• Tour Your Favorite Scotch Distilleries From Google Maps

    If you enjoy single malt scotch whisky, you probably dream of visiting your favorite distilleries. And with the hefty price tags of each tasty dram, your Scottish vacation will remain nothing but a dream. But fear not, for Diageo and Google want to help you out. Diageo, the world’s largest producer of spirits, is no stranger to scotch whisky, controlling such popular brands as Johnnie Walker, Oban, Talisker, and Lagavulin. And through the magic of Google’s Business View, Diageo is now inviting you to tour four of their iconic distilleries in Scotland. 360-degree virtual tours of the Cardhu, The Singleton of Glen Ord, Talisker, and Lagavulin distilleries are now available via Google. So go ahead and tour the distilleries on Google so you won’t feel so bad when you forego a vacation to buy a bottle of Talisker 30.

  • Don’t Bogart Oskar Blues’ Pinner IPA

    It’s no secret that the folks at Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery enjoy their state’s liberal attitudes toward cannabis. Hell, they’ve even promoted the fact that an empty can of Dale’s Pale Ale can be used as a smoking device. But with their latest brew, Oskar Blues’ love of marijuana is more evident than ever. Named after the slang term for tiny joints, Pinner Throwback IPA is actually Oskar Blues’ lowest ABV offering at 4.9%. So it’s on the weaker side, like a pinner. And once you pop the top, you are greeted with a very familiar aroma that reminds you just how closely related hops and cannabis are. If that’s not enough for you, to really make their point, the cans are stamped with “Can I Be Blunt?” above the logo. The not-so-subtle brew is already available in Colorado and North Carolina where Oskar Blues breweries are located. All 41 states where Oskar Blues is available will begin selling Pinner beginning March 1. Remember, don’t bogart that can. Chug, chug, pass.

  • From Gluten-Free Beer to Kombucha, Alcohol Options for Health-Conscious Drinkers [Link]

    With so many choices available thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of the craft beer movement, there’s never been a better time to be a beer drinker. In fact, even people who couldn’t drink beer before are finding ways to enjoy a cold brew. Coconut water, kombucha, and gluten-free ingredients are all finding their way into concoctions made to appeal to a broad demographic of health-conscious drinkers, enabling more and more people to get buzzed. And what could be wrong with that?

  • Crown Royal Regal Apple Is A Flavored Whiskey Everyone Can Enjoy

    The popularity of whiskey has surged in recent years all across the board. Once the drink of cowboys and old men in suits, men and women imbibers of all ages are now enjoying the water of life. One such reason may be the emergence of flavored whiskeys that serve as an inviting introduction to the spirit. Whereas many distillers dove right in, releasing flavor after flavor in an effort to see what would stick, Crown Royal has taken a more thoughtful approach to introducing flavored varieties. And we are most thankful for that. Crown Royal Regal Apple is only the second flavored whiskey from the Canadian distiller after Crown Royal Maple, which came out over two years ago. Crown Royal has taken their time to perfect Regal Apple and after one sip, it’s clear that their effort was not in vain. Regal Apple is first and foremost a Crown Royal whiskey. It has that velvety smoothness that is tough to beat in it’s entry-level price range. Although the “whiskeyness” of the dram is simplified compared to other offerings from Crown, it’s for the best, because more than anything, Regal Apple is about apple. Regal gala apples were selected to impart more »

  • 78 Cocktails Every Party Monster Should Know

    Forget old-school measures like ml and oz. Information is Beautiful calculated their own universal metric. One of any ingredient represents one part of any measuring vessel you choose: cup, spoon, lid, shoe, whatever – it’s your party! These universal recipes scale up for any level of mayhem. Enjoy please, but drink responsibly.

  • Beer Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies [Link]

    It’s just about that time of year when Girl Scouts accost us in front of grocery stores and force us to break our New Year’s resolutions and buy way too many cookies. We all know we’re going to buy them, so we might as well make the best of it and enhance the already delicious cookies great beers. But with so many beers and cookies to choose from, where do you begin? Craft Beer and Brewing asked the experts to ensure we get the most out of our cookie indulging.

