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Tour The ISS In Unbelievable 4K [Video]

One of the most amazing developments aboard the International Space Station recently has been the introduction of Ultra High Definition (UHD) video. Not only does it look awesome to civilian space lovers, the high resolution and high frame-rate video is also invaluable to researchers back on terra firma, offering unprecedented…


A Look At NASA’s Project Gemini [Infographic]

After Project Mercury sent the first US astronauts into space and before the Apollo program landed the first men on the moon, there was Project Gemini. Gemini’s goals included testing astronauts on long flights and practicing orbital rendezvous and docking, but what Gemini is most remembered for is the first…


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Is Testing A Spacecraft

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now taking on fellow billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic with a space company of his own, Blue Origin. The company hopes to bring “Reliable, cost-effective human access to space” and much likely Branson’s endeavor, will concentrate on mastering suboribital travel first. Known as New Shepard,…