• Photo of the Day: The Terminator Line

    Explanation: No sudden, sharp boundary marks the passage of day into night in this gorgeous view of ocean and clouds over our fair planet Earth. Instead, the shadow line or terminator is diffuse and shows the gradual transition to darkness we experience as twilight. With the Sun illuminating the scene from the right, the cloud tops reflect gently reddened sunlight filtered through the dusty troposphere, the lowest layer of the planet’s nurturing atmosphere. A clear high altitude layer, visible along the dayside’s upper edge, scatters blue sunlight and fades into the blackness of space. This picture actually is a single digital photograph taken in June of 2001 from the International Space Station orbiting at an altitude of 211 nautical miles. See the full size image here >> Additional photos:

  • The Overview Effect: An Out-of-Planet Experience

    The words “awe” and “awesome” tend to suffer from overuse, and people use them to refer to a television show, a pair of designer shoes or even a celebrity crush. Anyone who watches the 19-minute film “Overview,” from the terribly clever people at the Planetary Collective, will surely be reminded of the original definitions of those two words. The Planetary Collective released the film on the 40th anniversary of the iconic photograph of Earth taken from space referred to as the “Blue Marble.” Its intention was to explain the Overview Effect, a term first used in 1987 by space theorist and author Frank White to explain the life-changing and perspective-altering experiences that astronauts have upon seeing the Earth from space. The collective interviewed White, five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect and two philosophers. The astronauts describe looking down at the Earth and marveling at the colors and motion produced from shooting stars, dancing curtains of auroras, thunderstorms and lights from major cities, all of which render the blue marble “hanging there” on this star-covered black canvas alive and, well, awesome. Being outside of the planet and looking down on it is not only an overwhelming experience that reminds more »

  • Attn: Retro Game Nerds, RetroN 5 Let’s You Hold Your Breath and Old Cartridges

    Still holding on to those retro gaming consoles? Well get ready to toss that nastalgic clunky piece, because the RetroN 5 can hold 5 different type of retro console cartridges. The console allows you to use original NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, and Game Boy Advance cartridges. You will also be able to use Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy Color and Game Boy cartridges as well. So for you retro game enthusiasts, look forward to playing Tecmo Bowl, Blitz and Mike Tyson’s Punchout with out actually being out of breath from blowing in the game and console. The interface allows for those old school cheat codes, as well as button reassignment for it’s wireless bluetooth controllers. Nerd Boner. RetroN 5

  • Samsung to host Prince and A Tribe Called Quest at SXSW

    Samsung Galaxy Experience will be hosting Prince and A Tribe Called Quest at this year’s SXSW festival.  Fans, Galaxy owners with NFC-enabled devices and SXSW Platinum and Music badge holders will have chances to see these exclusive  performances on Saturday, March 16th. Throughout SXSW, Samsung Mobile USA’s presence in Austin has extended beyond the Samsung Galaxy Experience (open from 12-6 daily) and has featured Samsung TecTiles placed throughout the city rewarding all NFC-enabled Galaxy devices (full device list here: http://goo.gl/O6iSc ) free offers from local businesses with a simple tap. Rewards range from free brownies and cupcakes to pizza slices and sandwiches. For lucky consumers who unlock 11 rewards, they could receive the ultimate reward this weekend when the Samsung Galaxy Experience marks the culmination of this city-wide TecTile program with an exclusive concert by Prince and A Tribe Called Quest on March 16th at a yet to be announced venue.  Tap to unlock all rewards for a chance to gain access to this unforgettable experience.

  • The New Sim City is an Urban Planners Wet Dream

    Ever think to yourself “Whoever built this one lane highway should be hanged and tried for treason.”, well now you can be that guy! In a digital world at least, have the freedom to create a thriving city in the shape of your name, or a megatropolis built after a world apocalypse. I, myself, am jonsin’ to recreate an exact replica of New York City with a Jets stadium on the west side, a law that forces you to only drink big gulps and a zipline from the top of the Empire State Building to my apartment. The new Sim City has pulled out all the stops, adding a limitless supply of building structures, real landmarks and the ability to mimic actual cities. Many resources in the game are finite. Some are renewable, such as ground water. Lead gameplay engineer Dan Moskowitz stated, “If you’ve built up an entire city on the economic basis of extracting a certain resource, when that resource runs out your economy will collapse.” If thats not enough, Adam DeVine, of Workaholics stars in 3 idiotically brilliant TV spots.  

  • You Will Never Lose At Pool Again

    This projector system analyses the pool table, the position of the balls and the position of the cue and plots out the best possible shot. Of course, it doesn’t account for how hard you need to hit the ball and if you’re actually capable of hitting the ball butit should be good for practice rounds to learn how angles work.

  • Tips For Keeping Your Laptop Running Smoothly

    For most people, a laptop only lasts three to four years max. In my case it was less than a year, spill a damn glass of water right onto the keyboard but that’s a story for another day. By a laptop’s fourth birthday, its battery is usually shot, keys are missing, the screen might be cracked, and in general it just isn’t the smooth running machine it once was. But HackCollege.com has these following simple tips & tricks to give your laptop a long and happier life.

