• Nike Fuses Their Flyknit Technology with Revolutionary Kobe Elite 9 Sneaker

    Today at the The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, Nike unveiled what they’re calling a revolutionary shoe. The KOBE 9 Elite, a shoe that fuses their top notch basketball technology with their Flyknit tech, a system used for their running shoe, by creating a one-piece engineered upper made from single strands of yarns, making a lightweight yet incredibly strong shoe. Designed with Kobe’s tech insights and design inspirations, the KOBE 9 Elite features three key technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon, giving the shoe superior lightweight performance. The shoe is beautiful, that’s a given, but is it smart to use brand new technology with an aging superstar coming off a serious leg injury? For the success of the shoe, let’s hope not. The KOBE 9 Elite releases globally on Feb. 8, 2014, at Nike.com and select global retail locations.

  • National Geographic Around the world in 125 years (Book)

    For five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs, illustrations, and gripping stories from the four corners of the earth. Combining travel, wildlife, science, history, culture, and conservation, the National Geographic Society’s trailblazing magazine has inspired millions of readers to explore and take an interest in the planet we inhabit. The prints are limited to 125,000 copies worldwide, but these amazing photos don’t come cheap, the entire three book collection is going for $500. Go ahead, your dad deserves it. National Geographic Around the world in 125 years  

  • The Basic MWC G10 Military Watch (Watch Wednesday)

    MWC supplies watches for the military, police forces, antiterrorist units, and also, for you. The G10LM is a smaller faced watch that still exudes ruggedness. It features a military webbing strap, a screw down caseback, and quartz movement. Available in 5 colors. MWC G10 Watch $96 

  • The Robb Report Billionaire Gift Guide

    According to Robb Report, the hottest holiday gift items are, well, very very pricey. The high-end advertorial and luxury magazine has listed some insanely expensive items in their 2013 gift guide, including a $62M treehouse and $83M flying yacht. You can even have your own “backyard stadium” or private submarine, though we’re guessing these stocking stuffers weren’t available on Cyber Monday. Check out some of the other bizarre items that only lots and lots of money can buy

  • Lifehack App Helps You Learn To Do Anything in 100 Days

    When designer Karen X Cheng wanted to learn how to dance, she decided to record herself each step of the way so as to learn from her mistakes. Her 100 day learning experience went viral, giving her the idea to share her method through an app. “Give It 100″ challenges users to learn to do whatever they want in 100 days while recording 10-second videos of their progress along the way and sharing them with the world.

  • Get Your Favorite Memes Printed In 3D From Shapeways

    3D printing is all the rage for tech-savvy shoppers this holiday season and Shapeways has positioned themselves as one of the biggest in the industry. If you’re not familiar with Shapeways, the way they work is designers upload their creation, choose the material, and then Shapeways prints and ships the final product. Designers can then set up their own shops where regular Joes who don’t know OBJ from VRML2 (they’re a thing, I checked) can order Sad Keanus and Grumpy Cats and Doges. Here’s a sampling of some of the different meme characters available from Shapeways creators. Prices vary based on size and material, but much like the personalized figures from Shapify.me that we recently featured, they aren’t cheap. Check out the meme figures and all the other cool stuff people come up with at Shapeways.

  • Amazing HD Time-Lapse Video From International Space Station

    YouTube user David Peterson put together this incredible high-def time-lapse video using photos taken from the International Space Station made available by NASA. The result is one of the best and most high-quality videos of it’s kind that we’ve seen. For a shot-by-shot description of what you’re seeing, go to the YouTube page for the video.

  • Painting Morgan Freeman On An iPad Air [Video]

    Artist Kyle Lambert shows that you can use an iPad for much more than just playing Candy Crush on the subway and watching pornography in public with this video of his “finger painting” of Morgan Freeman. He spent over 200 hours on this photo-realistic work of art using only his iPad and Procreate, a $5.99 app that has nothing to do with making babies. This video will probably serve as the greatest advertisement for the app that the developers could wish for. Now excuse me while I go back to adding crude weiners on famous pictures using MS Paint. We’ve all got our niche.

