• Man Meal: How To Dry Age a Cut of Beef Yourself

    If you’ve ever had yourself a cut of aged meat, it’s no wonder why it costs nearly double then regular cuts at most restaurants who serve it. While it’s known that most fresh beef is aged for a few days to allow enzymes in the meat to break down muscle tissue, giving the meat better texture and flavor, the process of long dry aging beef is a bit more ambiguous. The difference between dry-aged beef and the steak you pick up, shrink wrapped at the grocery store is drastic. Drastic enough to never second guess the price on a dry-age cut again. Grocery store steaks are whats known as wet aging, holding in all the moisture after the cut is sealed, while dry aging is exposed to air, so dehydration can further concentrate the meat’s flavor. So why isn’t every piece of meat dry aged? Because it’s expensive and the dried meat has to be trimmed off the cut, making the cut lighter as well, so for some that extra exquisite flavor and texture isn’t worth a lighter, more expensive cut. Though the dry age option might not be cost effective, it’s a great special occasion option for any meat more »

  • RSVLTS Exclusive: Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro Creates the “Teddy Roosemelt” Just For Us

    Here at the RSVLTS, when it comes to choosing our favorite Man Meal creations, we often look to employ the unofficial “holy trinity of B’s” toward our selections: Burgers, Brats and Beer. And hot dogs too…stadium dogs rule. So when the good people at Amstel Light (the official beer of the burger ™) approached us with an opportunity that checked off 2/3 of the above – including a custom recipe by chef/“The Sandwich King” Jeff Mauro – we jumped at the chance to make it happen, especially with Spring and grilling season right around the corner. So after providing a few very RSVLTS-style suggestions, The Sandwich King took the task to grill and came up with this insanely delicious-sounding burger: The Teddy RooseMelt See below for the full description, recipe and interview, courtesy of Mauro himself. Also stay tuned for a recreation of the recipe as part of the next RSVLTS Man Meal post. How did you partner up with Amstel? They realized that me being the sandwich and Amstel being the official beer of the burger and the burger being the ultimate sandwich it was a match made in heaven. I also love beer and down in south beach more »

  • Bacon Mac Lasagna, Will Love You Then Kill You (Man Meal)

    All hail the king. The Vulgar Chef is the king of the food world. His newest creation is a frankensagna of two of the best paired foods of all time. A combination of two comfort foods that will have you way too comfortable on the couch pants unbuttoned, unzipped and most likely off within 10 minutes of hawking down your last bite. “I wanted to create something I gave a fuck about. I wanted to create something all of you would give a fuck about. I wanted bacon and I wanted that shit stacked the fuck up because food tastes better when its stacked.” says Dr. Frankenstein himself, The Vulgar Chef, a food blogger who prides himself on the delicious and more so than not, unhealthy recipes that make your mouth water and heart palpitate. The Bacon Mac and Cheese Lasagna is a beautiful collaboration of weaved bacon sanwhiched in between humps of mac and cheese and sauce. Take one pound of bacon, slice each piece in half then do as follows according to the chef “6 slices per weave and cooked the tits out of it”. Then layer bacon, cheese, sauce and repeat followed by a final layer of cheese more »

  • How To Recreate Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces At Home [Infographic]

    What’s better than greasy meat smothered in a delicious sauce? That’s a tough one. After all, there’s a reason that restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings rake in the business. Of course, if you find yourself besieged by a craving for chicken wings and spicy garlic dip, in all likelihood you’re going to have to shell out some cash in order to find satisfaction, and chances are you’re going to have to do it amid a crowd of people. On the other hand, you can save money and hassle by cooking up your own wings at home. And what about the sauces? Well, we’ve got you covered there as well. Take a look at this handy infographic, and get ready to enjoy some wild wings, without needing to go to the restaurant to do it.

  • The Pizzadilla: Do you like pizza? Do you like quesadillas? Prepare to have your mind blown.