  • Jim Beam’s New Rye Uses An Old Recipe

    Jim Beam already produces America’s best-selling rye whiskey, but as interest in rye increases, thanks especially to the craft cocktail explosion, the distiller decided it was time to reformulate the iconic brand. But instead of creating some new flavored or infused whiskey, as so often is the case these days, Jim Beam looked to the past. Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Style Rye is made using one of the Beam family’s oldest recipes to produce a rye whiskey that is bolder, higher proof (90 versus 80), and spicier. The reformulation will impart more of a rye kick when used in cocktails. The new recipe will replace the old Jim Beam Rye along with changing the familiar yellow label to a green label with a more modern look. Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Style Rye rolls out in the US this month with a suggested retail price of $22.99 for a 750ml bottle.

  • Science is About to Replace Mixologists With a Less Smug Machine

    Mustache wax and suspender stocks plummeted recently after news that the Somabar had surpassed it’s Kickstarter goal. The Wi-Fi connected craft cocktail appliance created specifically for the home kitchen has once day left on it’s Kickstarter page, but it has already reached nearly 6x it’s goal of $50,000. Mixologists across the globe, be afraid. This is only the beginning. It can make over 300 drinks. How does it work? Simply, fill the Soma pods with your favorite ingredients – alcohol, juice, syrups – and you’re ready to start experimenting. It’s static mixing technology ensure’s your cocktail is thoroughly mixed before it is dispensed into your glass, then, boom. You have yourself a perfectly mixed cocktail. The only thing missing that look of distain you’ve become accustomed to when asking what it recommends.

  • Ralph Lauren Opens Polo Bar In New York City [9 Photos]

    This past fall, superstar designer Ralph Lauren opened his Fifth Avenue flagship Polo store, attracting fashion shoppers from all over the world. And today, Ralph Lauren is hoping to win over diners (and drinkers) with the opening of his first NYC restaurant, Polo Bar. The Fifth Avenue eatery promises a “casual yet refined setting,” being the sort of place where you’d expect Ralph and his buds to exchange fox hunting stories or something while sipping on brandy and wondering what the poor people are doing. Of course, being a Fifth Avenue bar with Fifth Avenue prices ($24 burger), Polo Bar probably won’t become a regular hangout for schlubs like us, but with its extensive cocktail menu, including an impressive selection of single malt scotch, the Polo Bar will definitely be a place to imbibe on special occasions.

  • Taste Your Grandfather’s First Single Malt With Glenfiddich The Original

    In 1963, Scotch drinkers who weren’t fortunate enough to live in Scotland were only familiar with blended scotch, a category dominated by Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, and Dewar’s. Single malts were simply ingredients to be used in blends and, outside of some small operations, never sold on their own. But Sandy Grant Gordon, great grandson of William Grant, knew that Glenfiddich’s single malt was great and deserved to marketed on its own. With that, the single malt category was born. Over 50 years later, Glenfiddich pays homage to that original single malt with the aplty named The Original. Released in November and limited to just 24,000 bottle worldwide, The Original is already becoming tough to find. And with one taste, it’s easy to see why. Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman, who was born 9 years after the 1963 single malt was released, recreated the classic scotch using the notes of former Master Distiller Hamish Robertson along with Glenfiddich’s collection of vintage drams. What’s most interesting is how light and noncomplex The Original is. Whereas most scotch today is aged in oak barrels, sherry casks were much more prominent back then. The result is a lighter and surprisingly sweet scotch. At more »

  • 10 Need-To-Know Tips for Cooking With Wine

    With the holidays behind us, you may find yourself with a few (dozen) bottles of unfinished wine. But before you start pouring it down the sink, resolving never to drink a drop of alcohol again, try using it in your cooking. Red or white, still or bubbly, all wine has a place in cooking. Plus, the alcohol cooks out of it, so you’d still be keeping your temperance resolution. Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your leftover wine.

