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Everfest Is The Ultimate Festival App

Some music festivals, like Governor’s Ball, have opted for a paperless policy in which attendees only download apps like Eventbrite or the festival’s own navigational app to gain entry and configure events. Then there are other festivals like Coachella or Firefly that still require attendees to wear wristbands for entry and…


The US Army Is Investing In Hoverbike Tech

Last year we shared the story of UK-based Malloy Aeronautics, a tech firm that was attempting to raise £30,000 to develop hoverbikes. The Kickstarter campaign ended up bringing in over £64,000, prompting the US Army to take notice. At last week’s International Paris Airshow, Malloy Aeronautics announced that they had…


Tour The ISS In Unbelievable 4K [Video]

One of the most amazing developments aboard the International Space Station recently has been the introduction of Ultra High Definition (UHD) video. Not only does it look awesome to civilian space lovers, the high resolution and high frame-rate video is also invaluable to researchers back on terra firma, offering unprecedented…


Meet Your New Emojis

The Unicode Consortium, who creates the uniform character sets used on computing platforms all around the world, has announced Unicode Standard Version 8.0.0. So…who cares, right? Well since Unicode also sets the standard emojis we all use for texting, this announcement means new emojis! What can we expect? Check them…


Holus Brings 3D Holograms To Your Tabletop

Do you want to receive important messages from Princess Leia? Or watch live performances of dead entertainers like Tupac and Michael Jackson? 3D Holograms make that possible and now you’ll be able to view these effects at home with the Holus, a tabletop device that creates an interactive, 3D world…


Google Street View Goes Underwater

Google Street View has covered just about every inch on Earth…except for the 70% that’s water. But with World Oceans Day coming up on June 8, the tech giant though now would be a perfect time to take us under the sea. Google teamed with XL Catlin Seaview Survey, NOAA’s…