• Photo of the Day: LADEE Spacecraft Lifts Off Over New York City

    A night launch of NASA’s newest spacecraft to the moon – the LADEE spacecraft – on the U.S. East Coast on Friday, September 6, 2013 at 11:27p ET prompted many fine photos. The launch took place at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, 200 miles south of New York CIty, but despite this and tons of light pollution former NASA photographer Ben Cooper took an amazing photo from the Top of the Rock.

  • 12 Minute Athlete

    So you don’t have a gym membership, equipment and time to get a total body workout? 12 Minute Athlete is a high intensity interval training program of incredibly effective workouts that you can do in around just 12 minutes a day with minimal equipment and no gym membership.

  • Elon Musk and the Magnificent Hyperloop. Reality or Sci-Fi?

    Elon Musk is the real life Tony Stark, in fact he was the inspiration for the characters demeanor in the Iron Man films. A brilliant man, from South Africa, Musk has managed to hit home runs with some of his larger endeavors including PayPal and more recently co-founded Tesla Motors. Now, the plan is to take the technology of Tesla for a solar-powered, city-to-city elevated transit system that could take passengers and cars from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes. There are nay sayers coming out of the woodwork, projecting how the project can and will never be built, but Musk thinks ideas already in motion, such as California’s $70 billion high-speed train, is  too expensive, slow, and impractical. The Hyperloop offers a counter offer, estimating costs could be built for $6 billion with people-only pods, or $10 billion with pods capable of holding people and cars and would be four times as fast as the competing train, at one-10th the price.

  • Lima: The Kickstarter Project That Is Going To Kill Dropbox

    Today, most people have files everywhere. Individual pieces of content spread across multiple devices. So they spend a lot of time just figuring out where their documents are. And they keep moving their files to-and-from tiny Cloud folders. We’re looking at you DropBox. So a crafty company has decided to solve this problem, from its root by redesigned the way your devices store data, from the ground up. With Lima, your devices work as a group. They all contain exactly the same files. Just like if they were one single, unique device.

  • The Perseid Meteor Peaks This Week [21 HQ Photos]

    The Perseid Meteor shower is peaking in the next few days, making it one of the most exciting astronomical events of the year. If you live in a location with extreme light pollution and can’t get a glimpse of the shower here is what you’re missing.

  • What It Looks Like To Leave Earth

    The “MESSENGER” spacecraft bound for Mercury captured stunning images of Earth during a gravity assist swingby of its home planet on Aug. 2, 2005. Several hundred images, taken with the wide-angle camera in MESSENGER’s Mercury Dual Imaging System (MDIS), were sequenced into a movie documenting the view from MESSENGER as it departed Earth.

  • Watch Facebook’s Slow Creep Toward Total World Domination

    Via Gizmodo: As of last month, Zuck’s Empire can proudly call itself the reigning social network in 127 out of 137 polled countries. That’s a lot of selfie uploads. What’s more, this a huge leap from where Facebook ranked just three years ago. As you can see below, it could barely hold onto a full continent and was nearly nonexistant in Asian countries. Now, Facebook’s even overtaken Orkut, the once (relatively) hyper-popular social network for Brazilian and Indian tweens everywhere. Qzone is, of course, still dominating in China, whose people have to make do with their own version of popular sites in the notoriously internet restrictive country.

  • Starbucks To Add Phone-Charging Stations

    Ever notice how you can always use the bathroom at a Starbucks? Or hop on the free Wi-Fi, no questions asked? In its continuing quest to provide more than coffee, some of the chain’s stores will now also charge your phone. Last fall, 17 Starbucks shops in Boston placed Duracell Powermats on tables so customers could come in, plop their phones onto the mat—no wires required—and grab a drink while they waited for their devices to charge. Yesterday the company announced it is now adding Powermats to 10 or so stores in Silicon Valley. Other locations will be listed on Poweruphere.com as they come onboard, including those in other cities, eventually. The mats only work with compatible devices, or devices outfitted with a compatible accessory. There will be about a dozen in each store, depending on size.

