• How To Make Award Winning Chili For National Chili Day

    February 26th is National Chili Day. Rejoice! We found a simple, easy to make recipe that will have you damn close to winning the award for best chili ever. But first there are a few things to keep in mind. The perfect chili recipe calls for a slow cooker—it’s the easiest way to get the richness of a long-simmering stovetop chili. You can buy one for like $15 at Target. Totally worth it. To start developing the flavors, sauté vegetables, ground beef, and spices, then put the mixture into the slow cooker along with tomatoes and kidney beans. Let the chili cook overnight or all day until it’s thickened and has a nice beefy flavor, then stir in jalapeños for a kick of heat. Serve it with cornbread or atop tortilla chips and cheese. Let’s get started. Ingredients: 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 medium yellow onions, medium dice 1 medium red bell pepper, medium dice 6 medium garlic cloves, finely chopped 1/4 cup chili powder 1 tablespoon ground cumin 2 pounds lean ground beef 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt, plus more as needed 1 (28-ounce) can diced tomatoes 1 (14-ounce) can tomato sauce 2 (15-ounce) cans kidney beans, drained and rinsed more »

  • Say Hello To The World’s Hottest Burger

    Is this Hell? No, it’s Iowa. And it just might be worse. That’s because Washington, Iowa restaurant Xtreme Smokehouse and Grill has unveiled the Hellfire Burger and it sounds brutal. Owner Loren Gingrich believes it to be the world’s hottest burger and judging by his recipe, he may be right. He starts with his homemade pepper relish, made with habanero, jalapeno, and serrano peppers. Then he infuses the beef patty with ghost and cayenne peppers and pure chili extract. Then the burger is covered in Hellfire Sauce and a splash of grain alcohol so it can be lit on fire. It’s absurd and we love it. Gingrich believes the burger rates around 1,000,000 on the Scoville Heat Scale, which measures pepper potency. A jalapeno ranks around 5,000 and pepper spray about 2,000,000. That’s probably why Gingrich requires any masochist that wishes to eat the Hellfire Burger be 18 years of age and sign a waiver. So…road trip?

  • Is This Ice Cream Worth $816?

    People like to joke that everything in Dubai is covered in gold. But that can’t be true, right? I mean, it’s not like they put gold on their ice cream. Oh wait, they do. Dubai’s Scoopi Café, a newly launched chocolatier and ice cream café on Al Wasl Road, has begun selling the world’s most expensive ice cream, the “Black Diamond.” Priced at $816 per scoop, the ice cream is made with exotic Madagascar vanilla, Iranian saffron, and black Italian truffle. It’s then topped with 23-karat edible gold. But the good news is you get to keep the Versace bowl and spoon. And in a place where ostentation is encouraged, the “Black Diamond” is sure to be a hit.

  • Bacon Mac Lasagna, Will Love You Then Kill You (Man Meal)

    All hail the king. The Vulgar Chef is the king of the food world. His newest creation is a frankensagna of two of the best paired foods of all time. A combination of two comfort foods that will have you way too comfortable on the couch pants unbuttoned, unzipped and most likely off within 10 minutes of hawking down your last bite. “I wanted to create something I gave a fuck about. I wanted to create something all of you would give a fuck about. I wanted bacon and I wanted that shit stacked the fuck up because food tastes better when its stacked.” says Dr. Frankenstein himself, The Vulgar Chef, a food blogger who prides himself on the delicious and more so than not, unhealthy recipes that make your mouth water and heart palpitate. The Bacon Mac and Cheese Lasagna is a beautiful collaboration of weaved bacon sanwhiched in between humps of mac and cheese and sauce. Take one pound of bacon, slice each piece in half then do as follows according to the chef “6 slices per weave and cooked the tits out of it”. Then layer bacon, cheese, sauce and repeat followed by a final layer of cheese more »

  • 38 Ways To Enjoy Coffee [Infographic]

    We have some great news for coffee drinkers! The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the top nutritional experts in the US, have lifted their decades-long silence on the subject of coffee and it’s nothing but praise for the beverage: Currently, strong evidence shows that consumption of coffee within the moderate range (3 to 5 cups per day or up to 400 mg/d caffeine) is not associated with increased long-term health risks among healthy individuals. In fact, consistent evidence indicates that coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in healthy adults. Moreover, moderate evidence shows a protective association between coffee/caffeine intake and risk of Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, moderate coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy dietary pattern, along with other healthful behaviors. The bad news is that the majority of Americans are barley drinking two cups per day. If you want to drink three to five cups but you feel regular coffee is just too boring, try one or twenty of these coffee drinks. But be careful, the added calories from sugar and dairy can negate some of the healthful benefits.

