• Bell & Ross BR-X1 [Watch Wednesdays]

    This year aviation watch maker, Bell & Ross will be releasing the BR-X1, a high tech chronograph with a sporty design. The sophisticated skeleton watch claims to be the first in a new style of design era for the B&R brand. An extreme version of the BR-01, whose iconic square shape is directly inspired by aeronautical flight instruments, the BR-X1 is much more than a top-of-the-range contemporary sports watch: it is the “Ultimate Utility Watch. Although it’s not your typical luxury watch, the BR-X1 will run you a pretty penny, the 45 mm diameter, titanium and ceramic with rubber band will cost you around $19,500.

  • See The Making Of The World’s Most Complex Watch [Video]

    To celebrate its 175th anniversary, Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe has created the world’s most complicated watch. No, it’s not some computer-powered smartwatch, the 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watch is actually fully mechanical, made up of 1580 parts. The double-faced watch can be worn to showcase the time and sonnerie or the full instantaneous perpetual calendar. Most incredible of all is the grand and petite sonnerie, with settings for chimes at the hours and quarter hours. The watch, limited to just seven pieces, one of which will go directly to the Patek Philippe Museum, took 8 years to develop. Unfortunately, all six watches have already been reserved by collectors. But at a price of over $2.5 million, you probably couldn’t have afforded one anyway.

  • The Apple Watch (Watch Wednesday)

    Contrary to what we asked of them, Apple went and released their new smart watch a day early, making this Watch Wednesday post all but irrelevant, but here goes anyway. Thanks Apple. Apple CEO noted this when making the announcement yesterday, “Apple introduced the world to several category-defining products, the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook in a press release. “And one again Apple is poised to captivate the world with a revolutionary product that can enrich people’s lives. It’s the most personal product we’ve ever made.” Revolutionary? Not really, but like the iPod’s release Apple’s core loyal consumer base might be what the smart watch industry needs to take it mainstream. The most interesting feature about the Apple Watch is it’s dial on the side, much like the one found on traditional watches, which Apple is calling the Digital Crown. It contains sensors that turn movement into data, so will be the main input method for the Apple Watch rather than the touchscreen display. You’ll be able to scroll, zoom and navigate using the Digital Crown, which makes sense with the touchpad being so small. There are six different, interchangeable straps available for the Apple more »

  • The Autodromo Stradale [Watch Wednesday]

    In the era of Gran Turismo, each journey was a unique adventure on winding roads and narrow mountain passes, accompanied by the sound of a mighty engine up front and a whiff of petrol and leather. Stradale, meaning “road going” in Italian, conjures memories of that special time when the gentleman driver blurred the distinction between a road car and a race car. The Autodromo Stradale draws inspiration from dashboard instruments from Italian sports berlinettas of the late 1950s and early 1960s, featuring a fascinating multi-layered dial. Beneath the domed sapphire crystal, the hour indexes are applied to a transparent glass ring, which floats over the colored dial below for a 3-dimensional effect. The custom designed leather strap makes reference to the luxurious interiors of the time. This timepiece is powered by a 24 jewel Japan-Made automatic movement, beautifully finished and displayed behind a sapphire exhibition caseback. As with all of Autodromo watches, the Stradale arrives in beautifully conceived packaging evoking the idea of a road trip in Northern Italy circa 1960, complete with vintage-inspired map hand stamped with your purchased date. The Autodromo Stradale $875

  • The Rolex ‘Deepsea Sea-Dweller’ James Cameron Took to the Challenger Deep

    You’ll never need this watch. You’ll never come close to using this watch for it’s actual purpose of telling time up to 12,800 feet below sea level. But damn is it cool. Rolex is now releasing the Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Dial made to commemorate James Cameron’s solo dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with a fancy gradient dial that fades from blue to black symbolizing the dark depth of deep sea. Its 44 mm Oyster case, reinforced with the patented Ringlock System, was designed to provide the highest degree of resistance in a size that remains wearable and practical. Like we said you’ll never need this watch. Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Dial. $James Cameron Money  

  • Bell & Ross WW2 126 Insignia Watch

    In homage to all air forces engaged in Second World War, Bell & Ross has designed a special series of the Vintage BR 126 Original Carbon watch, with dials featuring the insignia of the main countries involved in the conflict. Through this collection, the insignia, which appeared on the wings and fuselage of Second World War planes, now pays a fitting tribute to its heroes. It’s black PVD finish and colored accent finish show reminiscence of World War 2 fighter planes. finishAvailable September 2014 at Bell & Ross.

