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fried pizza

Tempura Fried Pizza Is A Thing And It Looks Delicious

Fried Pizza… Carb on Carb… A junk food paradise!! ピザ天ぷらて、、、w ま、ダブル炭水化物大好物ですけども♡ #friedpizza #izakaya #tempura A photo posted by KumahimeNY (@aiaiaihime) on Feb 19, 2016 at 9:47pm PST When you think New York sushi restaurant, you probably think obnoxiously loud financial types eating tiny pieces of overpriced raw fish accented with…


12 Cuts Of Steak Every Man Should Know

There’s nothing manlier than grilling up a steak. Why do you think guys with low self-esteem or dads who are stuck in emasculating marriages take such pride in cooking the hell out of steak? But some people don’t know the difference between the different cuts. To some hardos, a steak…

super bowl snacks

16 Snack Recipes For Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Sunday is a man’s day. It’s the one day men can cry a little bit when their team loses. It’s the one day a married man of three can drink for 14 hours straight without anyone questioning if he has a problem. It’s also the one day they can cook…