or rocky regions. Reserve yours for just $5,000 now, a small price to pay for hoverglory.

  • Summer Warmly Welcomes The Runwell Watch By Shinola (Watch Wednesday)

    There’s no hotter watch brand than Shinola right now, we wrote about them in our inaugural issue of The RSVLTS Magazine in September 2013 and they’ve grown ten fold since then. Recently opening up a flagship store in Manhattan and having their watches distributed around the globe is proof that the great people of Detroit have taken their assembly skills to another level of intricacy. Handmade in a Detroit factory from the best watch materials in the world (Switzerland) the Shinola brand is sweeping the globe with their subtle yet bold designs. Each of The Runwell line is made from a sapphire crystal, Super-LumiNova printed dial details, and a solid stainless steel case with screw down crown with the movement thanks to the Detroit-built Argonite 1069 high-accuracy quartz movement. But that steel blue face with that brown leather band though. The Runwell watch is one of Shinola’s best selling watches, but all three models amplify the same style. Keep your eyes peeled for their signature lightning bolt, you’ll be seeing it for years to come. Shinola The Runwell $550

  • The Future Of Travel At Spaceport America [10 HQ Photos]

    With the American people electing more and more Luddites who refuse scientific evidence and are unable to understand any sort of technology, NASA’s future isn’t looking so bright. In fact, during the government shut-down last year, 97 percent of NASA employees were deemed “unessential” and sent home. It’s up to the private sector to explore space now and in New Mexico they’ve built the perfect headquarters. Spaceport America has been described as “the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport,” with tenants including Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, UP Aerospace, and Armadillo Aerospace. A visitor center in downtown Truth Or Consequences, the closest town to the Spaceport, is in the works and will offer shuttle bus services. With Virgin Galactic aiming to begin commercial space flights later this year, Spaceport America is the start of a new chapter in travel. For more info and photos, visit Spaceport America.

  • 5 Ways Your Car’s Paint Job Is Being Destroyed Every Time You Wash It

    Don’t ever get suckered into one of those $10 car wash locations ever again. The products are terrible and all the minimum wage employees care about is getting cars in and out as fast as possible to collect tips. Not a good look for a guy trying to keep his paint job pristine. The best way to maintain your car is by doing it yourself. There is more to maintaining a car then just giving it a quick soap scrub and a rinse. It’s an art form. If you take prode in your car and want to keep it’s resale value high this is a must watch video.

  • Impossibly Cool Style of the 1960s Space Race [25 HQ Photos]

    On July 29, 1958, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act, establishing NASA — the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. With USSR’s launch of the satellite Sputnik, the Space Race took off, and the US was not content to simply watch from the sidelines. The astronauts of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions — along with the scientists, administrators, and politicians involved — had a certain look about them. The flight controllers often paired short-sleeved shirts with ties, while the astronauts went about in polo shirts and desert boots while not in uniform. From the late 1950s to the early 1970s, NASA was a major source of inspiration for the American people, if not the world. Perhaps, its people could also serve as inspiration for your wardrobe.

  • Oru Kayak: The Origami Kayak That Won Shark Tank

    UC Berkeley School of Architecture grad Anton Willis dreamed up the Oru Kayak four years ago as a solution to fitting a boat into his small San Francisco apartment. Using the principals of origami, Willis created a lightweight yet robust kayak out of corrugated plastic, and designed it to fold from a 12’ boat into an easily storable and portable case. Best of all, transforming it from box to boat takes just a few minutes. Already well known in the outdoor recreation community, the team at Oru Kayak jumped at the opportunity for national exposure and the chance to reel in a Shark as a business partner when they appeared on last week’s episode of Shark Tank. As you’ll see from the clip below the move paid off. Spoiler alert: The Oru Kayak team persuaded Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec and landed a $500,000 deal for 25 percent. The deal gave their start-up a $2 million evaluation and with the national exposure to over seven million viewers the orders came flooding in. A message on their website reads, “Please note that due to the sudden increase demand, there may be a substantial wait time for delivery. New customers will receive an more »