  • DIY Giant Twix Bar

    My Cupcake Addiction shows us how to make a giant Twix-like chocolate bar. It takes just 30 min., involves no baking or cooking whatsoever and uses just three ingredients: shortbread biscuits, caramel chews and lots of milk chocolate.

  • Little Caesars Has Blessed Us With Bacon Wrapped Pizza

    While many trendy foodies bemoan the bevy of bacon concoctions that restaurants are constantly creating, you won’t see us complaining. We love bacon. We’ve always loved bacon. And we will love bacon until we die, undoubtedly from complications related to bacon binges. We believe those delicious strips of pork belly make everything better, even already amazing pizza. And Little Caesars agrees. On Monday, the top dogs of take-out pizza will begin offering Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza. At $12 a pie, it’s on the pricey side for the chain, which offers up $5 pepperoni pizzas, but it’s certainly not expensive. But what exactly is it? As the name states, it’s a deep dish pizza with bacon wrapped around the crust and topped with pepperoni. And they’re not skimping on the bacon. Three and a half linear feet are used to wrap each crust. It’s certainly not the healthiest choice you can make, with each slice containing 450 calories; 23 grams of fat; 830 milligrams of sodium; and 40 milligrams of cholesterol, but we think it’s worth it. Just don’t dawdle! The Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza is only available for a limited time.

  • Pancake Day: Which Beer Makes The Best Batter? [Link]

    Apparently the day preceding Ash Wednesday is known as Pancake Day, which just happens to be tomorrow. We weren’t aware, but we’re not going to fight it because pancakes are delicious. But what would make them more delicious? How about beer? Sure, it’s worth a shot! Beer makes pancakes light and flavorful, but with so many types to choose from, which beer should you go with? Find out with this guide from The Guardian comparing pancakes made with an amber, pale, blond, milk stout, and bitter.

  • Heinz Sriracha Ketchup Is Now a Thing

    The condiment creators at Heinz have combined the old-school appeal of everyone’s favorite tomato-based standby, ketchup, with the spicy kick of sriracha. Does this mean Heinz has teamed up with David Tran’s Huy Fong Foods, who produces the original sriracha in the rooster squeeze bottle? Absolutely not. Tran never trademarked the sriracha name, believing other products to act as free advertising for his brand. But with Heinz now capitalizing on his creation, will Tran be left in the dust? We’ll have to wait and see. Pick up Heinz Ketchup Blended with Sriracha Flavor for a suggested $2.69 at your local grocery store and let us know how the flavor holds up to the Huy Fong Foods classic.

  • Lunch Around The World [Infographic]

    It’s lunch time! Are you hungry yet? If not, you will be soon. This infographic shares the history of lunch and how the midday meal is enjoyed around the world. It’s funny that what was once considered a ladies’ snack between meals is now the most important meal of the day for those of us with normal nine to five jobs. And it’s a damn shame that bars don’t still offer free lunch. That bobotie stuff sounds pretty good…anyone know of a South African joint around Hoboken?

  • 30 Bizarre Pizzas For National Pizza Day

    According to people on the Internet who need a reason to eat pizza, today is National Pizza Day. We can’t find out what makes February 9 so special and to be honest, we don’t care. As the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught us, pizza is awesome and should be eaten at every meal. Even these bizarre pizzas look pretty good. Well, most of them do. We’re not too sure about that cold fish pizza and we have no interest in finding out.

