• Nike Sportswear Celebrates “Air Max Day” With Short Global Videos Across the Globe

    Today is known around the world as Air Max Day, a celebration of the creation of the Nike Air Max shoe originally launched in 1987. Since then some of Nike’s most iconic shoes have been part of the Air Max line, Nike’s running division shoe that boasts different renditions of it’s signature air bubble sole. The company asks people to wear their Air Max shoes, whether they be a vintage pair or the recently released Nike Air Max Zero, to celebrate the occasion. The Air Max Zero, which was originally a concept for the brand that was eventually altered to create the Air Max 1 back in 1987. Nike has dubbed it “the one before the 1,” and it was launched Sunday just in time for today’s festivities. Nike’s Sportswear Instagram account was filled with beautiful looped videos featuring their shoe front and center. Barcelona a nuestros pies. Enséñanos como celebras el. Feet up in Barcelona. #airmaxday A video posted by Nike Sportswear (@nikesportswear) on Mar 26, 2015 at 11:04am PDT Un marco genuino para un modelo único Max in Madrid. #airmaxday A video posted by Nike Sportswear (@nikesportswear) on Mar 26, 2015 at 10:00am PDT Walking on Air in more »

  • What’s All the Hype Around the Nike Air Max Zero?

    Recently, Nike Design Director Graeme McMillan revealed a sketch from the Nike archives, where it had been collecting dust since 1987. The sketch was drawn by Nike’s legendary lead designer Tinker Hatfield, the man responsible for creating some of the most well known sneakers on earth, like a one man Pixar, he can’t miss. The vintage sketch was designed before the iconic Air Max 1 shoe released in the 1980s, called the Air Max Zero, a concept that would eventually turn into the Air Max 1, but because of technological limitations was never produced until now. Originally he designed the upper to be comfortable and form-fitting, with a tipless vamp, an idea borrowed from the 1985 Nike Sock Racer. The sketch also featured an external heel strap that lacked a heel counter, a design concept that remained unseen until the Nike Air Huarache release in 1991.

  • The Legend of Nike’s Air Max Innovation Explained

    1987 was the turning point for Nike. They had a budding superstar under their belt in Michael Jordan and were on the verge on something huge with their latest innovation in running shoe. When Nike designer Tinker Hatfield had the brilliant idea to make their new groundbreaking technology visible, it changed the course of the industry forever. They called the breakthrough Nike Air Max with Visible Air. “The story of visible air didn’t begin with Hatfield’s design. Rather, it started when David Forland, Nike’s Director of Cushioning Innovation, joined the team in 1985. In many respects, Forland is the world’s foremost expert in visible air. He’s been focused on pushing the technology into unexplored new territories for the past 30 years. He’s also the first to admit that the road to Air Max had its share of obstacles. In the ‘80s, Forland constructed encapsulated Air-Sole prototypes by hand. He stumbled upon a critical moment in visible air history when he rotated the bag, placing the seams on the top and bottom instead of on the perimeter. “At that exact moment the light bulb turned on. I built a new prototype right there on the spot.” – David Forland” And thus, the more »

  • NikeLab Realeases ACG 2015 Spring Flyknit Trainer Chukka SFB for the Urban Adventurer

    Nike’s resurgence of the ACG line has transitioned to cater to the urban landscape and with their newest spring 2015 collection from NikeLab, they’ll be pushing out their Flyknit Trainer Chukka SFB shoe as the face of the line. The water repellant upper will sport a black outer flyknit weave with a reflective underlay and a white contrasting underlay. The bold ACG signature, which has become the staple of the shoe, boasts a bright orange insignia from the heal to the inner heal. The NikeLab ACG Flyknit Trainer Chukka SFB will be available at NikeLab locations and Nike.com beginning this Thursday, March 12 in limited quantities.

  • Mega Man Sneakers Bring Back 8-Bit Memories

    Although it’s been years since the last Mega Man video game, the iconic Capcom character, first introduced on the NES back in 1987, is still a favorite among retro gamers. Which is probably why these Mega Man sneakers are bursting with old-school cool. Known as Rockman in Japan, the familiar blue character is emblazoned all over the black Chuck Taylor-esque sneaker in his original 8-bit glory. The tongue features the E-tanks that replenish Mega Man’s life in the series. The 9800 yen ($83) sneakers come out in June but are available for preorder now from SuperGroupies. They look pretty neat, but we’re holding out for a Cut Man hat, complete with titanium blades.