  • This Beer Will Help You Reach Your Creative Peak

    Do you notice that you’re better able to think up solutions to problems while imbibing beer? Probably not, because research has shown the “creative peak” to occur at a blood alcohol concentration of .075–a level that can be hard to gauge. Less alcohol and you may be overthinking too much while any more and might just be stupid drunk. To help drinkers reach their full potential, creative agency CP+B Copenhagen teamed with Rocket Brewing to create the Problem Solver. A 7.1% ABV India Pale Ale, the Problem Solver includes a scale on the side of the bottle that tells you how much to drink based on your bodyweight to reach the sweet spot of .075 BAC. Unfortunately, the brew is only available in Copenhagen, so until then we’ll just have to keep drinking ourselves stupid in a neverending quest for our creative peak. Bottoms up!

  • The Many Varieties Of Whiskey [Infographic]

    If you’re new to the brown stuff or even a seasoned veteran, trying to figure out what you’re looking at when you’re browsing the liquor stuff can be a daunting task. Gone are the days when you were limited to two or three Irish whiskeys, scotches, bourbons, and ryes. Don’t get us wrong, the immense variety is a great thing, but finding something to new to try can be a daunting task. Thankfully, this infographic from Pop Chart Lab makes the process much easier. Enjoy it below, learn a little something, and pick up a print for $29 from Pop Chart Lab.

  • The Difference Between Being Hungover In Your 20s Vs. Being Hungover In Your 30s

    Being hungover is NOT FUN. But I’ve always thought the common belief about the older you get, the worse your hangovers are is bullshit. My hangovers are no more worse in my late 20s than they were at 21, but my threshold and expectations for how to handle myself when hungover is much, much different. What do you think, older Bros? Is this video -ish or what?

  • Everything You Need to Know About Beer

    The world of beer today is complex to say the least. With craft beers becoming more prevalent in the bars and liquor stores, the industry is getting competitive and with competition comes progress and experimentation. Some of the most delightful beers on the market are hybrids in some sense and with that comes a very difficult task in categorizing. Business Insider decided to take on that task by creating a taxonomy of most major beer styles. Begin in the center and choose your own destiny.

  • The Drinking Jacket Just Earned Almost 1000% It’s Goal on Kickstarter

    Zane Lamprey is America’s favorite drinker. He’s made a career of traveling the world drinking for the betterment of man. He’s hosted shows like Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy and most recently a crowd funded show called CHUG all based around finding the coolest watering holes spanning the globe. Somewhere along the way Zane had an epiphany; a jacket. A jacket made for drinking, fully equipped with pockets lined like a beer coozie, made especially for a beer bottle or can, another pocket made for a flask and a zipper that doubles as a bottle opener. If that’s not enough, the jacket comes with foldable slip resistant drinking mitts. The Drinking Jacket began funding on Kickstarter with a goal of $50,000 and is nearly at $485,000 with less than a day left on it’s window for accepting funds, so if you’re hoping to grab one of these donate while you still can. The Drinking Jacket

  • 78 Cocktails Everyone Should Know [Infographic]

    Need to brush up on classic cocktail recipes for your holiday party? Don’t bother with that dusty copy of Mr. Boston. Just take a look at this simple, clear infographic from Information is Beautiful featuring 78 of the most common cocktails. Fun fact: Having never heard of a “Monkey Gland,” I did a little research. It’s a real cocktail from the 1920s and it’s named after a surgical procedure performed by French surgeon Serge Voronoff wherein he would graft monkey testicle tissue on to the testicles of men—for therapeutic reasons, of course. The more you know…

  • Glenlivet Launches Christmas Gift Packs

    Let’s be honest, alcohol makes a great gift any time of year. But it’s even better to purchase around Christmas because of the gift packs that are available, featuring extras like branded glassware or flasks or samples of other products. However, these gift packs seem to be less common with single malt distillers. If you’re spending the extra dough on a delicious singe malt, you should be rewarded with a little something extra this time of year, right? Glenlivet agrees. The Glenlivet 12 is America’s most popular single malt and it’s easy to see why. The smooth Speyside, a favorite of Tony Soprano, is simple enough for scotch novices to enjoy while remaining a solid standby for veterans. And the price is right for an entry-level single malt. And now you can enjoy it in seasonal gift pack varieties. Master typographer Alan Kitching designed the packaging, featuring specially-commissioned letter press artwork. Inside you’ll find a 70cl bottle of the Glenlivet 12. The gift packs feature either two branded glasses or 5cl miniature bottles of the 15 Year Old French Oak Reserve and 18 Year Old expressions. Both packs also contain a booklet with a history of the distillery. Get yours more »

  • How Much Rum Can You Now Bring Back From Cuba?

