• How to Make Your Own Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glass

    Of course we’d all like to try cronut creator Dominique Ansel’s chocolate chip cookie shot glass, but not everyone lives in New York. And not everyone in New York wants to leave their apartment. But just because you’re depressed knowing that the cookie shot glasses are all the way in New York while you’re wherever you are, doesn’t mean you should stick your head in the oven just yet. Plus, your oven is electric not gas, and that’s no way to go. Professional actress and amateur baker Karin Lee has come up with a recipe that even a poor, pathetic soul who would kill themselves over not getting a fancy cookie could follow. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Instructables and get baking. Pour a little vodka and Kahlua in mine, please. Source: Instructables  

  • Man Meal: Loaded Sriracha BBQ Sloppy Joe Fries

    Impress your pals come game day with these nacho-inspired Siracha BBQ Sloppy Joe Fries. The delicious, protein-packed recipe sees a host of goodies such as beef, teriyaki sauce, sliced onion and shredded cheddar cheese chucked over steaming waffle-cut French fries. We recommended washing that down with a bottle or two of ice cold suds.

  • How sound affects the taste of our food [Link]

    Although it may not seem like it, sound can have quite an impact on how our food tastes. Studies have shown that high-frequency noises enhance sweetness while low frequencies bring out bitterness. Will this affect what music we hear while eating out? And will sugar be replaced by sound instead of an endless succession of chemicals that we decide are poisonous every few years?

  • PornBurger Can Turn A Vegan into a Carnivore

    Our new favorite foodie website is a Tumblr dedicated to the art of a good burger. What PornBurger has done is found the perfect formula to visually articulating different delectable variations of the burger into super high quality photos with detailed ingredients noted on each photo. Simple, but effective. I literally just ate a burger before viewing the site and I’m already jonesin’ for another. Each burger is described in elegant detail just underneath the photo, here’s an example of the Dirty Birdy Burger “This is a classic case of a racy burger flown a-fowl: A duck confit burger, scandalously dressed in fried chicken hearts, smothered in fig catsup, and bedded on a creamy spread  of chicken liver pâté. This is certainly one bird you won’t be bringing home to umami and daddy.” Now go. Enjoy all that is the naughtiest burger site on the internet. PORNBURGER

  • In Honor Of National Pancake Day Make This Bacon-Whiskey-Syrup Immediately

    It’s National Pancake Day. You know this. You can go to IHOP and get a batch of freebies or you can make your very own fluffy discs of deliciousness with this incredibly spiked syrup that will make you wonder how you’ve never put the pieces together. A wonderful blend of whiskey, bacon and maple syrup will put all your troubles behind you. This recipe is perfectly acceptable for breakfast, lunch and certainly dinner.

  • Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sriracha

    Anything aged in whiskey barrels is better. Fact. Anything with Sriracha added to it is better. Fact. So when Lisa Murphy founded Sosu Sauces, Kickstarter went crazy. Earning $20,000 in less than two days. Over $70,000 to date. Sosu takes their combined philosophy of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients with the age-old craft of fermentation. Aged with a secret pepper mash in whiskey barrels for between 1-3 months. The sriracha takes on complex flavors from the oak barrels and the natural fermentation process. Each bottle is handcrafted and made in small batches to ensure the most intense flavors. Sosu Barrel Aged Sriracha

  • 74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza [Link]

    The eggheads over at NPR’s Planet Money used the prices of 74,476 pizzas from 3,678 different restaurants around the country to see how much the prices changed with the pizza size. They constructed a handy interactive graph that illustrates just how much you save by going with the larger size. The results may surprise. That 20″ pie for $20? On average you’d have to spend $51 on 8″ pies to get the same amount of food. Now you don’t have to feel so bad for always ordering the biggest pizza, fatso!

  • Ben & Jerry’s Just Changed the Game and There Ain’t no Goin’ Back

    Ben & Jerry are Innovators of a generation. Saviors of summer days and binge eating nights. The dynamic duo of delicious. The Vermont based ice cream company has just changed the game forever. They recently released new ice creams feature a flovor column that runs down the center of the ice cream container. That column is a delicious accent to the ice cream of fudge, caramel or raspberry jam. The flavors to hit and sell out fast are Hazed & Confused, Peanut Butter Fudge, Salted Caramel and That’s My Jam.

  • Man Meal: Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin

      This ain’t yo grandmama’s pork tenderloin. Well, maybe it is if your grandma cooks a bad-ass loin with a serious kick. Next time you have a craving for pork give this recipe a try for a unique blend of sweet and spicy that tastes more impressive than the time it takes to make it.