  • Volcanic Eruptions as Seen from Space [16 Photos]

    When viewing conditions are favorable, astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) can take unusual and striking images of the Earth. Just last month the ISS provided a view of an eruption plume emanating from Kliuchevskoi, one of the many active volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The nadir views—looking straight down—acquired by most satellites tend to flatten the landscape and reduce our sense of three-dimensional topography. In contrast, this photo was taken from the ISS with an oblique viewing angle that gives a strong sense of three dimensions, which are also accentuated by the shadows cast by the volcanic peaks. The result is a view similar to what you might see from a low-altitude airplane. The image was taken when the ISS was located over a ground position more than 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) to the southwest. This stunning photo inspired us to find a few more like it.

  • The Good Will Out x Onitsuka Tiger X-Caliber “Silver Knight”

    The Good Will Out and Onitsuka Tiger have collaborated on a special limited edition pair of the 1980s running model X-Caliber sneaker. The nickname “Silver Knight has been given to the sneakers for its play on Excalibur, King Arthur’s magical sword. TGWO’s stoney grey, forest green and burgundy store front, a full 3M upper is covered with grey mesh, designed to shine like a knight’s armor. Green Onitsuka Tiger stripes feature on the outer side while the inner stripes are fitted out in silver 3M. Other features include a suede padded tongue, single burgundy eyelets at the top of each shoe, debossed TGWO logo on the lateral side and red debossed Onitsuka Tiger on the back. Available this Saturday at The Good Will Out.

  • Mariano Rivera Signed Baseball Giveaway + 10 MLB Hall of Fame ‘Shoe Ins’

    For our 12 Days of Giveaways series we’ll be sending off a Mariano Rivera signed baseball today. You heard right, people, a certified ball signed by the Sandman himself courtesy of Brigandi’s in New York City. Enter below and a winner will be chosen at random at noon, one week from today. Once you’re done entering check out RSVLTS 12 Days of Giveaways for a chance to win iconic collectables from sports history.   Mariano Rivera is the most dominant closing pitcher in baseball history as he holds the record for most career saves in the MLB.  The 2013 season was the last one for this Yankee Legend. There is no doubt he will be voted in to the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible. This official Major League baseball, signed by Rivera, is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • RSVLTS 12 Days of Giveaways: Day 1, Magic Johnson Signed Photo

    This holiday season, we’re partnering up with Brigandi Coin and Collectables, one of New York City’s oldest and most prominent sports memorabilia, collectables and coin dealers. For the next 12 days we’ll basically be doing your holiday shopping for you, giving away twelve iconic and rare pieces of sports history. Each day another giveaway will begin and last for seven days. Here is a list of every iconic item we’ll be featuring worth over $3,200 in total. Tune in each day at 12 pm EST to find out what iconic collectable we’ll be giving away that day. Mike Tyson Signed Framed Photo Don Mattingly Signed Baseball Magic Johnson Signed Jersey Magic Johnson Signed Photo (vs. Jordan) Mariano Rivera Signed Baseball Matt Harvey Signed Baseball Tiger Woods, Yasiel Puig, Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper Rookie Cards 1960 New York Yankee World Series Program Signed by Yogi Berra Pete Rose “I’m Sorry, I Bet on Baseball” Signed Baseball Cal Ripken Jr. Photo Brooklyn Dodgers Pennant Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card Check out the First Giveaway Here: Magic Johnson Signed Photo against Jordan

  • Converse Re-releases CONS Aerojam “Grandmama”

    We all remember Larry Johnson’s alternate persona, Grandmama, the old lady who lived in a shoe who dunked like no one else could do as well as her guest appearance teaming up with Steve Urkel on Family Matters. Converse’s parent company, Nike, saw fit to rerelease his/her signature shoe the CONS Aerojam React. Now you can own them again and just in time for teh Charlotte Hornets to return in the ’14-15 season. The Converse CONS Aerojam’s new design is stitch-for-stitch the same silhouette as the beloved original from the Converse archives. In the midst of a 90s street culture resurgence, the look of this sneaker feels fresh with a lighter and more comfortable modern fabrication, an oversize tongue, grip gradient detailing, and a lace shroud that’s removable and reversible. CONS Aerojam React $109  

  • Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Marshmallows With Boomf

    Have you ever taken such a great picture on Instagram, and after filtering the hell out of it thought “I wonder what that incredible pic would taste like?” No? Huh, that’s weird. Well if you did wonder, you’re in luck! UK based Boomf will take your favorite Instagram and turn it into a delicious marshmallow. All you do is connect your Instagram to Boomf at their website, choose 9 images, then they’ll be printed out and sent immediately. Unfortunately, the service is only available in the UK for now, but they plan on going worldwide next year. The price is £12, so expect to pay about $20 when Boomf becomes available in the US.

  • Buy A Fully Functional Batmobile For Christmas

    Ever want to drive the Lincoln turned Batmobile driven by Adam West in the 60s Batman television show? Well, those purveyors of things you never knew you wanted, Hammacher Schlemmer, are selling the iconic car. This Batmobile has some great new technology, like a Bluetooth Batphone and rear video camera, along with cool but useless features from the show, such as a retractable Batray antenna. Want to shoot flames out the back? You can do that, too, thanks to a propane tank. Unlike the original, this model also comes with clamp-on side mirrors so it’s street legal. Order yours today for the reasonable price of $200,000 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

  • Major Lazer Teams With Palladium For “Sweat” [Video]

    Major Lazer, the fun, dancehall DJ side project from famed producer Diplo, has released a video for “Sweat” from their “Free the Universe” album released earlier this year. The video was produced in partnership with footwear manufacturer Palladium, whose boots are prominent throughout. Major Lazer videos are always fun, and “Sweat”, directed by Ryan Staake, is no exception. The black light lit video is a great showcase for Palladium’s boots and if this is the future of footwear advertising, then it’s a future we’ll gladly embrace.

  • Beautifully Symmetrical Sneaker Fragments Create Organic Creatures

    English artist, Phil Robson aka Filfury, artfully combines some of the most iconic sneakers from the past thirty years to make familiar shapes like animal heads, insects and skulls. The series features the Adidas Originals Superstar, Air Jordan 4 Retro, Nike Huarache and the Reebok Shaq Attack. Each beautifully symmetrical image is put together using fragments from one sneaker.

  • Get A 3D Print Of Yourself Without Leaving Your House

    Who hasn’t wanted a figurine of themselves to do all sorts of weird things with (hiding them in your friend’s underwear drawer, act out romantic fantasies with Troll dolls, etc.)? Thanks to the new service at Shapify.me, you can scan yourself in your living room and in a few days have your own 1/20th scale figurine for $59. All you need is a Kinect device for your X-Box or Windows PC and the app from Shapify.me. You can get a full color figure or, if you’re one of those RPG nerds, a white plastic one to paint yourself. It’s a cool start to the 3D printing revolution and it will be fun seeing the technology progress. Now I need to buy a Kinect for my PC and find my She-Ra action figure in my mom’s attic.

  • This MIT 3D Shape-Shifting Project Called inForm Will Blow Your Mind, Because Science

    This technology is so jaw dropping, ten years ago these MIT students would’ve been looked at as aliens, 20 years ago, burned at the steak. inFORM, a new project that can reproduce digital content physically in 3D, which allows a user to interact with an object without being in it’s presence. Essentially this is the first step toward the movie Avatar. Inform can also be used for 3D demonstrations rendering physical bar graphs, models and fluid tangible experiences. The inFORM was developed by MIT PhD students Sean Follmer, Daniel Leithinger, and Professor Hiroshi Ishii, from MIT’s Tangible Media Group. Revolutionary steps when thinking of physical form science and architecture, being able to shape and mold an object without even being in the room. “The traditional sort of interaction design and device design sort of assumes for a very static way of interacting and this [inFORM] device can change its physical form very quickly and that means that we need to come up with new ways that we interact with technology,” Follmer said. But All this didn’t come cheap the inFORM contains 900 small motors which control each pin on it. Every pin works to render objects in 3D, and each more »