  • How To Go Completely Invisible On Facebook

    Facebook doesn’t exactly make it easy for you to stay off its radar. Some people don’t like getting random friend requests or awkward messages from long-forgotten friends. Some people just want to use Facebook to keep up with others, but don’t want others to be able to keep up with them. Want to stay hidden on Facebook? We can help you out. When you’re finished, no one but you will be able to see your Facebook activity, view your photos, or see where you’ve checked in. Your current friends will still be able to view your basic profile — there’s no way around this — but all your activity will be blank.

  • No Strings Attached Free WiFi Coming To 31 San Francisco Parks

    TechCrunch.com is reporting that thirty-one San Francisco playgrounds, plazas, recreation centers and parks are getting two years of free Wi-Fi, thanks to a $600,000 gift announced by Google today — with no strings attached. Pending approvals, installations could start in November and be done by April 2014. The gift is designed to empower citizens and community groups, and serve as a pilot for city-wide free Wi-Fi. Come on New York City! Step your game up.

  • The Photo App Everyone Needs To Download Right Now!

    The smartphone has not only revolutionized the way we live but also completely altered the landscape of modern photography. If you have any doubts just go to a concert and try to see past the ocean of glowing screens snapping shots or filming their own shaky and out of focus rendition of the show. Yes, pretty much everybody on the street has a camera on them at all times thanks to their phone. But accessibility is just the surface. If you truly want to see how phones are changing the world of photography you have to look at the apps. While most of the popular photography apps are simply a portal for people to share their photos with friends and family, there’s actually a lot more to be found. When you get beyond the shallow depths of social apps and your phone’s stock camera and find the apps that can be used as actual tools to help you hone your craft and expand your options, that’s when you find out how to really use your smartphone to really change your photography. And hopefully I can help. PetaPixel, possibly the best photo blog on the web, published 5 Essential Photo Apps more »

  • Japan’s Abandon ‘Battleship Island’ is Explored by Google Maps

    A small island off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture, Hashima was populated from the late 19th century to the 1970s as a coal mining facility. The island was then abandon, closing out all access to the public until late 2009, and then now opened up to Google Trekker and the Maps Team. In the most recent Bond film, Skyfall, 007 is taken to an uninhabited, abandon island similar ro Hashima, which was actually the inspiration for the villans secret hideout. With the help of the Nagasaki goverment, Google gained access to even the territories blocked off to tourists. Look closely and you can even get a glimpse of abandon technology, bottles and old TV’s. Click here to access ‘Battleship Island’ 

  • GIVEAWAY: SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks Headphones

    Whether you listen to EDM, country or hip-hop, SOL REPUBLIC’s Master Tracks Headphones are engineered to deliver true sound you can feel. And that is no exaggeration. The headphones were recently voted the top product of CES 2013.  And now one lucky RSVLTS reader will win a pair, all you have to do is enter below.   The Master Tracks, valued at $200, are available at the Apple store online and in stores.

  • For Only $25 You Can Get A Space Selfie

    A radical Kickstarter project called ARKYD could change the future of man-made satellites as we know them.   The project, a brainchild of a company called Planetary Resources, will send a camera into space that can be operated by the public. It’ll allow you to take pictures of really what ever you’d like; aim it into the cosmos and search for Aliens, point it down at Earth, do what ever you’d like but first Planetary Resources needs to get the damn thing into orbit and to raise the multi-millions od dollars it will cost they have a brilliant idea.

  • Instagram Video To Launch On June 20

    According to TechCrunch, Facebook will make a big announcement this week regarding their photo-sharing app Instagram. The move will be an attempt to compete with video-sharing app Vine which has surpassed Instagram in usage since launching in January. 

  • This Is Where Your Facebook Data Is Stored [27 Photos]

    Facebook’s new data center is located in Lulea, Sweden. So far it’s one of the most amazing data centers in the world. The center runs on locally generated hydroelectric energy along with the icy Nordic air to power and cool the masses of servers. The excess heat is harnessed to keep the offices warm.