  • Man Meals: Maple-Glazed Chicken

    Keep warm on the chilliest winter nights with this hearty meal you can make in a pinch. Toss chicken with apples and maple syrup for a delicious dinner that’s ready in just 30 minutes.

  • All Other Smokers are Inferior to This Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

    The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart should be all you’re thinking about right now. With a brutal winter sinking it’s teeth into 2/3 of the U.S. the only thing you should have on your mind right now is the thought of a summer BBQ with a cold beer and meat smoked to perfection. With Yoder’s cook-approved Heat Management System, slide out 2nd shelf, square firebox, 304 Stainless Steel front shelf, small footprint, large pneumatic tires and a robust 2-position handle for easy positioning (Enter Tim “the Toolman” Grunt here) all your winter worries will fall by the way side. This behemoth beast of wood burning steel will guarantee you the blue ribbon of backyard BBQs in the summer of 2014. The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

  • Pizza That Lasts For Years, Because Science and America

    If there’s one complaint about pizza, it’s that…um…uh…are there any complaints about pizza? Well if you’re a soldier, you’re pizza problem is probably that you can’t just can’t get any. Lucky for them (and all of us, really), scientists at  the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Natick, Massachusetts have developed a pizza MRE, or meal ready to eat, that can last for up to 3 years without any refrigeration or freezing. Although one of the most requested items, pizza has long thwarted science’s attempts at preserving it due to the moisture in the sauce and cheese seeping into the crust over time, resulting in the most unpopular of pizza toppings, mold and bacteria. But by adding ingredients called humectants that bind to water and by altering the acidity of the sauce and cheese to ward off any nastiness, science has finally come out on top. Soon enough, soldiers (and lazy folks) will be able to tear open a pizza MRE and get a mouth full of America…and 3 year old pepperoni. Source: AP

  • How to Make a Burger Like Earnest Hemingway

    Written in the ink from his own hand, this is Earnest Hemingway’s personal burger recipe. Recently released by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum the typewritten and revised mondo-burger recipe was created then renamed Papa’s Favorite “Wild West” Hamburger by the 1954 literary Nobel Prize winner. Hemingway, known for his cocktails, but also for his appetite, mixes different flavors and spices into this recipe for a flavorful burger with a little bit of a flavor kick. So next time you’re at the grocery store pull up the recipe and evoke your inner “Papa Hemingway”. Don’t you dare substitute lean beef for ground turkey. From Experimenting, Papa’s Favorite Wild West Hamburger There is no reason why a fried hamburger has to turn out gray, greasy, paper-thin and tasteless. You can add all sorts of goodies and flavors to the ground beef — minced mushrooms, cocktail sauce, minced garlic and onion, ground almonds, a big dollop of Piccalilli, or whatever your eye lights on. Papa prefers this combination. Ingredients 1lb. ground lean beef 2 cloves, minced garlic 2 little green onions, finely chopped parsley [sic] 1 heaping teaspoon, India relish 2 tablespoons, capers 1 heaping teaspoon, Spice Islands Sage [sic] 1/2 teaspoon more »

  • How to Eat a Hamburger, According to Science

    You’re eating burgers wrong. Oh you don’t think so? You’re wrong. Dead wrong. Grub Guinea pig and Food Beast founder, Elie Ayrouth took a shot at the traditional manner of consumption and failed thrice. Messy, slippery and a terrible meat to bread ratio. No way to devour a proper burger. Elie did his research and stumbled upon a Japanese game show that went to great lengths to research proper technique, optimizing burger consumption forever. Thanks, science! According to gaming blog Kotaku, a Japanese television show Honma Dekka!? brought on three researchers, “experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry–try to figure out the best way to hold and eat a large hamburger.” The research was humorously thorough, apparently featuring a 3D scan of a hamburger that studied how the particles interacted together while holding a large hamburger:

  • A Look Inside The Newest NYC Hot Spot: Tao Downtown [22 Photos]

    The newest hot spot in New York City is Tao Downtown located in the Meatpacking District’s Maritime Hotel. Tao Downtown takes up multiple spaces in the hotel, with a restuarant, bar and lounge on the the ground level; a large main dining area on the cellar level; and a separate lounge spanning the mezzanine and cellar levels. The design features plenty of nods to Asian culture while also resembling a dark, underground hangout. For more information and reservations, visit Tao Downtown. If you go, please bring us back some chicken gyoza. Thanks.

