• Max Olesker Spent 3 Months In The Gym To Find Out What Ripped-to-Shit Feels Like

    The Rise And Rise of the Spornosexual By: Max Olesker for Esquire UK Even now, still, it’s ‘Brad Pitt in Fight Club’. That’s the body blokes ask for,” says personal trainer Tim Walker. “He looks great but he’s not massive. He’s just got really good abs, good arms and an alright chest. And that’s what people want: to be lean, have a six pack.” Walker, 34, from Essex, has been a personal trainer since 2003, and for the last 12 years has specialised in transforming men’s physiques in 12 weeks. “My clients tend to be from 20 to around 50 years old,” Walker says. “I’m training one bloke who’s 57.” The programme is intense and comprehensive, consisting of four weekly one-on-one sessions with Walker plus “homework” (think sprints, press-ups and cardio) and a complete diet overhaul. It’s a schedule I have agreed to undertake. I’m embarking on Walker’s three-month Warrior Workout because I’m investigating men’s bodies. That is, ahem, I’m investigating the trend of men getting increasingly… ripped. Jacked. Pumped. Whatever you call it, it’s a certain type of “fit”. “There’s this big thing now called ‘physique training’,” Walker says. “It’s all about having abs, looking like a fitness model.” It’s a look that more »

  • Get Soccer-Player Legs In 30 Minutes

    Sure, players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Beckham were blessed with preternatural ball-handling skills, but their ridiculously well-built thighs are the result of hard training. A recent study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that a mix of high-intensity endurance and strength training made elite players faster and more powerful. Complete this circuit, from the study’s coauthor Jan Helgerud, a professor of medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, two to three times a week and you’ll have the abs and legs of a baller in no time.

  • New Study Proves the Best Dance Moves for Men to Attract Women

    There’s finally science driven proof explaining how your dance floor can make you more or less attractive to women. Evolutionary biologists from the University of Gottingen and Northumbria University that women find a specific set of movies men make while dancing more attractive than other. Movements of movements of the head, neck and torso and quick leg movements rate more highly than others. Looks like the shopping cart just isn’t going to cut it anymore. In a recent published story in Biology Letters, researchers noted, “dancing ability, particularly that of men, may serve as a signal of mate quality … in terms of health, vigor or strength, though this remains to be confirmed.” Because of inconsistencies that would hinder the viewers perception, such as attractiveness and clothing, researchers instead recruited 30 men to dance to a drum beat for 30 seconds and recorded their movements via a motion-tracking system. They then rendered a gender neutral figure and mimicked the moves of the 30 men. Then 37 heterosexual women ages 18-35 were asked to rate each of the 30 dance routines on a seven-point scale, then the highest ranked dance moved floated to the top. And so, the results are in more »

  • The World’s Greatest Stretch [Infographic]

    A few months back we visited EXOS training center located just outside Phoenix, Arizona to go through one of their famous NFL combine routines. EXOS, known to be the leader in integrated performance training for elite and professional athletes, has trained Super Bowl champions, MVPs, All-Pros, Rookies of the Year, and 7 #1 NFL Draft picks in the last decade. One look at their Facebook page will show you just how absurd their client roster really is. One thing that still sticks out all these months later was a 3 to 5 minute warm-up routine they called “The World’s Greatest Stretch“. Consisting of just seven moves this yoga inspired stretch hit all the major muscle groups and was completely legit for anyone looking to knock off the rust in the morning or warm up for a intramural game. We built this handy infographic to show you the steps.

  • 5 Simple Kettlebell Exercises That Will Blast Your Abs In Under 30 Minutes

    Tony Gentilcore, cofounder of Cressey Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts, met up with Men’s health to share a workout that requires only two kettlebells and will shred your core, eliminate muscle imbalances, boost athletic performance, and pack on lean mass all over. All you need to do is grab two kettlebells and do these exercises in the order shown. Rest 60 seconds between each set and 2 minutes between exercises.

