• Could Sitcom Characters Really Afford Their Cribs? [Infographic]

    Due to the nature of TV, a large space is needed to film in, so sitcom characters tend to live in pretty big spaces. But sometimes the space is so big as to make it extremely difficult to suspend disbelief. This infographic takes 15 TV characters from current and classic shows and ranks their ability to pay for their homes. Did you believe Al Bundy could afford his two-story, 3 bedroom house on his shoe salesman salary? Not even close. And Danny Tanner, the happiest widower on TV, paying for that giant house in San Francisco for his 3 daughters and 2 best friends as host of a local morning show? They’d be on the street in no time!

  • Mustangs In The Movies [Infographic]

    On April 17, 1964, Ford unveiled the first Mustang, dubbed the “1964,” at the New York World’s Fair. The car was an immediate success and its innovative, sporty design made it perfect for action-packed movies.  The Mustang first appeared in the James Bond film “Goldfinger” in September of 1964. The historic car chase in Steve McQueen’s “Bullitt” in 1968 solidified the car’s reputation as a legitimate action star. This infographic highlights some of the Mustang’s most memorable roles, up through Will Smith’s 2007 Shelby GT500 in “I Am Legend.”

  • The Many Varieties of Whiskey (Infographic)

    Pop Chart Labs, the creators of some of our favorite visual data charts have FINALLY created a visualization of whiskey. The chart features different variations of grandpas ol’ cough syrup ranging from Kentucky Bourbon to Irish Single pot, the chart breaks down different distilleries and brands as well. “A spirited taxonomy of the ultimate amber elixir, this chart categorizes and distills all the major varieties of whiskey–from scotch to bourbon to single malt to moonshine.” The Many Varieties of Whiskey $29  

  • The Game of Thrones Sex Infographic

    Since it’s inception Game of Trones has been about three things. Power, death and sex. Not necessarily in that order. In fact quite often the opposite. The show has made it’s mark as pushing the erotica limits in terms of on screen nudity and sex. Cool Material created this informative and hilarious infographic showing the map of characters who’ve done the hibbity bibbity with one another.

  • The Daily Schedules Of (Successful) Creative People [Infographic]

    Is there a perfect schedule to maximize one’s creative output? Probably not, if these varied schedules are of any indication. What’s more important is to probably just have a schedule in the first place. It’s interesting to note, too, that the notion of creative types being night owls who sleep in until the afternoon is not all that true. Most of these folks are up by 6 AM. So what’s your excuse? Click on the image for full size.

  • Your State’s Highest-Paid Employee Is Probably A Coach [Infographic]

    According to this infographic there is a good chance that your state’s highest paid employee is a coach. You might be asking, “so are my hard-earned tax dollars paying these coaches?” The answer is probably not according to Deadspin. The bulk of this coaching money—especially at the big football schools—is paid out of the revenue that the teams generate.

  • Evolution Of Famous Logos [Infographic]

    Track the evolution of some of the most recognizable brand logos of the last century with this infographic. Sure the simple, dignified minimalism ever-present with today’s logos is better than some of the busy of the 40s, but the Microsoft should have stuck with their 1981 logo. The font looks like something off an old videogame, maybe “Micrsoft: Clippy’s Voyage” for the Atari 2600. The rundown of the worst logos at the bottom is pretty entertaining, too. What were you thinking, Kidsexchange??

  • The Global Guide To Hand Gestures [Infographic]

    Plan on an international vacation any time soon? You might be wise to look at this infographic and learn what common hand gestures mean around the world. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a pickle after a giving a thumbs up to some Latin American gentlemen. And the downward hand wave meaning “go away” in some countries and “come here” in others? That’s more confusing than flammable and inflammable! Source: Cheap Flights

  • NASCAR Vs Formula 1 [Infographic]

    Although we all know that NASCAR versus Formula 1 debate was settled by that thought-provoking Will Ferell documentary “Talladega Nights,” there are some interesting facts presented in this infographic. Obviously, since this comes from Formula 1 sponsor Red Bull, the info aims to show the superiority of the sport through technology, money, and crazy steering wheels, but the fact that NASCAR, a sport limited to just the United States, is a viable competitor is pretty impressive. Plus, that Jean Girard character was a real jackass. U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • How To Avoid A Hangover [Infographic]

    St. Patrick’s Day has arrived and chances are you re going to do a little bit of drinking today. Maybe even a lot of drinking. Before you do, check out this helpful infographic on avoiding the dreaded hangover so you’re not a vomiting zombie at work tomorrow morning. So stock up on some B vitamins and Pedialyte then go out and make an O’Jackass of yourself. Slainte!