  • A Mechanical Watch You Can Set With A Magic Button

    There’s no denying the incredible accuracy of GPS-set quartz watches, but just about any watch enthusiast would forsake accuracy for the beauty of a mechanical watch. Thanks to Geneva’s VCXO Watches, they can now have the best of both worlds. The Ox One is a mechanical watch with a GPS module on top. That’s where the fun comes in, for to set this watch, one must only press a magic button at the 9 o’clock position that’s actually inscribed “Magic Button.” The button activates a GPS-chip that calculates the exact time according to the wearer’s location. The time data is transferred to a small motor that sets the minute and hour hands. The Ox One is available in stainless steel ($9,150), black ceramic ($11,200), and a limited run of 25 pieces in pink gold ($41,150). For more info, check out VCXO Watches.   

  • The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph (Watch Wednesday)

    TAG Heuer recently released their glimmering Carrera Calibre CH 80, a fantastic new chronograph with in house movements capable of up to 80 hours of power reserve in the tank. A truely impressive feat considering its 6.5 mm with 233-part movements. Loyal to the design created in 1963 by Jack Heuer – the man behind some of the most revolutionary advances in the field of sports timing – the displays are arranged in a classic layout, with the chronograph minutes counter at 3 o’clock, the chronograph hours counter at 9 o’clock and small seconds at 6 o’clock with a 41mm display. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre CH 80 Chronograph

  • Summer Warmly Welcomes The Runwell Watch By Shinola (Watch Wednesday)

    There’s no hotter watch brand than Shinola right now, we wrote about them in our inaugural issue of The RSVLTS Magazine in September 2013 and they’ve grown ten fold since then. Recently opening up a flagship store in Manhattan and having their watches distributed around the globe is proof that the great people of Detroit have taken their assembly skills to another level of intricacy. Handmade in a Detroit factory from the best watch materials in the world (Switzerland) the Shinola brand is sweeping the globe with their subtle yet bold designs. Each of The Runwell line is made from a sapphire crystal, Super-LumiNova printed dial details, and a solid stainless steel case with screw down crown with the movement thanks to the Detroit-built Argonite 1069 high-accuracy quartz movement. But that steel blue face with that brown leather band though. The Runwell watch is one of Shinola’s best selling watches, but all three models amplify the same style. Keep your eyes peeled for their signature lightning bolt, you’ll be seeing it for years to come. Shinola The Runwell $550

  • Mvmt Watch [Watch Wednesdays]

    Mvmt Watches launched off Indiegogo last summer, becoming the second highest crowdfunded fashion start up on the site. Their simple designs are elegant and mature without being weighing down your wrist or emptying out your wallet. Their Black/Tan Leather watch kicks off their leather band collection, featuring a 45mm, solid black plated stainless steel case and 24mm tan leather band. Mvmt also has White/Tan Leather, White/Black Leather, and Black/Black Leather models available for pre-order. If stainless steel bands are more your style, they have Black/Black and White/Silver models. Available now from Mvmt, from $95. Oh, and it’s pronounced “Movement.”

  • Helgray Watches (Watch Wednesday)

    Helgray watches are one of the newest watch brands who just get it. Each one of their watches are simple yet distinguishable enough to want to collect all four models they offer. Each watch features  modern Swiss Movement from Ronda and a basic military style design in a 42mm case of 316L stainless steel. The Field Officer, The California, the GMT and The Skyfighter are each a perfect blend of classic meets modern in their own right. Helgray Watches    

  • Omega Celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11 With A Stunning Speedmaster

    45 years ago this July, a man named Buzz stepped off a spaceship and on to our moon. He was the second man to step foot on the moon and the first to be wearing a watch. That watch was an Omega Speedmaster. This year the Swiss watchmaker behind the moonwalk is honoring the triumphant moment in history with a new version of the chronograph. Omega announced at BASELWORLD 2014 they’d be releasing 1,969 limited edition timepieces this year commemorating Buzz and Apollo 11. The black and gold watch will be available this June. Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 45th Anniversary 

  • Slow Watches Tell 24 Hours of Time Using 1 Hand (Watch Wednesdays)