    With the announcement that the United States’ relationship with Cuba is warming, there has been plenty of excitement about heading down to the island nation and loading up on fine cigars. That’s all well and good, but what we really want is some rum. After the revolution in 1959, the communist government took control of Havana Club distillery. Since then, the brand has been off limits to United states citizens. But the Arechabala family, who started Havana Club, moved to the US after the revolution. They sold the rights to the brand to Bacardi, who began producing their own Havana Club rum in 2012. However, Pernod Ricard still distributes the Cuban Havana Club rum around the world. Bacardi’s Havana Club is a great rum, but we’re curious to try the stuff from the original Cuban distillery. And now, we can go to Cuba and bring back up to $100 worth of goods. But just how much rum is that? With a little help from Trip Advisor, we figured it all out.

  • Dogfish Head Made Scrapple Beer And People Are Actually Drinking It

    Are you from Delaware or Pennsylvania or South Jersey? If not, you may not be familiar with scrapple. It’s a sort of mystery loaf made from boiling down whatever pig parts are around until a mush develops. The mush is cooked up as a loaf then sliced and fried with breakfast. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely an acquired taste. And it’s not something anyone would use to brew beer. Until now. As proof that craft brewing has gone too far and brewers are running out of ideas, Delaware’s Dogfish Head has developed Beer for Breakfast, a draft beer exclusive to their brewpub. The breakfast brew is made with 25 pounds of scrapple, maple syrup, barley smoked over applewood, lactose (milk sugar), and coffee. Beer for Breakfast was released December 5 to great acclaim. Due to the amount of work it takes to brew the beer, Dogfish Head has no intentions of ever bottling it, so if you want to try some, you better head to Delaware. But hurry, those Delware creeps can’t get enough of the stuff and its going fast. Source: Dogfish Head

  • Now You Can Sample Wine Without Opening The Bottle

    You’ve finally outgrown your love of hobo wines like Thunderbird and Wild Irish Rose and picked up a nice Beaujolais, maybe a Gewürztraminer, and perhaps even a Blaufränkisch. You invite a few equally grown-up friends over for a tasting, complete with pungent cured meats on tiny pieces of toast, then get ready to dive in. But wait! You are an adult now, and you can’t drink all that wine in one evening. But if you open the bottles and don’t drink, they’ll spoil. Why must you be tested in such an inhumane manner? Don’t fret, friend. The Coravin 1000 Wine Access System is here to help. The device allows you to gather a sample from a bottle without ever popping the cork. No, slow-witted reader, it’s not magic. The Coravin features a medical grade needle that makes its way through the cork in order to obtain a wine sample. After the sample has been collected, the remaining wine is saved from oxidation by argon gas. The inert gas protects without adding any unwanted flavor to the wine. The entire process takes just 20 seconds. You can pick up a Corvin 1000 Wine Access System for $299 directly from Coravin. The more »

  • 12 Drinks Of Christmas [Infographic]

    Christmas isn’t just a season of giving, it’s also a time to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol in order to put up with family members you try your best to avoid the rest of the year. In the spirit of both giving and drinking, Redditor eightballart created this infographic featuring 12 cocktails to coincide with the most annoying of holiday songs, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” And hey, look, it’s already the afternoon! Time to get started with a Partridge in a Pear Tree.


    If you’re like most folks, chances are you’ll find yourself traveling for the holidays. And if this winter is anything like last year, you’ll find yourself stuck at an airport along the way. But that doesn’t mean you have to pick at a $9 chicken sandwich made days ago while you try to figure out how to use the free WiFi. Airports these days have plenty of great options, especially when it comes to drinking. Here are your best bets in America’s ten busiest airports.

