• MaCgyver Tool Kit

    Because you never know when you’ll need a rubber band to assemble a home made rocket or a match to light that rocket or a bobby pin you can pick a lock with when it’s not holding your perfectly shaped mullet in tact. With the MaCgyver tool kit you’ll never worry again. Comes fully equipped with a bobby pin, strike anywhere match, rubber band, bubble gum, birthday candle, paper clip, shoelace, 1 cent stamp, duct tape, and pocket toolbox. Is all that worth $9.95? In a jam it is.

  • The Awesome Vehicles of James Bond [13 Photos]

    Beginning today, the London Film Museum will be exhibiting “Bond in Motion,” the largest official collection of James Bond vehicles. And it’s not just the classic cars from the films, all sorts of wacky flying vehicles and submarines are on display, too. For info on tickets, check out the London Film Museum. The exhibit will be running all year long, but if you’re not going to make it, here are some pictures to show you just what you’re missing out on. Is it weird that the Mercury Cougar is probably my favorite of these?

  • That Time We Took The New Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Offroading In Key West [60 HQ Photos]

    Last month we took the new Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid on an epic Florida Keys adventure. In the story RSVLTS Goes On A Florida Keys Excursion With The New Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid [HQ Photos] we gave you a detailed account on our trip and the blueprint for a great Key West trip with your bros or a significant other. RSVLTS was the first group to push the XV Crosstrek Hybrid’s all-terrain capabilities to the limits in order to see parts of the Keys no one else could. With dozens of Keys within a short drive on Key West you can easily go on an offroading adventure which is what we did for an entire day with the brand new  XV Crosstrek Hybrid. Putting it’s capabilities to the test, like ground clearance of 8.7 inches, which is higher than some dedicated SUVs like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, we were able to see things that people driving other Hybrids like a Prius, and SUVs for that matter, simply could not. The all-terrain capabilities of the XV Crosstrek Hybrid were quite remarkable. We were climbing hills and going over bumps that were really intimidating but the all-wheel drive hybrid handled it all without batting an more »

  • Lego Robot Breaks Rubik’s Cube Speed Record [Video + GIF]

    The Big Bang Fair, a celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math for young people, was recently held in the UK. One of the highlights of the show was when Cubestormer 3, a robot made from Legos with a smartphone brain, broke the world record for fastest time in solving a Rubik’s cube. The previous record, held by Cubestormer 2, was 5.27 seconds, which was shattered by more than 2 seconds with the new record being 3.253 seconds. The Cubestormers are built with the single purpose of solving Rubik’s cubes. The smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S4, acts as the eyes and brain, examining the cube and figuring out the moves which are then relayed to the Lego Mindstorms robot. And just in case you were wondering how humans compare, the fastest record was set last year at 5.55 seconds. All hail our Lego robot overlords.

  • Humanity Continues To Decline As Germany Invents Robot Strippers [Video]

    Japan, consider yourself served. Those creepy Germans have managed to overtake you in sexualized technology with their robot pole dancers unveiled at CeBIT, the world’s largest computer expo held in Hanover this week. The robots were originally designed by artist Giles Walker for an exhibition, but the Germans had the ingenuity to make an app to control them and, as the engineer in the video puts it, “we change them to get bigger breasts.” The robots cost about $39,500 each, but think of it as an investment since you can keep their tips when you have them put on a show!

  • The Origami Microscope That Will Change The World

    A research team at Stanford University’s PrakashLab has developed Foldscope, a microscope that is printed and folded from a single sheet of flat paper. It costs less than a dollar in parts yet can magnify over 2000x with sub-micron resolution. It weighs less than two nickels, can fit in your pocket, require no outside power, and can survive a fall from 3 stories. Different designs of Foldscope will be disease-specific, to aid workers in areas where general-purpose instruments are not a viable solution. In third world countries where common diseases can take weeks to be diagnosed, the Foldscope will revolutionize the medical field and save countless lives. The team is currently looking for 10,000 beta-testers for the Foldscope from all different walks of life, whether you’re a scientist, a tinkerer, or just someone who’s curious. For more info and to sign up, check out Foldscope.

