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Meet The New Emoji You Might See In 2016

The Unicode Consortium, the egghead cabal responsible for making sure characters — most importantly, emoji — look uniform across different operating systems has revealed the 67 candidates under consideration for inclusion in Unicode 9. The ones that make the cut will be revealed in May 2016 and will start rolling…

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Classic NASA Photos Animated In 4K [Video]

NASA released a ton of Apollo images to a new Flickr account last week and just a couple days later, this incredible video popped up on YouTube. The video, from Calgary-based designer, photographer and cinematographer Tom Kucy, features a select few of the high quality Apollo images transformed into animated,…


Microsoft’s HoloLens Device Is Coming Early 2016

Before you can get really excited about the arrival of the Microsoft HoloLens, you kind of need to fully understand what it is. At a base level, it begins with Microsoft’s new technology of holographic computing. Windows Holographic is a three-dimensional, environmentally aware application environment that will be supported via most…

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Edward Snowden Joins Twitter

Remember Edward Snowden? NSA whistleblower? International man of mystery/fugitive? Of course you do. How could anyone forget the man who sold out the entire US government for the NSA’s spy program? A man of deep privacy who only ever agrees to a choice few taped interviews with John Oliver. A…