  • Why She Hides Your Status Updates

    Social media is a weird world that we have all accepted as normal. We had to learn how to be polite at the dinner table or considerate on public transit, but technology changes so quickly that we were never taught how to behave properly online. I bet you know someone who is insufferable when they get behind a keyboard. You don’t want to be that person, especially if you want to impress someone. Here are the reasons why she would hide your status updates or even un-friend you. Don’t give her any reason to ignore you! Nobody cares about your games. Your Slots/Farmville/Candy Crush obsession should stay between you and your devices. You can alter the games’ settings so that they do not post your scores or invitations to your friends. I’m just trying to save you from yourself here. We get it. You work out. I don’t know any women who log into social media just clamoring to know where you worked out and whether it’s an ‘Arm Day’ or a ‘Leg Day.’ You’re taking care of yourself and keeping yourself accountable – Good for you! …But I don’t really care to know about it. Did you run a more »

  • Adidas Pure Boost

    When it comes to performance footwear, minimalist design reigns supreme on today’s landscape. The key is to build a low profile, lightweight sneaker that still provides all of the support and comfort one needs, and the Adidas Pure Boost seems to be the complete package.

  • Live HD Stream From The ISS Is Amazing [Video]

    Last month, 4 high-definition cameras were delivered to the International Space Station. The cameras were mounted on the outside of the ISS and live video feed has been streaming since April 30. Aside from offering an incredible view of Earth like you’ve never seen before, the program also tests the viability of commercial cameras for future space missions. If these HD cameras prove successful, millions can be saved by forgoing expensive, custom-designed space cameras. With governments cutting back on space programs, every dollar counts. Check out the live feed below and get more info on the High Definition Earth Viewing program at NASA.

  • The Magnificent Art Of Concept Cars [17 HQ Photos]

    Beginning May 21, Atlanta’s High Museum of Art will display a collection of concept cars in an exhibition titled “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas.” The concept cars, produced between 1932 and the present day, were never meant for sale to the public, but instead served as tests for design innovations that would take years to find their way into mass production, if they made it past the conceptual stage at all. The point of the exhibit is to showcase the limitless imaginations of the mechanical engineers behind these marvels, who dared to produce such radical designs. The exhibit runs from May 21-September 7. For more information, visit High Museum of Art.

  • NASA Crowd Sourced Their New Z-2 Space-suit of the Future

    NASA left the design of their new space suit up to the internet. Giving the public three choices to choose from, NASA left the fate of the space-fashion in the hands of voters. With over 150,000 votes the internet chose wisely. Of the three options; “Biomimicry”, “Trends in Society” and “Technology”, “Technology” won. “”Technology” pays homage to spacesuit achievements of the past while incorporating subtle elements of the future. By using Luminex wire and light-emitting patches, this design puts a new spin on spacewalking standards such as ways to identify crew members. ” The suits have vibrant electroluminescent wire and patches across the upper and lower torso, exposed rotating bearings, collapsing pleats for mobility and highlighted movement and will be a more bearable suit for astronauts to weather the elements of the red planet, NASA’s next projected landing course for humans. Traversing Mars will be unlike any other environment NASA’s current suits have endured, which is why their Z-2 suit, will have a more durable surface for tough walk missions. Stay up to date on production at NASA.

  • LeBron & Samsung Collaborate on App

    Samsung has had some success in the past with exclusive apps and it looks like they’re continuing that model by partnering up with the most famous active athlete on the planet. Their Galaxy-exclusive software hopes to hone in on a younger demographic who wants exclusive content unavailable on other platforms. Their last major partnership was with Jay Z and featured an exclusive look at his Magna Carta album before it was avaible for purchase to the public. The “LeBron” app is an intimate look at the life of the superstar on his way to a third championship run. The app is broken down into 4 categories; Athlete: Photos and videos of his workouts, daily life as an athlete including his routine for getting ready for games, post-game remarks and more NBA Playoffs: LeBron’s season and career highlights along with live scores from the Heat’s playoff games Style: Photos and videos of his classic style, sneakers of the day, off-the-court looks, a radio that plays his favorite songs and more. Journey: Insight into what fuels LeBron off the court including, his charitable work with his Foundation, as well as his home life with his wife and kids. The app is available more »

  • Yup, This Fully Zoomable, Movable Martian Panorama Is Pretty Damn Amazing

    Панорама Марса – марсоход Curiosity: 613-ый марсианский день in out-of-this-world Sure, you might never be able to set foot on Mars (although never say never) but now, with this amazing panorama created by Andrew Bodrov using 138 individual shots that he stitched together will show you what it might look like.

