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how to roast a pig

How to Roast a Pig (Book)

The all encompassing guide to roasting your very own pig. The idea in itself seems like the pinnacle of outdoor cooking, a feast for all looked upon with envy and salivating mouths by all friends and onlookers, but the task can be grueling and disastrous with out the proper techniques and…

grilling books

3 Essential Grilling Books For Summer

Part of becoming a man is knowing how to grill. It’s a coming of age journey not mastered overnight. It takes time, trials and of course, error. Hopefully not giving an entire party full of guests salmonella, but we all make mistakes manning the grill. With all things intricate comes a step by…

know your knives

Know Your Knives (infographic)

Okay, so you got wise and got yourself a set of proper knives, now what? What’s the difference between the butchers cleaver and that long rigid one? Stop pretending you know how to use the filet and learn how to use the filet. This infographic will help you distinguish your…