  • Oakley Built Bubba Watson A Bulletproof Ford Raptor

    Meet Bubba Watson’s badass bulletproof 2013 Ford Raptor. Promoting the Oakley brand (thanks to the massive logo stamped on the front grille) while also providing Bubba with a nearly indestructible vehicle to protect his family, Oakley once again hit a homerun with this marketing endeavor. The Raptor has been decked out in a digital camouflage paint job paired with stealthy black wheels, and an interior that’s draped in Bubba’s favorite color – lime green. The truck has been equipped with bulletproof glass and kevlar inserts, and took the sunglasses maker nearly 6 months to complete.

  • This PolychromeLab Jacket Cools in Heat and Warms Up in the Cold

    Austrian based PolychromeLab’s Roccia Rossa jacket is a reversible phenom. Using highly resilient and innovative 3-layer laminate turn hybrid jacket you react instantly to the fluctuating temperature differences whether hot or cold. The Roccia Rossa cools and warms each side of it’s jacket +-6 degrees depending on which side you’re wearing dissipating your body’s own radiation, but when reversed, the jacket’s blue side will actually insulate to keep you warm. By reflecting, dissipating, and absorbing infrared and ultraviolet radiation the jacket is able to house different temperatures. Roccia Rossa POLYCHROMELAB ROCCIA ROSSA from michele stinco on Vimeo.

  • Special Edition “Bones” Jones Nike Free Trainer 5.0

    These Limited Edition Jon”Bones” Jones Free Trainers are specifically made for Jone’s mixed martial arts style training. The shoe offers support for low-to-the-ground training combining speed with agility and support. The shoe is flexible yet strong in the areas needed for resistance. The shoe highlights “Team Jones” on the tongue and features Jones’s signature black and red colors in a fade, as well as a black reflective Swoosh Design. Available March 29 at   ef=”http://www.nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike.

  • Inside The Nirvana Superyacht [25 Photos]

    The 2014 Dubai International Boat Show recently wrapped up and although we couldn’t be there to rub shoulders with the disgustingly rich, we can still enjoy their ostentatious lifestyles through photographs. I know that if I was to develop an app that scared Facebook into giving me billions or exploit my fellow man for the sake of oil riches, I would want to buy the Nirvana superyacht. For a tad over $300 million, this 290 foot yacht could be all yours. The Nirvana features everything you need for entertaining, with 10 jet skis, a 3D movie theater with popcorn maker and bar, a stage for live performances, and a vivarium that comes loaded with lizards and turtles for your amusement. And if you don’t feel like taking the stairs to travel between the six decks, you can always use the 6-person elevator. Time to get started on the 52-week money challenge!

  • Chrysler Orders Original Dodge Vipers To Be Destroyed [2 Videos]

    93 first-generation Vipers have been ordered to be destroyed by Chrysler. The preproduction cars were donated to schools to be used for auto shop classes, but somehow two of the not street-legal cars, lacking emission controls or speed-limiters, made it onto public roads and were involved in accidents. Since Chrysler still owns the cars, they were held liable for the accidents. Now Chrysler’s lawyers are demanding the other cars, worth upwards of $250,000, destroyed all because of the actions of a couple of morons. Good work, guys! That’s why you can’t have nice things.

  • Don’t Ask Questions. You Need These Throwing Knives.

    Base Camp X, a company specializing in manufacturing quality wood and steel goods through rigorous outdoor testing has just created a set of three throwing knives, dubbed “The Furies”. You might have an hint of second thoughts running through your head when those impulse neuro-receptors start buzzing. Ignore it. You might even get to the point of reasoning with yourself, asking “Why do I need these throwing knives?”. Because you’re a man and sometimes men like to throw knives. Into a tree or inanimate object of course. The Furies Consist of 3 forged throwers and a hand crafted knife roll blended to a perfect balance and rugged aesthetic. 2 Frontier inspired knives and 1 Pro X Thrower. There will come a time in your life when you’ll need to know the mechanics of hurling a knife into something and when that time comes, you’ll have The Furies. Base Camp X The Furies

  • How Big Is Space? [Link]