  • Florida State Fair Introduces The Funnel Cake Burger; 49 Other State Fairs Totally Jealous

    The Florida State Fair begins tomorrow and runs until February 16, meaning you can eat the glorious Funnel Cake Burger every day for 12 days. But you probably shouldn’t. A beef patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle served between two glazed funnel cakes, the Funnel Cake Burger is like a fair food take on the ramen burger that was so popular in New York City forever (i.e. two years) ago. It sounds delicious. It also sounds incredibly bad for you. But just how bad? The Daily Mail did some research and found that a serving of funnel cake is 44 grams of fat and 760 calories. Then they added the nutritional facts from a bunless bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys to conclude that the Funnel Burger is somewhere around 97 grams of fat and 1420 calories. And you’ll want to save room, because that’s not the only epic burger being sold at the fair. The Parmesan Crusted Burger, featuring a twice fried patty coated with a potato chip/parmesan-Romano cheese mixture that’s torched until melted, and the Jalapeno Crusted Burger, with a corn chip/jalapeno/Mexican cheese mix plus guacamole, salsa and sour cream, are other new burgers available to hungry more »

  • New Top-Chef Restaurant, ‘Talde’ Takes Jersey City Food to the Next Level

    Downtown Jersey City eateries will be popping up by the dozens in the coming year, but the king of the castle has planted his flag in the ground for now. Top Chef All-star, Dale Talde, has officially opened “Talde” Jersey City, the second with his namesake after the acclaimed success of his Park Slope restaurant. Talde, with partners John Bush and David Massoni, took on the venture over a year ago and it was worth the wait. The building which the restaurant now calls home has a beautiful historic facade built in the 1800’s and was previously home to the Jersey City Police Department, which gives it the raw loft style Jersey City is synonymous with. The Talde/Bush/Massoni partnership also recently opened Carrino Provisions, directly next door. Carrino is an Italian market/restaurant in partnership with HGTV’s Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri of Kitchen Cousins. We had the pleasure of dining at Talde for it’s opening night and honestly had trouble choosing the right plates from it’s wide array of menu selections. Talde brought the heat from his Brooklyn menu with items like pretzel pork and chive dumplings with a spicy mustard sauce, and the bacon pad Thai, both which I had, both were phenomenal. more »

  • KFC Outdoes Itself With Double Down Dog

    KFC restaurants the world over continue besting each other in sandwiches made with friend chicken buns as KFC Philippines reveals the Double Down Dog. The original Double Down, released in the US in 2010, was a simple sandwich with bacon and cheese and sauce between two fried chicken filets. Then KFC South Korea unleashed the Zinger Double Down MAXX, adding a hashbrown and salsa. Finally, we thought the apex of Double Down innovation arrived last year with the Zinger Double Down KING, featuring a bacon cheeseburger and two sauces betwixt the bun of fried chicken patties. We were wrong. The Double Down Dog, like all Double Down sandwiches, eschews traditional bread for a bun made of fried chicken. And this time, the chicken surrounds a plump hot dog and what appears to be some sort of cheese sauce with chunks of something in it. If you want one, get to your local KFC Philippines ASAP because for some reason, only 50 will be sold each day. Source: Imgur

  • You Can Now Get a Better Fast Food Burger Than In-N-Out in New Jersey

    The long underwhelming history of chain burger joints have left a sour taste in many-a-mouth after years and years of plunging quality around the world, but with a demand for change and healthier product so came the supply. Fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King are struggling to keep their margins thin, while smaller chains who focus on quality over quantity are making great strides. In no way are we saying a Shake Shack burger, fries and shake are healthy, but compare them to a Big Mac meal and you’ll see and taste a stark difference. Plus this year Shake Shack’s IPO put them at a $1Billion valuation. The people have spoken. The statistics are proof of a shifting demand around the country. Consumer Reports surveyed 32,400 subscribers who ranked 65 restaurants during 96,000 dining experiences across the country. While Shake Shack was curiously left off the list of rated restaurants, McDonald’s, the largest chain in the world, came in dead last in the rankings, only slightly worse off than Burger King. So which Better-Burger joint took the crown this time? Has to be In-n-Out Burger, right? Nope. New Comer Smashburger? Nope. The Habit Burger Grill, operated by The more »

  • David Chang’s Ramlet Is Haute Cuisine For Poor College Students [Video]

    David Change, world famous chef and founder of the Momofuku restaurant group, is a master when it comes to every ppor college student’s favorite meal, ramen noodles. Admittedly, Chang’s ramen dishes are a bit more complicated than the instant ramen packets available for pocket change at grocery stores, but he believes that the instant version has its place, too. To illustrate that point, Chang used the deliciously awful for you seasoning packets from an instant ramen meal and used them to make a cheap yet classy traditional omelet dubbed the ramlet. Time to search the couches at RSVLTS for change to I can pick up a few ramen packages on the way home.