  • Laphroaig Descriptions Make For Great Christmas Carols [Video]

    Laphroaig is one of the tastiest single malt scotches on the market, but its intense peaty and smokey flavor can be a bit much for those who don’t usually drink scotch. Laphroaig realizes this and has a great sense of humor about its unique flavor. This year they’ve produced numerous ads featuring lovers and haters describing the flavor and they’ve also invited anyone to share their opinion on the taste, whether it be good or bad, on their website. And now, just in time for the holidays, Laphroaig has set the funniest descriptions to popular Christmas melodies. Slàinte.

  • This Poster Is The Ultimate Cocktail Guide

    You’re hosting a holiday party, you have all the finest booze, all the mixers, ad you even have a variety of bitters. But then you realize you don’t actually know how to make any drinks. Your guests are asking for a Rusty Nail and a Harvey Wallbanger and you start to fumble with your phone in desperation. But your fingers, soaked with sweat, slip and slide all over your touchscreen. You drop your phone, breaking the screen. Next thing you know, you’re crying on the floor and your guests head over to Todd’s house because he used to tend bar and he knows how to make every cocktail. Damn you, Todd. If the preceding scenario is all too familiar to you, perhaps you should invest in this cocktail poster. Including 35 of the most popular cocktails, the poster also features pictured of the glass shape along with diagrams breaking down the individual ingredients, mixing proportions, and the way of preparation. Check out the order page at Cocktail Poster. It just might save your social life.

  • Anatomy Of A Hangover [Infographic]

    Friday is here and chances are you’ll enjoy a drink or twelve this weekend then curse yourself when you awake with a hangover on Monday morning. How you can save yourself from the living hell of dehydration, nausea, and headache? By learning just what that deliciously evil alcohol is doing to your body. So study this infographic and take the proper precautions, including eating some food and drinking plenty of water. And maybe—and I know this is crazy—but maybe try not drinking quite so much. Or at least just stick to one alcohol. You’re on notice, Long Island Iced Tea.

  • NYC’s 17th Century Rules For Drinking Responsibly

    Before New York City was New York City, it was New Amsterdam. The Dutch settled the New Netherland territory in the early 1600s and established its capital, New Amsterdam, at the southern tip of present-day Manhattan. In 1647, Peter Stuyvesant was appointed Director-General of the territory. He was unhappy to find a settlement of riotous drunks who began imbibing in the morning and were engaged in fisticuffs by midday. In order to bring order to the colony, Stuyvesant instituted an 8-point ordinance on drinking. The New York City Department of Records recently began curating a digital archive of early New York documents, including Stuyvesant’s edict on alcohol consumption. NYC history blog The Bowery Boys summed up the 8 points as follows: 1. “Henceforth no new taproom, tavern or inn shall be opened.” 2. “The taverns, taprooms and inns, already established, may continue for at least four consecutive years, but in the meantime the owners shall be obliged to engage in some other honest business at this place.” 3. “The tavern-keepers and tapsters are allowed to continue in their business for four years at least, but only on condition, that they shall not transfer their former occupation.” 4. “The tavern keepers more »


    Everybody knows to pair with the main dish, but if you’re looking to maximize your alcohol intake, why not try pairing with every dish? It may seem daunting to come up with the best wine, beer, and liquor to imbibe with all the different foods at Thanksgiving, but fear not, for the boozehounds at Vinepair have done all the work. Protip: If you want to try each paring, be sure to just take a sip of your drink or you will most certainly be dead before you can get that sweet deal on McAfee Antivirus at Walmart on Friday.

  • The Lowdown On Hops [Infographic]

    For the most part, beer is made up of water, malt, hops, and yeast. Water, malt, and yeast are used for plenty of other things, too, so we’re all pretty familiar with them. But what exactly are hops? Why and how are they so important to making delicious brews? Let Scottish brewery BrewDog teach you all about the flavorful flowers with this informative infographic.

  • A One Of A Kind Whisky Collection For $1.5 Million

    Harrods, the London-based luxury retailer of such reasonably-priced goods as a $6000 stuffed lion toy, has the perfect Christmas gift for any whisky lover on your list—The Dalmore Paterson Collection. The collection is made up of 12 whiskies from Richard Paterson, Master Distiller of The Dalmore. Each whisky comes bottled in its own crystal decanter adorned with a sterling silver collar and stag. The collection is then housed in a handcrafted bespoke cabinet and accompanied with Paterson’s handwritten ledger detailing each unique whisky. The Paterson Collection will set you back £987,500, or about $1.5 million and can only be purchased at The Wine Shop at Harrods, but you can gawk at it online all you want. Is it worth it? That’s up to you—after all, you can buy 60,000 bottles of Cutty Sark for the same price!