    BBC has put together a really cool interactive infographic to give you an idea of the vastness of space. Scrolling the length of the page will take you all the way through the solar system with facts along the way. If your index finger consider can survive the arduous journey, you justt might have what it takes to become an astronaut. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

  • World’s Largest Aircraft Unveiled In Britain

    At 302 feet, the recently unveiled Airlander is the world’s largest aircraft. The helium-filled airship began as a joint project for the US Army from Hybrid Air Vehicles and Northrup Grumman, but after budget cuts last year, the vehicle was headed to the scrap yard. The Army offered to sell it to HAV for $44 million, but HAV didn’t have the cash. They eventually settled on $301,000, less than 1% of what the US Army paid for it. Hmmm…suddenly these budget problems are making a lot of sense. With the project back in HAV’s hands, it was renamed the Airlander and the prototype was re-unveiled in Britain. No longer an Army spy-drone, HAV now advertise its utility for humanitarian aid, providing communications, broadcasting sporting events, and surveillance. The Airlander can stay in the air for up to 3 weeks, carry loads up 11 tons, and set down on land, water, or ice. An even longer passenger version is planned for next year. And the coolest thing about the HAV Airlander? One of the investor’s is Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden and pilot of the band’s jet, “Ed Force One.”

  • Adidas Primeknit Cleat

    This month adidas will launch a revolutionary cleat that will revolutionize the game of soccer. The Pimeknit boot is made of weaved knitted thread creating a seemingly weightless boot. The limited edition boot (available from Monday March 17th) is the first football boot to have an upper that is knitted from heel-to-toe, providing a bespoke second-skin fit that retains the strength of a conventional boot. New levels of flexibility and comfort are provided by the one-piece knitted upper of the boot and the yarns used to construct primeknit provide stability and strength equal to conventional boots. adidas primeknit boot.

  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The Geneva Motor Show [32 HQ Photos]

    Each year in March, the International Geneva Motor Show is held at the Geneva Palexpo convention center. Since the first show in 1905, Geneva has been the show for automobile manufacturers to unveil their most ambitious concepts. Although exotic supercars usually get the most attention, the latest technological breakthroughs are also met with great fanfare. More so than other shows, automobile manufacturers worldwide consider the Geneva Motor Show a level playing field because the hosting nation, Switzerland, has no auto industry of its own. We’ve shared some of our favorites form the show below, whether it’s because we want to drive them or because they look so insanely ridiculous. The Volkswagen Giugiaro Clipper Concept is our current favorite. Which one do you want to take for a spin?

  • Hoverboards Are Real… Or So Says Tony Hawk

    A virtually unknown company named HuvR released video today of what looks to be a real life prototype of a hover-board delivered to us by Christopher Lloyd in a DeLorean. Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens and Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd were amongst the advocates pushing this product. The video is obviously suspect, watching celebrities and ex-pro athletes float about on the board with what looks like a chest harness strapped to their body. The company is obviously fake, but the back ended question is why? The Verge notes “Is it all a carefully crafted teaser for Tony Hawk’s upcoming mobile game? This seems like a very elaborate production if the end goal is boosting App Store sales.” which could be a strong and most predictable possibility at this point, but their guess is as good as ours. For now, I guess we can all just enjoy the ride they’re taking us on. WEEEEEEEE.

  • The GORUCK GR1 Is the Last Day/Travel/Excursion Pack You’ll Ever Need

    The be-all-end-all pack tough enough for a commute to work for everyday carry or a trip around the world defending the elements. The GR1 was GORUCK’s original and also it’s most versatile pack. The pack comes equipped with two separate compartments one flat, specifically for up to a 17″ laptop, the other for everyday gear. The pack is highly water resistant making sure the needs of every excursion are well within the means of the GR1. At the bottom of the pack is a large mesh pocket, paired with an internal sleeve on the interior side of the pack, the perfect place for utility tools or just some otehrwise un organized cables. One of the coolest and unique aspects of GR1 is a 2″x3″ velcro patch on the exterior front of the bag. The perfect model for customization, GORUCK sells a wide variety of branded patches or you can purchase your own and sport a flag all your own. Overall the GR1 pack is a no nonsense military grade, bombproof pack built to last through the ages and elements. All GORUCK bags are made in the USA and the GR1 comes in a wide array of 10 colors. Get your more »