  • oreo makes another separator machine [video]

    They have done it again! Earlier this week, we posted Oreo’s high-tech separator machine video, which blew up and has over 2 million views. Well, the people from Oreo have released a brand-new video with a new high-tech machine that separates America’s favorite cookie. The video is dramatic yet hilarious. Absolutely love that these engineers spent this much time creating this.

  • Myo Gesture Controlled Armband

    It’s astonishing that its taken over 20 years for the the Nintendo Glove’s successor to arise. The Myo armband controls operating systems based on gestures of your hand by using the muscles in your forearm to trigger orders. With the wave of your hand, MYO will transform how you interact with your digital world. The MYO armband lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favorite digital technologies. Pre order late 2013 $149

  • Photo of the Day: Getting Up Close And Personal With Jupiter

    On February 27, 1979  Voyager 1 approached Jupiter and captured this double transit of Jupiter by moons Io and Europa. This photo was created from a 14-frame mosaic. Most of the data was captured in a 3-by-3 mosaic at around 11:00 on February 27, 1979, but gaps were filled with data taken an hour before and an hour later. Here’s a zoomable image to see the moons up close >> Photo via: BusinessInsider.com

  • Guy invents high-tech machine to separate oreo cookies [Video]

    It’s one of the oldest traditions we have: Separating Oreo cookies for our enjoyment. Some like the cookie side, some like the creme side. Everyone has their own style on how they twist, dunk and consume each Oreo. David Neevel, who is a physicist, is no different. David prefers the cookie side of the Oreo and has invented a high-tech robot that separates his cookies, shaves off the creme, and provides him with a perfect Oreo to cure his appetite. David shows us how his machine works in this hilarious video.

  • Steve Jobs Was The Best Infomercial Salesman Of All-Time

    Billy Mays is not that greatest infomercial salesman of all-time. He is a close second of Steve Jobs. Yup, the visionary of Apply was good at two things. 1. working with his team at Apple to create game changing products. 2. selling these products at his keynote addresses with dramatic flare and his “One More Thing” tactic.

  • Google Chromebook Pixel

    The Chromebook is here and it promises to compete with Apple’s Retina MacBooks. The monitor is the most intriguing arm that distinguishes itself from the others. A full touch screen features a 12.85″ Gorilla Glass multi-touch screen

  • 10 Brilliant HQ Photos of the Russian Meteor

    Marat Akhmetaleyev, 31, was at the right place at the right time. Mr Akhmetaleyev had gone out to shoot some idyllic rural scenes when the meteorite blasted into view just where his camera was pointing. This incredible picture of the Russian meteorite was taken by the professional photographer who feared it was a nuclear bomb. Despite trembling with fear, Mr Akhmetaleyev instinctively started snapping away as the space rock lit up the sky. The 100,000-tonne space rock blitzes through the air before exploding with the force of 30 Hiroshima bombs.

  • 7 Computer Class Games You Played In Elementary School

    There was something magical about entering computer class as a kid: the dim lighting, the soft hum of the hardware punctuated by the occasional clicking and clacking of a printer or floppy disk at work… plus, we knew we were about to relax and have some fun. Why couldn’t video games be used to teach us high school physics, chemistry or algebra? Read “7 Computer Class Games You Played In Elementary School” on Guyism >>

  • 17 Mesmerizing HQ Photos of the Sun As You’ve Never Seen It Before

    NASA created an extraordinary three minute video showing the results of their Solar Dynamics Observatory project. The observatory launched in 2010 and in those three years SDO’s data and imagery has blown everyone’s hopes and expectations out of the water. Here are images shot by the SDO that provide stunningly detailed views of the sun as we have never seen it before.

  • Watch The Playstation 4 Announcement Live Right Here!

    Word on the street has it that Sony is set to debut a new PlayStation 4 console at a much anticipated meeting that kicks off at 5:30 EST today! You can watch one of the biggest gaming announcements of the year live in the video player below. Watch live video from playstation on www.twitch.tv

  • Google’s “Glass” Video Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

    Wow! What a way to start a morning. I’m in nerd heaven right now. Google has just uploaded a new video promoting their Google Glass product, which essentially is Go Pro Cameras meet Smart Phones.  Google Glass is wearable high-tech specs that is hands free and interactive through natural voice commands.  Users wear them like regular glasses and voice a command like, “Okay Glass, take this video”.  Then, Google’s technology does the rest.  Google Glass can do everything your smart phone does: Get directions, share videos, connect to the internet, interact with other people around the world and so much more.  This is a ground-breaking product to say the least and their video below helps to prove that statement.  This is “How it Feels Through Glass”.

  • Meteorite Explosion Sets Off A “Gold Rush” In Russia

    On Friday, terror rained from the skies, blowing out windows and scaring people over an enormous swath of Siberia. But by Monday, for many people what fell from the sky had turned to pure gold, and it touched off a rush to retrieve the fragments, many buried in deep February snows.


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