  • Radical’s Street Legal Race Car, The RXC

    The Radical RXC is Radical’s first fully enclosed car made to be street legal for European roads. Using the Ford Duratec 3.7 liter V6 engine found in the Mustang and F150 tuned to 380 hp, this “road car” will get you around town at breakneck speeds. That horsepower may not sound too impressive but when you consider that the car weighs less than 2000 pounds, it’s plenty. The RXC goes 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 175 mph. There are also plans for a V8 version if you’re still unimpressed. But for now, if you want to take home the V6 RXC, it’s going to cost you about $150,000. But hey, what are you waiting for? Start assembling yours right now at Radical.

  • A Visual Guide to a Car Engine in GIF Form

    In todays world it’s becoming more and more commonplace to have no idea what a car looks like under a hood. Newer luxury cars make it even harder basically encasing an engine in a plastic casing. This infographic GIF teaches you the movements and mechanics of the magic of a car engine. If your only experience with a car engine’s inner workings is “How much is that going to cost to fix?” this graphic is for you! Car engines are astoundingly awesome mechanical wonders. It’s time you learned more about the magic under the hood!

  • Cut The Perfect Slice With Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter

    Let wonky pizza slices be a thing of the past thanks to ThinkGeek’s tactical laser-guided Pizza Cutter. Featuring a flashlight and laser pointer attachment, this pizza cutter guarantees that your pizza slices will be straighter than Burt Reynolds (is that even possible?). The removable scope is compatible with the Picatinnny rail system, meaning you can put other cool firearm related attachments on your pizza cutter. Maybe swap it out with a bayonet for extreme cutting capabilities. What does this fantastic device set you back? $1,000,000? Nah, you can get it for just $29.99 from ThinkGeek. 

  • Own The Watch Used To Call JFK’s Time Of Death

    On November 22, 1963, neurosurgeon Dr. Kemp Clark was called to Parkland Memorial Hospital to see to President John F Kennedy. When all attempts at reviving the President proved futile, it was Dr. Clark’s duty to call the time of death. Unfortunately, nobody was really sure when President Kennedy died and nobody was looking at the clock anyway, so Dr. Clark made an approximation at 1:00 PM. Dr. Kemp’s family insists that he used his watch to make the call although Kemp himself is not on record as ever saying that. But witnesses agree he was at least wearing the watch. And hey, even without the history, the 1949 Patek Phillipe is the first waterproof watch the company produced. That’s got to be worth the estimated $100,000-$150,000, right? 

  • Style Watch: Power On Powder, Tech Gear on the Mountain

    Technology has done wonders for mountain sports in the past few years, the introduction to goggle tech in particular. Cameras, GPS and built-in heads up display are a few of the features making your downhill runs that much more compelling as well as interactive, sharing videos, stats and locating friends are all features offered within a piece of protective eyewear. Audio is another branch of tech that’s advancing every year, with the addition of audio synced with Bluetooth riders are able to listen to their favorite tunes on a run, without the danger of complete noise cancellation. Here are this season’s best tech additions to the cold weather mountain gear category. Whether a gift or a treat yo’ self holiday purchase, keep these in mind when doing your shopping. 

  • Nike LunarENDOR Quickstrike Snowboard Boot

    Nike’s LunarENDOR QS snowboard boot is definitely the only of it’s kind. Let’s get started with the most obvious feature, the LA Gear style LED swoosh. Made up of thirty LED lights and powered by an embedded lithium ion battery, and it’s on/off switch is conveniently located atop the boot’s cuff, so you can go all Clark Griswald at the touch of a button. If you can manage to turn your eyes away from the light show, the LunarENDOR is actually one of the most technologically advanced boots on the market. Nike’s signature Lunar foam is more responsive and absorbs a good amount of impact on jumps. A 3-D molded upper and a Nike Flywire inner lacing system further enhance fit. Finally, the LunarENDOR’s liner and shell are reinforced with strobel technology that attracts and stores heat. The LE QS will be available in December at limited quantities at the Nike.com store.