  • Beer Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies [Link]

    It’s just about that time of year when Girl Scouts accost us in front of grocery stores and force us to break our New Year’s resolutions and buy way too many cookies. We all know we’re going to buy them, so we might as well make the best of it and enhance the already delicious cookies great beers. But with so many beers and cookies to choose from, where do you begin? Craft Beer and Brewing asked the experts to ensure we get the most out of our cookie indulging.

  • Churro Quesadillas, Smore-Stuffed Banana Boats and More Grilled Desserts to Warm You Up

    The culinary visionaries over at Food Beast have managed to create three of the most over the top, mouth watering dessert recipes with a toasty twist. They’re all made on your barbecue. While you might think it’s too frigid to sit outside grilling tastey treats, think again. A delectably sweet treat might be exactly what you need to rid yourself of the winter blues. Picture this; it’s snowing, you’re sitting in the sanctity of your home eating another delivered pizza, longing for a post supper goodie, but that tub of Ben & Jerry’s is all but empty. Throw on your winter coat and mittens, heat up the grill and get to work. The Churro Quesadillas, Smore-Stuffed Banana Boat and Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs are easy to make and great for putting on some winter hibernation LB’s.   Read about the whole experience and get ingredients here.

  • Ralph Lauren Opens Polo Bar In New York City [9 Photos]

    This past fall, superstar designer Ralph Lauren opened his Fifth Avenue flagship Polo store, attracting fashion shoppers from all over the world. And today, Ralph Lauren is hoping to win over diners (and drinkers) with the opening of his first NYC restaurant, Polo Bar. The Fifth Avenue eatery promises a “casual yet refined setting,” being the sort of place where you’d expect Ralph and his buds to exchange fox hunting stories or something while sipping on brandy and wondering what the poor people are doing. Of course, being a Fifth Avenue bar with Fifth Avenue prices ($24 burger), Polo Bar probably won’t become a regular hangout for schlubs like us, but with its extensive cocktail menu, including an impressive selection of single malt scotch, the Polo Bar will definitely be a place to imbibe on special occasions.

  • The Amazing History of Sriracha As Revealed By It’s Creator

    CEO and founder of Huy Fong Foods, David Tran, walks us through the whole process of the iconic condiment’s lifespan, from inception of idea to execution of product. David started the company in 1980 by hand packing the infamous sauce by hand with a miniature spoon, sourcing only the freshest ingredients to be sure that the element of spice was just right. Now, 35 years later, the only thing that has changed is the process of manufacture, with the quality and origin of Sriracha chillies remaining the same. Quality control is of utmost importance to David with an idealistic business projection to make the sauce spicier in the future. Every detail is painstakingly monitored, even down to the ingenious packaging whereby the color of the lid serves a significant purpose. David Tran says Sriracha can be used on any food so squeeze some onto your breakfast/lunch/dinner and enjoy the video.

  • KFC Goes Full Hipster Down Under, Attempts to Sell Cider & Beer

    Your favorite bucket-o-fried chicken distributor is following suit of a growing trend of fast food chains in Sydney, Australia. KFC has applied for a liquor licencse for a new style concept store. According to Mashable the “new concept store in Parramatta in Western Sydney, which will be known as KFC Urban, Fairfax Media reported” The restaurant will hopefully have a list of beer and cider available for purchase as well. The new concept is targeting a young, hip crowd with design traits like exposed ceiling beams and wood window frames, a higher end, but more “craft” style of decor. The growing trend of health conscious millennials has obviously gotten the fast food industry struck, which is obviously why they’re attempting to throw alcohol at every “of age” youngster, because after a few pints no one and I mean no one could resist a bucket of sultry fried chicken and a biscuit. Our apologies for attempting to make the Colonel more hipster, when he is already, by definition, a hipster. Buddy Holly Glasses, check. Non committal goatee, check. Ironic southern bowtie, check. Gluten Free, eh.  