    The pizzadilla is what happens when the pizza and the quesadilla get together and make sweet, greasy, cheesy, carby love. And, thanks to J. Kenji López-Alt at Serious Eats and his simple recipe, this food hybrid is no longer something that exists only in your dreams. So now you can make it. Tonight. Y’know, after that post-work ‘relaxing’ beer. It will take 15 mins and you need a cast-iron skillet, or just a thin frying pan if the concept of a skillet escapes you at 1am. Ingredients include two tortillas, a lot of cheese and a tomato base, plus whatever toppings you want *empties out entire fridge*. The cooking process seems fairly fool-proof. There is frying and grilling involved, plus a little light flipping. What you need: 1/2 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil 2 large flour tortillas that just fit inside your cast iron skillet 3/4 cup store-bought or homemade pizza sauce 5 ounce shredded whole milk low moisture mozzarella cheese 2 ounces grated Parmesan cheese, divided 2 basil leaves, roughly torn Additional toppings, as desired Step-by-step directions: Step 1. Adjust oven rack to 6 to 8 inches below broiler element and preheat broiler to high. Heat oil in a large cast iron skillet over high more »

  • These Sriracha Chicken Nuggets Are So F&%king Simple To Make!

    Sriracha is the miracle food and people are legit addicted to it. You can put it in your beer, on your Hot Dogs and even make it at home. But now today you’ll learn how to make Sriracha Chicken Nuggets. It’s only a matter of time until someone opens a food truck in NYC dedicated only to Sriracha. 

  • Man Meal: The Pizza Cake

    Have a birthday coming up within the next year? Of course you do. Like Pizza? Of course you do. Like layered pizzas stacked on top of each other creating the most delicious lasagna style tower of heaven? Yes, it’s fair to say you do. Now how can you indulge in such a delectable dish? We’ll you’ll most likely have to wait for your birthday, but it’ll be worth the wait. The pizza cake has long been sought after, but only a myth to most. A legend grandfathers exclaim to their grandsons of how they once witnessed the glory of a pizza cake in the days of yonder. Allegedly it all started when a Canadian Pizza chain invented the “pizza cake” followed by a Redditor who broke down the doors of myth and reality. Now Pillsbury has published a step by step recipe (Pictures included, thank goodness) for your eating pleasure and we’re going to share it with you. This is what we we’re meant to do for you, give you a step by step guide to pizza glory. Be aware. regular un-stacked slices of pizza may lose all flavor and meaning post pizza cake.     Step 1 Heat oven to 400°F. Lightly spray more »

  • Jersey City’s Hamilton Park BBQ Festival was as Delicious as it Looks [24 HQ Photos]

    For the fifth straight year Hamilton Park, Jersey City hosted their acclaimed Barbecue Festival which went off without a hitch. The festival featured live music throughout the day, sweets & desserts from local creamery ‘Milk, Sugar, Love’, a mechanical bull (to embarrass yourself on) and delicious barbecued meats from GP’s Restaurant, Union Republic, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Pensylvania’s Jimmy’s BBQ, Delaney Barbecue of Broklyn and Ben’s BBQ. There was live music from the likes of The Gully Hubbards, The Sensational Country Blues Wonders, The Accidental Seabirds, The Jeremy Wallace Trio, Eliza Neals, Sons of Ham, and The Lonesome Prairie Dogs. The developing neighborhood of Hamilton Park prides itself on it’s close knit community, while also welcoming a new wave of residents in the real estate hot bed of downtown Jersey City. The annual barbecue festival is a great opportunity to showcase the beautifully rennovated park and quaint neighborhood of brownstone’s and townhouses surrounding it. Proceeds from this past weekends events will be donated to the Hamilton Park Conservancy.

  • Jersey City’s 5th Annual ‘Hamilton Park BBQ Festival’ is Almost Upon Us

    One of the most revered food festivals west of the Hudson is back for it’s fifth annual celebration of barbecued and barbecue sauce smothered foods. This Saturday, in a quaint Jersey City neighborhood 5 minutes outside of Manhattan called Hamilton Park, restaurants near and far will set up shop to showcase their best BBQ dishes. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Pensylvania’s Jimmy’s BBQ and Delaney Barbecue of Brooklyn as well as Jersey City’s own GP’s Restaurant and Union Republic will be among the featured restaurants participating this year. Along with the delectable array of barbecue smoked meats will be Hamilton Inn, a Hamilton Park based restaurant, will be serving up some interesting drinks like whiskey slushies paired with brews from New Jersey Beer Co while Blue J Syrups, Cholita Desert Bar, HopsScotch, Lizmonade, and Milk Sugar Love will be taking care of your sweet tooth fix. And if you haven’t embarrassed yourself enough walking about with barbecue sauce and ice cream spread all over your face and shirt like an art class smock, you can ride the mechanical bull, but we suggest having a go before you delve into the food. Saturday, September 22 from 12pm-8pm. For more information check out their Facebook