  • The Strange Dr. Martens X ‘Adventure Time’ Series of Boots to Release in March

    Doc Martens and the Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time” are collaborating on a series of boots themed around the popular cartoons characters. The collection of boots are currently available to pre-order online from SOLESTRUCK. They are scheduled to become available to purchase in Dr. Martens stores and online on March 3, 2015 and are weird. Weirder than the show, but in a good way, not in a, ya know weird way.

  • Running Never Felt So Soft: The Adidas Ultra Boost Review

    Adidas’ BOOST technology is now being introduced to different facets of their company, running, basketball and even casual wear with the drop of their Yeezy line. We had an opportunity to test out their newest addition, the Ultra Boost, claiming the runner has 20% more boost cushioning material making impact not only much more forgiving, but adding acceleration upon release. Upper- The first thing noticed when you try on the shoe is how well it molds to your foot, it’s PrimeKnit technology feels completely different than last years model which is a great sign for this shoe, but more importantly where PrimeKnit is headed. Although it’s probably not the best option for running outdoors in the winter, the PrimeKnit does weave tighter in high-stress areas like the toe area also keeping your foot fairly warm. The only real structure on it’s upper is the counter and a black support cage around the midfoot that is a little reminiscent of a Nike Presto (Not in the terrible way it sounds). The support cage is solid, but pretty flexible adding to the snugness of the shoe without suffocating your foot. Definitely a positive if your foot cramps if a shoe feels too tight. Lace these babies up more »

  • Jordan Goes All in With ‘Flight Runner 2′ Sneakers

    The Jordan Brand is taking a new approach to running. While basic running shoes are crafter with linear movement in mind Jordan is taking a new direction. The multidirectional flexibility of the Jordan Flight Runner 2 prepares athletes for any kind of workout, including running, sprints and distance, but is equally supportive for building multidirectional athleticism. Think cross training with a heavy compliment to running. The interesting three direction Flight Flex midsole pattern is created to provide excellent cushioning and support while also allowing flex in all directions, bringing a more natural feeling to the versatile shoe. The show takes techinical support from Nike’s Flywire technology, while adding it’s own element of lightweight, unique flex sole. The Flight Runner 2 is lightweight, but also feels durable and secure around your foot, a minimalist shoe with all the bells and whistles of Nike’s advanced technology. If you’re in the market for a new all purpose training shoe, that offers linear and lateral support the FR2 could be the best shoe on the market that’s not a trainer. Available this February at Jordan.

  • Jordan Announces Throwback Collaboration with Bugs Bunny and Warner Bros.

    This year marks Jordan Brand’s 30th Anniversary, and even though we’re only 2 months into the year, the iconic brand is pulling out all the stops and rekindling some of our favorite memories from the past three decades. With All-Star Weekend in NYC this weekend Jordan has collaborated with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to announce the return of the Hare Jordan campaign. The original Hare Jordan collection debuted in 1992 following Jordan’s first championship season. Jordan and Looney Tunes star Bugs Bunny first partnered for the iconic ad, which aired during the professional football championship game, to announce the original partnership between the two brands, which then ultimately led to everyone’s favorite toon/athlete motion picture, Space Jam. Jordan Brand and Warner Bros. Consumer Products will introduce Hare Jordan products starting in spring 2015. Space Jam 2, please. “Each is an iconic figure and legend in his own right, but together Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan are an unbeatable combination on and off the court,” said Brad Globe, President, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “We are excited to partner with Jordan Brand to reintroduce Hare Jordan to an entirely new generation of fans with this limited-edition collection that includes a mix of more »

  • Earl Thomas Will Be Throwing Bone Crushing Hits in These Jordan VII Cleats On Sunday

    This Sunday Earl Thomas will be sporting his staple Air Jordan VII’s, but this time with a little more flair. Thomas is known as one, if not the best defensive player in the entire NFL and this weekend he’ll be looking to secure that notion. The Thomas exclusive Air Jordan VII cleat features an action green and navy upper, the Air Jordan VII cleat is certain to shine under the bright lights. A chrome plate nods to the ultimate prize, the championship trophy, and an updated Air Jordan VII graphic on the tongue and heel pays homage to the brand’s award-winning history.