  • This Smart Shaker Will Transform The Way You Make Cocktails

    Step into any hip bar these days and everyone will be sipping on cocktails such as a Rob Roy, a Tom Collins, or even a Joe Cucci (Sambuca and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur), but unless you’re that dude who mentored Tom Cruise in “Cocktail,” (you’re not, because—spoiler alert—he dies) when you try to recreate those drinks at home, you invariably fail. Don’t fret! Instead of drowning your sorrows in a poorly mixed concoction, get your hands on a B4RM4N and make perfect drinks every time. The B4RM4N is a smart shaker that communicates with an iOS or Android app and ensures you’re following over 100 cocktail recipes every step of the way. From the amount of each ingredient to the type of ice needed (crushed or cubed) to the time you spend shaking, everything is monitored via the shaker and app. And if you don’t know what cocktail to make, just put in what ingredients you have on hand and the B4RM4N app will offer you suggestions. How can you get your hands on one? The B4RM4N is currently raising money on Kickstarter, but with over $40,000 of the $100,000 goal raised, funding shouldn’t be an issue. And early backers more »

  • Budweiser’s Classic Bottles Look Great In The RSVLTS Beer Fridge

    Ahh the vintage beer craze. Just when you thought it was going to peak with Miller Lite’s 1970s-era cans Budweiser decided to jump on board with their limited edition #HolidayBuds campaign. We were lucky enough to receive a classic inspired wooden crate, which were released across America this week, and we must tip our hat to the King of Beers, because they actually did a great job not only with the crates, which were handmade by a North Carolina shop called Vintage Editions, but also with the bottle labels which are exact replicas from Budweiser’s past, 1918 (beginning of Prohibition), 1933 (end of Prohibition) or 1976 (the brand’s 100th anniversary).

  • The World’s Best Whisky Is From Japan?

    Since 2003, English writer and journalist Jim Murray has shared his take on the world’s greatest whisky in his annual book on the subject Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. And each year whisky aficionados could count on a Scottish distillery to at least appear in the top five, if not in the number one slot. But this year, for the first time ever, there is no Scotch whisky in the top five. In fact, the number one spot didn’t go to an Irish or American whiskey, either. After sampling 4,700 whiskies, Murray gave top honors to Japan’s Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013. The Yamazaki received a 97.5 out of 100 for its “nose of exquisite boldness”—a sharp contrast to the boring Scottish whiskies which Murray feels have grown complacent and offer very little innovation. If you’re looking for a bottle of the Yamazaki, good luck. Only 18,000 were produced and it will cost you around $200. Or you can check out Murray’s other recommendations when the Whisky Bible 2015 comes out November 11. Pre-order your copy today from Amazon. I don’t know about you, but I think Old Crow has a real good chance this year…

  • Bacardi Triangle: A Weekend Jaunt to Puerto Rico for Pool Parties, Halloween Cocktails and Calvin Harris [Photos + GIFS]

    You can expect three things from Bacardi in 2015. Music, travel and parties. This past weekend we got to experience a taste of what is to come in the next year and as you’ll see from our photos and GIFS, it’s glorious! The world’s most popular rum producer has found that simply slapping their name on title sponsorship of a pre-existing event is not an effective marketing tactic anymore as their fans, who just so happen to “align perfectly with RSVLTS,” according to Bacardi brand reps, are seeking more of an immersive, memorable and epic experiences. We agree. With that knowledge Bacardi has decided to take the lead by producing their very own travel adventures that blend music with exotic party atmospheres to give their fans the opportunity to have a few cocktails in paradise and snap absurdly amazing photos to share with friends who are anxiously following along at home. — Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet — The first event in this new initiative, which will be expanded upon even further in 2015, was Bacardi Triangle, a three day, super exclusive music festival and travel adventure for 1,862 lucky Bacardi fans, celebrities and lucky friends more »