  • The Black Tux is the Answer to All Your Wedding Season Problems

    Like it or not, wedding season is upon us. The hotels, the gifts, the dry cleaning is all about to hit full steam ahead. With all the hoopla that surrounds the season, it’s all good and fun (as long as it’s an open bar), but wearing that monkey suit is always a hassle. Always. Now unless you’re a fancy pants aristocrat or a British secret agent, chances are you’ll be renting your fair share of tuxedos come the season. Those tuxedos will more than likely be baggy and more times than not worn. The Black Tux aims to change that. Offering a premium deal at an affordable price with three tux types to choose from, this is the way to go. At $95 per rental you’ll be thanking yourself for going this route as oppose to renting at the seasonal prom shop. Suits are also available for rent on the site. The Black Tux

  • Kurt Cobain’s Stuff For Sale On Craigslist

    In memory of Kurt Cobain, on the 20 year anniversary of his death, why not buy his old skis? Or Swatch phone? Or Tomy game? Thanks to a former roommate of Cobain’s, these fine pieces of music history can all be yours! The roommate, a former bass player for Seattle band Gruntruck, has placed an ad on Craigslist with the odd mix of items. You’d think he’d try to cash in on the anniversary with outrageous prices, but they’re not that crazy. The skis are $80, the phone, which is actually pretty rad, is $55, and the Tomy game, Kingman, which still works, is only $25. It’s actually a pretty good deal for a superfan and the roommate claims to have photo proof of Kurt using each of the items. He also says that soon he will put some of Kurt’s clothes and magazines for sale. Wait…did he really hold on to a bunch of gross old flannel and magazines for over 20 years? What a creepy roommate. Source: Craigslist

  • U.S. Reveals 2014 World Cup Home Kit

    The classic jersey is white with gray horizontal pinstripes across the body and sleeves, a reference to the USA’s historic tradition of using stripes. The jersey has a white polo collar featuring red trim, a nod of respect to this iconic piece of American fashion and sportswear. Inside the back of the neck a blue pennant tab features the original thirteen stars of the American Flag, representing the most evocative symbol of American national pride. The back of the jersey includes a unique and specially designed font for the names and numbers, which is modern, angular and directly influenced by U.S. sports teams.

  • iOS On Your Dashboard With Apple CarPlay

    This morning at the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple announced its rebranded its iOS in the Car as CarPlay. Along with the new name, Apple revealed that the first cars to feature CarPlay will debut at the show from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. So what exactly will CarPlay allow you to do? With the help of Apple’s voice-activated Siri, drivers will be able to keep their eyes on the road while making calls, sending messages, selecting music, and getting navigation help. Don’t worry if you’re not an iTunes user. Apple will allow connectivity to third-party music apps like Spotify and iHeartRadio for your cruising soundtrack. The system will also be predictive, using information from your texts, emails, and searches to figure out where you plan on going without telling it anything. In addition to the aforementioned automakers, Nissan, Peugeot, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and General Motors will all feature CarPlay in future vehicles. Even Ford, who has been using Microsoft’s Sync voice-command system for years, is said to be a future partner. Soon the CarPlay steering wheel button may be as ubiquitous as seat warmers in autos. Wait, you don’t have seat warmers? Yikes.

  • Chewbacca Ski Mask

    Designed to resemble everyone’s favorite wookie from a galaxy far, far away, this beastly looking ski mask was designed by the team at Airhole.

  • New Era 1934 Heritage Collection

    New Era is ringing in spring training in serious style this year. Introducing the 1934 Heritage Collection, a 19TWENTY cap from the original on-field Diamond Collection, vintage style fitted cap. The vintage caps are crafted from 100% melton wool with a leather sweatband on the inside, paying homage to the original uniform fabrics from the major leagues 90 years ago all deigned in Buffalo, NY home of the New Era headquarters. New Era Heritage Collection

  • Oakley Seeks to Disrupt Eyewear Industry with Groundbreaking Innovations (36 HQ Photos)

