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Holus Brings 3D Holograms To Your Tabletop

Do you want to receive important messages from Princess Leia? Or watch live performances of dead entertainers like Tupac and Michael Jackson? 3D Holograms make that possible and now you’ll be able to view these effects at home with the Holus, a tabletop device that creates an interactive, 3D world…


Google Street View Goes Underwater

Google Street View has covered just about every inch on Earth…except for the 70% that’s water. But with World Oceans Day coming up on June 8, the tech giant though now would be a perfect time to take us under the sea. Google teamed with XL Catlin Seaview Survey, NOAA’s…


A Look At NASA’s Project Gemini [Infographic]

After Project Mercury sent the first US astronauts into space and before the Apollo program landed the first men on the moon, there was Project Gemini. Gemini’s goals included testing astronauts on long flights and practicing orbital rendezvous and docking, but what Gemini is most remembered for is the first…