  • How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich With a Hotel Room Iron [Video]

    So you’re at a hotel and you’re hungry but you don’t want to blow a bunch of money on room service of dubious quality: what are you going to do? You could go to the vending machine and load up on vintage Planters Peanut Bars, but the dental bills may negate the savings from not ordering room service. Why not cook your own meal? Using ingredients you can find at any convenience store and the oft neglected iron found in your room, you can make a grilled cheese sandwich by following this video from CrazyRussianHacker. A Russian using American cheese to make a sandwich? Perestroika at its finest!

  • Top Chef Hugh Acheson’s Super Bowl Wings & Cocktails

    The Super Bowl is almost upon us and if you don’t have your food recipes ready in the huddle already, then you just might be in trouble. Enhance your game with these rum-infused recipes created by Hugh Acheson specifically for the Super Bowl. We got the most scrumtrulescent Rum-wings recipe you’ll ever try complimented with a couple of cocktails, because nobody should be sober bowling it. 


    Here in the US of A, we take our icons pretty seriously… especially when those icons are covered in cheese and chili. And must-eat foods are a point of pride and jingoism, as everyone proclaims their hometown’s signature dish to be the world’s greatest, even if you’ve never really tried any others.

  • Yuengling Beer + Ice Cream? Yes, Please!

    Back during the dark, sad days of prohibition, Yuengling brewing company, the oldest in the United States, began operating an ice cream business. The ice cream was a hit and even after the end of prohibition in December, 1933, Yuengling’s Ice Cream continued production. But then in 1985, Yuengling broke the hearts of dessert lovers when they ceased production. After almost 30 years of public demand, Yuengling has begun production and plans on having the ice cream back in stores in February. With 10 different flavors to choose from, such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Root Beer Float, and Chocolate Marshmallow, there’s something for everyone. Sorry beer lovers, the Black & Tan flavor is actually made with chocolate and caramel rather than the alcoholic lager and porter combination the name implies. But really, that’s probably for the best. For more info and to see if it’s available near you, check out Yuengling’s Ice Cream.

  • Value Of Dollar In Burgers And Beers [Infographic]

    Lonely Planet’s “How To Land a Jumbo Jet” contains all sorts of useful information presented through 56 infographics. By far, the most useful of these is the visual guide below which illustrates the value of the US dollar in burgers and beers around the world. It’s a tad disheartening. I’ve been watching lots of “Lilyhammer” on Netflix and Norway looks like a great place to visit, but 10 bucks for a fast-food burger?? Guess I’ll just go to the Philippines instead and drink 70 cent beer. 

  • 32 Hot Sauce Recipes to Sting Your Tastebuds (Book)

    Here are 32 recipes for making your own signature hot sauces, ranging from mild to blisteringly hot, as well as 60 recipes that use homemade or commercial hot sauces in everything from barbeque and Buffalo wings to bouillabaisse and black-bean soup. Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces, with 32 Recipes to Get You Started $10

  • Uh Oh. NYC Mayor De Blasio Eats Pizza With A Fork

    New York City’s new mayor Bill de Blasio was caught eating his pizza with a fork. Is this even more offensive to New Yorkers than the Donald Trump forked pizza fiasco? The Post, Daily News, Times, Village Voice and Time Out are sure to have a field day with this. Protesters have already begun occupying City Hall with Pizz-ins; sitting in a circle, eating pizza without the assistance of utensils, folding a slice the way it’s meant to be eaten.

  • Man Meal: Spanish Pork Burgers

    Burgers. You can’t go wrong with burgers. Beer, turkey, chicken, heck even veggie burgers aren’t bad if made properly, but pork burgers seem to be the lesser known meat patty. Pork in between two buns is unanimously preferred pulled, but this recipe might just change your mind. This Spanish-themed burger is boldly flavored with sautéed onions, paprika, garlic, and green olives. The creamy mayonnaise spread is tangy with lemon and a hint of earthy saffron. Ingredients 1 tablespoon(s) extra-virgin olive oil 3 cup(s) thinly sliced Spanish onion 3/4 teaspoon(s) freshly ground pepper, divided 1/4 teaspoon(s) salt, divided 1 pound(s) lean ground pork 1 tablespoon(s) finely chopped Spanish green olives, such as Manzanilla 2 teaspoon(s) minced garlic 2 teaspoon(s) Pimentón de la Vera (see Shopping Tip) , or Hungarian paprika 1/4 cup(s) reduced-fat mayonnaise 2 teaspoon(s) freshly grated lemon zest 1 tablespoon(s) lemon juice Saffron (see Ingredient Note) 1/4 cup(s) shredded Manchego or Monterey Jack cheese 4 whole-wheat hamburger buns, toasted 2 whole jarred Piquillo peppers (see Shopping Tip) , or jarred pimientos, halved lengthwise Directions Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add onion, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft and translucent, about 10 minutes. Set aside half the onion for topping; finely chop the other half. Preheat grill to medium. Place the chopped onion more »

  • You’re Eating Wings Wrong. Brandi Milloy & Food Beast Make it RIght.

