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Bilious Beer Brewed With Belly Button Bacteria

Having exhausted every imaginable flavor addition to beer (coffee, peanut butter, avocado, scrapple, etc.), brewers are now turning towards alternative sources for the yeast necessary to the brewing process. Back in March, we told you about a beer made from the vaginal yeast of a Czech model and we were…


Fridays Are For Beer: Briney Melon Gose

The temperature is finally warming up here at RSVLTS HQ and in celebration of having to blast the AC again, I decided to go opt for a light, refreshing beer today. And for sourheads such as myself, nothing is more refreshing than a gose. A top-fermented brew, with moderate alcohol…

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Getting Drunk On A Diet [Infographic]

Are you trying to get rid of your beer belly but can’t stomach the thought of giving up booze? Well I’ve got some terrible news for you. There’s a reason why they call it a “beer belly,” you know. Alcohol is loaded with calories and those calories are making you…


Americans Are Drinking All Of Cuba’s Beer

Last year, 161,000 Americans traveled to Cuba, an increase of 77 percent as President Obama continues to ease travel restrictions to the communist island nation. And with Carnival cruise line beginning service from the US to Cuba next month, that number will surely grow. And this sudden influx of American…


The Evolution Of Beer [Infographic]

Beer is pretty amazing when you think about it — and not just because it gets us drunk (although that’s a great aspect of it). Thanks to craft breweries and creative homebrewers, there are constant innovations being brought to a beverage that it is believed was first imbibed about 12,000…


Fridays Are For Beer: Romantic Chemistry IPA

I don’t usually go for fruit-tinged IPAs because whereas they always smell like delicious fruit, it’s all just a cruel trick to fool you into imbibing 4000 IBUs of pure hops hell. But when I heard about Dogfish Head’s Romantic Chemistry IPA, brewed with mango, apricots and ginger, I decided…