  • Which Countries are All 295 Victoria’s Secret Models From? (Infographic)

    Hard to believe, but there have been nearly three-hundred Victoria’s Secret models over the years hailing from 53 countries worldwide. This infographic made by Thrillist breaks down where every model hails from. The United States has a dominant advantage over the rest of the world with 81 models total, more than the next 4 countries combined. But it’s quality not quantity right, Brazil comes in at the second spot with 32, which include Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, those two alone have the power to start a war.

  • Animated Infographic Teaches You How To Moonwalk

    We love Jacob O’Neal’s Animagraffs. He’s the creator of the amazingly detailed “How A Car Engine Works” animated infographic we showed you a while back. His latest creation is a bit sillier but still quite informative. Just master this dance move and you’ll be sure to moonwalk into the girl of your dreams at the next 80s dance night you attend. Or you’ll fall over and look like a jackass.

  • Finally An Up-to-date Apple vs Google Comparison (Infographic)

    Apple and Google have been competing in a tech “space-race” for the past recent years, only there is not end result in sight. Only innovation, and if they can’t create what they’d like, they’ll buy the company who can. This infographic created by Great Business Schools puts both tech-moguls head to head in a fun easy to read visual data chart. From software to hardware to apps, here is the Thrilla in Manila of Silicon Valley.

  • The Real Wolf Of Wall Street [Infographic]

    Martin Scorsese’s “Wolf of Wall Street” will be released on DVD this month, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to see it, you soon will. And if you have seen it, you know you want to see it again. As everyone knows, it’s based on the true story of Wall Street sleazeball Jordan Belfort, but just how true is it? Get a quick rundown on the life of the real Belfort with this infographic then imagine what kind of movie it would have been if he stayed on the path to become a dentist…

  • A Century of Ballparks (Infographic)

    Part of a continuing exploration of information design using baseball as a core theme, this poster, by Lou Spirito, illustrates the current 30 MLB ballparks to scale. Each field is shown in a common green hue while surrounded by a color from the respective home team’s primary palette. Ballparks are arranged in ascending order by date opened. I00 years separates the first and last.

  • Toilet Talk: Cell Phone Usage In Restrooms [Infographic]

    Although you may not admit, chances are you’ve used your phone in the bathroom. Don’t feel bad, most folks are equally disgusting. Just look at the numbers on this infographic. The best thing about this, is it gives you a good idea of whose phone to never borrow. Apparently if you use the Android phone of a Gen Y male, you might as well just put your face on a toilet seat. And as someone who falls into that demographic, I really wish I could dispute that fact…as I post this from my bathroom.

  • What Is In My Tap Water? [Flowchart]

    With this handy flowchart you can figure out why your tap water has a funny taste, smell, or look to it. It will also tell you if the problem is aesthetic or harmful to your health. If you’re easily influenced, be careful not to think you’re water is killing you just based off this chart. Let’s hope it’s just iron or manganese!

  • This Brilliant Kurt Vonnegut Masters Thesis Was Rejected Because it Looked Too Fun

    Legendary author, Kurt Vonnegut, known for his dark, but fulfilling work with sprinkles of satire and humor created a final thesis for his Masters at the University Chicago, but was rejected because he claimed the teacher thought “it was so simple and looked like too much fun.” Vonnegut was an anthropology student at the time, finishing up his final thesis which he would go on to note was his “prettiest contribution” to the culture which he would eventually thrive in publishing literary classics like “Slaughter House 5″, “Cats Cradle” and “Breakfast of Champions”. His theory was that the main character of every story has ups and downs throughout the duration of the piece which can be graphed revealing a visual “shape” of every story.

  • The Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing A Suit (infographic)

    You’re wearing your suit all wrong. Well, not entirely wrong, but you could be doing a better job. ‘The Gentleman’s Guide To Wearing A Suit’ infographic shows fellows how to wear a jacket, fold a pocket square, choose the right size pants and shirts based on their build and even choosing the right pair of shoes. UK based retail shop Psyche created this useful infographic to help you along the way to proper manhood.

  • How Does A Curling Stone Curl? [Infographic]

    Watching curling for the babes is fun and all, but at some point it would be cool to actually understand what is going on. It’s only natural that in between thoughts of “Damn, that chick is hot” and “Damn, that chick is hot, too,” you think “Why do they do all that sweeping?” It’s not some natural inclination towards domestic chores, you chauvinist pig, but rather a way to melt the ice and reduce friction. You can read a scientific study about the physics at work or you can take the easy way out and just read this infographic. It has pictures!