  • Your Snowboard Is About to Get Smart

    It was inevitable. Your snowboard is now a computer. Japan based tech company, Cerevo has released specs and information surrounding it’s sensor-enabled smart bindings. The bindings will attach to any board and track movements, foot and weight distribution as well as board flex. On top of all that nerdy info, pretty LED lights will ignite under your feet as you shift your weight from heel to toe, back to front. FUN! The XON Snow-1 app will also keep track of riding speed, GPS and video graphics to overlay your run. The configured data isn’t neccecerily meant to coach or guide you, but strictly informational so you can see what you specifically do as you ride. Pizza when you should be french frying. The XON Snow-1 will be available in the fall and will cost between $400 and $600 and come in small, medium and large sizes.  

  • Best Boots for This Winter

    This winter promises to be dastardly, yes like the villainous Dick Dastardly and his snickering canine sidekick, Muttley. I picture them reigning cold winds and snow upon the city when I picture the powers that be, responsible for terrible weather.  So what do you need to prepare for the worst of the worst, the inevitable frigidness of January/February? Boots. You need Boots. Insulated, cold weather proof, slush-kickin’ boots. So we’ve compiled a list of the best all purpose winter boots for the winter season. Timberland Eathkeeper The Earthkeeper is a great looking all-season boot that will last the test of time, in fact, will look better with age. Made with recycled/sustainably sourced materials, the Earthkeeper will do the job Timberland is renowned for without sacrificing looks A great commuting or shoveling water resistant boot. Timberland Eathkeeper $180 __ Native Shoes Jimmy This shoe is dry and light. If you want a minimalist boot with fleece lining and a bevy of great color combinations give this boot a try. With it’s sleek ivory signature sole, the Jimmy is both stylish and practical. And light, oh so light, don’t ever worry about slushing through the snow trying to pick up each leg with both arms. more »

  • Adidas Pure Boost Camo

    In celebration of our nation’s heroes, adidas today launches the Pure Boost Camo. The iconic print comes in green and gray. The adidas Pure Boost is the first shoe with an entire Boost cushioning midsole, providing maximum energy return and comfort in a simple, pure design. Pure Boost features a breathable four-way stretch seamless upper and no sockliner to enhance the feeling of standing directly on Boost cushioning. The TIRRENINA suede heel, a sustainable luxury fiber that is made without any solvents during the manufacturing process, adds a fashion element and keeps your foot in place without restricting movement.

  • Nike Roshe Run NM Sneakerboot

    In the latest release of the Nike Sneakerboot collection the Roshe Run NM is the ideal commuting shoe for those cold winter days. The shoe features stylish bamboo, grey and black color combination and features a perforated swoosh, reflective details, and a natural motion outsole for added comfort. Inspired by the practice of meditation and the concept of Zen, the Nike Roshe Run epitomizes simplicity. It has no embellishments, just basic shoe necessities brought to life with every detail. Almost every part of the shoe reflects an aspect of a tranquil Zen garden: a modified Waffle outsole made to look like stepping stones, an insole that mirrors a raked rock garden, and slightly different midsole side lengths—a juxtaposition of seriousness and playfulness. Nike Roshe Run NM Sneakerboot $130

  • A Visual Breakdown and Guide to the Dress Shoe

    Gents, there’s nothing worse than a grown man who doesn’t know the proper dress shoe to wear at the proper time. Women have said it time and time again, shoes are important. If they think so, so should you. We’re not saying you have to go out and buy some $300 loafer, but a well kempt shoe game can take you miles with a potential mate. Here’s a visual breakdown of shoes made by Nice Laundry, to show you exactly what type of dress shoe you should have in your arsenal.