  • Meat: Everything You Need to Know in the Words of Pat LaFrieda [Book]

    Meat master chef, Pat LaFrieda wants you to love cooking meats just as much as him, so he decided to write a book bestowing all of his knowledge upon us. With over 75 recipes on how to cook  a beautifully prepared cut of beef, pork, lamb, veal, or poultry LaFreida reveals all of his meticulous techniques, all with the knowledge that comes from a fourth generation butcher out of New York’s meatpacking district. Get your hands on it here.

  • #HackTheMenu: Thin Mint Frappuccino at Starbucks

    The Starbucks “Thin Mint Frappuccino” is another one of the Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccinos that puts its own spin on a classic dessert. Who in their right mind doesn’t like the taste of thin mint girl scout cookies? So, obviously it had to be recreated as the Starbucks Thin Mint Frappuccino that’s available only at Starbucks if you know the secret. The cool mint flavor accentuates the rich chocolatey syrup & java chips all in a Green Tea Frappuccino. It’s quite delicious. So, go out and order the Starbucks Thin Mint Frappuccino off their secret menu before it’s too late.

  • Man Meal: Loaded Sriracha BBQ Sloppy Joe Fries

    Impress your pals come game day with these nacho-inspired Siracha BBQ Sloppy Joe Fries. The delicious, protein-packed recipe sees a host of goodies such as beef, teriyaki sauce, sliced onion and shredded cheddar cheese chucked over steaming waffle-cut French fries. We recommended washing that down with a bottle or two of ice cold suds.

  • Man Meal: Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin

      This ain’t yo grandmama’s pork tenderloin. Well, maybe it is if your grandma cooks a bad-ass loin with a serious kick. Next time you have a craving for pork give this recipe a try for a unique blend of sweet and spicy that tastes more impressive than the time it takes to make it.

  • Man Meals: Maple-Glazed Chicken

    Keep warm on the chilliest winter nights with this hearty meal you can make in a pinch. Toss chicken with apples and maple syrup for a delicious dinner that’s ready in just 30 minutes.

  • Man Meal: Spanish Pork Burgers

    Burgers. You can’t go wrong with burgers. Beer, turkey, chicken, heck even veggie burgers aren’t bad if made properly, but pork burgers seem to be the lesser known meat patty. Pork in between two buns is unanimously preferred pulled, but this recipe might just change your mind. This Spanish-themed burger is boldly flavored with sautéed onions, paprika, garlic, and green olives. The creamy mayonnaise spread is tangy with lemon and a hint of earthy saffron. Ingredients 1 tablespoon(s) extra-virgin olive oil 3 cup(s) thinly sliced Spanish onion 3/4 teaspoon(s) freshly ground pepper, divided 1/4 teaspoon(s) salt, divided 1 pound(s) lean ground pork 1 tablespoon(s) finely chopped Spanish green olives, such as Manzanilla 2 teaspoon(s) minced garlic 2 teaspoon(s) Pimentón de la Vera (see Shopping Tip) , or Hungarian paprika 1/4 cup(s) reduced-fat mayonnaise 2 teaspoon(s) freshly grated lemon zest 1 tablespoon(s) lemon juice Saffron (see Ingredient Note) 1/4 cup(s) shredded Manchego or Monterey Jack cheese 4 whole-wheat hamburger buns, toasted 2 whole jarred Piquillo peppers (see Shopping Tip) , or jarred pimientos, halved lengthwise Directions Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add onion, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft and translucent, about 10 minutes. Set aside half the onion for topping; finely chop the other half. Preheat grill to medium. Place the chopped onion more »

  • Man Meal: Racks On Racks Of Lamb

    Were you always too scared to attempt to cook a rack of lamb, fearing that it was a dish best left to the type of haute cuisine establishments that use terms like haute cuisine? Well man up, because you don’t need a Michelin star to cook the ribs of the most savory of even-toed ungulates. This recipe from Tastosterone keeps it simple but is just as delicious as anything some snooty gastronome in a toque blanche can whip up. What are you waiting for? Go cook this rack of lamb and show the world you’re capable of more than microwaving precooked hot dogs.

