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Beer Shortages? Global Warming Just Got Personal

Photo source: Visitor7/Creative Commons Global warming is causing storms and hurricanes to become stronger and more frequent. Global warming is causing the endangerment of certain species (including innocent, little penguins) and melting away the glorious glaciers of the world. Global warming is threatening the worldwide water supply and might cause a widespread…


Scotland’s BrewDog Is Opening A US Brewery

Scotland’s BrewDog brewery, who we recently reported was raising money for expansion by selling shares in the company, has revealed plans for their first brewery outside the UK. Canal Winchester, a suburb southeast of Columbus, OH, has been announced as the headquarters of BrewDog USA. The 100,000-sqaure-foot facility is expected…


Kirin Beer To Begin Home Delivery In Tokyo

Kirin, Japan’s number two brewery in terms of market share, may have come up with an idea to finally overtake top dog Asahi. Beginning in August, Kirin will offer home delivery to Tokyo’s 23 wards with more of Japan to follow. And customers don’t need a kegerator or similar setup…