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BrewDog Is Raising Money By Selling Shares

Scotland’s BrewDog brewery has always done business a bit differently. In 2010, they decided to raise money for expansion by turning to the craft beer fans who so enjoy the brewery’s unique offerings. The program, called Equity For Punks, offered up shares in BrewDog and was a huge success. Now…


The Turbulent History Of Gin [Link]

Until the recent craft cocktail explosion, gin was mostly seen as the drink of choice for red-nosed old men and widows who leave lipstick marks on Benson & Hedges cigarette butts. But throughout its history, the spirit has seen its reputation change time and time again. See how gin, which…


Californians Can Conserve Water By Drinking More Beer

As California’s devastating drought continues, residents are looking to conserve water any way they can. Although cutting back on complimentary water at restaurants and removing swimming pools helps, the majority of California’s water is used for agricultural purposes. In fact, creating foodstuffs accounts for an incredible 80% of the state’s…