  • Your Brain On Beer vs Coffee (Infographic)

    The distinction between alcohol and caffeine is a tried and true argument when kickstarting the creative juices. Countless (majority) of great writers, artists and musicians have been under some form of influence when creating brilliant works, but is that the most conducive form of inspiration? The college years are a perfect example of this. Both alcohol and caffeine encouraged in every facet of college life. Stay awake to party, stay awake to get to class. Drink to get a party buzz, drink to get through an auditorium lecture on the history of post modern jazz. We get it. What this infographic by ILOVECOFFEE.JP does is breaks down the chemical functions of both coffee and beer, the good, bad and best time to drink each.

  • The Odds of Becoming a Pro Athlete (Infographic)

    The odds of a highschool athlete going pro is a constantly fluctuating number. Ryan Sleeper of OSM Guy decided to consolidate the numbers provided by scholarshipstats.com, which tracks the number of high school players in the US along with the number that advance to play on a Division I, II, or III NCAA team. Because this is a bi-gender piece, football isn’t included, but the stats are available on the OSM Story. Learn About Tableau

  • Aerial Heat Map Reveals Where People Run In 22 Major Cities

    One of our more popular stories from July 2012 titled “Aerial Data Visualisation Reveals Life In The United States” explored the hidden patterns and rhythms that make America work. Now the brilliant minds at FlowingData used publicly available data records from workout app RunKeeper to map where people run in 22 cities across America, Canada and Europe. The result is a series of gorgeous and intriguing visualizations. These maps reveal areas with the most foot traffic, indicated with thicker, darker lines. Other, less traveled routes are fainter and harder to see. It comes as no surprise that parks, waterways, and other more picturesque areas tend to be the most popular courses people take. However, the data Yau pulled for the project is not particularly comprehensive of all runners, just the ones who use RunKeeper. Data may also be skewed by other factors. The map of New York City, for instance, shows a dark outline which follows the route of the New York City Marathon, a race that includes over 50,000 runners. On the FlowingData website, Yau states that he hopes these maps are not only interesting to look at, but can also serve a greater purpose, such as helping to “plan future workouts or more »

  • Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick [Infographic]

    Drinking water is the worst. There’s no flavor…it doesn’t get you drunk…why bother? Well, if the eggheads behind this infographic know what they’re talking about, that stuff is actually pretty important. Digestive disorders, skin disorders, bladder and kidney problems, and fatigue are just some of the adverse effects from not drinking enough water. And as an added bonus, drinking water speeds up your metabolism and the lack of calories means it won’t contribute to your gross beer belly, you disgusting slob. So be sure to add a splash to your scotch (it opens the bouquet, you know) or perhaps forgo the alcohol and just drink the water. At least sometimes. 

  • The Brutal Anihilation of Blockbuster by Netflix (Infographic)

    No question Netflix was the catalyst behind the decline of movie rental giant, Blockbuster. Kind of. Blockbuster was already in hot water way before Netflix was on the grid, then in a feeble attempt to compete with Netflix Blockbuster thought offering more candy might entice more people to come rent a tangible rental, seriously, they did that. In 2002 an online streaming deal fell through with Blockbuster and Enron, from there Netflix capitalized and by 2004 it was game over. Netflix had it’s first profitable year breaking the $6.8 Million mark.

  • 40 Years of Iconic Masks in Music (Infographic)

    The mystery of masks in music has always held a special place in music. From Kiss to the ever unpopular bucket-head of the new, strange Guns ‘n’ Roses, masks have always given a enigmatic sense to the performers on stage, giving their show a personality of it’s own. This is a visual rundown of the greatest masks in the last 40 years of music, done by ://www.justposhmasks.com/” target=”_blank”>JustPoshMasks

  • 40 Infamous Villain Hideouts You Wish Were Real (Infographic)

    Some of the most unforgettable villains in literature and on screen have been synonymous with a secret lair or hideout that’s arguably cooler than the villain itself. The antagonist hideout is the central location for plotting evil schemes for taking down the hero or achieving world domination. This infographic by Movoto shows some of the most well known hideouts from cinema and television.

  • 13 Failed Predictions That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong [Infographic]

    Did you ever have those positive-thinking musclemen come to your school when you were a kid, telling you to be a “dream maker” not a “dream breaker” before tearing phone books in half? Well, in their own insane way, they were really onto something. Throughout history, some of the world’s biggest innovations have been scoffed at as being an impossibility or simply a passing fancy. The electric light bulb? Automobiles? Those things are for niche enthusiasts and crackpot tinkerers. I’ll stick with candles and horses, thank you very much. 

  • 10 Surprising Facts About the Sochi Olympics (Infographics)

    The Olympics haven’t even begun yet, but there’s already a great deal of controversy surrounding the games. From corruption surrounding construction of facilities to more recent news of ski slopes and conditions being dangerously steep for athletes to compete on. This infographic done by Finances online tells tales of triumph, tragedy, pride and glory in the history of the Winter Olympics.


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