  • Buy These Boots, Your Feet Will Thank you. The Cole Haan ZeroGrand

    Cole Haan’s newest edition to fusing boots and dress shoes with a more casual take on an everyday hybrid is now in full force. Their ZeroGrand concept definitely takes inspiration from that of a Nike Free sole, but with a boot twist. After much acclaim and success from their LunarGrand line, Cole Haan is testing the waters with a new boot and sole combo. The lofty cuffed ZeroGrand Tall Boot features an EVA midsole with a deep grooved outsole to aid flexing and a genuine natural storm welt, increasing durability and weather resistance. Reboot your cold weather wardrobe in lightweight urbanity. Available now at Cole Haan for $298 USD.

  • These Back To The Future Shoes Are So Hot Right Now

    Although the hoverboard was the most wanted item from “Back to the Future Part II,” the self-lacing, light up Nike shoes worn by Marty McFly were a close second. In 2011, Nike released a limited run of MAGs that were replicas of the shoes from the movie (sans automatic laces) but only 1500 pairs were sold at tens of thousands of dollars each. It seemed as if regular folks would never get a chance to own the shoes. Until now. Universal Studios has officially licensed these Air MAG replicas available exclusively through HalloweenCostumes.com. But if you want them in time for Halloween, you’re out of luck. They’ve already sold out and the next shipment won’t be available until November. That’s still plenty of time for Christmas, though! Unfortunately, they still don’t lace automatically (rumor has it Nike will unveil that technology next year), but these replicas do light up and can be recharged via USB. A velcro strap around the ankle and elastic at the top will keep these shoes on your feet as you’re fleeing from Griff and his band of goons. They may not have the signature Nike swoosh, but at just $99 versus thousands, that is something more »

  • Nike x “The Box Trolls” Movie Collaborate for a Great Cause

    The Boxtrolls and Nike have collaborated on a limited-edition release of the Nike Roshe Run Trollstrikes. In one of the more unique partnerships Nike has done, the limited selection of sneakers will only be available on auction through eBay. The auction begun Sept. 24 through Oct. 3rd and can be accessed at Nike Trollstrikes. The proceeds will go to Adoption Exchange Association, a nonprofit child welfare organization committed to connecting children who wait in foster care with families looking to adopt. In addition, fans of the film have a chance to win a pair of the shoes by submitting original artwork images to the @theboxtrolls Twitter handle. The Boxtrolls x Nike Roshe Run Trollstrikes auction celebrates the adoptive-parenting theme that runs through the film. Designed by Nike VP of Innovation Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Roshe Run Trollstrikes feature a distressed leather upper, burlap overlays, cobblestone-printed midsole, iridescent sewer-green heel panels, cardboard tongue labels, cheese-print sockliners, dual twine laces, steampunk lace locks, distressed leather Swoosh, twine heel loop and a waffle-patterned outsole. Inspired by the film, every detail was considered in the design making this version of the Nike Roshe Run truly original and special. “We tried to capture a little bit more »

  • The Air Jordan Retro 1 Jeter

    The Captain’s time has almost come to ride off into the sunset. Appropriately, Jeter’s sponsors have come out of the woodwork to pay homage to him, first Jordan Brand with the now infamous RE2PECT commercial, where essentially the entire world tips their hat to Derek, then this morning when Gatorade released a similar tribute ad spot, showing Jeter walking through the Bronx on his way to the Stadium. Now Jordan brand has announced a beatuful compliment to the Jordan Brand RE2PECT collection, The Air Jordan Retro 1 Jeter.  Jordan Brand pays RE2PECT to an icon with a special release of the Air Jordan 1 and Flight Flex Trainer inspired by the classic New York uniforms. Midnight Navy and Sail dominate each shoe, with subtle highlights including pinstripes and gold logos inspired by greatness. Set to release on Saturday, September 20th at 8am EDT   