  • What If The Planets Were The Same Distance As The Moon? [Video, GIFs]

    Ever get bored with staring at that same old dull moon day after day and wonder what it would be like if the planets were that close instead? Well check out this awesome video made by YouTube user yetipc1 where he does all the work for us. I’d be cool with most of the planets at such close proximity, but Saturn and Jupiter would both be a bit jarring. Of course, there probably wouldn’t be much sunlight to actually see them if they were that close, anyway.

  • Take Full Panoramic Photos With Panono [Video]

    Sometimes you’re someplace that’s so amazing that you just don’t know what to take a picture of. You’re so overwhelmed that only a 360-degree picture of everything around you will suffice. For those times and anytime when a full panoramic photo would be cool (always), there’s the Panono. It’s a panoramic ball camera that takes full 360-degree shots in extremely detailed 72 megapixels. To take a picture, simply toss the ball and an accelerometer inside the device calculates when it has reached maximum altitude and snaps a photo. The ball can also be mounted and controlled remotely to take pictures without tossing it around. You can pre-order yours right now with a pledge of $499 Indiegogo. And don’t worry about the goal not being met, they are already more than one-third there just a few days into the campaign. But get yours quick, the $499 early-bird special is almost sold out.

  • GOCE Satellite Provides Beautiful Images Of Earth From Space, Crashes Back To Earth Sunday Night [HQ Photos]

    The European Space Agency’s 1.2-ton GOCE gravity-mapping satellite plunged through the atmosphere on Sunday and broke up into bits over the South Atlantic Ocean. GOCE re-entered Earth’s atmosphere around 7:16 p.m. ET Sunday, hitting the atmosphere over a spot due south of the Falkland Islands, around the coordinates of 60 degrees west and 56 degrees south, ESA said. About 500 pounds (250 kilograms) worth of debris was expected to have survived the car-sized satellite’s re-entry, but no damage was immediately reported.

  • Polaris Releases First Airless Tire Vehicle [8 Photos]

    Tired of having to change the tires on your ATV after being shot at with a .50-caliber round or driving over a railroad spike? Well then, Mr. Badass, perhaps you need to check out the Sportsman WV850 H.O. from Polaris. The $15,000 ATV features TerrainArmor tires, airless tires that can go up to 1000 miles after running over a railroad spike or 350 miles after being shot with a .50-caliber round. It’s also got a 1500-pound towing capacity and 850-pound payload capacity. If you want one, place your order now, because Polaris says only a limited number will be produced. Get your sportsman WV850 H.O. at Polaris.

  • Nike x Poler Vapen Snowboard Boots

    Poler and Nike share the Oregon brotherhood, so naturally this was a collaboration made in heaven. The Nike x Poler Vapen Premium QS Snowboard Boots are the first collaboration boots between Poler and the one and only Nike Snowboarding. Poler’s signature camo theme is present in the tongue of the Vapen and it’s logo appears on the outtersole. Boasting a mid-flex feel for all around riding and a camo tongue and interior liner, this boot will gain you much deserved recognition on the hill with all the performance you expect. The design is inspired by the Mogan Mid 2 with the superb fit and feel of the Kaiju. Limited Quantities available at Poler $240

  • Combine All Your Credit And Debit Cards Into One With Coin

    With all the credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards, and gift cards we carry around these days, it can be a pain to keep track of them all and have them handy when we need them. San Francisco-based Coin is aiming to solve the problem by allowing all the cards to be combined into one programmable card. Using their iOS or Android app, you take a picture of your card and swipe it using their headphone jack dongle and it is saved onto your Coin. A small screen on the Coin allows you to choose the correct card before you swipe at the point of sale. If you forget your Coin somewhere, it will alert your phone and then deactivate after a time period you set in the app. With that in mind, your Coin will also deactivate if your phone just happens to die or is in airplane mode so some issues may arise. Early adopters can get the Coin for $50, but the price will rise to $100. Pre-order yours today directly from Coin.