  • 10 Need-To-Know Tips for Cooking With Wine

    With the holidays behind us, you may find yourself with a few (dozen) bottles of unfinished wine. But before you start pouring it down the sink, resolving never to drink a drop of alcohol again, try using it in your cooking. Red or white, still or bubbly, all wine has a place in cooking. Plus, the alcohol cooks out of it, so you’d still be keeping your temperance resolution. Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your leftover wine.

  • White Castle Unveils Veggie Sliders; Apocalypse Imminent

    I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a veggie slider from White Castle. Revelation 14:14 Doomsday cults are rejoicing the world over as White Castle, a place where you can purchase burgers by the sackful, announced that Veggie Sliders will be available beginning today, December 30. It’s only a matter of time before our righteous neighbors are raptured while the rest of have our eyes eaten out by our pets while we sleep or something (please excuse our tenuous grasp of the Bible). Actually, it’s not that bad. Burger King has offered a veggie burger for years and the world keeps spinning. And White Castle actually tested the sliders in select New Jersey and New York stores last summer to great acclaim. The patties are made by Dr. Praeger’s, which is a popular brand available in the freezer section of many grocery stores. White Castle says each patty is “chock full of lots of vegetables like carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach, broccoli, and more.” The 99 cent burgers also come with a choice of three sauces: honey mustard, more »

  • These Chobani Flavors Are Getting Out Of Hand

    You’ve got to hand it to Chobani. They took a healthy product that’s been around for thousands of years and loaded it with sugar and fruit flavors to make it palatable to Americans. Hell, they even released a Pumpkin Spice flavor this year which was vile and which we bought three cups of for some reason. Where will they go next? Chobani_Flavors on Instagram has come up with a couple hundred ideas for the yogurt maker. Some are hip flavors such as Sriracha; some are brilliant cross-promotions such as Burt’s Bees; and some are just confusing such Right Triangle. Actually, Pine Needle would probably sell with the Greeks. They already eat mastic with everything which is basically Pine-Sol flavored gum.

  • Red Robin Reveals Secret Hangover Cure Burger

    No matter what your New Year’s Eve plans are, one thing you can count on is that alcohol will be involved. Well, unless you’re a Mennonite or something, in which case you probably wouldn’t be using a computer and reading this. But if you’re going to be drinking, you’ll be looking for a hangover cure January 1. And Red Robin has just what you need. The burger chain has conducted a survey that found 46% of drinking-age Americans rely on food to cure their hangover. And the top foods are eggs (51%), breakfast meats (49%), and burgers (45%). With this knowledge, Red Robin concocted the ultimate hangover cure, a burger topped with chili, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, mushrooms and a sunny-side up egg on a sesame seed bun. The Hangover Burger will only be available for seven days beginning January 1–and only by request. And best of all, Red Robin also serves alcohol, for an extra “hair of the dog” cure.

  • Mashed Potatoes On Burgers?? Wendy’s Japan Just Won The Fast Food War

    In celebration of the holidays, Wendy’s Japan is offering a “Turkey Special” made up of what they think we Americans eat. If only it were true. Two sandwiches are part of the promotion, Pretzel Turkey Mashed Potato Burger and Pretzel Turkey Spicy Chicken Burger. Don’t let the names fool you, both have mashed potatoes along with turkey slices on a pretzel bun. The Mashed Potato Burger has a beef patty and cheese while the Spicy Chicken Burger features a chicken filet. Get yours before they’re gone any Wendy’s in Japan for 680 yen (~$5.69 US). So…anybody want to send us a few?