  • Nike LeBron 12

    The eagle has landed. The Nike LEBRON 12 was released yesterday by the king himself at a Nike press conference, because everything LeBron does warrants a press conference. This year Nike is stressing how the shoe that makes the king do what he does best was built in a lab, by scientists with computers and notepads and beakers filled with colored liquids. No seriously. Nike Mentions how this shoe was the brainchild of some mad scientist in a lab 5 times in their press release. “BORN IN THE LAB: Nike’s Sport Research Lab provides the Nike Basketball design team with in-depth analysis on athletic performance and scientific testing. The LEBRON 12 was born in the lab, where scientific data and analysis substantiated the need for next-generation cushioning, support and flexibility.This science-led insight was maximized for James while accounting for the diverse needs of athletes worldwide. The lead colorway, the LEBRON 12 NSRL, was inspired by the new shoe’s genesis in the lab.” The LEBRON 12 focuses on three main category points; superior cushioning, harnessed support and natural flexibility. Five visible, hexagonally-shaped Nike Zoom Air bags in the outsole of the LEBRON 12 enhance natural motion while providing accelerated explosiveness with more »

  • J.D. Salinger & New Balance Make “The Catcher in The Rye” Sneaker

    Why not? Sneaker collabs have been stranger than this. The Catcher in the Rye, a coming of age story that 99.9% of students in this country have read during their school days. A book that students actually enjoyed reading. These modified version of New Balance’s most classic style is a part of the brand’s Authors Collection, celebrating the iconic work of American literature by incorporating swaths and stitches of color based on the novel’s original cover. The insoles pay homage to NYC born novelist- J.D Salinger with a colorway based off the original “Catcher in the Rye” book cover. Featured in premium suede with mesh accents, the sneaker comes equipped with the brands proprietary ENCAP sole with Xar-1000 heel plate support. Other notable details include: embroidered tongue and heel, 3M detailing, tonal woven laces and custom cityscape printed insoles. J.D. Salinger “Catcher in the Rye” M997HL

  • Nike Takes on Nature with Trail Running Collection

    I don’t care what the weather forecast says, Summer is Over. Labor Day is over, let depression set in. It’s. Over. Baby. Now that you’ve come to that realization go take a jog somewhere. Go jog through the woods, through the mud and rain. Nike’s got you covered. Their new trail running collection was made specifically tailored for off road running. Loose branches, mud puddles and a few boulders don’t stand a chance with The Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 2 and Trail Kiger Jacket.  The Terra Kiger 2 combines the popular low-profile, super-responsive engineering of the original Nike Terra Kiger with added strength and abrasion resistance. Heel and forefoot Zoom Air units deliver responsive, quick-off-the-ground cushioning. The aggressive cross-country-inspired lugs –gripping the ground for optimal trail traction – combined with a sticky rubber outsole give runners the traction to help handle whatever comes underfoot.  The Trail Kiger Jacket features a stowable hood and packable design allows runners to layer down on the trail when the temperatures warm up. Coated with a DWR (durable, water-repellent) finish, the Nike Trail Kiger Jackets offer wind and water resistance for weather protection. Designed with practicality and performance in mind, the Nike Trail Kiger Jackets includes multiple zip pockets for easy storage more »

  • Jordan CP3.VIII

    For Chris Paul’s eight edition of the Jordan CP3 show, the Jordan design team went for a minimalist look that defines speed and quickness with maximum response. Jordan notes how involved Paul is in the actual design process, comparing his strengths to that of a superhero with his sneakers being his secret weapon. “I take designing the shoe very seriously. I like the testing process, refining the details and pushing the limits on performance,” said Paul, who will be wearing the shoe throughout the upcoming season. “From the cushioning andFlight Web lockdown system to the rubberized outsole that helps me stop on a dime, I know what these shoes can do for me, and when my opponent sees them, they know too.”  Along with it’s aesthetic that resembles a smooth sports car, the shoe was built around Paul’s style of play.  The TPU chassis provides this type of supreme stability for the rapid directional moves that Paul is known for.  A unique 5/8-height, coupled with an innersleeve, delivers a sock-like fit in a model that is made for players with an up-tempo game.