  • Man Meal: Bourbon Glazed Holiday Ham

    Don’t give the kids any ham this Thanksgiving. The ham will be spiked. Spiked with delicious bourbon to get you through the holiday season with the family you love dearly. This is a basic recipe for cooking an good ol’ fashioned pig with the addition of grampas ‘cough medicine’. To add some sweet flavors to neutralize the kick of the bourbon add some ginger and apricot preserves. Enjoy, but don’t give the kids any ham.

  • Man Meal: Chicken Sausage with Potatoes & Sauerkraut

    It’s November and Oktoberfest has came and went, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little German in ya’. This simple recipe is flavorful and basic enough to whip together after a long day yodeling on the mountains. Try some chicken roasted garlic sausage or sweet apple sausage in this recipe. And although any type of sauerkraut can be used, it’s preferred the crisp texture of refrigerated kraut over canned. Serve with roasted carrots and some mustard to spread on the sausage.

  • Man Meal: Guy Fieri’s Award Winning 22-Ingredient Mac-N-Cheese Burger

    At the New York City Wine & Food Festival‘s annual Burger Bash, 3,000  party guests sampled 27 different burger creations, including Guy Fieri’s mac ‘n’ cheese bacon burger, which won the People’s Choice award in a first-time tie with the reigning champ, Burger & Barrel’s Josh Capon who has taken home the prize the last three years. 

  • “Cook Me Dinner, Friends” A New Food Series by the RSVLTS: The Buffalo Turkey Burger

    It’s not easy being an after hours young professional in the kitchen. It’s late, you’re spent, overworked and the last thing you want to do is gather up ingredients to start the ever long process of cooking dinner. With delivery sites like Seamless and Delivery.com making ordering  food dangerously simple (I ordered a crepe the other night. One F*cking crepe), the supper time culinary arts are being laid by the wayside. It’s time for a change. So I’m setting out every night this week to find simple easy to make meals taught by young professionals on a budget and time constraint. The mission; contact friends and colleagues around the NYC area to invite me into their humble abodes and apartments to cook me their signature dishes. Their go-to dish they can make with their eyes closed after a long day of office f*ckery. So I bring to you, “Cook Me Dinner, Friends” Last night I headed to Staten Island to visit Lauren and her delicious buffalo style Turkey burgers. The burgers are meant to mimic the flavor of your favorite buffalo wings while still keeping the meal fairly lean. With a prep time of about 10 minutes and cook time of about more »

  • RSVLTS Was The First To Try A Billion Dollar Pizza

    When Pizza Hut released the original Stuffed Crust Pizza in 1995 it quickly became one of the most iconic products ever introduced in the restaurant industry. probably similar to what Taco Bell recently did with the Doritos Locos Tacos in spring 2012. This past weekend we traveled to Texas for the Austin City Limits. While at the music festival we got to check out some of the top music acts in the industry and we’re lucky enough to be the first people on Earth (outside of Pizza Hut executives) to try the new 3-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza. Yes, the first. This pizza is expected to do $1 billion in sales globally and RSVLTS.com was literally the first people to try it. Boom! Photo via Grubgrade.com The 3-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza, created by the world’s foremost pizza scientist Wiley E. Bates III, who’s pizza creations are served to over one million consumers each week features white cheddar, mozzarella and provolone cheeses wrapped into individual pockets in the crust. Our first impression. Fantastic. And at only $12 for a large you can’t find a better pizza option for your Monday Night Football blowout. Our trip to Austin with Pizza Hut got a more »

  • 3 Easy Tailgate Recipes You Can Make Using A Crock Pot

    The crock pot has become a staple in tailgate cooking. Over the years, the grill was the face of every fan’s tailgate, but the tides are turning and the lords of the lot are beginning to realize the value of slow cooking with a crockpot. Whether you’re cooking up some chili, pulled pork or an infinite amount of dips, the crock pot is a simple solution for easy cooking.  It’s a set it and forget it style cooking instrument and  you won’t have to stress about running out of food because the crock pot is all about volume, baby! Best Buy has a ton of great Small Appliances including crock pots starting at only $19.99 so head over there and let the Blue Shirt experts help you pick one up so you can be the master chef of your next tailgate with the recipes below.