  • This Pizza Has 99 Cheeses; Your Move, Donatello

    Remember that scene in TMNT when Donatello calls a 99-cheese pizza a “culinary impossibility?” Well master pizza chef Johnny di Francesco remembered and decided to take on the challenge. The Melbourne chef, who is the first Australian ever trained in Naples to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana VPN rules and who recently won first place at the pizza world championships in Italy, decided to try his hand at the first pie of its kind. He begins by melting down a mix of 96 cheeses in a pot, which can take up to an hour. Then he builds the pie and sprinkles buffalo mozzarella, goat cheese, fior di latte, ricotta, and raspadura to reach 99. Becuase of the time it takes to prepare each 99-cheese pizza, the $23 pie was only served at di Francesco’s Gradi restaurant in the Crown casino complex during a two-hour block at lunch time on Saturday. What do you think America? How about we steal the recipe and add one disgusting slice of American cheese on top and claim the first 100-cheese pizza? via NDTV

  • 10 Mouthwatering Cheeseburgers Inspired by 10 American Cities

    The Cheese and Burger Society was created by Wisconsin’s milk marketing board to pay tribute to the state’s unbelievable line-up for cheeses. If you’ve never had authentic Wisconsin cheese curds you haven’t lived. In addition to all things cheese the society created a website called cheeseandburger.com that features mouthwatering burger recipes from across the U.S. of A. So far 40 burgers have been profiled, which you can view here, and we’ve narrowed the list down to 10 that are inspired by American cities.

  • Shake Shack + Breakfast Sandwich = New Elated Reality

    Christmas, hanukkah, Kwanza and Festivus come early. How early? Between the hours of 7 AM to 10:30 AM on weekdays at the Grand Central Terminal Shake Shack. That’s right Shake Shack breakfast can now be had at it’s first Manhattan location, until today’s announcement the burger joint only a breakfast menu at it’s JFK Airport locations. The announcement makes complete sense for it’s Grand Central location which accounts for tens of thousands of daily foot traffic. The menu will have a sausage egg n’ cheese sandwich, an applewood-smoked bacon egg n’ cheese sandwich, and a simple egg n’ cheese sandwich. The meat versions will cost $4.75 while the meatless egg n’ cheese will cost $3.75 served on the usual potato rolls with American cheese. Shack Shack will also have hot drip and cold brew coffee, as well as hot breakfast teas. The full menu can be seen below.

  • Would You Pay $8 To Build Your Own McDonald’s Sandwich?

    McDonald’s store sales continue to fall as younger consumers opt for casual fast food restaurants such as Chipotle and Panera over the yellow arches. How can the home of the Big Mac win back these millenials? With longer wait times and more expensive choices, of course! McDonald’s has been testing “Create Your Taste” kiosks at four locations in California. Using a touchscreen, customers can choose exactly how they want their burger or chicken sandwich, with a variety of fresh toppings offered. Surveys have showed that younger people have no problem waiting for food (the customized sanwiches take about seven minutes) as long as they can get it how they want it with fresh ingredients. And it’s a win for the stores, who charge $8.29 for the sandwich with medium drink and fries, considerably more than most menu options. The program is immediately heading to 30 more stores, with an additional 2,000 locations receiving the kiosks in 2015. We’re sure we’ll try it once, just for the novelty alone, but will it the program be enough to keep us Gen Yers coming back? Best burgers around – I found my new obsession

  • Pizza Hut Australia Is Offering Doritos Crust

    While Pizza Hut here in the US recently unveiled a new menu complete with balsamic drizzle, honey sriracha crust, and fresh spinach, the pizza maker’s Australian counterpart has gone the Taco Bell route and opted to add Doritos. A press release states that the company spent months developing the new Doritos Crunchy Crust, which is amazing because it seems to be nothing more than crushed up Doritos stuck to crust using mozzarella cheese, then covered in cheddar. Perhaps they meant that they spent months getting high and talking about how great of an idea it would be before anyone sobered up enough for five minutes to actually make it. Don’t get us wrong, we’re enjoying the new US Pizza Hut offerings (pretzel crust!), but we can’t help but feel a tinge of regret that we’ll never know the glory of Doritos Crunchy Crust. We know it’s terrible for us, but this Tweet sums up our feelings perfectly: There's cheese hiding under the Doritos and I know I should be disgusted but I'm not. #PizzaHutCrunch pic.twitter.com/jcTHapcXeK — Rae Johnston (@miss_raej) December 2, 2014 Yeah…so how long would it take to get a pizza delivered from Australia? We’re really good tippers.