  • SOL Republic Relay Earbud Giveaway

    We’re giving away SOL Republic Relay earbuds for free! RELAYS is a true crossover headphone. Whether you’re running for a train or training for a run, you can enjoy the fit of a sports headphone with all the sound and style you need to keep up with you all day, no matter what you’re doing. Win SOL Republic Relay’s From RSVLTS! in Contests on LockerDome

  • SUPREME x Brooks Brothers Drop a Bold Seersucker Suit Collaboration

    In a awesome step forward in men’s fashion skate shop, Supreme and Brooks Brothers dropped their first collaborated piece today featuring a strong take on preppy spring style meets a quickly growing urban fashion market. The unique collaboration features a bold grey and white seersucker stripe, ditching the traditional blue and white. The inner lining features a black star pattern on a white silk lining with Brooks Brothers and Supreme insignia on the inside left breast. A seersucker patterned bucket hat is also available for purchase. The full suit will run you $549 and bucket hat $68. Available at Supreme Stores today.

  • Mvmt Watch [Watch Wednesdays]

    Mvmt Watches launched off Indiegogo last summer, becoming the second highest crowdfunded fashion start up on the site. Their simple designs are elegant and mature without being weighing down your wrist or emptying out your wallet. Their Black/Tan Leather watch kicks off their leather band collection, featuring a 45mm, solid black plated stainless steel case and 24mm tan leather band. Mvmt also has White/Tan Leather, White/Black Leather, and Black/Black Leather models available for pre-order. If stainless steel bands are more your style, they have Black/Black and White/Silver models. Available now from Mvmt, from $95. Oh, and it’s pronounced “Movement.”

  • The Mini Paceman Adventure Is The Pickup You Want But Can Never Get [9 Photos]

    Apprentices at a BMW plant in Germany worked with their instructors to create this concept Mini Paceman dubbed the Adventure. The students took a Cooper S Paceman and gave it a green metallic body while adding roof rack and pickup truck-like cargo bed. The modified chassis offers extra ground clearance while offroad tires and a snorkel allow for river crossings. It’s the perfect little truck for all your tiny adventures. As fun as it looks, though, Mini insists it’s a true one-off that will never see production. You’ll just have to look at these pics and dream a little dream of the little truck that wasn’t to be.

  • The Four Seasons Hotel Now Has A Private Jet To Extend Their Luxurious Experience

      The Four Seasons hotels have really taken it up a notch with a new private luxury jet. Each trip personalized with their own itineraries and luxurious accommodations for every passenger. The luxury five-star hotel company is making an extension of their luxurious service with air travel by giving a Boeing 757 plane a complete overhaul for private use. “From the Serengeti to Thailand and everywhere in between, Four Seasons has carefully crafted an unbeatable experience that melds world-class destinations, exciting activities, and luxurious amenities and service to create an unparalleled vacation experience. Explore the world in ways you never thought imaginable with the expertise of the travel professionals from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.”

  • BMW’s Vision of the Future Looks Promising

    BMW recently released specs from it’s newest concept, the Vision Future Luxury, a beautiful futuristic car they’ll be taking technology and engineering from in their near future models. Using what they’re calling ‘subtractive modeling’, the German car manufacturer focused solely on a minimalistic approach to luxury, simply meaning the car is made of layers, first carbon fiber, then “user interface components,” (gauges, lights and panels, then the aluminum framing. After that the true luxury trimming is added on with handcrafted wood and leather accents. The idea was to ‘subtract’ any unnecessary luxury to the car, while keeping up with the standard of the word. Once the layers are put in, then BMW really got into the good stuff. Precise laser headlights, LED rear lights, a back seat tablet for passengers in the center console and a 3D control panel giving some serious depth to dashboard gauges.

  • The 45 Most Popular Women On Instagram of 2014

    Back in January we published a story called The 50 Most Popular People on Instagram of 2014 and in the months since it has gone mega viral all over the web. To narrow things down a bit we’ll focus on the women of Instagram. As you’ll see from the list the Jenner/Kardashian family has a dominance over Instagram that is nearly unmatchable.