    The concept of the Slow Watch might be a little unsettling at first if your one of the few who depend on a turn of your wrist for the most precise time (air traffic controller, NAVY Seal or human DVR), but if your cell phone tells accurate time and you want something a little more unique give it a shot. What might require a bit of adjusting might just give you a completely different outlook on the concept of time. A full 24 hours of display on a watch has never been done before and while the single hand might give off the theory of a simple mechanism under the hood, it’s actually quite complex. The watch has a Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT movement that originally has 4 hands plus the date, but SW only uses the one hand that shows the 24 hour time in order to create a true slow watch that is reduced to only one necessary component. A unique differentiator for the watch lover. Slow Watches $250-290

  • Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Planétarium Watch [Video]

    Get ready to see the most beautiful watch you’ve ever set your eyes on. The Midnight Planetarium from Van Cleef & Arpels features six of the planets orbiting the sun in real time. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are represented by precious stones around a rose gold sun. The case is also 18kt rose gold and the strap is made from alligator leather. This is probably the closest you’ll ever get to seeing the watch, since many Van Cleef & Arpels sell for well over $20,000, so enjoy the video.

  • Pebble Steel Watch (Watch Wednesday)

    One of the original smart watches to have mainstream success, the Pebble Watch, now has a more chic look. An option for a leather and steel band. The main concern with the original Pebble was the playful look that was reminiscent of a childs swatch. The steel band option really distinguishes the watch and it’s capabilities. The case is forged of CNC-machined stainless steel in a brushed or matte black finish, but retains the ePaper display and app compatibility of its plastic sibling. Each one ships with a metal and leather strap giving you a good diverse choice for any occasion. So now you can act like James Bond without feeling like Jimmy Neutron. Pebble Steel $249

  • The Basic MWC G10 Military Watch (Watch Wednesday)

    MWC supplies watches for the military, police forces, antiterrorist units, and also, for you. The G10LM is a smaller faced watch that still exudes ruggedness. It features a military webbing strap, a screw down caseback, and quartz movement. Available in 5 colors. MWC G10 Watch $96 

  • Own The Watch Used To Call JFK’s Time Of Death

    On November 22, 1963, neurosurgeon Dr. Kemp Clark was called to Parkland Memorial Hospital to see to President John F Kennedy. When all attempts at reviving the President proved futile, it was Dr. Clark’s duty to call the time of death. Unfortunately, nobody was really sure when President Kennedy died and nobody was looking at the clock anyway, so Dr. Clark made an approximation at 1:00 PM. Dr. Kemp’s family insists that he used his watch to make the call although Kemp himself is not on record as ever saying that. But witnesses agree he was at least wearing the watch. And hey, even without the history, the 1949 Patek Phillipe is the first waterproof watch the company produced. That’s got to be worth the estimated $100,000-$150,000, right? 

  • Style Watch: Power On Powder, Tech Gear on the Mountain

    Technology has done wonders for mountain sports in the past few years, the introduction to goggle tech in particular. Cameras, GPS and built-in heads up display are a few of the features making your downhill runs that much more compelling as well as interactive, sharing videos, stats and locating friends are all features offered within a piece of protective eyewear. Audio is another branch of tech that’s advancing every year, with the addition of audio synced with Bluetooth riders are able to listen to their favorite tunes on a run, without the danger of complete noise cancellation. Here are this season’s best tech additions to the cold weather mountain gear category. Whether a gift or a treat yo’ self holiday purchase, keep these in mind when doing your shopping. 

  • Worn&wound NYC Nato Watch Strap (Watch Wednesdays)

    Worn&wound, a site dedicated to showcasing not only their product, but their passion for high quality watches at an affordable price point. Their NYC Nato watch straps are just about the hottest thing in the watch world right now, so much so that they can barely keep them on the shelves. The straps are classic in design with a modern twist with refined colors and leather along with it’s unfinished hardware that gives this watch strap a rugged feel. Believe the hype. Worn&wound NYC Nato Watch Strap Photo Credit: Worn&Wound  

  • Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph

    Omega recently rereleased their 1969 Bullhead Chronograph, a unique style time piece with it’s crown sitting at 12 o’clock high on the case, in between a set of chronograph actuators (hence “Bullhead” ). The second crown hangs low and alone at the 6 o’clock mark used to rotate the internal bezel. As far as details go, the new Bullhead stays true to it’s original shape, but beefed up fit contemporary standards.