  • Nike Genealogy of Innovation

    Nike EHQ approached production house Golden Wolf to bring their Genealogy of Innovation campaign to life. This intricate CGI film takes Nike’s history of innovative shoe design and breaks it down into 7 different eras of history; Genesis (1971-1994), Reformation (1995-1998), Golden Years (1999-2002), Enlightenment (2003-2006), Renaissance (2007-2010), Transformation (2011-2013) and Revolution (2014). Nike’s 43 year history in the sneaker game has pushed the envelope countless times and keeps progression constantly moving forward. Nike Genealogy of Innovation from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.

  • Adidas Release Energy Boost Reveal

    Adidas has found their saving grace with their Energy Boost line of running shoes. Now adding to that line is the Energy Boost Reveal adding a mesh two-tone stretch mesh upper in favor of the standard monotone uppers. Complementing the new upper are a flexible suede heel and synthetic overlays and Three Stripes branding. Energy Boost technology has been a huge success for adidas, giving a cushioned stable sole, while claiming each cell springs back upon compression. The Energy Boost Reveal will be available at select retailers and adidas at the end of July.

  • Mike Trout’s All Star Cleats Actually Looked Like… A Trout

    Last night the 2014 MLB All Star Game kicked off in style as Nike outfitted their sponsored players in a bevy of brightly colored cleats, batting gloves and compression gear. Nike’s young superstar Mike Trout, is lucky enough to get his name on his very own series of shoe, The Nike Lunar Vapor Trout, a layered cleat made in the likeness of the Nike Lunar heel cushion. Trout, who began the game with an RBI Triple, ended the game with MVP honors, but that’s nothing compared to the gift he got from Nike, his very own cleat customized to look like… yup, a trout. Fans can actually purchase a pair for $150 now at nike.com.

  • Celebrate The Moon Landing With Sneakers From GE

    If you’re a huge conglomerate known for producing appliances and industrial equipment, it’s only logical that you’d celebrate the 45th anniversary of the moon landing by releasing limited-edition sneakers. Wait a second, that’s not logical at all! Whether it makes sense or not, that’s just what GE plans to do. They’ve partnered with online men’s retailer JackThreads and luxury footwear producer Android Homme for a limited-edition sneaker showcasing GE’s advanced materials, such as stabilized carbon fiber, thermoplastic rubber, 3M Scotchlite reflective material, and hydrophobic coating. Only 100 pairs of the sneakers, called The Missions, will be released. They will go on sale at 4:18 on July 20, the exact time and date of the moon landing 45 years prior, at JackThreads. And the price? $196.90. Ha!

  • Nike Baseball Brings the Heat to Minnesota for the MLB All-Star Game [23 Photos]

    Nike Baseball released specs of their brightly colored Nike Lunar Vapor Trout Spectrum, Nike Lunar Trainer 1 Spectrum and the Nike Vapor Elite Pro Spectrum for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game set to take place in Minneapolis next week. Taking a local approach to the recently revealed Nike Vapor Collection, the Nike Lunar Vapor Spectrum Collection is inspired by the sun’s reflection onto the Land of 10,000 Lakes. When the sun sets over water, individual points of light blend together to form a smooth-colored spectrum of light. The collection is composed of lightweight and responsive product both for the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game enabling speed. AKA it’s bright, iridescent colors are sure to turn heads, and with MLB’s strict color guidelines in place outside of these games, why let the NBA have all the fun? The Nike Vapor Spectrum Collection will be available on Nike.com and at select retailers with the All-Star Game cleats available July 12 and Home Run Derby cleat and batting glove July 14.

  • A Timeline of the Most Recognizable Boot on the Soccer Pitch

    Nike has always been renowned for innovation in footwear technology. They’ve always managed to push the envelope, keeping whatever market they choose to infiltrate on their toes. Literally. Most recently breaking into snowboarding, an industry already saturated with boot manufactures and brands, but Nike being Nike managed to breakthrough the barriers, by creating one of the most advanced boots on the market. Undeniably wiggling themselves into the upper echelon of the industry. In 1996 they did they same with soccer. They found the best player in the world, at the time being Ronaldo (Not that Ronaldo), a young Brazilian force to be reckoned with and they studied him for two years. Then in 1998, they released the Nike Mercurial, a skeptical boot with never before seen technology. The rest is history. Today roughly half the players on each team you see playing in the World Cup have on the Mercurials in either orange or neon yellow, the two colorways Nike chose for this year’s release.