    As evolution goes, progress is inevitable. The consumption of eating chicken wings is no different. For years, the staple snack synonymous with sports food has been eaten by the discretion of the wing eater. Well the game has changed. Forever. The scientists over at Food Beast’s applied food science division have devised an economical method for taking down wings by removing the bone completely. Brandi Milloy gives a step by step breakdown anyone can achieve with flawless results.

  • Science Teacher Eats Nothing But McDonald’s for 90 Days, Loses 37 Pounds

    John Cisna, a science teacher form Iowa, wanted to prove that with an understanding of caloric intake, it was possible to eat McDonald’s for every meal and remain healthy. For 90 days, he ate nothing but McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but limited his caloric intake to only 2000 calories per day. He also resolved to walk 45 minutes each day. He was able to lose 37 pounds and his health wasn’t compromised, showing a stark difference from the results presented in Morgan Spurlock’s sensational “Super Size Me.”

  • The 50 Yard Lounge Brings the Worlds Best Chefs and Athletes to NYC

    In case you haven’t heard, NYC will be the epicenter for the Super Bowl. The game is being played at the Meadowlands, the players are staying in Jersey City, but all the fun is sure to be had in Manhattan. 50 Yard Lounge, a food- and drink-themed event space, has just announced their talent lineup, showcasing chefs and Jets players from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. The lounge will be housed in a fifteen-thousand square foot space, dedicated to roof decks, restaurants, and plazas, with areas for live music, lounging, and events. Set right across the street from Madison Square Garden, the 50 YL will be the be-all-end-all spot for the best eats in the city, featuring the biggest names in food and football; Michael White of Marea, Marc Forgione, Johnny Iuzzini, and Pat LaFrieda, plus football players like Joe Theismann, Doug Flutie, and Cris Carter. Each day the Lounge will be broken up into “Four Quarters” beginning with breakfast events starting at 10am like “The NYC Breakfast Bagel Bash” then moving through 2 more quarters until the 9 pm time-slot that will feature awesome late night munchies like, “Late Night Tacos”, “Late Night Pizza” and “The Burger Bowl”, which more »

  • Sriracha Documentary Now Showing [Trailer]

    Filmmaker Griffin Hammond has made a documentary about everyone’s favorite hot sauce, Sriracha. Learn everything you could possibly want to know about the Thai sauce made famous by Vietnamese immigrant David Tran in his California factory in the film, available to stream and download for $5 on Vimeo. This movie is sure to increase demand even further from Tran’s Huy Fong Foods, which has had to halt production due to environmental complaints from the factory’s neighbors and most recently to treat microorganisms in the sauce. Why must you torture us with your documentary, Griffin Hammond? Watch the trailer and if you want to see more, just click on the buy link that pops up at the end.

  • Man Meal: Racks On Racks Of Lamb

    Were you always too scared to attempt to cook a rack of lamb, fearing that it was a dish best left to the type of haute cuisine establishments that use terms like haute cuisine? Well man up, because you don’t need a Michelin star to cook the ribs of the most savory of even-toed ungulates. This recipe from Tastosterone keeps it simple but is just as delicious as anything some snooty gastronome in a toque blanche can whip up. What are you waiting for? Go cook this rack of lamb and show the world you’re capable of more than microwaving precooked hot dogs.

  • Tastosterone: The Cook Book for Men Who Don’t Know How to Cook

    New Jersey-based cook and blogger Debra Levy Picard has released the ultimate cookbook for men with Tastosterone. Not only does it feature over 100 recipes that even the most clueless man (or woman) can follow, Debra also includes photographs, tools, tips, and techniques to aid in the flawless execution of such recipes as “Man Quiche,” “Aunt Zuzu’s Fish Taco,” and “Chocolate Bomb.” Whether you’re a complete dunce in the kitchen or a seasoned veteran, you’re bound to get something out of this easy-to-follow collection of deliciousness. Order Tastosterone for $39.95 in print or $14.99 for the Kindle edition.