  • Samsung Gear Commercial Evokes It’s Inspiration

    Samsung is the first of the big tech powerhouses to hit the market with a real life smart-watch. Ever since the days of yonder a wearable smart-watch was something only seen on sci-fi and spy shows. Samsung’s newest spot pays homage to those wrist pieces that were the obvious inspiration for the watch. The spot features devices from The Jetsons, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Knight Rider, Predator and Star Trek followed by a 360-degree look at the Gear with a tagline that reads “it’s finally real.”

  • Jay Z’s $33K Watch: The Shawn Carter By Hublot Classic Fusion

    Jay Z just may have made Hublot more popular tha Hublot ever could. Their biggest fan and advocate, Mr. Carter has mentioned the Swiss watch brand in nearly every one of his songs. Almost. Hublot has finally returned the favor, dropping this November 30th at Barney’s, Hublot Classic Fusion and Carter will be releasing their $17,900 watch in black ceramic which will be limited to 250 pieces and the yellow gold (yes, that’s 3N yellow, not rose gold) will be made in just 100 pieces with a price of $33,900. The Shawn Carter by Hublot Classic Fusion is 45mm in diameter, though quite thin – the HUB1300 hand-wound movement is just 2.90mm thick. See exclusive photos at Hodinkee.

  • Bell & Ross BR 126 Blackbird (Watch Wednesdays)

    Bell & Ross has always been synonymous with aviation and for their latest toy, named it after the fastest, highest plane to ever be built. To pay homage to the black beast, Bell & Ross is releasing the limited edition BR 126 Blackbird, that’s almost as beautiful as the plane themselves. The matte-black dial has become a standard with B&R, but the more interesting take on the watch is the independent hand to measure minutes in a full 60-minute arc on the main dial as opposed to relegating it to a 30-minute sub-dial. It also sports an a.m./p.m. indicator and a flyback complication. Orange canvas strap and a black rubber strap NATO-style strap. 500 pieces total, so get’em quick. $6,700

  • Michelsen Arctic Explorer (Watch Wednesdays)

    The Arctic Explorer was the official timepiece of the Solo to the South Pole Expedition. The perfect combination of luxury meets dependable. This 100m waterproof time piece was made to withstand the most extreme elements, tailored specifically to the expectations and need of outdoor enthusiasts. The different colored, robust dials make it easy to read in every daily situationwhile the unique bold arrow shaped hands hold the same purpose. The collection was designed with frequent travellers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It features the traditional three hands and a calendar but with an additional 24-hour hand and a rotatable bezel. These features allow the wearer to read three different time zones. Michelsen Arctic Explorer $1,960

  • Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel Watch (Watch Wednesday)

    The Navitimer Cosmonaute, was the fist watch in space, ascending with Mercury astronaut,Scott Carpenter, in 1962. Breitling’s new ‘blacksteel version’ is sure to have Breitling-ites, up in arms, trying to get their hands on this black beauty. The watch is one of the few watches on the planet with a unique 24 hour time display made for time telling during multiple orbits. Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel $10,000

  • Luminox Tony Kanaan Valjoux Chronograph

    When you think Luminox, you don’t necessarily think luxury, however with this limited (very)  Tony Kanaan Valjoux edition, you’ll be getting just that. From their Fall/Winter 2013 collection, this time piece features all the bells and whistles and then some. The green  and yellow accent colors symbolize the Brazilian race car driver’s heritage with a stainless steel, black PVD case measuring 44mm and a ceramic bezel.  An automatic ETA Valjoux 7750 movement with a power reserve of 38 hours. Luminox Tony Kanaan Valjoux Chronograph $3,000 (311 Pieces)    

  • The Omega Seamaster Diver ETNZ (Watch Wednesday)

    Introducing The Omega Seamaster Diver ETNZ, a watch dedicated to the America’s Cup for their fourth edition timepiece with Emirates Team New Zealand.  The diameter is a large 44mm in a stainless steel case with the uni-directional bezel is made of ceramic. The performance of the watch is the real deal, a 300 meter diver with helium escape valve (located at 10 o’clock), but it’s also a chronograph with 5 minute regatta markings. So if you’re a true diver or just want a little bit of helium to make children (and myself) giggle, you know where the release valve is.  