  • Man Meal: Maple-Chili Glazed Pork Medallions

    The best way to kick off fall is with a good wholesome maple glazed recipe. This particular recipe has somewhat of a chili kick to it making the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Pork medallions are quick and easy to prepare, and are particularly tasty with a maple-chili glaze. For about 20 minutes of prep time, this is a recipe that will go over well again and again, the more you make it. Everyone has their own pallette when it comes to sweet & spicy. So follow the directions accurately the first go around, then tweak it to your liking after that.

  • Man Meal: Apple Cider Ribs

    The ultimate fall tailgate food. You can’t possibly say that reading this right now, your mouth isn’t salivating over the thought of apple cider flavored ribs on a Sunday morning minutes outside your favorite football stadium. That cool crisp air filled with that smokey goodness. Here is a recipe that only takes about 20 minutes to prep and just over 3 hours to cook. Your tastebuds don’t know the meaning of time, so what is a measly 3 and a half hours.

  • Man Meal: The Richard Blais Burger with Braised Bacon, Candied Onions and Cheddar

    If there ever were a burger master, it would be Richard Blais. The Top Chef star is the king of conjuring up creative methods of the burgers and all household foods for that matter. The Atlanta restaurateur and author of the new cookbook, “Try This at Home: Recipes From My Head to Your Plate” gave us the recipe for his signature burger, a roundorbrisket and beef monster with bacon and a whipped cheddar topping. Yes, it just might be (dare I say) the best burger ever tasted.

  • Man Meal: Smoked, Spice Rubbed, Texas-Style Brisket on Texas Toast

    Now we’re not going to lie to you, this recipe takes time, patience and discipline to make. Most of our meals we post, are quick easy to make dishes anyone is capable of making, but this one? This one takes one of two people to complete; 1, a seasoned veteran of the grill or 2, you must be from Texas. With football season just around the corner, we figured we’d let the recipe marinate in you a little bit, embed it in your brain, so it’s always back there, challenging you, taunting you with dreams of rubbed spices and smoked pecan goodness. This Texas-style Brisket is not for the faint of heart and has broken just as many men as it’s made legendary tailgate chefs. So if you dare attempt this recipe, made from the mind of the man who dared to court Ari Gold’s wife, Bobby Flay, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • Man Meal: Rock ‘N’ Rolle Guacamole

    Alton Brown is our food geek homey and the avocados in his super secret guacamole get mashed for uniform smoothness, allowing the textures and bright flavors from tomato and onion to really come through. This Man Meal will get the party started this summer so follow the steps and get it going.

  • This is a good recipe for all you health buffs out there, who think you have to sacrifice good BBQ food for healthy eats. The Tangy BBQ Sammich uses cooked, chopped turkey to keep the meal lean. The entire sandwich, if made properly is only around 370 calories. Now we don’t know what a calorie is, but 370 sounds like a nice lean number. The recipe still calls for unsalted butter and barbecue sauce, but come on, live a little.

  • Man Meal: Bulleit Bourbon Burger

    We know burger recipes are terribly cliché, but this has a twist. A Bulleit bourbon infused burger made with just the right amount of liquor will have you at the top of the party food chain. Try this tonight then try it again tomorrow just to get a “taste” for the right amount of bourbon and the right amount of burger.

  • Man Meal: Whisky BBQ Shrimp

    This is one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever make and it is sure to have the party you decide to treat with it going bonkers for more, so might as well double up on the order. This is a simple sweet flavored BBQ shrimp concoction with a little Whisky (We prefer George Dickel Tennessee Whisky) kick to add that flavor. Mix ingredients, marinate cook. Get drunk on shrimp. 

  • ‘Merican Man Meal: Mini Pork Cheeseburgers

    This week we’ll be showcasing some of the most simple,  grilling recipes you’ve never thought of. This 4th put away the frozen dogs and hockey puck burgers, go to the grocery story and be a BBQ hero. Today’s recipe puts a twist on the average slider substituting ground beef for pork adding a unique twist to an American classic. Whether you’re throwing the party or just bringing some grub, these sliders will not be confused with the bland burgers that have become standard. Hockey season is over, put the pucks away.


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