  • Your Post-Workout Protein Shake Should Be Loaded With Insects [Link]

    Are you still reaching for powdered whey protein for your workout shake? You’re doing it wrong, bro. Insects are the way to go. At up to 65% protein by weight and loaded with vitamins and amino acids, dried crickets might be the new go-to for protein supplements. But before we start adding cricket concentrate to our protein bars, people need to get used to the idea of eating bugs. Or maybe just realize that they already eat plenty of insects every day. 

  • Anthony of ‘Elivis Duran and the Morning Show’ Rockin’ RSVLTS on Fitness Segment

    Every week, Anthony of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show films a segment called ‘Work Out Wednesday’ and teams up with Dove Men Care to check out some different methods of getting fit. This week he headed to Aerospance NYC, a boxing based gym that caters to the likes of Adriana Lima, Mark Wahlberg and Hugh “If it ain’t bendin’ you’re pretendin’” Jackman. Oh yeah, and he’s ‘Rockin’ RSVLTS.

  • Dean Karnazes: A Real Life Super Human

    From a biological standpoint, humans are considered some of the best long distance runners in the history of Earth’s organisms. But, the athlete that is to be discussed in this article is clearly some sort of genetic mutation from the typical human being.

  • Spring Workout: Your Neglected Muscles

    Memorial Day Weekend is less than two months away and everyone already knows to start cutting carbs and increasing cardio. We decided to help you focus on some of the more frequently neglected muscles that will help you look your best. Each of the following five body parts are ones most guys don’t focus on in the gym. We’re going to explain why you should and how. 

  • RSVLTS.com conquers Tough Mudder With AeroShot [49 Photos]

    Over the last six weeks, I have been grinding it out at Aerospace Gym with former champion boxer and international fitness expert Michael Olajide, Jr. to gear up for Tough Mudder. Team AeroShot, consisting of Abby from Shape Magazine, Lauren from Fitness Magazine, Erin from Blood, Sweat & Cheers and myself, completed what is probably the toughest event on the planet, with ease, all because of our hardcore training with Michael and a boost from Aeroshot Energy. Tough Mudder was the epitome of teamwork. The girls are seasoned runners so they set a staggering pace and I, to my surprise, was actually able to keep up with them. Thanks, Michael. And I did the heavy lifting by helping them over walls and through obstacles. Now, two days after the run, I can honestly say my upper body is hurting as much, or more, than my legs. I guess tossing people over walls is good for a total body workout. Here are the photos from our Tough Mudder run. Check them out and head over to AeroShot Energy’s Facebook page to see more on our team.

  • RSVLTS vs NFL Star Dhani Jones In A Fitness Showdown [Video + Infographic]

    Yesterday, in the middle of Times Square, former NFL star Dhani Jones went head-to-head with Anthony from RSVLTS.com in a fitness throwdown at Gillette’s “My City is My Gym” pop-up fitness site. Certified trainer EJ Barthel was on hand to pump the guys up and in the end things worked out well for Anthony. You’ll see what we mean at the end of the video… There is no need to spend a butt load of money on a fancy gym ever again. You have everything needed to obtain a rockin’ workout right in your backyard. Check out the graphics below to see eight work outs to do around your city and locations New Yorkers can knock these out.

  • Train and Prep for a Winter Tough Mudder

    This October The Roosevelts are partnering up with Aeroshots and participating in a grueling 12 mile Tough Mudder run. Now we know these mud runs have been plaguing your news feeds and side bar ads, but none of them holds a candle to Tough Mudder. Most of these half ass 5k runs are splish splash fun with the illusion of being badass because you get “down and dirty”. Essentially they’re mud slip’ n’ slides.