    Recently performance focused brand, Oakley, unveiled a new campaign focusing on breaking down the doors of innovation with their new “Disruptive by Design” campaign focusing on three major game changing product developments for 2014. “We will open our blast doors for the first time, celebrate our legacy and culture of disruption, and set out our blueprint for future innovation.” Said Oakley CEO and Chief Mad Scientist Colin Baden. “We now have our sights set on three key innovation pillars: Enhanced Vision, Digital Eyewear and Customization. This is the beginning of a new era of brave design and disruptive technologies from Oakley.” The details of which ended there. The “Disruptive by Design” event was more of a homage to past innovations than outlook into the future for the brand, but like all progressive visionaries, the Oakley brand is keeping it’s secrets close to the chest. The event was filled with Oakley Athletes past and present with the likes of Bubba Watson, Shaun White and Lindsay Vaughn walking the carpet. Road race cyclist legend, Greg LeMond and motocross hall of famer Johnny O’Mara were also on hand to pay their respects. Global advertising is scheduled for March 2014 and is said to more »

  • Northern Lights Make Rare Appearance In British Skies [25 Photos]

    Thursday night, folks in Britain were treated to a rare appearance by the Northern Lights in their skies. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a brilliant light display in the sky caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun and the Earth’s atmosphere. The phenomenon is usually only visible in Arctic regions, but strong solar winds caused them to be seen further south than usual. I suppose after all the flooding, Britain deserves a little treat from Mother Nature. 

  • A New Era in Skateboarding: Nike SB x Jordan I

    The Joran brand has always been synonymous street culture. So it’s only fitting that when multimedia artist Craig Stecyk was sanctioned to design the first sneaker of a new era. A tribal signature on the back heel paying homage to his Northwest Passage gallery. The inscription notes “AJ One SB” in the same typeface Stecyk used in a leading 1982 skateboarding magazine in 1982. The original shoe, made for basketball offers perfect support for the skate community, which is why the retro 1’s resonate so well with skaters. The supportive ankle height and Nike Air cushioning of the Air Jordan I, the very things applied to help Jordan hit terra firma with immunity, were perfect for vert’s needs. Decades in the making, the Nike SB x Air Jordan I designed by Craig Stecyk will be available in limited quantities at select Nike SB and Jordan retailers and nike.com beginning March 15.

  • A New App To Help You Fight Parking Tickets

    Nothing ruins the memory of a good night out like waking up to find a sheet of paper slapped under your windshield wiper. First you’re outraged and ready to take on the man and then – in the words of Tyler Durden – you accept your fate. The bottom line is it’s a hassle to fight it and not worth your time, but with Fixed, it couldn’t be easier. Simply upload a picture of your parking ticket and the Fixed team will do the rest. You don’t pay to contest your ticket, and if you win they charge you just 25% of the fine (listen, it’s not like you were going to fight it anyway).

  • The Not So Distant Future of Cars Will Be More about Luxury and Turtlenecks than Driving

    Swiss automotive innovation company Rinspeed is about to release final specs and showings for it’s Tesla based “XchangE” a fully autonomous car that is well within reason to be mass produced in a decade’s time. The XchangE has developed, with the help a prostetic engineering firm, a joint that enables the seats to swivel and recline their way into 20 different positions without compromising safety integrity. Another interesting feature is the steering wheel, a ultra cool microsuede wheel, with gear shifters to toggle right on the wheel. The computer detects when you are and aren’t using the wheel so it can move to the center console, freeing up your legroom, because luxury. Also turtlenecks are required everywhere in the future.

  • Ride A Real Life “Tron” Bike, The Lotus C-01 [8 HQ Photos]

    Originally announced last year, Lotus recently revealed that the C-01 hyperbike is ready for production. Designed by Daniel Simon, the man behind the Bugatti Veyron, the C-01 is 400 pounds of sleek carbon fiber, aerotech steel, and titanium. The unique bike is built to be light and strong, having more in common with a formula 1 car than with most other bikes. Only 100 units will be produced, but that should be plenty for the few people who can actually afford it. The C-01 will retail for a hefty $137,450 plus taxes, which, for the same amount, could get you 4 Ducati 1199 Panigale R superbikes. Or a small house is many places.

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