  • Nike SB P-Rod 8

    Being the poster-child for a full division of Nike comes at no east feat (pun intended), but Paul Rodriguez has continuously risen to the challenge. A four-time X Games Gold medal champion in the street skateboarding category, P-Rod is becoming an identifiable with skateboarding as any other great athlete to ride. Yesterday marked the 8th time Paul and Nike have collaborated on a sneaker, releasing the P-Rod 8 shoe.  sneaker that was molded around the ideal image of a skateboard show with cutting edge Nike technology. Still paying homage to the standard in skateboarding shoe of the ’80s, the P-Rod 8 still strikes somewhat of an evolved aesthetic of the Air Jordan 1, but with 360 degrees of Nike Lunarlon impact protection to the design, delivering lightweight, responsive cushioning plus the board feel that skaters need. The Hyperscreen+ traction layer amplifies durability, and the dynamic Nike Flywire cables are the ultimate solution for an adaptive fit. Available June 21st.

  • Nike “Gold Trophy” Pack Comes Just in Time for the World Cup

    Nike NSW released their latest pack dubbed “Gold Trophy” in preparation for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The pack includes Roshe Run Hyperfuse, Tiempo Trainer Mid, Tiempo Trainer, Lunar Tiempo 94, Air Max Premium and the Air Max 90 Jacquard. The themed colorway throughout the pack include a varsity gold accent with either a gold or black swoosh and white or grey uppers. Look for the pack at select Nike distributors priced between $120-220.

  • Converse Vintage Flag Chuck Taylor ’70

    Today Converse released a vintage style Chuck just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. The worn flag style is great for the beach or BBQ style, not only paying homage to the stars and bars, but also it’s vintage feel makes the shoe look better the more it’s worn. This limited edition, vintage inspired sneaker borrows subtle details from the recrafted, celebrated Chuck Taylor All Star of the ‘70s, yet modernizes the classic look with a playful twist on the pattern. The all over Star print on the left sneaker and an all over Bars pattern on the right makes this pack a fun alternative to traditional sneaker. Converse Vintage Flag Chuck Taylor ’70

  • 25 Years Of The Reebok Pump In 25 Photos

    Can you believe it has been 25 years since Reebok Pumps were first released? If you had parents who loved you, you were probably fortunate enough to own a pair. My parents hated me so I had a pair of Spalding Typhoons. I blame my short basketball career, 1994-1994, on the fact that I didn’t have real Pumps. Anyway, here are 25 classic pics of Pumps to celebrate their 25th birthday. They enabled Dee Brown to win the dunk contest. They helped Ripley kill Aliens. They are even rad enough to almost take attention away from Gheorghe Mureșan’s eyebrows. Almost.

  • Jordan Brand Announces Derek Jeter RE2PECT Cmpaign

    “After 19 seasons, Derek Jeter announced in February that the 2014 season will be his last. Widely recognized as one of the greatest ball players of all time, Jeter has led a storied and decorated career, with five championships, 13 All-Star appearances and enough individual awards to fill numerous trophy cases. Although Jeter has become synonymous with his team over the past two decades, he transcends traditional rivalries and team loyalties. While No. 2 is known for his brilliant on-field performances, he’s always matched that with a quiet confidence, relentless focus, and deep respect for those he competes against. To celebrate Jeter, the mark he’s left on the game, and his relationship with the brand, the Jordan Brand kicks off the RE2PECT campaign. Baseball fans around the world can participate and share their support for Jeter throughout the season by tagging social media posts with #RE2PECT.” Read more about the RE2PECT Campaign here.

  • Special Edition “Bones” Jones Nike Free Trainer 5.0

    These Limited Edition Jon”Bones” Jones Free Trainers are specifically made for Jone’s mixed martial arts style training. The shoe offers support for low-to-the-ground training combining speed with agility and support. The shoe is flexible yet strong in the areas needed for resistance. The shoe highlights “Team Jones” on the tongue and features Jones’s signature black and red colors in a fade, as well as a black reflective Swoosh Design. Available March 29 at   ef=”http://www.nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike.


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