  • Weiss Watch Company Field Watch (Watch Wednesday)

     Weiss Watch Company is an American manufactured company base out of California. What better way to leave you off before the birthday of the U. S. of A than with their Field Watch. The fully mechanical movement is a manually wound Caliber 6497 that is comprised of over 60 Swiss parts. These parts are then hand-finished and assembled in Los Angeles, California and encased in a 41.5mm water resistant, 316 stainless steel case with sapphire front and back crystals. The beauty of the watch speaks for itself but the delivery is tremendous. Each watch arrives in a wood box accompanied with an extra brown leather band and tool for making the switch. Weiss Watch $795.00

  • Victorinox Original LE 1989 (Watch Wednesday)

    The “original” Original was launched by Victorinox Swiss Army in 1989, and has since become a standard icon for not only the brand, but watches across the globe.  The watch comes with a tan leather band and under band add on, perfect for all your summer garb. Also sports a 40mm case diameter and aluminum screw in bezel, more than enough room to showcase it’s chronograph.

  • Attending The Launch Of Ballast Watches In NYC

    Ballast, a new luxury watch brand that launched this season, had an event at Randolph Beer in Manhattan’s Lower East Side where the inaugural submarine inspired line was on display. We had a few craft beers, ate a burger with cheddar and bacon and went home with a couple of sick watches.      

  • Memorial Day Weekend Style Guide

    Pack up your weekend bag and get the hell out of dodge this weekend. A little long weekend away will leave you rejuvenated for the summer workplace. We’ve gathered up every piece of garb you need, whether you’re hopping on a plane, diving in some waves or just lounging at a barbecue. Neon colors are sure to be everywhere and that’s fine, but if you’re going to go neon, own it. Don’t just slap on a bright yellow tank with a “Where’s Molly?” caption on it. Put a little more effort into it. But if you’re not 16 or on massive amounts of good time performing enhancing supplements, go a little more subtle with a bright short sleeve button down and ONLY our RSVLTS American Dream Team tank. Wear  pair of hybrid board shorts, incase pool time seems appropriate.   If you’re traveling might want to button up a little bit, no one wants to sit next to the guy in a tank top and jean shorts. Even if it’s ironic, don’t be that guy. Get a nice pair of noise canceling headphones, like Beats by Dre, Solo’s that come in an array of colors and small enough for easy packing. Block out more »

  • TAG Heuer Automobile Club de Monaco Black Edition (Watch Wednesday)

    Designed for the automobile club of Monaco, in super limited quantity, 225 watches to be exact, coated in titanium carbide and features sub dials at 3 and 9 o’clock as well as a date display at 6. The watch pays homage to  the king of vintage Heuer, 1970s Black Monaco, which is so rare, Heuer can’t even confirm it actually existed. The AMC features a orange “sahara” lining and a steel folding buckle with safety push buttons. $8,200 Available in June 1970 Black Monaco, One of the rarest Heuer’s on the planet      

  • Bell & Ross Pays Tribute to The Falcon’s 50th (Watch Wednesday)

    This year at Baselworld, Bell & Ross announced it’s heritage line, paying homage to the innovation and style of 1960’s aviation. With that, they’ve created these limited edition pieces in honor of the revolutionary Falcon Jet that paved the way for both business and military planes. The look and feel of the face is an almost exact replica of the look and style of the retro times. One watch holds a simple face, while the other a chronograph. Bell & Ross 

  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GoodPlanet (Watch Wednesday)

    Since 2011, OMEGA has worked alongside the GoodPlanet Foundation raising public awareness of our oceans and sharing its dedication to sustainability. OMEGA has committed a portion of the proceeds from this Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GoodPlanet to fully funding a project to preserve the mangroves and seagrasses in Southeast Asia and educating the local population about the conservation of these important natural resources that are such a critical part of a balanced eco-system. The watch comes with a blue leather strap or classic stainless steel band. Price TBD.

  • Bell & Ross Aviation B01 Collection (Watch Wednesday)

    Bell & Ross timepieces are synonymous with aviation and to pay homage, last year created a series of watches mimicking the gauges in a cockpit. This year they’re back with Indicator, Climb and Airspeed model gauge watches. The indicator is interesting enough for a conversation starter, the yellow triangle normally pointing in the right direction, now serves as an hour marker, a second disc showing the minute and the third disc in the center serves as a second hand. The Airspeed and Climb have a more traditional three hand model. Each watch is limited to 999 pieces and is cased in black steel.

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