  • The Ed Hochuli Workout Program

    Fact: Ed Hochuli is everyone’s favorite NFL referee. So when news of the NFL ref lockout ending broke last night Newsfeeds across America were blasted by his vicious guns. Let’s be honest, the guy can probably bench more weight than 50% of the players on the field. A little background on Hochuli: he is 6’1″, 215-pounds, was a linebacker at UTEP from 1969 to ’72, he is a partner in a Phoenix law firm that specializes in civil litigation and he has run 12 marathons. “You look at him and it looks like he needs to be on our side of the ball, or on defense,” said quarterback Donovan McNabb to SI.com. “He stands on the sidelines looking like one of the linebackers.” Ed Hochuli spoke to SI.com and revealed his four day a week workout plan, follow it below to get in the best shape of your life. MONDAY Chest Barbell flat bench • Three sets of 10 reps at 225 pounds or “pyramid” sets of 12 reps (185 pounds); 10 (205); eight (215); six (225); 12 (185) • Ten sets of 10 at 205 pounds Dumbbell flat bench • Three sets of 10 reps, at 90 pounds each arm, or five sets of 12 (80 more »

  • Get Ripped Like Ryan Kwanten Of True Blood With His Work Out Plan

    Ryan Kwanten has an unusual drinking habit: He’ll toss back a few, start to feel bold, and then sign up for an organized athletic competition. “I’ve been known to turn up drunk at triathlons and do very well,” he says. “I’m more of a heat-of-the-moment type of guy. A friend will tell me about something coming up, maybe that weekend, and usually not an abundance of thought goes into my doing it.” Not that alcohol has to be involved. He’ll sign up sober, too, though still on a whim. During our talk, he never mentions which state of mind led him to his last endeavor, this past summer’s Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race. The 33-yearold actor transformed into Competitor No. 115 and finished the milelong loop in 11 minutes and 45 seconds, winning his age group and the entire short-course race. Infuriating, right? Why doesn’t the man just talk big and then stumble home from the bar like everyone else? Because competition is his oxygen.

  • 50 Rare and Interesting Photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    65 years ago today Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in the middle of nowhere Austria. Oh how far he has come. Arnold may often be the worthy butt of jokes but he is an inspiring figure who, through hard work and perseverance, became a the top figures in Hollywood, business and politics. To show his journey from a kid who lifted his first barbell at age 13 to the future Governor of California (and everything in between) we pulled together 50 rare and interesting photos. Once you’re done enjoying the pictures spend some time reading his Wikipedia page.

  • How To Build An At Home Gym For $100

    By: Ren McKnight of GQ Now that you’ve carved out a time to exercise, the next question you have to answer is where. Ideally, you’ll be switching it up—doing circuits at the park, lifting weights at the gym, swimming laps in the pool. But sometimes you don’t have access to a gym. Sometimes you don’t have money for a membership. Sometimes you don’t have the willpower to drag your ass out of bed, get somewhat presentable, go to the gym, work out, then shower, then get to work. You need a spot to squeeze in a workout when everything’s working against you. The most bullshit-proof place? Right in your home.

  • The Best Ab Workout you can do for MDW

    Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner, and if you want to offer up your abs as an option for the ladies to do their laundry on, check out this Mens Health video featuring World-renowned spine specialist, Stuart McGill, referring to the Swiss-Ball Stir-the-Pot as the best core exercise you can do. The workout combines two elements that leave your abs screaming: instability and dynamic movement. This combo allows you to work your rectus abdominis, AKA; The six-pack, AKA; The Washboard Abs, AKA; The Gosling. The Best Ab Workout You Can Do

  • How You Can Get Shoulders Like Dwight Howard

    Dwight Howard madness is heating a fever pitch. Will he stay or will he go? Plenty of people hitting the gym a few times a week have Dwight Howard shoulder envy. Its a real thing, look it up. We contacted Evan Haupt, resident shred master at NYSC Hoboken North to give me some tips on how to get my shoulders looking like Superman. Evan is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer specializing in high intensity training, power lifting, body building and nutrition so he knows what he is talking about.


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