  • Photographing Earth from the the International Space Station’s Cupola Module

    NASA’s Image of the Day today is a photograph showing one of the best photo op spots to be found on the International Space Station: the Cupola module. The image (shown above) shows astronaut and flight engineer Chris Cassidy pointing a Nikon DSLR and 400mm lens out one of the Cupola’s windows to photograph some location on Earth 250 miles below him. The Cupola is a popular module to shoot Earth photos from due to its seven large windows that offer a fantastic view of the Earth spinning below. One of the 31-inch windows found in the Cupola is the largest window ever used in space. The fantastic photo site PetaPixel gives us an idea of what it looks like when astronauts are observing Earth from inside the Cupola:

  • The Samsung S4 Active: Waterproof and Ready for the Outdoors

    Samsung unveiled the S4 Active today, targeting lovers of the outdoors and active lifestyle. Not only is the S4 a top level smartphone, but it comes equipped with features for the person who’s more concerned with the activity at hand, then the condition of their phone. Samsung introduces the Active with a 5-inch, 1080p screen on with a impressive 443 pixels per inch (ppi). That’s above the 336 ppi found on the iPhone 5. The game changer, however, is the 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, the same as the original Galaxy S4, but with an ‘Aqua Mode’ feature built specifically for shots taken, YES, underwater. Samsung’s new hardware has the ability to protect itself against dust and water. The Galaxy S4 Active offers a fully sealed design, graded at International Protection IP67 – the highest being IP68 – to protect the guts against water damage for up to 30 minutes, at a depth of one meter. We’re sure the target market is for those who work or regularly are in the outdoors in a fast paced, active lifetyle, but it’s also perfect for the younger demographic who regularly attend music festivals and concerts, sporting events or for anyone addicted to taking the perfect snapshot no matter the conditions. And yes, as more »

  • Insiders Look At YouTube’s Impressive California HQ

    YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, Calif. is one of the mos eco-friendly buildings in California and also features quirky touches like a fake bonfire made of tablet screens, a mini golf courses, a three-floor slide, an airy cafe, “energy pods” for afternoon naps and a Tiki bar manned by Darth Vader. TIP: NAVIGATE GALLERY USING < LEFT AND RIGHT > ARROW KEYS

  • The Samsung Staring Contest (Video)

    On May 16th, at Zurich Main Station, Samsung unveiled a staring contest simulation to highlight the new S4′s Smart eye detection feature. The phone uses retna scanning technology to detect if you’re looking at the phone to keep the screen from dimming, pause video and even scrolling your browser. The contest rules were simple. Stare at the phone for 60 minutes, and win yourself a free phone. Blinks are allowed, obviously. What contestants weren’t planning on were the distractions that were sure to create a major distraction to the eye.  

  • Vine Now Available On Android

    About damn time! The popular six-second video sharing app Vine is now available for Android smartphones.   Check back soon as RSVLTS will be producing 6 second magic in the coming weeks.  

  • 30 Stunning HQ Photos of Saturn

    While we humans carry on with our daily lives down here on Earth, perhaps stuck in traffic or reading blogs, or just enjoying a Springtime stroll, a school-bus-sized spacecraft called Cassini continues to gather data and images for us – 1.4 billion kilometers (870 million miles) away. Since arriving at Saturn in 2004 NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has made several close flybys of Saturn’s moons, caught the Sun’s reflection glinting off a lake on Titan, and has brought us even more tantalizing images of ongoing cryovolcanism on Enceladus. Collected here are a handful of recent images from the Saturnian system.

  • The Evolution of The iPhone Camera

    The iPhone camera has been one of the most talked about features since the smartphone’s original release. The phone has since been through a night and day evolution of camera phone technology. Tech App ‘Camera+‘ did a fine comparison aligning the same shot of every iPhone since it’s inaugural launch in 2007. Each shot was taken with a first generation iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, and the new iPhone 5, in three situations showing both the original photo and a detailed view (zoomed to 100%) of each photo. Three distinguishable variables were used to show the different photo properties; A well lit macro setting to test detail and quality of the camera, A skyline shot to test sharpness and saturation. A candle lit low light macro photo to test noise.

  • Gmail Launches Money Sending Google Wallet Feature

    Google is just making enemies left and right, announcing a merge of Google Wallet and Gmail, allowing users to send and receive payments using only their gmail. People still haven’t figured out how to use PayPal and now Google has to go and launch, this painfully easy way to exchange tender? I smell world domination. All transactions will be under the super encrypted Google Wallet Purchase Protection also covers 100% of “eligible unauthorized transactions.” They make it so simple, don’t they?